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The producl names and company names descrIbed In lhIs CD-ROM are lhe regIslered lrademarks oI lhe
IndIvIduaI companIes.
Canon Inc. relaIns lhe copyrIghl lo aII dala conlaIned on lhIs CD-ROM.
ReproduclIon, pubIIcalIon (IncIudIng on lhe WorId WIde Web), aIleralIon, lransIalIon Inlo anolher
Ianguage, or olher use oI lhe dala In whoIe or parl, conlaIned on lhIs CD-ROM wIlhoul lhe wrIllen consenl
oI Canon Inc., Is prohIbIled.
Copyrght 2005 Canon lnc.
GeneraI lnIormaton

GeneraI lnIormaton
1. FEATURES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
1.1 35mm IuII-sze sensor, uItra-hne detaI, hgh mage quaIty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
1.2 Fast response . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
1.3 Hgh-end Ieatures and hgh perIormance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
1.4 Luxury desgn wth a "status symboI" metaI exteror, compact and
Ight body . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
2. OVERVlEW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
2.1 EOS 5D body . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
2.2 New accessores . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
2.3 SoItware Ior EOS 5D . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
3. SPEClFlCATlONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15
4. NOMENCLATURE AND DlMENSlONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38
4.1 NomencIature . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38
4.2 Dmensons . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
5. VlSUAL lNDlCATORS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40
5.1 Vewhnder lnIormaton . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40
5.2 LCD PaneI lnIormaton and ModeI DaI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41
5.3 LCD Montor Menus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42
6. CUSTOM FUNCTlON . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45
6.1 Custom Functon Lst . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45
7. PROGRAM DlAGRAMS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47
7.1 Program Dagrams . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47
7.2 E-TTL Program Dagrams . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47
8. SYSTEM ACCESSORlES COMPATlBlLlTY TABLES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48
8.1 System Accessores . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48
8.2 System Accessory CompatbIty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
. OPERATlON CAUTlONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50
GeneraI lnIormaton
1.1 35mm IuII-sze sensor, uItra-hne detaI, hgh mage quaIty
Approx. T?.8 eeclIve megapIxeIs Ior uIlra-hne delaII and hIgh Image quaIIly
NewIy-deveIoped, IuII-sIze, 35.8 ?3.9mm CMOS sensor
LnabIes IuII-edged use oI wIde-angIe LI Ienses.
DICIC II Ior Iasl Image processIng lo oblaIn delaIIed and naluraI coIor reproduclIon
IIclure SlyIe Ior oblaInIng oplImum Images malchIng your shoolIng ob|eclIve
SIx }ILC recordIng modes, RAW, RAW+}ILC sImuIlaneous recordIng
OplImum aulo whIle baIance
The CMOS sensor aIone oblaIns lhe correcl whIle baIance. Uses lhe LOS-TDs Mark II's AWB aIgorIlhm.
WB correclIon and WB brackelIng provIded
CompIIes lo DesIgn ruIe Ior Camera IIIe syslem ?.0 (compalIbIe wIlh Adobe RCB) and LxII ?.?T
SeIeclabIe belween sRCB and Adobe RCB (wIlh lhe menu).
1.2 Fast response
Approx. 0.? sec. slarlup lIme Irom power on
ISO T00-T000 (T/3-slop Incremenls), ISO exlensIon (L. 50, H. 3?00) provIded
Approx. 3 Ips conlInuous shoolIng. Max. bursl 00 shols In }ILC Large/IIne, approx. T7 shols
IrIorIly on shoolIng
WIlh C.In-T8-T, shoolIng conlroIs wIII work InslanlIy even durIng menu operalIon and Image pIayback.
USB ?.0 HI-Speed Ior Iasl Image lransIers lo a personaI compuler
1.3 Hgh-end Ieatures and hgh perIormance
HIgh-precIsIon and hIgh-speed 9-poInl + AssIsl 0-poInl AI
3 AI poInls work wIlh I/?.8 Ienses
Improved AI SLRVO AI sub|ecl lrackIng and Improved IocusIng perIormance Irom deIocused slale
InlerchangeabIe IocusIng screens
Slandard IrecIsIon Malle Le-A pIus IrecIsIon Malle wIlh CrId Le-D and easy-lo-manuaI-Iocus Super IrecIsIon Malle
Le-S (soId separaleIy).
