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... through Bertha Dudde

Protection from error ....
Admonition to pray ....
ou !ha"" hear our teaching! continua""y. Beho"d# God $i"" gi%e to
you according to your $i"" a! it i! good for you. ou $i"" a"$ay! &e
a&"e to hear 'i! Word .... 'i! "o%ing in!truction! $i"" &e offered to
you a! "ong a! your $i"" i! good and you $ant to !er%e the (ord#
&ut a"$ay! ma)e !ure that you $i"" continue to fight for your
faith# for it $i"" &ecome increa!ing"y ea!ier for you to recei%e the
more !teadfa!t"y you &e"ie%e. Ponder e%erything $e gi%e to you
in your heart and you $i"" notice that much !trength $i"" f"o$ to
you if you a""o$ the teaching! to ta)e proper effect in you ....
*ometime! it might $e"" !eem to you a! if you $rite do$n your
o$n thought!# yet a"$ay! re+ect !uch idea! .... the protection
around you doe! not permit that mi!ta)e! $i"" enter your
$riting .... ,he!e teaching! are intended for many peop"e# and
on"y pure truth !ha"" ari!e through you .... therefore &e$are of
!uch thought! $hich on"y interfere $ith your compo!ure and a"!o
acti%e"y impede our tran!mi!!ion!. On"y one thing i! e!!entia"#
that you accept e%erything $ith profound faith .... that you
utter"y tru!t in your *a%iour# Who $i"" not "et you "i%e in error#
and that you gratefu""y recei%e from 'i! hand $hate%er 'e gi%e!
to you.
-o$ &e ready and "i!ten. Once again a $or)er ha! ari!en for the
(ord in $hom a"" of u! pin great hope!. Once your heart ha!
participated in thi! great act of mercy &y our hea%en"y Father it
$i"" ne%er $ant to "et go of it again ....
,he p"ea!ure! of the $or"d $i"" no "onger &e a&"e to &egui"e !uch
a chi"d# for it $i"" "i%e in God/! grace# to "i%e each day in 'i! "o%e
i! incompara&"y more %a"ua&"e. ,he de!ire $i"" !oon ari!e to
penetrate the !piritua" $or"d more deep"y# and the earth"y $or"d
$ith it! enticement! can no "onger offer the chi"d of God anything
that i! compara&"e to the!e &"e!!ing!.
And yet time after time the Father caution! not to !"o$ do$n in
prayer# for on"y through con!tant prayer $i"" the grace and
!trength &e repeated"y gained again# and on"y in thi! $ay can the
human &eing carry on and attain the goa".
Watch and pray0 *o that you $i"" not !uccum& to the tempter
$ho re"ent"e!!"y !ee)! to a"ienate the human &eing from di%ine
!tri%ing. And through prayer you $i"" a"$ay! repe" a"" e%i"
!urrounding you and on"y parta)e in the grace of the (ord.
,herefore remain in prayer and ca"" upon the Father for he"p $ith
e%ery thought# that 'e may &"e!! your endea%our and gi%e you
!trength to &e"ie%e.
Pu&"i!hed &y friend! of ne$ re%e"ation! of God 1 2nformation#
do$n"oad of a"" tran!"ated re%e"ation!# theme3&oo)"et! at.