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May Titthara
THE parliamentary com-
mission on human rights
has promised villagers
from four provinces
embroiled in long-running
land disputes that their
problems will be solved in
the next month, commu-
nity representatives and
a ruling party lawmaker
said yesterday.
Villagers from Lorpeang in
Kampong Chhnang prov-
ince locked in a dispute with
politically linked KDC Inter-
national were told that their
woes would be over within
a week.
The intervention of law-
makers is the latest devel-
opment in a seemingly
re-energised effort to
tackle the plethora of fes-
tering disputes in the
Kingdom that was kick-
started by Prime Minister
Hun Sen last month when
he publicly slammed his
underlings for failing to
resolve such conflicts.
The promise to the villag-
ers who had trekked to
Phnom Penh to seek a solu-
tion directly from Hun Sen
came after the government
awarded land titles to hun-
dreds of Kratie villagers on
Saturday, ending a years-
long dispute.
Since the premiers speech,
which also led to the crea-
tion of a new interministe-
rial committee to review
economic land concessions,
villagers from around the
country have been loudly
asking for restitution.
The Commission on
Land row
vow sows
and hope
Phak Seangly and Alice Cuddy
HE governments
countrywide census of
foreigners resulted in
the first deportations,
as six undocumented Vietnam-
ese workers were sent back
across the border from Ratana-
kkiri province last week, officials
said yesterday.
The move prompted one pro-
vincial NGO worker to call for
more deportations as part of a
tougher approach to illegal
immigrants crossing into Cam-
bodia from Vietnam.
Meung Sineath, Ratanakkiri
Provincial Hall spokesman, told
the Post that many Vietnamese
were included in the provincial
census, which he said began on
August 15 but just six were
found to be living there illegally.
Those six Vietnamese men
had crossed the border illegally
to live in Cambodia for one or
two months, he said, adding
Survey says: deported
Census of foreigners sees six Vietnamese sent home, calls for more
Pro-democracy protesters confront police ofcers outside Hong Kongs Central Government Complex while Li Fei, a member of the top committee of Chinas
rubber-stamp parliament, delivers his address yesterday. AFP
Hong Kong clash
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that the men had been working in car-
pentry and construction jobs.
According to Sineath, immigration
police on Friday ordered the men to return
to Vietnam via the OYadav checkpoint.
Sineath said that full results of the pro-
vincial census, which wrapped up over
the weekend, would be released in a
report soon.
The census, which has also begun in
Pursat province and is soon to start in
Kampong Chhnang, has been present-
ed as a government effort to take a more
precise count of foreigners living in
While the census has been welcomed
as a possible first step in developing a
clearer policy regarding undocumented
Vietnamese seeking to be recognised as
Cambodian citizens, concerns have also
been raised that people could be unfair-
ly targeted and deported.
But Chhay Thy, Ratanakkiri provin-
cial coordinator for rights group Adhoc,
called for more deportations, saying
that last weeks number fell far short of
addressing illegal immigration in the
northeastern province.
We rarely see the authorities arrest
and deport Vietnamese people like
this, he said. We want to see the
authorities keep taking these measures
in the future, not just do it now and stop.
This is not acceptable.
As an NGO, we want the border police
to take serious action to check and exam-
ine the Vietnamese, not just let them
cross the border [illegally], he said. In
fact, hundreds of Vietnamese people
cross the border by bus to work for [Cam-
bodian] companies by using a tourist
visa, he said.
The issue of immigration from Viet-
nam has long fuelled tensions in the
Kingdom. In the past year, the issue has
reared its head again due to several inci-
dents of violence against residents
thought to be Vietnamese.
While the deportations may heighten
fears close to the border, in Kandal prov-
inces Lvea Em district, ethnic Vietnam-
ese residents said yesterday they were
unfazed by the census and its possible
I was born in Cambodia and have
been living here most of my life.
The local authority knows this, so
there is nothing to worry about,
74-year-old Nguyen Vaing Lang said.
But Vaing Lang had another concern,
one echoed by multiple Vietnamese resi-
dents yesterday: a lack of official Cambo-
dian citizenship.
A 49-year-old Vietnamese fisherman,
who asked not to be named, said the
hefty price tags attached to Cambodian
identity documents meant that they were
out of reach for most of the residents
of his humble fishing community.
We are poor and do not have money
to afford the ID prices, he said, claiming
that the documents came at a cost of up
to $500.
For the people who have money, they
can afford it, but people like us we can-
not, he said. I want the government to
give ID cards to anyone who has been in
the country for more than four years.
Deportations follow census
Nguyen Lang stands next to his house in Kandal provinces Lvea Em district yesterday. He
said he was not concerned about possible deportation. VIREAK MAI
Meas Sokchea
PHNOM Penh Municipal
Court yesterday agreed to post-
pone a meeting with opposi-
tion information department
chief Meach Sovannara, who
missed a scheduled meeting in
which he was to answer ques-
tions regarding his alleged role
in a violent protest in July, his
lawyer said.
Chan Chen, Sovannaras at-
torney, said that investigating
judge Keo Mony had delayed
the appearance of his client,
who is on a mission abroad.
Whenever he nishes his
mission and can return to the
country, I will bring him to an-
swer questions before the in-
vestigating judge, Chen said.
Mony declined to comment.
Speaking by phone from
Thailand yesterday, Sovannara
said that he would abide by the
The charges against Sovan-
nara were widely criticised as
being politically motivated. So-
vannara said yesterday that he
had nothing to fear from the
court, given that the political
deadlock that saw the opposi-
tion boycott parliament for a
year had been resolved.
Sen David
TWO more Cambodian wom-
en who were trafcked to Chi-
na as brides are being assisted
by ofcials at the Kingdoms
embassy in Beijing and will
soon be repatriated, the gov-
ernment said yesterday.
In a statement, Ministry of
Foreign Affairs spokesman Koy
Kuong said the two women
from Kampong Cham prov-
ince had been trafcked to
Zhejiang province in China
to marry men there. Embassy
staff members are helping both
with the divorce and repatria-
tion process.
Chinese ofcials have insist-
ed the women resolve matters
at the Cambodian consulate in
Shanghai, the statement said.
The two will likely nish ling
legal documents there.
Rights group Adhoc said last
week that at least 15 Cambodi-
an women in China were wait-
ing to be repatriated.
CNRP lawmaker says
hell show up in court
More China
brides aided
Bloody gang attack fuels xenophobia
Kim Sarom
A YOUNG man was taken into
the care of a rights group yester-
day after he was attacked with
blades by what villagers claimed
was a Vietnamese gang.
Keo Sotheara, 16, was playing
football with his friends, accord-
ing to his aunt, when seven
youths pulled up on motorbikes
and began the attack with
knives and broken glass.
Police soon detained Sot-
heara along with the seven
alleged attackers, prompting a
group of about 30 people to
protest outside the Chbar
Ampov district police station,
calling for his release.
I went near the gate and
asked to meet my nephew, but
the police did not say a word,
Sothearas aunt, Kong Sothea,
35, said yesterday. My nephew
sustained serious wounds and
I asked them to bring him to
be treated at hospital, but the
perverse police said to bring a
doctor here.
Although police declined to
give details of those detained,
the attack stoked anti-Viet-
namese sentiment among the
I would ask the police officer
to beat [them] with me and ask
whether or not the blood is
Khmer, Sothea said.
According to Sothea, the vic-
tim lived near the alleged
attackers apartments and had
never had any problems with
the group before.
Sotheara had had the day off
from his job as a waiter at a res-
taurant, she added, and had
gone to play football with his
friends. I dont know why they
ganged up on him.
Am Sam Ath, senior techni-
cal adviser with rights group
Licadho, said the group would
provide legal counsel if it was
asked, but added that Sotheara
had not filed a complaint.
He just needed help and we
helped clean his wounds, but
he did not file a complaint. We
will let his family settle the legal
issues. But if he asks us for a
lawyer to defend him, we will
find one for him, he said.
Opposition Cambodia Nation-
al Rescue Party president Sam
Rainsy posted a video of the pro-
test on his Facebook page yes-
terday, prompting hundreds of
angry comments against eth-
nic Vietnamese living in Cam-
bodia from his followers. Rain-
sy did not respond to several
attempts to contact him yester-
day to find out why he had cho-
sen to post the video.
KRT judge
Stuart White
THE Khmer Rouge tribunal yes-
terday announced the appoint-
ment of former reserve trial
chamber judge Claudia Fenz to
replace outgoing judge Silvia
Cartwright, whose resignation
took effect yesterday.
According to the announce-
ment, Fenz, an Austrian nation-
al, has served as a reserve judge
at the tribunal since 2006, and
has some 30 years of experience
on the bench in her home coun-
try and elsewhere.
In 1984 she was appointed
judge in the domestic criminal
justice system, the announce-
ment reads. In 2004, she was
appointed an international
judge with the UN Interim
Administration Mission in Kos-
ovo . . . She then served as Head
of the Rule of Law section with-
in the EUPOLCOPPS Mission
in Palestine, which provides
support to the Palestinian
police and criminal justice
sector [2006-2008].
Evidentiary hearings in the
courts upcoming Case 002/02
could begin as early as the end
of this month.
Childrens health issues targeted
Laignee Barron
hood malnutrition
gains are stagnating,
and as the coun-
try continues to have better
access to cellphones than
latrines, the government is
taking action to address the
health and sanitation issues
that are thwarting healthy
development among the na-
tions youngest.
The government yesterday
launched a ve-year action
plan on early childhood care
and development, aiming
to curb the diarrhoeal dis-
eases and lack of sanitation
awareness contributing to
over 2,300 childrens deaths
every year.
Our childrens welfare,
nutrients and education are
key issues we must address
with compassion and love;
they are the successors of our
society, Prime Minister Hun
Sen said during yesterdays
launch. I fully support every
activity in Cambodia aimed
to address the urgent needs
of the children.
The $56 million plan aims
to increase latrine cover-
age; promote information on
childhood health, nutrition
and sanitation; educate par-
ents and caregivers, includ-
ing on the importance of ex-
clusive breastfeeding in the
rst six months after birth;
and increase enrolment in
preschool for children aged
3 to 5.
Until we address childrens
and parents access to nutri-
tion and hygiene, and put
an end to open defecation,
children will not be able to
achieve their full potential,
said Rana Flowers, country
director for UNICEF.
With only 24.7 per cent of
rural households equipped
with a toilet, according to
the government, Cambodia
continues to have one of the
worst open defecation rates
in Southeast Asia, contribut-
ing to high levels of illness. A
lack of particular nutrients
also plays a direct role in in-
hibiting childrens physical
and intellectual growth.
Current gures show that
40 per cent of Cambodians
under 6 suffer from stunting,
28 per cent are underweight
and wasting has increased to
almost 11 per cent, up from 8
per cent in 2005.
When children are affected
by stunting, parents tend to
wait to send them to school
. . . when they start at 8 or 9
years old, by the time they get
to upper grades and are over-
age, they drop out for work,
said Education Minister Hang
Chuon Naron, adding that its
been estimated that every dol-
lar spent on improving sanita-
tion generates an average eco-
nomic return of $7.
I dont know
why they ganged
up on him
An infant is fed with a bottle at a childrens hospital in Phnom Penh. The government has launched an action
plan targeting early childhood care and development. HONG MENEA
Khouth Sophak Chakrya
and Kevin Ponniah
ABOUT 50 villagers who live
near railway lines in Phnom
Penh gathered outside the
Asian Development Bank yes-
terday morning to again de-
mand more detailed informa-
tion about what will happen
to them during forthcoming
phases of a bank-funded rail-
way rehabilitation project.
Long Chandy, who repre-
sents the Tuol Sangke (B) com-
munity in Russey Keo district,
said families feared further
project phases will require
them to vacate their homes.
Phase one of the project will
affect villagers within 3.5 me-
tres of the tracks.
Chandy said villagers had
seen documents saying fami-
lies living within 20 metres of
the lines would be affected in
further phases.
But ADB country representa-
tive Eric Sidgwick said the proj-
ect only requires a corridor of
impact (3.5 meters from the
center line in Phnom Penh).
The issues raised . . . were out-
side the scope of the Project . . .
We agreed to bring their ques-
tions to the Government.
lobby ADB
Yakjin factory under review
Kevin Ponniah

OUTH Korean gar-
ment giant Yakjin
Trading Corp has
engaged a top inter-
national labour rights expert
to conduct a review of its fac-
tories in Cambodia, one of
which was a ashpoint during
labour strikes earlier this year
that saw dozens arrested and
at least ve people shot dead
by authorities.
Both Cambodian and inter-
national unions have lobbied
the Carlyle Group a global as-
set manager that took a 70 per
cent stake in Yakjin through a
holdings company just weeks
before authorities violently
suppressed protests outside
Yakjins Phnom Penh factory
on January 2 to take action.
The crackdown sparked big-
ger protests in Phnom Penh
the next day, leading to the fa-
tal shootings.
The United States largest
pension fund, a major inves-
tor in Carlyle, has also taken a
leading role, according to la-
bour activists in the US.
As a result, Yakjin dispatched
Gare Smith, a lawyer who
served as the top human rights
ofcial at the US State Depart-
ment during the Clinton ad-
ministration and a former vice
president at Levi Strauss & Co,
to Phnom Penh for a week in
Yakjin is proud of its labor
rights record and, as part of its
commitment to its workers,
best practices, and continuous
improvement, invited labor
rights experts to conduct an
assessment, a spokeswoman
from Yakjins corporate re-
sponsibility section said via
email. Though the review is
still in progress, the prelimi-
nary assessment of Yakjins la-
bor practices indicates signi-
cant areas of strength as well
as some areas for improve-
ment. Upon delivery of the -
nal report, Yakjin will review it
and take appropriate action to
ensure it continues to meet in-
ternational labor standards.
Yakjins clients include Gap
and Walmart. Carlyle spokes-
people declined to comment.
Dave Welsh, country director
of labour rights group Solidar-
ity Center, said the January 2
incident at the factory which
saw 10 people, including ac-
tivists, secretly detained and
eventually put on trial was
only one of several issues at
Yakjin, which employs close to
3,000 workers.
These include ongoing prob-
lems related to freedom of as-
sociation and union rights at
the factory, he said.
It was also important that
investors such as Carlyle, like
brands, pay attention to mac-
ro-issues in the sector, namely
ongoing minimum wage talks
and the upcoming trade union
law, he added, praising the re-
view as a positive step.
Nobody wants Carlyle or
any other international in-
vestor pulling out of Cambo-
dia. They want them to use
the signicant inuence they
have to change conditions on
the ground.
The Coalition of Cambodian
Apparel Workers Democratic
Union which initially reached
out to Carlyle, according to
Welsh could not be reached.
Forbes Magazine reported
last week that the California
Public Employees Retirement
System had been raising ques-
tions about the military crack-
down at Yakjin with Carlyle, in
which it is a key investor, lead-
ing to the review.
Jyrki Raina, general secre-
tary of the IndustriALL Global
Union, said that this type of
activism from pension funds
was increasing, with unions
regularly lobbying such in-
vestors to take a stand on la-
bour rights.
A man is beaten by authorities on a dirt road in front of Yakjin garment factory in Phnom Penhs Por Sen Chey
district in January after a protest turned violent. POST STAFF
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Human Rights and Complaints
yesterday called community
representatives from disputes in
Kampong Chhnang, Pailin, Bat-
tambang and Banteay Meanchey
provinces to the National Assem-
bly for separate meetings.
Villagers from Lorpeang,
whose dispute has come to a
head in recent months, were told
that their longstanding issues
would be solved in a week.
Lor Kheng, a ruling Cambo-
dian Peoples Party lawmaker
and commission member that
has also allegedly represented
KDC in negotiations with com-
munity representatives, made
that promise, villagers said.
Lor Kheng said she would
put an end to the dispute with-
in one week, Lorpeang com-
munity representative Reach
Seyma said.
When reached yesterday, Lor
Kheng said the commission was
determined to settle all the dis-
putes soon including the KDC
dispute within one week and
would act as a coordinator
between all parties.
The meeting can be held
between the company, the peo-
ple and human rights groups
such as Adhoc and Licadho,
she said.
However, Seyma was not con-
vinced that the dispute could
be resolved in a week, because
it has been a controversial
[issue] for years.
The owner of KDC, Chea
Kheng, is married to Minister of
Mines and Energy Suy Sem, and
villagers have accused local
authorities of acting in concert
with the company.
Settling the matter within a
week, unless it is settled with
force like before, and settling the
matter by offering real justice [in
that time], will be impossible,
Seyma said.
He added that Lor Kheng said
she would meet with the Kam-
pong Chhnang provincial gover-
nor today to seek a solution. She
also asked his community to
return home, but they refused,
because no agreement was
signed, Seyma said.
The community appears to
understand that their presence
in Phnom Penh, in sight of Hun
Sen, gives them leverage and a
visibility that they wouldnt oth-
erwise have in the provinces.
If they do this at the province,
and invite us to meet them, only
our representatives will go to
meet them. When a settlement is
reached, we will go back home.
Other communities appeared
to be less sceptical.
His and Her Excellencies from
the CPP and CNRP said they
would settle this for us at the end
of the month, because they have
to settle the disputes in other
provinces, and it will take up to
one month to sort out Pailin,
said Ok Sam Ol, who represents
a community locked in a dis-
pute with Sophany Import-
Export company.
We hope the solution will be
found, because we see people in
Kratie province have had their
dispute successfully settled, she
said, adding that her commu-
nity would return back to Pailin
today, though representatives
would remain in Phnom Penh.
On Saturday, official land titles
were handed over to hundreds
of villagers from Kraties Snoul
district, putting an end to a long-
running dispute with a South
Korean firm. Many of the group
had been staying in Phnom Penh
while seeking intervention, like
the communities that met the
commission yesterday.
Eng Chhay Eang, an opposi-
tion CNRP lawmaker and the
recently appointed chairman of
the commission, said that his
members would urge the rele-
vant authorities to take rapid
action on the cases.
The United Nations Ofce of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Cambodia would like to invite all
interested qualied, eligible applicants to apply for the vacancies below:
1. Associate Programme Ofcer
Organizational Unit: Prison Reform Support Programme
Contract Type and Level: Fixed Term Appointment, ICS-8
Duty Station: Phnom Penh
Minimum Requirements: A completed, advanced university degree (Masters or equivalent) in law, political and social
sciences or related elds. Up to 2 years of professional experience at the national or international
level working in the area of human rights. Prociency in oral and written English and Khmer.
Summary of Key Functions:
Monitor and analyze legislations, policies and practices that impact on human rights in prison
Contribute to the strengthening of detention monitoring in Cambodia
Contribute to prison staff capacity-building and the programmes development work
2. Programme Assistant

