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Tactical Hapkido Alliance Newsletter

June 2009

In This Issue
• New Charter Plus Program • THA IT-Team, new service for Charters • Special Pod Cast Guest Moved to June 2009: - Professor Gary Dill • Guest List for THA Podcast Shows • Best Defense – News and Updates! • THA You Tube Contest – Winner takes all • New THA School Banners! • Recap of THA Seminar at McDonough Georgia • Current Promotions • Upcoming Promotions • The THA Chaplain

Charter Plus Member Program!
The Tactical Hapkido Alliance is starting up the special Chart Plus Program this month. No other organization in the world has this program for their charter members. So how do you become a member? Charter members can become a charter plus member by simply accomplishing the following: Keep signing up your students to take advantage of the life-time membership in this organization. This helps everyone. Money is tight in this economic depression, so by expanding our member base we develop the organizational weight for competing for discounts from a whole range of suppliers and services which we have access to, and will be passed down in savings for all. Keep getting those gup certificates from the THA and UTA; this is for your students. They worked hard to get to their rank and they deserve the certificate for it. It would be like going to college for all those years and not receiving the diploma to show for it. Your continued supports in letting your students know what we have to offer. Many students may like to proudly wear the clothing we have and to take advantage of the education support of the Tactical Hapkido system. To put this in perspective we have the entire white to black belt techniques on one DVD. Most organizations would charge $30.00 per a belt; we have them all on one DVD for only $80.00! We want your students to become the best that they can be, make sure they have the opportunity to have the tools. And last, but the most important, your continued loyalty and support. The Tactical Hapkido Alliance first purpose is to share the good news of Christ’s salvation and family community, the second is to spread this conceptual based education system of Hapkido. Keep spreading this news to all, hold seminars, post articles, and any other way possible. What are the benefits to you? If you chose to become a Chart Plus Member the benefits for you are incredible. We will provide you the following at cost, plus shipping. The lead boxes with the custom designed headers, all business cards, banners, everything that is offered from Vista Print which the THA has a corporate account at, aid in developing after school programs for your community, and if you hold and event will work diligently to attempt get all the media exposure in your area (every newspaper, TV and magazine we can find). Grandmaster Rodemaker will personally walk you through the process and be there for continual support concerning questions and advice. Then working with those lead boxes, we will assign you a special webpage on the THA main website that will list all your school information, taking advantage of our internet presence. But what makes it special is that we will have a new student application form for new students to go to and fill out for a school near to them. Automatic distribution will be sent to your email account, while one will be sent to the THA HQ. We will send the applicant a special welcome letter, a free newsletter, highlight your school’s professionalism in the martial arts, and build up your school’s marketing potential. If this interests you, please let Grandmaster Rodemaker know today. So we can start helping you out.
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Tactical Hapkido Alliance Contact:
Grandmaster Barry Rodemaker 814-504-8043 gm.rodemaker Headquarters Location: 4006 Main Street Erie, PA 16511

Locations of Other Tactical Hapkido Alliance Charter Schools: As of June 2009 – 18 Locations -

New THA Service – Media Distribution Database System from HQ!
The Tactical Hapkido Alliance IT team has started the creation of a massive media database management system for Charter members, utilizing email and our official press releases. As events and seminars come up at your school we research and developed the database system of all News Channels, Newspapers, and local magazine publications in that area. Using this powerful tool, and Grandmaster Rodemaker’s experience proven methodologies, we will automatically notify every news media we can find about your event with an official THA press release at least one month in advance. The ultimate goal of this new system is to try to get as much press coverage and reporters to show up to your location.

Colorado: Aurora Georgia: McDonough Kansas: Topeka Louisiana: Gonzales Maryland: Odenton Missouri: Independence North Carolina (2): Dallas Jacksonville New York: Oneonta Ohio: (3) Berea Chagrin Falls Macedonia
Pennsylvania: (2)

Special Pod Cast Guest, Professor Gary Dill, Jeet Kune Do, It’s coming soon!
Professor Gary Dill who trained with James Yimm Lee who was Bruce Lee's training partner, closest of friends, mentor, and co-instructor of the Oakland JKD school will be coming to our podcast show to discuss Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee, background and much more! Keep checking the pod cast show for it will be quite informative from one of the most well know individuals in the martial arts world. Grandmaster Professor Gary Dill, who has the rare honor of being one of the few original students who trained

Erie Double Impact 6/27/09 Altoona Virginia: Charles City Wisconsin: (3) Madison Kaukauna Fall River

Professor Gary Dill training in Bruce Lee’s garage in Oakland CA, 1972

in Bruce Lee's Oakland branch school while Bruce Lee was still alive and is one of the few students of James Lee who was asked to carry on the knowledge of Jeet Kune Do, while Bruce Lee was still alive and is one of the few students of James Lee who was asked to carry on the knowledge of Jeet Kune Do, has teamed up with Grandmaster Barry Rodemaker in holding this historic event! Professor Gary Dill will train you in the dynamic trapping in Jeet Kune Do, then taking the Jeet Kune Do trapping skills; Grandmaster Barry Rodemaker will train you in devastating Hapkido joint destruction and brutal takedowns! So don’t forget to register to be part of this historic event which promises to be one of a kind! The podcast show is in final production and is coming very soon!