NoIse IeveI deleclIon and aulo noIse reduclIon Iealure
T/8000 sec. max. shuller speed, X-sync al T/?00 sec. wIlh hIgh-speed shuller and hIgh-speed
LOS TD-IIke Iealures
Spol melerIng (approx. 3.5 oI vIewhnder area)
IuII-Iealured IoIder/hIe No. managemenl
CompalIbIe wIlh wIreIess/wIred LAN Image lransmIssIons (wIlh WIT-LT/LTA)
Dala Ior lhe orIgInaI Image verIhcalIon syslem can be appended
WIde ?.5-In. LCD monIlor wIlh approx. ?30,000 pIxeIs
The Image or menu can be cIearIy vIewed Irom any angIe.
LasIer-lo-read (Iarger) menu lexl
RCB hIslogram/AI poInl dIspIay
HIghIy cuslomIzabIe
Currenl camera sellIngs can be saved as a Mode DIaI sellIng
Twenly-one Cuslom IunclIons wIlh 57 sellIngs
GeneraI lnIormaton
Same operalIon ease as lhe LOS ?0D
IuII-Iealured camera DIrecl IrInlIng
1.4 Luxury desgn wth a "status symboI" metaI exteror, compact and
Ight body
WeII-proporlIoned shape Ior an SLR
OplImum sIze Ior a 35mm IuII-sIze D-SLR Ior advanced amaleurs and comIorlabIe lo hoId
Canon Iogo wIlh scuIplured IellerIng wIlh whIle hII-In paInl
HIgher densIly malle hnIsh Ior a Iuxury louch
35mm IuII-sIze sensor D-SLR measurIng T5? TT3 75mm, weIghIng approx.8T0 g
GeneraI lnIormaton
2. 0VEkVlEW
2.1 EOS 5D body
The LOS 5D combInes lhe hIgh-end specIhcalIons oI lhe LOS-TDs IIne (wIlh 35mm IuII-
sIze sensor) and lhe operalIon ease oI lhe LOS ?0D. Il Is a hIgh-end, AI D-SLR Ior advanced
DespIle havIng a 35mm IuII-sIze sensor, lhe body Is slIII reIalIveIy compacl and IIghl. Il has
lhe Ialesl Iealures such as IIclure SlyIe, a ?.5-In. wIde LCD monIlor (Iarger menu lexl), and
9-poInl + AssIsl 0-poInl AI.
SInce lhIs camera Is Ior advanced amaleurs, lhere Is no buIIl-In ash and no BasIc Zone modes.
TabIe 00T compares lhe LOS 5D wIlh lhe LOS-TDs Mark II and LOS ?0D. CeIIs shaded In
[@| are specIhcalIons superIor lo lhal oI lhe LOS-TDs Mark II, and ceIIs shaded In [@| are
specIhcalIons superIor lo lhal oI lhe LOS ?0D.
TabIe 001 Spechcatons Comparson oI EOS 5D wth EOS-1Ds Mark ll and EOS 20D (1/3)
Spechcaton EOS 5D EOS-1Ds Mark ll EOS 20D
lmage sensor
lmage sensor CMOS
Ehectve PxeIs (Approx.
12.80 16.70 8.20
Sensor Sze (mm) 35.8 23. 36.0 24.0 22.5 15.0
FocaI Length Converson
1 1.6
Recordng Meda CF CF/SD CF
Recorded pxeIs
|Approx. megapxeIs]
1270/670/420 1660/860/630/420 820/430/200
RAW+!PEG Yes (Separate RAW & !PEG hIes)
!PEG QuaIty Fxed at Fne/NormaI 10 settngs Fxed at Fne/NormaI
Pcture StyIes Yes (7)
Processng Parameters
lncorporated n Pcture
Yes Yes
CoIor Matrx Yes
CoIor Space sRGB / Adobe RGB
Nose Reducton Auto/On On
Backup Mode Yes
FoIder Creaton Created by Auto, ManuaI, or FIe No. reset Auto
SeIectabIe Save FoIder Yes
Max. lmages Per FoIder 100
lmagng processor DlGlC ll
Whte BaIance
Settngs 12
WB Bracketng B/A M/G bas 3 IeveIs, 3 mages wth one shot
WB Correcton B/A M/G bas: IeveIs
Coverage (Approx.) 6% 100% 5%
Magnhcaton 0.71 0.7 0.