Organizational Unit: Prison Reform Support Programme
Contract Type and Level: Fixed Term Appointment, ICS-5
Duty Station: Phnom Penh
Minimum Requirements: Completed secondary education. Bachelors or higher degree in law, political and social sciences
or related elds desirable. At least 5 relevant experience working in the area of human rights
and/or law, with experience working on criminal justice issues. Fluency in English and Khmer
for both oral and written.
Summary of Key Functions:
Provide support in the monitoring and analysis of legislations (including draft legislations), policies and practices,
that impact on human rights in prison
Participate in prison monitoring work
Support the prison programme capacity-building and development work
Please visit for detailed job descriptions of the positions.
Applications from individuals must include (1) a cover letter in English with reference to the vacancy announcement post
title and (2) a detailed UN P-11 form in English (which can be downloaded from:
VacancyIndex.htm ). All applicants can submit their applications by email to: stating clearly the
post title of the job being applied for in the email subject box, or send to: Administration Unit, OHCHR-Cambodia, # 10,
Street 302, Beong Keng Kang I, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Please note that applications received incomplete or after the deadline will not be considered. Only short-listed candidates will
be contacted. OHCHR retains the rights to contact referees directly.
The United Nations shall place no restrictions on the eligibility of men and women to participate in any capacity and under
conditions of equality in its principal and subsidiary organs (Charter of the United Nations - Chapter 3, article 8). Women and
people from diverse groups are encouraged to apply.
Deadline for Application: 15 September 2014

Job Oppor tunity
KAMPUCHEA TELA Co., Ltd is a leading local company in petroleum, is seeking dynamic and
professional candidates to ll thevacant positions as following:
1. Quality Controller & Assistant Manager at TELA Terminal Preak Pnouve.
Main Responsibilities:
Overall responsibility for establishing and maintaining product identication throughout all stages of -
receiving storage, production and delivery.
Ensure that in all coming, in-process, and nal product is suitable identied and the current status is -
appropriately tracked and displayed in accordancewith procedures.
To maintain necessary administrativeand associated systemfor team -
To assist thesupport manager in managing residences ensurethat their everyday needs aremet and -
all expenditurein authorized in accordancewith trust policy
To report any facilities information to manager -
To input relevant information on to PC systemas and when necessary -
To provideadministrativesupport to theOperation Manager -
Fax , Copy and collatedocument as requirement -
Ability to communication effectively , both verbally in writing -
Ability to work on own inactiveand to plan and priorities workload -
Good listener and good observation skill -
Bachelor Degree of Chemistry or related eld -
3 years professional working experienceon Quality Control and Assistant Manager -
Fluent of English -
Good knowledgeof Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and Access -
Can work under pressure -
Salary and Benets are negotiable and depend on the professional working experience. -
2. Mar keting Staff at Kampuchea Tela Head ofce
Main Responsibilities:
Find Target Customers for creating Business Partner -
Market Research -
DataAnalysis -
Analyst competitor market -
Createonlineinformation for company. -
Bachelor Degree of Marketing or related eld -
3 years professional working experiencein Marketing -
Ability to communication effectively , both verbally in writing -
Good knowledgeof Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and DataAnalysis -
Can work under pressure -
Salary and Benets are negotiable and depend on the professional working experience. -
Interested candidates should submit CV and cover letter with supporting certicates and two new photographs
(4X 6) to Human Resource Department, KAMPUCHEA TELA Head Ofce, Building # 24, St. 271, Sangkat
Teuk Thla, Khan Sen Sok, PhnomPenh or viaemail:
Deadline for receiving applications: 20 September 2014
Details Information: 023 885 551.
Land row
vow sows
Villagers protest at Wat Chas pagoda in Chroy Changvar last week to
raise concerns over land disputes near their villages. VIREAK MAI
Ministry march
Strikers vow
to continue
EARLY 400 workers
made a four-hour trek
yesterday from their
garment factory in Por Sen Chey
district to Phnom Penhs Ministry
of Labour, where they demanded
the government intervene in
their dispute.
Employees at Xin Fang gar-
ment factory walked off the job
on August 18, said Chhun Rinda,
a union representative of the
Coalition of Cambodian Apparel
Workers Democratic Union
(C.CAWDU). Among 20 demands
strikers are making is that Xin
Fang management reinstate
three red union workers.
Union ofcials and worker
representatives negotiated with
Labour Ministry ofcials after we
marched to the ministry, Rinda
said. But good faith negotiation
could not take place, because the
factory ofcials did not appear.
Managers from Xin Fang could
not be reached yesterday.
Xin Fang workers last week
burned tyres in front of the fac-
tory while picketing, but were
stopped by police when they tried
to repeat the action the next day.
Strikers will continue to protest
until the matter is resolved,
Rinda said. MOM KUNTHEAR
switch up
new ofce
May Titthara
HE Ministry of Interior
has asked the govern-
ment to grant what
would have been the
new location of the Ministry of
Environment in Meanchey dis-
tricts Niroth commune to the
newly created General Depart-
ments of Identification and
Immigration instead, according
to an official spokesman.
Sao Sopheap, a public infor-
mation officer for the Ministry of
Environment (MoE), confirmed
yesterday that the government
had directed them to return the
property to the company, Ratan-
ak Corporation and Construc-
tion, which then sold it on to the
Ministry of Interior (MoI).
It is the work of the company
with the MoI, Sopheap said.
In 2011, the MoE signed a
contract with Ratanak Corpora-
tion and Construction to
exchange its building on Siha-
nouk Boulevard for the new
location, but it was postponed.
The ministry ended up mov-
ing to a new spot in front of the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs near
NagaWorld, but its unclear who
will take over its former home
on Sihanouk.
Settling the matter within a
week . . . settling the matter by
offering real justice [in that
time] will be impossible
Pech Sotheary
AN ELECTION reform lobby
group has called for the rul-
ing Cambodian Peoples Party
and opposition Cambodia
National Rescue Party to grant
wide-ranging powers to a new
election body.
The Election Reform Alliance
and political parties that did not
win seats in last years national
election said yesterday that the
parties should ensure the new
National Election Committee
(NEC) is empowered to hold
elections in an atmosphere of
transparency and peace.
Koul Panha, executive di-
rector of election monitor
Comfrel, said the reformed
NEC should have the ability
to prevent intimidation of vot-
ers, prepare voter lists, resolve
election disputes, manage its
own budget independently
and veto government direc-
tives during election periods.
We want to ensure that the
NEC can be independent, and
it needs to have the power to
arrange the election and make
sure that it will not be like the
current NEC, he said. Intimi-
dation occurred during the dec-
laration of the elections result;
the NEC should be able to order
the troops to stand down, and
it means that we want to give
complete power to the NEC in
preventing intimidation.
Nhek Bun Chhay, Funcinpec
Party secretary-general, said
that NEC members should be
drawn from both senior and
junior positions in the two
parties and should face stiff
punishments for nepotism.
Eight members of the new
election body will be drawn
evenly from the CPP and the
CNRP, though none have been
publicly nominated. The ninth,
independent ofcial is Licadho
founder Pung Chhiv Kek.
CNRP lawmaker Keo Phear-
um said he would forward the
suggestions to the leadership.
I will bring the ideas from
this discussion to the leaders
of the CNRP and will include
them into the negotiations
with the CPP, he said.
Ben Khin, a senior CPP of-
cial taking part in the negotia-
tions, said the party was willing
to incorporate elements of the
Election Reform Alliances pro-
posal into its draft, which he
added was not nished yet.
Election group wants
a more powerful NEC
Bus lines expand at fast pace
Taing Vida

HNOM Penhs lone bus
line along Monivong
Boulevard was signi-
cantly expanded yes-
terday, while two other lines
are set to begin operation in
the coming weeks, according
to City Hall.
Bus Line 1 the current
route, which operates from
5:30am to 8:30pm will now
run a total of 67 stops, starting
from Monivong Boulevards
Kilometre 9 near the Japanese
Friendship Bridge and going
south to Chbar Ampov district
along National Road 1, then
back up again.
Tickets will remain 1,500 riel
($0.37) per person, and ser-
vices for the disabled, elderly,
monks and schoolchildren will
be free, city spokesman Long
Dimanche said.
Line 2, which will run from
Phnom Penhs night market to
Takmao town, will begin oper-
ation on September 7. Line 3,
which will run from the night
market to Choam Chao com-
mune, will open a week later.
Dimanche said City Hall had
obtained 45 buses for the three
lines, with 19 of them for Line
1. He declined to comment on
the cost, which he said was still
under discussion, and added
that up to 18 lines would be
created by 2035.
Independent analyst Kem
Ley said the sustainability of
the current bus plan would
hinge on three factors.
Public transport should be
open to investment from private
companies, with no under-the-
table corruption; infrastructure
institutions must be reformed;
and road construction must be
expanded, he said.
A private rm scheduled to
run the buses has not been
chosen yet, according to Di-
manche. The current eet, run
by City Hall, consists of second-
hand buses from South Korea.
Global (Cambodia) Trade
Development was handed
a contract for the Monivong
route in March but the Phnom
Penh municipality cancelled
the deal a month later.
How the expanded eet will
fare in the citys bustling trafc
is a concern for some.
Hom Sothun, who works for
Sathapana Bank, usually takes
the bus in the early morning
and said he had mixed feelings.
Using the public bus helps
save money and the environ-
ment, but not time due to traf-
c congestion.
Passengers sit on a new city bus as it leaves a bus stop in Phnom Penhs Russey Keo district yesterday, the
rst day of an extended route. PHA LINA
Vong Sokheng
RECENTLY appointed Thai
Foreign Minister Tanasak Pa-
timapragorn held separate
meetings with Cambodian
Prime Minister Hun Sen and
Defence Minister Tea Banh in
Phnom Penh yesterday, pledg-
ing protection for Cambodi-
ans in Thailand and continued
stability along the two coun-
tries border.
The core issue of the visit [by
Tanasak] was aimed at explain-
ing so Cambodia understands
the situation in Thailand [de-
spite there being] controver-
sial views of the military taking
power, Banh told reporters
after the closed-door meeting,
adding that he requested that
the Thais help take care of our
workers in the country.
Tanasak said during a press
brieng before his departure
that the Thai government
would make assurances that
Cambodian labourers in Thai-
land would have the same
rights to access health care
and education as Thais.
Banh also said yesterday that
the issue of the still-disputed
territory around Preah Vihear
temple was mentioned, but
would remain tabled until a
later date, and that in reality
now, we are no longer worried
about the border dispute.
Thai ofcial pays visit
Free childs attackers, says mother
Mom Kunthear
A TEEN whose head was report-
edly held underwater by two
men he allegedly stole coconuts
from is far from an innocent
kid, said hundreds of Prey Veng
province villagers including
his mother petitioning for the
alleged assailants release.
The 14-year-old victims
mother, Chhorn Suth, 45, of
Pea Reang districts Kampong
Popil commune, yesterday
said she was one of the 570
signatories of a document call-
ing for the release of brothers
Heng Dane, 34, and Heng Van-
ny, 28. The letter was submit-
ted to Kampong Popils com-
mune chief.
This is not the first time he
stole coconuts, Suth said of her
son, adding that he had stolen
from Dane and Vannys family
before. Family of the suspects
have told me that if he wasnt
my son, they would kill him.
Prey Veng provincial police
arrested Dane and Vanny on
Friday, a day after police say the
siblings posted photos of them-
selves repeatedly dunking the
victims head in a concrete
water basin while his hands
were tied behind his back.
The suspects were allegedly
acting in retribution after
catching the teen stealing four
coconuts out of their tree, Kam-
pong Popil commune chief
Ouch Soy said.
Both men were arrested and
charged with torture and acts
of cruelty, Pea Reang district
police chief Um Vanna said.
They are being held at the
provincial prison and could
face between 10 and 20 years in
prison if convicted.
Thursdays alleged attempted
theft was far from the first such
incident involving the victim,
Soy said yesterday.
Police had received com-
plaints in the past about thefts
that villagers said the teen
committed, and had warned
him to stop stealing.
I signed the petition on
behalf of the authorities, Soy
said. But I cannot promise
whether any action will be tak-
en because of it.
Despite calls for leniency,
the case must be investigated
according to the law, Vanna
It is the villagers right to ask
for the suspects release, Vanna
said. But we cannot, we must
follow the law.
Coffee break gets cut
short by sword attack
DRINKING in the dark can be a
dangerous diversion, even when
you are only drinking coffee.
Two men getting their caffeine
fix on Sunday night were
attacked by a machete- and
stick-wielding duo during a
blackout in Kampong
Chhnangs Boribor district. The
victims were wounded in the
head, neck, shoulder and back.
Police are on the lookout for the
suspects and say their identities
are known, suggesting revenge
as the motive as the partici-
pants had been involved in
arguments and fights before.
Game over: Police raid
gambling den in Takeo
IN GAMBLING, you have to
know when to leave the table.
But the three men who were
arrested after police raided a
suspected gambling den in
Takeos Prey Kabas district on
Monday didnt have a say in the
matter. Several others man-
aged to escape, but the arrest-
ed allegedly confessed, saying
they only wagered small
amounts of money. Police
warned that gamblers can
cause violence and steal if
One bust could lead to
several in Kandal case
A 21-YEAR-OLD man was
arrested on Saturday night for
dealing drugs in Kandals Pon-
hea Leu district after five small
packages of yama a mix of
meth and caffeine were
found by police as he left his
home. The man confessed to
buying the drugs in Phnom
Penh with the intent of selling
them to local addicts. Police
are searching for the alleged
dealers accomplices and the
addicts by using two mobile
phones they confiscated from
Drunk homeowner goes
to home he doesnt own
VILLAGERS in Kandals
Takhmao town injured an
unfortunate worker after mis-
taking him for a thief on Sunday
night. Police said the 24-year-
old man walked home drunk
and knocked on the wrong
door, running away after a man,
51, opened and shouted thief,
thief. Neighbours chased the
man down and punched him
several times. Police intervened
and sent him to a clinic, saying
villagers should not attack sus-
pects even if they are thought to
be criminals. RASMEI KAMPUCHEA
Suspects snatched as
traffic snarls getaway
PHNOM Penhs notorious con-
gestion has its uses. A motor-
bike-riding duo fleeing the
scene of an alleged bag
snatching was foiled by traffic
and arrested in Phnom Penhs
Por Sen Chey district on Sun-
day. Police said a woman, 36,
was holding her sons hand
when the men snatched her
bag and roared off with the
police hot on their heels. The
chase lasted a kilometre, end-
ing when traffic forced the
alleged thieves to continue on
foot, enabling police to arrest
Translated by Phak Seangly
boats seized
in capital
Sen David
THE Ministry of Water Resourc-
es and Meteorology and local
authorities in Phnom Penhs
Chbar Ampov district seized 10
unlicensed sand-dredging
barges after about 100 villagers
burned tyres in protest of the
operation, officials said.
Ros Sopheak, deputy governor
of Chbar Ampov district, and
Chea Sokny, a deputy cabinet
member at the ministry, led the
seizure of vessels, which had set
off fears that the dredging could
cause riverbank collapses.
In fact, they have a licence to
dredge sand in Kandals Lvea
Em district, but they came to
dredge illegally in [Chbar
Ampov], Sokny said.
Yem Simon, chief of Chbar
Ampovs Veal Spov commune,
said the boats had been warned
off before and that the area had
already seen some banks col-
lapsing, but that it had not yet
directly affected villagers
Veal Spov resident Soun Chan,
35, said fears of bank collapse
were exacerbated by the rainy
season, and that villagers chose
to burn tyres because we thought
that the authorities would know
about it and take action.
Temple trees to go: authority
Laignee Barron
and Khouth Sophak Chakrya

A PROHM, the over-
grown jungle temple
of Tomb Raider fame,
will lose four of its dis-
tinctive trees after government
ofcials overseeing the Angkor
park decided to remove them
this week for safety reasons.
Three of the cotton-silk trees
intertwined with the ruins are
already dead and rotting on
the inside, according to the
Authority for the Protection
and Management of Angkor
and the Region of Siem Reap
Another, larger tree growing
throughout one of the tem-
ples walls and careening side-
ways over the structure is only
precariously held in place by a
combination of gnarled roots,
rope and scaffolding.
Weve tried for many years
to prop it up . . . but when the
wind is strong, it is very dan-
gerous, APSARA spokesper-
son Kerya Chau Sun said.
We have to be very careful
because if we cut the tree out,
the wall will collapse; but if we
rebuild the wall, the tree will
die. Its a difcult balance,
Chau Sun said.
Tasked with removing the
trees, the provincial forestry
department said preserving
both the oversized trees and
the 12th-century ruin has not
always been possible. APSARA
has previously removed two
trees from Ta Prohm: one sur-
vived and the other died after
being incorrectly cut, accord-
ing to Tea Kimsoth, forestry
department deputy director.
To cut the big trees in the
temple area we must cut step
by step, starting at the top of
the tree, not in the middle or
at the base, especially with the
large trees emerging over the
tops of the temple, he said.
Yesterday, a Buddhist cer-
emony was held for the trees,
which will be taken out in
pieces over the next few days,
though the temple will remain
open to visitors.
According to Chau Sun, the
ancient trees at Angkor are
considered part of the cul-
tural landscape and are only
removed if they are damaged
or diseased, potentially haz-
ardous, spoil the landscape
or threaten the monuments
structural integrity.
In this case, we have to cut
before it becomes too danger-
ous and someone gets hurt,
she said.
A silk-cotton tree grows inside the Ta Prohm temple in Siem Reap. APSARA says it intends to remove four
trees that pose safety threats at the Tomb Raider temple. AFP
Phusadee Arunmas

