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Signed on ______________, in ________________, between _______________ as an

investor, on the one hand and ______________ from ________________ as a user on the
other side.
Article 1
Bank commits the user to approve the loan in the amount of _______________ denars.
The agreed amount of user will be made available at once and as a whole by paying on his
transaction bill No. ___________________, within (eg. than ! days" from the date of
occurrence of this #greement, until mthe day that the user does not e$haust the full amount,
but within only one year from the date of signing the contract.
The portion of the loan that the user will not use it within the stipulated period, shall be
returned to the lender, the first following day after the deadline.
%ender will transfer the funds to the accounts of other third parties that collaborate with the
user, in order to fulfill the purpose of the loan, as the lender that the user will re&uest
provided by prior to a copy of the contract, receipts and other documents, that the creditor
proves that the loan is used purpose.
%ender is obligated to pay third parties to perform the same time the user will hand over
documents that 'ustify the intended purpose of the loan.
Article 2
%essee shall, within _____ days of the creditor to submit avaluated promissory note as
collateral on the loan sub'ect to this agreement.
(f the user within the stipulated period, and no longer than the date of release of loan in
circulation, fails to provide the means to guarantee the claim on the basis of this agreement,
then the creditor or bank, has the right to postpone the release of credit in circulation, or to
cancel the agreement without leaving the deadline for that.
Article 3
The repayment period of the loan is ________________ years from the date of its release in
circulation, so it will be paid in ____ e&ual installments, so that each successive installment
contains the interest of all remaining debt.
)irst installment due for repayment in _______ year, and each ne$t successive installment
becomes due on the first day of the si$th month (if payments are in si$ months", from the
maturity of the previous installment.
*hile the loan is not paid in full, the debt matches with the growth of prices and living costs
for each month past month.
Article 4
The customer is liable to the creditor to pay interest on the used, and the unpaid principal of
the average rate per contract of financial markets at the time of maturity of each installment.
The customer is obligated to the creditor to pay interest each month from the first to the fifth
of the month for the previous month, and the unused portion of the loan from the time the
loan is made available until used, or until the e$piration of the agreed term to his advantage
when the credit is withdrawn, at an average rate that is agreed on the financial market.
Article 5
The user may use the loan only for ___________________ purposes, which the creditor is
obliged to submit copies of the agreement, which entered into with third parties, and other
documents that provide the proper use of the credit.
%enders shall at any time to send it+s own officers, onsite at customer of his business records
and other documents to verify the intended purpose of the loan.
Article 6
,reditor is entitled to cancel the loan agreement for the following reasons-
(f the user fails to provide the agreed way of loan,
(f the user does not pays two payments in a row, or made a three time delayed
(f the user any amount of loan uses inappropriately,
(f the user become illi&uid or insolvent,
and in other cases when the creditor determines that threatened the goal of providing
the loan.
Article 7
The user can always restore the loan before the agreed term, provided his intention to inform
the bank for at least eight days before to fulfill its purpose.
*hen the user will back one installment or the entire loan before maturity, no interest shall be
calculated, which has not reach at moment of the return until the maturity of the loan or the
Article 8
)or possible disputes competent is the Basic ,ourt in _______________.
The contract is made in _________ copies, each side keeps on __________ samples of the
)or creditor )or credit user
________________________________ ________________________________