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29 June 2014
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Int J Med Sci 2007! 4"2#$110-114% &oi$10%71'0/i()s%4%110
Childhood %ebrile Sei&ures' (vervie) and Implications
Tonia Jones, Steven J. Jacobsen
*esearc- an& .+a/uation0 1aiser Per)anente Sout-ern a/i2ornia0 Pasa&ena0 3 911010 4S3
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Jones 50 Jaco6sen SJ% -i/&-oo& Fe6ri/e Sei7ures$ 8+er+ie, an& I)p/ications% Int
J Med Sci 2007! 4"2#$110-114% &oi$10%71'0/i()s%4%110% 3+ai/a6/e 2ro)
5-is artic/e pro+i&es an o+er+ie, o2 t-e /atest 9no,/e&ge an& un&erstan&ing o2
c-i/&-oo& 2e6ri/e sei7ures% 5-is re+ie, a/so &iscusses c-i/&-oo& 2e6ri/e sei7ure
occurrence0 -ea/t- ser+ices uti/i7ation an& treat)ent costs% Parenta/ reactions
associate& ,it- its occurrence an& -o, -ea/t-care pro+i&ers can assist parents
,it- &ea/ing e22ecti+e/: ,it- t-is potentia//: 2rig-tening an& an;iet:-pro&ucing
e+ent are a/so &iscusse&%
*e+)ords$ c-i/&-oo& 2e6ri/e sei7ure0 parenta/ reaction0 an;iet:0 -ea/t- ser+ices
uti/i7ation0 parenta/ e&ucation
1. Introduction
3/t-oug- t-e occurrence o2 2e6ri/e sei7ures in c-i/&-oo& is <uite co))on0 t-e: can
6e e;tre)e/: 2rig-tening0 e)otiona//: trau)atic an& an;iet: pro+o9ing ,-en
,itnesse& 6: parents% During t-e sei7ure0 t-e parent )a: percei+e t-at t-eir c-i/&
is &:ing =1!2>0 6ut 2ortunate/: t-e +ast )a(orit: o2 2e6ri/e sei7ures are 6enign%
*are/: -a+e 2e6ri/e sei7ures cause& 6rain &a)age =?> an& ,it- t-e e;ception o2
&e+e/oping countries0 t-ere are no &ocu)ente& cases o2 2e6ri/e sei7ure-re/ate&
&eat-s on recor& =4>% 5-ere -a+e 6een nu)erous re+ie,s an& up&ates ,-ic- -a+e
e;p/ore& t-e natura/ -istor:0 treat)ent an& su6se<uent outco)es o2 2e6ri/e
sei7ures ='>% In a&&ition0 se+era/ artic/es -a+e a&&resse& t-e i))e&iate parenta/
reaction to t-is occurrence =1!@-11>0 an& one -as a&&resse& parenta/ reaction o+er
ti)e =10>% In t-is artic/e0 ,e pro+i&e a 6rie2 o+er+ie, o2 c-i/&-oo& 2e6ri/e sei7ures
an& e;p/ore t-e potentia/ parenta/ reactions to 2e6ri/e sei7ures 2ro) p-:sio/ogica/0
e)otiona/0 an& 6e-a+iora/ perspecti+es% Ae a/so inc/u&e a re+ie, o2 -ea/t-
ser+ices uti/i7ation an& t-e treat)ent costs o2 c-i/&ren e;periencing 2e6ri/e
sei7ures0 an aspect t-at -as not 6een consi&ere& to an: &ept- in re/ation to
c-i/&-oo& 2e6ri/e sei7ures%
2. Febrile Seizures Defined
