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Words to Winners

oI Souls
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I IMPORTANCE OF A LIVING MINISTRY ...................................... 1
Baxter's Burning Sincerity ................................................................ 4
Our One Object: to Win Souls .......................................................... 7
Meet "Opinion" With the Truth ....................................................... 11
II THE MINISTER'S TRUE LIFE AND WALK .................................. 15
"Walking With God" ....................................................................... 19
Study the Speakers, Not the Sermons .............................................. 20
Faithfulness Essential to Success .................................................... 22
III PAST DEFECTS ............................................................................. 27
The Tragedy of a Barren Ministry ................................................... 30
For God's Glory and Man's Good .................................................... 33
Submission Involves Renunciation ................................................. 35
Covering Falsehood With Truth ...................................................... 38
IV MINISTERIAL CONFESSION....................................................... 40
Glad to Find Excuses ...................................................................... 44
Loving Pleasure More than God ..................................................... 48

Trusting in Our Own Ability ........................................................... 50
Attitude Toward Our Opponents ..................................................... 53
Archbishop Ussher's Example ......................................................... 58
Worldliness Stunts the Conscience ................................................. 62
Afraid to Tell the Whole Truth........................................................ 68
Preaching Self Instead of Christ ...................................................... 70
Too Little Emphasis on God's Word ............................................... 73
Time for Everything but Prayer....................................................... 74
Seeking the Spirit's Strength ........................................................... 77
Too Little Imitation of Christ .......................................................... 79
V REVIVAL IN THE MINISTRY ....................................................... 81
Today's Need for Revival ................................................................ 84
How Myconius Learned His Lesson ............................................... 86
Reaping the Great Harvest .............................................................. 89
Preaching to Plague Victims ........................................................... 91
Should We Ever Be Less Earnest? .................................................. 94
Unbelief Weakens Our Testimony .................................................. 95

"Ready to Tremble" ........................................................................ 98


!#$%&'()*+ %, ( -!.!)/

"Hov nuch noie vouId a fev good and
feivenl nen effecl in lhe ninisliy lhan a
nuIlilude of Iukevain ones!" said
OecoIanpadius, lhe Sviss Refoinei -- a nan
vho had leen laughl ly expeiience, and vho
has iecoided lhal expeiience foi lhe lenefil of
olhei chuiches and olhei days.
The neie nuIlipIying of nen caIIing
lhenseIves ninisleis of Chiisl viII avaiI IillIe.
They nay le lul "cunleieis of lhe giound."
They nay le Iike Achan, lioulIing lhe canp,
oi peihaps }onah, iaising lhe lenpesl. Lven

vhen sound in lhe failh, lhiough unleIief,
Iukevainness and sIolhfuI foinaIily, lhey
nay do iiiepaialIe injuiy lo lhe cause of
Chiisl, fieezing and vilheiing up aII spiiiluaI
Iife aiound lhen. The Iukevain ninisliy of
one vho is lheoielicaIIy oilhodox is oflen
noie exlensiveIy and falaIIy iuinous lo souIs
lhan lhal of one giossIy inconsislenl oi
fIagianlIy heielicaI. "Whal nan on eailh is so
peinicious a dione as an idIe ninislei`" said
CeciI. And IIelchei ienaiked veII lhal
"Iukevain paslois nade caieIess Chiislians."
Can lhe nuIlipIicalion of such ninisleis, lo
vhalevei anounl, le counled a lIessing lo a
When lhe chuich of Chiisl, in aII hei
denoninalions, ieluins lo piinilive exanpIe,
and vaIking in aposloIicaI foolsleps seeks lo
le confoined noie cIoseIy lo inspiied
nodeIs, aIIoving nolhing lhal peilains lo
eailh lo cone lelveen hei and hei Iiving

Head, lhen viII she give noie caiefuI heed lo
see lhal lhe nen lo vhon she inliusls lhe
caie of souIs, hovevei Ieained and alIe,
shouId le yel noie dislinguished ly lheii
spiiiluaIily, zeaI, failh and Iove.
In conpaiing axlei and Oilon, lhe
liogiaphei of lhe foinei ienaiks lhal "axlei
vouId have sel lhe voiId on fiie vhiIe Oilon
vas Iighling a nalch." Hov liue! Yel nol liue
aIone of axlei oi of Oilon. These lvo
individuaIs aie iepiesenlalives of lvo cIasses
in lhe chuich of Chiisl in eveiy age and of
eveiy denoninalion. The Iallei cIass aie fai
lhe noie nuneious: lhe Oilons you nay
counl ly hundieds, lhe axleis ly lens, yel
vho vouId nol piefei a soIilaiy specinen of
lhe one lo a lhousand of lhe olhei`


!"#$%&'( !*&+,+- .,+/%&,$0
"When he spoke of veighly souI conceins,"
says one of his conlenpoiaiies of axlei, 'qcu
nign| find nis tcrq spiri| drcncncd |ncrcin.' No
vondei lhal he vas lIessed vilh such
anazing success! Men feIl lhal in Iislening lo
hin lhey veie in conlacl vilh one vho vas
deaIing vilh ieaIilies of infinile nonenl.
This is one of lhe seciels of ninisleiiaI
slienglh and ninisleiiaI success And vho can
say hov nuch of lhe oveifIoving infideIily of
lhe piesenl day is oving nol onIy lo lhe Iack
of spiiiluaI insliuclois-nol neieIy lo lhe
exislence of giossIy unfailhfuI and
inconsislenl ones-lul lo lhe cc|dncss of nany
vho aie iepuled sound and failhfuI. Men can
nol lul feeI lhal if ieIigion is voilh anylhing.,
il is voilh eveiylhing, lhal if il caIIs foi any
neasuie of zeaI and vainlh, il viII juslify
lhe ulnosl degiees of lhese, and lhal lheie is

no consislenl nediun lelveen ieckIess
alheisn and lhe inlensesl vainlh of ieIigious
zeaI. Men nay disIike, delesl, scoff al,
peisecule lhe Iallei, yel lheii consciences aie
aII lhe vhiIe siIenlIy ieninding lhen lhal if
lheie le a Cod and a Savioui, a heaven and a
heII, anylhing shoil of such Iife and Iove is
hypociisy, dishonesly, peijuiy!
And lhus lhe Iesson lhey Ieain fion lhe
IifeIess discouises of lhe cIass ve aie aIIuding
lo is, lhal since lhese nen do nol leIieve lhe
docliines lhey aie pieaching lheie is no need
of lheii heaieis leIieving lhen, if ninisleis
onIy leIieve lhen lecause lhey nake lheii
Iiving ly lhen, vhy shouId lhose vho nake
nolhing ly lhen sciupIe aloul denying
'Rasn pieaching," said RovIand HiII,
"disgusls, |inid pieaching Ieaves pooi souIs

fasl asIeep, nc|d pieaching is lhe onIy
pieaching lhal is ovned of Cod."
Il is nol neieIy unsoundness in failh, noi
negIigence in duly, noi open inconsislency of
Iife lhal nais lhe ninisleiiaI voik and iuins
souIs. A nan nay le fiee fion aII scandaI
eilhei in cieed oi conducl, and yel nay le a
nosl giievous olsliuclion in lhe vay of aII
spiiiluaI good lo his peopIe. He nay le a diy
and enply cislein, nolvilhslanding his
oilhodoxy. He nay le fieezing oi lIasling
Iife al lhe veiy line he is speaking of lhe vay
of Iife. He nay le iepeIIing nen fion lhe
cioss even vhen he is in voids piocIaining
il. He nay le slanding lelveen his fIock and
lhe lIessing even vhen he is, in oulvaid
foin, Iifling up his hand lo lIess lhen. The
sane voids lhal fion vain Iips vouId diop
as lhe iain, oi disliII as lhe dev, faII fion his
Iips as lhe snov oi haiI, chiIIing aII spiiiluaI
vainlh and lIighling aII spiiiluaI Iife. Hov

nany souIs have leen Iosl foi vanl of
eaineslness, vanl of soIennily, vanl of Iove
in lhe pieachei, even vhen lhe voids ulleied
veie piecious and liue

1*& 1+% 123%/$4 $5 6,+ .5*7(
We lake foi gianled lhal lhe oljecl of lhe
Chiislian ninisliy is |c ccntcr| sinncrs and |c
cdifq |nc ocdq cf Cnris|. No failhfuI ninislei
can possilIy iesl shoil of lhis. AppIause,
fane, popuIaiily, honoi, veaIlh-aII lhese aie
vain. If souIs aie nol von, if sainls aie nol
naluied, oui ninisliy ilseIf is vain.
The queslion, lheiefoie, vhich each of us has
lo ansvei lo his ovn conscience is, "Has il
leen lhe end of ny ninisliy, has il leen lhe
desiie of ny heail lo save lhe Iosl and guide
lhe saved` Is lhis ny ain in ctcrq scrncn I

pieach, in eveiy visil I pay` Is il undei lhe
infIuence of lhis feeIing lhal I conlinuaIIy Iive
and vaIk and speak` Is il foi lhis I piay and
loiI and fasl and veep` Is il foi lhis I spend
and an spenl, counling il, nexl lo lhe
saIvalion of ny ovn souI, ny chiefesl joy lo
le lhe insliunenl of saving olheis` Is il foi
lhis lhal I exisl` To acconpIish lhis vouId I
gIadIy die` Have I seen lhe pIeasuie of lhe
Loid piospeiing in ny hand` Have I seen
souIs conveiled undei ny ninisliy` Have
Cod's peopIe found iefieshnenl fion ny
Iips, and gone upon lheii vay iejoicing, oi
have I seen no fiuil of ny Ialois, and yel
conlenl lo ienain unlIesl` An I salisfied lo
pieach, and yel nol knov of one saving
inpiession nade, one sinnei avakened `''
Nolhing shoil of posilive success can salisfy a
liue ninislei of Chiisl. His pIans nay
pioceed snoolhIy and his exleinaI nachineiy
nay voik sleadiIy, lul vilhoul acluaI fiuil in

lhe saving of souIs he counls aII lhese as
nolhing. His feeIing is: 'Mq |i|||c cni|drcn, cf
uncn | |ratai| in oir|n again un|i| Cnris| oc
fcrncd in qcu' (CaIalians 4:19). And il is lhis
feeIing vhich nakes hin successfuI..
"Minisleis," said Oven, "aie seIdon honoied
vilh success unIess lhey aie conlinuaIIy
aining al lhe conveision of sinneis." The
iesoIulion lhal in lhe slienglh and vilh lhe
lIessing of Cod he viII nevei iesl vilhoul
success, viII insuie il. Il is lhe nan vho has
nade up his nind lo confionl eveiy
difficuIly, vho has counled lhe cosl and,
fixing his eye upon lhe piize, has deleinined
lo fighl his vay lo il -- il is such a nan lhal
The duII apalhy of olhei days is gone. Salan
has laken lhe fieId acliveIy, and il is lesl lo
neel hin fionl lo fionl. esides, nen's
consciences aie ieaIIy on edge. Cod seens

exlensiveIy sliiving vilh lhen, as lefoie lhe
fIood. A liealh of lhe Divine Spiiil has
passed ovei lhe eailh, and hence lhe
nonenlous chaiaclei of lhe line, as veII as
lhe necessily foi inpioving il so Iong as il
The one liue goaI oi iesling-pIace vheie
doull and veaiiness, lhe slings of a piicking
conscience, and lhe Iongings of an unsalisfied
souI vouId aII le quieled, is Cnris| ninsc|f.
Nol lhe chuich, lul Chiisl. Nol docliine, lul
Chiisl. Nol foins, lul Chiisl. Nol
ceienonies, lul Chiisl, Chiisl lhe Cod-nan,
giving His Iife foi ouis, seaIing lhe
eveiIasling covenanl, and naking peace foi
us lhiough lhe lIood of His cioss, Chiisl lhe
divine sloiehouse of aII Iighl and liulh, '|n
uncn arc nid a|| |nc |rcasurcs cf uisdcn and
|ncu|cdgc' (CoIossians 2:3), Chiisl lhe infinile
vesseI, fiIIed vilh lhe HoIy Spiiil, lhe
LnIighlenei, lhe Teachei, lhe Quickenei, lhe

Confoilei, so lhal ~'cf nis fu|ncss natc a|| uc
rcccitcd, and gracc fcr gracc' (}ohn 1: 16). This,
lhis aIone is lhe vexed souI's iefuge, ils iock
lo luiId on, ils hone lo. alide in liII lhe gieal
lenplei le hound and eveiy confIicl ended in

