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Saudi Electricity Company
Empowering Energy
CONTRACT NO. 31121016/00
6.11 Lifting Systems for Materials
CONTRACTOR shall design and engineer the material lifting systems
necessary to transport heavy lift materials for the PROJECT by land and sea
from the manufacturer plants and facilities to the WORK SITE and shall
arrange for such transportation,
6.12 Name of Consignee and Transfer of Title
6.12.1 All materials and eqUipment (including spare parts and tools)
imported into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia shall name as sale
consignee, the COMPANY.
6.12.2 Title to such imported materials and eqUipment (including spare
parts and tools) shall pass on to COMPANY upon delivery at the
WORK SITE. Any materials and eqUipment in excess of the
requirements of the PROJECT shaU remain COMPANY property,
unless otherwise directed by COMPANY.
6.12.3 Notwithstanding the transfer of title to COMPANY of such imported
materials and eqUipment (including spare parts and tools), the
responsibility for care and custody thereof together with the risk of
loss or damage thereto shall remain with CONTRACTOR in
accordance with Paragraph 20, Risk and ResponSibility, of this
Schedule 'AN until Preliminary Acceptance of the PROJECT and
thereafter until completion of corrective WORK on warranty defects
during the warranty period.
6.13 Marshalling of CONTRACTOR Tools and EqYioment
In completion of the WORK, CONTRACTOR shall be responsible for the
marshalling of all tools and eqUipment imported for the execution of the
WORK and for the obtaining of re-export permits, transportation and
freighting of such tools and equipment. COMPANY shall not provide land for
CONTRACTOR's use for such marshalling.
6.14 Care. Control and Custody of Materials
CONTRACTOR shall be responsible for the care, control, and maintenance of
all materials, tools and equipment obtained for the execution of the WORK up
to Preliminary Acceptance of all the PROJECT PORTIONS and failure, loss, or
damage to such material or equipment prior thereto shall be for account of
6.15 Spedal Tools ReqYired to Ooerate and Maintain the PROJECT
CONTRACTOR shall provide any special tools to install, adjust, operate and
maintain the PROJECT during start-up. In case further special tools are
discovered necessary for subsequent standard maintenance activities, then
the supply of them by CONTRACTOR shall be mutually agreed upon. All
special tools for subsequent maintenance, as agreed upon, shall be checked
and cleaned and damaged tools will be replaced 'by CONTRACTOR and
provided and turned over to COMPANY in an as-new condition on Preliminary
Acceptance of the last Power Plant Unit.
For purposes of this paragraph, the following categories are considered as
special tools:
Qurayyah Combined Cycle Power Plant, Extension I [Block 6]
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" Saudi Electricity Company
Empowering Energy
6.15.1 All commercially available tools which are not readily available in
the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
6.15.2 All tools and fixtures which are needed for operation and
maintenance of the Plant which are modified commercially available
6.15.3 Tools and fixtures needed for operation and maintenance of the
plant which are commercially unavailable.
7. Technical Documentation
CONTRACTOR shall supply to COMPANY all the technical documentation as specified
in the Scope of Work and Technical SpeCifications, PTS No. 07EG90B.
7.1 Language to be Used
All correspondence and documentation provided by CONTRACTOR shall be in
the English language. The metric system of measurement shall be used;
however, suppliers using American system of measurement shall furnish the
drawings/documents with equivalent metric units as well.
7.2 Submission of "As-Byilt" prawings
Upon completion of warranty period of the PROJECT PORTIONS as indicated
in Paragraph 17.B of this Schedule "A", CONTRACTOR shall submit to
COMPANY the final "as-built" drawings and documents the COMPANY deems
necessary to maintain for its own records, and in accordance with the
requirements of the Scope of Work and Technical Specifications, PTS No.
7.3 pimensions and LOcations of Existing Installation
Dimensions and locations of existing and proposed installations and
appurtenances shown on drawings and data sheets supplied by COMPANY are
approximate only. All dimensions and locations relating to existing and
proposed installations shall be checked and verified by CONTRACTOR at the
WORK SITE before starting the WORK.
7.4 Interpretation of the Technical Specifications
Whenever disagreement between CONTRACTOR and COMPANY arises
concerning the meaning of a part of or the whole Technical Specifications,
then COMPANY REPRESENTATIVE's interpretation of the applicable part, or
the whole, shall govern and CONTRACTOR shall and will perform the WORK
in accordance with such interpretation. However, CONTRACTOR acceptance
to perform the WORK under the COMPANY representative's interpretation
shall not preclude him from exercising his rights under Paragraph 2B,
Settlement of Claims and Disputes, of this Schedule "A".
8. Ouality Assurance and Ouality Control (OA/OC)
8.1 Ouality Assurance Actiyities
CONTRACTOR shall provide quality assurance to ensure that all specifications
and standards of the CONTRACT are met. CONTRACTOR's quality assurance
Qurayyah Combined Cycle Power Plant, Extension I [Block 6J