Fe6ri/e sei7ures -a+e &e2ine& 6: 5-e Internationa/ League 3gainst .pi/eps: "IL3.#
as Ba sei7ure occurring in c-i/&-oo& a2ter one )ont- o2 age0 associate& ,it- a
Childhood Febrile Seizures: Overview and Implications
1 of 11 29/06/2014 11:34 PM
1% Intro&uction
2% Fe6ri/e Sei7ures De2ine&
?% Natura/ Cistor:
4% Fe6ri/e Sei7ure .+a/uation%%%
'% Cea/t- Ser+ices 4ti/i7ation%%%
@% Parenta/ *eaction an&%%%
7% I)p/ications
D% Su))ar:
1% Intro&uction
2e6ri/e i//ness not cause& 6: an in2ection o2 t-e centra/ ner+ous s:ste)0 ,it-out
pre+ious neonata/ sei7ures or a pre+ious unpro+o9e& sei7ure0 an& not )eeting
criteria 2or ot-er acute s:)pto)atic sei7ures =12>% Fe6ri/e sei7ures are c/assi2ie&
as eit-er si)p/e or co)p/e;% Si)p/e 2e6ri/e sei7ures consist o2 a 6rie2 "/asting /ess
t-an 10 )inutes# tonic-c/onic con+u/sion ,-ic- occurs on/: once ,it-in a 24--our
perio&% 5-ere are no 2oca/ 2eatures an& it reso/+es spontaneous/: =1?>% on+erse/:0
co)p/e; 2e6ri/e sei7ures are pro/onge& "greater t-an 10-1' )inutes#0 2oca/0 or
)u/tip/e "recurrent ,it-in t-e sa)e 2e6ri/e i//ness o+er a 24--our perio&#% A-i/e
t-e )a(orit: o2 2e6ri/e sei7ures are si)p/e "70-7'E# =14>0 9-?'E o2 2e6ri/e
sei7ures are co)p/e; =1'>%
3. Natural History
3ppro;i)ate/: one- -a/2 )i//ion 2e6ri/e sei7ure
e+ents occur per :ear in t-e 4S =1@>% Most 2e6ri/e
sei7ures occur 6et,een @ )ont-s an& ?@ )ont-s
o2 age0 pea9ing at 1D )ont-s =1'>% 5-e inci&ence
o2 2e6ri/e sei7ures is 6et,een 2-'E =17>0 ,it- at
/east ?E to 4E o2 a// c-i/&ren in Nort- 3)erica
e;periencing at /east one 2e6ri/e sei7ure 6e2ore
t-e age o2 ' :ears =1D>% 5-e occurrence o2 a
c-i/&Fs 2irst "initia/# 2e6ri/e sei7ures -as 6een
associate& ,it-$ 2irst or secon&-&egree re/ati+e
,it- -istor: o2 2e6ri/e an& a2e6ri/e sei7ures =19>0
&a: care atten&ance =20!21>0 &e+e/op)enta/ &e/a: =19!21>0 In2/uen7a 3 +ira/
in2ection =1D!22>0 Cu)an -erpes+irus-@ in2ection =2?!24>0 Metapneu)o+irus =2'>0
an& iron &e2icienc: ane)ia =2@>% 8t-er e;ogenous circu)stances t-at -a+e 6een
i&enti2ie& as pre&icting an increase& ris9 o2 initia/ 2e6ri/e sei7ures inc/u&e &i22icu/t
6irt-0 neonata/ asp-:;ia0 an& coi/ing o2 t-e u)6i/ica/ cor& =27>% -i/&ren ,it-
2e6ri/e sei7ures an& t-e e;ogenous con&itions pre+ious/: /iste& are /i9e/: to -a+e
a22ecte& 2a)i/: )e)6ers0 an& -a+e a ris9 o2 recurrence o2 sei7ures on G '
occasions =27>%
