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en -the eoJe of the ml11e/lntum, It IS fitting that the work of one the wOrld's most radteal archItects

should be presented In iU entirety Perfectly capturerl In

this remarlcablebook,laha Hadld's VtSIOO WIll dazzle, entertain and astound

*- An_ UtdI 0Wdd0tf

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The C.omplefeBuildin.gsan.dProjecsts Essay by Aaron Belsky

WHh 42ffi Illustrations, 328 in colour




Thames and Hudson


Any copy of thiS boo .\SW1i!fl by !he pubhsher as a paperba s s.old

~lIbJect to the condition IMIII shan nol by Wily 01 tr.lde or oltieMse be em l,eso!U. hlled out or rllherwde Qr(ulaled wnhpu the publISh!!",; plll)r con sen I In ilIl'I), f.Oll!lil 01 binding Of COW!r olher than thai In whrm Ills pUlbll5hed and W'lllioul a ~mllar oondr{lOn chJoltlg: tile-se \vords being Imposoo on a robRqu{>!'It Plllura5er

e f998lhaml!'S1tnd !Hudsol1 lId. Lcnoon

Texts al1d magiS 1998 aha Hathd

InulxhKUOI'I 199,8 Adron BeLSky

411 ~hti Reserved No paft of thiS publl(dllOn IT1iIIf be teprodloced or transmllted lIlallV form Qf b, ally means, I!fOO'(ln C or m~hl!n C<!1 mdud IIg DI10IIXOj:li. r;I!{Ofd!ng or any other rnfollJ1i1hOfl slOra!]!! and lelrle\lcll $)'Stirn. ~'nthOUl OIllCl'lH'rrnl$.\on m wflMg hom I ,if publisher

8num I.Jbfo!ry C<>tdtogulng-m·Publ'GI11CN'1 DaloJ

A cataloqu(' .retold far tilts boo I~ aval able from Ih Bnllsll librill)'

ISBN 6.500-28084.3

800 des~n b-t AdMn Iia¥. lendon Pnnted ill'\€I bc:!lll1a If! Italy


68 ART.(WO MEDIA OHTRE [),nw!lkKf 1!!119-93

12 MUSK: VIOIO PAV.IUON GfOOlfl9ffl. fNo Nf'!U~rI nm 1990 14 ,",o·m AND RlSIDINtLl1. COMPLIX Abu Dh4bI. 1')90

15 INTlIlZliiM 91 GIUlt'l'ldorl. Gf?IfTIoIDy 1990

16 ,ONDON 2066 1"991

18 tlilUI~otIl YIUA$ Tht HAgut. 1991 8tJ fJU OR~T UfOI'M I~Ni "'til I99Z 84 VlSIO.N FOR M.lI)RlO 1M}

86 .IWI STItAU5S ART Hom NIIbfm. GHrNlIY 1992 87 CONaRl' HAll Copen~en 1991-93

88 RHIlNAUHAFEN'R(DIVIU)PMINT CoiOqflt>, 199Z 93 CAllRUNnlM Vtfl.n<L 1993

% sPQTllAu YlMHfC"fS VIIIInN 199~',025P1TlALMAJtKt Bed n 149S

1001 \-YCR FRAN~S 0WlLl5 DE OAUlU londOn. 199.5 105 p.QIftAS L\HE I.oodon. 1996

106 42ND mar MOTEt NwJ Yol);. 1995

110 aWIPRIN! PAWfON a 1""lfl9ho1m Ertql/illd 1995 116 PAADO MuSEUM vrnNSlOH M.)dnd. 1996

liB C!A1t6llP lAY OP(~HOIJSI C.vd<ll. w~te f9S4'-96


133 PAPPI ~ o..,'ef1. Gt',many. 1996

133 MASTlR'S SICnON V~!U' B~nal4! VenoCl' 1996 135 HoUITMLt'IIllDOl londo!\, .996

.40 LA FENIQ VtfllCe '996

143 PIilI1HAR.MOH1C HAlL lUll'mbaufg. 1997

1~1 LAHDISGAlmHSCHAU 1999 We<lam RI\t'''I, GMMII)" 1997- 156 MUS~"" OF lSLAMlC ART5 DaM, Oa~, .997

163 RAClCH£'I' UU'lRf london, 1991

1&4 CAJiUWS ClNTRE Mm tM'JtU'~ of fedmdogy, ChIQqQ, 1998

168 CONTIMPORARY AIIT5 CENTRE C uXlftl\o11l 1998-


.72 Protta lnforlTlollilOn

174 bhobttJooS

175 Pubbcauons

116 Vila

In nodul:l tOn

s BEYOND 89 DEGREES Aaron Betsky

Tho:< Co",p ('I' Bu k! 'ltJS ,md PfIIIKU

16 MAlNlClil'5 l1!ICTONlK tOmQI 1976-71

.7 MUSIUM OF 1J.I( NINmlNTH CfNT\JRY \.oodon, 1917-78 17 DUTCH P'AJUJAM(NT IXTENSIO/ll thE' Hogut.' 197.IH9

18 IIUSlit 'RIMI MlNISHR'S RESIDENCE Dolllin. 1919-8D

19 S91ATON PlACE london 1981-82

19 PQC DE LA VlunTI Pao 19111-83

20 nu PUX Hong oog 1982-1>3

24 mE WOI/UI (69 ,f)(GIIUS) 1983

25 GIIANO IUllIIfNOS toodorl I !J&5

28 fIAlKIN!'tAQ LondOn.. 1'985

26 ME1BURYCOUIIT londorl 1985.

29 mvrs JlHD ClJlfTcAIN5 M ". 1985

29 KYOTeIN$1',ulATlONS K'1O\o, isas

30 24 CATHCAlfT ROAD london 1985-86 31 fIAioILIultO DOCKlAH.DS HolImbu", 1986

33 HIW '1'011(.. M8NHA'rrAH; A 1UW CAUlORAPfO' OF PUN 1986

34 lCU.,oIlSRND,lMM 10 at 1986

38 IIA HQUSING 8t'f n 198&--93

42 AZAIu-rru~ Tokyu l'JaG

43 TOMIGAVA Tokyo,1986

44 WIST HPLl.YWOOtI CWIC ClNTRI l~ An~ 1987 4![' AI. WAHOA. SPOR'rS CENTQ >Abu Dh~bl 1988

46 MfTROPOUS london. 1988

41 aDWH 2QQO 1938
49 YICTOIttA aTY AUAL Btrll/ll 1988
51 TOKYO FORUM lo~yo 18gg
52 KAFER5TRA5SE DEVI10PMENr Kambulg 1,989
56 MOON~N S"ppI)(O uP;!n. 1989,-90
60 ~y 3 ~kA.. '989-90
61 UICls1IR SQUAIII lOflldm. 1m
61 V1T1lA flU STATION Wed .1m<n, Cif1'1T\itny 1!I9O-94 IntrOOlK1lon

B~YONID89 DEGR.EES Aaron Beuky

~ ch roe 0(1 IfV\!'!; on !be olt; t !lanr:l. I

The f 11l'I. CIlIJ!~ QI'Ii! M~<I t enOl ou. (orTTllIl'nl!'l\\IOn 01 IlIl' "~'«"I Ot's. I ru , .

r .... • r a 1 h- '1/1S d~d our IIOpollJII WHLS. OUI

IlWfIolgt1IQ assure W 01 ~n I'J1m~1lM' dl1d un~Il ... ...ted "-,, c actlatl U" I

" hce5 d rW f urmml'd 11Jo(}f1'a. 0" r • II ~-oa.a ::i1~bDflI ~nd 0111 f ~C1Qr1 dPjN1l1ll'd to lid." us QO. cd uP /lope!enly Thl"fl C!mt' I'h~ 111m .!ftd' blHll IlIli pIISOO .... ·,tllkl oIIlIOO I It, Url' r:I)'f\<lm re 0' Ih!'c It-llih 9/ ~~. w tl)at OCI'W r tlw

mlIht of t:S fi\',I1On!l 11I'''~ ,Ii'{! !leb"s.· (.1' atrd ~!f<-,-t1llJfQl.lSly!l1l lI ... wl "9 W,lh 'he dow-up $l':Iol(1! exp;,nd.

"',Ih AQ"., l'1'l(I\ 00 rTICI'Vl-meflt 1 f! U..,d nil l''''ilrgemt:nl of j] 'IDIIplhOI oot:!; no: S mar.,. fL'flcfl!f moIll fl-II!<

1,,1Ia\" mll'~\'1 ·.~bI~ Iliourllltmdl.>l1 1I"'Yf'.lIIH'nlFl"IrIl(',·.mUt1U.~ fOl11\il(ooruolLhetUblK! So fOO,

\.o"(p .... motIOn 1'101 on p-Ill'!.euu. lJm lal '1!A1lllllo$ of m~lI)<nl b.Jl lev$a'S n them enur~ un!ulll"o'm ones 'wt! en far

ffewn OIl 109 I~:fl[d!!d rap d rno.t'rTIffll !I Llw I!lrll<l o· S ng~loIr y 9 d IIg 110011.119 SUpt'l'n;,tul~1 rnotro1U

E\lormtt\" a (j,Uel<ln1 nature llpl!f\S'tle 110 the t:;)m~'~ t/lill'l OIl~'IU 10 the '<lked rye If oot-}' Det.lUSI'

an 1Jf'I[OO!.OOO y IK'hW~I~d ~ce ,wl;rost.tutMl Ie< ~ $! {!.>'l$CJo01.NY~I)(l(ed by mt'l'l

The ExptQ:sionof a Jenlh of Q Second

Zah~ Had d IS <l grC{l1 Clrtemollggrapher She sees I" (! a camera "Sh@ petU!I\IeS the City n slm", motl'OO. HI paM Sl.'o1)Op> and cfosl:o.l,Jpi, In Jump<lJts and narrative rhythms As sl1e draws (he \\:Qrld around her. 5h& draw~ cut 115 Uf1l:pnscous sp,aC(.'!i She rlrlds ~'II/1<Jr rs latent In Ine (Onslrur:hDfU of OUT modem world a nd s I oryt>oa rll S I he rn rnto u IOp1 as S he bold I eJ p 10 rei, illl! s10'.'~ down and ao:e1eJCIII!5 Ihe rhJ'thms 01 £r\'Cryday IIIe, <md she subjl::<u her en ' rOnmenilo the wrg -cal e~~lhon o! archll&lure as a form of rl!preenL-lho-n Sile budcs (he e.ptO!Jo.n 01 a tenlh 01 a second

Th ~ does no\ mpan IMI Yle .s nai all arch'll.~t Zi"lha liildld ,NTIS 10 bUild. ;Jnd !'Ier lll\i)g~ ille part 011"'" process that moves taw;:.rds conslruction She does nor, hoI\1!Ver propose Ifbeflln9 an dutOl'lOmous Objl!(;l Into a blank sire In~leatJ nf!f b<iJ dlnlJs are nlen~flCalllln5 lila, lead 10 e)J;!IIflS·OIlS She complewl!S ~I' trle energ es that (OhM 1hl! bu Id,ng 10 dpp&lr I,om rLS Pfograml"nE' to III technological llllraSlfu[Jl)re i-It'r bUlldlng5 are llee to reach out f'om IhLS denSIty 10 qeale-wace:s 1~1l ate rite of enCumbliln~ WrWf!? therl ~'I'a:> 01>(1:. t'tke potenlJolllor) PlMlI!' dchmy. \'(<I1I5 and p pes. therl' d~ no.'ll ~Mrds and IlliUle. I hal ~I ce iJ1fClVg 11 th 1'1 alldscol 1)1' to ooen up <I sp;rce I'o'e did no t KIiOW CO\j d l'Kr~'

H cI d hllr 'Onsllll .\e-d h£'t caleer 1'1 dlthlletlUt'!' In a }lID IlC tndnnef Sht' h.Js lolded It e memorie-s 01 a 1'0011"1 .pent on ..... oven carpeu illIG a Ifa,ntng ill londoo s Ar(hlte<:lur<l1 As.sOc ilIum SI-Il' has U3ed II'e 100ms of !,"dlly Moentle{it..c:enllJlY arllm as 1 e bu ld"ng blocks oot 01 wh ell silt> ha~ er~led her pat .. CC!'l of abslra<11'd merTlonfl"S She hil~ drd ... :n the el1crg es 01 the ~lIy and the 11l'd\l':r' ContCKilIS of tt ~ kmdSCllpe droUM hl'f Ih,. d do'a1. amj Illen lliIli!d th.)! for,(' as Ihe St.lrllng IJOiI1l lor ~q)ltI'il~oru. Inl0 d~ un ;nown 1{,lntol)' 1000'Jard! '.'.>1 Kh her ,,[[gula. fCl'm~ point