rice to West Africa are
starting to feel the im-
pact of the Ebola virus
crisis, as operators of large ves-
sels balk at sailing to the area.
Its now very difcult to nd
cargo ships to transport rice to
Africa, said Vichai Sriprasert,
honourary president of the
Thai Rice Exporters Associa-
tion. At rst, we did not think
Ebola would be a big deal for
our exports, but now most of
the shipping companies are
afraid that their crews will get
the virus.
Africa is one of Thailands key
markets, particularly for par-
boiled rice. Last year, Thailand
shipped 3.75 million tonnes of
rice to the continent.
In the last six months, Thai-
lands rice shipments to Africa
have increased 140 per cent to
3.29 million tonnes. Benin re-
ceived 620,000 tonnes, followed
by Ivory Coast (420,000), Cam-
eroon (357,000), Mozambique
(240,000), Nigeria (228,000)
and South Africa (248,000).
We are afraid this incident
may put pressure on rice
prices, Vichai said. We have
seen the price of Thai 5 per
cent white rice starting to ease
from 13,000 baht a tonne last
week to 12,500 baht and now
12,300 baht, despite the fact
that Thai rice prices should
pick up, driven by relatively
strong purchase orders from
China for more than 100,000
tonnes a month.
Thailand could sell more
than 9 million tonnes of rice
this year. China, shipments
from where include newly
harvested Hom Mali rice, is
likely to take 1 million tonnes.
In the rst six months of this
year, Thailand shipped 4.7
million tonnes, up 60 per cent
over the same period last year.
Chookiat Ophaswongse,
another honourary presi-
dent, said the association
in partnership with the For-
eign Trade Department has
clinched a deal with Indone-
sia to sell 175,000 tonnes of 5
per cent and 15 per cent white
rice mainly from new harvests
under a government-to-gov-
ernment contract. The private
sector will handle the delivery.
This is a very good sign after
Indonesia had halted rice pur-
chases from Thailand since
2012, citing the substandard
quality of the rice delivered,
Chookiat said.
Indonesias Bulog said in July
it was considering imports of
250,000 to 500,000 tonnes of
rice. Imports will depend do-
mestic production and prices.
Thailands military regime,
which halted rice sales to
carry out nationwide stock in-
spections, has resumed sales
of 167,000 tonnes of rice the
previous government stock-
piled over the past two years
during the expensive rice
pledging scheme. Though
the bidding drew an active
response from bidders, the
junta only sold 73,000 tonnes
for 740 million baht. A sec-
ond auction is expected next
month for 100,000 tonnes.
The junta in July vowed to sell
an average of 500,000 tonnes a
month from state stocks and
dispose of the existing 18-
million-tonne surplus within
three years through four
channels general auctions,
sales, direct sales and the Ag-
ricultural Futures Exchange of
Opening of Myanmar trade sector worries local rms
airlines test
routes over
Ebola concerns hit Thai rice
A POSSIBLE opening of Myanmars
import-export sector to foreign com-
panies is facing opposition from some
local business that claim they risk
being out-competed.
At several press events in recent
weeks, officials from the ministries of
commerce and of national planning
and economic development have said
the sectors opening is an eventual
goal. Many businesspeople have come
out in support of the move, saying it
would help Myanmar products pen-
etrate foreign markets.
But many local businesspeople
oppose the idea.
Toe Nandar Tin, owner of Annawa
Dewi seafood factory in Yangon, said
Myanmar-owned businesses are often
already struggling, while internation-
al companies will have far cheaper
access to capital.
In a situation where foreign com-
panies with large capital are permitted
to trade, they could quickly monopo-
lise the countrys trading system, she
said. Local trading businesses will be
hit strong I worry a lot for this.
However, others say that if foreign
firms are not permitted to trade, it will
be difficult to develop domestic indus-
tries. Independent economist Hla
Maung said countries like South Korea,
Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong
have given permission for foreign firms
to conduct training, and as a conse-
quence have grown larger and larger.
International companies know how
to sell goods to the world market, and
how to find buyers. Local companies
dont know how to do that, he said.
Hla Maung added that local compa-
nies will have the opportunity to part-
ner with foreign giants to grow their
business. I dont think local business
will collapse because of foreign firms,
he said.
Local firms are indeed often strug-
gling to stand, and in many cases have
only recently begun operating, said
Maung Aung, economic advisor to the
Ministry of Commerce.
However, they do not have ade-
quate capital and skills to penetrate
many international markets, which
requires connections with foreign
firms, he said.
Trading in the international mar-
kets by cooperating with foreign firms
has a lot more potential than being
limited to the local market, he said.
Maung Aung also cautioned that the
market would not be opened over-
night, adding it will take some time
before permission is given.
Local businessperson nin Oo said
that while the US and the EU have
eased sanctions on Myanmar, it is
proving difficult for local companies
to penetrate foreign markets.
I dont think local businesses would
be hit by permitting foreign firms to
do trading, he said.
Instead, we can find better oppor-
tunities by cooperating with them.
Eddie Morton
TWO Vietnamese airlines have
reportedly commenced flight
simulations of routes over
Cambodian airspace in an
effort to cut travel time between
that countrys two major cities
of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.
Vietnamese media reported
yesterday that both Vietnam
Airlines and VietJet Air had on
August 29 commenced flight
simulations of the new paths,
dubbed the golden air route,
with Boeing 777, Airbus A321
and A320 simulators.
The two carriers have until
Wednesday to conduct the
simulations over the south of
Laos and the northwestern
corner of Cambodia, before
aviation authorities in all
three countries decide wheth-
er to allow the new route,
according to Vietnamese news
Chhun Sivorn, director of air
navigation at the State Secre-
tariat of Civil Aviation in Cam-
bodia (SSCA), said the airlines
proposal to fly across Cambo-
dian airspace was warranted.
The Vietnam Civil Aviation
Authority requested us to facil-
itate Vietnamese airlines to fly
their domestic flights. Cur-
rently, those airlines fly over
their own territory rather than
through Laos and Cambodia
and it takes a very long time,
Sivorn said.
In July, Vietnamese Trans-
port Minister Dinh La Thang
called on both the Civil
Aviation Authority of Vietnam
and Cambodias SSCA to
discuss allowing the new
flight routes.
According to the minister,
the Vietnamese airlines stand
to save $300 million in fuel per
year if the SSCA and the Lao
government agree to the new
Quarantine ofcers decontaminate bulk carrier Alpha Friendship after it made a stop in Sierra Leone, one of the Ebola-hit countries in Western Africa. AFP
Indicative Exchange Rates as of 28/8/2014. Please contact ANZ Royal Global Markets on 023 999 910 for real time rates.
In the August 30 story First micro-
insurance sector death payout, the Post
incorrectly reported that the payout was
an industry first in Cambodia. The payout
is actually a first for the company. A few
death claims were paid in the country
prior to the Milvik (BIMA) payout.
Skeleton in closet
Pharma giant
Novartis hid
drug results
HE Japanese unit of
Swiss pharmaceutical
rm Novartis has admit-
ted it did not report more than
2,500 cases of serious side
effects in patients using its
leukaemia and other cancer
drugs, reportedly including
some fatalities.
The revelations, which
marked the latest in a string
of scandals at the companys
Japanese subsidiary, come
after local authorities slapped
the rm on the wrist, saying it
had to clean up its operations.
On Friday, Novartis said it
had failed to report at least
2,579 cases where patients
had suffered serious potential
side effects from its drugs.
Japans Jiji Press news
agency said they included
some fatal cases, without
specifying a gure.
The news comes four
months after Novartis replaced
the top executives at its Ja-
panese arm over allegations
it did not properly disclose
the possible side effects of its
leukaemia treatments. AFP
HINAS manufactuing
slowed more than es-
timated last month,
joining weaker-than-
anticipated credit, produc-
tion and investment data in
suggesting that the economy
is losing momentum.
The governments Purchas-
ing Managers Index (MXAP)
was at 51.1 for August, missing
the median 51.2 estimate in a
Bloomberg survey. The nal
reading of a separate manu-
facturing gauge from HSBC
Holdings Plc and Markit Eco-
nomics was 50.2. Both read-
ings fell from 51.7 in July and
remain above 50, indicating
A pullback in manufactur-
ing, coming as the property
market slumps, adds pressure
on the government to step up
efforts to meet its expansion
target of 7.5 per cent this year.
More stimulus measures will
be announced in the next few
weeks, said Lu Ting, Bank of
America Corp.s Hong Kong-
based head of Greater China
Analyst estimates for yester-
days ofcial PMI released
by the National Bureau of
Statistics and CFLP yesterday
in Beijing ranged from 50.3
to 51.7. The index is based on
responses to surveys sent to
purchasing executives at 3,000
The ofcial measure typi-
cally registers a higher reading
than the HSBC survey, which
is based on responses from
purchasing managers at more
than 420 businesses and is
weighted toward smaller pri-
vate companies.
While the ofcial PMI index
for big enterprises remained at
a level showing expansion, the
PMI for medium-
sized enterprises
dropped to 49.9, and
for small businesses
it tumbled to 49.1. The output
subindex fell 1 point to 53.2,
while the new-export order
reading declined 1.1 points to
50.0, the dividing line between
expansion and contraction.
New credit plunged in July
after a June surge, previously
released data showed, sug-
gesting Peoples Bank of China
Governor Zhou Xiaochuan
will need to loosen policy to
sustain growth if lending con-
tinues to dry up.
The central bank recently
granted a 20 billion yuan ($3.3
billion) relending quota to
some regional bank branches
to support agriculture. The
PBOC will also cut interest rates
on re-lending to some rural -
nancial institutions meeting
certain criteria in poor areas by
100 basis points. BLOOMBERG
Data released for the month of August suggests that the
Chinese economy is slowing down. BLOOMBERG
Chinas growth slowing down
JAPANS auto sales fell to a three-year
low last month, the latest sign that
consumer spending is slumping in
the worlds third-largest economy fol-
lowing a sales-tax increase.
Vehicle deliveries fell 9.1 per cent
from a year earlier to 333,471 units,
the lowest since August 2011, accord-
ing to industry gures. Sales rose for
seven straight months before the
April 1 tax increase.
The drop comes amid economic
data showing weakness in Japans
economy. Household spending in
July fell 5.9 per cent from a year ear-
lier, more than double the expected
2.9 per cent decrease. Further de-
clines would run against Prime Min-
ister Shinzo Abes efforts to revive the
economy, which contracted the most
last quarter since the earthquake and
tsunami that ravaged the countrys
northeast three years ago.
Looking at current dealer orders,
its difcult to see sales rising even
after September, said Yoshitaka
Hayashi, a director at the Japan Au-
tomobile Dealers Association. Sales
had been expected to rebound in the
July-September quarter when many
Japanese workers typically receive a
bonus, Hayashi said.
Deliveries of minicars, which have
smaller engines and cost less, fell 15.1
per cent to 126,865 vehicles, accord-
ing to the Japan Mini Vehicle Asso-
ciation. Sales of other autos fell 5 per-
cent to 206,606, according to the auto
dealers association.
Abes government raised the con-
sumption tax to 8 per cent from 5
per cent to counter the worlds big-
gest national debt burden. The ef-
fect on monthly deliveries was soft-
ened temporarily by backorders for
models such as Honda Motor Cos
new Fit and Vezel, which were de-
layed as the carmaker recalled them
to check defects in a new transmis-
sion system. BLOOMBERG
May Kunmakara
THE Securities Exchange Com-
mission of Cambodia (SECC)
on Wednesday approved con-
tinuous trading on the Cam-
bodia Securities Exchange
(CSX), a senior ofcial at the
CSX conrmed yesterday.
Trading currently occurs
during six intervals through-
out the day every half-hour
between 8:30am and 11:30am.
The new rules will allow inves-
tors to book trades at anytime
between 9am and 11am.
Investors will no longer be
bored by having to wait half an
hour until the next trading to
occur, Soleil Lamun, deputy
director of the Market Opera-
tions Department at CSX,
However, the start date for
the new trading format has not
yet been set.
SECC approval is just the
rst step; investors will still
need to wait for the technical
details to be put in place, and
securities rms will need to be
appropriately trained, Lamun
said yesterday.
SAMSUNG Group, whose billion-
aire chairman has been hospitalised
since May, will merge its shipbuilding
and engineering units as South Ko-
reas largest conglomerate prepares
for possible succession.
Samsung Heavy Industries Co, the
worlds third-largest maker of ships,
will combine with Samsung En-
gineering Co before the end of the
year in a deal valued at 2.5 trillion
won ($2.5 billion).
This is the start of more restructur-
ing thats to be expected from heavy-
industry companies within the Sam-
sung Group, said Kim Hyung Gun,
an analyst at Meritz Securities Co in
Seoul. The group seems to have de-
cided that it needed to revamp the
units because there were too many
overlapping areas, like in the con-
struction business.
The combined entity plans to in-
crease sales to 40 trillion won in 2020,
from 25 trillion won last year.
Samsung Heavy will tap into Sam-
sung Engineerings expertise in proj-
ect management and design while
the engineering company will be
able to broaden its business to the
offshore sector, the companies said.
The two companies are already
working together on offshore pro-
jects, including one in Nigeria.
Samsung Heavys prot has de-
clined in recent years as slowing
economic growth and excess capac-
ity led to a drop in new orders. By
combining the two companies, the
Seoul-based shipbuilder plans to use
Samsung Engineerings expertise for
its offshore projects.
This merger will be good for Sam-
sung Heavy in the long term, said
Cho Byung Hee, an analyst at Ki-
woom Securities Co in Seoul. Sam-
sung Heavy will be able to tap Sam-
sung Engineerings expertise and
engineers to help it differentiate itself
from other shipyards.
Samsung Heavy has been focusing
on growing its offshore operations
as overcapacity led to a drop in ship-
building orders. Contracts for drilling
and oating production facilities ac-
counted for 71 per cent of the $37 bil-
lion orderbook at the end of July.
Samsung Heavy posted a loss in the
rst half because of delays in some
of its offshore projects. The compa-
ny, whose bigger rivals are Hyundai
Heavy Industries Co and Daewoo
Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering
Co, won $5 billion in orders in the
rst seven months of this year. Sam-
sung Engineering posted a loss last
year, the rst since 2003, because of
delays in some overseas projects.
This merger is the best option for
Samsung Group, considering Sam-
sung Engineering still has some
losses to clear from overseas con-
struction projects, Kim at Meritz
Japan car sales hit lowest
level since 2011 amid tax
trading gets
green light
Samsung announces units merger
Chinas anti-graft probe scares away Macau gamblers
MACAU casino revenue was worse
than analysts estimated in August,
falling a third straight month as
Chinas anti-graft campaign curbed
gambling by VIPs. Casino shares
subsequently dropped.
Total gross gaming revenue in the
worlds biggest gambling hub declined
6.1 per cent to 28.9 billion patacas
($3.6 billion) last month, Macaus
Gaming Inspection and Coordination
Bureau said yesterday. That compares
with the median estimate of a 2 per
cent decrease from seven analysts
surveyed by Bloomberg News.
Chinese President Xi Jinpings
probes into corruption and lavish
spending have coincided with crack-
downs by Macaus casinos on meth-
ods some gamblers use to transfer
money from China, crimping cash
from high-rollers. Efforts by the resorts
to shift tables and attractions to attract
more mass-market visitors arent
keeping pace with the decline in VIPs,
who still account for about two-thirds
of gaming revenue.
Chinas anti-corruption cam-
paign seems to be keeping some
high-rollers out of Macau, and thats
unlikely to change much in the
fourth quarter, said Philip Tulk, a
Hong Kong-based analyst at Stand-
ard Chartered Bank. The number of
visitors to Macau hasnt changed
much, while the mix of lower-end
gamblers has increased, he said.
Sands China Ltd dropped 3.2 per
cent and Galaxy Entertainment
Group Ltd fell 2.9 per cent at the close
of trading in Hong Kong, the worst
two performers on the benchmark
Hang Seng Index, which was little
changed yesterday.
After doubling on average last year,
shares of the six-biggest listed Macau
casino operators have tumbled
between 18 per cent and 30 per cent
this year. The retreat compares with a
6.2 per cent gain in Hong Kongs
benchmark Hang Seng Index.
The citys casino revenue fell in June
and July as business from Chinese
high-stakes gamblers weakened and
the World Cup tournament distracted
some bettors. The 3.7 per cent drop in
June revenue was the first decline in
five years for Macau, the only place in
China where casinos are legal.
The property market has also
become a drag on the worlds second-
biggest economy, with new-home
prices falling in July in almost all cities
that the government tracks as tight
mortgage lending deterred buyers.
Macau casinos shares had slumped
on Friday amid concerns protests by
workers to demand higher pay and
better working conditions may esca-
late into more serious industrial
actions. BLOOMBERG
China PMI
Measures the rate of change compared
to previous month
Purchasing managers index
Below 50 = increasing rate
of contraction
Above 50 = increasing rate
of growth
Data from the Chinese government
2014 2013
Source : NBS
51.4 51.4
50.5 50.5
51.0 51.0
50.3 50.3
50.2 50.2
50.8 50.8
51.7 51.7
51.0 51.0
53.3 53.3
51.1 51.1
August August
A man sits at a slot machine at the Sands Cotai Central casino in Macau. AFP
This is the start of more
restructuring thats to be
expected from heavy-
industry companies within
the Samsung Group
MYANMAR launched an on-
line visa application yesterday
promising an end to painful
waits for permits to visit the
once secretive nation as it tries
to lure ve million tourists a
year by 2015.
The e-visa is open to tour-
ists from 41 countries, from
the United States and Britain
to China, Japan and North Ko-
rea, Minister of Immigration
and Population Khin Yi told
The entry permit will cost
$50 and will be valid for 28
days to those arriving at Yan-
gons international airport, he
said, adding that it will take
ve days to process.
This is a special moment for
our country . . . As the process
improves, we will extend it
more countries will be added
in the list, he added.
Two years in the making, the
scheme has cost impoverished
Myanmar $17 million but is a
step towards wider e-govern-
ment in a country whose tech-
nology lags its regional neigh-
bours after decades of junta
rule, which stied investment
and the economy.
The website is www.evisa. AFP
new e-visa
Thai industry immobilised
market has witnessed
only low, single-digit
growth this year, its
lowest level in almost a decade,
due to the combined effects of
the prolonged political turmoil
and sluggish economy.
The situation could be as
bad as during the coup in 2006
and the political crisis in 2009,
say mobile operators. The lo-
cal mobile sector could experi-
ence zero growth this year in a
market worth 230 billion baht
($7.19 billion), industry ana-
lysts believe.
As of June 2014, Thailands
mobile penetration had
reached 134 per cent with 94
million subscribers. Of the
total, mobile leader Advanced
Info Service (AIS) had 42.9
million, followed by DTAC
(28 million) and True Move
(23 million). The number of
3G subscribers totalled 71.8
million with AIS accounting
for 34.4 million, followed by
DTAC (19 million) and True
Move (18.4 million).
Mintra Ratayapas, a tele-
coms analyst of KK Trade Se-
curities, said telecoms market
growth usually outpaced GDP
growth. But this year, the mar-
ket is likely to face only mar-
ginal growth of 0-2 per cent.
In comparison with the situa-
tion during the 2006 coup the
local mobile market grew by
only 0.5 per cent in terms of
service revenue. The local mo-
bile market saw double-digit
growth before the coup, regis-
tering 14 per cent in 2004.
AIS has revised its revenue
growth target down to 1-2 per
cent this year, from 6-8 per cent
projected initially. Treepuke
Wuttapanich, its investor rela-
tions ofcer, said the company
expected to see some growth
in the second half with rising
consumer sentiment.
AIS is focusing on mass cus-
tomers who want to migrate
from 2G to 3G mobile service,
instead of high-end segments
in mature markets. Afford-
able 3G handsets priced below
2,500 baht bundled with at-
tractive data packages will be
key marketing tools for AIS to
attract new 3G customers and
boost mobile data revenue.
AIS reported a sharp rise of
32 per cent in non-voice rev-
enue in the second quarter of
the year compared with the
same period last year, while
its voice revenue saw a con-
traction of 12 per cent year-
on-year. The penetration of its
smartphone users topped 46
per cent, thanks to attractive
bundled packages.
Treepuke said AIS would
maintain its capital expendi-
ture of 40 billion baht invest-
ing in 3G network expansion
this year. As of June, AIS had
a total 42.9 million subscrib-
ers, 80 per cent of them 3G
Chavit Sangudomlert, head
for investor relations at Total
Access Communication, the
operator of DTAC, said the
company this year expected
to see at growth in its service
revenue excluding intercon-
nection charges and mobile
devices sales.
We expect to register low
single-digit revenue growth
this year, he said. DTAC has
also maintained its capital
expenditure at 13 billion baht
this year for network capacity
True Move reported mobile
service revenue of 9.2 billion
baht in the second quarter, a
contraction of 1.1 per cent com-
pared with the rst quarter. But
revenue rose by 8 per cent year-
on-year. Its non-voice revenue
rose by 23.6 per cent year-on-
The mobile phone market in Thailand has seen minimal growth this
year and is at its lowest level in nearly 10 years. BLOOMBERG
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Thai rice exports in July
hit a three-year high
THAILAND exported more rice
in July than any month in three
years, but the nearly one
million tonnes fell short the
industrys peak, the Thai Rice
Exporters Association said.
The country shipped 941,691
tonnes of rice worth 14.4
billion baht ($450 million),
supported by attractive prices.
That fell short, however, of the
record export of 1.13 million
tonnes in August 2011.
Association president Chaoren
Laothamatas said exports
have trended up since June as
the price of Thai rice became
compatible to rivals, coupled
with clearer policies on the
stockpiles. BANGKOK POST
Pandora declines after
forecasting wider loss
TAIWANS first budget airline
said yesterday that it was
scheduled to launch its
maiden flight later this
month. Tigerair Taiwan a
joint venture by China Airlines,
the islands leading air carrier
by fleet size, and Singapores
low-cost carrier Tigerair is
slated to start its service on
September 26. The
announcement came after a
brand new A320, the
companys first aircraft, flew
from France to the northern
Taoyuan airport early on
Sunday morning. AFP
Apple to make newest
iPhone a mobile wallet
APPLE plans to turn its next
iPhone into a mobile wallet
through a partnership with
major payment networks,
banks and retailers, according
a person familiar with the
situation. The agreement
includes Visa Inc, MasterCard
Inc and American Express Co
and will be unveiled on
September 9 with the next
iPhone, the person said. The
new iPhone will make mobile
payment easier by including a
near-field communication chip
for the first time, and along
with Touch ID, a fingerprint
reader that debuted on the
most recent iPhone, will allow
consumers to securely pay for
items in a store with the touch
of a finger. BLOOMBERG
German public finances
record $21.1B surplus
GERMANY achieved a surplus
in its public finances
equivalent to 1.1 per cent of
overall economic output in the
first six months of this year,
official data showed yesterday.
The federal, regional and
municipal budgets showed a
combined surplus of 16.1
billion ($21.1 billion) in the
period from January to June,
profiting primarily from a very
favourable employment
situation, the federal statistics
office Destatis said in a
statement. AFP
Barclays to sell Spanish unit
third-biggest lender,
agreed to buy bank-
ing operations in the
country from Barclays Plc
for about 800 million ($1.1
billion) in cash to expand its
business as economic growth
picks up.
The sale includes retail bank-
ing, wealth and investment
management and corporate
banking businesses, Caixa-
Bank, based in Barcelona, said
in a statement yesterday. The
price represents about 40 per
cent of the book value, it said.
CaixaBank will add about
270 branches to its existing
network of 5,695 and boost its
client base by 550,000 to more
than 14 million by buying the
businesses from Barclays with
assets of about 22 billion.
The purchase follows Banco
Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria Sas
decision in July to acquire na-
tionalised lender Catalunya
Banc Sa as the countrys eco-
nomic recovery picks up mo-
mentum and spurs deals.
Barclays chief executive of-
cer Antony Jenkins, 53, is
cutting costs, shrinking as-
sets at the noncore division
and eliminating jobs to re-
duce the lenders dependence
on the investment bank in a
bid to restore investor con-
dence. The bank on Sunday
also completed the sale of
its United Arab Emirates re-
tail banking business to Abu
Dhabi Islamic Bank for an
estimated pretax gain of 119
million ($197 million).
I am pleased to be an-
nouncing further progress
on Barclays non-core asset
reductions through the trans-
actions, Jenkins said in a sep-
arate statement.
We remain on track to re-
balance Barclays as part of our
strategy to deliver sustainable
returns for our shareholders.
CaixaBank sees 150 million
net cost savings in 2016 from
the deal, according to a pre-
sentation sent to the Spanish
stock market regulator yes-
terday. The transaction will
contribute about 80 million
to net results in 2016, with re-
structuring costs seen at about
300 million.
Barclays operations in Spain
have 18.4 billion in net loans
and 9.9 billion in client de-
posits, the presentation shows.
The bank operates branches in
all main Spanish cities, with the
biggest presence in Madrid.
Barclays earlier this year
created a bad bank in order to
dispose of 115 billion of as-
sets, including its European
consumer arm. The lender
bought Spains Banco Zara-
gozano Sa, a consumer and
commercial bank, in 2003 for
about 1.14 billion to become
the countrys largest foreign-
owned bank.
The sale of the Spanish
businesses will decrease risk-
weighted assets by about 8
billion, Barclays said. Lever-
age exposure is seen declin-
ing 15 billion.
Barclays expects to com-
plete the Spanish transaction
around the end of the year,
subject to regulatory approv-
al. The nal price is subject to
adjustment based on the ac-
tivities net asset value at the
end of the year.
The deal is relatively small
for CaixaBank but we value
it positively, said Francisco
Riquel and Rodrigo Vazquez,
from N+1, a Spanish invest-
ment bank, in a research note
to clients yesterday. They said
the transaction adds afuent
clients and boosts CaixaBanks
presence in Madrid. N+1 has a
strong buy recommendation
on the lender. BLOOMBERG
Barclays has agreed to sell off its Spanish banking operations to
CaixaBank for around $1.1 billion. BLOOMBERG
agrees deal
with Crown
DUTCH brewi ng giant
Heineken yesterday said it was
to sell Mexican-based packag-
ing business Empaque to US-
based Crown Holdings in a
deal worth more than one bil-
lion dollars.
Heineken . . . has signed a
binding agreement for the sale
of its Mexican package busi-
ness Empaque. The total enter-
prise value of the transaction
amounts to $1.225 billion, the
brewer said.
The sale of Empaque is
expected to result in a post-tax
book gain of 300 million [$395
million], it went on to say.
Heineken said it was selling
Empaque to focus its resourc-
es fully on brewing, marketing
and selling its world-class port-
folio of beer brands.
It bought Empaque four
years ago as part of its acquisi-
tion of Femsa Cervesa.
Empaque will continue to
supply Heinekens Mexican
brewing business Cuauhte-
moc Moctezuma through
long-term supply contracts.
Founded in the 19th century
in Amsterdam, Heineken makes
and sells more than 200 brands
of beer and cider including
Amstel and Strongbow. AFP
International commodities
Thailand Vietnam
Singapore Malaysia
Hong Kong China
Japan Taiwan
Thai Set 50 Index, Aug 29
FTSE Straits Times Index, Aug 29 FTSEBursaMalaysiaKLCI, Aug 29
Hang Seng Index, Aug 29 CSI 300 Index, Aug 29
Nikkei 225, Aug 29 Taiwan Taiex Index, Aug 29
Ho Chi Minh Stock Index, Aug 29
2,355.32 24,752.09
1,866.11 3,314.13
636.65 1,046.14
South Korea Philippines
Laos Indonesia
India Pakistan
Australia New Zealand
KRX 100 Index, Aug 29 PSEI- Philippine Se Idx, Aug 29
Laos Composite Index, Aug 29 Jakarta Composite Index, Aug 29
BSE Sensex 30 Index, Aug 29 Karachi 100 Index, Aug 29
S&P/ASX 200 Index, Aug 29 NZX 50 Index, Aug 29
28,493.74 26,867.55
5,177.62 1,416.11
7,083.49 4,383.20
Item Unit Base Average (%)
Gasoline R 5250 5450 3.81 %
Diesel R 5100 5200 1.96 %
Petroleum R 5500 5500 0.00 %
Gas Chi 86000 76000 -11.63 %
Charcoal Baht 1200 1300 8.33 %
Construction equipment
Item Unit Base Average (%)
Rice 1 R/Kg 2800 2780 -0.71 %
Rice 2 R/Kg 2200 2280 3.64 %
Paddy R/Kg 1800 1840 2.22 %
Peanuts R/Kg 8000 8100 1.25 %
Maize 2 R/Kg 2000 2080 4.00 %
Cashew nut R/Kg 4000 4220 5.50 %
Pepper R/Kg 40000 24000 -40.00 %
Beef R/Kg 33000 33600 1.82 %
Pork R/Kg 17000 18200 7.06 %
Mud Fish R/Kg 12000 12400 3.33 %
Chicken R/Kg 18000 20800 15.56 %
Duck R/Kg 13000 13100 0.77 %
Item Unit Base Average (%)
Steel 12 R/Kg 3000 3100 3.33 %
Cement R/Sac 19000 19500 2.63 %
Food -Cereals -Vegetables - Fruits
Cambodian commodities
(Base rate taken on January 1, 2012)
Crude Oil (WTI) USD/bbl. 95.71 -0.25 -0.26% 8:51:54
Crude Oil (Brent) USD/bbl. 103.12 -0.07 -0.07% 8:51:38
NYMEX Natural Gas USD/MMBtu 4.04 -0.03 -0.64% 8:51:00
RBOBGasoline USd/gal. 261.94 -0.35 -0.13% 8:51:38
NYMEX Heating Oil USd/gal. 285.77 -0.24 -0.08% 8:51:38
ICEGasoil USD/MT 870.5 2 0.23% 8:50:53
CBOT Rough Rice USD/cwt 12.67 -0.15 -1.17% 14:15:00
CME Lumber USD/tbf 343.9 1.2 0.35% 17:00:00
Ja! Ich bin ein crowdfunder
Dalia Fahmy