5-e ris9 o2 initia/ 2e6ri/e sei7ures -as a/so 6een stu&ie& a2ter receipt o2 pe&iatric
+accinations suc- as &ip-t-eria-tetanus-,-o/e ce// pertussis "D5P# =2D!29> an&
Meas/es0 Mu)ps an& *u6e//a "MM*# =?0!?1>% Stu&ies 6: Har/o, an& associates
"2001# an& Aa/9er an& co//eagues "19DD# 2oun& a 4-2o/& increase in t-e ris9 o2
2e6ri/e sei7ures ,it-in 1-? &a:s o2 receipt o2 D5P +accination% Ait- regar& to MM*
+accination0 t-e ris9 o2 2e6ri/e sei7ures increases 6: 1%' an& ?%0 2o/&0 ,it- t-e
pea9 occurring 1-2 ,ee9s a2ter +accination =?0!?2>! an a&&itiona/ 2'-?4 2e6ri/e
sei7ures -a+e 6een esti)ate& to occur per 1000000 &oses o2 MM* a&)inistere&
Fe6ri/e sei7ures 2re<uent/: recur% 3/t-oug- 2e6ri/e sei7ure usua//: occur as sing/e0
iso/ate& inci&ents0 t-e reoccurrence rate is ?0E o+era// =??>0 an& increases to
'0E i2 t-e initia/ 2e6ri/e sei7ure occurs in a c-i/& un&er one :ear o2 age =?4>% 82
t-ose ,-o e;perience a secon& 2e6ri/e sei7ure0 t-e ris9 o2 recurrence increases
2-2o/& =?'!?@>% Pre&ictors o2 recurrent 2e6ri/e sei7ures inc/u&e$ a -istor: o2 2oca/0
pro/onge&0 an& )u/tip/e sei7ures =?7!?D>0 In2/uen7a 3 +ira/ in2ection =?9>0 2a)i/:
-istor: o2 2e6ri/e sei7ures =?@>0 onset o2 2e6ri/e sei7ure I12 )ont-s o2 age =40>0
te)perature I40J "I104 JF# at ti)e o2 sei7ure =41>0 an& a -istor: o2 co)p/e;0
initia/ 2e6ri/e sei7ures =42>% 3 /o, proportion "2-4E# o2 c-i/&ren ,-o e;perience at
/east one 2e6ri/e sei7ure e+ent =4!4?>0 go on to &e+e/op recurrent a2e6ri/e sei7ures
"epi/eps:# =1@!44>%
4. Febrile Seizure Evaluation and ana!e"ent
A-i/e 2e6ri/e i//nesses in in2ants an& c-i/&ren
account 2or 10-20E o2 a// pe&iatric0 e)ergenc:
roo) +isits =4'>0 up to one percent o2 t-ese +isits
Childhood Febrile Seizures: Overview and Implications
2 of 11 29/06/2014 11:34 PM
2% Fe6ri/e Sei7ures De2ine&
?% Natura/ Cistor:
4% Fe6ri/e Sei7ure .+a/uation%%%
'% Cea/t- Ser+ices 4ti/i7ation%%%
@% Parenta/ *eaction an&%%%
7% I)p/ications
D% Su))ar:
1% Intro&uction
2% Fe6ri/e Sei7ures De2ine&
?% Natura/ Cistor:
4% Fe6ri/e Sei7ure .+a/uation%%%
'% Cea/t- Ser+ices 4ti/i7ation%%%
@% Parenta/ *eaction an&%%%
7% I)p/ications
D% Su))ar:
in+o/+e pe&iatric sei7ure patients =4@!47>% .ig-t:
percent o2 t-ose pe&iatric sei7ure patients are
&iagnose& ,it- 2e6ri/e sei7ures0 an& 20E are
&iagnose& ,it- a2e6ri/e sei7ures =4D-'0>%
Sei7ures o2 an: t:pe are usua//: a )ani2estation
o2 a nu)6er o2 un&er/:ing pat-o/ogic con&itions
