Some Satisfied Clients include…

Cisco Oracle New York Life Prudential Farmers Insurance Office Depot OfficeMax Zellerbach AFLAC Hallmark Cards The Business Journal PG&E AT&T Coldwell Banker Yellow Book Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Countrywide Intero Real Estate AIG Insurance Toyota Xerox Lanier Pitney Bowes Ricoh Minolta AT&T Nokia Amx Financial Services Marcus & Millichap Cornish & Carey Tom James Warner Cable Edward Jones Paychex Remax Texas D1 Sports Training Danmer Custom Shutters

“Loved all of it - very good speakers. I’ve heard Zig, Brian Tracy, Stephen Covey – You guys were great, the conference was awesome!”
Steve Singer, Aflac RSC

“What Separates Top Producers From Average Producers”

“I have seen Anthony Robbins and several other speakers… but I enjoyed your team of speakers the best.” “You were ‘unbelievable’. You have my personal recommendation anytime you need it… your recommendations produced immediate results within 24 hours!”

HealthCare Dimension

All Day Sales Extravaganza!
The Success Starts Now Sales Conference… has been on a world tour and is getting rave reviews! The conference which is designed for all salespeople will not only invigorate you, but will give you a ton of new sales tools and techniques that will help you be more successful and make more money.

Robert Speck, Director of Sales, Red Lion Hotel

“I appreciated the time you took to come teach our Sales Team. You not only taught the team, but you followed up with the trainees for the next several months. It made a difference in the speed in which they learned how to excel in the sales profession.”
Rick Harris, Great American Opportunities, Inc.

“This was a great shot in the arm for me. The timing could not have been better to “help me become a better manager”
Dale Downs, Broker - The Real Estate Company

Success Starts Now!
In the General Session you will learn:

Presentations That Connect
• 7 ways to remember people’s names and why you forget them • How to utilize the 4 quadrants of vocal variety for maximum persuasion • About “buying lines” and why we lose sales that we should’ve had

A Top Producer Mentality
Some of our Success Starts Now! products…
• The key characteristics of top producers that elude average producers • Why goal setting + reprioritization = paradigm shifts • How to change your attitude about the sales profession

Closes That Create Consistency
• A new arsenal of mild, soft, assertive, and industrial strength closing techniques for different situations • The secrets to creating a “buying atmosphere”

Approaching Skills That Initiate the Close
• How to make your “dangling carrot” the one buyers chase • The 3 things that make and break sales

Success Starts Now! Sales Conference Presents
"What Separates Top Producers From Average Producers in Today’s Market"
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Introductions That Persuade
• Which tactical questions are best for your type of sales cycle • To empower yourself with probing techniques that help you “find the pain”

Prospecting the Easy Way
• How to establish a referral-based clientele • The best way to identify your market and go vertical • 4 techniques that produce prequalified referrals everytime

Success Starts Now!
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Register Now As Space Is Limited. This event is going to be fun as well as informative!

Bonus Breakout Sessions
You will have a choice of which Breakouts you want to attend.
Presented by Dustin Hillis The Navigate Profile System for sales professionals will teach you to: • Navigate your selling style to the four different customer buying styles • Establish rapport immediately with your clients • Shorten your sales cycle

All Day Sales Extravaganza!
One Great Sales Conference… Seven Awesome Speakers
Speakers that frequently appear include: Gary Michels
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Dustin Hillis
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Presented by Paul Schween In this audience-interactive session you pick an objection and we answer it! Accelerate your personal income by learning: • Soft, mild, aggressive, and industrial strength methods for answering today’s toughest objections • How to overcome any concern a client throws your way

Presented by Rory Vaden If people like you, they will buy from you; and making someone laugh is the fastest way to make them like you. Explode the “humor rumor” that you are either born funny or you’re not by knowing: • Why people laugh • How to overcome the fear of trying humor • Humor formulas for guaranteed laughs