ric Buettner wanted to
expand a luxury resort
on the Baltic coast hed
built with some of the money hed
made over 20 years as a technology
entrepreneur, rst as head of AOL Eu-
rope and later as a venture capitalist.
Buettner had plenty of his own
money, or he could have asked a
bank or friends for a loan. Instead,
he went to strangers on the inter-
net. So far, hes raised 3.3 million
($4.4 million) from 800 investors on
crowdfunding website Companisto.
de, more than three times the mini-
mum he was seeking and, according
to the website, the most by a Euro-
pean for-prot organisation.
Nobody knows where to put their
money at a time when interest rates
are low and people are worried the
stock markets going to crash, said
Buettner, 49, whose Weissenhaus re-
sort north of Hamburg has secluded
cottages, private white sand beaches
and rooms starting at 400 per night.
Its a chance to lift crowd nancing
to the next level.
Crowdfunding, which allows com-
panies and people to raise money via
online pitches, is a small yet growing
alternative to traditional nance.
Crowdfunding platforms around the
world are expected to raise $10.7 bil-
lion this year for businesses, arts and
charitable ventures, law rm Good-
win Procter said, citing research rm
Massolution. Thats up from $5.1 bil-
lion in 2013, Goodwin Procter said.
In Germany, crowdfunders seek-
ing cash for business ventures raised
a total of 8 million in the rst half,
60 per cent more than a year earlier,
according to startup portal FuerGru- Because Germanys crowd-
funding industry is small, Buettners
campaign will probably account for
a big chunk of the total for 2014.
Crowdfunding has been around
since the late 1990s, when fans raised
money online to nance a US concert
tour for British rock band Marillion.
Until recently, it was mostly used
to nance projects by artists, musi-
cians, lmmakers, designers and
charitable campaigns. Fundraisers
on popular websites such as Kick-
starter and Indiegogo include a fash-
ion designer who wants to expand
clothing production, a coffee acio-
nado who wants to start a coffee fes-
tival in Milwaukee, and a homeless
shelter seeking funds for bus tickets
and laundry supplies. Last year, ac-
tor and lmmaker Zach Braff raised
$3.1 million on Kickstarter to pro-
duce the lm Wish I Was Here.
Last year, Congress passed the
Jumpstart our Small Business Start-
ups Act that makes it easier for busi-
nesses to raise money online, paving
the way for more for-prot, includ-
ing property, crowdfunding in the
US. Washington-based Fundrise
raised about $17 million with 19
property deals this year, while Los
Angeles-based Realty Mogul raised
$26 million for 85 properties.
Real estate crowdfunding has a fu-
ture because it involves specic proj-
ects, said Karsten Wenzlaff, founder
of industry group the German Crowd-
funding Network. The people invest-
ing arent the ones who are supporting
startups or art projects: theyre using
it as a real investment product.
Some investors are reluctant to in-
vest in traditional real estate funds
after more than a dozen property
mutual funds froze redemptions,
said Michael Ullmann, who started
Germanys rst property crowd-
funding website,,
in 2012. The funds, run by banks in-
cluding UBS and Skandinaviska En-
skilda Banken, took action after cli-
ents tried to withdraw more money
than funds had available.
Crowdfunding is more transparent
because investors can ask the fund-
raisers questions about the projects
in open forums and share their in-
sights and concerns about a deal
with other investors, Ullmann said.
Bjoern Geidel, a Frankfurt-based
banker whos made an investment in
Weissenhaus, says hes experienced
enough to understand the risks and
makes an effort to spread his money
across a variety of industries. So far,
hes contributed to crowdfunding
projects to nance an online wine re-
tailer and a computer-server maker.
Weissenhaus isnt as risky as fund-
ing a startup because the project is se-
cured by the property and Buettners
credit, he said. Theres a lot more
opportunity for a return investing
with Buettner than putting my capi-
tal into a one-bedroom apartment
that Id then rent out. BLOOMBERG
Luxury resort Weissenhaus was started on Companisto, a crowdfunding platform
thats raised 9.7 million through 32 projects since it started in 2012. BLOOMBERG
ONG Kong pro-democracy ac-
tivists heckled a top Chinese
ofcial yesterday, setting the
stage for disruptive protests
against the mainlands landmark decision
to limit voting reforms, but Beijing insist-
ed that there would be no turning back.
Li Fei, a member of the top committee
of Chinas rubber-stamp parliament, was
forced to speak over the cries of pro-de-
mocracy lawmakers and protesters dur-
ing a meeting with local ofcials in the
semi-autonomous Chinese city.
Brief scufes erupted outside the
venue as police used pepper spray to
stop protesters from storming the hall,
where Li told delegates that China
would not tolerate a local leader who is
disloyal to the mainland.
Anyone who does not love the coun-
try, love Hong Kong or is confrontational
towards the central government shall
not be the chief executive, he said.
His visit came a day after democracy
activists vowed an era of civil disobedi-
ence including mass sit-ins at the busi-
ness hubs nancial district in response
to Beijings decision to grant only limited
reforms in the former British colony.
Democrat lawmakers said yesterday
that they would sink Beijings proposal
when it comes before the citys legislature
early next year.
If its the same proposal decided by the
NPC [Chinas National Peoples Congress]
we will vote against it, pro-democracy
lawmaker Frederick Fung said, adding
that at least 25 of his colleagues have
signed a declaration to shoot it down.
The proposal needs to win two-thirds
support or 47 votes in the 70-seat leg-
islature to pass.
For years activists have agitated for the
right both to nominate candidates and to
vote for Hong Kongs leader, a campaign
buoyed by a recent surge in discontent
over rising inequality and perceived in-
terference by Beijing.
But their hopes were dashed on Sunday.
The NPC standing committee announced
that citizens will be allowed to elect their
next leader in 2017 but candidates must
be chosen by a pro-Beijing committee
and must win the backing of more than
half of the committee members to stand.
Only two or three will be allowed to con-
test the election.
Democracy activists have called the
restrictive framework a betrayal of Bei-
jings promise to award Hong Kong
universal suffrage by 2017 and say the
nominating committee would ensure a
sympathetic slate of candidates and ex-
clude dissidents.
As Li approached the lectern to speak
at the Asia World Expo convention cen-
tre, veteran dissident lawmaker Leung
Kwok-hung started shouting him down,
his st raised in the air.
He was joined by a dozen pro-democ-
racy lawmakers and some younger dem-
onstrators who unfurled a banner and
chanted: The central government broke
its promise shameless.
The meeting was briey suspended
while security ofcers removed the heck-
lers, to loud cheers and applause from
pro-Beijing lawmakers. Police conrmed
they used pepper spray outside the venue
when protesters behaved violently.
During an afternoon press conference
Li criticised the pan-democrats for heck-
ling him. The door for dialogue has al-
ways been open. But this morning it was
they [the pan-democrats] who refused
to communicate, he said.
Li ew to Hong Kong from Beijing late
on Sunday and was forced to drive past
a crowd of largely student protesters
gathered outside his hotel, in the kind of
scenes that would be unthinkable on the
Chinese mainland.
Following Beijings decision to vet can-
didates, the pro-democracy group Occu-
py Central said on Sunday that it would
go ahead with its threat to take over the
citys Central nancial district in protest,
at an unspecied date.
Shortly before Lis speech, activists
launched what they described as a slow
drive through the city, the rst of a
string of promised small-scale civil dis-
obedience acts.
Some 10 cars, decked with ags, made
their way deliberately slowly through the
city accompanied by police motorcycles,
but trafc was not noticeably disrupted.
Michael DeGolyer, a professor at Hong
Kong Baptist University and a veteran
commentator on local politics, said ac-
tivists had been naive in thinking Beijing
would let a dissident rise to power in
Chinas richest city.
The pan-democrats were out of their
mind to insist on public nomination be-
cause it was clearly a terrifying prospect
to the central government. What weve
had is a severe failure on the part of the
academics leading Occupy Central to un-
derstand the national context, he said.
If the proposal is voted down, China
has insisted that the next chief executive
will simply be chosen by the same pro-
Beijing committee that selected current
leader Leung Chun-ying. AFP
UKRAINIAN forces were
forced to retreat from Lugansk
airport in the face of a Russian
troop attack and Moscow sol-
diers moved into key cities in
the east yesterday, Kiev said,
a day after Russian President
Vladimir Putin evoked state-
hood discussions for the
conict-torn east.
Putin accused Europe of
ignoring the Ukrainian mili-
tarys direct targeting of ci-
vilians in the conict and said
the offensive pushed by in-
surgents there was simply an
attempt to expel Kievs forces
from residential areas.
He also urged the EU to
show common sense af-
ter its threat to impose more
sanctions on Moscow.
The latest accusations of
Russian troops partaking in
the ghting that has pitted
pro-Moscow rebels against
Kievs troops came as a con-
tact group of Russian, Ukrai-
nian and OSCE representa-
tives was due to discuss the
conict during a meeting
in Minsk.
Ukraines defence minister
said that Russian troops were
moving in the main cities of
Lugansk and Donetsk.
We are ghting Russia, and
it is Russia which is deciding
what will happen in the Don-
bass, he said, referring to the
informal name for the Do-
netsk and Lugansk regions.
President Petro Poroshenko
meanwhile told military ca-
dets in Kiev yesterday that
the situation has aggravated
in recent days there is di-
rect, overt aggression against
Ukraine from the neighbour-
ing state.
Kiev military spokesmen
said that after an hours-long
battle against a reinforced
tank battalion of the Rus-
sian armed forces, Ukrainian
troops retreated from their
positions south of rebel bas-
tion Lugansk.
Ukrainian soldiers received
an order and made an or-
ganised retreat from the Lu-
gansk airport and Georgiyivka
village, security spokesman
Andriy Lysenko said. Judging
by the precision of the strikes,
professional artillery men of
the Russian armed forces are
the ones ring.
The retreat marked the lat-
est setback for Ukrainian
troops, who had been closing
in on rebels in Donetsk and
Lugansk until about a week
ago, when the insurgents
opened a new front in the
south, with, according to Kiev
and NATO, the help of regular
Russian troops.
Since then, the rebels light-
ning offensive has forced
Ukrainian army units to aban-
don numerous positions in
the south and east and geared
up to defend the strategic port
of Mariupol, which had been
peaceful for months after gov-
ernment troops routed the
rebels in May. AFP
Kiev troops abandon
airport in face of attack
by Russian soldiers
Hong Kong activists fight back
after vote decision by China
Pro-democracy lawmakers and protesters unfurl banners inside the Hong Kong government
complex as Li Fei (not pictured), a member of the top committee of Chinas rubber-stamp
parliament, delivers an address in Hong Kong yesterday. AFP
The wreckage of an armoured personnel carrier 20 kilometres south
of Donetsk yesterday. According to villagers, the Ukrainian army
retreated on Sunday after a erce ght with pro-Russians. AFP
CONSERVATIVE soulmates Narendra
Modi and Shinzo Abe were to hold for-
mal talks in Tokyo yesterday to cement
a blossoming relationship between
India and Japan, on a visit that began
with a bear hug and a tour of Kyoto.
The personal chemistry on show dur-
ing the five-day tour is increasingly
reflected in the strengthening of bonds
between two countries that bookend an
ever-more assertive China.
Modi, who is hoping his market-fo-
cused policies will give a boost to Indias
floundering economy, could walk away
with almost half a billion dollars worth
of loans for much-needed infrastruc-
ture projects, reports said.
It is Modis first foreign trip outside the
sub-continent and is intended to show-
case the warming ties between Asias
second- and third-largest economies.
As well as business deals that could
double Japanese direct investment, and
the 50 billion ($480 million) in low-
interest loans for infrastructure, the
summit will also reconfirm diplomatic
and defence ties.
Japanese media reported that the two
premiers are likely to agree on launch-
ing a two-plus-two security consulta-
tive framework involving their foreign
and defence ministers. Japan already
has such arrangements with the US,
Australia, Russia and France.
Both nations are wary of Chinas grow-
ing ambition to be seen as the regional
keystone and are keen to curb its activ-
ity in the East and South China Seas and
in the Indian Ocean.
Tokyo and New Delhi both have long-
running territorial disputes with Bei-
jing, which is widely viewed as having
more aggressively pushed its claims in
recent years.
Underlining the point, Chinese coast-
guard ships sailed into waters off the
Japanese-controlled Senkaku islands
yesterday, officials said. China calls the
islands the Diaoyus.
Modi, in an address to a gathering of
Japanese business leaders, said Japan
and India must choose a path of peace-
ful development, not 18th century-
style expansionism.
In New Delhi, the Indian premier told
Japanese media last week that the two
nations could upgrade their relations
in the fields of defence and security.
Abe and Modi are expected to agree
on holding regular joint naval drills as
well as exercises involving the US, the
Nikkei said yesterday.
Washington is eager for the two coun-
tries to step up their cooperation by way
of counterweight to China, at a time
its own military commitment around
the world is being questioned.
Under Abe, Japan has taken a more
robust attitude to defence, massaging
the self-imposed restrictions ban-
ning it from acting in defence of
allies under attack and loosen-
ing restrictions on the export of
military kit.
Despite huge trade volumes,
Japan and China have an
uneasy relationship and Tokyo
is keen to reduce its depend-
ence on Beijing for imports
such as rare earths, a
group of metals vital for
high-tech manufacture.
That effort was expected
to receive a boost yesterday
with an agreement for the joint pro-
duction of several rare earths that
could be exported to Japan.
India and Japan will also try to finish
talks on a civilian nuclear deal that
would allow Tokyo to export nuclear-
related technology to New
Delhi, reports said. AFP