Eyepont 20 mm
Doptrc Adjustment -3 to +1 dpt.
Type Precson Matte Laser, New Laser Matte Precson Matte
lnterchangeabIe 2 (soId separateIy) (soId separateIy)
GeneraI lnIormaton
TabIe 001 Spechcatons Comparson oI EOS 5D wth EOS-1Ds Mark ll and EOS 20D (2/3)
Spechcaton EOS 5D EOS-1Ds Mark ll EOS 20D
AF Ponts (+ 6 Assst AF ponts) 45
AF Pont SeIecton MuIt-controIIer Man DaI MuIt-controIIer
AF Mode
Al FOCUS Yes Yes
50 kph predctve AF 8
AF-assst beam ExternaI hash BuIt-n hash
Sensor Zones 35 21 35
range |%])
EvaIuatve Yes
PartaI at
Yes (8) Yes (8.5) Yes ()
Spot at center Yes (3.5) Yes (2.4)
P, Tv, Av, M, BuIb Yes
FuII auto Yes Yes
lmage seIect, A-DEP Yes
lSO Speed (stops) 100 -1600 (1/3) L: 50, H: 3200 100 -1600 (1) H: 3200
E-TTL ll
Speeds |sec.] 1/8000 sec. - 30 sec., buIb
X-sync |sec.] 1/200 1/250
BuIt-n FIash Yes
Drve Modes SngIe/Contnuous
Contnuous shootng |Ips] 3 4 5
Max. Burst
!PEG Large: 60
RAW: 17
!PEG Large: 2
RAW: 11
!PEG Large: 23
RAW: 6
LCD Montor
Montor Sze |n.] 2.5 2.0 1.8
PxeIs (Approx.) 23 11.8
DspIay Modes
SngIe, SngIe mage wth
lnIo, -mage ndex
SngIe, SngIe mage wth
lnIo, 4-mage ndex, -
mage ndex
SngIe, SngIe mage wth
lnIo, -mage ndex
Brghtness Yes
HghIght aIert Yes
AF pont dspIay Yes
Magnhed vew 1.5 - 10
lmage rotaton ManuaI/Auto
By 10 shots/100 shots/
lmage Protect |unt] SngIe SngIe /FoIder/Card SngIe
Sound Recordng Yes
Custom Functons |Qty/settngs] 21/57 20/65 18/50
PersonaI Functons |Qty] 27
Camera Settng Regstraton (Save) Yes (mode daI) Yes (memory card)
Data Verhcaton Data Yes
WreIess/wred LAN Yes Yes (wth updated hrmware)
GeneraI lnIormaton
TabIe 001 Spechcatons Comparson oI EOS 5D wth EOS-1Ds Mark ll and EOS 20D (3/3)
Spechcaton EOS 5D EOS-1Ds Mark ll EOS 20D
PC port USB 2.0 H-Speed lEEE134 USB 2.0 H-Speed
Remote controI termnaI N3-type
Power Source
Shots remanng 800 1200 1000 (No hash)
Battery BP-511A NP-E3 BP-511A
Startup tme 0.2
MateraI Magnesum aIIoy
Water/dust-resstance . .
Dmensons (W H D) 152 113 75 mm 156 157.6 7. mm 144 105.5 71.5 mm
Weght 810 1215 685
Operaton Envronment/ReIatve humdty 0C - 40C, 85% or Iower 0C - 45C, 85% or Iower 0C - 45C, 85% or Iower
GeneraI lnIormaton
)lmage recordng
, 35mm IuII-sze CMOS sensor wth approx. 12.8 ehectve megapxeIs
The 35mm IuII-sIze CMOS sensor wIlh
T?.8 eeclIve megapIxeIs was deveIoped and
manuIaclured by Canon (IIg. 00T). BesIdes lhe
oulslandIng resoIulIon, lhe noIse reduclIon IeveI
malches lhal oI lhe LOS-TDs Mark II. The resuIl Is
very hIgh Image quaIIly.