Matthew Ferry’s “Breakthrough” Experience
The “Breakthrough” Experience is about creating synergy in 10 key areas of your life. You will leave with a clear understanding of what you want most in your life. That state of alignment in which every part of your life interlocks seamlessly with every other part, will allow you to have the net effect of enhancing your day to day experience and boosting your performance. During the “Breakthrough” Experience you will: s Awaken the driving force that inspires you into action s Reconcile the past and create the future you truly deserve s Learn how to create loving and meaningful relationships and replace habits that block you from receiving the love you deserve s Create unstoppable momentum that will produce sustainable results



President and Co-Founder of Success Starts Now!™. Author of Gettin' In and Gettin' Out, “How to get in more doors and get out with a sale”. Spent 19 years at Great American Opportunities Inc. in sales and management, leading the company in sales 7 of the last 10 years, out of over 250 sales reps nationwide. Has had the opportunity through his career to speak to and motivate over 700,000 people across the country to excel in life and become better sales people.



Co-Founder of Success Starts Now!™ Was making approximately $35k per month at age 23 as a record breaking Top Producer for the150 year old Southwestern Company. Graduated with a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Tennessee. Recently featured in the book “Speaking of Success” with Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul), Stephen Covey (7 Habits of Highly Effective People), and Ken Blanchard (One Minute Manager)

Dave Brown


Paul Schween
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Presented by Dave Brown The prospecting and cold calling piece of sales is what breaks thousands of salespeople year after year. Many times just the thought of rejection scares people into new careers. This workshop will empower you to find inner confidence as you learn to: • Create credibility fast with the “3 dimensional name” • “Ride the Bull” to the decision maker • Avoid the “4 death questions” and obtain “hall passes”



Founder, PS Seminars. 26 years of sales experience, 15 speaking professionally, 4 in sales management, and has successfully run several sales organizations. #1 Sales Rep in the Southwest Region for Fortune 500 company. PS Seminars has represented 9 of the top 10 sales trainers and motivational speakers in the world including Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracey, and Tony Robbins.

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Has trained thousands of salespeople from all across the globe on proven success methods for approaching and prospecting. Generated a monthly income of $27k through direct sales in 2005 Knocked on over 50,000 doors before the age of 25. Is a record breaking salesperson for the 150 year old Southwestern Company

Ron Marks


Presented by Gary Michels At some point in our lives we are held back because of fear. What if we were to shed that fear and just go for it! Find out: • Solutions for overcoming fear and taking more risks • Why failure is your friend • How having fun eliminates fear

Rory Vaden
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Presented by Ron Marks How would you like an office full of loyal, dedicated and effective salespeople? In this session we will look at the key factors in building the best sales team possible and teach you: • How leading managers reduce the painful cost of salesperson turnover • To build a dynamic sales team through effective recruiting and hiring campaigns • Traditional and non-traditional places great managers find qualified salespeople

Co-Founder of Success Starts Now!™ Graduated Magna Cum Laude with an MBA from The University of Denver. Is the 2007 World Champion of Public Speaking 1st Runner-Up Author of the book No Laughs to Know Laughs –“How to be funny to make more money” and the audio series “The Audience is NOT in their underwear – How to craft truly compelling presentations and deliver them like a champ.”

A Certified Speaking Professional, the highest ranking designation of The National Speakers Association Has worked for 30 years in the professional development industry with Tom Hopkins, Ken Blanchard, Brian Tracey, Tony Robbins, and Jim Rohn. Author of Managing for Sales Results President of Results Seminars

Matthew Ferry




Known as the “Turnaround Coach” he has individually coached over 8000 people and created 356 millionaires in the process Founder of Matthew Ferry International which is dedicated to the principles of prosperity, happiness and peace. Extremely instrumental in building the largest Real Estate coaching company in the world – The Mike Ferry Organization. Author of “Creating Sales Velocity”.