Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Citoyenneté et Immigration Canada


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Appendix A: Document Checklist Appendix B: Police Certificates/Clearances Appendix C: Photo Specifications Appendix D: Medical Instructions

Family Class

Sponsorship of parents, grandparents, adopted children and other relatives Visa Office Specific Instructions

Hong Kong

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IMM 3019 E (12-2004)

Appendix A Checklist
Assemble all your documents as listed. Check ( ) each applicable item on the checklist and attach the checklist to your documents (a paper clip will do). Send photocopies of all documents, unless instructed otherwise. The Engagement, if you intend to live in the province of Québec, and the police certificates, must be originals. If your documents are not in English or French, send a notarized (certified) translation with a copy of the originals.


IMMIGRATION FORMS Send original forms. Check that they are complete and, where applicable, signed: Application for Permanent Residence. - This form is completed by you, the principal applicant. Schedule 1. - You and each of your family members 18 years of age or older must complete their own copy of the form Schedule 1 - Background/Declaration. Additional Family Information. - You and each of your family members 18 years of age or older must complete their own copy of this form. Use of a Representative. - If you want us to deal with a representative on your behalf, be sure you have completed and signed the Use of a Representative form (IMM 5476).


IDENTITY AND CIVIL STATUS DOCUMENTS Birth, marriage, final divorce, annulment or separation certificates for you and spouse or commonlaw partner; death certificate for former spouse if applicable. Citizens of the People’s Republic of China should provide a copy of their “hukou”. CHILDREN’S INFORMATION Children’s birth certificates (which name their parents); adoption papers for adopted dependent children; proof of custody for children under the age of 18 and proof that the children may be removed from the jurisdiction of the court; if the children will not accompany you to Canada, proof that you have fulfilled any obligation stated in custody agreements. Proof of continuous full-time studies of all dependent children aged 22 or over: complete school records/transcripts since attaining age 22, letters from the school(s) indicating the number of hours of classes attended per day, and the number of days attended per week, and proof of full financial support by parents since reaching age 22. TRAVEL DOCUMENTS AND PASSPORTS Passports or travel documents for you, your spouse common-law partner and dependent children. Only include copies of pages showing the passport number, date of issue and expiry, your photo, name, date and place of birth. If you reside in a country different from your nationality include a copy of your visa for the country where you currently reside. Please note that all prospective immigrants must hold a valid regular passport; diplomatic, official, service or public affairs passports are not valid for immigration to Canada. For Taiwan: Household Register and a certified English translation. PROOF OF RELATIONSHIP IN CANADA Proof of relationship to your sponsor in Canada, such as birth, marriage or adoption certificates and proof of that person’s status in Canada; photocopy of the Record of Landing (IMM 1000) or Permanent Resident Card of your sponsor or proof of Canadian citizenship such as photocopy of pages of a Canadian passport or Canadian citizenship card.




Sponsorship III - Parents, grandparents, adopted children... – Hong Kong



POLICE CERTIFICATES AND CLEARANCES Original police certificates of Good Conduct or clearances, from each country/state/territory in which you and everyone in your family aged 18 years or over have resided for six months or longer since reaching the age of 18. You must attach the original police document(s). Instructions on how to obtain Hong Kong Certificates of No Criminal Conviction will be sent to you upon receipt of your application. If police documents are forwarded to the Consulate by the relevant authorities attach a brief explanatory note to your application. ENGAGEMENT The original of the Engagement if your intention is to reside in the province of Quebec. ADDRESS IN CHINESE CHARACTERS Citizens of China must provide their residential address in Chinese characters including their postal code to ensure effective communication with the visa office should the need arise. PHOTO REQUIREMENTS Supply five (5) recent photos for each member of your family and yourself. Follow the instructions in your guide (see Photos in section on completing the Application for Permanent Residence in Canada) and in Appendix C: Photo Specifications.

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Mailing your application
If your application lacks the supporting documents listed above it will be returned to you for completion. Assemble all your documents and your completed application forms. Place them in a sealed envelope and send them to the: Consulate General of Canada Immigration Section G.P.O. Box 11142 Hong Kong It is very important that you provide on your application form a reliable telephone number - either your own number or that of any representative that you may designate to receive calls on your behalf - and that you report to us in writing any changes in this information that may occur while your application is in process. If your mailing address is in the People’s Republic of China, your visa(s) will be delivered by DHL Worldwide commercial couriers. DHL will attempt to telephone you or your designated representative prior to delivery to make collection arrangements. If DHL cannot reach you your visa(s) will be returned to us.