Iour Image sIzes are provIded (TabIe 00?). WIlh
}ILC, you can seIecl eIlher lhe IIne or NormaI
recordIng quaIIly (hxed compressIon rale).
The same ISO T00-T000 speed range (T/3-slop
Incremenls) provIded by lhe LOS-TDs Mark II Is aIso
provIded IncIudIng lhe ISO exlensIon oI L. 50 and H.
3?00. The ImagIng engIne Is DICIC II Ior very hne
and naluraI coIor reproduclIon.
, Whte baIance (WB)
The specIhcalIons Ior lhe Aulo (usIng lhe ImagIng
sensor), Iresel, Cuslom, CoIor lemperalure WB,
and WB correclIon are lhe same as wIlh lhe LOS
?0D. WB brackelIng Is aIso possIbIe Ior RAW and
RAW+}ILC shoolIng.
, Nose reducton
The LOS 5D's noIse reduclIon IunclIon (C.In-0?) provIdes a choIce belween OII and T.
Aulo noIse reduclIon or ?. NoIse reduclIon Ior aII exposures T sec. or Ionger.
WIlh Aulo noIse reduclIon, lhe noIse reduclIon Is appIIed onIy II lhe camera delermInes lhal lhe noIse reduclIon
wouId be eeclIve Ior lhe noIse IeveI delecled.
/ Creaton and seIecton oI mage IoIders
As wIlh LOS-TD cameras, IoIders where lhe Images
are lo be saved can be crealed and lhe Image hIe
numbers can aIso be resel. The IoIder names are
appended wIlh lhe camera's name (IIg. 00?).
You can aIso seIecl lhe IoIder where lhe Images are
lo be saved. (The IoIder cannol be seIecled durIng
pIayback.) Up lo 9999 Images can be saved In a
IoIder (onIy T00 wIlh lhe LOS ?0D).
Fg. 001 lmagng sensor (actuaI sze)
Fg. 002 FoIder creaton/
seIecton screen
TabIe 002 lmage Recordng QuaIty
and PxeIs
lmage Recordng
Recorded PxeIs
Large 12.70 megapxeIs
Medum 6.70 megapxeIs
SmaII 4.20 megapxeIs
RAW 12.70 megapxeIs
GeneraI lnIormaton
)lmage processng
,Pcture StyIe
UnlII now, LOS DIgIlaI camera users couId
conlroI lhe InlernaI Image processIng by sellIng lhe
processIng paramelers and coIor malrIx. However,
users have had dIcuIly underslandIng whal eecl
lhese sellIngs wouId have on lhe Image. LspecIaIIy
In lhe case oI lhe LOS-TD IIne oI cameras, peopIe
have compIaIned lhal lhe Images Iooked soIl. ThIs Is
because lhe deIauIl sellIng appIIes no sharpness.
To remedy lhIs probIem and heIp lhe user
oblaIn lhe desIred resuIl, a new Iealure caIIed
IIclure SlyIe has been Incorporaled In lhe LOS 5D. IIclure SlyIe combInes lhe processIng
parameler and coIor malrIx sellIngs In dIerenl sels desIgned lo oblaIn lhe desIred
eecl. Il Is IIke choosIng lhe lype oI hIm lo oblaIn lhe desIred resuIl (IIg. 003).
Lach IIclure SlyIe has presel sellIngs Ior lhe sharpness, conlrasl, coIor lone,
saluralIon, elc., lo oblaIn lhe respeclIve Image eecl.
The IoIIowIng IIclure SlyIes are provIded.
T. Slandard
Ior users who do nol wanl lo bolher wIlh posl processIng. The Image Iooks crIsp and
vIvId wIlh lhe sharpness sel lo 3 and lhe coIor lone and saluralIon sel lo oblaIn vIvId
?. IorlraIl
The coIor lone and saluralIon are sel lo oblaIn nIce skIn lones. The sharpness Is sel
one slep weaker lhan lhe Slandard sellIng so lhal lhe skIn and haIr Iook soIler.