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Tactical Hapkido’s Pod Cast Show Guest Line Up!
Dr. Joe L. Parrish, 10th Dan, Environmental Professional, Ex Police Officer and Paratrooper. Dr. Parrish has over 39 years of Martial Arts experience starting in the late 1960’s earning black belts in 6 styles, and was previously a World Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do Middleweight sparring champion. He is the president of the National Tang Soo Do Federation, as well as founding member and president of the United States Head Of Family Martial Arts Association. He is a senior or executive board member in several world wide martial arts organizations. He is one of the highest ranking Non-Asian Korean style martial artists in the world and he has been inducted into several black belt halls of fame. He has been featured in many magazines including, Jet, Tae Kwon Do Times, Dojang and Karate Illustrated to name a few and many newspapers. He has received a Congressional certificate of special recognition for his martial art contribution in the community and in November 2005, Dr. Parrish was bestowed the honor and title of (Sir Joe) Knight Grand Commander by Duke George Richards of England. Grandmaster Bram Frank started training Professor Remy Presas in 1980, the founder of Modern Arnis, a Filipino martial art. And for over 33 years Bram has learned and taught martial arts, with inductions into 17 martial arts hall of fames, and achievements. What Bram has designed and patented is the first kinetic opening tactical Gunting knife; a knife meant to be used closed and within the flow of combat actually uses the opponent’s energy to open the blade. In a closed position, this knife can do all Kyushu Jitsu pressure point techniques, Small circle Jujitsu controlling techniques, Wing Chun trapping and Filipino limb destructions. To accompany the knife Bram has designed the world’s first functional trainer DRONE and another version as a Close Range Medium Impact Tool. Darryl Johnson is the president for Media Moguls, and the producer of the highly popular internet series BEST DEFENSE, which is working to break into mainstream TV networks in late 2009/2010. Mr. Johnson is an advanced level martial artist however he does not consider himself an expert because he has not received his black belt. But he believes martial arts helps to develop anatomical and environment awareness. His show is answering the question no one has tried to answer before; Can people with disabilities, women, and children truly use martial arts to defend themselves? It is your questions for our guests that produce the show so please send us all the questions you would like our guests to answerer! Send them to This is only the start; we have many other surprises coming to the show that we have not told you about yet!
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Tactical Hapkido and Best Defense – Updates:
Best Defense finishing up a National TV Commercial with footage of the Notorious Ki Strike performed by Grandmaster Rodemaker!
The shooting for the Best Defense national TV commercial was completed on May 30th. This does not include the editing and distribution to all the major networks in the United States. But we will get an advance copy of the completed commercial to put on the Tactical Hapkido Alliance’s website, so keep looking for it in June. But what is even more impressive is that they are going to use footage taken of Grandmaster Rodemaker performing the notorious Hapkido Ki Strike on Master Ziots. And fellow Tactical Hapkido Alliance charter member, Master Ron Joseph also has his footage of his Kenpo Jujitsu, which will be coming out soon on Best Defense, channel 6. In addition Darryl Johnson also appeared for an interview in the Shiai Magazine, with the film picture of Master James Ziots sparring Darryl Johnson. The project is about half way there; keep checking the Tactical Hapkido Alliance’s website for updates, since there will be a deluge of interviews for the show coming soon.

Tactical Hapkido’s You-Tube Contest –Winner Takes All!
Just a reminder that we have a friendly competition within the Tactical Hapkido Alliance. We would like to have instructors in the alliance create a video of you showing off the Tactical Hapkido techniques with in a realistic environment. You can take any creative measures you would like. This is a winner-take-all contest for the video that gets the most views on the You Tube, on the Tactical Hapkido’s website and votes by viewers. The winner will win the next training videos that cover Tactical Hapkido’s trapping, knife and stick. This also includes the Sharkee knife as part of this package. Videos are to be submitted to Grandmaster Rodemaker by email or mail and he will load this on our new Tactical Hapkido You-Tube channel. You can visit the THA website for more details or contact Grandmaster Rodemaker if you have any questions. The double impact seminar will be filmed and the event will be placed up on you-tube for the world to view!

New Tactical Hapkido Alliance Banners:
Due to so many requests, the Tactical Hapkido Alliance has these new banners for you to display at your school, gym, or home. And any charter member who holds a seminar will receive these high quality banners for free! If you are interested feel free to contact Grandmaster Rodemaker any time to get yours!

