... through Bertha Dudde
Emissaries .... Prayer .... Admonition ....
Great things are planned y the !ord and your thoughts shall e
guided in the right dire"tion# $or only y "onstantly in$orming
those %ho are %illing to hear God&s lessons# are %e e'pressing
God&s %ill .... (he !ord lets )is messengers tra*el through the
earthly *alley %or+ing diligently .... %here*er an earthly "hild "an
e $ound# %hose lo*e $or the !ord ma+es it re"epti*e $or )is
tea"hings# it may ta+e pleasure in God&s gra"e and e already
allo%ed to ser*e )im on earth in a laour o$ lo*e $or unin$ormed
and erring $ello% silings.
During this time o$ ad*ersity# in %hi"h many a soul li*es on earth#
the !ord rings so mu"h help through )is ser*ants# so that
e*eryone in serious need o$ help "an ta+e hold o$ the ,a*iour&s
redeeming hand.
)is pleading prayer penetrates through to the Father and .... %ith
a -ust little "on$iden"e that your prayer %ill e ans%ered ....
many help$ul eings %ill guide you so that you %ill es"ape your
soul&s ad*ersity .... so that you %ill e"ome $ree $rom e*il
in$luen"es and %ithout reser*ation a""ept %hat the Father
prepares $or you and sends to you through )is messengers. Any
person&s serious prayers %ill e granted e"ause the Father lo*es
)is "hildren.
Dear "hild# listen to %hat %e %ant to say to you.
/onsider that e*eryone is intended to pursue his goal on earth in
di*ine unity .... to become as one again with the Father,
Who ga*e him li$e on earth in order to ad*an"e his spiritual
de*elopment ....
(he !ord in )is lo*e in$orms you to loo+ upon this goal# this
stri*ing# as the most important thing in li$e0 not one o$ you
should "arelessly ignore that he must -usti$y himsel$ one day i$
he has not used his li$e "orre"tly $or eternity.
)o% itterly he %ill ha*e to regret it one day# and ho% $ar more
di$$i"ult %ill his stri*ing $or per$e"tion e in the eyond %hen he#
entirely dependent on the lo*ing a"ti*ity o$ higher spiritual
eings# must li$t himsel$ up through tireless %or+ o$ impro*ing
himsel$ ....
When# in $a"t# you may dra% gra"e upon gra"e on earth %hi"h is
granted to you y the ,a*iour in aundan"e i$ only you appeal $or
it .... %hy don&t you %ant to ma+e an e$$ort to parta+e o$ this
gra"e1 ....
(here$ore# a""ept all the tea"hings the !ord sends to you ....
e"ome strong in $aith# li*e in lo*e and pray .... pray all the time#
then you %ill# ri"hly lessed# $ul$il your purpose in earthly li$e and
ma+e use o$ this li$e $or eternity ....
Pulished y $riends o$ ne% re*elations o$ God 2 3n$ormation#
do%nload o$ all translated re*elations# theme4oo+lets at.

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