Lewesians explore the taste of ears
A Nibbling Virgin’s Observations

A new trend has overcome
the city of Lewes, where the act
of nibbling on another person’s
ear serves as a form of
communication. This has
alarmed many church folk, as
ears are quite a naughty subject
to be reckoned with… their
being so naked and
inappropriate, poking out like
they do. The church ladies lead
the counter-movement,
knitting earmuffs to safeguard
the virtues of our ears.

On the other hand, some
folks have been open about
their ear nibbling experiences,
commenting that it was an
effective technique especially
with communicating to the
opposite sex. Mr Randyll asks,
a very important question, “if
a small bit of ear-nibbling
proved to facilitate amicable
communication, is that not to
be encouraged?”

Others have questioned
whether ear nibbling did more
for the eater than the eaten. For
example, does the ear have a
pleasurable taste like the flavor
bacon? It is said that Mr.
Shadowlynx’s ears taste like
honey. Importantly, one
cannot test the nibbling of ears
without permission.
ISSUE XV, 1 September 1462
Congratulations to town citizen,
Caiohme Douglass who celebrates her
fourth year being around. Party at
Withdean Manor with plenty of treats!
Editor: Hunter “The Waggling Tongue” Bucks
10 Eastgate St., Lewes, Sussex
Please contact me if you have news or desire an ad!
Hunter Bucks is currently renovating
his treehouse. Everyone is welcome to
assist with the squirrel battle.
No one puts “tavern clogs” in a corner

Prince Allyn Brightpoint was spotted in the taverns
along with his lovely lady, Destini. They ushered in a
night of music revelry, where those of us who danced
so hard flew right out of the tavern doors.
He advised wisely, that tavern clogs, in addition to
their being so sexy in showing off those manly hairy
legs, are quite the perfect pair to enhance ones’
Mysterious cat spotted in Lewes. It is
said to have special future-telling
Special welcome to newcomers
Ahmedseiko and Thomith. Don’t forget
to give them TP and a few drinks!
Congratulations to Syeira Mirga and
Nikolai Alexei Volkov on their recent
marriage. Send them your wishes at the
ceremony in the Glen!
dancing abilities. It was proven by a certain
newswriting editor that indeed, the tavern clogs
were able to sustain the sheer amount of wiggling
and jiggling and “getting jiggy with it” that ensued.
It is time for the Lewesian people to get loose…
Congratulations to Telomir for winning
the Archery Tournament for a prize of
200p! Yul_brynner and Melee follow in
and 3
place respectively.

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