Sponsorship III - Parents, grandparents, adopted children... – Hong Kong

Appendix B Police Certificates/Clearances
You must obtain and submit police clearance certificates from every country in which you and your family members aged 18 or over have lived for six months or longer (one year for PRC). It is your responsibility to contact the police or relevant authorities to obtain the police certificate or clearance. You may have to provide information or documentation such as photographs, fingerprints or your addresses and periods of residence in that country. You may also be asked to pay a fee for the service. You will require a letter or special forms from our office if you need clearance certificates from Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, New Zealand and Malaysia. We will send you the appropriate letter or form after you have submitted your application and we have completed a preliminary assessment of it. The police in some jurisdictions will forward the police certificates/clearances directly to you, in which case you should attach it to your application. The police in other jurisdictions may not provide you with your police certificate/clearance, but will forward it directly to the Consulate General instead. In such cases, attach a separate sheet to the Checklist stating the police certificates/clearance you have applied for and the date you sent your application. The following chart provides some additional information that may help you obtain a police certificate for certain countries. Bear in mind that this information was accurate at the time of printing; requirements may have changed since that time. Hong Kong Macau, Taiwan
An instruction letter for applicants requiring a Hong Kong Police certificate will be forwarded to the applicants upon receipt of complete applications. Applicants who live or have lived in Macau should contact: Servicios de Identifacacao de Macau Caixa Postal 1089, Macau Tel. (853) 335462 Fax (853) 561610. Contact your local country’s Public Security Bureau. The certificate you obtain should then be notarized by the PRC Notary Public office before presentation to this office. For PRC citizens living outside the country, notarized PRC police clearance certificates can be obtained through the local offices of the main Chinese-owned banks. Applicants who have previously lived, worked or studied in Canada must forward a fingerprint identification card to: Royal Canadian Mounted Police NCO-IC Civil Section, Identification Services Box 8885 Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1A 0Y2 Forward an original fingerprint identification card (usually available at your local police station) to the RCMP office in Ottawa. For Hong Kong residents, a letter to present to the Hong Kong police authorities is included in this Appendix. The RCMP will, in most cases, send your police certificate directly to the Consulate General. You may wish to: • contact that country’s nearest Embassy, High Commission or Consulate to obtain the necessary forms and information on procedures; • refer to the Canadian Visa Office Web site in the area of your concern (for example, United Kingdom police clearance procedures is available from the Web site of the Visa Section of the Canadian High Commission in London). A list of these Web sites is available at:

People’s Republic of China Canada

Other countries

Family Class Application – Hong Kong


Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Citoyenneté et Immigration Canada

Immigration Section Exchange Square Tower 1, 12th Floor 8 Connaught Place G.P.O. Box 11142 Hong Kong Hong Kong Police Certificate of No Criminal Conviction Office B1 Floor, Trade Department Tower 700 Nathan Road Kowloon Hong Kong Dear Sir or Madam, RE: Overseas police record search fingerprinting requirement for immigration to Canada In order to assess their application for permanent residence in Canada, the applicant and/or his accompanying family members (listed below) are required to have their fingerprints submitted to confirm whether he or she has any recorded criminal convictions. We would be grateful if you would prepare a fingerprint identification card and forward it directly to the applicant. Thank you for your kind co-operation in this matter. Sincerely, The Consulate General of Canada

Name of Applicant(s)

HKid no.

Requires fingerprints to obtain police certificate from the following country/state:

To be completed by principal applicant: I declare that I make this request for the purpose of applying for immigration to Canada and for no other purpose. ____________________________________________ Signature of principal applicant _________________________ Date

Appendix C Photo Specifications
Notes to the applicant
TAKE THIS WITH YOU TO THE PHOTOGRAPHER • • Immigration photographs are not the same as passport photographs. Make sure that you provide the correct number of photographs specified in the Checklist.

Notes to the photographer
The photographs must:
• • • show a full front view of the person’s head and shoulders showing full face centred in the middle of the photograph; have a plain white background; be identical (black and white or colour) produced from the same untouched negative, or exposed simultaneously by a split-image or multi-lens camera;

The photographs must:
• • measure between 25 mm and 35 mm (1” and 1 3/8”) from chin to crown have a 35 mm x 45 mm (1 3/8” x 1 3/4”) finished size

Max. 35 mm (1 3/8”)

35 mm (1 3/8”)

45 mm (1 3/4”)

Min. 25 mm (1”)


Appendix D Medical Instructions
Everyone included in your application must undergo a medical examination, whether accompanying you to Canada or not. Instructions for medical examinations will be forwarded to you after your application has been received by the Consulate General. Medical examinations are undertaken entirely at your own risk and expense. The completion of the medical examination in no way guarantees that permanent residence visas will be issued to you and your family members. Should you be refused a visa, the cost of the medical examination will not be refunded. If your application for immigration to Canada is successful, your permanent residence visa will be valid for 12 months from the date you began the medical examination. If you have family members who live or study overseas, they will also need to complete a medical examination before a visa can be issued.


Family Class Application – Hong Kong