One might s.-W Ina' l.l'rla Had,d 15 il modernrsl. d81gnrng lolls.t ed to tem. nologlcal 1:0re5 CIb a ceiebldtlon of the' new tladld Ita!. no truck Wi'lh twalog'I!~, appllcd ordcls. Implied assUntlJJIIOns or gra-wly ~h!! belr!!l'es Ihill ve coultl and 5!lould bUild a bener ~WlrJd. onl? mar eo by freedom abeM' a else WI? 'NQuld be fllJ.erated from Tile Il;u!, from the COll5traints of so(lal COOo~I!nuon, [!!;)II) phi'S cal laws. and free 01 eur bodies tlo'Chlleclure. lor 1TlOIJ. I.!rnw ~udl as liadld. IS I~ ak;v.JYS fragmentary COllStI'\It;llQO of such il ~~'O/Id

The Three Modes of Modernism

TrddrtllJllallv, tll~le ,are 1I1Iee ,u~ 10 such I1'JOdtunsm Fust !~ adhl.'r,ents belJew In M\\ structr.ues 8y harr.~ng technology, a good ffiO(,1em!St po5lU .... -e can use our Ie5OUlCI.'S (IndudlllQ Ollfwl\res) mote- eUlt'll!l1Uy to create the Il'lol>crmum amounl of S\lIDru~ Whether Of SPil~e or of valul;' n1r~ 'too much 5 Ihal Wilkh IS the here« reallry 01 thl! alviilys new, the future. the ulop'an II IS v. len ha< no ~h.1pe dna comes dbooul by reo'udng rorm 10 IU m ",m.J1n. Second. Ihc rnOONrust b<!IreYI!~ In new ways of ~lOg lP:erh<1P$!.h1' watfd II dheddy nl"\:'ll, bUI \'~ I~I doo I recogrtl2e 1,1 iii such We seoe only what we have ueen Ita Med [0 pl!f't'rv.~ II crtly w.., can lock III Ift'Sh ways we {,Ill dl.lnqe tI\(i> \<Orld by JUlllnal ,JC\ We nPed 10 Open oureyl!' , our ears <lod IlU' m,11'Id$. 10 the Icaillies III our ex!SI!!OCI! Then we I II allO.:td be Iree Th l Ihl' m()(letnl~1 ~ lihc-:; \0 WPtl!S!!l11 Ihe It'"I,ty of l'I1Qd .... rnllyF\JlJng Ihe III I two ')'p«15. she 0' Iu:> IfanstorrruOUf nf!'W perceptiOns InlO reprewnlatoOl lor thfl fom \',e ha e tleillt.'tJ Such Shdpes arC' the prOlolyPI!$ for a u!Jlry wh"h Ih,"~ tllI'.'e become learfanged allla d~~ 10 thl' pomt \l1olt dl b~ Ihe nG!"W drSi!ppear.5 By repr~sel1llng nl'w IhlnlJ~ III ilL""" WiI)'S-. ,Iii' C<In bll tl nl'Y'J world .. !!'lei Lnhabrtll If on!y Vilt" 01Jr eil',

II ~ In.~ third ,uf,II.'(I thill char,l(terlZfX Z,lha Had'd SNt' d~ 1101 .. I

wo;;ng:-f. cr ("~\ n

,0 n O'~O;>' (jolt:.~, 0 1T'.)llr. ,',

;\r(.h lMII .. ,l' d!t~llptS te rna .1' Ih s I~, ... o! I!'netl}y pr''ienl 10 utth It In ll'1yflatllorm~

T~ nduw al lewo ul un of CO:!I i! bu II ~ Itl J worlel of t ,)1) 1t"novINl me n Q O! ,-al hom eac object or Inu "'HII,!')I ~nd fo/dlog I nlG It flo.y 01 (IP 1<1 As ~ fe en .lfC:h,h..'(lur(' 'itINS'"g 'I d .\OI<ed nl0 f ds 01 glJ ~I(Il>1 ,I1I'U,l concrete lI(I\' ..... n9 'Oll a tile 1 Yel1l9M ~f 101m ilfl{l bur nf'\ It em ueh nd II e d(( 1m 10. 01 ( ,r1Sum I gDOl.h 11, tile !lovl'!. Ihil[ ldha H o.n t)1I Itl

a,ringing the O\,lI~ide(tJ In

H qdU .\0,1 tit)!. nOI I J~. ()T11 II (0 Wl'1INn rCXHS H~O' )1['(1 Mlh

nlad mil ilOfn' Ina ~h I'X'Jl QI h I f" '1<11 on v.1\h the P"'I'> dO CJrpeLS or I r ~OUll \1 t' rnt all" POIUl!lfI 111<1 L d \c,llj <J (omprf'IWl1Sulfi ,JrW ern

bod I!tJ thl.' col a 11OrolU'I\! elfo' IS 01 hilnd, \0 " IO/TTO J 'I IP,l I 'I to 031 .... SUOu~

Hld(P mJJI~ 5pa ItS Into VI fin S "101 Co n{ UHHlr \I ~l "as JISO won n, .. ut~

II • It ",n I,;nfold nO] at tl,j(J d ~', '" (I can ~ W d',I .... , orn 'O<Irt

10, en I'~" rtrJ) l>.ln· lotiO fld fll'"g~ MO(J~ moYTt nr(lflO \ lh.1J \\re WnWU L "" p 001 0 II (' 01(('(>1/01\ 01 \i!1)'d<l)" C!MIIl' lIlat (o/'JI'nu J y h.II!11! fiI~h

,01 S 'I'll: ~ '''''' TI '"f blhl'fl'Q In nd 0111 1)1 \.\ 'r~1 lim Iron II r """n nQ 1"<WIt I'r I lnt.i;(dllt'1 ouL 01 !.O ~l~d ,relTl III 1 t-

!:'!l IQ a Qlllh"l.lIU~r"'J ilnd" UI ~, worlu


AI oj It, lIMJ t 005 .... ere -<IV;! 'able IG lhl.' ,1111il 01 it I" L'"ri, 1,',1201

I n1u'~ <lltd II elf flit )JfO"'ld("S clues \0 1ad 11 \ P nOll1l1 blJrldmll b 0 Wht- her n ,b ~m e~pn

l~wmbro:d run a n""allve- l.!IIJ(\"ue Thl"Se ,lrl)1 1)11.'..., up [he I \', DlIdwnp NU/Je De'KffiUf"9 J Sfol'I'{'i1' Ij Id.d cH.mdmo1l1 '1 liijd d i flIOSt n1 L'G ne p.mmWrjL' '" thai Q II,] Ardlll('{lur<l ,\'1

0.1\ II I I (lin re uf J'(hl~ I '<I ~pe"[1 ('01""0

01 Al(lllgr,1Il1 tudl'nl ,lnd te ... {her vd ,I~ P(,II'I COO. Ill'm I, 8!.-'M,1I/ ~'>(I mr ,I (j r I Upr Cadle tr,Jn\.Cf'\J{'{J II ' (,",'VlII oon 0' II "',llIkJ nro Ihe ~ JIljI'{1 d ((0 m o! II I ','<ll' D,1I11? tobe n

CM!' ~qM\ IIw)' s0U9ht 10 ,~plore Ih~ erll!lq'I of ,lit eur chang "9 d(lMllh !b'J II/' ~Iorlc~ about them ~m;l In ~o do ng .1dded.1 n.1rlolll\te lIlewPO'flt to the ~\l"mpt \(1 qf\-"f! sNIpe to mod~mtly Whether the 'MIlks WtHe ,Jnecdol~1 and: con~"'d (T$Chum I, <I. mvl!:llc.ll (ollagl.' IKoolha.»1 Of a man1iescto IC!JOt.), 111"Y.11 ocorporated mulllp'\! pel':ipectN1."l. ~w~p 09 alnl eXlliWIVe form~, and l~tme'ogiC,a1 framo\..o~ s ,ntel 'magIS wnoS(' repr,E!5el1latJon dest,lbed r.1I I It)er IMn celr rn!d


II ~ In thl~ tonl&'llhcJt lana Hadld s WOI lIllO' shape i'lei flAI notable ~o. leer her theSiS deSIgn fOI d blld~e over the Th;)rrteS (MaleY1ch's n~lonlk, 1916-77, p 16'11> Ul1dDtl'bwdly uidebted 10' er aSSOOil!Joo \",Ih Rem - 511\! coll<ioorolOO 'Mih the OttlCli!' of Metropoh\im Ard1l1eclU.11 fop ttlree ye3lS - oJ'1 the way '" wli,eh It lorl'graumh ol geome!ly redu~ 10 Its essellce. Iler.:lll)' e<lOkl~ Ole SUpi'em<lUSI \\ott 01 Malevlr:h Hel pillntlng·olll'le br,dge looks I ~e Ihe Mall."Jlth ;'!1f'Jl11lIles thlll eoutd also be sculpture'; or homes The oeulr.:lhl'\l of the IrnJge 11 I1lenuona'. <is she s:aw the Du~d'1l9 as d '! condef)~" to use" phri»t'IMM po~lar <11 till! J\r(hn:Klural AuoCla1.lon TIll! bu Idlng Ilselt ,s a modern ill oil lliat folds bac·~ Oil llse'll 10 blli1g mUeren. pt'OIJramme ell!ments (wtI en she does 1101 aoua!!)' shaw) InlO ct~e (onl.c1ct \Mlh eadl otllE'r \Nhdt i1stooru:l!. us as WE!W1!I5. I~er. are not th!! prOject's functional asp Irallons Dr Jl5 q Uti tavon~ of the past, bu I I h e Image rlieU II holds the: pa9~ and e,il' wlln II resolute SUHlaml!fllOl !he "Il\~

1/\ Sl'Wrai P!Ojl!Cts alter her g~adu;dicn. Had d CO(I!lnued 10 ~rop her nanal!'; siaocl! IlIOU! lully nlo il spi1Ui1I1angu~!le The loimS of 59 Eaton P\a.te \l9S1-82. p 191. an dpaf1lTl~\ daogn IOf her b/eUwr. dlrl!f.lly ~ an fI.A bomb thai hJdaplodE!{j on the s.'le The dr;!\MI[19IlSelllS an expl'Q5lon, and II elements 1\ plll('@5 on \he p<lge ille fragmt'nlS lrom lh,s rtIOSl madern release 01 energy In \~I Wi» 10 betome a Cl'nUilI theme In I-Iod'd's <I{(h,lectml', theObj~ {onden!e aod (he Gllis forms tum Inlo furniture These 1111eM' P eees then I'flQ\'I! bat OUIIO take th~lr pllKe as, Pop Art ,element.s iI SI.ilgt! set 101 1J1l! re«tUpa \100 01 ;t motrem oly

Hartrd dr:seloped Ih~ 59 Ealon Place dr<l'Mngs further InlO el ..... SIDll et Hal!;.n Place (1985. P 28) Ina roeltop \Itt,,", the Vle'OYel soars abol>c' the eeves of 1he CIty'S rowllouses (0 hall!:' d Pl!tllf-P.ll'I lI(ew .01 a oly (Offill.", dpdrt ill the seams, a perslll'dNe Ihill leIS t-I~!!l1d s fraglru!rlts of a modclMlS.t utOpia (0- n habll Ille r h, stOtlcal I erms.