to &i22erentiate 6et,een t-e)0 care2u/ -istor:
ta9ing0 p-:sica/ e;a)ination0 an& /a6orator:
,or9-up are usua//: re<uire&% ..KFs an&
neuroi)aging stu&ies s-ou/& 6e per2or)e& as &ictate& 6: c/inica/ suspicion0 as
routine or&ering o2 neuroi)aging stu&ies an& ..KFs -a+e 6een 2oun& to -a+e
/i)ite& +a/ue% 36nor)a/ities on ..K &o not pre&ict t-e occurrence o2 2uture
sei7ures ='1> or t-e su6se<uent &e+e/op)ent o2 epi/eps: =17>% Practice gui&e/ines
-a+e reco))en&e& t-at /u)6ar punctures 6e strong/: consi&ere& in c-i/&ren
e;periencing t-eir 2irst si)p/e 2e6ri/e sei7ure0 particu/ar/: i2 I 1D )ont-s o2 age
=1'!20!'2!'?> In t-e case o2 2irst si)p/e 2e6ri/e sei7ure0 prop-:/actic antip:retic
or anticon+u/sant t-erapies are not reco))en&e& to re&uce t-e recurrence rate
='4!''>% 3s to t-e s-ort-ter) treat)ent o2 ongoing 2e6ri/e sei7ures0
anticon+u/sants suc- as P-eno6ar6ita/ an& Dia7epa) -a+e 6een 2oun& to re&uce
t-e reoccurrence o2 2e6ri/e sei7ures0 6ut not su6se<uent &e+e/op)ent o2 epi/eps:
#. Healt$ Services %tilization and &reat"ent 'osts of
'$ildren (it$ Febrile Seizures
5-ere are 2e, &ata a+ai/a6/e regar&ing -ea/t- ser+ices uti/i7ation an& treat)ent
costs o2 c-i/&ren e;periencing 2e6ri/e sei7ure e+ents% 5-e )a(orit: o2 stu&ies
e+a/uating -ea/t- ser+ices uti/i7ation an& treat)ent costs -a+e 6een in c-i/&ren
&iagnose& ,it- epi/eps: ='7-@2>% 5-e costs to initia//: e+a/uate an& treat 2e6ri/e
sei7ures &epen& on t-e c/inica/ ,or9-up in&icate& 6: c/inica/ suspicion%
In 200?0 Free)an &etai/e& t-e cost o2 e+a/uating an initia/ a2e6ri/e sei7ure in t-e
e)ergenc: roo) "4S L?0'7# an& conc/u&e& t-at /ess testing is nee&e& in t-e .*
2o//o,ing t-is occurrence =@?>% 5,o stu&ies -a+e in&icate& t-at c-i/&ren ,it-
2e6ri/e sei7ures &o not consu)e e;cess -ea/t- care resources% In a )atc-e&
case-contro/ stu&:0 7' c-i/&ren e;periencing t-eir 2irst 2e6ri/e sei7ure ,ere
age-)atc-e& ,it- 1'0 2e6ri/e an& 1'0 a2e6ri/e contro/s% It ,as conc/u&e& t-at
c-i/&ren ,it- 2e6ri/e sei7ures -a& near/: i&entica/ rates o2 su6se<uent
-ospita/i7ation ,-en co)pare& ,it- age-)atc-e& contro/s =1D>% 3 secon&ar:
ana/:sis o2 t-is sa)e &ata set ,as un&erta9en0 an& it ,as 2oun& t-at c-i/&ren ,it-
a 9no,n 2a)i/: -istor: o2 2e6ri/e sei7ures at t-e ti)e o2 stu&: entr: -a& 24E
2e,er p-:sician +isits =@4>% In contrast0 c-i/&ren e;periencing t-eir 2irst 2e6ri/e
