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By Jupiter in karakamsa of 5th house, the native keeps

up ancestral learning.
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Bhagye chaivam -119
Al l the above mentioned vidyayogas may be j udged from
the 2nd house of karakamsa too.
Sada chaivamityefce - 120
Some say that the above-mentioned vi dya yogas may be
j udged from the 3rd house of karakamsa also.
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Bhagye ketau papa drishtau stabdavak - 121
If Ketu occupies the 2nd house of karakamsa and is
aspected by malefics, the native can not talk or reply, soon or
Swa pi trupadat bhagya rogayoh papa samye
kemadr umah - 122
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Chandra drishtau viseshena - 123
' Swa' means At makaraka in vi ew of the karakamsa
section being dealt wi t h, ' swa' is not the adjective of the
two words, Pi t ru and Pada as the objects to be defi ned.
Swapi t ru pada is the compound of three words, Swa, Pi tru
and Pada. Hence ' s wa' means At makaraka, Pitra (61/12,1)
means Lagna, and Pada means Ar u d h a Lagna. Hence
equal number of malefics in the 2nd and 8th houses of
At makaraka or Janma Jagna or Ar udha Lagna, constitute
kemadruma yoga. It means thus if one malefic planet is
placed in the 2nd, one malefic Planet shoul d be in the 8th
to f orm kemadrumayoga. If two malefic planets occupy
the 2nd house two malefics shoul d occupy the 8th, for the
formation of Kemadruma yoga.
But one malefic in one house whether the 2nd or 8th,
and two malefics in the other whether 2nd or 8th do not
constitute kemadramayoga. If the 2nd or 8th houses of al l
the three vi z. , Atmakaraka, Lagna and Ar udha Lagna are
occupied by the malefics, Kemadramayoga forms. This is
the opi ni on of some schol ars. Ke madr amayoga gi ves
poverty and distress. There is an obsolete Sanskrit verse
whi c h makes ment i on of Lagna and Ar udh a Lagna i n
connection wi t h the formati on of Kemadr uma yoga. But
by the use of ' s wa
in the aphori sm, At makaraka shoul d
be taken as i mpl i ed in the verse as an addi t i on. Though the
verse makes menti on of both the benefics and malefics a
little differently f rom the aphori sm, it matters little.
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Sarvesham chaiva pake - 124
A l l the above-mentioned results may be j udged i n the
si gn dasas. Ke madr umayoga may be j udged f r om the
commenci ng dasa si gn. It means that if Kemadr uma is
present, the dasasign brings about poverty.
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^Pt f r g ^ r wp^PTFT f sat a:
Thus ends the 2nd pada of the 1st Chapterof Jai mi ni
Sut ramri t am wr i t t en by Iranganti Rangacharya S/o Sri
Raghavacharya, an erudite of astrology.