Hadld'5 plopo.sal lor the new reslden(!! 101 the IrIsh Pllme Mlnlsllu (1979-80, p 18) ,ntlQduced COllage 1''110 hel \.'/Of Replesentationllll!lemell1.S (ll 5, globes, bucks) populale a ~!mpk> C\Jbl! thrPlJgh wn,(h a long ClIfVlflg wal tu~ 10 open U,p the prOJecl's n .. mOliove rnslBad .or Ie. hn!! u~ aboutlhe programme (II' th, ;§.lIe, Hildft:l ,1N0'45 lIlecosmopohtilll nalllre 01 the I~I' d~lKe. ralner lMl1 ql'!! us the plot, W ~u Ihe seena

Her pIIoposai 101 \.he Ghll'ld ,Su Idlngs plOje<1 In tendon's lralillqar Square 1198,5; p 25) summar,IZI!1 many of her achll!Vlmle)ns <lnd 5l"1DWS her ablnty 10 rli!-lmagltH! the urban land~pl!' The palnl1ng' IS a dlplyd'l 11'1<'11 dep'cts t he build, n g I rom al leasl lIVe jle/Slrechves 11 al so shovl\ (he eny peeh ng

away 110m [1St!1I In tlo\l1a nghl>s,dl'-up ~nd a bottom-up 'M!'W, cwaliOlJ til!! unsellhng elf ·ct 01 not I:.nCI'Mng ... "tut Is II ..... en (bon and """al ~ 1M pr~ felled gtouml 01 Ute palnurtg By c()mbllling 10 clrvl'lntlos 01 an HCII!!I drol:W!ng "'11th trn- ,J,l,p'ratlOOS III s Con'IlU~IM61 compr»lIl()n, Had'l1 d 11'1'11- nales the' cay

liadld hilS Ii programmatIC rauenele for thl~ mann-er gI rapf"ei.l!nl<lt on the Grand ElUlldlngs ;IU()J~I was SCHT1i!lhlng thaI would pUI thE! ac II,~ <lnd forlT1~ of Trnlalg.a' Sl:\uart me d dense com~1J01l lI'Idt \M)IJ'd 1,(,(, up liI'P!r~ 01 open spaa!' to ill em lJ1e Cfly 10 bl1!alhll 010 !hi! bu 1(1 ng w Ie Its ill}9 ress!Ve ~I! apes mc:r.1.'d out Into the IJrba n terra n Open ng IJ P thl! oW at \he seanu;, whell! !he te .. ~ty \'1e ~penel'l(t> and the l~otil~1 01 a n~ ,pr<ljec\10/1 or bu,ld,"g lTlfMll became iI· Iec;urmnt rubJ&1 01 her paLnll~ In tillS ,nstance she iI(Omplls'h~d th,s I.'nl!'lr:n the Imag:e luell le$lVlng 1Ial"lg3' 5qUdle 10 Its O'.'fr -100 lISted' reality and 11et bllld "9 In I~ UIOpiar'l real m of unlulf.ll ed (<lnM.'!. ~

The sum~ ct ihese early woro.s 100 t\\'o forms The III'S!. was iI pamtlog that peesented a· 01 her P(Qj«IS \0 (hill pomt, The WO(k./ (S9 Oe9'ees) (l9aa p241 In 11 Hadld milg nes our glOOaI re<lhlY as a collection 01 ' er de~gns a~ \~ e fR'q nt St'l:' II em from iJ h('ll<op\:er 01 a m<sS! 'e sOOollng off 1'110 spa-c(' ~ Ille \wdd tum$, lIS laIld!Cilpe I'ol!ayes up Into Irilgmell!6 01 new geomelni!S The leal I'.Orld OO(OIJ'l.l!S Hadldlancl, whete gm~lty dlSa"pea~, .oollpec11\'e warps "ne5 axrverge, jlmj lhere IS 0() deftoUlon of Ka'e O! a'CtI~'\'y ThIS 15 00\ a ~hc ~ne of IU'l(\lMS and fom'!';. but a rommHaUOtl of J)05S1bll! ,omposllro!1~ \hal I~elher form oJ veritable landscape a 5pa~e wped by hl.ltl'lol.o hands 11110 un a rllhe,.ll depictIOn of the physloll ehvlIooment III whICh we lIVe.

The secend summation mil de Hadld famous. Her WInning I!fllf'j rOf the Hong 1:01:'19 Pea~ compelJUOfl (19B3, p 20) 'pfOl'fXl to Ihom.anm of illchnecb ,md uwgn ~IU dents fI1Xlll(hng' Ih IS author) Itl a I lhe lee IvI ques she I'IJd been developing WIlle a new form 01 a~tMec\ure SlluillOO' al the h!gh~1 potnl oll~ co!ony IIW prOJI!(l won l!sell a sumCJl.illlOil 01 the s,le 115 \I;ell as 01 all those progr<lmmes IhOlI jeltl51lned tl:re mu"oilnl! dem.mds 01 eJi'5tence III favour of a purelv l'Ieo'ofll511C cenecuon 0 forms Tne bl.uldlflg was a fdOhly Ihillalmoo to del gl'll ,,00 dlsopl'~ tile- bod:!' In a fGrlT'l thai ilp~r!!d SOCIAl ilCcl!pMble

H:adld'~ ,]fchltetture (lmbodre1:l Ihls programme and slIe In lubes thai 5l<l !!<I up on lop a! each othe' ilkI' il pilI! III WOQden beam5 on a Ulllstll,/C' 1KIo SlIE.' They Q.X1e-nd\!d the vertJcahty 01 111~ Slle ,n canllll?Vl!i:S and stra\1l,ed milCei Tile Inlersll(eS ollbe forms anlt;utaled lh~ Peak's IUIKIIOf'I as a saoal clup \~I!fl! iI(tMtIe$ Intt::~led, wn!le the beams' lTlOYement seemed to capture and so1rdlly the trajrx\QIY of Dod'es In mOI,on II wa, a bulld,ng that bfOllght hurn~n ilnd mountain logether to I~l each other "did flOl just 'crown me broly', II purr~d ItI(' wry Pea, iJp.1rt so (h;l1 1'11:'. II I! Iillte.-di'lY Titans, could do bal·tle With II

HiKlLd laid OUt thIS Y1~!OO In il SI!I of very large p.1rntrngs lhal $et!med II) aspire 10 the scalE' 01 lhi' Pea Itself AtUlOIIgh the .. rcMecl empholSl.<ed thefa\lOnal !lillule of h!!1 construction, lhe dla~""ng~ pul cd Ihl! p.lrts ,lfld ptK6


.:lpar e od nQ It) s te and I programme ,,, on OOlnt1119 Hadld s m ed ,Il'menll of !tIe dub necoml1'l9 pan 0 downtO\vn Hong Kong, \' Ire till'

etropchs s s 'yscrapers t>e10l.\' !le<.Jm" abslrdel plal'Je5 thaI rOlaled Ill!'> off Jnd aC{lJal lurned InlO the bu Idl 9 bloc loS 10 Ihe Pea In t e!..e Instances Had d put 101'\\ rd an ar(hl l!Clure that reprE5 nted .. olllllflC.kI' j.JnOscape 01 1/1.:1' or an me\lopoh~ as an assembly 01 abstract geometric forms The~ shards 0 the ne'i pcrnted 10 IfMds a more open, Inlens and unslable arrangement 01 5pilC~

Setfiing Soil on Q Sea of Ge.stures

In th 01 CM n9 dl:<ade Had I»ndcd t ese til mes ,n bu Itl ngs deSIgns and plopoSdls ,uound the 'JOtld, a /lumber of \VII ell werl! In Germany Tnese IndudL>d her two argesl bt.nlt prOject5 10 dale. the Jell HO~,!I1g Block In 81)111n (J 986, p 381 and II Vllrs fir Sta on 0 Well am Rhe n \ 1990-94. P 62) \"Irllle Ihe lo!mf" bUit leba c orm~ useo In 111 Grand BUild ngs. d !Sign, lhe '!UeI po nled I e dlfetllOn to a ne.\ ehese of er war

T P'OJe<U for Be!hn letOHil II gsa p 49) Hamburg HaHel\stra;se 1989, f,I 52) and Du~setdl){f 11989·93 p 66) hdl'l In (ommon " t had by now become liadld'5 sIgnallJlc prOI'. shapes loh-II e 1paces around eccentnc cores pub' ( spaces brought 11110 C! eu Id 1\9 ,md s11a~ exlend ng out mto the Cit, Cher III ~ars Ih~$ forms too'.. OM an alrnosl ~ She cast, YJ!1 the; also changed Cll.'lr<lcter The;, became! gtner ma'e lri!n~parP.;nt and (note layered To some degree thIS was the I~uh of lillge' and In fI'IOSt cases more con ent onal program res T ese offICe bUIldings, nd apa tmen bloc had f("." br d e e ents, 50 II .... as perrwp~ thlracul! to de:"lop .. I'\ilrratrl'e representa OIl 0 them

One il\so son d a I , fQOl$, re ilO'O~ earllef bUild ng1 I',cre col.

laQ~ assembled OUI of Q spdrate eI ments, her forms now .emed to !' as s.ngul .. ' qe!.lu'f.'$ To H3d d I IS ,\';)$ the 1l'5U I oj $('1'Ing ('ef .... '01 a, d rorm of

landscape. or ~l\apang ollne /ilnd While the Bel!m VIClOf:a City As ja.',i!d the roope or InleOSlfiCOluon and extrUSion Hadld /lad II/51 proposecJ 11 Grilnd Butlo 119~ scheme the large complexes In Dusseldorf and fra fun rtad Ie fragments of a mod~frnsll(eberQ whose defts Ie 'ott! the edges iI5

Th~ hssures r~al the pil"tlill n.1lu'l! 01 each bu It! ng. In tnc DGsSl'idarl Pfl> leel the corntJ!e 's \ a,lOos functloru accrue s-ml1ar lortm, \\ ch are shEoefed 01 Into blldg6, will vay.. and publIC bUIld ngs I al are unrfied In Ie/ lree

ralton or 5P<1ce elher n the pu he realm ()I' I" the 0 nte to\\'e~ ~ -fifth

IS pan 01 the Silm!! UnM!'SI! 01 rGfms

Hadld's use 0 co'our also began 10 c.I1ange After Ihe hot ,mdgl! 01 t.e london CA project (1988 0 46) and II e colour-coded Irag nu thaI s ".lum d both Berlin bUildings. fhe other German deSigm NI!l rernal ab, Y)!lln their co/aural ens Thl~ was p.:)rllally because glass now predOlThr>;!(('\j dod perhaps also because or Ilie relilllVel grey envircnmem of Gelman 01 e

I <ilso. hO'tve 'er seemeo [0 milr: a cooling dm'll" of Had d ~ pa'et lonei and lonatitl6. lolds of forms and modulated !iOlum~~ dlsplaceo (01• lages 0 I sh.J rds

These d .elopmenls culmlnClted an tbe Vilra Flrl! Stillion

Irom fran Geh "s celebrated all· III! museum, one .5 most d all! 01 I~e

prOllo·1I e shape of U1l' bUI1dll'\g In realitY - and Hadld 5 drCl1o'ttngs ma e It cI at - Ihe III! slatlon ha; been conceptual! sheared 01 frot Ihe fi<.1 bl~ ne I 0 II and shot through U1 a CUNlng ~al wa lIlal le.ld~ b.!c 0 the mU'5eum and around the (omple' II Is an erupllo GUt or IlS piAlce thai freezes Ille muteness 0 the faCIOI'I walls a$ Illbng endosures The bu ttl ng opens liP J(!\.~ "long the fill: stallon's contours. rather than siandl 9 agil lS t 11!m TI'IS geological formation conuaues on the InSide were the la-gel ~act!s for the Irle IlUd~ CUI\'(I Into thl! ~hO'o',oe1 and loungc erees and It-e s ailS step up WI h e olumes to'! ards the second floor

Had d pro 'ed h Vltra lha she could buud a i;}fl[Iscape lit oug.,


fOITN may appear f"mlllar, I JII! a tong • .... a from 111e conslJucted aw:m-

blaqes (;I her early 'fOlk IllS1ead 01 bUilding on the land, open ng up neo. spac~ and IlUerlmg lorms thai rlW(-O up \'IIIth agglMSI\I \0 the-I surroundj 9~ 5 e now drev r forms out from e Sit' moulded 1 em 00 01 functions and used spatial logIC to cleate monumental bUilt f,JCU Her al(hlte<tule beciJme .emlOtS(enl of ho frelds ns up ov " hills <lnd ta es open up below them, 01 nO'lv nil f~ mo e through uooulab 9 I.lnd~pe. dod pea proVIde a seme of OfIentabon Peri'lalH H"d,d real'loo that th!! e p'Ds on of a I nth of a second' revedled not so much t e construction of the hurtllIn psyche as 1\ dId 111e nature of the bUilt I.'!lVlrOnment as OJ scdlmenta non of human habttatlon thai 10110\' rul analogous to lhose In 1/10lgan c

alule She round free spaces nol in th fragments 01 a utopia, but In 1 e e;.ololalJonol wildt already I' itS

Spiralling into Control

A'leI V,lra, sp!ral-5 beg n 10 In HarM s wor In the Iolded metal plale "lat enclosed th Blu p !I'll PaV1ilon (1995. p lOBI, ttl' OJ/ling up of i e

, rban Ja' e~ n lilt> Carddf Sa Opera HOU1e (1994-96. p 1181.:md the VIClona and Albert useum B011l'rhou~ Addition's 9 1 sequence of $cpat~ (19~5 p 124) /HU!I wandenog In lhofl: lantlsCape, Hadrd s bUIldings seem 10 wan 10 rna e the landscape heir own bV rapping 1\ around the programmes ard hC(ll»1ng the ~urloundlngs to sh~ller or contain !>pclce In the V & A proJKt, the gallery spiKes lea<h up beyol1d the rooftops n the ~me Vol they dllj In Ha an Place In t Cardiff Bay Opera Ho\JSl> Sill OIls enc ose tht' grand spare 01 the main hall, In Ihe Bluepnnt PavIlIon, they aeall'd an <led cular Jl(esence fOI the roll/ siand

