Just Know about your lungs

Originally By Dr Praveen Kapadia-Excerpt by Kailash-727!!"7!#
Our actual breathing capacity is 5-6 ltrs of oxygen air.
However we are able to breathe only 1-2 lts of air at a time
Even pollute places have!$it-7%&-Oxy-'%&(others 2&) more of nitrogen in
place of 1"# oxygen.$o a healthy place nees appx. 25 lts of air to get appx. 5
lts of oxygen.Even %rees neee to cosume more of nitrogen an get more of
&ut a pollute city 'ust nees (-5 times more of goo air for our oxygen nees.
) got nurves problem of hans an came to *now that ) breathe very little in the
night ue to heavy foo.
)n +elhi almost ) felt suffocate but foun ,aranasi a goo air city for fresh oxygen.
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However your min shoul be cool an positive when you ma*e lung exercises.
'* +and ,tretchings in breathe out and breathe ins
2* -gnisar
#* .diyan
"* /oga 0udra
-n article by 1ailash
K$O2 3+E 4OOD 2E E-3
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Kailash 5handra sabat-727!!"7!#
Our iseases are also relate on the
1. Our psychology on others welfare
2. %he psychology of other people on us irrespective of our present
-s per the rule of go everyboy shoul thin* wellness to others
.particularly when you are on yoga.&ut we on/t o that an have
health problem.&ut sometimes we on/t thin* ba of others but still
have health problems because of the negative psychology of others
on our affairs. -nyhow foo has a great contribution for a better
livelihoo an healthy life. let/s see how.
0t 1am $harma -charya tol that the psychology of the foo giving
person affects your min for some ays.

)f you observe the behavior of $an*aracharyas in )nia you fin that
they never allow people to touch them an harly ta*e foo from
others an ta*e foo from their own source only.
) practice yoga for "2 minutes a ay. an have yoga teaching
experience of about 12 yrs .-lmost ) avoi outsie foo.3ever ta*e
1. 4igarette.li5uor.3on6veg foo.outsie foo
&ra tpe of foo is goo ) col climate of Himalayas or northen
7one.Our is a ot climate.8reen coconut or fruit 'uice is better.
$i1a0 6uru7i o8 -0bi1a tells
Ka0a 1hana 1huba chabana
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yeh hey tandrustha 1a 1ha9ana
Our stomach shoul contain 19: foo. 19: r water an space for air
.&ut we want 122# of foo.;et/s see what is in )nian culture an
2hat to eat
'* :e0on 7uices 2;# ti0es a day twice with sugar and on 0orning one
le0on with salt and war0 water*
2* 3a1e early light 8ood in night by 7 -! p0 and bread<5hapati) is
#* - liitle 8ruit on a day
"* Pre8erably a glass o8 0il1 in the night
0rohibite foos are
4igarettes.*haini.3on veg even regular col icecreams etc
8oo foos are
8reen vegetables
3on veg is ea foo without any nutrition an with ecaying 5uality.
How that can sustain our goo health>
Excess foo gets accumulate in our boy. creates fatness .Even non
cleansing of tooth after sweets eating may harm our tooth.
$imultaneously foo shoul not be less than necessary.Our gran father
says 6Anna tohara nija guru –Uddhav kahin tu pacharu.
=y gran father too* a lot of fish. an mil* an was mentally very much
optimist.He live his 122 years of life.
?ater is very much valuable.&oile water in copper pots to be
run*.that is better for health.
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<asting or upavaas is important as it estroys the accumulate foo
but we shoul thin* of go on that ay mostly.
%hese regulate foo habits along with regular chanting can ma*e you
minute or into your inner self to *now atma an paramatma.
Hence goo foo habits are important for spiritual life.
?ater in the morning
4ur after foo
&utter mil* uring the ay
=il* after inner is consiere the ieal foo.
$tuies have foun that the human brain wor*s best when the stomach is empty
B* :2# of igestion happens with saliva. -fter a meal. give a brea* of at least two
hours before going to be. +igestion raises your metabolic activity.
c* People are eating either only rice or only wheat. This can definitely cause health
problems. It is important to bring in a multigrain diet in one’s life.Hence
balanced food is necessary
Bee8its-o8 =a7rasaa--5onstipation healer. ,tress-reliever( Disease +ealer(
Breathing Exercises( 2eight loss( 8lexibility and body toning
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&enefits of niralambasaa---4onstant practice of this asana removes low
bac*pain an improves bowel conitions. +eep inhalations an
exhalations uring this pose bring better results by way of abominal
massage.%his is better to o for 2 minutes before foo.
)n the morning neem an tulasi regularly is goo for goo health.4ow
ghee with 1ice or paratha gives you more energy
- article by *ailash

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