Two die in New Zealand
welfare office shooting
A HOMELESS man who
allegedly shot dead two women
and seriously wounded a third
when he opened fire in a New
Zealand welfare office was
arrested yesterday after a
seven-hour manhunt. The man,
who police named as Russell
John Tully, is accused of
entering the Work and Income
New Zealand office in the South
Island town of Ashburton mid-
morning and targeting workers.
The balaclava-clad 48-year-old,
who locals said had an axe to
grind with the agency, allegedly
carried out the attack with a
sawn-off shotgun then fled on a
bicycle. The small town was put
in lockdown as about 100 heavily
armed police scoured the area,
with the gunman eventually
tracked down at a property next
to a nearby lake. Superintendent
Gary Knowles said no officers
were injured but the accused
suffered dog bites while he was
being arrested. AFP
Thai PM stacks cabinet

with members of army
THAILANDS coup leader and
newly appointed premier
Prayuth Chan-ocha on Sunday
received royal endorsement for
a cabinet stacked with soldiers,
as the military extended its
reach into the kingdoms
politics. Nearly a third of the
32-strong cabinet are senior
military officers. Among them
are Prayuts close allies and
key players in the recent years
of political turbulence,
including generals involved in
the bloody 2010 crackdown on
red shirt activists. Former
and serving generals will head
the defence, justice, foreign
affairs and commerce
ministries, while an air marshal
will take the top post at the
transport department. The
civilian portion of the cabinet
includes longstanding allies of
the military, such as Sommai
Pasri who will lead the finance
ministry where he was deputy
minister following the nations
last coup in 2006. AFP
Car bomb discovered in

Manila airport car park
THREE people were arrested
after a bomb was found in a van
parked at Manilas international
airport, but there was no
ongoing safety threat for
travellers, authorities said
yesterday. A utility vehicle
containing an improvised
explosive device was found at
the airports terminal three car
park about 1:45am yesterday,
said a short report released by
the National Bureau of
Investigation. In brief
comments, NBI director Virgilio
Mendez refused to give many
details about the incident,
saying there is an ongoing
follow-up operation. AFP
Paris building death

toll climbs to seven
THE death toll from an
explosion in an apartment
building outside Paris rose to
seven yesterday, with rescue
workers racing against time
to find one last man still
missing. The disaster has
claimed the lives of an
80-year-old woman, a
40-year-old mother and her
two children aged 14 and 18, a
10-year-old, a 45-year-old
woman and another adult yet
to be identified formally. AFP
Syria army, rebels clash as UN bids to free monitors
Abe and Modi in talks to boost defence ties
SYRIAN troops and Islamist
rebels battled near the armistice
line with Israel in the Golan
Heights yesterday, as the UN
pressed efforts to free 44 peace-
keepers held by the insurgents.
The unrest on Israels door-
step followed a spillover of
mortar and gunfire into Israeli-
controlled territory, putting the
Jewish state on high alert and
prompting it to shoot down a
drone over the occupied pla-
teau on Sunday.
Several mortar rounds struck
on the edges of the ceasefire line
early yesterday as the combat-
ants exchanged rocket, mortar
and tank fire near the Quneitra
crossing, which al-Qaeda-linked
rebels seized last week, a cor-
respondent reported.
Israel had closed off the area
around the crossing after an
officer was wounded by stray
fire last Wednesday when
insurgents led by the Al-Nusra
Front took over the crossing
into the Israeli-occupied sector
of the Golan.
The Syrian Observatory for
Human Rights, said Nusra
fighters were locked in fierce
clashes with government
troops for control of the
Hamidiyeh area in Quneitra,
the armys remaining strong-
hold there.
Al-Watan newspaper, which
is close to the Syrian regime,
said the army was confronting
attempts by al-Nusra fighters
and other terrorist groups to
take control of Hamidiyeh.
Meanwhile,the UN was work-
ing to locate and release 44
Fijian UN Disengagement
Observer Force (UNDOF)
peacekeepers the insurgents
captured as they overran Qunei-
tra, as 72 Filipino members of
the same force escaped a rebel
siege on positions nearby.
The Fijians were safe but
their whereabouts uncertain, a
military official said Saturday,
indicating there was contact
with the group that was hold-
ing them.
Israel said it shot down a
drone over the Israeli-occupied
sector, with the army warning
in a statement it would
respond to any violation of our
sovereignty. Defence Minister
Moshe Yaalon toured the region
on Sunday, as the army sent
reinforcements along the armi-
stice line and deployed
armoured troop carriers, a
photographer said.
Yaalon warned that Israeli
tolerance should not be test-
ed. These past weeks we have
proven that our tolerance is
minimal when our integrity is
struck, either intentionally or
unintentionally, he said.
There has been repeated fire
across the ceasefire line since
the uprising in Syria erupted in
March 2011, not all of it stray.
In June, Israeli jets attacked
Syrian military headquarters
and positions after an Israeli
teenager was killed in what the
Jewish state said was a cross-
border attack by forces loyal to
Syrias President al-Assad.
The Philippines said before
the latest incident that it will
repatriate its 331-strong con-
tingent for security reasons,
mirroring previous moves by
Australia, Croatia and Japan.
The UNDOF currently has
1,200 peacekeepers from the
Philippines, Fiji, India, Ire-
land, Nepal and the Nether-
lands. AFP
Libya militias take control of Tripoli
IBYAS toothless out-
going government ad-
mitted yesterday that
it had lost control of
government ofces in Tripoli
to armed militias.
The interim government led
by Prime minister Abdullah
al-Thani, which resigned last
week and has taken refuge in
the east of the country, said
armed groups were prevent-
ing government workers from
entering their ofces.
Ministry and state ofces
in Tripoli have been occupied
by armed militias who are pre-
venting government workers
from entering and are threat-
ening their superiors, the
government said. It said the
interim government was in
contact with ofcials and try-
ing to ensure the continuity of
services from afar.
Libya has been sliding into
chaos since Muammar Gadd-
a was overthrown and killed
three years ago, with interim
authorities confronting pow-
erful militias which fought to
oust the veteran dictator.
The interim government
announced last week it had
tendered its resignation to the
elected parliament, days after
a rival Islamist administration
was created. The parliament
is also operating out of Libyas
east for security reasons.
A rival body, the General
National Congress, last week
named pro-Islamist gure
Omar al-Hassi to form a sal-
vation government.
Interim authorities have
been steadily losing ground
to the militias and the Fajr
Libya (Libya Dawn) mainly
Islamist alliance, which has
seized Tripoli airport after
weeks of erce ghting with
nationalist rivals.
Libyas Grand Mufti, Sheikh
Sadik al-Ghariani, its highest
spiritual authority, broadcast-
ing messages of support from
the UK, urged Libya Dawn to
take a rm hand in the newly
acquired city.
By day, columns of smoke
rise from houses of govern-
ment supporters, with the
Libya Herald newspaper re-
porting 280 arson attacks,
including on the villa of the
caretaker prime minister, Ab-
dullah al-Thinni, who has ed.
By night, residents from pro-
government tribes barricade
themselves in their homes.
Late on Sunday, the US em-
bassy residential compound,
evacuated a month ago, also
fell foul of the militias. A com-
mander announced it had
been secured.
Libya Dawn, an alliance of Is-
lamists and militias from Mis-
rata, 160 kilometres east, has
broken with the newly elected
parliament in Tobruk, setting
up its own government, with
a former Islamic ghter, Omar
al-Hasi, declared its prime
minister. Its leaders, declared
terrorists by parliament, in-
sist they support democracy.
The Grand Mufti has called
on Dawn units to refrain from
looting, and Hasi says he sup-
ports law and order. We reject
terrorism. I am not with a spe-
cic group, party, operation
or city but stand for a govern-
ment for all Libyans.
But Tripolis new rulers
seem to lack the skills, or in-
clination, to administer their
newly acquired city, with cuts
to water, electricity and petrol
A picture shows part of the US diplomatic compound in the Libyan capital Tripoli on Sunday; inset, members
of the Libya Dawn Islamist militia gather after securing the compound the same day. AFP
Anti-govt protesters
storm Pakistan state TV
HUNDREDS of protesters
trying to topple Pakistans
government briefly seized the
state broadcaster yesterday,
intensifying the crisis gripping
the nuclear-armed nation.
Transmissions of the main
Pakistani Television (PTV) were
cut after protesters with clubs
stormed the building in Islam-
abads high-security red
zone, before being removed
by security forces after 30
minutes. The occupation came
after fresh street clashes
between police and followers
of opposition poli-tician Imran
Khan and cleric Tahir-ul-
Qadri, in which officers were
pelted with rocks and
responded with tear gas. AFP
Climate meet in Samoa
A MAJOR UN conference on
small island nations began in
Samoa yesterday, with the
emphasis on helping them
survive the challenges posed
by climate change. Some 3,000
delegates are attending the
UN Small Island Developing
States meeting. UN Secretary-
General Ban Ki-moon said the
conference, which ends on
Thursday, was a once-in-a-
decade opportunity to promote
sustainable development in
countries such as Samoa,
which are often described as
on the front line of climate
change. AFP
KNIFEMAN stabbed
three children to
death and wound-
ed ve more plus
a teacher in a rampage yes-
terday at a Chinese primary
school that refused to enrol
his daughter, reports said.
The attacker killed himself
by jumping from a building
following the carnage at a
school in Shiyan in the cen-
tral province of Hubei, ac-
cording to the ofcial news
agency Xinhua.
The six wounded have been
hospitalised, it said, adding
that two were seriously hurt.
The man, surnamed Chen,
died on the spot, Xinhua
said without providing fur-
ther details.
An initial probe suggests
Chen held a grudge after his
daughter was denied registra-
tion into the new semesters
courses for not completing
her summer vocation home-
work, the news agency add-
ed, citing police.
A local police ofcial de-
clined to provide informa-
tion, saying: I am not clear,
the police bureau ofcials are
at that school investigating.
Yesterday was the rst day
of the new school year in
many parts of China.
Xinhua said it was not im-
mediately known how Chen
entered the premises, add-
ing that: Security at many
schools has been tightened
after a spate of attacks on
children in recent years.
They include ve incidents
in 2010 that killed 17 people
15 of them children and
wounded more than 80. Last
March a man killed two rela-
tives and then slashed 11
people, including six children,
outside a school in Chinas
commercial hub Shanghai.
Earlier this summer police
in Qianjing which is near
Shiyan killed a suspect who
was attempting to take over a
primary school, state media
said. AFP
Three children killed in
China school stabbing
Students arrive at a school in Beijing. A primary school in Hubei
province was the scene of a knife attack yesterday. AFP
BARACK Obama was on Sun-
day urged to take a tougher
approach towards Russia and
Syria, as Republicans and
Democrats returned from
their summer vacations in
confrontational mood.
After a week in which the
president was criticised for fail-
ing to develop military plans
for tackling Islamic State mili-
tants inside Syria and taking a
relatively cautious approach to
Russian incursions in Ukraine,
senior gures in Congress took
turns to demand greater US
Senator Robert Menendez,
Democratic chairman of the
foreign relations committee
and an administration loyal-
ist, called for the US to arm the
Ukrainian military with ad-
vanced weapons that it might
defend itself against Russia.
This is a watershed mo-
ment, said Menendez from
Kiev, where he is on the latest
of a series of congressional
fact-nding visits. Thousands
of Russian troops are here and
are directly engaged in what is
clearly an invasion.
We should be providing
the Ukrainians with the types
of defensive weapons that
will impose a cost upon [Rus-
sian president Vladimir] Putin
for further aggression. The
New Jersey senator dismissed
fears that such a step would
provoke further aggression
from Moscow.
Weakness is a greater
provocation for Putin than
strength, Menendez said.
Asked if he thought the
White House was considering
such a move, Menendez said:
I think that may very well be
on the table right now. These
are changed circumstances.
A similar mood was on dis-
play over Syria, with Senate
Democrats accusing Obama
of failing to take the extraor-
dinarily dangerous threat
from IS seriously enough.
On Thursday, asked about
possible plans to combat
ISIS in Syria as well as north-
ern Iraq, Obama told a White
House press conference: We
dont have a strategy yet.
On Saturday, secretary of
state John Kerry call for a
global coalition using politi-
cal, humanitarian, economic,
law enforcement and intel-
ligence tools to support mili-
tary force against IS.
Kerry said he and Defence
Secretary Chuck Hagel would
use next weeks NATO summit
to seek to marshal interna-
tional support. THE GUARDIAN
Too cautious Obama
urged to get tougher
New test fast-tracks accurate diagnosis for malaria
A NEW invention can cheaply and
accurately diagnose malaria infec-
tion in just a few minutes using only
a droplet of blood, researchers
reported on Sunday in the journal
Nature Medicine. The tool could
replace the laborious, error-prone
method by which a lab technician
looks for malaria parasites in blood
through a microscope, they said.
While that method is considered the
gold standard in malaria diagnostics
today, it depends on the technicians
skill in interpreting the image, the
quality of the microscope and lab
chemicals and even on the thickness
of the blood smear on the slide itself.
The touted replacement is an inex-
pensive desktop mini-lab that,
according to its inventors, can detect
fewer than 10 malaria parasites per
microlitre of blood, using a sample of
less than 10 microlitres equivalent
to a small drop from a finger prick.
The whole procedure just takes a
few minutes, the inventors said.
While malaria is both preventable
and treatable, it killed an estimated
627,000 people in 2012, mainly chil-
dren in Africa, according to the World
Health Organization. That year there
was also an estimated 207 million
cases worldwide, and the WHO says
current funding is far below what
is needed to eradicate the disease.
The device unveiled in Nature Med-
icine uses magnetic resonance relax-
ometry (MRR), a cousin of magnetic
resonance imaging (MRI), the tech-
nology that powers todays advanced
medical scanners. It measures the
crystals metabolised by the Plasmo-
dium parasite after the creature
transmitted to humans in mosquito
bites feasts on nutrient-rich hae-
moglobin in the blood.
These waste-product crystals,
called hemozoin, contain a minute
amount of iron, making them ever-
so-slightly magnetic.
The presence of the tiny particles
disrupts the synchronous spin, or
resonance, in hydrogen atoms that
are exposed to a magnetic field.
The more particles there are, the
faster this synchrony is disrupted.
That means the test can not only
tell when someone has been infect-
ed, it can also see whether the treat-
ment is working, as shown by a fall
in the number of parasites in a
patients blood.
The desktop kit uses a magnet about
a quarter of the size of powerful,
expensive MRI scanners, said scien-
tists at the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology (MIT), who undertook the
venture with colleagues from the
Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research
and Technology, or SMART.
There is real potential to make this
into a field-deployable system, espe-
cially since you dont need any kind
of labels or dye, said Jongyoon Han,
an MIT professor of electrical and
biological engineering.
This system can be built at a very
low cost, relative to the million-dollar
MRI machines used in a hospital,
said Weng Kung Peng, a research sci-
entist at SMART. Furthermore, since
this technique does not rely on
expensive labelling with chemical
reagents, we are able to get each diag-
nostic test done at a cost of less than
10 [US] cents.
Preliminary work has found that an
MRR system could be built for less
than $2,000, the paper said. The team
is running field tests in Southeast
Asia and already looking at potential
enhancements to the prototype.
It is working on a portable version
about the size of a small electronic
tablet and exploring the possibility
of using solar energy as a power
source, MIT said.
This would be a boon for sub-Saha-
ran Africa, which accounts for most of
the worlds malaria fatalities. AFP
Putinworld: behind
the Kremlins walls
Shaun Walker
EVERED, even feared,
to the point where
no one will contra-
dict him; aloof, iso-
lated, a digital hermit who is
never out of touch; broadly
supported, but very narrowly
advised by an ever-tighter
group of condantes.
This is the picture of Vladi-
mir Putin and his leadership
style painted by a number of
people with knowledge of the
inner workings of the Krem-
lin, at a time when such things
matter more than at any time
since the fall of communism.
Putins Ukraine actions
this year have turned him
once again into arguably the
worlds most fascinating lead-
er. But just as Kremlinology
comes back into vogue, the
walls of Putins central Mos-
cow redoubt are becoming as
opaque as they were during
the time of Brezhnev.
But the number of people
speaking truth to power is
small. The majority of those in
the Russian government, exas-
perated by the sharp Western
response to the six-month cri-
sis, approve of Putins actions
in Ukraine. But those who
disapprove have no forum in
which to voice their doubts.
There is no question that
Putin is supported by the elite,
perhaps as never before. Evge-
ny Minchenko, an analyst who
studies Kremlin elites, says
that the security services, after
a number of recent reshufes
and purges, are now more
loyal to Putin than at any time
since he took power.
One of the few sources of
information about how Pu-
tins presidential administra-
tion works in recent months
has been a blog published
by a mysterious group called
Shaltai-Boltai, the Russian
name for Humpty Dumpty.
The blog, now banned,
has posted leaked Kremlin
documents and emails, most
recently claiming to have
hacked the smartphone of
Prime Minister Dmitry Med-
vedev, displaying some of his
personal messages online
and briey hacking his Twit-
ter account.
Other leaks have included
information on how the Krem-
lins east Ukraine strategy was
planned and nanced, and
the texts of Putins speeches,
posted online before the
president made them.
This being Russia, many
have assumed that the leaks
are organised by one Krem-
lin grouping keen to discredit
another, though Shaltai-Bol-
tai claim they are idealists
who want to change reality.
The Guardian met one of the
group recently, who identied
himself only as Shaltai.
On the appointed date, a
man wearing a oral shirt ap-
peared at the meeting place
he had set, a river landing jet-
ty on the outskirts of a Euro-
pean city, and agreed to speak
only when the small boat he
had provided was sailing and
loud music was blaring to
prevent anyone listening in.
He said the group was made
up of hackers and perhaps
disgruntled ofcials, and had
an entire archive of unused
material that it may choose to
release in the future.
He claimed the group had
access to everything from the
records of every meal Putin
has eaten for the last few years
to thousands of emails sent by
top Kremlin ofcials. As evi-
dence he took a laptop from
a bag and opened what ap-
peared to the full archive of an
email account belonging to a
leading Kremlin functionary.
Reading the emails and
internal documents of the
Kremlin has given the group
a unique insight into the way
Russia is run, said Shaltai,
who described Putin as a man
without human emotions,
who is nevertheless a genuine
patriot with a belief his rule is
the best thing for Russia.
I think he has been in pow-
er too long. He has grown de-
tached. He really is like a tsar.
Below him people are ghting
amongst themselves, but they
are too scared to disagree with
him. He does not have friends
in the normal sense. There
may be people he likes, but
he is extremely paranoid.
Conversations with others
familiar with the corridors of
power suggest that recent key
decisions have been taken in
top secret and within a very
small circle, coming as a sur-
prise to almost all mid-level
Kremlin ofcials.
Previously, the presiden-
tial administration would
have round-table talks with
experts on important issues,
says Minchenko, the analyst.
On Ukraine, these meetings
have dried up since the new
year, with decisions such as
the annexation of Crimea
and the current military in-
tervention in east Ukraine
being taken by a small cote-
rie of advisers, most of whom
have backgrounds in the se-
curity services.
There were no discussions
about it, no brieng notes, no
focus groups, says Shaltai.
Two days before the decision
to annex Crimea was made by
Putin, almost nobody in the
presidential administration
knew anything about it.
Likewise, very few people
have a real idea of just how far
Russias armed intervention
in Ukraine will go. That, at
least, is partly because Putin
himself may not know. Putin,
say Kremlin watchers, has not
been acting according to a
long-gestating atavistic plan
to bring the Soviet Union back
to life in recent months.
Instead, he has felt forced
into corners, and decisions
like the annexation of Crimea
were taken at the last minute,
even if plans for the eventual-
ity were already on the shelf.
Putin is a conservative,
says a former Kremlin ofcial
who knows him personally.
Making dramatic decisions
is not his style. He is good
with speaking aggressively,
and is not politically correct
in the Western sense. But with
his actions, he has never been
a fan of dramatic moves. This
is why the last few months
have been so surprising.
With its new cycle lanes,
its hipster dining venues and
its gentried parks, Moscow
does not feel like a city that is
preparing for war. But scratch
the surface in the corridors
of power and there is a very
real belief in these apparently
outlandish scenarios.
Robert Shlegel, a pro-Krem-
lin MP, believes the US bomb-
ing of Moscow is a serious
possibility in the not-too-dis-
tant future: As a father I think
every day about where I could
evacuate my family to to the
Urals or Siberia, he said. Its
a very real threat.
The international anger
over the downing of MH17
over eastern Ukraine only
compounded this sense of
injustice in the Kremlin. Even
though the Russian president
presumably understands it
was Russia-backed rebels who
shot down MH17, he rmly
believes events put in train
by the US in Kiev are respon-
sible for the chaos in eastern
Ukraine, in which Russia was
forced to intervene.
That sense of despair at a
supposed dark Western anti-
Russian conspiracy is not
new, but it is stronger than
ever. One government ofcial,
in a private conversation, re-
cently ranted about the Wests
interference in Russia: May-
be we are barbarians, but only
because you wont leave us
alone to develop, said the of-
cial, claiming that for the last
century the West has repeat-
edly pulled Russia back, in a
number of conspiracies start-
ing with the 1917 revolution.
Russias perennially arrested
development has been a long-
running subject for the coun-
trys political thinkers: Give
the state 20 years and you will
not recognise Russia, con-
servative prime minister Petr
Stolypin said in 1909.
Stolypin did not get 20 years.
He was assassinated at the op-
era in Kiev two years later as
the country spiralled into the
abyss of war and revolution.
Putin is a keen reader of his-
tory and Stolypin is one of the
historical gures Putin most
admires. If he stands for an-
other six-year presidential
term in 2018, he will be on
course to have spent 24 years
at the helm.
Much of the policy over
Ukraine has been aimed at pre-
venting what is seen as a West-
ern-backed plot to undermine
his rule; at getting his chance
to make a real difference where
Stolypin could not.
Whatever happens in
Ukraine, few have any doubt
that Putin will seek to spend
another term in the Kremlin
when his term runs out in four
years. I have no doubt that he
will stand in 2018, the former
Kremlin adviser says.
He has no reason to leave.
He is popular, he thinks he is
better than other candidates,
he has a constitutional right to
run, and he sincerely believes
he is bringing a lot of good to
the country. THE GUARDIAN
Russian President Vladimir Putin gives a press conference after a summit in Minsk on Wednesday. AFP
Putin on a hunting trip in Siberia in 2007; inset, a villager walks past a
billboard near Donetsk depicting Putin as Hitler. AFP
He has been in power too long.
He has grown detached. He is
like a tsar. People are too
scared to disagree with him
Chris Dawe
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HE Guardian reports that an
influential Egyptian group
has requested that Western
observers make a crucial
nomenclature change. Egypts Dar al-
Ifta, which the Guardian describes as
a wing of the Egyptian justice minis-
try . . . [and] a source of religious
authority both inside and outside
Egypt, says that its not appropriate
to refer to the self-proclaimed Islam-
ic State currently fighting in Iraq and
Syria by that name. Instead, accord-
ing to Dar al-Ifta, we should call them
al-Qaida Separatists in Iraq and Syr-
ia, or alternately QSIS. You can learn
more by following the groups Call it
QS not IS social media campaign.
It makes a lot of sense that Dar al-
Ifta doesnt want the generic term
Islamic State applied to a terrorist
group. But I dont really see QSIS
gaining traction given that govern-
ments and the media still havent
reached a consensus about which of
the groups (at least) four previous
names to use.
Slates style is to refer to the group
as ISIS, for the Islamic State of Iraq
and Syria. This is as much for the
sake of consistency as anything else:
Its what we were calling them
before they became a household
name in the United States. During
its initial rise, the group was often
referred to in the US media simply
as al-Qaeda or al-Qaeda-linked,
though that hasnt been accurate
since at least February.
According to Poynter, the New York
Times, LA Times, ABC News, CBS
News and NBC News all use ISIS.
However, the US government, includ-
ing President Barack Obama, the Pen-
tagon, and the State Department,
uses ISIL, for Islamic State of Iraq
and the Levant.
The groups full Arabic name until
recently was Al-Dawla Al-Islamiya fi
al-Iraq wa al-Sham the Islamic State
of Iraq and al-Sham but theres
some confusion over what exactly al-
Sham refers to. Its a regional term for
Syria, or Greater Syria, that given the
groups territorial ambitions could
potentially refer to the entire Levant
region, including Israel, the Palestini-
an territories, Jordan and Lebanon.
Then, in June, the group declared a
caliphate and rebranded itself as
simply the Islamic State, reflecting
more global ambitions. This present-
ed a dilemma to news organisations.
The Associated Press, which had
been using ISIL, switched to Islamic
State, as did the Washington Post,
which had been using ISIS. Reuters
seems to use ISIS and Islamic State
Among people in the region,
including senior government officials,
the group is often referred to as
Daash, its Arabic acronym. This
name is usually used by the groups
opponents and, according to some
reports, saying it can be punishable
by 80 lashes in ISIS-controlled areas.
Terrorist groups think about brand-
ing as much as any other type of
organisation. Documents seized from
Osama bin Ladens compound show
that he considered changing the
name of his network from the gener-
ic-sounding al-Qaeida (the base).
The new names he pondered includ-
ed the Monotheism and Jihad Group,
the Monotheism and Defending
Islam Group, the Restoration of the
Caliphate Group and the Muslim Uni-
ty Group. None of them stuck.
Often, terrorist organisations dont
get to decide what theyre called.
Boko Haram started as a local nick-
name for a group whose full name
translates as People Committed to
the Propagation of the Prophets
Teachings and Jihad. (Boko Haram
also doesnt exactly mean Western
education is a sin, as its usually
translated. According to scholars of
the Hausa language, boko can also
mean fraud or inauthenticity.)
For ISIS and others, this much is
clear: Its not easy to control the mes-
sage when the people youve sworn to
kill are going to be the ones delivering
Joshua Keating
Why the Islamic State (or ISIS or
QSIS or ISIL) has so many names
Joshua Keating is a staff writer at Slate focus-
ing on international news and social science.
Demonstrators at a rally supporting Kurdistan hold placards protesting against the Islamic State in front of the White House last month. AFP
Terrorist groups think about branding as
much as any other type of organisation

