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Training and Placement Cell

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi New

Delhi 110016, INDIA
Instructions for filling master CV
Username - Same as your ACSS account used for registration. In case you are logging in for the first
time, the password applicable is that of your ACSS account. You may change your password after
which your ACSS and T&P passwords will be different.
For full functionality of the site, please use Mozilla Firefox version greater than 3.
Your master resume contains all the information you might want to include in your CV for application
to different profiles. This needs to be filled before the Master CV deadline.
While editing, DO NOT copy-paste text from any source, as it might introduce some unwanted
characters in your master CV. Type everything (whatever you want to add) directly in the master CV
When you enter the GPA in Academic Details, please mention the scale along with your GPA. e.g. -
if your GPA is 8 on a scale of 10, then while filling in this information, write 8/10. Also, in case Aggregate
Marks (%) are to be mentioned, mention the Total Aggregate (%) & NOT the best 3 or best 4 Aggregate
While entering your contact number, please enter only the ten digits without prefixing any 0 or 91
before the same. e.g. The contact number must be entered as 9876982728 and not as
09876982728 or 919876982728.
Upload a recent passport size photo. This is essential.
You are allowed to create a maximum of 7 different resumes for different profiles; each would be a
subset of the Master resume.
You have to create these resumes before the Master CV deadline. These resumes cannot be edited
after the deadline.
For each resume, the academic details stay fixed. Rest all is optional. You might choose to show any
elective course / publication / award / scholastic achievement / internship / work experience / project
/ extra-curricular activity / position of responsibility or completely omit a section by not choosing
anything in it. (Practical training / IIT Thesis / JEE Rank / GATE / GRE / TOEFL all optional).
You can reorder your optional sections using drag & drop to create profile specific resumes.
While applying, you have to select one of these 7 resumes saved in PDF format. The chosen resume
would be visible to the company concerned.
Submit self-attested copies of documents for verification at T&P Office, Synergy Building, 3 Sept, 2014
(M.Tech), 4 Sep, 2014 (B.Tech/Dual) (b/w 3 pm - 5 pm). The documents should be neatly stapled /
pinned (without a file cover / folder). The first page of the documents should be a photocopy of your
IIT identity card. Also write your mobile number on this page. The second page must contain the
signed version of the declaration that can be found in the downloads section.
The documents required to be submitted for verification should include copies of:
1. 10/12 class mark sheet - Calculate & write Aggregate % Marks on the Mark sheet while submitting
2. Additional Degree (generally applicable only to PG students)
3. Work Experience (generally applicable only to a few PG students)
4. Gate rank (if mentioned in CV)
5. GRE score (if mentioned in CV)
6. TOEFL score (if mentioned in CV)
7. Every Publication (if mentioned in CV) - Submit a copy of the first page / abstract of the publication.
8. Certificate for every Award & Honor (if mentioned in CV)
9. Certificate for every Scholastic Achievement (if mentioned in CV).
10. Certificate for every Internship (if mentioned in CV) - B.Tech & Dual Degree students need not
submit documents for Practical Summer Training done at the end of 3rd year.
11. Certificate for any prizes / significant contributions mentioned in Extra-Curricular Activities
12. Certificate for every significant position of responsibility whose information is not provided to T&P
by the Board/Club (if mentioned in CV) All significant positions of responsibility are mentioned in the
drop down menu in Position of Responsibility section of the resume.
Please obtain & submit all your documents for verification (as mentioned above) as soon as possible.
When you come to the T&P office with all the verification documents, get your Gate rank, GRE score,
TOEFL score, previous degrees, 10/12 class marks - verified by the T&P staff (after which these fields
will become non-editable). Remember that unless the documents have been verified, one would not
be able to apply.
Do not write anything in your CV that cannot be verified. You must attach all documents relevant
to the content of your resume.
The above list is not exhaustive.
Details of all the companies coming on campus (separated on the basis of profiles - Analytics,
Consulting, Core, Finance, and Information Technology, Management or other) would be visible to all
the students. However you will be able to apply only to those companies that are open to your
Whenever you click on 'Submit Application', your resume will be visible to the company. However,
you will be able to withdraw any number of times but only till the last date of application.
Do not fill needless data into the master CV. Try and keep your CVs short and sweet, because that
is what the companies are looking for. A CV of length greater than 2 pages is more likely to be rejected.
At the time of appearing for interviews, you MUST carry copies of the ACSS resume submitted to
that company online & NOT a resume submitted to some other companies. Discrepancies in resumes
are not appreciated by companies and may become a cause for rejection
To know more, you may visit the FAQ section on Internal Notifications website of T&P.
For any further queries please send an email to
with the subject: Technical Team Query