Although most 01 her recent wOr S ale large bu 101 95. I'adld drCh"~ em d'S i1dnspilr~l'I\ volumes Inst.ead of the ','eighty pr~e of teeton" p\.a!es she /'lOW S\I gests tnal the man pulaooo of geometry and stnKlUfl! could I befa e a ~ce from us confines 1'hePfI.'OCCuI')J1UOn wllh tonlinUlt.~'ol 11 lal'ldKiloe becOmes r~S1 a~ open reaches and IOteOOf vol mes Man ot t assooated With the5e prOiOCts have white hnes on bIa SUI'''(l'~''~ f Wl!JI! bUI s~l!tches 01 po~lb hiles opel! 10 Inlerprelat OIl The certa nt1l'S 01

I! .. rly pto/ects oJ e gIVen 'IQY to I gCSlUral e plrxiltlOl'l of a~IM't opI' n ~


TI rs Iramluuml gem Ile qUJllly leKne-d <I culm nauon 11 H,td<d ~ pr()pCS/JI!o lor Ihe H'ld.ney Emil m II e.J11l.' cample. \1'10197 p 1631 ~nd Ihe Cln(lnf1J,lI Carll mfl'tllolry ArU Cl'ntre 11998 I) 168}tlfl't' l/'Ie s e'ns 01;,'00 'if mlo /JolllI~ !TIOIe mdll !Iii! 1!'IIer a(1! oot\!/een the .. nCNly of !hi!' Cd iJl1rJ!he Intenor r ill'toe!. be(OIJl>' moll' and morl' local n'd n fOl1Jl1n <I'ld spira I ng ...01- um ~ ~dl/lg anu Inlerlo(,,!'1~ ~'l\'''' forms /\\alls UOOfS al\d 001 fn!J!i1 ,md I'Itg'''llle ~P<lces (Inl\ilb table SpaGC5) tum nlo e{'~ ~lllhel1ng arOUlld each ClIIler e, e~ .. r I"IJQI'e dense wnll yel (u f)' \KId. SD;ltloll OfgJn,liltlOlU

A. the lwlmt' \ I1W u e tubular forms 01 11fl e:ill ter p'oWns tum ,nto domnsnt ff:'illUr'~ T1 ~ .lfe bumJleu loqt'lner (0 form ti:l: S;illUelllu V1di:lud. In Vienna 1994 D 961 ilnd the lial.lllolblll B lJge ~m:ljecl 1996. p 135) Thougl 10 SOf\"l! tent the !J.e.olm 'ee.} I Ihl' SI~bs 01 Ihe l'e,l~ prOJect I el' alt' 11()'. ... much dcnSt'r ol"d <Mre nlJhil1 pile l."1J ('reu ,~t>on al tI 1Mb .. ~pace become ~IIIUJUy lid ~\II"\gul~hdb'e Tlwv al~o l'rnpha~lle lI"Ie I'IIHllon1d1 rr10y('mt'M thnll.lljll mace PVet" Ihe ',,'I!ltJCol bUtllllJp 01 10 rn In Ihr 199"} pIOI'-<1 10' a Ial'ldKapc e h umoll n Germany III lSI J. Ih .... ~ mcrcreti \. III Had d ~ preVIous n1cresl5 1/'1 ttl!! rna IIllI 0' <l idoo!.Cape 10 creal e a gu:al (UtVI!d rJlilne

r.oward~e a New 'l<:!nd$(ape

l..W<l!.;.lP" has be<oml: a UOI'l'Il(\J,,1 prE-OC(UllatfQll n H,1dld's -.'Iltk If InE ~'CII umes 01 Irer devg'1S all! IIIcr~., rng /llIt! <0 Me l11e I e;(t"flo~ 1111 ruOjCCIs 1>\> IMe VIUWLlm of Islam r At s n Q.Jl". 11991 II 156), In.' OUlld !'It.! becomes no rtIflt'l' 01 les~ tMIl a 1 ppl!! un{juldllng OUI of tile S1!1) IJlOl'tng LID 10 eacornpass spaces Mlil \h"/1 dymg hac down InlO Ihe mound Counya,rd SIOti

1M ~ve ~p.aCP J,..d st'l 1;1 togelher I~{' ol Pel $1.lFl r::arp,~1 but alla ,~ • ill.~, .mll move In and out of IlInd IJ e 1l!)p1t'S In cloth ng 01 Iht' IOfrmo' l

Vetlll!r Panlol1 dlalf~ she' adores IIle5e bi.llldll1gs are moulds of I P't>

araml'J1e lhal lise up Qnl~ <IS lar as they mlJ'S1 to iK~rnmooale lJie 00 ;1"\"1'<lllhe UeilUt)' of the body Inher~nt In tl'e mOl/erne"l i,lM'lf

lOS/IIi' fh,> new world, hllW~vt:1 it1el''-' ~s il ulfterenl Ie,) It)' H ~ Gr ~.l1l1l has most j ull\" l'iCP!ored III such reee nt pl'Qfec.s iI ~ her sch eme f 01 ~ "~ bot tne London /vi HeM urn Dome (10 be completed '11 2000) The (om~< II'l'ef_ wea"""g or 5pdO.'S drtd Ieems IS r.moothed OlJl!f ttl the t.mdsc<lpe e ~uf'l~ btl! I' Ih d "p of a wall IMI! COIlIO\Jr< of and:Scape bt!wme ove/han!! ng fl'"QW). Hold 1I IId~ not IJa(901ter. tel deSire 10 !.fe~t\H1~ tK>~ol1d I'he Il'rlllilllOnS 01 ~le illld programme to create 51IU(lure~ lhat seem largel JnrJ mol~ open U an \~ ""PKI Irom a COlli n!XlolJ d nq

l'dos\ QJ Halld's IlKenl pIOjecb thus to h .. vl' Il'pl.l((!d Slotbi P'II'M clflll biG< With ~Irdl~ an!:!, lul).es MCllOfl and gesture have rt.>pIaced IOfm as dbm nsnt elements, and the \'<01 ~ more opel). tentatIVe and Iyl (011 Op;;r Il'Ig up tht' ufual"llandscape, unroldlng the energlC'S.ll1 !hE' l'I100em n'lelrOlX .... Jrlli Cle.tlln9 illllllOl1.ilty \'.0' d, H.ldld e..:plores the SPilllal powb i,l!l!5 01 .sudt .1 n d rdllll ... lul(-' 11'\ I 01111 ~ Ihal h..I\r1' l!<ell QI.,\ '" typo l\ogy 5\ IU{ \ U re and da If IY'e 'i<l1 II - st !Slle prQPe't es

The mariner n ',\IlI'h she ple!.enl!. thl~ wor p.lfaitt'K Its. 1111~(l\JOnS Ovel the yeals H!ldld "'<IS n\!Okol"!! I,t'I'S!:!H fC'S$ and 'e5!I. !;OJ III the e*,fI(1J!lgn (II 11ft j},llnlll19~ lind tjla\"'''ng~ SI C 00\', I)IE-'fer~ fO ~V(V' II e a Renm$~llXr m.nt~ as Ih~ heoltil (I <In alt>l"f SI i' ~' etches 61'1d eees ·.;111 the p~l~e I es lhat



del he' design ObjKUIli!S. 'I!I (0- vor (!I~ render lh WOf, at d larger SCdl dlld f" 10 > ~Ci!S bel ~ -n 11er g~s ures Then! IS less, delal ,1"\ the \', 1 ess d flerenlJ.1ll00 ,lIlel 1l'S& coioul Hil tn9 mt'lI-ed from mIJIll{oloured oJrnI t1E'd1/liy "arntetl collages 10 monochrome washes ~he now nroncces pa n!lng~ Ihal ,'III' only while I nes on bli!(' paper. ghost> 01 ,a 1 ulule Hly

Screen Gems

l)psp,1 t>er conlll'\U~ pa nl<!fly apprOJ(h, Had d nOW also rna es IlS of I e co p ... er 10 tJdvafl("l' I!T .urns lalesl !.Oft ',ilr ' ,,110\,'./5 her 10 a e I e

ng IandSCdpe ilnO unlolcl11 100.11"\, S''''OOP ~ ',eN' cut \IOw do-. n and

Sp4!ed up In many d lhe computer lull 15 Ben'~1 11 S Jlroml!>e tl 011 d ne separallon betw n percep IOn, I presentallO and r ililldl an dls.soI ... es The compu\1'f ~ iI way of leg~lcI on , tIS dbou OUf e!J\llronments 1\ mol es I \lOl" lor (OS Ih~t au!' 01 eM se 100 aMI! 1(' 10 see II a 10-.'1"; us 10 101m dnd I IOlJfllhOY' lall htnV1"ol\!f WI! choose II can \ en Clu,mllly these cntKdl1 Ph>Senllibons In10 uu IdJhll! Qua nles TIlUs the fll'W romes Q\JI of a miln 11\11.-

tlOO 01 1111' I pll1St'nlallOn of vi ill al'eall S

WIld! tilSolppl'alS In Ihl! P'oc.~\ the hand of thr 'N 'el Tn s B njilm,1\

m Pill lieu 111 1(0 C In Ih~ ese b','tclu~e 01

I d d her (1.l<lrlC S a aker 01 oulldgeouS slrUCIUfe~ 0 a Cl!rr.l'n tenl ItI.~ I~ 0 so« 1 ACJ Ihal she Cil .1'1() d Tel SI corrocter 'Programs telll 1 'I d I .... 1411 IlAd,d had conswcted t $u(h (.11 .n 1 II.' 19705. a d 19805

Illto d (ommon mode 01 Il''-'~ nlahon E\'('ryone oday se~ I t!II bu d ng~ Irom WOOIlI'MJ helcopl ~, and rna m I and one 10 (Jedl undul !he sa

hCI ',>CHII I~ /lOW tho 5C n thaI co I 1.S Lre 110'0'15 01 cMa !'!lID moments 01 IIl)hl and dar. Tile relll'C.l on 01 hpI 0\\ 16tP S !>aIC!)! V1$IDl4' on that WL'fft ilCi~t 01 he space dal and I "I nes pIlOnl not 00\ 01 llot> CadelSlel 01 tf!e 01 I prcsentauon bul n towards 11'1 1I00,o,S 01 .nforrNllIGn the Qves-

Ii()/\ Za Hold d now faces s vl'eL er.. can sc iiI Illes lew. nto 0 m

Can ',nd IhI: lanaSCd be)'O'1d mdlo~'1,>7 Can y,e for e $pilei! IIlat open up IY.lI as moderMI loJ ,bu <» ~ frag nlS 0 tuned anti ~ led IlIWlIOIlflltmlS ",,$pended In glob31 lela lonsh,ps Can ,he m e so nelh IUl IMI a d tcee ou1 01 .. vtldl IS hilrd 10 gl<tij) aniJ cooslr,1I ed tr, 1000Ic of lecnnoroqy .lnd c.lp.laI1

Wt!c-o Hadld ~umm!.'d up her and our \orld rogelnf!( 1f1 J983, scan· lide!Xe In Ihl' pov"i!r of e' j)d nllng I) r('-a~ble II d"palar eces 01 OJ! rea I ' mto J new Of e She oS poeeod to f alll!' many 01 1 rearm, <1nd hel ab Illy 0 do SCI 0 ':es a qr I de')! 10 Ihe trl'lnl'f\doos lleedom COITlPIlICfS

9 Ii'n us not 0111 10 Imilg new \"."Id b I also 0 comll'UC thl' Even f

\i! /rII~ lhe V\SI04'Iary I e-ilI' 198fk

It> I dent\! of be


be<.lus her VIi5IO{) Gilil f!0I'" take conoete shaoe As pa-Iltlng!i dllolppear iI'IlllI comlluler drawlng~, the>r lT1.'!gl/J1"d \.'O!Id"beg M to appear

fl hilI IllCent PIOred5 Hadld seems \0 be: ma.119 beyond land$ClIpE! Into a ne-..v 11'10 of ~pace It I~ one IMI I~ .n Orlee "~nse and open, delmed and Indefirute, IIlal .)1')0:1 \'Irtual III Silape I~ Stll oni)' ~ prom!$.!, Olle that WI soon be lea IZM WMt wOl'io awaits bI!)'I'llId 89 degrees, DeyOl\d nghl 1I1"Ig1es- and s e"M!d geometries, and be)'Ol'ld the event hotr.'011 In Wfl m human actlVlUl!S sal filiI)' mo loqn, rerna ns fo. laha Har/id \0 see amllhen Pfl!SeotlO us In her 11.15.(1005 nes

1'1' ~- • AA'" hi: ~ gl ',' Nr>oI Ri:1II11O..<ton In .,.,..",II ...... I.ltr" lllml~, ,YIIfI: SchcX. n o>oo.!l PI' 217-51 ,. 236

2 lht lot, lilt' ~u ~'f>o!' t<>c net.., I ~ In:I.nINl GP"l wid !o ....... tIDOoII