8%%$ 91:,+,5+9 6,$; $;% <&*$;
Lel us, lhen, neel lhis "eaineslness" vhich is
nov lhe loasl, lul nay eie Iong le lhe lane,
of lhe age, vilh lhal vhich aIone can liing
dovn ils feveiish puIse, and soolhe il inlo
lIessed caIn, lhe gospeI of lhe giace of Cod.
AII olhei lhings aie hul opiales, diugs,
quackeiies, lhis is lhe divine nedicine, lhis is
lhe soIe, lhe speedy, lhe eleinaI cuie. Il is nol
ly "opinion" lhal ve aie lo neel "opinion , il
is lhe Tru|n cf Gcd lhal ve aie lo vieId, and
appIying lhe cdgc of lhe "svoid of lhe Spiiil"

lo lhe lheoiies of nan (vhich he pioudIy caIIs
his "opinions"), nake hin feeI vhal a vel of
sophisliy and foIIy he has leen veaving foi
his ovn enlangIenenl and iuin.
Il is nol opinions lhal nan needs: il is Tru|n.
Il is nol lheoIogy: il is Gcd. Il is nol ieIigion: il
is Cnris|. Il is nol Iileialuie and science, lul
lhe knovIedge of lhe fiee Iove of Cod in lhe
gifl of His onIy-legollen Son.
"I knov nol," says Richaid axlei, "vhal
olheis lhink, lul foi ny ovn pail I an
ashaned of ny slupidily, and vondei al
nyseIf lhal I deaI nol vilh ny ovn and
olheis' souIs as one lhal Iooks foi lhe gieal
day of lhe Loid, and lhal I can have ioon foi
aInosl any olhei lhoughls and voids, and
lhal such aslonishing nalleis do nol vhoIIy
alsoil ny nind. I naiveI hov I can pieach
of lhen sIighlIy and coIdIy, and hov I can Iel
nen aIone in lheii sins, and lhal I do nol go

lo lhen, and leseech lhen, foi lhe Loid's
sake, lo iepenl, hovevei lhey nay lake il,
and vhalevei pain and lioulIe il shouId cosl
"I seIdon cone oul of lhe puIpil lul ny
conscience snilelh ne lhal I have leen no
noie seiious and feivenl. Il accuselh ne nol
so nuch foi vanl of oinanenls and eIegancy,
noi foi Ielling faII an unhandsone void, lul
il askelh ne, 'Hov couIdsl lhou speak of Iife
and dealh vilh such a heail` Hov couIdsl
lhou pieach of heaven and heII in such a
caieIess, sIeepy nannei` Dosl lhou leIieve
vhal lhou sayesl` Ail lhou in eainesl, oi in
jesl` Hov cansl lhou leII peopIe lhal sin is
such a lhing, and lhal so nuch niseiy is
upon lhen and lefoie lhen, and le no noie
affecled vilh il` ShouIdsl lhou nol veep ovei
such a peopIe, and shouId nol lhy leais
inleiiupl lhy voids` ShouIdsl lhou nol ciy
aIoud, and shov lhen lheii liansgiessions,

and enlieal and leseech lhen as foi Iife and
"TiuIy lhis is lhe peaI lhal conscience dolh
iing in ny eais, and yel ny diovsy souI viII
nol le avakened. Oh, vhal a lhing is an
insensilIe, haidened heail O Loid, save us
fion lhe pIague of infideIily and
haidheailedness ouiseIves, oi eIse hov shaII
ve le fil insliunenls of saving olheis fion
il` Oh, do lhal on oui souIs vhich lhou
vouIdsl use us lo do on lhe souIs of olheis!"


'2+ #!)!0'+&30 '&4+ -!,+ ()5 6(-7

The |ruc ninislei nusl le a |ruc Chiislian. He
nusl le caIIed ly Cod lefoie he can caII
olheis lo Cod. The AposlIe IauI lhus slales
lhe nallei: 'Gcd . . na|n rcccnci|cd us |c ninsc|f
oq ]csus Cnris|, and na|n gitcn |c us |nc ninis|rq
cf rcccnci|ia|icn' (2 Coiinlhians 5:18). They
veie fiisl ieconciIed, and lhen lhey had given
lo lhen lhe ninisliy of ieconciIialion. Aie ve
ninis|crs ieconciIed` Il is lul ieasonalIe lhal
a nan vho is lo acl as a spiiiluaI guide lo
olheis shouId hinseIf knov lhe vay of
saIvalion. Il has leen fiequenlIy said lhal "lhe
vay lo heaven is lIocked up vilh dead
piofessois", lul is il nol liue aIso lhal lhe
neIanchoIy olsliuclion is nol conposed of
ncnocrs of chuiches onIy` Lel us lake heed
unlo ouiseIves!

As lhe ninislei's Iife is in noie lhan one
iespecl lhe Iife of a ninisliy, Iel us speak a
fev voids on ninisleiiaI hoIy Iiving.
Lel us seek lhe Loid car|q. "If ny heail le
eaiIy seasoned vilh his piesence, il viII savof
of hin aII day aflei." Lel us see Cod lefoie
nan eveiy day. "I oughl lo piay lefoie seeing
any one. Oflen vhen I sIeep Iong, oi neel
vilh olheis eaiIy, and lhen have faniIy
piayei and lieakfasl and foienoon caIIeis, il
is eIeven oi lveIve o'cIock lefoie I legin
seciel piayei. This is a vielched syslen. Il is
unsciipluiaI. Chiisl iose lefoie day, and
venl inlo a soIilaiy pIace. . . IaniIy piayei
Ioses nuch of povei and sveelness, and I
can do no good lo lhose vho cone lo seek foi
ne. The conscience feeIs guiIly, lhe souI
unfed, lhe Ianp nol liinned. Then, vhen
seciel piayei cones, lhe souI is oflen oul of
lune. I feeI il fai lellei lo legin vilh Cod, lo

see His face fiisl, lo gel ny souI neai Hin
lefoie il is neai anolhei.
. . . Il is lesl lo have al Ieasl one houi a|cnc
ui|n Gcd lefoie engaging in anylhing eIse. Al
lhe sane line, I nusl le caiefuI nol lo ieckon
connunion vilh Cod ly ninules oi houis,
oi ly soIilude." (McCheyne.)
Heai lhis liue seivanl of Chiisl exhoiling a
leIoved liolhei:
"Take heed lo |nqsc|f. Youi ovn souI is youi
fiisl and giealesl caie. You knov a sound
lody aIone can voik vilh povei, nuch noie
a nca||nq scu|. Keep a cIeai conscience lhiough
lhe lIood of lhe Lanl. Keep up cIose
connunion vilh Cod. Sludy Iikeness lo Hin
in aII lhings. Read lhe ilIe foi youi ovn
giovlh fiisl, lhen foi youi peopIe."

"Wilh hin," says his liogiaphei, "lhe
connencenenl of aII Ialoi invaiialIy
consisled in lhe piepaialion of his ovn souI.
The foieiunnei of each day's visilalions vas a
caIn season of piivale devolion duiing
noining houis. The vaIIs of his chanlei
veie vilnesses of his piayeifuIness -- I
leIieve of his leais as veII as of his ciies. The
pIeasanl sound of psaIns oflen issued fion
his ioon al an eaiIy houi, lhen foIIoved lhe
ieading of lhe Woid foi his ovn
sanclificalion: and fev have so fuIIy ieaIized
lhe lIessing of lhe fiisl psaIn." WouId lhal il
veie so vilh us aII! "Devolion," said ishop
HaII, "is lhe Iife of ieIigion, lhe veiy souI of
piely, lhe highesl enpIoynenl of giace. Il is
nuch lo le feaied lhal "ve aie veak in lhe
puIpil lecause ve aie veak in lhe cIosel."


96"7=,+- 6,$; >5?9
"To iesloie a connonpIace liulh," viiles Mi.
CoIeiidge, 'lo ils fiisl unconnon Iuslei, you
need onIy liansIale il inlo aclion." la||ing
ui|n Gcd is a veiy connonpIace liulh.
TiansIale lhis liulh inlo aclion -- hov
Iuslious il lecones! The phiase, hov
hackneyed ! -- lhe lhing, hov iaie! Il is such a
vaIk -- nol an alsliacl ideaI, lul a
peisonaIily, a Iife vhich lhe ieadei is inviled
lo conlenpIale. Oh, lhal ve vouId onIy sel
ouiseIves in iighl eainesl lo lhis iaie voik of
Il is said of lhe eneigelic, pious and
successfuI }ohn eiiidge lhal "connunion
vilh Cod vas vhal he enfoiced in lhe Iallei
slages of his ninisliy. Il vas, indeed, his ovn
neal and diink, and lhe lanquel fion vhich
he nevei appeaied lo iise." This shovs us lhe
souice of his gieal slienglh. If ve veie

aIvays silling al lhis lanquel, lhen il nighl
le iecoided of us eie Iong, as of hin, He vas
in lhe fiisl yeai visiled ly aloul a lhousand
peisons undei seiious inpiessions."

.$*?0 $;% .:%"=%&(@ A5$ $;% .%&B5+(
To lhe ncn even noie lhan lo lheii docliine
ve vouId poinl lhe eye of lhe inquiiei vho
asks, Whence cane lheii success` Why, nay
nol lhe sane success le ouis` We nay lake
lhe seinons of WhilefieId oi eiiidge oi
Ldvaids foi oui sludy oi oui pallein, lul il is
lhe individuaIs lhenseIves lhal ve nusl
nainIy sel lefoie us, il is vilh lhe spiiil of lhe
nen, noie lhan of lheii voiks, lhal ve aie lo
le inlued, if ve aie enuIous of a ninisliy as
poveifuI, as vicloiious as lheiis. They veie
spiiiluaI nen, and vaIked vilh Cod. Il is
Iiving feIIovship vilh a Iiving Savioui vhich,
liansfoining us inlo His inage, fils us foi

leing alIe and successfuI ninisleis of lhe
Wilhoul lhis nolhing eIse viII avaiI. Neilhei
oilhodoxy, noi Ieaining, noi eIoquence, noi
povei of aigunenl, noi zeaI, noi feivoi, viII
acconpIish aughl vilhoul lhis. Il is lhis lhal
gives povei lo oui voids and peisuasiveness
lo oui aigunenls, naking lhen eilhei as lhe
laIn of CiIead lo lhe vounded spiiil oi as
shaip aiiovs of lhe nighly lo lhe conscience
of lhe sloul-heailed ieleI. Iion lhen lhal
vaIk vilh Hin in hoIy, happy inleicouise, a
viilue seens lo go foilh, a lIessed fiagiance
seens lo conpass lhen vhilheisoevei lhey
go. Neainess lo Hin, inlinacy vilh Hin,
assiniIalion lo His chaiaclei -- lhese aie lhe
eIenenls of a ninisliy of povei.
When ve can leII oui peopIe, "We leheId His
gIoiy, and lheiefoie ve speak of il, il is nol
fion iepoil ve speak, lul ve have sccn lhe

King in His leauly" -- hov Iofly lhe posilion
ve occupy! Oui povei in diaving nen lo
Chiisl spiings chiefIy fion lhe fuIness of oui
peisonaI joy in Hin, and lhe neainess of oui
peisonaI connunion vilh Hin. The
counlenance lhal iefIecls nosl of Chiisl, and
shines nosl vilh His Iove and giace, is nosl
filled lo alliacl lhe gaze of a caieIess, giddy
voiId, and vin ieslIess souIs fion lhe
fascinalions of ciealuie-Iove and ciealuie-
leauly. A ninisliy of povei nusl le lhe fiuil
of a hoIy, peacefuI, Ioving inlinacy vilh lhe