sei7ure -a& 4'E )ore p-:sician +isits ,-en t-e: 9ne, o2 a re/ati+e ,it- a2e6ri/e
sei7ures t-an t-ose ,it- negati+e 2a)i/: -istories% 5-us0 it appears t-at 9no,/e&ge
o2 a 2a)i/: -istor: o2 2e6ri/e sei7ures is corre/ate& ,it- re&uce& o22ice +isits%
). *arental +eaction and +es,onse to Febrile Seizures in
Parenta/ reaction an& response to 2e6ri/e sei7ure
occurrence in c-i/&ren can co)prise p-:sica/0
ps:c-o/ogica/0 an& 6e-a+iora/ )ani2estations%
o))on p-:sica/ s:)pto)s e;perience& 6:
parents 2o//o,ing t-eir c-i/&Fs 2e6ri/e sei7ure
inc/u&e &:spepsia =@'>0 anore;ia =1>0 an& s/eep
&isruption =1!D!9!@'>% Ps:c-o/ogica/ reactions
e;perience& 6: parents inc/u&e 2ear o2
reoccurrence =D>0 2ear o2 su6se<uent
&e+e/op)ent o2 epi/eps: =1>0 appre-ension0 an&
Childhood Febrile Seizures: Overview and Implications
3 of 11 29/06/2014 11:34 PM
1% Intro&uction
2% Fe6ri/e Sei7ures De2ine&
?% Natura/ Cistor:
4% Fe6ri/e Sei7ure .+a/uation%%%
'% Cea/t- Ser+ices 4ti/i7ation%%%
@% Parenta/ *eaction an&%%%
7% I)p/ications
D% Su))ar:
e;cessi+e an;iet: an& ,orr: a6out /o,-gra&e
2e+ers =@@>%
5-e occurrence o2 2e6ri/e sei7ures can potentia//: &isrupt t-e 2a)i/ia/ <ua/it: o2 /i2e
an& t-e parents )a: e;perience an;iet: an& 2ear ,-ene+er a c-i/& &e+e/ops a
2e+er% 5-ese parents )a: a/so percei+e t-at so)e-o, t-e c-i/& is no,
B+u/nera6/eM or unusua//: suscepti6/e to )e&ica/ or &e+e/op)enta/ pro6/e)s =1D>%
5-e 2u// ter) to &escri6e t-is perception is re2erre& to as t-e N+u/nera6/e c-i/&
s:n&ro)eN0 ,-ic- inc/u&es a co)pi/ation o2 6e-a+iors t-at are t-oug-t to &e+e/op
as a resu/t o2 t-is e;cessi+e parenta/ an;iet: =@7!@D>% 5-ese parents e;perience
increase& an;iet: an& 2ear =@D> ,-ene+er a c-i/& &e+e/ops a 2e+er =D!9>% 3s a
resu/t0 t-is -eig-tene& parenta/ 2ear o2 2e+er an& 2e6ri/e sei7ures can -a+e series
negati+e conse<uences on &ai/: 2a)i/: /i2e =1!4>0 parenta/ 6e-a+ior =4!@9> an&
parent-c-i/& interactions =@D!70!71>% 3s a conse<uence o2 t-is percei+e&
B+u/nera6i/it:M0 it ,ou/& see) intuiti+e t-at t-e caregi+er ,ou/& see9 )e&ica/
attention 2or t-eir c-i/& )ore 2re<uent/:0 as t-is ,as repeate&/: 2oun& in pre+ious
parent-percei+e& c-i/& +u/nera6i/it: stu&ies in+o/+ing genera/ pe&iatrics an&
pre)ature in2ants =70!72-74>% Hut to t-e contrar:0 as note& ear/ier in t,o stu&ies
=1D!@4>0 c-i/&ren e;periencing 2e6ri/e sei7ures &i& not uti/i7e a -ig-er rate o2
resources co)pare& ,it- age-)atc-e& contro/s%