~ 'I1ft'> \n from \htGft~ beh>\'f!n PID9f'- j)tlV~Lt4nd Dub!< and

d~ \Jan n" 1Il00 W'dN} b6C1c'k I"ICII cn!'J ~I Hod,; ~ ... '0'>1 Oull!ilo (1\ uo:h otlll< 1.1'

~"I\U as Ca:IP H ~~ I .... Ihf wopLc4Quo Dr (he loll ~ gr. ow do

.. COQII Htn Itwdcln "«.M",ldfilltt-. v ~ 195181

3 Go!: ~ f/'of fdd [1'1....-.: 410<1 rl'll' ~ !loW 10'1'1 ConI!rj

'rrt>HpOt\ lh'I;,'lIIy olIM'nt"IOIA ~ 1 g,g)} P 5 4 'fId PI> 3.:- 3 S

5 CCltr, ,~ \1'1 I ... liP' 14 D.(<"'!'bt< 1'J9'7

6 ~ .,'''''''''' c,. d.! ~n fanTI IIltCiN. 6. ~r_ (l'lf<" "Ill I lao< Prel. 1 %21, PI' 121>-67

? C"".~~1 or, ,\->th U'Ic' Il1hOr 16 ~f<rD' ~991


The Complete BuilCiings and Projects


o rloo 97 77

or my gradua :on ~'oJect ro e Arc IKlu al seaal on ,

.... -anted 10 f,'.p exe I mlilallo

c ex tOt the PlOf}fdmlTH"

eql,l remef11S 0 a hotel on h nq rlord Sf IlI.'O'ter I e

<1 me h~ t GI"iZOO ~I t!~, Ion contOlms 10 i3 u mol es use ol

lilt apaa~el:ltl

lomeel lhe: del'lnilnd} o. 11'It' proglam'11r <lod .hl:' SIte

ll'l~b d~ n \Hl'nf'[·'l'CoIh· ( n u ~e of hr. t ',/Il

Srutl1 BanI. ""h.d! s d()(l1 !'l.lted of ... 50s

PO$~ ~ :s 10' ~p.'l'~

T1 1 PfOjK , jIOrtJCtllar

r~ ,',II !.lIef P!'O; ts

f '~I flill(' GIt.'J1 Jrop;a ~ >~ oil t

Gog!] '>elm Ip 81) III 'oil t ,'/01\

le~ to • \ r concrete Iorm ,}Oil

Ihf'~~~IIII~H,Ja,",.cd \001.' dt.t' Of'l Lnloo. 'I e Tham


n \



000" 1977-78

OM 0 f my lUll Ideo!og cal ilnd (OI1ll.'(lul,), il"Ojecu, II wthch I soogtll to ~tilbl \11 p,UilOples 10'

thr' role lhill ilrd11le,tu,1.' woultl

pl~ !\ClUes ;1I1h@ I'OG of the \1'<iCIlUe tl'! cen lu 1 won p.lt1'lcula rIy II lei est ed n the problems. of hlslOf1(ill, a nd OJ I tu ral COlit

~ archetype ollhe nineteenth· tfnlUf'j; mllSeum Via, thus e;.phxed III l\'o'Ow~ through the clalyo.,a~tI/l of Iht! Ilr(!(i.Se SOCIal s(~lIano 01 1M mello,pa!lldn local.lOt'l "rid LhtolJgh d'll'~ (fl5pl ~,y of S'l'mlxlilc I{'IISltlVl\y, ;m a!iJX!'Ct Ih~t appe.!'f(i 10 ~ abY'ntlll the "',Ill ollhe tol'llextwll,SI iuc.hllecl~ allhatuml"


Thl'l111C],ue 1978-79

Ih Ott !I)( ~'0Rl.- fft Af['.b 'I!:."(.tU:ft< w ....

rN>.Il(rld ""'" "'00I:I"", t ,ho'tis~

Situated wlltlln a re<;lolng>l'al 'IOr1~es~ In Ih('cents,e of Ihe HagUe tke potrucally dISUIIC! tnanches 01 the Dutch p.aillamenl anti

90\'(' m rneat .... 'erl!! housed III a SI n 9 Ie {ompl~ CJHed the 81nl1enhof To 5ep.l,atl" these two pohtlCil\ly

oppos ng braoches, a lI'Ian!lul<lr SIte ws acqUIred 10 allow 10' all

expa n ~1Qfl 01 pa rhal1\(! n lollY <J(commodilt"on The praogramme therclOfc IMolved .....01 ,Ing wlth,ll e !Sling il'IUClu,,*, white mil lng',lhl"

Pildlol men I5pilUillly autoflOfllOUS

This ~I.)S <l(h'!!iIed by creatlng il gall til: the 15OCCUpiOO by lv,o slabs il hort~lal element - d glas.s.bnO; podium Contal~ a vanely ollur'KtlOlI!i and thai acts ~;l W\lefefl forum for pohllCilI ,lC\.ll'It>, anc a small sIt-pu iipe'l 01 0'1011 rooms Th I!! IWO ilruCl1Jle5 are u ru rTed by an MWmb1y space \holt bfld9~ the general PUOIIe. olnd gO'lem1T\l'ni offtCIiI!s, and.m oImbul<llOlf MIn'ng through one ~Iijb al1ov.'S clf~ul,)lion


t or WI , rSt ma,elf Jl ro, ec l a I'~".

, (Ie-I e d ~ldW 'un l 'n loom

hJ' -hi?' II P"~ I,,' !lISler III

ob)ecl <~ va~ to ,Ie~t!"" 1', I? ghl

i! Sl'l ii Ir~dO(Tl'OO> u {,' Iress cl IlUU ( Ie BOI bt.r< dng' IhO~g .... connet:lcd b{ a oad .11K! W,I ~ \~lJy


I .e re

e '<I,n '1,l(':!tI~,Qn,oo The

q i.'~\. rnJ1o.: IOOIT' ':lIe loc .. te<J



landon 1981-82

An~xploQlQfI ,1\ Ihe Ccrliulate 011 38 E~lon Plact'p,<OVIUI.'G th~ main rup ,.alion mf OUI rt'i1O'I.1uon 01 an

e !g.1nllum-et-llle-century la.'m 00tne an a S1eot(', wtllll'-'l>.r.lShlld stll!'fl In 8eJgra \"Ii T'r1c <lpil rtment I~ conta ned 0!1 thrN' 1001'S, V'Jl1lch \""0 rwelled conceptua"y as th,u

"'" b:C" "I zones 0\11 )I'Ilef\!eI1lton III tttl.'5e 5paCl3 was In~end!!d t(l prO'i'lde iI certalfl newness. whIch .'lil! a,h'l",e<I by 101rtl,::UKllJg 1TId1l!"als s",' .aHh lind ~\on{' on tllt~ g,ound d nO 10Jl IJoors as we I

as. by men ng a ~w WI rc;r;e n the lobby aod 0' 01 "9 -room a rea to

open Inc; publ,[ dOffiilI1 up 10tO the mdd~ll!'Iiel



I,Uller Ihan h~fHln9 TO!Jl'l '

lt1e5C' p II(!.'S ! U !XllOn \;1.' (a lQf .why on Ihe !.:Ind 1\ (J1(wlWf t:1J medVl"tC<Il ~:f.ilelm lhal are <II

eoec (OOLlolied tby humans dod rdlH'orn thy oa\Ure) P,C" drt'ob I~SI·IOCKi le~I;lllfam:S .md II1fOfmllllon bo~1:5 orb 11Mtt-- n

their 0\'''' g.;rl<l n conlrtUllO a 0f'I9 mDfIochrOff' 'll~~nela

S\"o Approp' ate 10 <l nfOje<\ (OIl(OI~fd lor Ih~ I ulull! II1~re

~ a d~(0\1"!;! o~r(/en whICh conden't'5.11 ~he Il~f s fun( I Ofl~ and <ll1d5(,)f.leS

Palt~, 1982-83

FOr a cornp<'lItlon to dl~Q" I~e ptan

lind I l'fT11.'!HS O·j d, Pdf <ltE'd

1Xl1~1IlC' centra 1'"3'1$ S fl}oJS V.~IKod d'e3 dnd d('VOleti to ~I{'II(I.' ".'lie (reiltl:'d 00011"'9 p ece Ih3t WOllld 1110'; e i! rQ1;\ th \l1I·S !lat \(·"1)111 Th~ gre..'" plall%l.' n ,1 I III Imm a !"If:',' I ~ 0 " rden SU5Pf d(-'d



Hong 'onl1. 19B1Z-8J

A SIJjl'C4TIaUU 900f0g~- mate'lli!$ thaI art Imp,iltU!1Ihi rtlCal!)' ami hQII~ontallv d)arac\enzes th c /f. lDP fl.'SOtt ~ttl Y Iotal$l a\:)lnc I ne toog~ld Cfly The: arcl'ulet:lUre cub thlOOIJ~ tliitblJOIlal I)tIOCIP!C1 aAd r«o'l$tIWle. OI!W Dna, dirl~

Ilah.ll 300 Il!'5tS1.'. tfI:~fr(t, I\g It

b",~ Iht' movlllbltn Ih£' DllIldlng IS ... 'rall'~. With each la~er delll11nl).1 IUlXll(lo me hrS1 and ~nd ItNels umunn ilp.IflmenlS, til IhUd Iilyt'rII 13·metre-n.g1 VOCd ~!iper.dt-d be\ ... ~ lhe !oe(~nd a nd the Ptnl~ 5IQII!",r.;- featUII'3 the (ILib Ihe .. O d IS a limdSQpt: .Mlhln

Whlrn tUm:tIOIll!. - e~rme Iplatiorms. SNC\:. bar lIbrtlf), ilre sl.ISJ)ended Illle planets The Upp!!f !>lJala r;onl.,JlrII penU,Quse <'Ipal\mcl'Il$

Oftl'nnq end ~ymbollLlnQ the 'p.:nna,rj? ollh > high life., Ihe Pe,a .s beam .. and 'IQld~ are a genlle seismiC 5h It on iln Immo'lable ma5.



This !)an'lliog repfl~nlS the (ul'mll1JllOn of a $ellen-year

eXIP 0.,,«00 Into ,artl'''Ie(LUre's uncharted IOrl1lonl!~ 111<11 bl!Qan Wllh m W'Ofk;)$ a student at London'S Atchu& AssOClal on TechnologY'~ rapid development <1nd cU/I;'IIeHhanglng hf~ styl"~ O'e<lled .. Iundamentally nev;' and


e, 11I1.3'dlmg ea drop fOl' bu Id "ll <loll III thIS. new walla come t Ifelt we mU51 r~'lnve5togale tI- e .:rbortetJ dnd untested ~Pl:rrme'lrs 01 modermS1"l1- not to ((?~Ur'eclll1Hr'i but to utwell new freld. of bw1d'I11j The palnung. comprl3Sel and o:':<tIa\ld plOjE'CtS I had earned OUI OWl lhl! 1M! 5 eVf! n y:t'lll'S


-fifalgar Squdle london. 1985

Sthrml!'l.lO fe(.lOlure london's lTIO"i\lJmcJ\lS sq\lare COfllmu~ to this daV III U l' hope thm r;;utdated

polnn Ill] reslfoillnl, mltjhl be dbiindooed .v ~e pft'Wnroo d PW('I05oJllh.l1 celc-brilled the

o';I'ldm (pas:5'h,lIuE"! ollhe urban

tJ f)tlltd pe by I! 11!f\d 119 the pu 011 C 'rt.a1m nto ploles:l:lonaj offices. liI~r('bf plJU'!ll'ItJ tOf\vard Ih€' 1101'1\11.'1 whtre mod(irn Jrd'utecu.m:> can


[OI'unbule i () Ire q,uality (II City !ill'

A pu blit p,xhum. sla In, (If off I ces a lid tOWI! r S II Ie I h(' (COIf.!!'1 C hiltat 1 ensllCS of l.he bUIld ngs Beneillilihe to\~. whocll illl! lOPped by penthouselO. ale Wbll!n--doean lebb Il$ '" shoppl1'lg (OOtO" 1St' pee1~ up.

'gnnll), OJ/VIIlg around the loIle's !)emile I!!! and eMlas n-g II n{!l.\' pUblic damaln.:lS It'Mnd~ up 10 tile roof. whleh features a pub! t tI! ace Ihal owrfoolr;~ 1111" mile 01 (a~ below iU one S ill'l!d,QI:'PO nl r:l"I(M'S ill'OUfld thl' \QUd~. the 1000'Il'S appear 10 muloJte from shiluJs thai p"netf.Jle UW ~l.Iilre s surliJce 11'110 a $lng1e loCIl d I'N~\





-'I I~.~+I ...




