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Section 01060 - Page 14

c. When appropriate, the Contracting Officer may provide the Contractor with an equitable adjustment
with respect to time but not cost in accordance with FAR 52.249-10; see FAR 52.249-10(b)(1)(i)
Documentation of the Contractors Drug-Free Workforce program as required by clause FAR 252.223-
7004(b) shall be furnished to the Contracting Officer upon award of the Contract. COMBATING TRAFFICKING IN PERSONS, COMMERCIAL SEX ACTS, FORCED
A copy of the employee notification statement as required by clause FAR 52.222-50 Alt 1 shall be
furnished to the Contracting Officer upon award of the Contract, along with a certification by an authorized
company representative attesting to the provision of the notification to Contractor personnel.
3.10.1 GENERAL
a. Reference FAR 52.229-6 and FAR 52.225-13. This Contract is firm fixed-price; it is the responsibility
of the Contractor to be knowledgeable of and to abide by any and all applicable Customs clearance
procedures and requirements that may be necessary for the transportation of supplies and equipment
into Afghanistan. Such procedures and requirements may change over the course of Contract
performance; it is the responsibility of the Contractor to plan accordingly in order to meet its existing
obligations under this Contract. The US Army Corps of Engineers, Afghanistan Engineer District,
neither controls nor is responsible for any such Customs clearance procedures, requirements or
changes thereto.
b. Every Contractor and/or carrier importing goods into Afghanistan or exporting goods out of the
country must comply with national customs regulations and procedures administered by the
Afghanistan Customs Department (ACD) of the Ministry of Finance, in compliance with Afghan law.
c. Contractors performing work in Afghanistan for the Department of Defense (DoD), including the U.S.
Army Corps of Engineers, in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), may be entitled to
certain exemptions from the payment of customs tariffs and duties on goods and materiel imported
into Afghanistan for use at DoD construction projects within the country, and on export of materiel
from Afghanistan after completion of a project.
d. Obtaining import tax exemptions and clearances for the release of construction goods and materiel
through ACD is often time consuming. Early planning and realistic delivery timelines are essential to
prevent avoidable project delays related to customs issues. This section provides general guidance
and a list of customs procedures and documents that you may be required to fulfill or provide. Please
note that this guidance is provided to alert contractors from the outset that the Afghan customs
process is complex and time-consuming, and to strongly encourage early planning. The steps listed
below are provided for informational purposes only and cannot be regarded as definitive because the
ACDs procedures and requirements may change at any time.
e. Any deviations from the process described herein shall not form the basis for a request for equitable
USACE Contractors must designate an authorized employee of the company as the Customs point of
contact (POC) responsible for handling Customs Clearance issues, and must advise the USACEs
Customs Coordinator by e-mail of the name and contact information for the authorized Customs POC.
This individual must hand-deliver all required documentation between the USACEs Customs Coordinator