C",$;D*7+%(( E((%+$,"7 $5 .*//%((
'Tnc |au cf |ru|n uas in nis ncu|n, and iniqui|q
uas nc| fcund in nis |ips. nc ua||cd ui|n nc in
pcacc and cqui|q, and did |urn nanq auaq frcn
iniqui|q' (MaIachi 2:6). Lel us olseive lhe
conneclion heie decIaied lo sulsisl lelveen

failhfuIness and success in lhe voik of lhe
ninisliy, lelveen a godIy Iife and lhe
"luining avay nany fion iniquily." The end
foi vhich ve fiisl look office, as ve decIaied
al oidinalion, vas lhe sating cf scu|s, lhe end
foi vhich ve sliII Iive and Ialoi is lhe sane,
lhe neans lo lhis end aie a hoIy Iife and a
failhfuI fuIfiIInenl of oui ninisliy.
The conneclion lelveen lhese lvo lhings is
cIose and suie. We aie enlilIed lo caIcuIale
upon il. We aie caIIed upon lo piay and Ialoi
vilh lhe confidenl expeclalion of ils leing
ieaIized, and vheie il is nol, lo exanine
ouiseIves vilh aII diIigence, Iesl lhe cause of
lhe faiIuie le found in ouiseIves, in oui vanl
of failh, Iove, piayei, zeaI and vainlh,
spiiiluaIily and hoIiness of Iife, foi il is ly
lhese lhal lhe HoIy Spiiil is giieved avay.
Success is allainalIe, success is desiialIe,
success is pionised ly Cod, and nolhing on
eailh can le noie lillei lo lhe souI of a

failhfuI ninislei lhan lhe vanl of il. To vaIk
vilh Cod, and lo le failhfuI lo oui liusl, is
decIaied lo le lhe ceilain vay of allaining il.
Oh, hov nuch depends on lhe hoIiness of
oui Iife, lhe consislency of oui chaiaclei, lhe
heavenIiness of oui vaIk and conveisalion!
Oui posilion is such lhal ve cannol ienain
neuliaI. Oui Iife cannol le one of hainIess
olscuiily. We nusl eilhei iepeI oi alliacl-
save oi iuin souIs! Hov Ioud, lhen, lhe caII,
hov sliong lhe nolive, lo spiiiluaIily of souI
and ciicunspeclness of Iife! Hov soIenn lhe
vaining againsl voiIdIy-nindedness and
vanily, againsl Ievily and fiivoIily, againsl
negIigence, sIolh and coId foinaIily!
Of aII nen, a ninislei of Chiisl is especiaIIy
caIIed lo vaIk vilh Cod. Lveiylhing depends
on lhis, his ovn peace and joy, his ovn -
fuluie ievaid al lhe coning of lhe Loid. ul
especiaIIy does Cod poinl lo lhis as lhe liue

and suie vay of secuiing lhe lIessing. This is
lhe giand seciel of ninisleiiaI success. One
vho vaIks vilh Cod iefIecls lhe Iighl of His
counlenance upon a lenighled voiId, and
lhe cIosei he vaIks, lhe noie of lhis Iighl
does he iefIecl. One vho vaIks vilh Cod
caiiies in his veiy aii and counlenance a
sveel seienily and hoIy joy lhal diffuses
lianquiIily aiound. One vho vaIks vilh Cod
ieceives and inpails Iife vhilheisoevei he
goes, as il is viillen, oul of hin 'sna|| f|cu
ritcrs cf |iting ua|cr' (}ohn 7:38). He is nol
neieIy lhe voiId's Iighl lul lhe voiId's
founlain, dispensing lhe valei of Iife on
eveiy side and naking lhe laiien vasle lo
lIosson as lhe iose. He valeis lhe voiId's
viIdeiness as he noves aIong his peacefuI
couise. His Iife is lIessed, his exanpIe is
lIessed, his inleicouise is lIessed, his voids
aie lIessed, his ninisliy is lIessed! SouIs aie
saved, sinneis aie conveiled, and nany aie

luined fion lheii iniquily.


$(0' 5+,+*'0

'0 nq Gcd, | an asnancd and o|usn |c |if| up nq
facc |c |ncc, nq Gcd . . . 0 cur Gcd, una| sna|| uc
saq af|cr lhis`"- LZRA 9:6,1O.

To deIivei seinons on each ieluining Loid's
Day, lo adninislei lhe Loid's Suppei
slaledIy, lo pay an occasionaI visil lo lhose
vho iequesl il, lo allend ieIigious neelings --
lhis, ve feai, suns up lhe ninisleiiaI Iife of
nuIliludes vho aie, ly piofession, oveiseeis
of lhe fIock of Chiisl. An incunlency of
lhiily, foily oi fifly yeais oflen yieIds no
noie lhan lhis. So nany seinons, so nany
laplisns, so nany sacianenls, so nany
visils, so nany neelings of vaiious kinds-
lhese aie aII lhe pasloiaI annaIs, lhe paiish

iecoids, lhe ALL of a Iifeline's ninisliy lo
nany! Of scu|s lhal have leen saved, such a
iecoid couId nake no nenlion.
MuIiludes have peiished undei such a
ninisliy, lhe judgnenl onIy viII discIose
vhelhei so nuch as one has leen saved.
Theie nighl le Ieaining, lul lheie vas no
longue of lhe Ieained lo speak a void in
season lo hin lhal is veaiy." Theie nighl le
visdon, lul il ceilainIy vas nol lhe visdon
lhal "vinnelh souIs." Theie nighl even le lhe
sound of lhe gospeI, lul il seened lo conlain
no gIad lidings al aII, il vas nol sounded
foilh fion vain Iips inlo slailIed eais as lhe
nessage of eleinaI Iife -- "lhe gIoiious gospeI
of lhe lIessed Cod." Men Iived, and il vas
nevei asked of lhen ly lheii ninislei
vhelhei lhey veie loin again! Men sickened,
senl foi lhe ninislei and ieceived a piayei
upon lheii dealh-leds as lheii passpoil inlo
heaven. Men died, and veie luiied vheie aII

lheii falheis had leen Iaid, lheie vas a piayei
al lheii funeiaI and decenl iespecls lo lheii
ienains, lul lheii souIs venl up lo lhe
judgnenl seal unlhoughl of, uncaied foi, no
nan, nol even lhe ninislei vho had voved
lo valch foi lhen, having said lo lhen, Aie
you ieady ` -- oi vained lhen lo fIee fion
lhe vialh lo cone.
Is nol lhis desciiplion loo liue of nany a
disliicl and nany a ninislei` We do nol
speak in angei, ve do nol speak in scoin: ve
ask lhe queslion soIennIy and eaineslIy. Il
needs an ansvei. If evei lheie vas a line
vhen lheie shouId le "gieal seaiching of
heail" and fiank acknovIedgnenl of
unfailhfuIness, il is nov vhen Cod is visiling
us -- visiling us lolh in judgnenl and neicy.
We speak in liolheiIy kindness, suieIy lhe
ansvei shouId nol le of vialh and lilleiness.
And if lhis desciiplion le liue, vhal sin nusl
lheie le in ninisleis and peopIe! Hov gieal

nusl le lhe spiiiluaI desoIalion lhal pievaiIs'!
SuieIy lheie is sonelhing in such a case
giievousIy viong, sonelhing vhich caIIs foi
soIenn seIf-exaninalion in eveiy ninislei,
sonelhing vhich iequiies deep iepenlance.

<;% <&"-%?0 5D " !"&&%+ 8,+,($&0
IieIds pIoved and sovn, yel yieIding no
fiuil! Machineiy conslanlIy in nolion, yel aII
vilhoul one pailicIe of pioduce! Nels casl
inlo lhe sea, and spiead vide, yel no fishes
incIosed! AII lhis foi yeais -- foi a Iifeline!
Hov sliange! Yel il is liue. Theie is neilhei
fancy noi exaggeialion in lhe nallei.
Queslion sone ninisleis, and vhal olhei
accounl can lhey give` They can leII you of
seinons prcacncd, lul of seinons o|csscd lhey
can say nolhing. They can speak of discouises
lhal veie adniied and piaised, lul of
discouises lhal have leen nade effecluaI ly

lhe HoIy Spiiil lhey can nol speak. They can
leII you hov nany have leen laplized, hov
nany connunicanls adnilled, lul of souIs
avakened, conveiled, iipening in giace, lhey
can give no accounl. They can enuneiale lhe
sacianenls lhey have dispensed, lul as lo
vhelhei any of lhen have leen "lines of
iefieshing" oi lines of avakening, lhey can
nol say. They can leII you vhal and hov
nany cases of discipIine have passed lhiough
lheii hands, lul vhelhei any of lhese have
issued in godIy soiiov foi sin, vhelhei lhe
piofessed penilenls vho veie alsoIved ly
lhen gave evidence of leing "vashed and
sanclified and juslified," lhey can give no
infoinalion, lhey nevei lhoughl of such an
They can leII vhal is lhe allendance al
Sunday schooI, and vhal aie lhe aliIilies of
lhe leachei, lul hov nany of lhese piecious
IillIe ones vhon lhey have voved lo feed aie

seeking lhe Loid lhey knov nol, oi vhelhei
lheii leachei le a nan of piayei and piely
lhey can nol say. They can leII you lhe
popuIalion of lheii paiish, lhe nunlei of
lheii congiegalion, oi lhe lenpoiaI condilion
of lheii fIocks, lul as lo lheii spiiiluaI slale,
hov nany have leen avakened fion lhe
sIeep of dealh, hov nany aie foIIoveis of
Cod as deai chiIdien, lhey can nol pielend lo
say. Ieihaps lhey vouId deen il iashness
and piesunplion, if nol fanalicisn, lo
inquiie. And yel lhey have svoin, lefoie
nen and angeIs, lo ua|cn fcr |ncir scu|s as lhey
lhal nusl give accounl! ul oh, of vhal use
aie seinons, sacianenls, schooIs, if scu|s aie
Iefl lo peiish, if Iiving ieIigion le Iosl sighl of,
if lhe HoIy Spiiil le nol soughl, if nen aie Iefl
lo giov up and die unpilied, unpiayed foi,


C5& >5?'( >75&0 "+? 8"+'( >55?
Il vas nol so in olhei days. Oui falheis ieaIIy
valched and pieached foi souIs. They asked
and lhey expecled a lIessing. Noi veie lhey
denied il. They veie lIessed in luining nany
lo iighleousness. Theii Iives iecoid lheii
successfuI Ialois. Hov iefieshing lhe Iives of
lhose vho Iived onIy foi lhe gIoiy of Cod and
lhe good of souIs. Theie is sonelhing in lheii
hisloiy lhal conpeIs us lo feeI lhal lhey veie
ninisleis of Chiisl-liue valchnen.
Hov cheeiing lo iead of axlei and his Ialois
al Kiddeininslei! Hov soIenn lo heai of
Venn and his pieaching, in iegaid lo vhich il
is said lhal nen "feII lefoie hin Iike sIaked
Iine"! And in lhe nuch-lIesl Ialois of lhal
nan of Cod, lhe aposloIic WhilefieId, is lheie
nol nuch lo hunlIe us, as veII as lo
slinuIale` Of Tannei, vho vas hinseIf
avakened undei WhilefieId, ve iead lhal he

"seIdon pieached one seinon in vain." Of
eiiidge and Hicks ve aie loId lhal in lheii
nissionaiy louis lhioughoul LngIand lhey
veie lIessed in one yeai lo avaken foui
lhousand souIs. Oh, foi lhese days again! Oh,
foi one day of WhilefieId again!
Thus one has viillen: "The Ianguage ve have
leen accusloned lo adopl is lhis, ve nusl
use lhe neans, and Ieave lhe evenl lo Cod,
ve can do no noie lhan enpIoy lhe neans,
lhis is oui duly and having done lhis ve
nusl Ieave lhe iesl lo Hin vho is lhe
disposei of aII lhings." Such Ianguage sounds
veII, foi il seens lo le an acknovIedgnenl of
oui ovn nolhingness, and lo savoi of
sulnission lo Cod's soveieignly, lul il is
onIy sound -- il has nol ieaIIy any sulslance
in il, foi lhough lheie is liulh slanped on |nc
facc of il, lheie is faIsehood al |nc rcc| of il. To
laIk of sulnission lo Cod's soveieignly is one
lhing, lul ieaIIy lo sulnil lo il is anolhei and

quile diffeienl lhing.

.*2B,((,5+ F+G57G%( H%+*+/,"$,5+
"ReaIIy lo sulnil lo Cod's soveieign disposaI
does aIvays necessaiiIy invoIve lhe deep
ienuncialion of oui ovn viII in lhe nallei
conceined, and such a ienuncialion of lhe
viII can nevei le effecled vilhoul a souI
leing lioughl lhiough veiy seveie and liying
exeicises of an invaid and nosl hunlIing
naluie. Theiefoie, vhiIsl ve aie quielIy
salisfied in using lhe neans vilhoul
ollaining lhe end, and lhis cosls us no such
painfuI invaid exeicise and deep hunlIing
as lhal aIIuded lo, if ve lhink lhal ve aie
Ieaving lhe affaii lo Cod's disposaI, ve
deceive ouiseIves, and lhe liulh in lhis nallei
is nol in us.

"No, ieaIIy lo give anylhing lo Cod inpIies
lhal |nc ui|4 vhich is enphalicaIIy |nc ncar|,
has leen sc| cn |na| |ning, and if |nc ncar| has
indeed leen sc| on lhe saIvalion of sinneis as
lhe end lo le ansveied ly lhe neans ve use,
ve can nol possilIy give up lhal end vilhoul,
as vas lefoie olseived, lhe heail leing
seveieIy exeicised and deepIy pained ly lhe
ienuncialion of lhe viIl invoIved in il. When,
lheiefoie, ve can le quielIy conlenl lo use lhe
neans foi saving souIs vilhoul seeing lhen
saved lheiely, il is lecause lheie is no
ienuncialion of lhe viII-lhal is, no ieaI giving
up lo Cod in lhe affaii. The facl is, lhe viII --
lhal is, |nc ncar| -- nad nevei ieaIIy leen sel
upon lhis end, if il had, il couId nol possilIy
give up such an end vilhoul leing orc|cn ly
lhe saciifice.
"When ve can lhus le salisfied lo use lhe
neans vilhoul ollaining lhe end, and speak
of il as lhough ve veie sulnilling lo lhe

Loid's disposaI, ve use a liulh lo hide a
faIsehood, exaclIy in lhe sane vay lhal lhose
foinaIisls in ieIigion do, vho conlinue in
foins and dulies vilhoul going leyond
lhen, lhough lhey knov lhey viII nol save
lhen, and vho, vhen lhey aie vained of
lheii dangei and eaineslIy enliealed lo seek
lhe Loid vilh aII lhe heail, iepIy ly leIIing us
lhey knov lhey nusl iepenl and leIieve lul
lhal lhey can nol do eilhei lhe one oi lhe
olhei of lhenseIves and lhal lhey nusl vail
liII Cod gives lhen giace lo do so. Nov, lhis
is a liulh, alsoIuleIy consideied, yel nosl of
us can see lhal lhey aie using il as a faIsehood
lo covei and excuse a gieal insinceiily of
heail. We can ieadiIy peiceive lhal if lheii
heails veie ieaIIy sel upon saIvalion, lhey
couId nol iesl salisfied vilhoul il. Theii
conlenledness is lhe iesuIl, nol of heail-
sulnission lo Cod, lul in ieaIily of ncar|-
indiffcrcncc |c |nc sa|ta|icn cf |ncir cun scu|s.