-. I",lications
5-e occurrence o2 c-i/&-oo& 2e6ri/e sei7ures are
co))on! t-us parents an& caregi+ers s-ou/& 6e
pro+i&e& in2or)ation a6out t-e)% Instructions
an& parenta/ e&ucation s-ou/& 6e speci2ic0 ,ritten
in /a: ter)s0 tai/ore& to t-eir /anguage an&
cu/ture an& a&&ress t-e 2o//o,ing "See 5a6/e 1#$
!able ,
Fe6ri/e Sei7ure In2or)ation an& .&ucation
Clinical Education
A-at is a 2e6ri/e
Fe6ri/e sei7ures are
con+u/sions 6roug-t on 6:
a 2e+er in in2ants or s)a//
c-i/&ren% Most 2e6ri/e
sei7ures occur ,it-in t-e
2irst 24 -ours o2 an
i//ness/2e+er% Fe6ri/e
sei7ures )a: /ast 2ro) a
2e, secon&s to )ore t-an
1' )inutes%
5-e /in9 6et,een
2e+er an& 2e6ri/e
sei7ures "FS# in
Fe6ri/e Sei7ures occur in
?E -' E o2 ot-er,ise
-ea/t-: c-i/&ren @-@0
)ont-s o2 age% It is
&e6ate& 6: e;perts
,-et-er it is t-e <uic9ness
o2 t-e rise in te)perature
or t-e -eig-t o2 t-e
te)perature ,-ic-
triggers t-e sei7ure% 5-e
sei7ure is o2ten t-e 2irst
sign o2 a 2e+er%
Childhood Febrile Seizures: Overview and Implications
4 of 11 29/06/2014 11:34 PM
Clinical Education
A-at )a: -appen
to t-e c-i/& &uring
t-e 2e6ri/e sei7ureO
During a 2e6ri/e sei7ure0 a
c-i/& )a: /ose
consciousness or
responsi+eness0 s-a9e an&
)o+e /i)6s on 6ot- si&es
o2 t-e 6o&:% 5-e c-i/&
6eco)es rigi& or -as
t,itc-es in on/: a portion
o2 t-e 6o&:0 suc- as an
ar) or a /eg0 or on t-e
rig-t or t-e /e2t si&e on/:%
5-e c-i/& )a: +o)it or
pass urine%
A-at )easure"s#
s-ou/& 6e ta9en or
a+oi&e& &uring t-e
2e6ri/e sei7ure
-o sta+ calm. Focus :our
attention on 6ringing t-e
2e+er &o,n% Insert recta/
aceta)inop-en "5:/eno/#
"i2 a+ai/a6/e#% 3pp/: coo/
,as-c/ot-s to t-e 2ore-ea&
an& nec9% Sponge t-e rest
o2 t-e 6o&: ,it- /u9e,ar)
"not co/&# ,ater% Loosen
an: restricti+e c/ot-ing%
-on/t tr: to -o/& or
restrain t-e c-i/& or stop
t-e sei7ure )o+e)ents%
DonFt tr: to 2orce an:t-ing
into -is )out- to pre+ent
-i) 2ro) 6iting -is tongue
as t-is increases t-e ris9
o2 in(ur:% Mo+e t-e c-i/&
on/: i2 in a &angerous
situation% *e)o+e an:
o6(ects t-at )a: in(ure
A-at does not
-appen to t-e
c-i/&Fs 6rain &uring
a 2e6ri/e sei7ureO
5-ere is no e+i&ence t-at
si)p/e 2e6ri/e sei7ures
"I10 )inutes# cause
&eat-0 6rain &a)age0
epi/eps:0 )enta/
retar&ation0 a &ecrease in
IP0 or /earning &i22icu/ties%
5-e /i9e/i-oo& o2
3 t-ir& o2 c-i/&ren ,i//
-a+e anot-er 2e6ri/e
sei7ure ,it- a su6se<uent
2e+er% 82 t-ose ,-o &o0
a6out Q ,i// -a+e a ?
