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There are a lot of goals that I want to challenge myself n the teachng fel!" I want to ma#e a !fference n each st$!ent%s lfe" &y showng them why
e!$caton can ma#e lfe m'ortant of s$ccess" As a 'rofessonal teacher( t s m'ortant that I !e)elo' content #nowle!ge of the lesson to'cs an! 'e!agogcal
content #nowle!ge so that I can relate an! teach ths #nowle!ge to my st$!ents" An! ths 'rofessonal !e)elo'ment 'lan s a *g hel' for me to !entfy my
strengths an! wea#nesses as a teacher an! to f$rther !e)elo' my #nowle!ge( s#lls attt$!e an! )al$es to *ecome a +,
cent$ry teacher"
In my PDP( I ha)e three ty'es of 'rofessonal !e)elo'ment I nee! to !e)elo'- formal settng( ths refers to my 'ersonal learnng( nformal whch refers to my
teachng s#lls( an! non.formal whch refers to my contn$o$s learnng"
I want to contn$e my Master of Arts for I *ele)e that as a teacher( I nee! to *ecome a lfelong learner" It s m'ortant *eca$se t s one way of my
fo$n!aton for *roa!enng $n!erstan!ng an! !e)elo'ng my teachng an! 'rofessonal s#lls" I want also to *ecome 'rofcent n Englsh *eca$se ths wll hel' me
n !e)elo'ng my self conf!ence n !ealng wth other 'rofessonals an! of co$rse to *ecome an effect)e teacher n terms of comm$ncaton" /ontn$ng my
e!$caton n my chosen career s essental to my s$ccess" Ths wll also hel' me to learn the s'ecfc thngs that I nee! to #now to e0'an! my #nowle!ge n a
'artc$lar area es'ecally n Englsh" If I wll contn$e my e!$caton( I can rece)e an ncrease n my salary or I can a''ly for teachng on a college le)el that wll
o'en $' a )arety of new !oorways for me to e0'an! my career o''ort$ntes *eyon! the classroom"
In ths !e)elo'ment( I want also to m'ro)e an! !e)elo' my teachng an! the !el)ery of my lesson" Ths wll hel' !e)elo' my s'ontaneo$s an! 'ersonal
a*ltes of my teachng s#lls" I want to *ecome effect)e teacher that s why I nee! to fn! !fferent strateges where my st$!ents easy to learn the lessons"
1ettng them n)ol)e n a class an! enco$rage them to relate ther new s#lls to ther own l)es" I want also to e0'lore myself to )sts m$se$m( an nformal
learnng of a lfelong 'rocess where*y I can ac2$re attt$!es( )al$es( s#lls an! #nowle!ge from !aly e0'erence an! the e!$cat)e nfl$ences an! reso$rces
n my en)ronment" Learnng materals are m'ortant for they can a!! m'ortant str$ct$re to lesson 'lannng an! the !el)ery of nstr$cton" They can also
ncrease st$!ent ache)ement *y s$''ortng st$!ent learnng" Learnng materals( regar!less of what #n!( all ha)e some f$ncton n st$!ent learnng" That s
why *eng a teacher( t s a m$st for me to #now e)erythng frst *efore I 'resents t to my class" If ths wll a''ly( I #now an! I ass$re that the nteracton n
teachng an! learnng n my class wll *e of s$ccess"
For ths !e)elo'ment( I came $' wth the !ea of semnars an! tranngs" I *ele)e that teachers are 'otent factors n e!$caton( that%s why they are
res'ons*le for sha'ng the yo$th thro$gh 2$alty e!$caton" It s the goal of the De'artment of E!$caton that e)ery teacher wll *ecome effcent an! also
effect)e" To!ay a lot of tranngs an! semnars are *eng con!$cte! to m'ro)e an! !e)elo' the craft of each mentor n school" Tranngs an! semnars on
I/T an! new metho!s an! techn2$es n teachngs an! the l#es are *eng hel! n !fferent 'arts of the co$ntry so as to 're'are all the teachers n
glo*al3aton" Those tranngs an! semnars wll hel' me to create an effect)e learnng en)ronment( m'ro)e teachng.learnng st$atons( #ee' $'!ate! on
mo!ern nstr$ctonal !e)ces an! ns're me to *ecome a teacher n the +,
cent$ry" Snce the !e'artment s offerng free tranngs an! semnars( I m$st
gra* ths o''ort$nty for my self.m'ro)ement es'ecally when t comes to I/T" It wll also hel' me to *ecome $' !ate! to the new tren!s n my teachng
Myself as I started giving the
procedures and proper decorum
in a debate.