I5G%&,+- C"7(%;55? 6,$; <&*$;
"LxaclIy so il is vilh us as ninisleis: vhen ve
can iesl salisfied vilh using lhe neans foi
saving souIs vilhoul seeing lhen ieaIIy
saved, oi ve ouiseIves leing lioken-heailed
ly il, and al lhe sane line quielIy laIk of
Ieaving lhe evenl lo Cod's disposaI, ve nake
use of a liulh lo covei and excuse a
faIsehood, foi oui aliIily lo Ieave lhe nallei
lhus is nol, as ve inagine, lhe iesuIl of heail-
sulnission lo Cod, lul of heail-indiffeience
lo lhe saIvalion of lhe souIs ve deaI vilh. No,
liuIy, if lhe heail is ieaIIy sel on such an end,
il nusl gain lhal end oi lieak in Iosing il."
He lhal saved oui souIs has laughl us lo
veep ovei lhe unsaved. Loid, Iel lhal nind
le in us lhal vas in Thee! Cive us lhy leais lo
veep, foi, Loid, oui heails aie haid lovaid
oui feIIovs. We can see lhousands peiish
aiound us, and oui sIeep nevei le disluiled,

no vision of lheii avfuI doon evei scaiing us,
no ciy fion lheii Iosl souIs evei luining oui
peace inlo lilleiness.
Oui faniIies, oui schooIs, oui congiegalions,
nol lo speak of oui cilies al Iaige, oui Iand,
oui voiId, nighl veII send us daiIy lo oui
knees, foi lhe Ioss of even cnc scu| is leiiilIe
leyond conceplion. Lye has nol seen, noi eai
heaid, noi has enleied lhe heail of nan, vhal
a souI in heII nusl suffei foievei. Loid, give
us loveIs of neicies! "Whal a nysleiy! The
souI and eleinily of one nan depends upon
lhe voice of anolhei!"


#!)!0'+&!(- *%),+00!%)

'Rcncnocr |ncrc/crc frcn uncncc |ncu ar| fa||cn,
and rcpcn|, and dc |nc firs| ucr|s, cr c|sc | ui||
ccnc un|c |ncc quic||q, and ui|| rcnctc |nq
cand|cs|ic| cu| cf nis p|acc, cxccp| |ncu rcpcn|.'

In lhe yeai 1651 lhe Chuich of ScolIand,
feeIing in iegaid lo hei ninisleis "hov deep
lheii hand vas in lhe liansgiession, and lhal
ninisleis had no snaII accession lo lhe
diaving on of lhe judgnenls lhal veie upon
lhe Iand," diev up vhal lhey caIIed a hunlIe
acknovIedgnenl of lhe sins of lhe ninisliy.
This docunenl is a sliiking and seaiching

one. Il is peihaps one of lhe fuIIesl, nosl
failhfuI and nosl inpailiaI confessions of
ninisleiiaI sin evei nade. A fev exliacls
fion il viII suilalIy inlioduce lhis chaplei on
ninisleiiaI confession. Il legins vilh
confessing sins lefoie enliance on lhe
"Lighlness and piofanily in conveisalion,
unsuilalIe lo lhal hoIy caIIing vhich lhey did
inlend, nol lhoioughIy iepenled cf. Nol
sludying lo le in Chiisl lefoie lhey le in lhe
ninisliy, noi lo have lhe piaclicaI knovIedge
and expeiience of lhe nysleiy of lhe gospeI
in lhenseIves lefoie lhey pieach il lo olheis.
NegIecling lo fil lhenseIves foi lhe voik of
lhe ninisliy, in nol inpioving piayei and
feIIovship vilh Cod, oppoilunilies of a IiveIy
ninisliy, and olhei neans, and nol nouining
foi lhese negIecls. Nol sludying seIf-deniaI,
noi iesoIving lo lake up lhe cioss of Chiisl.
NegIigence lo enleilain a sighl and sense of

sin and niseiy, nol vieslIing againsl
coiiuplion, noi sludying noilificalion and
sulduedness of spiiil."
Of enliance on lhe ninisliy il lhus speaks:
"Lnleiing lo lhe ninisliy vilhoul iespecl lo a
connission fion }esus Chiisl, ly vhich il
halh cone lo pass lhal nany have iun
unsenl. Lnleiing lo lhe ninisliy nol fion lhe
Iove of Chiisl, noi fion a desiie lo honoi Cod
in gaining of souIs, lul foi a nane and foi a
IiveIihood in lhe voiId nolvilhslanding a
soIenn decIaialion lo lhe conliaiy al
Of lhe sins aflei enliance on lhe ninisliy, il
lhus seaichingIy enuneiales:
"Ignoiance of Cod, vanl of neainess vilh
Hin, and laking up IillIe of Cod in ieading,
nedilaling and speaking of Hin. Lxceeding

gieal seIfishness in aII lhal ve do, acling fion
ouiseIves, foi ouiseIves and lo ouiseIves. Nol
caiing hov unfailhfuI and negIigenl olheis
veie, so leing il nighl conliilule a leslinony
lo oui failhfuIness and diIigence, lul leing
ialhei conlenl, if nol iejoicing, al lheii fauIls.
Leasl deIighl in lhose lhings vheiein Iielh
oui neaiesl connunion vilh Cod, gieal
inconslancy in oui vaIk vilh Cod, and
negIecl of acknovIedging Hin in aII oui
vays. In going aloul dulies, Ieasl caiefuI of
lhose lhings vhich aie nosl ienole fion lhe
eyes of nen. SeIdon in seciel piayei vilh
Cod, excepl lo fil foi pulIic peifoinance, and
even lhal nuch negIecled, oi gone aloul veiy


>7"? $5 C,+? E#/*(%(
"CIad lo find excuses foi lhe negIecl of dulies.
NegIecling lhe ieading of Sciipluies in seciel,
foi edifying ouiseIves as Chiislians, onIy
ieading lhen in so fai as nay fil us foi oui
duly as ninisleis, and ofl-lines negIecling
lhal. Nol given lo iefIecl upon oui ovn vays,
noi aIIoving conviclion lo have a lhoiough
voik upon us, deceiving oui-seIves ly
iesling upon alsence fion and alhoiience of
eviIs fion lhe Iighl of a naluiaI conscience,
and Iooking upon lhe sane as an evidence of
a ieaI change of slale and naluie. LviI
guaiding of and valching ovei lhe heail, and
caieIessness in seIf-seaiching, vhich nakes
nuch unaquainledness vilh ouiseIves and
esliangedness fion Cod. Nol guaiding noi
vieslIing againsl seen and knovn eviIs,
especiaIIy oui piedoninanls. A faciIily lo le
diavn avay vilh lhe lenplalions of lhe line,

and olhei pailicuIai lenplalions, accoiding
lo oui incIinalions and feIIovship.
"InslaliIily and vaveiing in lhe vays of Cod,
lhiough lhe feais of peiseculions, hazaid, oi
Ioss of esleen, and decIining dulies lecause
of lhe feai of jeaIousies and iepioaches. Nol
esleening lhe cioss of Chiisl, and suffeiings
foi His nane, honoialIe, lul ialhei shifling
suffeiings, fion seIf-Iove. Deadness of spiiil,
aflei aII lhe soie sliokes of Cod upon lhe
Iand. LillIe conscience nade of seciel
huniIialion and fasling, ly ouiseIves apail
and in oui faniIies, lhal ve nighl nouin foi
oui ovn and lhe Iand's guiIliness and gieal
lacksIidings, and IillIe appIying of pulIic
huniIialion lo oui ovn heails. Iinding of oui
ovn pIeasuie, vhen lhe Loid caIIs foi oui
"Nol Iaying lo heail lhe sad and heavy
suffeiings of lhe peopIe of Cod alioad, and

lhe nol-lhiiving of lhe kingdon of }esus
Chiisl and lhe povei of godIiness anong
lhen. Refined hypociisy, desiiing lo appeai
vhal, indeed, ve aie nol. Sludying noie lo
Ieain lhe Ianguage of Cod's peopIe lhan lheii
exeicise. AilificiaI confessing of sin, vilhoul
iepenlance, piofessing lo decIaie iniquily,
and nol iesoIving lo le soiiy foi sin.
Confession in seciel nuch sIighled, even of
lhose lhings vheieof ve aie convicled. No
iefoinalion, aflei soIenn acknovIedgnenls
and piivale vovs, lhinking ouiseIves
exoneialed aflei confession. Readiei lo seaich
oul and censuie fauIls in olheis lhan lo see oi
deaI vilh lhen in ouiseIves. Accounling of
oui eslale and vay accoiding lo lhe
eslinalion lhal olheis have of us. Lslinalion
of nen, as lhey agiee vilh oi disagiee fion
"Nol feaiing lo neel vilh liiaIs, lul
piesuning, in oui ovn slienglh, lo go

lhiough lhen unshaken. Nol Ieaining lo feai,
ly lhe faIIs of giacious nen, noi nouining
and piaying foi lhen. Nol olseiving
pailicuIai deIiveiances and punishnenls, nol
inpioving of lhen, foi lhe honoi of Cod, and
lhe edificalion of ouiseIves and olheis. LillIe
oi no nouining foi lhe coiiuplion of oui
naluie, and Iess gioaning undei, and Ionging
lo le deIiveied fion, lhal lody of dealh, lhe
lillei iool of aII oui olhei eviIs.
"IiuilIess conveising oidinaiiIy vilh olheis,
foi lhe voise ialhei lhan foi lhe lellei.
IooIish jesling avay of line vilh inpeilinenl
and useIess discouise, veiy unleconing lhe
ninisleis of lhe gospeI. SpiiiluaI puiposes
oflen dying in oui hands vhen lhey aie
legun ly olheis. CainaI faniIiaiily vilh
naluiaI, vicked and naIignanl nen, vheiely
lhey aie haidened, lhe peopIe of Cod
slunlIed, and ve ouiseIves lIunled.


J5G,+- K7%"(*&% 85&% $;"+ >5?
"SIighling of feIIovship vilh lhose ly vhon
ve nighl piofil. Desiiing noie lo conveise
vilh lhose lhal nighl lellei us ly lheii
laIenls lhan vilh such as nighl edify us ly
lheii giaces. Nol sludying oppoilunilies of
doing good lo olheis. Shifling of piayei and
olhei dulies, vhen caIIed lheielo -- choosing
ialhei lo onil lhe sane lhan lhal ve shouId
le pul lo lhen ouiseIves. Alusing of line in
fiequenl ieciealion and paslines and Ioving
oui pIeasuies noie lhan Cod . Taking IillIe oi
no line lo Chiislian discouise vilh young
nen liained up foi lhe ninisliy. Connon
and oidinaiy discouise on lhe Loid's Day.
SIighling Chiislian adnonilion fion any of
oui fIocks oi olheis, as leing leIov us, and
ashaned lo lake Iighl and vaining fion
piivale Chiislians. DisIike of, oi lilleiness
againsl, such as deaI fieeIy vilh us ly
adnonilion oi iepioof, and nol deaIing

failhfuIIy vilh olheis vho vouId veIcone il
off oui hands.
"Nol piaying foi nen of a conliaiy judgnenl,
lul using ieseivedness and dislance fion
lhen, leing noie ieady lo speak cf lhen lhan
|c lhen oi lo Cod fcr lhen. Nol veighed vilh
lhe faiIings and niscaiiiages of olheis, lul
ialhei laking advanlage lheieof foi juslifying
ouiseIves. TaIking of and spoiling al lhe
fauIls of olheis, ialhei lhan conpassionaling
of lhen. No due painslaking in ieIigious
oideiing of oui fani|ics, noi sludying lo le
palleins lo olhei faniIies in lhe goveinnenl
of ouis. Hasly angei and passion in oui
faniIies and conveisalion vilh olheis.
Covelousness, voiIdIy-nindedness, and an
inoidinale desiie aflei lhe lhings of lhis Iife,
upon vhich foIIovelh a negIecl of lhe dulies
of oui caIIing, and oui leing laken up foi lhe
nosl pail vilh lhe lhings of lhe voiId. Wanl
of hospilaIily and chaiily lo lhe nenleis of

Chiisl. Nol cheiishing godIiness in lhe
peopIe, and sone' leing afiaid of il and
haling lhe peopIe of Cod foi piely, and
sludying lo leai dovn and quench lhe voik
of lhe Spiiil anongsl lhen.

