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Name Class GrouD.. r^ Day-Monday/Tuesc ay/ Wednesday/Thursday/Friday. Period-1-2-3-4-5-6. TARGET LEVEL

Students to design and make a wrapper for a bar of chocolate of their choice? Each student will be asked to create a specific Design Brief for a marketable product. The design brief should incorporate the following information? • Size • Shape • Colour • Costing • Ingredients Design Brief I intend to Design and Make a chocolate bar wrapper, it will incorporate the following information

Homework- Collect as many chocolate bar wrappers and create an identity mood sheet? Glue your wrappers to an (A3) sheet as research evidence, and glue into this booklet?

When you have looked at all of the information on the wrappers you have collected, indicate which parts you liked best and give the reasons why? Colour/Price/Ingredients/Style/Font/Design/Paper? 1).-






Research Homework; - Write a questionnaire why people prefer certain types of chocolate bars, give their choices and reasons why? Write at least ten questions to be answered?

Describe why you like or dislike chocolate bars-

What have you learned in this lesson?

EXAMPLE OF NETS Create your own net design and stick it on this page? Use the page of examples to help you construct a net?

Glue example Here

What have you learned today?

Describe what a NET is?

Design and create your chocolate bar with an original name and ingredients of your choice? Use the next 2 page to draw examples and styles of fonts you like, and your colour & size choices?


Design a Chocolate Bar wrapper based on knowledge & understanding and analysis of the wrapper's you have collected in your previous identity work sheet?

Create your wrapper design using this example of a NET. Use the information sheet on page 4 to help you place your information on your bar?

Explain why you chose this type of design?. .

Explain why you chose this style of font for your product?

Explain why you chose to develop this particular idea?-


Explain why ;/on chose the different combinations of lettering/font styles'-'

Explain your choice of design ideas?...

Explain why you chose the colour combinations in this design?


Explain why you chose this design as your most interesting product'-'

Why would I like this product, explain?

Explain why you chose this type of Chocolate bar to promote"?


Explain by using this map of the world where your choc bar ingredients came from?
D Transpacific Socialist Alliance D South African Coalition D Pacific Rim Alliance D Islamic Caliphate D European Union D China Allies D Indian Bloc D USA Allies

Use a dictionary to find out the meaning of these Technology Specific words? Design-






Point out using arrows which country you got your products from - for example/sugar/cocoa/raisins etc?

~^^v •
Describe what type of skills you have used so far in this project''' Describe what type of skills vou need to work on in this project? Describe what success you have experienced so far in this project?... Describe what has been less successful so far in this project''' Describe what type of skills you have developed the most in this project? Describe how vou are going to improve your skills for this type of project?

Is there any students work in your class group you like? Whv9

Are there any practical skills that you may have developed yourself while creating your project. Describe?




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YEAR 7 ASSESSMENT CHECKLIST EXPLORING IDEAS AND TASK Research on chocolate bars. Research on a variety of information. Research from different sources and draw simple conclusions. Research from different sources and say how they can use it. GENERATING IDEAS Draw 2 design ideas with limited colour. Draw 3 design ideas with attempts at labelling and colour. Draw 3 design ideas with annotation and creative colouring. Draw 4 design ideas with annotation, creative colouring and explanations why? PLANNING. A simple plan and design. A simple plan showing correct sequencing of project ideas. A step by step plan showing some independence. A detailed plan, showing methods and testing and understanding MAKING. Can use only basic methods. Can choose appropriate equipment and show independence. .Can work with a range of materials. Can choose and use appropriate equipment independently. TESTING & EVALUATION. Talk about what they have done in simple terms. Simple written evaluation. Complete evaluation and add 3 improvements. Test and evaluate the product. Suggest 3 improvements. Modify their work as it develops.

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Teachers comments-


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