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Last Modified by Stephen Avila on December 04, 2009 01:28 PM

FiledStone Florida Management LLC

1719 STATE RT 10
(973) 455 - 8882

Service Type IP Integrated Access

Hybrid No
Contract Date Range New
Contract Term 3 year term
Optional CPE Payment Lease
*VoIP Billing System IBRS
Access Billing System IBRS
Wire Center MRTWNJMR
Pricing Model A La Carte Tiered 250 With 2,000 Domestic LD minutes (Tiered 6)
Total Users 13
Total Fax or IP-6000 phones 2
Total Simultaneous Calls 6
Bursting - Burstable Enterprise Shared Trunks No
Calling Type Local and LD
75+ IP Phone Users No
Integrated Communications Package Yes
ICB Approval received No
Incremental Sales Manager discount Yes

Description Qty Non Recurring Charge Monthly Recurring Charge

The Verizon VoIP PIP 512 Gold CAR 1 Priced Per OneView Priced Per OneView

The Verizon VoIP PIP NxT1-2T1 Access 1 Priced Per OneView Priced Per OneView

The Verizon VoIP 8 Simultaneous Call Package 8 $190.40

3 year term discount

Service Establishment Fee 1 $100.00


Adtran 908E 1 Lease Rates apply

DID Charges (per block of 20) 1 $5.00 $5.31

3 year term discount

Simple Feature Packages Free

Total Price $105.00 $195.71

1. All rates and charges set forth herein for VoIP Service are subject to change if VoIP Service is subjected to regulation by any State, or
if Federal regulation of VoIP Service is expanded, or if Verizon revises its pricing structure for VoIP Service.
2. This price quote is based on standard list rates which are subject to change. Please refer to your customer's VoIP and CPE contracts
to validate their contractually binding rates.
3. Verizon will perform the Verizon VoIP Service identified above at the rates and charges set forth herein subject to technical feasibility
and the terms and conditions of a standard Verizon Business Service Agreement mutually executed by the parties.
4. All CPE rates should be confirmed in PremiSys, in the event there is a difference the CPE prices in PremiSys are binding.
5. Network based voicemail may be limited, please contact your Account Team for more details.
6. Design was approved with Private IP Service (PIP) or Internet Dedicated Service (IDS) parameters to support customer traffic
requirements at time of order. Any subsequent changes in Access, Port or Gold CAR (for PIP) could affect service quality, so it is
recommended that you check with your Verizon sales engineering support team prior to making changes.
7. International and Toll Free have separate rate plan and are not included in the VoIP quote.
8. Pricing Model DOES NOT include outbound International calls or inbound Toll Free calling minutes.