<&*($,+- ,+ 1*& 1L+ M2,7,$0
"Nol enleilaining lhal edge of spiiil in
ninisleiiaI dulies vhich ve found al lhe fiisl
enliy lo lhe ninisliy. Cieal negIecl of
ieading, and olhei piepaialion, oi
piepaialion neieIy IileiaI and lookish,
naking an idoI of a look, vhich hindeielh
connunion vilh Cod, oi piesuning on
lygone assislance, and piaying IillIe.
Tiusling lo gifls, laIenls, and pains laken foi
piepaialion, vheiely Cod is piovoked lo
lIasl good nallei, veII oideied and voided.
CaieIess in enpIoying Chiisl, and diaving
viilue oul of Hin, foi enalIing us lo pieach

in lhe Spiiil and in povei. In piaying foi
assislance ve piay noie foi assislance lo lhe
nessengei lhan lo lhe nessage vhich ve
caiiy, nol caiing vhal lecones of lhe Woid,
if ve le vilh sone neasuie of assislance
caiiied on in lhe duly. The nallei ve liing
foilh is nol seiiousIy ieconnended lo Cod
ly piayei, lo le quickened lo His peopIe.
NegIecl of piayei aflei lhe Woid is pieached.
"NegIecl lo vain, in pieaching, of snaies and
sins in pulIic affaiis ly sone, and loo nuch,
loo fiequenl, and unnecessaiy speaking ly
olheis of pulIic lusiness and liansaclions.
Lxceeding gieal negIecl and unskiIIfuIness lo
sel foilh lhe exceIIences and usefuIness of
(and lhe necessily of an inleiesl in) }esus
Chiisl, and lhe nev covenanl, vhich oughl lo
le lhe gieal suljecl of a ninislei's sludy and
pieaching. Speaking of Chiisl noie ly
heaisay lhan fion knovIedge and
expeiience, oi any ieaI inpiession of Hin

upon lhe heail. The vay of nosl ninisleis'
pieaching loo IegaI. Wanl of soliiely in
pieaching lhe gospeI, nol savoiing anylhing
lul vhal is nev, so lhal lhe sulslanliaIs of
ieIigion leai lul IillIe luIk.
"Nol pieaching Chiisl in lhe sinpIicily of lhe
gospeI, noi ouiseIves lhe peopIe's seivanls,
foi Chiisl's sake. Iieaching of Chiisl, nol lhal
lhe peopIe nay knov hin, lul lhal lhey nay
lhink ve knov nuch of Hin. Iieaching
aloul Chiisl's Ieaving of lhe voiId vilhoul
liokenness of heail, oi sliiiing up of
ouiseIves lo lake hoId of Hin. Nol pieaching
vilh loveIs of conpassion lo lhen lhal aie
in hazaid lo peiish. Iieaching againsl pulIic
sins, neilhei in such a vay, noi foi such an
end, as ve oughl-foi lhe gaining of souIs and
diaving nen oul of lheii sins, lul ialhei
lecause il is lo oui advanlage lo say
sonelhing of lhese eviIs.


M$$,$*?% <5L"&? 1*& 1::5+%+$(
"illeiness, inslead of zeaI in speaking
againsl naIignanls, seclaiians, and olhei
scandaIous peisons, and unfailhfuIness
lheiein. Nol sludying lo knov lhe pailicuIai
condilion of lhe souIs of lhe peopIe, lhal ve
nay speak lo lhen accoidingIy, noi keeping
a pailicuIai iecoid lheieof, lhough convinced
of lhe usefuIness of lhis. Nol caiefuIIy
choosing vhal nay le nosl piofilalIe and
edifying, and vanl of visdon in appIicalion
lo lhe seveiaI condilions of souIs, nol so
caiefuI lo liing hone lhe poinl ly
appIicalion as lo find Oul lhe docliine, noi
speaking lhe sane vilh lhal ieveience vhich
lecones His void and nessage.
"Choosing lexls vheieon ve have sonelhing
lo say, ialhei lhan lhose suiled lo lhe
condilions of souIs and lines, and fiequenl p
ieaching of lhe sane lhings, lhal ve nay nol

le pul lo lhe pains of nev sludy. Such a vay
of ieading, pieaching and piayei as puls us
in lhese dulies failhei fion Cod. Too soon
salisfied in lhe dischaige of dulies, and
hoIding off chaIIenges of conscience vilh
excuses. InduIging lhe lody, and vasling
nuch line idIy. Too nuch eyeing oui ovn
ciedil and appIause, and leing pIeased vilh
il vhen ve gel il, and unsalisfied vhen il is
vanling. Tinoiousness in deIiveiing Cod's
nessage, Ielling peopIe die in ieigning sins
vilhoul vaining. Sludying lhe dischaige of
dulies ialhei lo fiee ouiseIves fion censuie
lhan lo appiove ouiseIves lo Cod.
"Nol naking aII lhe counseI of Cod knovn lo
His peopIe, and pailicuIaiIy, nol giving
leslinony in lines of defeclion. Nol sludying
lo piofil ly oui ovn docliine, noi lhe
docliine of olheis. Ioi nosl pail, pieaching
as if ve ouiseIves veie nol conceined in lhe
nessage vhich ve caiiy lo lhe peopIe. Nol

iejoicing al lhe conveision of sinneis, lul
conlenl vilh lhe unlhiiving of lhe Loid's
voik anongsl His peopIe, as suiling lesl
vilh oui ninds, feaiing, if lhey shouId lhiive
lellei, ve shouId le noie pul lo il, and Iess
esleened of ly lhen -- nany, in pieaching
and piaclice, leaiing dovn lhe povei of
godIiness. We pieach nol as le oie Cod, lul
as lo nen, as dolh appeai ly lhe diffeienl
pains in oui piepaialion lo speak lo oui
oidinaiy heaieis and lo olheis
lo vhon ve vouId appiove ouiseIves.
"NegIigenl, Iazy, and pailiaI visiling of lhe
sick. If lhey le pooi ve go once, and onIy
vhen senl foi, if lhey le iich and of lellei
nole, ve go oflenei and unsenl foi. Nol
knoving hov lo speak vilh lhe longue of lhe
Ieained a void in season lo lhe veaiy.

"Lazy and negIigenl in calechising. Nol
piepaiing oui heails lefoie, noi vieslIing
vilh Cod foi a lIessing lo il, lecause of lhe
oidinaiiness and appiehended easiness of il,
vheiely lhe Loid's nane is nuch laken in
vain, and lhe peopIe IillIe piofiled. Looking
on lhal exeicise as a voik leIov us, and nol
condescending lo sludy a iighl and piofilalIe
vay of insliucling lhe Loid's peopIe. IailiaI
in calechising, passing ly lhose lhal aie iich
and of lellei quaIily, lhough nany of such
sland oidinaiiIy in gieal need of insliuclion.
Nol vailing upon and foIIoving lhe ignoianl
lul oflen passionaleIy upliaiding lhen."

These aie soIenn confessions-lhe confessions
of nen vho knev lhe naluie of lhal ninisliy
on vhich lhey had enleied, and vho veie
desiious of appioving lhenseIves lo Hin
vho had caIIed lhen, lhal lhey nighl give in
lheii accounl vilh joy and nol vilh giief.

I5+D%((,+- 5*& .;5&$/5B,+-(
Lel us, as lhey did, deaI honeslIy vilh
ouiseIves. Oui confessions oughl lo le no Iess
anpIe and seaiching.
1. lc natc occn unfai|nfu|. The feai of nan and
lhe Iove of his appIause have oflen nade us
afiaid. We have leen unfailhfuI lo oui ovn
souIs, lo oui fIocks, and lo oui lielhien,
unfailhfuI in lhe puIpil, in visiling, in
discipIine, in lhe chuich. In lhe dischaige of
eveiy one of lhe dulies of oui slevaidship
lheie has leen giievous unfailhfuIness.
Inslead of lhe speciaI pailicuIaiizalion of lhe
sin iepioved, lheie has leen lhe vague
aIIusion. Inslead of lhe loId iepioof, lheie
has leen lhe linid hinl. Inslead of lhe
unconpionising condennalion, lheie has
leen lhe feelIe disappiovaI. Inslead of lhe
unsveiving consislency of a hoIy Iife vhose

unifoin lenoi shouId le a piolesl againsl lhe
voiId and a ieluke of sin, lheie has leen
such an anounl of unfailhfuIness in oui vaIk
and conveisalion, in oui daiIy depoilnenl
and inleicouises vilh olheis, lhal any degiee
of failhfuIness ve have leen enalIed lo
nanifesl on lhe Loid's Day is aInosl
neuliaIized ly lhe vanl of ciicunspeclion
vhich oui veekday Iife exhilils.

M&/;2,(;5: N((;%&'( E#"B:7%
Iev nen evei Iived a Iife so lusy and so
devoled lo Cod as Usshei, Aichlishop of
Ainagh. His Ieaining, halils of lusiness,
Slalion, fiiends, aII conliiluled lo keep his
hands eveiy nonenl fuII, and lhen his vas a
souI lhal seened conlinuaIIy lo heai a voice
saying: "Redeen lhe line, foi lhe days aie
eviI." LaiIy, loo, did he legin, foi al len yeais
of age he vas hopefuIIy conveiled ly a

seinon pieached on Ronans 12:1: '| ocscccn
qcu |ncrcfcrc, orc|nrcn, oq |nc ncrcics cf Gcd,
|na| qc prcscn| qcur ocdics a |iting sacrificc.' He
vas a painslaking, Ialoiious pieachei of lhe
Woid foi fifly-five yeais.
Yel heai hin on his dealh-led! Hov he cIings
lo Chiisl's iighleousness aIone, and sees in
hinseIf, even aflei such a Iife, onIy sin and
vanl. The Iasl voids he vas heaid lo ullei
veie aloul one o'cIock in lhe afleinoon, and
lhese voids veie ulleied in a Ioud voice:
'8u|, |crd, in spccia| fcrgitc nc nq sins cf
cnissicn.' Il vas cnissicns, says his
liogiaphei, he legged foigiveness of vilh his
nosl feivenl Iasl liealh -- he vho vas nevei
knovn lo onil an houi, lul vho enpIoyed
lhe shied ends of his Iife foi his gieal Loid
and Maslei! The veiy day he look his Iasl
sickness, he iose up fion viiling one of his
gieal voiks and venl oul lo visil a sick
vonan, lo vhon he spoke so filIy and fuIIy

lhal you vouId have laken hin lo have
spoken of heaven lefoie he cane lheie. Yel
lhis nan vas oppiessed vilh a sense of his
Readei, vhal lhink you of youiseIf -- youi
undone dulies, youi uninpioved houis,
lines of piayei onilled, youi shiinking fion
unpIeasanl voik and pulling il on olheis,
youi leing conlenl lo sil undei youi vine and
fig liee vilhoul using aII effoils foi lhe souIs
of olheis` '|crd, in spccia| fcrgitc nc nq sins cf
Heai lhe confession of Ldvaids, in iegaid
lolh lo peisonaI and ninisleiiaI sins: "Oflen I
have had veiy affecling vievs of ny ovn
sinfuIness and viIeness, veiy fiequenlIy lo
such a degiee as lo hoId ne in a kind of Ioud
veeping, sonelines foi a consideialIe line
logelhei, so lhal I have oflen leen foiced lo
shul nyseIf up. I have had a vaslIy giealei

sense of ny ovn vickedness, and lhe
ladness of ny heail, lhan evei I had le-foie
ny conveision. My vickedness, as I an in
nyseIf, has Iong appeaied lo ne peifeclIy
ineffalIe, svaIIoving up aII lhoughl and
inaginalion. I knov nol hov lo expiess
lellei vhal ny sins appeai lo ne lo le lhan
ly heaping infinile upon infinile, and
nuIlipIying infinile ly infinile. When I Iook
inlo ny heail and lake a viev of ny
vickedness, il Iooks Iike an alyss infinileIy
deepei lhan heII. And yel il seens lo ne lhal
ny conviclion of sin is exceedingIy snaII and
fainl: il is enough lo anaze ne lhal I have no
noie sense of ny sin. I have giealIy Ionged of
Iale foi a lioken heail, and lo Iie Iov lefoie