Hollywood hack attack
nabs stars nude photos
NUDE photos purportedly
showing many top stars,
including Oscar-winner
Jennifer Lawrence and pop star
Rihanna were circulated on
social media on Sunday, in an
apparent massive hacking leak,
US media reported. Word of the
images began spreading early
on Sunday amid reports that
the photos had been obtained
by hacking iCloud accounts.
The leaked photos prompted
angry reactions from the stars
who had been exposed. This is
a flagrant violation of privacy.
The authorities have been
contacted and will prosecute
anyone who posts the stolen
photos of Jennifer Lawrence,
Lawrences agent told
entertainment media. AFP
Chelsea Clinton steps
down from TV news job
CHELSEA Clinton is out as a
special correspondent for NBC
News. The expectant mother,
who began her journalism
career with the network in
2011, announced the news in a
Facebook post on Friday. To
continue focusing on my work
at the Clinton Foundation and
as Marc and I look forward to
welcoming our first child, I have
decided to leave my position as
a NBC Special Correspondent,
Clinton wrote in a statement.
When she joined the network,
executives there said she was
brought on to help air good
news stories as part of NBCs
Making a Difference segments.
Clinton described her work as
helping to call attention to
stories about remarkable
people and organisations
making a profound difference in
our country and our world. THE
Lifestyle Lifestyle
Japanese designer marks 20th anniversary
ACCLAIMED for the delicate flower
embroidery and Japans seasonal motifs
of his clothes, Japanese fashion design-
er Keita Maruyama has reached the
20th anniversary of his namesake fash-
ion label.
Now 49, Maruyama was captivated
during middle school by designer Ken-
zo Takada, who was active in Paris. After
studying at Bunka Fashion College in
Tokyo and working as a designer for an
apparel manufacturer, Maruyama
struck out on his own.
Maruyama has presented his collec-
tions in Tokyo and Paris and designed
uniforms for Japan Airlines flight
attendants that debuted in June 2013.
He has also designed stage costumes
for musicians and actors, including the
popular band Dreams Come True, and
supervised the creation of kimono and
miscellaneous goods.
Since my debut, Ive been trying to
create clothes that make their wearers
feel happy and that can be a good part-
ner on their special occasions and in
daily life, Maruyama said.
He said he was very happy when he
saw people who carefully wore and pre-
served clothes from his early career, as
well as young women wearing Maru-
yama fashions handed down from their
With this mindset, he puts particular
energy and effort into designing wed-
ding dresses, which are a symbol of a
happy moment and memories.
Today, fast fashion is very popular,
and trendy styles have greatly changed
in the last 20 years.
Still, Maruyama said, I want to con-
tinue creating clothes that can fill wear-
ers hearts, without being influenced
by these changes. THE YOMIURI SHIMBUN
Tales of war and slaughter
darken Venice Film Festival
HE race for the Gold-
en Lion in Venice
took a dark turn on
Sunday with stories
of war and genocide, includ-
ing an ambitious tale that
has drawn death threats for
German-Turkish lmmaker
Fatih Akin.
The mass murder of Ar-
menians by the Ottomans in
1915 is the theme of Akins
latest lm The Cut a hugely
controversial subject, particu-
larly in Turkey, and one that
has sparked a violent reaction
from extremist groups.
I had seven or eight years
to prepare myself for the reac-
tion to the lm, its something
Im not surprised by. For art its
worth to die, he told journal-
ists in English in Venice.
In the lm, an Arme-
nian blacksmith (played by
French actor Tahar Rahim) is
separated from his wife and
two children in what is pres-
ent-day Turkey when the Ot-
tomans join the First World
War, and he is called up for
military service.
When bandits attack his
group of conscripts, the black-
smith is the only survivor. One
of the aggressors stabs him
in the neck rather than slit-
ting his throat, leaving him
alive but mute, with his vocal
chords severed.
As the years pass he be-
comes obsessed with nding
his daughters and sets off on
a quest which sees him trek
through Syria, Lebanon and
The brutal slaughter of
Armenians and the flight of
survivors to far-flung lands
are evoked in gut-wrench-
ing scenes, only slightly let
down by a dropoff in emo-
tional intensity in the films
second half.
The films co-writer,
Mardik Martin, who worked
with Martin Scorsese on
such classics as Raging Bull
and Mean Streets, told Ven-
ice hed come out of retire-
ment for The Cut because
it tackled a historical event
barely addressed in cinema.
Hitler said Why not kill
Jews? The Armenians were
annihilated in the First World
War and nobody said any-
thing about it, the 77-year-
old said.
Which just goes to show, if
you dont say anything about
genocide, we dont learn any-
thing, said Martin, who was
raised in Baghdad in an Arme-
nian family.
Up against The Cut for Ven-
ices top prize is Far From Men,
a tale of honour and friendship
set at the start of the Algerian
war of independence.
The lm, inspired by Albert
Camuss short story The Guest,
stars Viggo Mortensen of Lord
of the Rings fame as an Alge-
rian-born, French-speaking
schoolteacher who puts his
own safety at risk to defend
and protect an Arab farmer
accused of murder.
Set in 1954, the men embark
on a journey fraught with dan-
ger through the inhospitable
Atlas Mountains captured in
some breathtaking widescreen
shots as freedom ghters
and the French army ght in
the rocky outcrops.
French director David
Oelhoffens movie is less a de-
piction of the bloody uprising
than an exploration of exis-
tential questions posed by Ca-
mus, played out on a hostile
and isolated terrain far from
the reaches of the law.
What I love is that this mov-
ie is not an ideological take on
the historical period, place or
people. Its subversive because
it does not take sides, Viggo
told journalists, before head-
ing off to sign autographs for
screaming fans.
The actor, who learned Ara-
bic for the movie, said he had
travelled to Algeria to prepare
for the part and read every-
thing Camus ever wrote, add-
ing that he was particularly
inspired by one of the Nobel
Prize-winning authors phras-
es in particular.
The phrase is: Im not cut
out for politics, because I am
incapable of desiring or ac-
cepting the death of my adver-
sary, and I thought that cap-
tured perfectly my characters
attitude and the lms soul,
he said. AFP
Above, a scene from The Cut, which looks at the mass murder of Armenians by the Ottomans in 2015. Below, French actor Tahar Rahim (left)
arrives with Turkish director Fatih Akin for the screening. PHOTO SUPPLIED/AFP
Acclaimed for his ower embroidery and seasonal motifs, designer Keita Maruyama
is celebrating the 20th anniversary of his fashion label. THE YOMIURI SHIMBUN
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summer at
Jersey Shore
N THE US, summer of-
cially starts on Memorial
Day weekend, but for me,
it didnt truly begin until
last Monday, a week before its
ofcial end.
Americans have about 14
weeks to seize summer. The cal-
endar grants us three months to
get our ll of sun, sand, ocean,
tanned arms and no socks. So
what happened to my allotted
time? Last I remember, I was
greeting the incoming season
on a beach in Rhode Island, but
after that its all a blur.
But summer wasnt over yet,
and I had a plan to salvage it. Id
pack an entire season into one
day. My summer of 2014 would
start and end in Wildwood.
Wildwood, on the Jersey
Shore, contains all the love
potion ingredients for a sum-
mertime ing. The area has a
2-mile-long boardwalk teem-
ing with arcade games, theme
park rides, fried foods and
brain-freeze frozen treats. Most
important, since I had only 24
hours of summer: The beach
stays open till 10pm, and the
attractions dont go dark till
At 10pm, the boardwalk was
still bouncing. I walked the en-
tire length. Every few minutes,
I would hear a soft rumble and
a voice calling out: Watch the
tram, please. Then a line of
mustard-yellow cars would roll
by, packed with visitors and
their stuffed-animal prizes.
I wandered into some of the
shops, browsing cheap sun-
dresses and brash T-shirts. I
swung into a cooking store
and picked up a jar of mango-
and-pineapple salsa to satisfy
a quarter-to-midnight crav-
ing. At a jewelry and clothing
store called Casino, the owner
shouted a three-minute warn-
ing. Yes, he was talking to me.
Despite my late night, I rose
early, feeling the pull of the
suns warm rays through the
motel room window.
Four times a week, Charla
Lewis holds $5 yoga classes on
the stretch of sand behind the
convention centre. I met her at
the end of the ramp, where she
stood with a sign-up sheet.
I positioned my mat next
to a daughter and her mother,
who were vacationing here for
the week. The daughter was a
teacher in Princeton, and the
rst day of school hovered like
the gulls overhead.
I always say summer goes
too fast, she said, but this
year, it really did.
Sadly, recess was almost over.
Charla, however, set my mind
at ease and helped me sink into
summer or at least the lumpy
sand beneath my towel.
Tap into the rhythm of the
ocean. Let it pull you in and
out, she instructed.
After yoga, I rented a bike for
two hours before heading to
the beach.
I entered the beach via the
convention center ramp, paus-
ing to watch a man respond to
the urgent beeps of his metal
detector. (False alarm: It was
a silver wrapper.) The beach
was a small kingdom of sand
castles, with some of the roy-
als employing fairly talented
contractors. The ocean was as
warm as tepid tea.
In the late afternoon, I re-
turned to the boardwalk, sur-
rendering to the urge to play
arcade games. I tried the claw
machine, a smirking penguin
slipping out of the metal n-
gers. I tossed quarters at plates
and aimed darts at balloons. A
little boy hit; I missed. Finally,
I found a booth with balloons
the size of cabbages. I threw
the sharp missile and pop went
the target. The attendant let me
choose among the stuffed ma-
rine life: I picked a red sh.
The air was turning cool. My
sh and I lined up for the Giant
Wheel behind a trio of teenag-
ers. They invited me into their
car. The ride paused at the
highest point. Below, the beach
stretched long and wide, with a
sprinkling of people who, from
this vantage point, appeared as
tiny as peppercorns.
Hey, I can see the metal de-
tector guy down there, said
one of the girls, peering over
the left side.
To the west, the sun appeared
red and round, and melted
down the sides of the horizon.
Within minutes, another day of
summer would slip away, but I
was now ready to say goodbye.
Day or night, the boardwalk in Wildwood, New Jersey, is a popular
attraction and for good reason. THE WASHINGTON POST