sei7ure% I2 t-ere is a
2a)i/: -istor:0 i2 t-e 2irst
sei7ure -appene& 6e2ore
12 )ont-s o2 age0 or i2 t-e
sei7ure -appene& ,it- a
2e+er 6e/o, 1020 a c-i/& is
)ore /i9e/: to -a+e R1
2e6ri/e sei7ures%
Childhood Febrile Seizures: Overview and Implications
5 of 11 29/06/2014 11:34 PM
Clinical Education
A-en to consu/t a
pro+i&er0 ,-en to
ca// 911 an& ,-en
ta9e t-e c-i/&
&irect/: to an
e)ergenc: roo)
1% -i/&ren s-ou/& consu/t
a -ea/t-care pro+i&er as
soon as possi6/e a2ter t-e
2irst 2e6ri/e sei7ure% 2% a//
911 i2 t-e sei7ure /asts
)ore t-an a 2e, )inutes%
?% ontact a -ea/t-care
pro+i&er or go to t-e .* i2
an: ot-er s:)pto)s occur
before or after t-e
sei7ure$ nausea0 +o)iting0
ras-0 tre)ors0 a6nor)a/
)o+e)ents0 pro6/e)s ,it-
coor&ination0 &ro,siness0
agitation0 con2usion0
se&ation0 etc%
A-at )a: occur
&uring t-e
e+a/uation an&/or
testing o2 t-e c-i/&
H/oo& an& urine tests )a:
6e e;a)ine& to &etect
in2ections% 5:pica//:0 a 2u//
sei7ure ,or9up inc/u&ing
an ..K0 -ea& 50 an&
/u)6ar puncture "spina/
tap # is not ,arrante&%
A-at are t-e
possi6/e se<ue/ae
o2 2e6ri/e sei7uresO
In(uries cause& 6: 2a//ing
or 6u)ping into o6(ects%
Hiting onese/2 Pneu)onia
secon&ar: to 2/ui&
aspiration% In(ur: 2ro)
pro/onge& or co)p/icate&
sei7ures% Me&ication si&e
e22ects re/ate& to t-e
treat)ent an& pre+ention
o2 sei7ures "i2 prescri6e&#%
o)p/ications i2 a serious
in2ection0 suc- as
)eningitis cause& t-e
2e+er% Sei7ures unre/ate&
to 2e+er "a2e6ri/e sei7ures#
Parenta/ perception o2
increase& c-i/&
+u/nera6i/it: to )e&ica/ or
&e+e/op)enta/ pro6/e)s%
A-at treat)ents
)a: 6e prescri6e&
,-en t-e: are
in&icate&0 an&
possi6/e a&+erse
5-e /ist o2 epi/eps:
)e&ications use& &epen&s
on c/inica/ p/an &e+ise&
.. Su""ary
-i/&-oo& 2e6ri/e sei7ures0 a/t-oug- pri)ari/: 6enign0 can 6e 2rig-tening an&
an;iet:-pro+o9ing e+ents 2or parents an& caregi+ers% It is i)portant t-at -ea/t-
Childhood Febrile Seizures: Overview and Implications
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1% Intro&uction
2% Fe6ri/e Sei7ures De2ine&
?% Natura/ Cistor:
4% Fe6ri/e Sei7ure .+a/uation%%%
'% Cea/t- Ser+ices 4ti/i7ation%%%
@% Parenta/ *eaction an&%%%
7% I)p/ications
D% Su))ar:
care pro+i&ers un&erstan& potentia/ parenta/ )isconceptions0 an;ieties an& 2ears
a6out 2e+er an& 2e6ri/e sei7ures so t-at t-e: )a: a//a: t-ose 2ears e22ecti+e/:% 5-e
-ea/t-care pro+i&er a/so nee&s to assess parenta/ reactions to t-e occurrence o2
2e6ri/e sei7ure an& to &eter)ine t-e coping patterns uti/i7e& as ,e// as to &etect
an: &isruptions in parent-c-i/& interactions% 3&&itiona/ stu&ies are nee&e& to
e+a/uate t-e costs o2 treat)ent 2or initia/ 2e6ri/e sei7ures as ,e// as -ea/t- ser+ices
'onflict of interest
5-e aut-ors -a+e &ec/are& t-at no con2/ict o2 interest e;ists%
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7 of 11 29/06/2014 11:34 PM
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Childhood Febrile Seizures: Overview and Implications
8 of 11 29/06/2014 11:34 PM
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9 of 11 29/06/2014 11:34 PM
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