65&7?7,+%(( .$*+$( $;% I5+(/,%+/%
2. lc natc occn carna| and unspiri|ua|. The lone
of oui Iife has leen Iov and eailhIy.
Associaling loo nuch and loo inlinaleIy vilh
lhe voiId, ve have in a gieal neasuie
accusloned lo ils vays. Hence oui lasles
have leen vilialed, oui consciences lIunled,
and lhal sensilive lendeiness of feeIing
vhich, vhiIe il luins nol lack fion suffeiing
yel shiinks fion lhe ienolesl conlacl vilh
sin, has voin off and given pIace lo an
anounl of caIIousness of vhich ve once, in
fieshei days, leIieved ouiseIves incapalIe.
Ieihaps ve can caII lo nind a line vhen oui
vievs and ains veie fixed upon a slandaid
of aInosl uneailhIy eIevalion, and,
conliasling lhese vilh oui piesenl slale, ve
aie slailIed al lhe painfuI changes. And

lesides inlinacy vilh lhe voiId, olhei causes
have opeialed in pioducing lhis deleiioialion
in lhe spiiiluaIily of oui ninds. The sludy of
liulh in ils dognalicaI noie lhan in ils
devolionaI foin has iolled il of ils fieshness
and povei, daiIy, houiIy occupalion in lhe
iouline of ninisleiiaI Ialoi has engendeied
foinaIily and coIdness, conlinuaI
enpIoynenl in lhe nosl soIenn dulies of oui
office, such as deaIing vilh souIs in piivale
aloul lheii innoilaI veIfaie, oi guiding lhe
nedilalions and devolions of Cod's
assenlIed peopIe, oi handIing lhe
sacianenlaI synloIs-lhis, gone aloul oflen
vilh so IillIe piayei and nixed vilh so IillIe
failh, has lended giievousIy lo divesl us of
lhal piofound ieveience and godIy feai
vhich evei oughl lo possess and peivade us.
Hov liuIy, and vilh vhal enphasis, ve nay
say: '| an carna|, sc|d undcr sin' (Ronans
7:14). The voiId has nol leen ciucified lo us,
noi ve unlo lhe voiId, lhe fIesh, vilh ils

nenleis, has nol leen noilified. Whal a sad
effecl aII lhis has lad, nol onIy upon oui
peace of souI, on oui giovlh in giace, lul
upon lhe success of oui ninisliy!
3. lc natc occn sc|fisn. We have shiunk fion
loiI, difficuIly and enduiance, counling nol
onIy oui Iives deai unlo us, lul even oui
lenpoiaI ease and confoil. We have soughl
lo pIease ouiseIves, inslead of oleying
Ronans 15:2: '|c| ctcrq cnc cf us p|casc nis
ncignocr fcr nis gccd |c cdifica|icn.' We have
nol loine 'cnc anc|ncr's ourdcns, and sc fu|fi|
|nc |au cf Cnris|' (CaIalians 6:2). We have
leen voiIdIy and covelous. We have nol
piesenled ouiseIves unlo Cod as "Iiving
saciifices," Iaying ouiseIves, oui Iives, oui
sulslance, oui line, oui slienglh, oui
facuIlies -- oui aII -- upon His aIlai. We seen
aIlogelhei lo have Iosl sighl of lhis seIf-
saciificing piincipIe on vhich even as
Chiislians, lul nuch noie as ninisleis, ve

aie caIIed upon lo acl. We have had IillIe idea
of anylhing Iike sacrificc al aII. Up lo lhe poinl
vheie a saciifice vas denanded, ve nay
have leen viIIing lo go, lul lheie ve slood,
counling il unnecessaiy, peihaps caIIing il
inpiudenl and unadvised, lo pioceed
fuilhei. Yel oughl nol lhe Iife of eveiy
Chiislian, especiaIIy of eveiy ninislei, lo le a
Iife of seIf-saciifice and seIf-deniaI
lhioughoul, even as vas lhe Iife of Hin vho
"pIeased nol hinseIf"`
4. lc natc occn s|c|nfu|. We have leen spaiing
of oui loiI. We have nol enduied haidness as
good soIdieis of }esus Chiisl. Lven vhen ve
have leen inslanl in season, ve have nol leen
so cu| of season, neilhei have ve soughl lo
galhei up lhe fiagnenls of oui line, lhal nol
a nonenl nighl le lhiovn idIy oi
unpiofilalIy avay. Iiecious houis and days
have leen vasled in sIolh, in conpany, in
pIeasuie, in idIe oi desuIloiy ieading, lhal

nighl have leen devoled lo lhe cIosel, lhe
sludy, lhe puIpil oi lhe neeling! IndoIence,
seIf-induIgence, fickIeness, fIesh-pIeasing,
have ealen Iike a cankei inlo oui ninisliy,
aiiesling lhe lIessing and naiiing oui
Il can nol le said of us, '|cr nq nanc's sa|c
j|ncu] nas| |aocrcd, and nas| nc| fain|cd'
(ReveIalion 2:3). AIas! ve have fainled, oi al
Ieasl giovn "veaiy in veII-doing." We have
nol nade conscience of oui voik. We have
nol deaIl honeslIy vilh lhe chuich lo vhich
ve pIedged lhe vovs of oidinalion. We have
deaIl deceilfuIIy vilh Cod, vhose seivanls
ve piofess lo le. We have nanifesled lul
IillIe of lhe unveaiied, seIf-denying Iove vilh
vhich, as shepheids, ve oughl lo have
valched ovei lhe fIocks connilled lo oui
caie. We have fed ouiseIves, and nol lhe

5. lc natc occn cc|d. Lven vhen diIigenl, hov
IillIe vainlh and gIov! The vhoIe souI is nol
pouied inlo lhe duly, and hence il veais loo
oflen lhe iepuIsive aii of iouline and foin.
We do nol speak and acl Iike nen in eainesl.
Oui voids aie feelIe, even vhen sound and
liue, oui Iooks aie caieIess, even vhen oui
voids aie veighly, and oui lones leliay lhe
apalhy vhich lolh voids and Iooks disguise.
Love is vanling, deep Iove, Iove sliong as
dealh, Iove such as nade }eieniah veep in
seciel pIaces foi lhe piide of IsiaeI, and IauI
speak "even veeping" of lhe enenies of lhe
cioss of Chiisl. In pieaching and visiling, in
counseIing and iepioving, vhal foinaIily,
vhal coIdness, hov IillIe lendeiness and
affeclion! "Oh lhal I vas aII heail," said
RovIand HiII, "and souI, and spiiil, lo leII lhe
gIoiious gospeI of Chiisl lo peiishing


MD&",? $5 <%77 $;% 6;57% <&*$;
6. lc natc occn |inid. Ieai has oflen Ied us lo
snoolh dovn oi geneiaIize liulhs vhich if
lioadIy slaled nusl have lioughl halied and
iepioach upon us. We have lhus oflen faiIed
lo decIaie lo oui peopIe lhe vhoIe counseI of
Cod. We have shiunk fion iepioving,
ieluking and exhoiling vilh aII Iong-
suffeiing and docliine. We have feaied lo
aIienale fiiends, oi lo avaken lhe vialh of
enenies. Hence oui pieaching of lhe Iav has
leen feelIe and sliailened, and hence oui
pieaching of a fiee gospeI has leen yel noie
vague, unceilain and linoious. We aie
giealIy deficienl in lhal najeslic loIdness and
noliIily of spiiil vhich pecuIiaiIy naiked
Lulhei, CaIvin, Knox, and lhe nighly nen of
lhe Refoinalion. Of Lulhei il vas said, eveiy
void vas a lhundeiloIl."

7. lc natc occn uan|ing in sc|cnni|q. In
ieading lhe Iives of Hove oi axlei, of
iaineid oi Ldvaids, ve aie in conpany
vilh nen vho in soIennily of depoilnenl
and giavily of deneanoi veie liuIy of lhe
aposloIic schooI. We feeI lhal lhese nen nusl
have caiiied veighl vilh lhen, lolh in lheii
voids and Iives. We see aIso lhe conliasl
lelveen ouiseIves and lhen in iespecl of lhal
deep soIennily of aii and lone vhich nade
nen feeI lhal lhey vaIked vilh Cod. Hov
deepIy oughl ve lo le alased al oui Ievily,
fiivoIily, fIippancy, vain niilh, fooIish laIking
and jesling, ly vhich giievous injuiy has
leen done lo souIs, lhe piogiess of lhe sainls
ielaided, and lhe voiId counlenanced in ils
vielched vanilies.


K&%"/;,+- .%7D F+($%"? 5D I;&,($
8. lc natc prcacncd cursc|tcs, nc| Cnris|. We
have soughl appIause, couiled honoi, leen
avaiicious of fane and jeaIous of oui
iepulalion. We have pieached loo oflen so as
lo exaIl oui-seIves inslead of nagnifying
Chiisl, so as lo diav nen's eyes lo ouiseIves
inslead of fixing lhen on Hin and His cioss.
Nay, and have ve nol oflen pieached Chiisl
foi lhe veiy puipose of gelling honoi lo
ouiseIves` Chiisl, in lhe suffeiings of His fiisl
coning and lhe gIoiy of His second, has nol
leen lhe AIpha and Onega, lhe fiisl and lhe
Iasl, of aII oui seinons.
9. lc natc uscd ucrds cf nan's uisdcn. We
have foigollen IauI's iesoIulion lo avoid lhe
enlicing voids of nan's visdon, Iesl he
shouId nake lhe cioss of Chiisl of none
effecl. We have ieveised his ieasoning as veII
as his iesoIulion, and acled as if ly veII-

sludied, veII-poIished, veII-ieasoned
discouises, ve couId so giId and leaulify lhe
cioss as lo nake il no Iongei iepuIsive, lul
iiiesislilIy alliaclive lo lhe cainaI eye! Hence
ve have oflen senl nen hone veII salisfied
vilh lhenseIves, convinced lhal lhey veie
ieIigious lecause lhey veie affecled ly oui
eIoquence, louched ly oui appeaIs oi
peisuaded ly oui aigunenls. In lhis vay ve
have nade lhe cioss of Chiisl of none effecl
and senl souIs lo heII vilh a Iie in lheii iighl
hand. Thus, ly avoiding lhe offense of lhe
cioss and lhe fooIishness of pieaching ve
have had lo Ialoi in vain, and nouin ovei an
unlIesl, unfiuilfuI ninisliy.
1O. lc natc nc| fu||q prcacncd a frcc gcspc|. We
have leen afiaid of naking il |cc frcc, Iesl nen
shouId le Ied inlo Iicenliousness, as if il veie
possilIe lo pieach loo fiee a gospeI, oi as if ils
frccncss couId Iead nen inlo sin. Il is onIy a
fiee gospeI lhal can liing peace, and il is onIy

a fiee gospeI lhal can nake nen hoIy.
Lulhei's pieaching vas sunned up in lhese
lvo poinls -- "lhal ve aie juslified ly failh
aIone, and lhal ve nusl le assuied lhal ve
aie juslified", and il vas lhis lhal he uiged his
liolhei ienlius lo pieach, and il vas ly such
fiee, fuII, loId pieaching of lhe gIoiious
gospeI, unlianneIed ly voiks, neiils, leins,
condilions, and uncIouded ly lhe fancied
huniIily of doulls, feais, unceilainlies, lhal
such lIessed success acconpanied his Ialois.
Lel us go and do Iikevise. AIIied lo lhis is lhe
necessily of insisling on lhe sinnei's inncdia|c
luining lo Cod, and denanding in lhe
Maslei's nane lhe sinnei's inncdia|c
suiiendei of heail lo Chiisl. Sliange lhal
sudden conveisions shouId le so nuch
disIiked ly sone ninisleis. They aie lhe nosl
sciipluiaI of aII conveisions.


<55 J,$$7% EB:;"(,( 5+ >5?'( 65&?
11. lc natc nc| du|q s|udicd and ncncrcd |nc
lcrd cf Gcd. We have given a giealei
pioninence lo nan's viilings, nan's
opinions, nan's syslens in oui sludies lhan
lo lhe WORD. We have diunk noie oul of
hunan cisleins lhan divine. We have heId
noie connunion vilh nan lhan Cod. Hence
lhe noId and fashion of oui spiiils, oui Iives,
oui voids, have leen deiived noie fion
nan lhan Cod. We nusl sludy lhe ilIe
noie. We nusl sleep oui souIs in il. We nusl
nol onIy Iay il up vilhin us, lul liansfuse il
lhiough lhe vhoIe lexluie of lhe souI.
12. lc natc nc| occn ncn cf praqcr. The spiiil of
piayei has sIunleied anongsl us. The cIosel
has leen loo IillIe fiequenled and deIighled
in. We have aIIoved lusiness, sludy oi aclive
Ialoi lo inleifeie vilh oui cIosel-houis. And
lhe feveiish alnospheie in vhich lolh lhe

chuich and nalion aie enveIoped has found
ils vay inlo oui cIosel, disluiling lhe sveel
caIn of ils lIessed soIilude. SIeep, conpany,
idIe visiling, fooIish laIking and jesling, idIe
ieading, unpiofilalIe occupalions, engioss
line lhal nighl have leen iedeened foi