11am - LES MISERABLES: In 19th-century France, Jean
Valjean, who for decades has been hunted by the
ruthless policeman Javert afer breaking parole, agrees
to care for a factory workers daughter. The decision
changes their lives for ever. Stars: Hugh Jackman, Russell
Crowe and Anne Hathaway. HBO
3:40pm - LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER: Video game
adventuress Lara Crof comes to life in a movie where
she races against tme and villains to recover powerful
ancient artfacts. Stars: Whoopi Goldberg, Maggie Smith,
Kathy Najimy. HBO
5:20pm - SISTER ACT: When a worldly singer witnesses a
mob crime, the police hide her as a nun in a traditonal
convent where she has trouble ftng in. HBO
7pm - COLLATERAL: A cab driver fnds himself the
hostage of an engaging contract killer as he makes his
rounds from hit to hit during one night in Los Angeles.
He must fnd a way to save both himself and one last
victm. Stars: Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx and Jada Pinket
Smith. HBO
Thinking caps Thinking caps
1 Stairway segment
5 Goes for a stroll
10 ___ du jour (restaurant special)
14 Slightly singe
15 Agent Ness
16 Per unit
17 Constellation or mythical ship
18 Curriculum ___ (brief resume)
19 Active European volcano
20 Future lobsters, perhaps
21 In fine ___ (fit)
22 As soon as
23 Enrico the physicist
25 Run out, as a subscription
27 Some films, briefly
30 Salon solution
34 Orchid named for part of a bird
37 Dish for serving soup
38 Trafficking amount, perhaps
39 Sign up for more issues
41 Right on the map
42 Old-style call to arms
44 Company once known for its
46 Works behind the bar
47 Strong strings
48 Moth-___ (timeworn)
50 More than desires
54 Touched in the head
57 Counteract
60 Yeomans yes
61 Rigoletto highlight
62 ___ subpoena on (summon)
63 Look through a swimsuit issue
64 Provider of a pick-me-up?
65 Andean stimulants
66 Harsh criticism
67 Adams offspring
68 Unable to sit still
69 Kind of column, in math
1 Complement to earmuffs
2 Painful pang
3 Keen
4 Debate position
5 Contraction for more than one
6 Hit terra firma
7 Good trivia entry
8 Arboreal marsupials
9 Make tea
10 Legendary Dodgers shortstop
11 Wooden strip
12 Part of a breakout
13 Easier said ___ ...
21 Literary Huck
24 Oft-overlooked thing
26 Moo ___ pork
28 Prefix meaning skin
29 Water one can walk on
31 Straight up at the bar
32 Hatchlings home
33 Climactic lead-in
34 Game with a 32-card deck
35 Strategem meant to fool
36 President Arthurs middle name
37 Minnesota player
40 Biblical judge and priest
43 1994 World Cup host
45 Air duct
47 Skillet coating
49 Puccini masterpiece
51 Its always below par
52 Big name in rock history
53 Looks for
54 Holdings of some banks
55 Iraqi, e.g.
56 Prix ___ (menu phrase)
58 Therapeutic spots
59 Like taking candy from a baby
63 Time and again, to Whitman
Mondays solution Mondays solution

The worlds most famous team of crime-fight-
ing, pizza-loving turtles fights an evil kingpin
who is trying to take over New York City.
City Mall: 7:50pm, 9:40pm
Tuol Kork: 5:40pm
In the far reaches of space, an American pilot
named Peter Quill finds himself the object of a
manhunt after stealing an orb coveted by the
villainous Ronan.
Tuol Kork: 9:40pm
When a team of explorers ventures into the
catacombs that lie beneath the streets of Paris,
they uncover the dark secret that lies within
this city of the dead.
City Mall: 5:55pm, 10:05pm
Storm trackers, thrill-seekers, and everyday
townspeople document an unprecedented
onslaught of tornadoes touching down.
City Mall: 5:55pm, 10pm
Tuol Kork: 10:10pm
Some of Sin Citys most hard-boiled citizens cross
paths with a few of its more reviled inhabitants.
City Mall: 9:45pm
Tuol Kork: 7:55pm
(As above.)
11:15am, 8:30pm
(As above.)
1:10pm, 6:50pm
(As above.)
9:20am, 5pm
Exhibition @ Romeet
Made from corn tortillas cooked from
scratch and prepared in authentic
taquiera style. Buy one cocktail and
get a free taco with your purchase.
Cocina Cartel, #198b Street 19.
Improve your French at Institut Francais Cafe Polyglotte tonight. BLOOMBERG
Hugh Jackman plays the leading man in Les
Miserables, on HBO this morning. BLOOMBERG
Come and join the Caf Polyglotte at
the Institut Francais to practise your
French and any other language of
your choice. Promises a sociable and
educational evening.
Institut Francais, # 218 Street 184
French @ Institut Francais
Tacos @ Cocina Cartel
Network @ CoLAB
Artists participating in the Time to
Think exhibition include Anida Yoeu Ali,
Sou Sophy, Oeur Sokuntevy, Linda Kert,
Tes Vannorng, Khchao Touch and Sao
Romeet Gallery, Street 178.
All day
Join CoLAB for an informal drinks night
designed to those who want to meet
other professionals at the monthly
networking meet-up and pop up bar.
CoLAB, #263, Street 163
Rent $1900/M South Russian Mar-
ket Private Terrace Big Living room
3Bed, 3Bathroom, Western
Kitchen, Very Nice River Views
Tel 077 777 697 / 012 939 958
Rent Boeung Keng Kang1 BKK1
Area $900/M 1Bedroom, 1Bath
$1400/Month 2Bedroom, 2Bath
Big Living room, Western Kitchen
Tel 077 777 697 / 012 939 958

Rent $2500/M Tonle Basac Area
Big Living room, Wester Kitchen
4Bedroom, 5Bath, Full Furnish
Nice Garden Good for Resident
Tel 077 777 697 / 012 939 958
Rent: in Tonle Basac, Roof Swim
Pool $750~$850/M for 1Bedroom
$1000~$1500/Month 2Bedroom
Big Living room, Western Kitchen
Tel 077 777 697 / 012 939 958
Rent $600/M in Tonle Basac Area
1Living room, 2Bedroom, 2Bath
Fully Furnished, Big Balcony
Tel 077 777 697 / 012 939 958
777 697
Rent $800/M in Tonle Basac Area
1Living room, 2Bedroom, 2Bath
Fully Furnished, Big Balcony
Tel 077 777 697 / 012 939 958

Boeung Kok2, Toul Kok Area
$3000/M, Big Living room Western
Kitchen 5Bedroom 5Ba
Tel 077 777 697 / 012 939 958
Building 1 For RENT at monthly
price $275-$700, fully furnished,
receptionists, security guards, backup
power, elevator, safe environment
and security camera Location: #37,
ST. 111, Boeung Brolit
012 944 191 | 012 912 651
Building 2 For RENT at monthly
price $620-$900. Fully furnished
1&2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen,
dining room, balcony, internet,
water, cable TV included. Location:
#31, ST. 113, Boeung Brolit
012 944 191 | 012 912 651

Building 3 For RENT, a fully
furnished 1 bedroom, nice river view
from your balcony, price $500/m
with free internet, water, cable TV,
maintenance Location: #112, St.
Tonle Sap (peninsular)
012 944 191 | 012 912 651
Building 4 For RENT, a luxurious
2bedrooms, living room, kitchen,
dining room, monthly price 1,040$,
free for internet, water, cable TV.
Location: #247, ST.51 St. 360, BKK1
012 569 832| 012 944 191
Centers- $10/M2 Facilities Included:
A/Cs, Carpeting oor, Lighting
system, exhausted fans, External
partition and large parking space
Location: Parkway Square, Mao
Tse Toung Blvd, Phnom Penh
012 944 191 | 012 912 651

Please visit VTRUSTServiced
Apartments for requirement of
fully furnished studio room, one
bedroom & 2 bedrooms with price
starts from $275/Month
012 944 191 | 012 912 651
EcoResort intheCardamom Mountains
Memoria Palace & Resort
4 bed with 5 bath located in BKKI,
Basic furnished, clean, Western
kitchen, big living room, balcony,
& nice garden, closed to ISPP, Super
market, UN ofce, and riverside.
Rent: $2500 /m Tel: 012 879 231
for rent 05 bed with bath located in
DP, Basic furnished, clean, west-
ern kitchen, big living room, nice
swimming pool, big parking.
Rent: $3500 /m Tel: 012 879 231
rent 3 bed with bath, furnished,
clean, western kitchen, big living
room, big parking, and safe, swim-
ming pool and gym on the top oor.
location: BKKI Tel: 012 503 356
for rent 3 bed with bath, furnished,
clean, western kitchen, big living
room, big parking, and safe,
swimming pool, gym, quiet.
Rent: 2400 USD/month Location:
BKKI Tel: 012 503 356
rent 1-2-3 beds, 3 bath, available
near Independence, fully furnished
quiet, many trees around, western
kitchen, bright inside Price :
$ 700-1700-2000/ m 012 503 356
for rent 1-2-3 bed, bath, furnished,
swimming pool, gym, some service
included in the rent, located in
CKM. Price: 1200 USD/ month.
Tel: 012 879 231
American Pacifc School High quality programs for
ESL: Preschool Gr8, Khmer: Kindergarten Gr6 and
Foreign teachers who are native speakers.
Register now for 2014 - 2015
Classes start: August 04, 2014
#100 St. Pasteur (St.51 St.200)
Tel: (855)23 214 825 (Khmer/English)
(855)15 716 727 (Khmer)
Super Specials. Sirloin
(USA) $10.50 Or T-Bone (AUS) $11.50
#8, St. 240. TEL: 023 215 415
(At Steves Steakhouse)
Fresh Spring Rolls, Grilled Beef and
Stcky Rice @ only $5.50!
#8, St. 240. TEL: 023 215 415
Cuban or Cuban Quality Nicaraguan
Startng at $9. Buy any 2 cigars and shot of
single malt for free.
#8, St. 240. TEL: 023 215 415
Boutique, Hotel, Apartment
300m from pub street (Siem Reap)
Size: 2136m
, Price: 234$/m
Tel: 097 45 55 877
-Available 1bed, 2bed & 3bed
-Very safe, quiet locaton next to
Chinese Embassy.
-Spacious Parking, Lif, and Generator
(Safe for Blackout)
-Free water/garbage/gym/parking fee
-24h security system/18 CCTV/Smoke
& heat Detector System 24h
-Fully Furnished-incl. 42 LED, Fridge,
Washing Machine, A/C, Gas stove,
-FreeInternet WIFI andCableTVsystem
-Free cleaning service x2, bed
sheet change x1 a week
-Fitness Club&Open-terraceonRoofop
Address: #242&#102,St.416&456,Tu
olTompongI&TumnupToek, Chamkar-
mon, Phnom Penh
Tel: Khmer/Eng - 017562750
Korean/Eng - 010365253
Location: near russian market
House size: 4m x 20m
Tel: 016 721 266/ 077 494 976
Rent $500/M near Independent
Monument, 1Living room
2Bedroom, 2Bath, Furnished
Contact to see Tel: 077 777 697
Rent $750/MIndependent Monument
1Living room, 2Bedrooms, 2Bath
Motor Parking, Fully Furnished
Contact to see Tel: 077 777 697
Rent $950/M near Independent
Monument, 1Living room
4Bedroom, 4Bath, Furnished
Contact to see Tel: 077 777 697
Urgent $830,000 in Borey Tonle
Basac Land: 14mx22m Ho:
11m x 16m Big Living room,
Wester Kitchen 4Bath 4Bath
Contact to see Tel: 012 939 958
1-Land 15m x 25m Sale:$750,000
on road 9m, good for build Apt
2-Land size 15m x 25m on Corner
Sale: $980,000 on main road: 12m
More Information Tel: 012 939 958
Cheaper Market
1-Land size 100mx300m or 3Hacta
Price: $260/m2 Doung Ngeat Road
2- size 38m x 40m Corner Street
Sale: $680,000 Komin Khmer Road
More Information Tel: 012 939 958
Location at Riverside area near
Night Market. 2 oors. Lease
$1000/M, 4 years left. Price $24,000.
Contact: 070 475 230 (Eng),
: 010 66 56 92 (Kh&Eng)
For Rent InBassakGardenCity, 04
bed, very largelivingroom, very nice
design, fully andmodernfurnished,
modernkitchen, nicebalcony, big
parkingandplayground, quiet &safe.
thebest locationfor residence.
Price: US$3,500/month
Tel: 092 23 26 23/ 081 23 00 00
In BKKI area 04 bedrooms, large &
open living room, basic furniture,
western kitchen, garden and trees,
big parking and playground, quiet
& safety. the best location for resi-
dence and ofce. Price: $3,500/m
Tel: 092 23 26 23/ 081 23 00 00
In Daun Penh area (close to Inde-
pendent Monument), 04 bed , large
&open living room, basic furniture,
western kitchen, garden and trees,
playground, quiet & safety. the best
location for residence and ofce.
Price: US$4,000/month
Tel: 092 23 26 23/ 081 23 00 00

Villa For Rent In North bridge area,
05 bed plus 01 ofce room, large
living room, very nice design, fully
& modern furnished, nice pool &
garden, western kitchen, nice bal-
cony, big parking Price: $3,000/m
Tel: 092 23 26 23/ 081 23 00 00

In Bassak Garden City, 03 bed , large
living room, nice design, fully &
modern furnished, western kitchen,
nice balcony, big parking &
playground, nice garden and trees,
quiet & safe. Price: $2,000/m
Tel: 092 23 26 23/ 081 23 00 00
In BKK3 area, 05 bedrooms, big
living room, western kitchen, park-
ing and play ground, very good for
residence and ofce, very quiet and
safety area.
Price: US$3,500/month
Tel: 092 23 26 23/081 23 00 00
For Rent In Daun Penh area (close
to Independent Monument), 03
bedrooms, large and open living
room, basic furniture, western
kitchen, garden and trees, quiet &
safety. Price: US$1,000/month
Tel: 092 23 26 23/ 081 23 00 00
For Rent In Daun Penh area (close
to Independent Monument), 1 bed,
large and open living room, basic
furniture, western kitchen, very big
balcony with many owers, quiet &
safety. Price: US$450/month
Tel: 092 23 26 23/ 081 23 00 00
For Rent In Boeung Trobek area,
02 bed, large and open living room,
basic furniture, western kitchen,
garden and trees, quiet & safety.
the best location for residence.
Price: US$650/month
Tel: 092 23 26 23/ 081 23 00 00

For Rent BKK1, 01-02 Bedrooms,
very nice interior designed, large
living room, very light, fully and
modern furniture, western Kitchen,
good condition for living, quiet &
safe. Price: US$800-1,400/month
Tel: 092 23 26 23/ 081 23 00 00

Rent Located in BKKI, 01-02
bedrooms, Large living room, fully
and modern furnished, modern
kitchen, nice balcony, roof top gym,
very good condition for living
Price: US$1,200-US$1,400/month
Tel: 092 23 26 23/081 23 00 00

Rent Located in East of Russian
Market, 01-03 bed, large living
room, fully and modern furnished,
modern kitchen, roof top pool and
gym, nice balcony, lots of light, very
good condition for living.
Price: US$850-US$1,300/month
Tel: 092 23 26 23/081 23 00 00
Rent Located in BKKI, 01-02 bed-
rooms, large living room, fully and
nice furnished, western kitchen,
very big balcony, very good condi-
tion for living, big parking lot.
Price: US$800-US$1,200/month
Tel: 092 23 26 23/081 23 00 00

Apartment For Rent Located in
BKKI, 01&02&03 bed, roof top pool
& gym, open living room, fully &
modern furnished, western kitchen,
nice balcony, very safety area,
Price: $1,200-$1,800-$2,000/m
Tel: 092 23 26 23/081 23 00 00
Apartment For Rent Located in Tonle
Bassak area (near Independent
Monument), 01&02 bed, roof top
pool & gym, open living room, fully
&modernfurnished, modernkitchen,
Price: $1,100-$1,400 m
Tel: 092 23 26 23/081 23 00 00
Rent Located in Daun Penh area
(near BKKI), 02 bed, open living
room, fully and nice furnished,
western kitchen, nice balcony, very
good condition for living, very quiet
and safety. Price: US$750/month
Tel: 092 23 26 23/081 23 00 00
For Rent Located at Daun Penh
Area, 01-02-03 bed, modern design
and lots of light, open living room,
fully & modern furnished, western
kitchen, nice balcony, nice pool &
gym, very good condition for living.
Price: $1,200-1,500-2,300/month
Tel: 092 23 26 23/081 23 00 00
For Rent Located at Wat Phnom
Area, 01-02-03 bedrooms, modern
design and lots of light, open living
room, fully and modern furnished,
western kitchen, very nice balcony,
nice pool and gym, good condition
for living. Price: $1,200-1,500m
Tel: 092 23 26 23/081 23 00 00

located in on the main street (near
Independent Monument),
230 sqm and $3000 per month,
big parking lot.
Tel: 092 23 26 23/ 081 23 00 00
located in on the main street,
200sqm plus and 300 sqm plus
and $14 per sqm per month,
big parking lot.
Tel: 092 23 26 23/ 081 23 00 00
In Bassak Garden City, 03 bed,
large living room, very modern
designed, some furniture, western
kitchen, nice balcony, big parking
and playground, very safety, The
best location for residence.
Price: US$2,500/month
Tel: 092 23 26 23/ 081 23 00 00
At Tonle Bassak area,
04bedrooms, some furnished,
western kitchen, very safety, very
nice trees, very good condition for
living and ofce.
Price: US$1,800/month
Tel: 092 23 26 23/ 081 23 00 00
For Rent In Daun Penh, 03
bedrooms, some furnished, very
nice and clean kitchen, very safety,
very nice garden and many trees,
very good condition for living.
Price: US$3,000/month
Tel: 092 23 26 23/ 081 23 00 00
Rent At Toul Kork area, 03bed,
some furnished, western kitchen,
very safety and very quiet, very nice
trees, very good condition for living
and ofce. Price: US$1,500 /month
Tel: 092 23 26 23/ 081 23 00 00

At BKKI, 03bedrooms, some
furnished, very niceandcleankitchen,
very safety, very nicetrees, very good
conditionfor livingandoffice.
Price: US$2,000/month
Tel: 092232623/ 081230000

For Rent Near Independent
Monument, 03 bedrooms, very
big and open living room, western
kitchen, big balcony, very good for
residence, very quiet and safety
area. Price: US$800/month
Tel: 092 23 26 23/081 23 00 00

Rent Located in Daun Penh area
(close to Independent Monument),
01 bedrooms, large living room,
some furnished, nice kitchen, quiet
& safe. big balcony, the best location
for residence.: US$450/m per sqm.
Tel: 092 23 26 23/ 081 23 00 00
Rent Located in BKKI, 01 bedroom,
open living room and kitchen, fully
and modern furnished, very safety
area, very quiet,
very good condition for living.
Price: USD750/month
Tel: 092 23 26 23/081 23 00 00
Rent Located in Tonle Bassak area
(close to BKKI), 01 bedroom, open
living room and kitchen, fully and
modern furnished, very safety area,
very quiet, very good condition for
living. Price: 450/m
Tel: 092 23 26 23/081 23 00 00
LocatedalongNorodomBlvd, 100to
1700sqm, bigparkinglot, bigelevator,
bigstaircase, 24hsecurity andmany
Price: US$12- $14/monthper sqm.
Tel: 092232623/ 081230000