Banner size is 18 inches high and is 3 feet long.

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Tactical Hapkido Seminar at USA Martial Arts, McDonough GA!
Grandmaster Rodemaker headed to McDonough Georgia for a Tactical Hapkido seminar hosted by Master Donald Martinez this month. The seminar went great and it was an enjoyable time. People in the seminar thoroughly enjoyed it and walked away from it with the feeling that Tactical Hapkido is the "practical" martial art. For hosting the event, Master Donald Martinez received an official THA banner to place proudly in his school. Here is a personal quote about the seminar from Joel Navarro, one of Master Martinez black belts. For those of you who didn’t come to the Tactical Hapkido Seminar last month at Victory Martial Arts McDonough, Georgia, you missed out on a great experience. We were fortunate to have Grandmaster Barry Rodemaker, an 8th degree black belt, as our guest. I’ve taken martial arts most of my life attaining a 1st degree black belt in 4 different styles. During that time period, I attended quite a number of seminars. Nothing, however, could have prepared me for this part of my martial arts journey. From the moment the seminar began, the entire dojang was electric. Grandmaster Rodemaker provided the perfect balance of light heartedness and seriousness conducive to an ideal learning environment. Not only did we learn the intricacies involved in the mechanics of Tactical Hapkido, but the spiritual flow of energy as well. The training was mentally intense and physically demanding, but well worth it. By the way speaking of worthwhile, the 2 hour seminar actually lasted over 3 hours….incredible! This is a far cry from most seminars. I’ve just got to say to Grandmaster Rodemaker what Mr. Han said in the movie Enter The Dragon….”You have our gratitude”!

Current Promotions and Services Available to Members:
Tactical Hapkido Alliance Bibles for Martial Artist:
Tactical Hapkido Alliance has established Bibles for Martial Artists. Staying true to the Christian believes that this organization was founded on, Grandmaster Rodemaker is asking for voluntary donations to cover the purchase of the bibles and for shipping. This donation is not tax deductable and is purely voluntary. Any donation made will be greatly appreciated and will be used to fully fund this outreach program. We have received numerous donations with a host of people signing up to receive their free Bible. As such Grandmaster Rodemaker would like to say thank you for your support in this outreach service.

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Tactical Hapkido Alliance Prayer Team:
As stated in our first podcast, Firm Foundations, we are a unique organization unlike anyone else that stands true to what the THA was founded on. As such we would like to let everyone one know we are establishing a Tactical Hapkido Alliance prayer team consisting of any one who would like to be a team member. We realize that these are trying times and we would like for everyone that receives this newsletter that you are not alone and are a part of our family. If there is anything that you need prayer for all you have to do is send an email to and our team members will include it in our prayer meeting. Please include at least what you need prayers for and everything else is optional. From our beginnings we have seen doors swing wide open that we never anticipated and had prayers answered in way we never expected by solely trusting in the Lord. So when your prayer need has been answered please let us know by sending an email to so we post on our website to show how the Lord has helped you in your time of need and for everyone to see how the Lord works in His mysterious ways.

Tactical Hapkido Alliance New School Builder Packages:
Grandmaster Barry Rodemaker is offering his years of experience in making available to all charter members a proven system of methods and personal hands on advice put into one package, which is operating wildly successful at the THA headquarters. The package will include, among many other items, two lead boxes, personalized lettering system, local marketing assistance, and one on one assistance anytime with Rodemaker to aid in building and keeping your student base.

Customized Lead Boxes, plus more!

Charted Plus Members will received these customized lead boxes at cost (plus shipping), but more importantly you will receive the tried and true methodology developed by Grandmaster Rodemaker in properly using this powerful tool we have to offer. In addition charter plus members will have these boxes linked to the THA HQ site where we will make it easier for new students to find your school, while developing your cliental base. You can contact the THA headquarters and get the details with Grandmaster Rodemaker.

Customized Email Address from the Tactical Hapkido Alliance:
Using the latest in email forwarding technology, now all Charter School Owners, your Instructors and sanctioned Tactical Hapkido Alliance representatives can now customize their emails for free with out changing a thing. Our THA Information Technology team can set up this service where any email sent to Your_Name @ will be forwarded directly to your original email account. If you are interested just send Grandmaster Rodemaker an email at with what you want your email to be and your name. This is a free service to our members so take advantage of this.

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Tactical Hapkido Alliance Instructor Honor Roll Program:
Tactical Hapkido Alliance has established the Instructor Honor Roll program for those instructors who are showing the most active dedication in the alliance. Instructors can achieve this honor more than once a year and the honoree will receive, from Grandmaster Rodemaker himself, an honor certificate to place in your school and he/she will be honored with an article in this newsletter. Please contact Grandmaster Rodemaker for further details.