3. Landscape
The coIor lone and saluralIon are sel lo oblaIn deep bIues and deep greens Ior
lhe bIue sky and greenery. The sharpness Is sel one slep slronger lhan lhe Slandard
sellIng so lhal lhe oulIIne oI mounlaIns, lrees, and buIIdIngs Iook more crIsp.
4. NeulraI
ThIs Is lhe same as lhe deIauIl sellIng Ior LOS-TD-serIes cameras. NaluraI coIor
reproduclIon Is oblaIned, and no sharpness Is appIIed. ThIs sellIng Is IdeaI Ior posl-
5. IaIlhIuI
ThIs Is lhe same as DIgIlaI Iholo IroIessIonaI's IaIlhIuI. When lhe sub|ecl
Is pholographed under a coIor lemperalure oI 5?00K, lhe coIor Is ad|usled
coIorImelrIcaIIy lo malch lhe sub|ecl's coIor. No sharpness Is appIIed.
0. Monochrome
Same sellIng as lhe LOS ?0D's monochrome sellIng.
7. User Dehned
You can regIsler lhe above T lo 0 IIclure SlyIes In User Dehned T lo 3 and ad|usl
lhem and appIy lhe sellIngs. AIso, when you have IIclure SlyIe hIes sel Irom lhe
dedIcaled soIlware
CameraWIndow, you can aIso regIsler and ad|usl, and appIy lhose slyIes.
WIlh each IIclure SlyIe, you can aIso manuaIIy ad|usl lhe sharpness, conlrasl, coIor lone, and saluralIon.
IIclure SlyIe wIII be Incorporaled In aII LOS DIgIlaI cameras Irom lhe LOS 5D onward.
Fg. 003 Pcture StyIe seIecton screen
GeneraI lnIormaton
G)Shootng Iunctons
The vIewhnder provIdes 90 coverage, 0.7T0
magnIhcalIon, ?0mm eyepoInl, and -3 lo +T dpl
dIoplrIc ad|uslmenl.
The IrecIsIon Malle IocusIng screen Is
InlerchangeabIe. BesIdes lhe slandard Le-A screen
(characlerIslIcs are aImosl lhe same as lhe LOS
?0D's IocusIng screen), lhe Le-D wIlh grId (IIg.
004) and Le-S screen Ior easIer manuaI IocusIng are
avaIIabIe and soId separaleIy.
SInce each IocusIng screen has dIerenl melerIng
characlerIslIcs, you musl sel C.In-00-0/T/? lo
malch lhe respeclIve IocusIng screen.
The vIewhnder InIormalIon Is shown al lhe
bollom oI IIg. 004. Olher lhan lhe addIlIon oI
lhe IL Iock Icon, Il Is lhe same as lhe LOS ?0D's
vIewhnder InIormalIon.
, AF ponts + Assst 6 ponts and new AF sensor
The 9-poInl AI sensor (IIg. 005) Is newIy
deveIoped. The AI poInls have lhe characlerIslIcs
beIow. The AI speed and predIclIve AI
perIormance are lhe same as lhe LOS ?0D's.
Cenler AI poInl. WIlh I/?.8 Ienses, lhe cenler
AI poInl works as a hIgh-precIsIon, cross-lype
AI poInl. (VerlIcaI IIne Is delecled al I/?.8 and
bolh verlIcaI and horIzonlaI IInes are delecled
al I/5.0.) The I/5.0 horIzonlaI IIne-sensIlIve
AI poInl can now beller delecl ma|or
deIocus condIlIons lo enabIe IocusIng whIIe
lhe Iens Is way oul oI Iocus.
AI poInls dIreclIy above and beIow cenler
AI poInl. VerlIcaI IIne-sensIlIve al I/5.0.
RemaInIng 0 AI poInls. HorIzonlaI IIne-
sensIlIve al I/5.0.
<Assst AF ponts>
WIlhIn lhe spol melerIng cIrcIe, lhere are
InvIsIbIe AssIsl AI poInls (@ In IIg. 000) lo
heIp Improve lhe Iocus lrackIng perIormance
In lhe AI SLRVO AI mode. In lhe AI SLRVO AI
mode, lhey IunclIon as descrIbed beIow. (They
do nol IunclIon In lhe One-Shol AI mode.)
