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Bilaepur, India; Becembar 1983

"I bring you good news of great joy that will be
for all the people." Luke 2:10
That good news was for all the people
of India, too; but so many still do not know
about it and the Savior who came. So with
your help we continue to train young people
to live and proclaim the good news in India.
The 1982-85 school-year ended with
graduation oh April 17th. One family is,now
working with churches near Bilaepur. Others
are in Sarguja working in village churches,
schools and hostels. We are happy for three
of the men who passed the government typing exama first for us!
Summer vacation was taken up with oiu* flying trip to the
States. We are still enjoying it as we recall visits with many
friends and supporters, and as we use the purchases we made We
also spent a week or so with each of the boysCharles, David,
Paul and families. Pauls have now gone to Uruguay for evangelis
tic work. On our return to Bombay we were surprised to see Mary
Ssther and family again. Their return to Belgium had been de
layed. With the extra time together we were able to celebrate
our two wedding anniversaries, which are about a week apart.
One furlough purchase was an electronic scanner for cutting
mimeograph stencils. It was very costly and has put us in some
financial difficulty but we are glad to have it. It is very
useful and saves time in the preparation of class materials.
The new school-year started in July with 22 students. We
had hoped for several more new ones but only four came. It seems
the pull of material things is stronger than the desire to train
for Christian service. Pressure from non-Christian relatives kept
one away. Two of the new ones stayed only one month; the others
were such poor students we could not keep them. That left us with
only 18 2nd and 5rd-year students, plus 10 children.. Now one more
student has left to pursue his secular studies. Even with fewer
students we- seem to keep about as busy as ever. William has
Hebrews, Hindi Typing, work hour. Jean has Health, Teaching
principles, study halls. Supervising the nursery, caring for
medical needs, shopping, cooking, doing records, correspondence,
translating and mimeographing class materials take up most of our
"spare" time. It is good to be able to keep busy for the Lord.
The Kududand Church had a convention this year so we saved
travel expenses by attending it instead of the annual one at a
distant place. The four-day meeting was a spiritual feast. Bro.
Hartor and his hand puppet, Mary, spoke on Jude 20-22, urging
spiritual growth. Institute students led song services. Student
and church groups sang specials. William tiaught a class on the
Holy Spirit. There were classes for children. Sunday School
children put on a drama about the good news of God*8 deliverance
from the Syrians recorded in 2 Kings 7. The whole convention
challenged us to grow in Christ and share the Gospel with others.
And, sharing the Gospel is what Christmas is all about. We
wish you a Christmas filled with God's love and a fine New Year
in the service of the King of Kings.
^ ^ William &Jean Roland