Combat Services Manual for Charter School Owners:
The Tactical Hapkido Alliance has a special operating manual specially designed for Combat Services personnel. This manual was made for military, intelligence, police and security personnel who have to get the training quickly and thoroughly on top of the training they already received. This manual takes all the techniques in the regular manuals (white to master series) and breaks the techniques down to 8 main concepts. In this manual the instructor is to teach the concept and then the student will apply it to a variety of situations by examples. If you are interested in this program feel free to contact the THA headquarters for more details.

Tactical Hapkido Alliance and TKD promotion:
Due to our increasing traffic ranking on the internet (even breaking to number 8 on the first page on Google for the search key word “Hapkido”). Tae Kwon Do Times is working with the THA and gave the Tactical Hapkido Alliance members and friends 20% off for a year’s subscription to their magazine. The official THA/TKD Times promotional code is TMAMA09 and is available only through the Tactical Hapkido Alliance. We have a link on where you can sign up using this special code.

Tactical Hapkido Alliance Product Catalog is up:
The Tactical Hapkido Alliance is developing a print version of all the services and products that charters and individuals can take advantage of. We now have this available on line where you may download the file and print copy to give to your students who may be interested in what you can offer to them.

Services on the Tactical Hapkido’s Website:
THA Video Section: Like the videos on this site, go and visit You Tube to get the code that you can place on your site or vote for the video. You can send your own video to the THA and we can include it on this page also. THA Blog Link: Plenty of items on this blog, some mentioned in this newsletter, a lot not mention. Go check it out and add your view! Comment Section: Please let us know what you like about the training system and/or the organization and we will post it on that location. You can fill this out online now or visit our official blog.
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News Section: If you are interested or have something to promote please send an email to, or, please make sure to include your name, location and important background information (time, place, event, ect.) and we will start posting this information for you. Sign up for the Tactical Hapkido Alliance Newsletter: It is as easy as putting in your email address. So please let all your students know that they can receive this newsletter so we can get the word out to all who are interested. This will be the primary tool for all members of the THA to take advantage of our collective bargaining power to the mainstream suppliers and organizations. All Membership applications can be done on-line: The applications for individuals and schools have been automated online so that after the application fee is processed, that individual can now complete their membership form online with automatic transmission sent to Grandmaster Rodemaker for expedient processing. Charter Member Section: We have a new secured Charter Membership area on the Tactical Hapkido Alliance website. This site will provide our valuable members to get their gup certificates and black belt certifications online. In addition you can get your co-branding DVD at charter rates, where your school logo or name will be on the cover of the video, at charter prices. And Email was sent out to charters members with the sign on and password to access this valuable service. Charter Plus Member Program: We have established the charter plus program for those charter’s who have continued to show their dedication and loyalty to our purpose, share the good news of Christ’s salvation and family community, the second is to spread this conceptual based education system of Hapkido. We will provide you the follow at cost, plus shipping. The lead boxes with the custom designed headers, all business cards, banners, everything that is offered from Vista Print which the THA has a corporate account at, aid in developing after school programs for your community, and media news releases to every newspaper, TV and magazine we can find. Grandmaster Rodemaker will personally walk you through the process and be there for continual support concerning questions and advice. Then working with those lead boxes, we will assign you a special webpage on the THA main website that will list all your school information, taking advantage of our internet presence with a new student application form for your new students to go to and fill out. Automatic distribution will be sent to your email account, while one will be sent to the THA HQ to help you build up your marketing potential.

Upcoming Promotions and Services:
Tactical Hapkido Alliance Knife, Stick, and Trapping Drills being Edited!
A whole new video / manual series is currently being edited by Grandmaster Rodemaker; he is quite busy with the interview with Professor Gary Dill and travel. The video series will demonstrate to the instructor and student how the core curriculum of Tactical Hapkido can be applied to the 9 planes of motion during a knife/stick attack in addition to how to apply the trapping drills during your training. As a bonus feature of this package, the THA has secured a relationship with Sharkee Knives where we can provide charter members this equipment below wholesale costs by going through THA Headquarters. The winner of the You-Tube contest will get this whole package as soon as it is completed!
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Tactical Hapkido Alliance Chaplain:
The Tactical Hapkido Alliance would like to remind all members and families that we have an official chaplain as a member in the alliance, Rev. Dr. H. George Myers “Skip”. If there is anything you need prayers for, advice, encouragement or the need for any consultation please do not hesitate to contact him at anytime. He is here to help all members of our family. From time to time, he will also contribute articles to this newsletter that will be insightful and helpful for all. Contact Information: Rev. Dr. H. George Myers “Skip” THA Chaplain 330-554-5491 Martial Arts Background: 2nd Dan Tactical Hapkido Education Background: Bachelors of Arts; Bachelors of Music Master’s of Divinity; Master’s of Church History Doctorate of Ministry

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