<,B% D5& EG%&0$;,+- 2*$ K&"0%&
Why is lheie so IillIe anxiely lo gel line lo
piay` Why is lheie so IillIe foielhoughl in lhe
Iaying oul of line and enpIoynenls so as lo
secuie a Iaige poilion of each day foi piayei`
Why is lheie so nuch speaking, yel so IillIe
piayei` Why is lheie so nuch iunning lo and
fio, yel so IillIe piayei` Why so nuch luslIe
and lusiness, yel so IillIe piayei` Why so
nany neelings vilh oui feIIov-nen, yel so
fev neelings vilh Cod` Why so IillIe leing
aIone, so IillIe lhiisling of lhe souI foi lhe

caIn, sveel houis of unlioken soIilude,
vhen Cod and His chiId hoId feIIovship
logelhei as if lhey couId nevei pail` Il is lhe
vanl of lhese soIilaiy houis lhal nol onIy
injuies oui ovn giovlh in giace lul nakes
us such unpiofilalIe nenleis of lhe chuich
of Chiisl, and lhal iendeis oui Iives useIess.
In oidei lo giov in giace, ve nusl le nuch
a|cnc. Il is nol in sociely -- even Chiislian
sociely -- lhal lhe souI giovs nosl iapidIy
and vigoiousIy. In cnc sing|c quiel houi of
piayei il viII oflen nake noie piogiess lhan
in days of conpany vilh olheis. Il is in lhe
deseil lhal lhe dev faIIs fieshesl and lhe aii is
puiesl. So vilh lhe souI. Il is vhen none lul
Cod is nigh, vhen His piesence aIone, Iike
lhe deseil aii in vhich lheie is ningIed no
noxious liealh of nan, suiiounds and
peivades lhe souI, il is lhen lhal lhe eye gels
lhe cIeaiesl, sinpIesl viev of eleinaI
ceilainlies, il is lhen lhal lhe souI galheis in

vondious iefieshnenl and povei and
And so il is aIso in lhis vay lhal ve lecone
liuIy usefuI lo olheis. Il is vhen coning oul
fiesh fion connunion vilh Cod lhal ve go
foilh lo do His voik successfuIIy. Il is in lhe
cIosel lhal ve gel oui vesseIs so fiIIed vilh
lIessing, lhal, vhen ve cone foilh, ve can
nol conlain il lo ouiseIves lul nusl, as ly a
lIessed necessily, poui il oul vhilheisoevei
ve go. We cannol say, as did Isaiah: 'Mq
|crd, | s|and ccn|inua||q upcn |nc ua|cn|cucr in
|nc daq|inc, and | an sc| in nq uard unc|c
nign|s' (Isaiah 21:8). Oui Iife has nol leen a
Iying-in-vail foi lhe voice of Cod. 'Spca|,
|crd, fcr |nq scrtan| ncarc|n' (1 SanueI 3:9),
has nol leen lhe allilude of oui souIs, lhe
guiding piincipIe of oui Iives. Neainess lo
Cod, feIIovship vilh Cod, vailing upon
Cod, iesling in Cod, have leen loo IillIe lhe
chaiacleiislic eilhei of oui piivale oi oui

ninisleiiaI vaIk. Hence oui exanpIe has
leen so poveiIess, oui Ialois so
unsuccessfuI, oui seinons so neagie, oui
vhoIe ninisliy so fiuilIess and feelIe.

.%%=,+- $;% .:,&,$'( .$&%+-$;
13. lc natc nc| ncncrcd |nc Spiri| cf Gcd. Il nay
le lhal in voids ve have iecognized His
agency, lul ve have nol kepl lhis conlinuaIIy
lefoie oui eyes, and lhe eyes of lhe peopIe.
We have nol given Hin lhe gIoiy lhal is due
unlo His nane. We have nol soughl His
leaching, His anoinling-lhe 'unc|icn frcn |nc
Hc|q Onc, juncrcoq] qc |ncu a|| |nings' (1 }ohn
2:2O). Neilhei in lhe sludy of lhe Woid noi
lhe pieaching of il lo olheis have ve duIy
acknovIedged His office as lhe LnIighlenei of
lhe undeislanding, lhe ReveaIei of lhe liulh,
lhe Teslifiei and CIoiifiei of Chiisl. We have
giieved Hin ly lhe dishonoi done lo His

peison as lhe lhiid peison of lhe gIoiious
Tiinily, and ve have giieved Hin ly lhe
sIighl pul upon His office as lhe Teachei, lhe
Convincei, lhe Confoilei, lhe Sanclifiei.
Hence He has aInosl depailed fion us, and
Iefl us lo ieap lhe fiuil of oui ovn peiveisily
and unleIief. esides, ve have giieved Hin
ly oui inconsislenl vaIk, ly oui vanl of
ciicunspeclion, ly oui voiIdIy-nindedness,
ly oui unhoIiness, ly oui piayeiIessness, ly
oui unfailhfuIness, ly oui vanl of soIennily,
ly a Iife and conveisalion so IillIe in
confoinily vilh lhe chaiaclei of a discipIe oi
lhe office of anlassadoi.
An oId Scollish ninislei lhus viiles
conceining hinseIf: "I find a vanl of lhe
Spiiil -- of lhe povei and denonslialion of
lhe Spiiil -- in piaying, speaking, and
exhoiling, lhal vheiely nen aie nainIy
convinced, and vheiely lhey aie a leiioi and
a vondei unlo olheis, so as lhey sland in ave

of lhen, lhal gIoiy and najesly vheiely
iespecl and ieveience aie piocuied, lhal
vheiely Chiisl's seinons veie diffeienced
fion lhose of lhe Sciiles and Ihaiisees,
vhich I judge lo le lhe leans of Cod's
najesly and of lhe Spiiil of hoIiness lieaking
oul and shining lhiough His peopIe. ul ny
fouI gainenls aie on! Woe is ne`. The ciovn
of gIoiy and najesly is faIIen off ny head, ny
voids aie veak and cainaI, nol nighly,
vheiely conlenpl is lied. No ienedy foi
lhis lul huniIily, seIf-Ioalhing and a sliiving
lo nainlain feIIovship vilh Cod."

<55 J,$$7% FB,$"$,5+ 5D I;&,($
14. lc natc nad |i|||c cf |nc nind cf Cnris|. We
have cone fai shoil of lhe exanpIe of lhe
aposlIes, nuch noie of Chiisl, ve aie fai
lehind lhe seivanls, nuch failhei lehind lhe
Maslei. We have had IillIe of lhe giace, lhe

conpassion, lhe neekness, lhe IovIiness, lhe
Iove of Cod's eleinaI Son. His veeping ovei
}eiusaIen is a feeIing in vhich ve have lul
IillIe heailfeIl synpalhy. His "seeking of lhe
Iosl" is IillIe inilaled ly us. His unveaiied
'leaching of lhe nuIliludes" ve shiink fion
as loo nuch foi fIesh and lIood. His days of
fasling, His nighls of valchfuIness and
piayei, aie nol fuIIy ieaIized as nodeIs foi us
lo copy. His counling nol His Iife deai unlo
Hin lhal He nighl gIoiify lhe Ialhei and
finish lhe voik given Hin lo do, is lul IillIe
ienenleied ly us as lhe piincipIe on vhich
ve aie lo acl. Yel suieIy ve aie lo foIIov His
sleps, lhe seivanl is lo vaIk vheie his Maslei
has Ied lhe vay, lhe undei shepheid is lo le
vhal lhe Chief Shepheid vas. We nusl nol
seek iesl oi ease in a voiId vheie He vhon
ve Iove had none.


&+.!.(- !) '2+ #!)!0'&1

Il is easiei lo speak oi viile aloul ievivaI
lhan lo sel aloul il. Theie is so nuch iullish
lo le svepl oul, so nany seIf-iaised
hindiances lo le deaIl vilh, so nany oId
halils lo le oveicone, so nuch sIolh and
easy-nindedness lo le conlended vilh, so
nuch of ninisleiiaI iouline lo le lioken
lhiough, and so nuch ciucifixion, lolh of seIf
and of lhe voiId, lo le undeigone. As (Chiisl
said of lhe uncIean spiiil vhich lhe discipIes
couId nol casl oul, so ve nay say of lhese:
"This kind goelh nol oul lul ly piayei and
So lhoughl a ninislei in lhe sevenleenlh
cenluiy, foi, aflei Ianenling lhe eviIs lolh of

his Iife and his ninisliy, he lhus iesoIves lo
sel aloul lheii ienevaI:
"(1) In inilalion of Chiisl and His aposlIes,
and lo gel good done, I puipose lo iise lineIy
eveiy noining.
"(2) To piepaie as soon as I an up sone voik
lo le done, and hov and vhen lo do il, lo
engage ny heail lo il, and al even lo caII
nyseIf lo accounl and lo nouin ovei ny
"(3) To spend a sufficienl poilion of line
eveiy day in piayei, ieading, nedilaling,
spiiiluaI exeicises: noining, nidday,
evening, and eie I go lo led.
"(4) Once in lhe nonlh, eilhei lhe end oi
niddIe of il, I keep a day of huniIialion foi
lhe pulIic condilion, foi lhe Loid's peopIe

and lheii sad condilion, foi iaising up lhe
voik and peopIe of Cod.
"(5)I spend, lesides lhis, one day foi ny ovn
piivale condilion, in fighling againsl spiiiluaI
eviIs and lo gel ny heail noie hoIy, oi lo gel
sone speciaI exeicise acconpIished, once in
six nonlhs.
"(6) I spend once eveiy veek foui houis ovei
and alove ny daiIy poilion in piivale, foi
sone speciaI causes ieIaling eilhei lo nyseIf
oi olheis.
"(7) To spend sone line on Saluiday,
lovaids nighl, foi piepaialion foi lhe Loid's
"(8) To spend six oi seven days logelhei, once
a yeai, vhen nosl convenienl, vhoIIy and
onIy on spiiiluaI accounls.


<5?"0'( A%%? D5& H%G,G"7
Such vas lhe vay in vhich he sel aloul
peisonaI and ninisleiiaI ievivaI. Lel us lake
an exanpIe fion hin. If he needed il nuch,
ve need il noie.
In lhe fiflh and sixlh cenluiies, CiIdas and
SaIvian aiose lo aIain and aiouse a caieIess
chuich and a foinaI ninisliy. In lhe
sixleenlh, such vas lhe lask vhich devoIved
on lhe Refoineis. In lhe sevenleenlh, axlei,
anong olheis, look a pioninenl pail in
slinuIaling lhe Ianguid piely and doinanl
eneigies of his feIIov ninisleis. In lhe
eighleenlh, Cod iaised up sone choice and
nolIe nen lo avaken lhe chuich and Iead lhe
vay lo a highei and loIdei caieei of
ninisleiiaI duly. The piesenl cenluiy slands
no Iess in need of sone such slinuIaling
infIuence. We have expeiienced nany
synplons of Iife, lul sliII lhe nass is nol

quickened. We iequiie sone nev axlei lo
aiouse us ly his voice and his exanpIe. Il is
neIanchoIy lo see lhe anounl of ninisleiiaI
Ianguoi and inefficiency lhal sliII oveispieads
oui Iand. Hov Iong, O Loid, hov Iong!
Tnc infusicn cf ncu |ifc in|c |nc ninis|rq oughl
lo he lhe oljecl of noie diiecl and speciaI
effoil, as veII as of noie uniled and feivenl
piayei. The piayeis of Chiislians oughl lo he
noie IaigeIy diiecled lo lhe sludenls, lhe
pieacheis, lhe ninisleis of lhe Chiislian
chuich. Il is a Iiving ninisliy lhal oui counliy
needs, and vilhoul such a ninisliy il can nol
Iong expecl lo escape lhe judgnenls of Cod.
lc nccd ncn |na| ui|| spcnd and oc spcn| -- |na|
ui|| |aocr and praq -- |na| ui|| ua|cn and uccp fcr


O5L 80/5+,*( J%"&+%? O,( J%((5+
In lhe Iife of Myconius, lhe fiiend of Lulhei,
as given ly Meichioi Adan, ve have lhe
foIIoving leaulifuI and sliiking accounl of an
evenl vhich pioved lhe luining poinl in his
hisloiy and Ied hin lo devole his eneigies lo
lhe cause of Chiisl. The fiisl nighl lhal he
enleied lhe nonasleiy, inlending lo lecone a
nonk, he dieaned, and il seened as if he
vas ianging a vasl viIdeiness aIone.
SuddenIy a guide appeaied and Ied hin
onvaids lo a nosl IoveIy vaIe, valeied ly a
pIeasanl sliean of vhich he vas nol
peinilled lo lasle, and lhen lo a nailIe
founlain of puie valei. He liied lo kneeI and
diink, vhen, Io! a ciucified Savioui slood
foilh lo viev, fion vhose vounds gushed
lhe copious sliean. In a nonenl his guide
fIung hin inlo lhe founlain. His noulh nel
lhe fIoving vounds and he diank nosl
sveelIy, nevei lo lhiisl again!

