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Comprehensive Dangerous Drug Act

RA No. 9165

Section 1: Short Title
Section 2: Declaration of Policy
Section 3: Definitions
Clandesine Laboatory- any facility used for the illegal manufacture of any dangerous drug and/or
controlled precursor and essential chemical
Cultivate or Culture- any act of knowingly planting, growing, raising or permitting the planting,
growing, or raising of any plant which is the source of dangerous drug
Den, Dive or Resort- any place where any dangerous drug is administered, delivered, stored for
illegal purposes, distributed ,sold or used in any form.
Dispense- any act of giving away, selling or distributing medicine or any dangerous drug with or
without use of prescription.
Illegal Trafficking- the illegal cultivation, culture, delivery, adminstration, dispensation,
manufacture, sale, trading, transportation, distribution, imporation, exportation, and possession of
any dangerous drug.
Manufacture- production, preparation, compounding, processing, of any dangerous drug directly
or indirectly, or independently by means of chemical synthesis or by combination of extraction and
chemical synthesis, and shall include any packaging or repackaging, of such substances.
Cannabis- Marijuana or Indian Hemp
Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)- ecstacy
Methamphetamine HCl- shabu, ice, meth
Opium- coagulated juice of opium poppy
Opium Poppy- part of the plant of the species Papaver somniferum L.
Protector/ Coddler- any person who knowingly and willfully consents to unlawful act provided by
this Act
Unlawful Acts and Penalties
Section 4. Importation of Dangerous Drugs
Penalty: life imprisonment to death
12yrs and 1day- 20yrs
Section 5. Sale, Trading, Administration, Dispensation, Distribution and Transportation of Dangerous Drug
Penalty: life imprisonment to death
12yrs and 1day-20yrs
Section 6. Maintenance of Den, Dive or Resort
Penalty: life imprisonment to death
12yrs and 1day-20yrs
Section 11. Possession of Dangerous Drugs
Penalty: life imprisonment to death
12yrs and 1day-20yrs
a. 10g or more of opium
b. 10g or more of morphine
c. 10g or more of heroin
d. 10g or more of shabu
e. 10g or more of marijuana
f. 10g or more of ecstacy
Section 12. Possession of Equipment, Instrument, Apparatus and other paraphernalia for Dangerous Drug
Penalty: Imprisonment of 6mos and 1day- 4yrs
Provided, that in case of medical practitioners are various professionals who are required to carry such
equipment, instrument, apparatus, and other paraphernalia in the practice o0f their profession, the board shall
prescribe the necessary implementing guidelines thereof.
Section 13: possession of Dangerous Drug during Parties, Social Gatherings or Meetings
(with proximate company of at least 2 persons)
Penalty: maximum penalties provided for in the Section 11 of this act
Section 15: Use of Dangerous Drug
((person apprehended or arrested, who is found to be positive for use of any dangerous drug after a
confirmatory test)
offense: 6mos rehabilitation in the government centers
offense: 6yrs and 1day- 12yrs imprisonment
fine: 50,000-200,000
Section 16: Cultivation or Culture of Plants Classified as Dangerous Drugs
Penalty: life imprisonment to death
Provided, medical labs and medical research centers which cultivate or culture marijuana, opium poppy and
other dangerous drugs for medical experiments and research purposes and for creation of other medicine
Section 18: Unnecessary Prescription of Dangerous Drugs
Penalty: 12yrs and 1day-2oyrs
Dangerous Drug Tests and Record Requirements
Section 36: Authorized Drug Testing
Authorized drug testing shall be done by any government forensic laboratories or by any drug testing
laboratories accredited and monitored by DOH.
Participation of the Family, Students, Teachers, and School Authorities in this Act
Section 41: Involvement of the Family
Section42: Student Councils and Campus Organizations
Section 43: School Curricula
Section 44: Heads, Supervisors, and teachers of Schools
Section 45: Publication and Distribution of Materials on Dangerous Drug
Promotion of National Drug-Free Workplace Program with the Participation of Private and Labor Sectors and
Section 47: Drug-free Workplace
Section 48: Guidelines for the National Drug-Free Workplace Program
Participation of the Private and Labor Sectors in the Enforcement of this Act
Section 49: Labor Organizations and the private Sector
Section 50: Government Assistance
Participation of local Government Units
Section 51: Local Government Units Assistance
Section 52: Abatement of Drug Related Public Nuisances