- II
.. "


TIi S. Sl Ucry con'ilCen Lolltl 01'1 at ,'al1ou~ It ... els Irorn ~m.l\1 hQU!>Ir'l!J s les to 1,00g£<1 uruan ~) em!". Wp errvl5a~ e aroolS( <1Pi' In 9 1111111 a t

re a\C$ It! Ih1! s Y ar".d I~ irn rrll!d,atf urban (OfIthlion - ~ml! nxdr. ar~ habitable, 0IN!'~ 1101 fl'hl~ Idea anl!l:Joal~ OUl con(epllof La Fen ell Ip , -1011 In <I metrepo IS w ere I"l'ld Ii ~a(<:e <lnO planM1g ~>1rKIIO[l5 ,lie severe these er..,vai.ed SItes aIr> <~oered 1111!~ n Ihel'TlWl".e~ .\IIlh Sp.,Kc. dMae-d Iieft'tal 1I110lndoer and ou,lloor ;:af1~ In lile Klifl<aflO of H.a )(In 1'Ll{ ~ H..,· jWnlh oU1.~ $ spaces ille Sllncfl.\ dl!,.>d \)e\\'<een Ih~ e;o .11"9 andille r.~ ,'V roo IS


Lonoon, 1985

Thrs d~gn t.I med \0 (.')11 OI!e tile rill d bo.c roorns 01 a ~ma I Il,)t n c1 pm! war pUlIlo'!e-OLlit IIdl Tv.o CUI'.I.'!J 0 ass \'Ii) 1S'''''''!re 5Ueid) ~ atf~~ ~ t!;< .. ling ap.lr1men\ OOd~OO.~llf O;cllilpPI~ 10 (!'WII' d qene'Oi.fSI',lIu d ~PdC(' (lleumJ I~ {entra !)Iot ,'d! FWl'lllul€ IS Of Ifll( ~ 01 P rol~ 10 iJ ION SPill to! <l'l~ lur n QN!I lie Dlllt~ .n \II' l~n!J arL';}$


, nrh 19B!;


, Il I on g~~l' In It-e

un<1y 10 (r!?iI\C .1 modNn

" 110 lin! VIC\andn nol,OO 01 II 50 often (ha,ancn2ed

, i !


, 'anHll,ts dlJS'OIl the

II re ellen 01 Ill!? entlosure

te;l\eQ try the VIC lona ns' curta IO'IS

I n~


Hie IIlSLJ'lilllon Sil fragment 01 the ,~s thaI v'1I\Jld reiKh hY'\lDflln the Calhcd" Road proJ~1 [p 301. JU.I a~ the 0Sa~~ Folly IJI 6O]5'eNed as a

test lor des;gn pnnciples laler cmo'o)'ed at ih('- VlU~ Fie 511100fl IP 621 S4:!f~, fig n way-. \0 a'llcul a I e ~e WlII\ n a contllled (onll! t WI! l6l>d (uN«! willis 10 waITt ot Ikrtd ~tP (I I! the '1IlIllpury Cwn pllJj~L 1 I:>PP9>Ile] I and [;,1Il0pl~ 10 mil,

th~ C ntlitnW




Lcmdon I as-as

Til Inlt rnilUCl"dl SIVl~ res der (I-

P QVidPd \I bee dro rC!! I f r'Sl malt'na' I.1I~plrlr 01 V SUl'lr 'm<! S

""',"'11 f"l d SIOr.l~ ,·{at. furllli.'f

,1' lmale<.! hI:' ~Il"ce \. Ilh t (' ad loll

'1~(al menu of II doo

,)11(1 nb i


Harrbllro. 198b

Our 'l[) II e ' a II? 1980s MIC ve

II' ... nnou .nteres In reJila z n9 vater rant '\;>,35 n nue erous e 11 S n EulOpc an d .\"'e' c.'I ,:..s part 01 .'.-0 ',', r. ~ op~ s· p r HalT'burC)

to 1.'''0 or' DO!> ete f -v ('~ a Ihl"5" d stncts. ,',r, .vere ol "('(j 10 (0'1, del ... a','S ,n .'.! U1 u e Cll ' ..

t· stor C 'd ha'.XlU' illea p." CUIc'H Y

ho 10/ 1".<1f11hO\.i I! d ~""I

a Sue c ers adt ceu d ale mMI'"

P iln eel 0 rL I~fle' '~II e iI'l'o1 ard actO- rtl00dlt'd ".' d r,lnq,' o

m '~-d U '.'5

nllCgral 0.']'1)\0 t ~ c IV centre, ra \e-.J il Ilumoer 01 11e'I'~'''m

\0 I( - ',,!'!ws. open"ess e\ler·pr('~('ol "i! e' '~.e sough \I gt'Omfol It'S nnd ;:0' es or red v!:'IQpmenl !lld ,','0 I d (r(!illE' no cnly 01 I'!'W Hlle

of u,han 'IV I b 1.1n enUII'I,. ne". (I; am ~ .... I n t e ot 10 lab! C

. ,.




B' 19S6

l -- -..:1:;;/1


The ConUli! ~l:;' of ,W ~ treme narrow s<1e \1 7 16 mell'PS U.wi' l/S.e to OI:J I d(' I fl of s com 11' I!5Wd

Silruh\ ch str U!l~ 1001 comprrWd

.iJ ser es 01 Pii.lfl'1' ~~eE!S and ust!s Thl' hcruonl.JI pJ;,n~ ol the

'XInG\'.' en ale 111e -,.,s slot !t1e I 00 01,011 whl<h e5li1b 'f:p~ 1he WPdhlllO 01 CIICIJ'~lOn 1111'CI fI1a,rement'ra:nlh oil {! ~fl .. ;U::1!'lo ve r\lta I~ !.he sa om en CJI spaces <ltI e/enlJ.ales beh·.~ I Ill!' fjfCWnd'iDol P.JIl'pr l~ e pu_~~ elllrlimd the ,alll,I(>".er~d bu d, 9 i100v1:'

oJ daub (L'e lObby .md pillfOl~(' all! ra sed .jbc>\{' '''I;' I)llWncJ anti le<ld1~-d'bl .. otd'"ll. It~rab"" Ihe 111 r'I'H)-rf1 I [" graUlm. II nod to ihe Ruwan SIlP'TolllSlS The suu iloo.~ P1I11d aWilY from oJ ""10,00'11. Will ,.Jt Ii I!

9 P dbO'wt' II :. lUmp w. e a I~ til,

m n~nlfimU~

It' llIilll ~ IFill V txn .. ea lui nID'.c-'$ otIll0W!l1d~ 1M CO"lE'r tI' us If e flOor .Ilea Il'. (hes: ~\

tl)'Tl<! \m Itld! rl'Je<;LS 11 e ~l1oJl alIKe-bled r~pellbon 111 oog

tlJ lIKe ... UIIKlu'a m 10 I .rn n lim cdru~ ens srmft'l;l

trom t \OJ.) II 1 bl«l1'T1l!5 af!

urn Itf!!1 IH bo lOugl

'.11 II the Il'IIel r~ de I"" I I"S. Cd., b(I delr led

1\ <, )

,A .-....

r. 1







- ...

Bl1fl'l1, '986-93

~ gf'll from tHe begll'll1'"9"~

h,}{j to conrmnl t\~o Iu· d,lInenl ... 1 is,S .. es thi! Ill! slIa teqy of on Ii I

ilnd le{lil r and the IIgllI bul II ng req 1J!a1J0I'IS fD/ SOO<IllIouslng. y..ruch 'coo\rad rt modem QP('fI· pia nlayouts In addlt>!lIl to these consU<l'nll wl!!re ln~ surroundl1'l9 tw Idlngs, wl'l>tn reples~nled

iI ~d~ rao!leof dIfferent \ypes imd penods, 'iO 11~ltl'gudE.'1 nes 511putalll'l9 thil.t new deYe~nts nl~al1:a lmU5lcontarn an .iI'Ierage oll~ 5tCfeyl. ~ seamle.5S msernon lOW th~ elra", CCIf\lex1

r r r T r f h 4: r 1


\...oLltd !lillie ooenmllJally m~b,e

We thererore Interpreted tiN! h~tDfey plann 119 restlJ(liCfI

by ueullng it kmg l.hreHlorey block th.}llennmaled In an e !.IhtstOle)' 1000~,U:f at the comer The

1001] er b!od:: s Lcr.~r ffDim

cOOM'(1 «.Hi'VI'INOill premises with stilnOOldl:zec:! cfwe hngs atxwe.

011 tOR IS oil roof goUGen with .. cn,]drerl's ~!aJ'9Joul\d The SOJlplcd tOWN C1i1d In ;lJl'IOI,jlled :>heet metal, COl'llarj'lS three \\IOOge-wpOO lofts 011 each nool

.................. ------~~~,/--





.\.:.atJu-J .. uban Th' c['nlrtfl,QC,· or

\1 C [11:> gn a del cote elevateo (11'l~S Pd. I 0 Ufl~l\ vel It !~" ~,d1.! _ :1',11 1'0'11" ,lbo.e IJP('! 9'<)11" l t,'o~lot

110m Ih~ ~dl1~ a"o 110:ll' ,) tIll qla~s ',' .. 1 I 1\ .]1 .]11(1'.' .... ql 11'110 II e 'IY,~' .\I.1e" ... 11(/ ~ gcr1f'Jo t proport O(\~

1,1'.<' ln~m til!' II e fo' flla,l il' ollie/! .1(\ , \1[1

con~tf ~'f'd !{'~~n{ll.l!~a(m! "011: <lfll.l. r rl to II (' urban (Omj'llon






I ndrn 11' 11'1' 'f' for II e t

C~ !""', I ~ Jjil(e \\0 I

11 l' r· 11 H;' )'(0 ll'"t·frl'l

err, r '1' nt bIOu[J' ' .about 0 c




~ . "

. ,

. "

r, '

1 \

InSIo'uh, of (on temporory Ar\! london t 9'88

n (!' soeam !'1g redlK'Ss 011

[la1f\Unq Comtnl lid for a

e 'hlb,1 on IhGI e~p!ot(;(J ~ flS ! the melroPQ €S.~. m~MIt 10 e>Jl'£'SS .~n ,('lC,nperal!On With tile ~p iN. ng mess 11">a1r.; lO"OOn OnOOt

level It'le D<I n1H'!g 1ha .... s ~&.lri a~ oj p.jlctM'OI . of 1 I.1gt'!. Sui rathe' Ihan plOmOflnq ,,1\ I!'\' n d~lnbllllOIl 01 1,h tS t1JbJn ( ""h ell hil s tJ€i!1'l e<.-oI\"f19 101 (enlul es-~<lt1I(U 01100

Ill. (J ty <IS poIyre n Inc whete a

m mOOr 01 l'l'elr(!JlO loJ'1 Efi1ra conclen~ ~I d !fe/em local PO<nl5 ;n IhlS (OIlI~;.; '''(> roo repI!'S('.II\s ~ Ille\ol lOf1(;!on .'rl1ere~ ...

seu I!ments .mcl I'lr.w Cl.'nlr("S need 0 be n';'t'n\l!d 10 ~e.JJoIaceane'~l'll olnd O\'CM'Or .eo ll"ill1


Tor to NI!~lldl!rpl;n.z t I! loll mg of Iht;' Will offel.el.ll\(>';'i pou blhllC!.. II)! regefll!ra.lJoll We ,r:mf,lderoo both !tie e p,ilJIS>PI1 dnd In' It p'Il" 0111 t' (J\ V lang nn from (omdbrS o!