Philosophical Statement
I believe that the overall purpose of education is to prepare for the future. The world is becoming more
technologically advanced and education is important to completely understand these new concepts.
I hope to be able to touch my students lives in a way that when it comes to making a choice, they think of what I
have taught them, and make a positive decision. I want to be part of their learning process to help students
develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values needed of them in the 2
century education. I would like my
students learn in di!erent ways, at di!erent times and for di!erent reasons, so I need to o!er activities that give
all students opportunities to learn e!ectively. I will motivate my students by being engaged, being successful, and
being encouraged.
"ules and Procedures
The class responsibilities are: be on time, be prepared and be productive.
Al students are expected to be polite and respectful to one another- and that includes the teacher.
No student ill disrupt the learning of his!her classmates.
The students ill raise their hands if they ill as" #uestions or getting help.
$hen someone is absent, ma"e up any or" he!she missed.
The students are expected to engage in purposeful activities.
#lassroom $rrangement
%tudents des"s
Instructional area in front of the room
Teachers des" area
'roup or" areas (tables) including small space for instruction
&lassroom library
$hole class meeting area on a rug or carpet
&abinets, loc"ers
I prefer to plan for the student des" area *rst, because des"s ta"e up the most amount of space and their placement
ill either enhance or detract from instruction. The teacher+s des" area is critical because in order for me to stay
organi,ed, I have to provide myself ith easily accessible storage space around my des". And of course, I should plan
for computer placement before determining my layout for other elements, because I ill probably be limited by the
distribution of outlets and internet -ac"s in my classroom. .nce those elements are in place, I can plan an area for my
pupils to sit on a rug or carpet, because the rug can be a great place to read a story, have a class problem solving
meeting, or teach a lesson in hich I don+t ant my students distracted by materials in their des"s.
%isbehavior Interventions
I ill do more to boost students+ interest. ( I will give more opportunities for students to learn)
I ill be more /exible and alter the lesson if necessary. (If students get bored with what they are learning)
I ill remove distracting ob-ects.(To address this challenge, we rearranged the area and brought in a diferent table that
enabled each student to face away from the window. It also gives me better access to each of the students, so I can more
efectively meet their needs and help them stay on task).

#lassroom safety
&hairs, astebas"ets, electrical cords, and other articles should not be left here they ill become a
tripping ha,ard.
0es" draers, cabinet doors and *le draers should not be left open hile unattended. 1ull only one
draer out at a time.
.n all hand-operated paper cutters, the blade shall be left in the 2don3 position hen not in use.
$al" sloly and cautiously up and don stairs and use handrail, henever possible.
0o not sit on the edge of a chair. 0o not sit in a straight chair tilted bac" toard or against a all. 0o not
sit on students+ des".
0o not stand in front of closed doors, hich may open suddenly.
All electrical e#uipment should be turned o4 hen not in use. Alays unplug electrical e#uipment by
grasping plug, not cord.
1encil sharpeners should be mounted so as not to protrude.
5ro"en glass and other similar material should be thoroughly rapped before disposal in aste cans.
1romptly report all defective materials that need repair or replacement.
%tudent &elebration
If my students ill attain good results in tests or examinations, I ill give him!her a special mention in
the class.
If my students ill behaved or sho improvement in their behavior, I ill give a special note saying
26eep it 7p3 and other positive saying that ill ma"e them boost their interest in learning.