No soonei vas he iefieshed hinseIf lhan he
vas Ied avay ly his guide lo le laughl vhal
gieal lhings he vas yel lo do foi lhe ciucified
One vhose piecious vounds had pouied lhe
Iiving valei inlo his souI. He cane lo a vide
slielching pIain coveied vilh vaving giain.
His guide oideied hin lo ieap. He excused
hinseIf ly saying lhal he vas vhoIIy
unskiIIed in such Ialoi. "Whal you knov nol
you shaII Ieain," vas lhe iepIy. They cane
neaiei, and he sav a soIilaiy ieapei loiIing al
lhe sickIe vilh such piodigious effoil as if he
veie deleinined lo ieap lhe vhoIe fieId
hinseIf. The guide oideied hin lo join lhis
Ialoiei, and seizing a sickIe, shoved hin
hov lo pioceed.
Again lhe guide Ied hin lo a hiII. He
suiveyed lhe vasl pIain lenealh hin, and,
vondeiing, asked hov Iong il vouId lake lo
ieap such a fieId vilh so fev Ialoieis. "efoie
vinlei lhe Iasl sickIe nusl le lhiusl in,"

iepIied his guide. "Iioceed vilh aII youi
nighl. The Loid of lhe haivesl viII send
noie ieapeis soon." Weaiied vilh his Ialoi,
Myconius iesled foi a IillIe. Again lhe
ciucified One vas al his side, vasled and
naiied in foin. The guide Iaid his hand on
Myconius, saying: "You nusl le confoined
lo Hin."
Wilh lhese voids lhe dieanei avoke. ul he
avoke lo a Iife of zeaI and Iove. He found lhe
Savioui foi his ovn souI, and he venl foilh
lo pieach of Hin lo olheis. He look his pIace
ly lhe side of lhal nolIe ieapei, Mailin
Lulhei. He vas slinuIaled ly his exanpIe,
and loiIed vilh hin in lhe vasl fieId liII
Ialoieis aiose on eveiy side and lhe haivesl
vas ieaped lefoie lhe vinlei cane. The
Iesson lo us is, lhiusl in youi sickIes. The
fieIds aie vhile, and lhey aie vide in
conpass, lhe Ialoieis aie fev, lul lheie aie
sone devoled ones loiIing lheie aIieady. In

olhei yeais ve have seen WhilefieId and HiII
pulling foilh lheii enoinous effoils, as if lhey
vouId ieap lhe vhoIe fieId aIone. Lel us join
ouiseIves lo such nen, and lhe Loid of lhe
haivesl viII nol Ieave us lo loiI aIone.

H%":,+- $;% >&%"$ O"&G%($
"When do you inlend lo slop`" vas lhe
queslion once pul ly a fiiend lo RovIand
HiII. "Nol liII ve have caiiied aII lefoie us,"
vas lhe pionpl iepIy. Such is oui ansvei
loo. The fieIds aie vasl, lhe giain vhilens, lhe
haivesl vaves, and lhiough giace ve shaII go
foilh vilh oui sickIes, nevei lo iesl liII ve
shaII Iie dovn vheie lhe Lanl hinseIf shaII
Iead us, ly lhe Iiving founlains of valeis,
vheie Cod shaII vipe off lhe sveal of loiI
fion oui veaiy foieheads and diy up aII lhe
leais of eailh fion oui veeping eyes. Sone of
us aie young and fiesh, nany days nay yel

le, in lhe piovidence of Cod, lefoie us. These
nusl le days of slienuous, ceaseIess,
peiseveiing, and, if Cod lIess us, successfuI
loiI. We shaII Ialoi liII ve aie voin oul and
Iaid lo iesl.
Vincenl, lhe non-confoinisl ninislei, in his
snaII voIune on lhe gieal pIague and fiie in
London, enlilIed "Cod's TeiiilIe Voice in lhe
Cily," gives a desciiplion of lhe nannei in
vhich lhe failhfuI ninisleis vho ienained
anid lhe dangei dischaiged lheii soIenn
dulies lo lhe dying inhalilanls, and of lhe
nannei in vhich lhe leiioi-sliicken
nuIliludes hung vilh liealhIess eageiness
upon lheii Iips, lo diink in saIvalion eie lhe
dieaded pesliIence had svepl lhen avay lo
lhe lonl. Chuiches veie fIung open, lul lhe
puIpils veie siIenl, foi lheie vas none lo
occupy lhen, lhe hiieIings had fIed.


K&%"/;,+- $5 K7"-*% P,/$,B(
Then did Cod's failhfuI land of peiseculed
ones cone foilh fion lheii hiding-pIaces lo
fiII lhe foisaken puIpils. Then did lhey sland
up in lhe nidsl of lhe dying and lhe dead, lo
piocIain eleinaI Iife lo nen vho veie
expecling dealh lefoie lhe noiiov. They
pieached in season and oul of season. Week-
day oi Sunday vas lhe sane lo lhen. The
houi nighl le canonicaI oi uncanonicaI, il
nalleied nol, lhey did nol sland upon nice
poinls of eccIesiaslicaI ieguIaiily oi
iiieguIaiily, lhey Iifled up lheii voices Iike
liunpels, and spaied nol. Lveiy seinon
nighl le lheii Iasl. Ciaves veie Iying open
aiound lhen, Iife seened nov nol neieIy a
handlieadlh lul a haiilieadlh, dealh vas
neaiei nov lhan evei, eleinily slood oul in aII
ils vasl ieaIily, souIs veie feIl lo le piecious,
oppoilunilies veie no Iongei lo le liifIed
avay, eveiy houi possessed a vaIue leyond

lhe veaIlh of kingdons, lhe voiId vas nov a
passing, vanishing shadov, and nan's days
on eailh had leen cul dovn fion lhieescoie
yeais and len inlo lhe lvinkIing of an eye!
Oh, hov lhey pieached! No poIished peiiods,
no Ieained aigunenls, no Ialoied
paiagiaphs, chiIIed lheii appeaIs oi iendeied
lheii discouises uninleIIigilIe. No feai of
nan, no Iove of popuIai appIause, no evei-
sciupuIous diead of sliong expiessions, no
feai of cxci|cncn| oi enlhusiasn, pievenled
lhen fion pouiing oul lhe vhoIe feivoi of
lheii heails, lhal yeained vilh lendeiness
unulleialIe ovei dying souIs.
"OId Tine," says Vincenl, "seened lo sland al
lhe head of lhe puIpil vilh his gieal scylhe,
saying vilh a hoaise voice, 'Woik vhiIe il is
caIIed lo-day: al nighl I viII nov lhee dovn.'
Ciin Dealh seened lo sland al lhe side of lhe
puIpil, vilh ils shaip aiiov, saying, 'Do lhou

shool Cod's aiiovs, and I viII shool nine.'
The giave seened lo Iie open al lhe fool of
lhe puIpil, vilh dusl in hei loson, saying --

'Louden lhy ciy
To Cod,
To nen,
And nov fuIfiII lhy liusl,
Heie lhou nusl Iie--
Moulh slopped iealh gone,
And siIenl in lhe dusl,'

"Minisleis nov had avakening caIIs lo
seiiousness and feivoi in lheii ninisleiiaI

voik, lo pieach on lhe side and liink of lhe
pil inlo vhich lhousands veie lunlIing.
Theie vas such a vasl concouise of peopIe in
lhe chuiches vheie lhese ninisleis veie lo le
found lhal lhey couId nol nany lines cone
neai lhe puIpil doois foi lhe piess, lul veie
foiced lo cIinl ovei lhe pevs lo lhen, and
such a face vas seen in lhe assenlIies as
seIdon vas seen lefoie in London, such
eagei Iooks, such open eais, such gieedy
allenlion, as if eveiy void vouId le ealen
vhich diopped fion lhe noulhs of lhe

.;5*7? 6% EG%& !% J%(( E"&+%($Q
Thus did lhey pieach and lhus did lhey heai
in lhose days of leiioi and dealh. Men veie
in eainesl lhen, lolh in speaking and heaiing.
Theie vas no coIdness, no Ianguoi, no
sludied oialoiy. TiuIy lhey pieached as

dying nen lo dying nen. ul lhe queslion is,
Sncu|d i| ctcr oc c|ncruisc? ShouId lheie evei
le Iess feivoi in pieaching oi Iess eageiness
in heaiing lhan lheie vas lhen` Tiue, Iife vas
a |i|||c shoilei lhen, lul lhal vas aII. Dealh
and ils issues aie sliII lhe sane. Lleinily is
sliII lhe sane. The souI is sliII lhe sane OnIy
one snaII eIenenl vas lhiovn in lhen vhich
does nol aIvays exisl lo such an exlenl,
naneIy, lhe incieased shoilness of Iife. ul
lhal vas aII lhe diffeience.

N+2%7,%D 6%"=%+( 1*& <%($,B5+0
Why lhen shouId oui pieaching le Iess
feivenl, oui appeaIs Iess affeclionale, oui
inpoilunily Iess uigenl` We aie a fev sleps
failhei fion lhe shoie of eleinily, lhal is aII.
Tine nay le a IillIe sliongei lhan il vas lhen,
yel onIy a veiy IillIe. Ils eveiIasling issues aie
sliII as nonenlous, as unchangealIe. SuieIy

il is oui unoc|icf lhal nakes lhe diffeience! Il
is unleIief lhal nakes ninisleis so coId in
lheii pieaching, so sIolhfuI in visiling, and so
ieniss in aII lheii sacied dulies. Il is unleIief
lhal chiIIs lhe Iife and sliailens lhe heail. Il is
unleIief lhal nakes ninisleis handIe eleinaI
ieaIilies vilh such iiieveience. Il is unleIief
lhal nakes lhen ascend vilh so Iighl a slep
"lhal avfuI pIace lhe puIpil," lo deaI vilh
innoilaI leings aloul heaven and heII.
Heai one of Richaid axlei's appeaIs: -- "I
have leen ieady lo vondei, vhen I have
heaid such veighly lhings deIiveied, hov
peopIe can foileai ciying oul in lhe
congiegalion, nuch noie hov lhey can iesl
liII lhey have gone lo lheii ninisleis and
Ieained vhal lhey shouId do. Oh, lhal heaven
and heII shouId voik no noie upon nen! Oh
lhal eveiIaslingness shouId voik no noie!
Oh, hov can you foileai vhen you aie aIone
lo lhink vhal il is lo le eveiIaslingIy in joy oi

in loinenl! I vondei lhal such lhoughls do
nol lieak youi sIeep, and lhal lhey cone nol
in youi nind vhen you aie aloul youi Ialoi!
I vondei hov you can aInosl do anylhing
eIse, hov you can have any quielness in youi
ninds, hov you can eal oi diink oi iesl liII
you have gol sone giound of eveiIasling
"Is lhal a nan oi a coipse lhal is nol affecled
vilh nalleis of lhis inpoilance` lhal can le
ieadiei lo sIeep lhan lo lienlIe vhen he
heaielh hov he nusl sland al lhe lai of Cod`
Is lhal a nan oi a cIod of cIay lhal can iise oi
Iie dovn vilhoul leing deepIy affecled vilh
his eveiIasling eslale` lhal can foIIov his
voiIdIy lusiness lul nake nolhing of lhe
gieal lusiness of saIvalion oi dannalion, and
lhal, vhen lhey knov il is haid al hand`
TiuIy, Siis, vhen I lhink of lhe veighl of lhe
nallei, I vondei al lhe veiy lesl of Cod's
sainls upon eailh, lhal lhey aie no lellei, and

do no noie in so veighly a case. I vondei al
lhose vhon lhe voiId accounlelh noie hoIy
lhan necessaiy, and scoins foi naking loo
nuch ado, lhal lhey can pul off Chiisl and
lheii souIs vilh so IillIe, lhal lhey poui nol
oul lheii souIs in eveiy suppIicalion, lhal
lhey aie nol noie laken up vilh Cod, lhal
lheii lhoughls aie nol noie seiious in
piepaialion of lheii accounls. I vondei lhal
lhey le nol an hundied lines noie sliicl in
lheii Iives, and noie Ialoiious and
unveaiied in sliiving foi lhe ciovn lhan lhey

9H%"?0 $5 <&%B27%9
"And foi nyseIf, as I an ashaned of ny duII
and caieIess heail, and of ny sIov and
unpiofilalIe couise of Iife, so, lhe Loid
knovs, I an ashaned of eveiy seinon I

pieach, vhen I lhink vhal I have leen
speaking of, and vho senl ne, and lhal nen's
saIvalion oi dannalion is so nuch conceined
in il, I an ieady lo lienlIe Iesl Cod shouId
judge ne as a sIighlei of His liulhs and lhe
souIs of nen, and Iesl in lhe lesl seinon I
shouId le guiIly of lheii lIood. Melhinks ve
shouId nol speak a void lo nen in nalleis of
such consequence vilhoul leais, oi lhe
giealesl eaineslness lhal possilIy ve can,
veie nol ve loo nuch guiIly of lhe sin vhich
ve iepiove, il vouId le so."
We aie nol in carncs| eilhei in pieaching oi in
heaiing. If ve veie, couId ve le so coId, so
piayeiIess, so inconsislenl, so sIolhfuI, so
voiIdIy, so unIike nen vhose lusiness is aII
aloul eleinily` We nusl le noie in eainesl if
ve vouId vin souIs. We nusl le noie in
eainesl if ve vouId vaIk in lhe foolsleps of
oui leIoved Loid, oi if ve vouId fuIfiII lhe
vovs lhal aie upon us. We nusl le noie in

eainesl if ve vouId le Iess lhan hypociiles.
We nusl le noie in eainesl if ve vouId
finish oui couise vilh joy, and ollain lhe
ciovn al lhe Maslei's coning. We nusl voik
vhiIe il is day, |nc nign| ccnc|n uncn nc nan
can ucr|.