Located a long Norodom Blvd,
400 sqm , parking lot, big
elevator, big staircase, 24h
security and many facilities
Price: US $15/month per sqm.
Tel: 092 23 26 23/ 081 23 00 00
Rent located in on the main street,
size: 8x20m, 07bedrooms, 04
stories, very good for showrooms,
banks, micronance, and other
business purpose, big parking lot.
Tel: 092 23 26 23/ 081 23 00 00
Price: US$5,500/sqm
Rent located in on the main street,
size: ground oor 8x20m and
rst oor is 12x16m, 03 stories,
very good for showrooms, banks,
micronance, and other business
purpose, big parking lot.
Price: US$3,500/sqm
Tel: 092 23 26 23/ 081 23 00 00

A long road No 04 (Factory zone),
Size: 6600 sqm, electricity and
water are connected, very standard
quality, good environment, very
easy to nd workers. $1.8/sqm
Tel: 092 23 26 23/081 23 00 00

Rent Near Russian Market, 01-02
Bed, very nice interior designed,
large living room, very light, fully &
modern furniture, western kitchen,
very good condition for living, quiet
& safe. Price: $600-1,100/m
Tel: 092 23 26 23/ 081 23 00 00

Wake up and smell the
gloves at SEA TV station
A BRAND new boxing
competition, titled Ganzberg Top
Fighter, will give local fights fans
an early weekend wake-up call
with bouts slated to be held at
SEA TV station arena on Sunday
mornings. During a press
conference yesterday, Heng
Sothea, chief of marketing at
German beer company
Ganzberg, told reporters:
Although traditional boxing
events, hosted in cooperation
between Ganzberg brewery and
SEA TV, were launched after
other TV channels in Cambodia,
ours emerged as one of our
most popular programs. Hence,
we are encouraged to start the
first boxing competition which
occurs in the morning. Heng
Sothea added that the first and
third weeks of the tournament
would involve international
fighters, with three Thai fighters
booked to face Cambodian
combatants this Sunday. YEUN
Japan baseball game
lasts for 50 innings
IN A scenario more usually
associated with its cousin,
cricket, a baseball game in
Japan dragged on for four days
with two high school teams
slogging it out over a record 50
innings. Chukyo and Sotoku
began their slug-fest on
Thursday in the semifinal of
Japans high school rubber-
ball baseball championship in
Akashi, western Japan. But
after the usual nine innings in
which both teams pitchers
outfoxed all batters for a
scoreless draw, the game went
into extra time. For two solid
days, batters repeatedly
stepped up to the plate only to
be dismissed without a single
run being scored. It wasnt until
Sunday morning that Chukyos
captain broke the deadlock,
walloping a double in the
record-breaking 50th inning.
That inspired a teammate, who
scored one more later in the
inning, giving Chukyo a hard-
earned 3-0 victory. It also
landed Taiga Matsui, the teams
ace pitcher, with a truly
impressive set of figures,
having been hit just 26 times off
a whopping 709 balls. AFP
Sharapova crashes as
Bencic, Federer through
MARIA Sharapova crashed out
of the US Open Sunday while
17-year-old Belinda Bencic
became the youngest womens
quarterfinalist since 1997 giving
Switzerland a double boost after
Roger Federer had moved into
the last-16. Sharapovas defeat
at the hands of fellow former
world number one Caroline
Wozniacki meant that only three
of the top 10 seeds in the
womens draw were left
standing after Bencic had taken
care of ninth-ranked Jelena
Jankovic. Chinas Peng Shuai
reached her first singles
quarterfinal at a major by
beating experienced Czech
Lucie Safarova while, in the
mens draw, fourth-seed David
Ferrer was defeated by Gilles
Simon of France. AFP
Timothy roughs it out, Srey Pov stays unbeaten
H S Manjunath
BOUNCING back from a shaky
start, Tep Timothy overcame
Keps poster boy Sen Sophon
1-6, 6-2, 6-3 to win his first Boys
U14 singles title this year in the
fourth Junior Tennis Tourna-
ment at the National Training
Center on Sunday even as Hour
Srey Povs total dominance
among the U14 girls continued
unchallenged for the 10th tour-
nament in a row.
Srey Pov, the wonder girl from
Kandal provinces Boeung
Khyang commune, has tasted
nothing but success for well
over a year and she was in her
comfort zone right from the
start as she stood like a wall in
front of a hapless Sary Sodaney,
who could only snatch one
game as a poor consolation in
a 6-0, 6-1 defeat.
It will be interesting to see if
Srey Pov can keep her winning
form going through the rest of
the calendar year.
After coming through a
tough three-setter against
defending champion Klang
Punlok in the semis, Tep Timo-
thy was somewhat tentative in
the first set of the final as Sen
Sophon exploited the slew of
errors flowing from the other
side of the court.
But midway through the sec-
ond set, Timothy had regained
his composure, which helped
him close it out fairly quickly.
The deciding set saw both
players attacking the other at
every opportunity, leading to
some fierce exchanges. Timo-
thy kept his nerve and played
the pressure points better than
Sen Sophon, who also had a
tough time in the semifinals
before slipping past Chheang
Vannisith 6-4, 6-4.
Top-seed Chheang Vannasak
was widely expected to take his
third Boys U18 title this year
but what came as a surprise
was the stiff challenge he had
to face from Sok Vichet in a
final that went the full distance,
6-7, 7-5, 6-0.
In fact the title holder was
seemingly in big trouble after
losing the first set tie-break and
lapsing into unforced errors in
the second. Yet Vannasak man-
aged to steady himself midway
through the set and once he
forced the match to the third
set, it was obvious that Vichet
had lost the momentum.
Not only did Vannasak find
his rhythm in the decider but
he also picked on Vichets back-
hand to dish out a love set.
The top tier of the Boys U12
event saw Leng Sarinreach
back to his old touch against
the much-fancied Cheum Sey-
ha, who was also hampered by
a slight injury he picked up
during play. Sarinreach used
his solid ground strokes to sub-
due Seyha 6-2, 6-1 in the final.
In the second tier (Flight B),
Gabriel Goossens came out
on top beating Ngong San of
ASPECA orphanage in Kep
6-0, 7-5.
This was Sans second loss in
a final. In the previous tourna-
ment, he had been beaten by
Nel Samnang of Boeung
Khyang, who this time around
lost to Gabriel Goossens in the
semis 7-6, 6-2, while San him-
self had a relatively easy time
in the last four clash with Eng
Mutt of Battambang, winning
6-0, 6-2.
The Girls U12 event was
reduced to a three-player
round-robin. Sang Sokhea of
Koh Krabei emerged as the vic-
tor after beating Battambangs
Roert Sreynu, who was making
her competitive debut. Sokhea
won 4-2, 4-0.
The Girls U18 final had a
familiar ring about it with
friends and practice partners
Cheng Channeang and Ith
Leakhena fighting it out.
What made this meeting
between two Boeung Khyang
players special was the fact
that Ith Leakhena had bro-
ken Channeangs domina-
tion in the previous tourna-
ment. But this time it was
not to be as Channeang
regained her spot as cham-
pion with a 7-5, 6-2 win.
Initially there were 73 par-
ticipants but a few did not
show up because of injury or
other reasons. We finished
with 68 players, Tennis Cam-
bodias head of junior develop-
ment Mam Phalkun told the
Post yesterday.
Hagar has been great and
the kids have been very happy
with the food provided by our
partner. Coca Cola provided
Aquarius, which is an isotonic
drink ideal for athletes. The
players greatly benefited from
Aquarius and Dasani water
that Coca Cola made available
for the tournament.
Ezecom has been a strong
supporter and we are proud
to have them as one of our
sponsors for the national jun-
ior tournaments. So really a
big thanks to all our partners
for another successful event,
he added.
Chheang Vannasak clinched the
Boys U18 title at the National
Junior Tennis Tournament on
Marin stuns
Li as Chen
defeats Lee
PAINS Carolina Marin pulled
off a monumental upset as
she beat Chinese world num-
ber one Li Xuerui to win the
womens singles title at the Badmin-
ton World Championships in Copen-
hagen on Sunday.
But Chen Long restored Chinese
pride by winning the mens singles,
inicting a third successive nal de-
feat on Malaysias world number one
Lee Chong Wei.
Marin, the 21-year-old ninth seed,
recovered from dropping the open-
ing game to the top seed and Olympic
champion to complete an incredible
17-21, 21-17, 21-18 victory and earn
her country its rst ever major title in
the sport.
I dont have any words . . . It was a
fantastic match, said Marin.
She played amazing rallies in the
rst set and her strokes are so good.
My coach told me if I wanted to win
I had to ght until the end. I fought to
the end, thats what I did. I feel so ex-
Asked whether she felt nerves with
victory in sight, Marin replied: Not so
much. I wanted to enjoy it in my rst
nal and I did that.
Li had rarely looked in trouble dur-
ing her run to the nal and she again
looked at ease with her terric stroke
play proving too much for the tena-
cious Marin in the opening game.
However, the Spaniard, reigning Euro-
pean champion, was undeterred and
came out positively at the start of the
second set as she established an early
lead before Li reeled her back in.
This time though Marin responded
by taking the attack to her opponent
for whom the nerves perhaps began
to take hold as Li began to misre
more regularly.
From 15-all Marin upped her stan-
dards and carved out three set points
at 20-17 before levelling the contest as
Li hit wide.
The Chinese regrouped in the third
game, but a cross-court pass moved
Marin to within two points of an im-
probable victory.
Li then drilled long to make it 20-18
in favour of Marin who then fell to the
court in delight on the subsequent
point as Li planted her shot into the
net with the Spaniard becoming the
rst European womens world singles
champion since Denmarks Camilla
Martin in 1999.
For Li it was yet another agonising
defeat after she fell at the nal hurdle
a year ago on home soil in Guangzhou
to Thailands Ratchanok Intanon.
Later, the top-seeded Lee went
down 21-19, 21-19 to Chen, the sec-
ond seeded Chinese player.
Lee held an early lead and looked
good up till 9-8. But there were two
ominous rallies immediately after
that, in which his best manoeuvrings
were unable to wear down Chens ath-
letic defence.
The nal rally of the rst game was
an outstanding one, and ended with
a net shot oating slightly too high by
Lee, enabling Chen to put it away.
Nevertheless Lee almost pulled
back a six-point decit in the sec-
ond game. When it really mattered
his deft combinations of net shots,
clears and ambushing attacks were
not quite robust enough to survive
the tenacious defence and sudden
erce smashes of his physically more
powerful opponent.
At match point Chen found a per-
fect tumbling net shot which touched
the top of the net before falling over.
I am not yet the world number one.
I will take some rest and get ready for
the Asian Games, said Chen.
Meanwhile South Korea struck gold
in the mens doubles as Ko Sung-
hyun and Shin Baek-choel, the 12th
seeds, beat fellow countrymen Lee
Yong-dae and Yoo Yeon-seong 22-20,
21-23, 21-18. AFP
Spains Carolina Marin competes against Chinas Li Xuerui during the womens single nal
match at the 2014 BWF Badminton World championships on Sunday. AFP

Man United agree loan
deal for striker Falcao
MANCHESTER United have
agreed a sensational deal to
sign Colombia striker
Radamel Falcao on a season-
long loan from Monaco,
according to widespread
British media reports
yesterday. The prolific 28-year-
old forward, who missed the
World Cup with a serious knee
injury, has also been linked
with Real Madrid, Manchester
City and Arsenal. But several
media outlets, including the
Press Association, the BBC
and Sky Sports, reported that
United had secured his
services subject to a medical
examination on the final day
of the close-season transfer
window. If completed, the deal
would leave United manager
Louis van Gaal with a rich pool
of striking talent, as Falcao
would join Robin van Persie
and Wayne Rooney at Old
Trafford. AFP
Polcie arrest six as
Malaysian fans riot
SIX people were arrested after
football fans rioted and
torched a police car in
Malaysia before being
dispersed by tear gas and
baton-charges, an official said
yesterday. Local media said
about 2,000 people were
involved in disturbances after
Sarawaks team were knocked
out of the Malaysia Cup when
they drew 1-1 with rival state
Perak on Saturday. Five
policemen suffered minor
injuries after stones and
broken bottles were hurled at
them, while some fans were
also hurt and needed medical
attention. Sarawak FA
president Sudarsono Osman
told AFP that the incident,
which lasted for about two
hours, took place despite the
presence of 400 police. AFP
Messi set to miss 2014
World Cup final rematch
ARGENTINA captain Lionel
Messi will miss his sides
friendly against world
champions Germany
tomorrow due to a groin strain,
his club side Barcelona
confirmed yesterday. The
match offers Argentina an
immediate chance for revenge
for their agonising 1-0 extra-
time defeat to Germany in the
World Cup final last month. AFP
Dan Riley
THE third week of the Premier
League saw further malaise
for Man United fans, while
Chelsea and Swansea sup-
porters had yet more reasons
to be cheerful.
The Cellcard Fantasy League
was again a mesmeric melee
for managers, with many sides
cashing in on a stellar perfor-
mance by Chelseas summer
marquee signing Diego Costa.
The 25-year-old Spanish
striker hit home two of his
teams sensational six goals
against Everton to collect 12
points, although this wasnt
the top tally of the round.
That honour fell to Swan-
sea midelder Nathan Dyer,
whose own brace and clean
sheet helped him to 16 points.
The 3.6 per cent of managers
that paid just 5.6 million for
the 26-year-old Englishman
have certainly been getting
their moneys worth.
Another bountiful bargain
buy was Southampton mid-
elder Morgan Schneiderlin,
who bagged 15 points for his
pair of strikes.
The weekly contest for a $20
phone voucher from sponsors
Cellcard couldve been won by
Cameron Strongs team Capt-
Hun Sensible on 82 points, if
only hed registered.
Instead, the prize drops
down to Be Bee and his side
Vutho FC on 77 points. Quoc
Nam Buis Barcelonam also
got 77 points but missed out
on the spoils due to having
made three more transfers
during the week.
Be Bee buzzed to the top
with Costa as captain for 24
points, with other Dream
team selections including As-
ton Villas Andreas Weiman
(12) and Swanseas Gyl Sigur-
dsson (11).
Over in the Cellcard Fantasy
Facebook competition, the
question was Which player
would yield the most fantasy
points in the game between
Liverpool and Tottenham?. It
turned out to be another real
stumper with the Reds Span-
ish defender Alberto Moreno
notching a stunning debut
goal for his new club to grab
13 points.
With no one naming Moreno
as their guess, the $10 phone
voucher from Cellcard rolls
over to the next round, which
will be played in two weeks
time following an internation-
al xtures break.
Be Bee swarms to take
home Fantasy honeypot
Boys joy
Bong Paoun players celebrate with the trophy on Sunday after winning the ISF U17 Boys Football League.
Goals from Chhaem Sophanith and Sao Punlork gave Bong Paoun a 2-0 victory over EYC in the nal, played
at the National Institute of Physical Education and Sports ground. As many as 13 teams from ISF partner or-
ganisations, schools and the local community took part in the round robin-cum-knockout tournament, which
began on May 25. In the third-place playoff, COLT got the better of Andong 5-4. In last weeks semi-nals,
Bong Paoun beat Andong 4-1 while EYC prevailed over COLT 2-1. Chea Westly of Bong Paoun emerged as the
tournaments top scorer with 12 goals, followed by Nov Chamreoun of COLT with 10 goals. Prak Phanith of
Andong was third on the list with nine goals. PHOTO SUPPLIED, WORDS BY H S MANJUNATH
Crown to face down Vietnam
champs in club tournament
Dan Riley
HE football federations of
Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar
and Vietnam are combining
forces with Japanese carmaker
Toyota to launch the inaugural Toyota
Mekong Club Championship at the
end of this month.
Champions from each of the four na-
tions will clash in seminals at the Go
Dau Stadium in Ho Chi Minh City on
October 31, with winners progressing
to the grand nal two days later. Losers
will play a third-place playoff earlier in
the day.
A major incentive for teams in the
tournament will be the $75,000 cash
prize for victory, while the runners-up
will receive $50,000.
Cambodias representatives will be
the Metfone C-League champions
Phnom Penh Crown. They have been
given the toughest of draws for their
crucial seminal, in which the team will
face Eximbank V.League 1 conquerors
Binh Duong FC on their home pitch.
The other matchup features Lao Pre-
mier League winners Hoang Anh At-
tapeu FC taking on Ayeyawady United,
who recently edged Nay Pyi Daw 1-0 in
the MFF Cup nal.
Crown coach Sam Schweingruber
has some slight concerns going into
the event, with several of his key play-
ers currently on national team duty
and Bin Chantha Thierry recovering
from a knee injury.
We are without the national team
players until 11 days before the [Toyo-
ta Mekong Club Championship] a se-
rious challenge to ideal preparations,
Schweingruber told the Post.
We know that on paper, the V.League
is much stronger than our league in
Cambodia and that the teams have
bigger budgets and better players,
more experience and so on.
Binh Duong is a very good team
and we need to prepare as well as pos-
sible, be ready to give our very best
and then, with some luck, maybe we
can surprise them.
A lot of things will need to go perfect
for us, he added.
Its a great challenge and we dont
have that much to lose. We are the un-
derdogs that can help us.
The Swiss tactician admitted to
knowing little about his neighbouring
So far I have only seen a few small
clips of [Binh Duongs] last games and
I hope I can study them in more detail
soon, he said.
Crowns foreign contingent are ex-
pected to play an important role in
helping the club get the best possible
result, according to the coach.
From what we understand, we can
register ve foreign players and have
four of them involved in the game,
Schweingruber added.
The tournaments logo incorpo-
rates a blue football resting on a
smiling red crocodile. A press release
from the organisers stated that the
crocodile represents the Mekong
spirit and embodies the symbol of
lasting legacy, having existed for mil-
lions of years.
This mighty reptile signies
strength, power and tenacity and also
epitomises the spirit of the Toyota
Mekong Club Championship a plat-
form where challenges are met and
dreams achieved, the release said.
Phnom Penh Crowns Sos Souhana (left) takes a shot during his teams MCL title game against Naga Corp on July 12. SRENG MENG SRUN
English Premier League
Aston Villa 2 Hull 1
Tottenham 0 Liverpool 3
Leicester 1 Arsenal 1
Spanish La Liga
Villarreal 0 Barcelona 1
Deportivo de La Coruna 2
Rayo Vallecano 2
R Sociedad 4 Real Madrid 2
Elche 1 Granada 1
German Bundesliga
Mainz 0 Hannover 0
Freiburg 0 Bor Mgladbach 0
Italian Serie A
Atalanta 0 Verona 0
AC Milan 3 Lazio 1
Cesena 1 Parma 0
Genoa 1 Napoli 2
Palermo 1 Sampdoria 1
Sassuolo 1 Cagliari 1
Torino 0 Inter Milan 0
Udinese 2 Empoli 0
French Ligue 1
Bordeaux 1 Bastia 1
Metz 2 Lyon 1
Paris SG 5 St Etienne 0