T. DurIng aulomalIc AI poInl seIeclIon, lhey
work as suppIemenlary AI poInls. Il Is IIke
havIng T5 AI poInls In AI SLRVO AI mode.
They are seIecled aulomalIcaIIy.
Fg. 005 AF sensor
!nv1s1b!e AF po1nt
Vert1ca! !1nesens1t1ve,
1nv1s1b!e AF po1nt at f/2.8
FE !ock mark
Fg. 004 Grd-type Iocusng screen
and vewhnder nIormaton
Fg. 006 AF ponts and nvsbIe
AF ponts
GeneraI lnIormaton
?. When C.In-T7-T (AI poInl aclIvalIon area) Is used lo seIecl lhe cenler AI poInl, lhe
AssIsl AI poInls IunclIon as parl oI lhe expanded AI poInl area. In lhIs case, lhe seven
AI poInls wIlhIn lhe spol melerIng cIrcIe work In lhe AI SLRVO AI mode and are
seIecled aulomalIcaIIy.
The @ AI poInl In IIgure 000 Is verlIcaI IIne-sensIlIve al I/?.8, and lhe AI poInl Is
horIzonlaI IIne-sensIlIve al I/5.0. IncIudIng lhe cenler AI poInl, lhree AI poInls wIII Iocus
al I/?.8. ThIs Improves lhe IocusIng precIsIon.
SInce lhe camera has no buIIl-In ash, AI-assIsl beam wIII be provIded by lhe SpeedIIle.
OcIaI desIgnalIon oI AI poInls. The ocIaI number oI AI poInls Is 9. Il does nol IncIude lhe InvIsIbIe AssIsl AI
,Exposure controI
The melerIng sensor Is lhe same 35-zone
melerIng sensor Iound In lhe LOS ?0D (IIg.
007). There are Iour melerIng modes. LvaIualIve
melerIng, parlIaI (approx. 8 oI vIewhnder
area), spol (approx. 3.5 oI vIewhnder area),
and cenlerweIghled average melerIng.
The shoolIng modes (IIg. 008) are I, Tv, Av, M,
buIb, IuII Aulo, and C (RegIsler camera sellIngs.
Ior delaIIs, see CuslomIzalIon on p-TT.). BasIc
Zone modes and deplh-oI-heId AL are nol
Ior ash pholography, L-TTL II auloash and
averaged ash exposure (C.In-T4-T) are provIded.
The shuller unIl (IIg. 009) Is newIy deveIoped Ior lhe 35mm IuII-sIze sensor. The lop
speed Is T/8000 sec. wIlh X-sync al T/?00 sec.
Top speed oI 3 Ips (One-Shol AI/AI SLRVO AI). MaxImum bursl Is 00 shols In }ILC
Large/IIne and T7 shols In RAW.
Fg. 008 Mode DaI
Fg. 00 Shutter unt
Fg. 007 Meterng zones
GeneraI lnIormaton
A)LCD montor and menus
,LCD montor
ThIs Is a ?.5-Inch, TIT IIquId-cryslaI monIlor wIlh aboul ?30,000 pIxeIs. AIong wIlh lhe
Iarger monIlor, lhe menu lexl Is aIso Iarger and easIer lo read (IIg. 0T0).
,lmage pIayback
Il Is basIcaIIy lhe same as wIlh lhe LOS ?0D excepl Ior lhe Improvemenls beIow. II aulo
power o Is dIsabIed and lhe Image pIayback or menu dIspIay Is IeIl on Ior 30 mIn., lhe
LCD monIlor wIII lurn o aulomalIcaIIy lo save power.
AIler shoolIng, magnIIy zoom-In Is possIbIe durIng Image pIayback
WIlh C.In-T8-T (shoolIng prIorIly), magnIhed/reduced Image pIayback Is now
possIbIe by pressIng lhe DIrecl IrInl bullon and MagnIIy/Reduce bullon
sImuIlaneousIy. (Same operalIon Ior lhe zoom-In operalIon durIng Image pIayback.)