(I .rclCJl)menll0 WIlII·lone IN d nil pmqr<.lmme-!o

TI'ti:! locl..llo 01 OiIf '1151100 WdS !hl' A.!lM~nd~rp <111 Bl'<C'aU'5'! It

f('P(~ l'nU one 01 the t oIuemplS


B~fClre lne ( ~p e olin Wallin

989 \\1t \W'I' InV111'd 10 Ipe..U ,lIe tlOOuI I \y ~ lulllff A$ll<lrl 01 ~n ~, sdlMT1 btI\\~ft'tllh" <!..~ 01 r." 'nh 9P.d ilia 8,)111" bo f

fl'll'dn'l Uf,UlI! ,1ml8rlloor bUlgN

o go 'bI!yo tllyp,c~f nH;eu,&nth.· ((mlll'Y Ilbamml v.~ dec (1+.-<110 l!law ,llrl,.'t' af hom~nCOI>\

co !fIlf1l!fClaf de'l(!Jop'" ent to slIlnd .n pDlql\tln! contrast to' lh" wlnt!fdbfl' I riP IM\ U!red to defJ'dftdl~ 8Nftf'l'~ dIYI!tIUIl A K'fle". 01 dlilQhlmS ["gill! ,ntwl) ~~ ~~ d .... I!IOfjlT>('rn of Ihl!' • n~

r l Il!dsed tl'lIl lot ~ ((}fllrlor (lIU!S

PIOjKt Into Lhl! landscajJC and n 1~1! ~f d <l9,alTllo I'H~" Qrom~ U es Inhabllll!oe form~' d&'ld 10ne ~lJmeII1T1~ recl !lila' 'leI ghlly 01.11 (lj synl. \\11 th III e sllng 0 r dl'r

Iro ou: l'~l"5 .heW,)1 zone could

be(ol ",) I nNr II,]' AWle orxe

((lOC te "bllon wdl Jtld no qo <Om> <I ,,', ~ .o,;(I1Jld fa~ dov.l ,1 sf, p of Il'lfl t:il"CQfatl'CI \ \'I'!1l III rtf;




B~fol(' IheWd (ilme~IT".m H ~.\(' t'p!tomqe(j Bed n ~ stete iI~ iI.,'l 1'),1:1 Tr sl~ s on a m~Jllf a ...... 11 (' ",'fU·;l~rHldmm. bu~ <omlllelely enc o<.ed rl'lll " I lUoll \ I';}C(~~ t 'e

TO(l!!JW iI !lU kl!'le) n such a fo/tdled ~onleJo:l rugfJMIE'd thaI W

tI <1ed nre I'K'\~ a r (I)frldo' .' \h [tul"l< d<s!,n(IZO'l ~ I ~'," Ihr~o: r'la 0' tlln,) 00$ ~pf.llllg tao IICS off"x' doll.! note

B~iI "the t/U{ 'Olm \lle .... '(1110 be ! \(> n~N locus at <~ roJ major ·hOfOU(Jtltar('~ stre-eU-"nd a I 6 - a nl!\'J opp nC) .. U!,l :.1l'1f, n:>tI n (o~(('rw c ,r:I.J.lIol1I0 Ii c mo~ on rhe frm~c 01 \I ~ sue T S l'llciowd s.J).1(t! ~ra~·f ooreo .1ml § ~llsPl"ndNJ ~ I rur\lle' pob la(ll\lc~ \',hKh ntludl!'ntOH'!,)~, ah hGl~ lo\Jby "m lllP\J1 r:J(I\f' .J';'iI-'fIl",ly ~I ~ (onh~l(>f1te (enlfl~ OInll a restaurant AOO,(>.;)n

It'nd b e ~~tel'!\ I} 0111[(' wan s

,1(h 01 wtI~h rn (jhl rna "liN! d d,\ul'II; (OI!Xl',lli: d n IIV 'Upi't lT1~dl on tt,.. <lwpf>'og Id(III.i."S 0'1 lap 01 ttl ~ IIOdl~" lJefll SIJIHOflW Il'flg the hotel

, I

~ .... .;.. .~

. ..-:;;:,--~




TIl" d goN' oij1~ 01 (('Ida'S

n nt!tee!1tr cmltlryp','n lor I e (I S ,!~"ve" I\l' pt,.aldl t:lement IQf

rr f('(;l)nslnKlion of 11 Ou, f'r-,,, UIIMn geumelry S t~:;ed Q:1 a wbd 1Wl.\1InQ of III! dUl()onallfllo

~O:e>"i '(\ Ol1i.Ig(', <) lilfl1Tl (' n ts A5 It; rs Ill'ltl tfillVC .es u/barll:onu~,,1S II

cw\'i1Mlf'y 'Ill" t" led by an

f.I ilSlK con dOl' 01 l"'IC.lI tor.d loOmnequld! (lIl ~g"). gmfdMl ChOUlulg ~OflM Dr 'ill ".. (I'll 1 \'1<1)') <!nQ

.... lIll'rlmnU 1l1il111 g r~ an tilbdn I rJ<m~ .!1'Id ITUJIt-p' C!S We\ll

~" lV In ~d 11e>!]11DoUriKIoc:I





Hl,.cel c fl t C"j IJ'lI1>' rl''''Q 1'1

I lin ;(UI~ II , 111'0',



I( Iltil no n ~'mq

(I USl'S W~f ".,'() Ie-; or. J Int' ••

I} p 1!;)led 10/ ~edeve OPI':1~1'\1 The treel J d L> !a. v tlOi.o ~ <lr!!' "",'1 01 J '1Id I

lJ lheOlher

E be 0 r Db ('{I ve W<I} 10 creart

01 nm. IIg aeress I! C W (IS alld 10 ntQ

re<re03\ on j eoa

On "'It"~ OC03lro 0

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T I'

K'(1,om ,ollht' III JS cur!.,," \'/i\ 1

~ nall!1" J}.lf1S 01 (ldC h !tOOf la boJCom e ooaJOCI! 11,,,a(~~ T e t' fNilUIlf\

lac l\g 11'1{> fNllr ,~ ,) COO\1n IOU\ (1,1I1~'" W 1111.\1 \"T.1jX (;r'Jl!' 10 br<:o~ Hw PI' nlhot.~ tOOt

ThjO K'<ond I~ \Ud 9"" ,1\ II n "'''I( .. -f1I''-c(' '11\1 f'I b 00:;" WI

( '\r YOf1ld.1 ;('111'<; ot UllnjJl!;";$l'Cl I,,,, It JI dlhPl~ be' M ,) Ul'nse

~'l91 r,ll ,II owed fOl' <J tl·~'1!(1

01 l"l~fl<lf('n( A\ oor!l,il~'I<"S til' ol.ll!J fl'l 9i1m oprn .md (\osc IwIWL en tho lIuctur,r mte '5iKl', del ymq Lh no\Ja~ 01 I t I.It t 3~ ad r Tn., gtO\lntJ fk>or tan1.. In" 'l'~,]1

~p J'L~ ff~ dl'.IlIIJI Un'b re ,1I1<T<'C, and .oml' tof111t'(1 hOfi 'onidll ~

• (ron Itt.: Sl'll:rs Man a~p\!(ts 01 thIS proJ~lllnIlClp.!,Il' tlw wnlerlymg

pnn Ip ~ (1111 £" A., rW Moal~ C~I!{' I Ou~< .. >ldo'" If! IJaI



For ,a h'llrlo:d pfogramrre<lf lor ~I !d\lrlg and It' ",,-ed Ioung fig Wl'

.\ anled I.e CJl'a r J .... Opj:ln Ihon 01 mood T e r~tJ I lwo ~ynll {'II(

~nOsU<l!'l9.(' O\-t>dds II a~ u'

nsplred t7( Ille !.eJ5OfIal It!' bu Idf19' of SapPOfO Ihe-gfQUr'Jd 11001 I~UJr(':'i [00 gre-,;; mate n Izeu n

y ass MClll\Otal TableHle ~arp c"gml?nts 01 I(l' a fa ed lloor I • dlll~ I~ e <lr'I: Kebert] ,)1:1.0» II e

1pace AIY>.e Ihe (II chalJlUer wh r s

a h,,,na~ 01 '~I(> It!ruI!tled In sealin!] ~t'OS bpi :ant yelfa.vs ill'd e ull1!loIm Ofo1lf'gC$ A SJ) roll above Ihr bar leilr~ Ih,oU9" the9100nd floor cell "9

,uri rtg up 10 II " t.mdu~de Ollhe uPJler·'l'\'el dome 1\ e dire Icrn.uJo b!.WoI1119 through a pressure eiSI' A plalJl4J of h omorphx sofil~ Jtcomrnodat~ ':<.ItrI'l9 ant! r~nqlng ar.d d o. .. "S ~I'I nhnrte (onllg ratlOfl 0' seat fig Iype" ,.,.1111 fJlIJ'Jable ua illld D1tJ!llll ~f" 1:1010$



0,110 '90 OS<! ,oil 1989 90

QUI :.lIe at I~ tnlt!!".llIOfhlt Elpcl 111 Osa d WiI> bolled OIl

,I ~ open plaid ~ l 1 be J U 1"< bon 01 SPVf!Ii\i Ptllhs W,edes"gn\'tl CI ~r I~ 01 comprr-.lI!d a'ld lu!('(Il'lcmrnl5 10 i!>:)Mnd '''I r liutd~(i\/lf' and

rc J d (I !'leClew d n I'JlIQ\ ilftlem

from ~f I' 1\\ D '~r1IC,)11y

e"l.I'uded pI,,~ )rlol. the 101

Ttl ilppr CI.ltl I ng vr!.lIO' \ .M' e up

d~e n.cr1101'lta1 n!Jne-; o'ef ne thi> S1ruClull! ~ peflrflell.'~

llld "Ntl' ~ M.'r ~ of ~'1f1~ r S CoolfastJf1q \· ... Ih {t1 .. H nil, !.Jnrs, Inle famf)~ol .Iilt; I"lJ ~S1rC'I(11 along Ij, .. qrOUf1d plaoe Tile lll')",p;: 1t'dlunchon;ofti1I'>i' O'yrI;tmlt 1\0 (.J1'l1il i1"th. t GIl t!1~rrll,"15 en:al <I IlUmbel 01

,~ .• ~Il!·11' VlS!IQI m~y $C'(!~

Il'mpmap, J'l'h1fl' Irofl 111[> <lrt1UOU\ e eroSe (11 Will fttl mil ghbl;!t 1'19

\V111l liS llUf'cil{l(j ,llld lWl~IJl1q

If> 62)





~ I! a ('ild conta rl!d .ilk.caratf· ilttl:,l 0' fil'g'~ scate 1 <l(101'1 DU Idn9~ ..... dI!CHJe-tl 10 concenlfilte O!'l ~ SIll! el~ .lZone\, 111 n \hI51Ildu$1I a 1,!r1UKal"" \h" we'(htd 110m \tie 1Th1 n 0.111' 10 ttw filr ef1Cl ot I"~ ~ Ie VI hen' 111(' r re s a\ on \',00 d tilOO

e I Ie stat on ~ dl'~ 911(.'(\ as he ecJgl! or s 500·m l!1'.,Iong lOO~,

.'1 ch I If tx,(CHT;H an a- rl(la ~nd\Cdpe A~ e>panSlOns OC(U'. 0 , \C erne a loW!. Of a dynam (!)<IIII'm 10 develop bel\',~f' 1 t' waces, ~ furrolu'e III il .llg .. loom

Tlll'd(>5.o1j 's PllfTl<I'Y fe,l\ure IS OJ

puncturen .lrul b cal: il(CQrd,ng \0 t I! stallon s /tmctloos The mil n


lite e ol









DU~Sl"dOff Rh:elnlulenl. 1989-93

FOII~ ledevelcmmenl of DilSsellfud s proml'1eOl ~ ~rbour nre an ~nU~rpfise zan!' (OfIUi'1l 09 offltCS for an alivel [ SIng Hl1en(y and studios IntetSper'>l!d ~'. II hop~ le5lilUlal'lts.wd rewire Iila'I[Ie5

.... e Cf(,Ued i!n'llhht alland:;(ape tha I fa (.ed Iht' Ir.' e I a no b«a'TIt

an e_ll.'ns.aon oll./le wall'! S .lClMUe and fUl1c!,ol\s Th1~ andKape ~s protected t1J d 90. rnetre-kmq \' :;:0 I 1.1Il e b1!' dlr19 \hal ccota ns !he offl(('5 ,mel ll~ s out lfa!f(( no.S'i'

FIgm the INcr an I!l1Olmot,J$ mClillllC \fMngle cuts 11"10 [he site,

p ertmg [he wall 10 form dl1l'nlr.m(E' ,amp 1111.' ,ulJom.nq o,oufld planes UilI'" QjX'n 10 Ii! .eill terM cal 5t.;di05 \0 [MC! f'\(J'lh and shops

and re:.!<lU'MU Seier .... grol.lrru

a wal 01 IN'hn>Cd ~NlC '$ S comprl3sed. 0;() It I pari 01 1111'

w,,11 nses dbc1\t'qrOlJl'd and

rurves. around 10 cre.:lle a n.o·sea!