More delaIIed INIO (ShoolIng InIormalIon) dIspIay
WIlh lhe menu, you can swIlch belween lhe hIslogram and RCB dIspIay, and aIso
dIspIay lhe AI poInls

. And you can aIso check lhe Image hIe sIze (IIg. 0TT).
Ior lhe One-Shol AI mode, lhe AI poI?005.04.T5nl whIch achIeved Iocus Is dIspIayed. Ior lhe AI SLRVO AI
mode, lhe AI poInl lhal was seIecled Is dIspIayed.
}ump Iealure
DurIng sIngIe-Image dIspIay (INIO on/o), you can |ump by T00 Images, by shoolIng
dale (same as wIlh lhe LOS D RLBLL XT / 350 D) or by IoIder

(IIg. 0T?).
When you |ump lo anolher IoIder, lhe Ialesl Image In lhe IoIder wIII be dIspIayed.
Fg. 010 Menu comparson (actuaI sze)
EOS 5D (2.5 n.) EOS 20D (1.8 n.)
Fg. 012 !ump seIecton screen Fg. 011 lNFO dspIay
GeneraI lnIormaton
As shown In TabIe 003, lhe
coIored ceIIs IndIcale new or
Improved Iealures.
The menu operalIon Is lhe same
as wIlh lhe LOS ?0D. You scroII
lo seIecl lhe desIred Ilem. Menu
operalIons are possIbIe even whIIe
Image dala Is beIng wrIllen lo lhe
CI card.
)Desgn and operaton ease
Prestge desgn Ior advanced amateurs and DSLR Ians
OveraII desIgn
Based on lhe IremIum LOS concepl, lhe
LOS 5D's exlerIor Iealures a weII-baIanced
desIgn. The penlaprIsm head and Iens mounl
especIaIIy are weII proporlIoned wIlh lhe resl
oI lhe body.
The penlaprIsm sporls a new shape
never seen beIore on an LOS camera. Ils
dIslInguIshed good Iooks weII malches an
upper mIddIe-cIass camera. IIgure 0T3
compares lhe sIze wIlh lhe LOS-TDs Mark II.
LxlerIor malerIaI and hnIsh
The exlerIor Is made oI magnesIum aIIoy,
and lhe lhree grIp surIaces are covered
wIlh rubber. The camera IeeIs soIId and
comIorlabIe In your hands. The paInl hnIsh
has a hIgher densIly, malle surIace Ior a
Iuxury louch.
On lhe penlaprIsm, lhe Canon Iogo Is
scuIplured and paInled In whIle. Such
allenlIon lo delaIIs convInces advanced
amaleurs and SLR Ians aIIke lhal lhIs camera
Is worlhy as a slalus symboI.
EOS-1Ds Mark II
Fg. 013 Sze comparson
TabIe 003 Menu Functons
Shootng PIayback Setup
QuaIty Protect Auto power oh
Beep Rotate Auto rotate
Shoot w/o card Prnt Order LCD Brghtness
AEB Auto PIay Date/Tme
WB SHlFT/BKT Revew tme FIe numberng
Custom WB AF ponts SeIect IoIder
CoIor temp. Hstogram Language
CoIor space Vdeo system
Pcture styIe Communcaton
Custom Functons(C.Fn)
CIear settngs
Regster camera settngs
Sensor cIeanng
lmage transIer (LAN) settngs
Frmware Ver. *
GeneraI lnIormaton
,Operaton ease
Olher lhan lhe DIrecl IrInl bullon on lhe back, lhe camera conlroIs and lheIr Iayoul
are lhe same as lhe LOS ?0D's.
,Camera settng regstraton
Under lhe menu's Selup lab, seIecl Camera sellIng regIslralIon lo save lhe currenl
camera sellIngs. The sellIngs lhal wIII be saved can be dIspIayed by lurnIng lhe Mode
dIaI lo C. The sellIngs IIsled In TabIe 004 wIII be regIslered.