The I'.ilil S Wfel'$ lie hilS ~fllll

iOn ~J' IOOSfOOS .n Its eooCle I e ,on the Il'Ier s dl' Ie.. £'15 a re a rlleu ,net! by VillYl!lg d!?pUh~ 01 r;an!,levl'f em e-adl lloor A glazed '11f"ll}el bUilding !Sa Iragmenled'S 01 sla\»; Set pt'fptl'ld.culaf to the stll..'et • I' glass spil1lle thJI hdvt' 1»0 ~n tree 110m tIl<2 Will "Jhtore 1he ~W cQOverge,

a V(Hd SCilrved eur Ior cOrlierence rOQm~ "'lIl Ci.h.bUlon arl~a~

Am nlmallst 9 iI$S be 1tmoumled by a lam I)' 01 SClJlpl.t'd tj)t!l ilnd heavy lrhll'lgui<lr Slructure,., the CI'II/ance 'abby '>iI,1 tl;~lnlersecW;1I1 of Iht' w111 .:mtl hI' flnge, bUilding From here the Sifeel and

n'(CISColpe dIe Visually (Oflfl!!(led

A "bOOnl",\! qldfld sWI,learll up

10 the (onflmmce 1000rnSI"rOU!l~

Ii'll! (1nderbefly Dr a tU."ary slab

so per1l:jed.J 00,.1'


~. -


GrOningen, The Net i!/klf1ds. 1990

ilK! Inh!l11JOn f.o· our muSt(:·YlfJeo p,)lIIlion was 10 ma e al)l.wlul fI ae' In W 411 'IllS 101 me I C! ITIOSI c.hiJlleng l'1I'Ilocauon II' tile CIt lh gap bel\', !en 1 monumenr.J A·

, ,~ and 111 I ,Olt'f\~ ~ bu Id ngs In

1~land - clap!Joilld houses, lh

P ill e-glass v, nd 0\1\'\ I dang the OCI?dIl. ~ !'Udl;l III hI 1 ,alloll Inler 1$ - tl1e dl!S>fJn 'Q{ t r.. paYl1 on jlf()o/l(l!"lo d ',' nd ',10 Ihe' mild '11

..... 11 d1 people "11\ ~ " mo",ng am d dec m(lge becen 1110 fliIn olIn pcrforman(.'

Trapped t>.!1W1'ft1 two will ~ ~I i1

uarWIlC('011 dfH·I~ WI (lID 111 ,H~-d f"t;atj~, ndonla II '0 fil ~



• 1

q'ov' (I fin ~I be 1ll'.JIII I\!.l ,e5 iI ot of I a i ,)"0 I!" '0' 10 pfodu.c:~ sror • deo-s ce of I'('';$olae ')ntl

"<1. I.H;t Ihf ',"Idros atl' r >u/nt en 0[\ tl e r 0.<. '1 'N! Will1!1:'{l I '(11.

fl\,) .C" !;M.'rlmme's and v deo P'OOI..i'~ J \0 I'", u a ~[rUCl"I(' \',' til ",11 {I 11\("1 O"J d l'fpi!t rnent



AbLJ Dh.lOI 1990

l h:- mil~I'I"Il"num(II'I', Abu Dh~b UlgJ! I~~a 0.,.J gr d A~ a uniform struutJr~ tI t· grid ser,l'S as (1\: II '5aq<l c:;tW., Cl\~ al 3'cMectw'" '>\"<11 U are pl<Ked for 1 I ole-I comp'e> 100dted on a p'lIl1e ~,(> n lhf CJI)' ccnue .'.~ II) I~ up U', t or 10flL.l' urb<ll'l gt ,d '0

L«or'1( ""if <'II P a .. "" a I Jb of .rnartrn '''L~ "~tll Ok roo-r s u at L«O!1'r ~ udd dro .. '0< I aIel re ~tcd


e (onh"e'lce room~.

C'>' ",WIts and a l1eal\h dllb Wl'Ie,e

, < an sp l5 l>3ar these ,~Ce5 pt'!1dl'd J"d scelpted 111;:J COUlWiI,d At grout!d le ,el . 'Olev be.:lm (ut.s dCloc,S U e ~ arrd t 'O<lg\1 ,he sla I:l. pr(M(llng

J<t"~ r c r ~ )hoPPlllq m a II bdO'N a~tJolh<:es ~oo,.e On the t)l!am s IOl..rth I 00'. \\ It I ,~,,' over .he

I.J! 1'1" oowll1:lbby, whose

<: 0 M(~ " a a CUl\ed r,"lmp .at ;-""ocps f,om ()f11? com e , of lI'>e s-te, ~'ound Ihe sl!Jb ilnd mID II e wn.t:a cOtirlyard


WE W1!re asked bt a Germiln

timber manulacwrello ""all! ai' ext' IblUor~ stand 10 d~p'ay the r prodi.lCls for the btarmuall"lenum

I rade shO\'J TIl e prima!)' I n I en lion

of our desIgn WiI$ 10 crcale iI separale envnonm,ent thaI (ould bt, I'ltj'I!lrlence,d on sever.Jllevets WIIl"1ln

Gluzendoll, Geqnany. 1990

the b.lckd.op of a large ilrod ~Ienle

\ ra de 51\0''''' ~\ e Wi! "led 10 'lduce the So!n5e 01 an uuolaled lal'ldiCiIfje Wlt.r ,n an endo<...ed structure Imde, il (!nl'i1Il palhw,))' \',111(h. loI:e the tluflf 01 a tllle hJd branches thai ran off II lEd 10 product I!XI1lb IS and ambren I ,>u rroond ng~



, ,

r ~ j~ r ~ • ,.,.J. r i r


conal a /ll'd by (OI'M'nllOn

!11 nrec:l t vo de lOllS,) .f)arIO

a 1,1' d or £! ghl I ,)~ 10 be 10CA1.;.d n ~ !tlb"rboll e Ha • lh ~.o V, \\ 0 be CO(Ist1\iC1 01 It' .,fo,( (O(l(fl.' <:- •• 1b tlCKl lilt' con ent OO.JI cont gula lOn (1 c.Jome51 spa es 0 SPill I

Ihe ness ~(' HII'Q n,j-.

I!(j b t\'iO




• rr n a 0'1 dOO Iller i1ClJOn



Solomon R G1Jgg~lll1ellT1 Museum, r~e-.II '(Oft, 1992


r".! • «I'd",! Jell

The d~ go fOI an e hltJIIIOO on RUSSlJ"I S~pre"'aI11m olnd

Construc1 'ii5m ofl~red lhe Cl-Ppoflunlly 10 rev,s!! rOy:Sludl''ll f..lplorat ens of 1M!!' three(hmll~Of"lilrqudhlll!'Sol M:al('"eh s le~lont~ If.! 16) OLJr prooo5.)1 ter !ile GtJggcnl1flm show te<lture-d II'<Q IMge-S!;iJle Insl.1lldllon, 01 Ihe Talln To,\,j1! and ~. a ev d 's Te lonll •• wtul1 boil I'ng ag<>d 1'1 Illl' r m'iin

IVa WI\l1 Fran .. Uoyd W{ ghl s fPlra11mq form al'd I', Nl' n tum

d' storied b)l t)o( snace For 1M

'11:>\ lime M(ll~cl'l S lei Ion

was nabllao1e VIS tors h"d to aess [hlOll .. h It '0 reach [r,\!" llPJX>f gilllJ;;/UM

Our ues gn (Cllthe 9alrE'rI~ h~d[ure!o. "[eMnl om: 1l1.l1 act veil' eng'>3gl:' 1;(,[1 IheoIJ,;:"C\S.o' dsplay For (' ample the 10,',t'1 and I ~HQCllh set up Ihe CfJp!»lhat'l llt'[M>en

'.1" ev, '5 Rffi 5qlidre snd Tall n s Co me! ReI ,,( I(Jr Ihl!" pace

CO tarn ng WOlf, flq'n U'E' OIU, «a 010e,tllblon Ollf'oll'v' e,er.s


SUPfI>ID<IhSI (Otnpoj,illoru; has been e tlutll-a hom lh IOOf In I he B 1,,( _ ROOln \', II rh ~ 0\:\1$ obit-us "0m

lit 19?1 5,:5 :;25'(',,11 b I 0"

Ila 'Ill If 9~ dl~'IIaj1H:l on P '51>C/i ~1anti.; apr ea- 10 d~rnill(:" ... ll~"\lld

U( aooV{' 11'11' 11001 1111$ ~r1s.: of ve qfn E'i5"l"50~ I~ I'I1{Q ntf • 19<1'11 In U e G 000 Room n \~t {O<Ulru,(IO S Ildllg O!J [rom I

(e,1 ng gr, low<ltd a ,', te IJ Lh<lll"mrg~~ Irocnllh" 110m

,,,. Qo

" - "; ~-



H ,tOI'1'']) .' Ine gtO'olVlh 01 Mildrid could bt, de.>enbf>d as d stJ"e~l\'1! bl,rstll'lg 01 ~he!ls Itlt~ nrcutar

mna e.'a c t)', Ihe t'1li"chH!l'llh{~nlU'" 91 d .:lnO /'1 li"d~venlll!lh c~nlul't. ~h.e I ncar de~ Qpwer'll now d1!hned b~'-iI h'ghwilV In IHe form of dnl' l)he Framedlf\ Lbe~'~'1 b~llh~

RIO M,lnunares, Ire CltV IS rlC)\', 9101,','1'19 malnt} e.ulw03lds Suburbs of hOUJIf'9 hlocts hol"e mU5tUoame-o beyond the 1.430 h qnv,ay ana are sbout to engulf the ,,('adzy "'IUc)ge~

Our ohj!!<Il'i1' was to pre..ent the City from tcillarSJI191nlo 1ormlt'SSr.~S5, to ''''annel and orgilOl.;::e 11115


J parks imd Ii' 5ur~ IiII d1cilp!:s .....

CClmmelOcl det. e;()offielll, [fbt


NalX'rn, GNrnany, 1992

e (on ex for u IS ,nl-1101 1

addl 0 \"as d In eresbl'1j O/'II! il half-tlmDffed cllmhou an slab'e I a tile C'I!!f'IIJ> arlted to au me I .... I a dial eng oy new slru(IUI!! that ... .-auld h.c1\ e a sru1ptulOl

ptesenct' e eart 0 III d~ gn IS a

b obb' ,an ell PllCdl sp,jce tha medlah5 DeIWffn Ihe old b(j Id !'I9 ilnd I e new nne Pol ~, 1010 tht foonda\.on I ~ sp.;te can be U!K.~ io' perlOfma MOl' e I '\i)1 10 S In

t ~ 10-/. r abo, e III s I e vot

po n <lfE!' t 1f'C I~ -elsa! rooms based on t e cross and S <J', eilr. 1 ell w (/1

as a ~on p elt!\ sell-cont,1lned

e 1fonlTll!nt MIll bUllt-'" f rnllure and fillrngs A I IrO molii. I I! sp ral IH died bf the two oU er spaces J~ they connect bile. 10 Ih milln


bUI ding In a Idg!! 0 SlrOll9 d'a<lfaclt>r,t;'1? nsembt€'~' U9

d Sin 'Ing centres on1! [hell S Ifltended 10 encourage tleDaH a-o


cv n"ag~ 1992-93

1 ! gf 511\1 t!U 1(' a ,hll" es both ,OITl;J<ldnfSl,lI1d oj)eMt'lS by

<rnl d~p ruu of Ilq hI l.KId ilf1tl WJtel thlO!Jgh a solrd voium<' that (X(UIlIe5 ol compact !;lIe Th~ ~rp 1J Jfl' ope-I\ \0 IN! i'l:y. and s O'oY Ihe u rell!'1 of Ih~ Nil Acul'lled o!lll cui deil\'e5 off the pubhcIe cOffij!lOOen(. bflflg1lln the

prOIOOlldlk s1O\vIy up 'lito the bwldln9 Stulplumlly e.<J)I'E!S$.lVi! voh.I1TIC!o 01 Ihe WlJ.ture. <lrb(;u1ale-d, by dlHl!rell[ roIoun 01 graMe, comprl!U sl).iIce bel\!leen them The stru<lur~ are maiko from r:~t-lt1- plate re,ntOfteci COllCfl!te 10 .II ow lI~ula:rty $I\aped flal slabs 10 be fOmled

\ UL

:::::0 87


Cologne. ,992

To (OnO«I Ih ~ f onner IlIO IJSlnill ~Of>£' 10 C~!le",;e- u~ II ree

d I ~ lint I k~ml<ll IIE'IICC'S - 1J<)1lN'1;! d v .. wgednds!l'f,) lodell!~il1'ld lIdi>jll tll(!- multipurpose ~11" 10 1$ heUlIDIJe-neou~ '".moo nd 11'195

The 5i1d.Qe. ;l!i~ mil~S -t> • .amblg ~OIJ!, entities t!lilT are "ll:a1ed SOffIev.rert' be l'.'VE'@n ou lid "<:IS .}nt:11a nd

orms WOf~m!lIOlJ~lh ... ' Ihe m(110f'lS !mm a col efl:~nl drea·,-, It'. J h g h de/\1l1y 01 e 1.:1 lUI ,II le'lolin.' nO~fflJ ~i")(j comme-rcl4llocllrhes

JS \M!l ~~ .11COtj)OfIlUfWj old

bu IdlF1g> ..,,11'1 ton crted tIY.'i and n I!\Y SIn)" L res

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entire Il.lrllutH bi!:.II1, ;' 111 two t'ltJ.ay$ldl? ~ IrlangJ Ih J\ (on lain bo.nmg f olt,1 ,,~.lmla dIet. _11'\ centre ro- I e rw~rbO,lI iln ilrtiI"IlO lhp no'IIl'n(fudt~ ol' {Dnrell'll«> (:mlfl' Be, .... 't>n Ihc lfilp!!lOld dnd

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