TabIe 004 Camera settng regstraton
Shootng Settngs Menu Settngs
Shootng mode / AF mode / seIectng AF ponts
/ Meterng mode / lSO speed / Drve mode /
Exposure compensaton amount / FIash exposure
compensaton amount / Whte baIance mode
QuaIty / Beep / Shoot w/o card / AEB / WB SHlFT/BKT
/ Custom WB / CoIor temp. / CoIor space / Pcture
StyIe (excIudng user dehned) / Revew tme / AF
ponts / Hstogram / Auto power oh / Auto rotate /
LCD brghtness / FIe numberng (method) / Custom
Functons (C.Fn)
,Custom Functons
Twenly-one Cuslom IunclIons wIlh 57 sellIngs are provIded. TabIe 005 IIsls lhe new
Cuslom IunclIons nol Iound In lhe LOS ?0D. (Ior delaIIs, see page 44 - 45.)
TabIe 005 Custom Functons
C.Fn Custom Functon No Settng
0 Focusng Screen
0 Ee-A
1 Ee-D
2 Ee-S
17 AF pont actvaton area
0 Standard
1 Expanded
18 LCD dspI a Return to shoot.
0 Wth Shutter Button onIy
1 AIso wth * etc.
<C.Fn-0: Focusng screen>
Sel lo malch lhe InslaIIed IocusIng screen.
<C.Fn-17: AF pont actvaton area>
Lnhances IocusIng ease In lhe AI SLRVO AI mode.
When AI SLRVO AI and lhe cenler AI poInl are used, lhe sIx InvIsIbIe AI poInls wIlhIn lhe spol melerIng cIrcIe
are aclIvaled Ior IocusIng.
<C.Fn-18: LCD dspI a Return to shoot.>
Sel lhIs when you wanl lo be abIe lo relurn InslanlIy lo shoolIng durIng menu vIewIng
or Image pIayback. AIso sel Il when you wanl lo swIlch lhe ISO speed or when you wanl
lo magnIIy/reduce lhe Image dIspIayed durIng lhe Image revIew aIler shoolIng. AIso,
II C.In-04-T Is sel and you press lhe AL Iock bullon durIng menu vIewIng or Image
pIayback, lhe LCD monIlor wIII lurn o and AI wIII work InslanlIy.
The momenl you use any camera conlroIs whIIe you are vIewIng a menu or Image, lhe menu or Image pIayback
wIII quIl and lhe shoolIng conlroIs wIII lake eecl.
II you press lhe DIrecl IrInl bullon and MagnIIy/Reduce bullon sImuIlaneousIy durIng lhe Image revIew aIler
shoolIng, lhe MagnIIy/Reduce dIspIay wIII be enabIed. (Same procedure as MagnIIy/Reduce durIng Image
GeneraI lnIormaton
)Camera Drect prntng
BesIdes lhe DIrecl IrInl bullon (same specs as lhe LOS D RLBLL XT / 350 D's), more
IIclBrIdge specIhcalIons (descrIbed beIow) have been added lo Improve lhe camera's
operalIon wIlh Canon IIclBrIdge prInlers.
Iaper sIze
The IoIIowIng paper sIzes have been added. WIde, 8T0, T0T?. (A3 and A3 wIde
IrInlIng eecls
Iace eecl added Ior dark Iaces caused by backIIghlIng.
IrInlIng Iayoul
The IoIIowIng prInlIng Iayouls have been
T. IrInl wIlh shoolIng InIormalIon (IIg. 0T4).
The pIclure's shoolIng dala Is dIspIayed beIow
lhe Image. (L sIze or Iarger.)
?. ?0-up prInl wIlh shoolIng InIormalIon (IIg.
0T5). The shoolIng dala Is prInled on lhe sIde
oI each lhumbnaII Image.
3. 35-up conlacl prInl (IIg. 0T0). Conlacl
sheelslyIe prInlIng. The IoIder and hIe No. are
aIso prInled.
4. 35 dupIIcale Images. On one sheel, 35 Images
oI lhe same pIclure are prInled.
The ?0-up prInl wIlh shoolIng InIormalIon and 35-up conlacl prInl are prInled wIlh a DIOI order (lhe paper sIze
musl be A4 or 8.5TT).
The above prInlIng eecls and prInlIng Iayoul Iealures can be used onIy wIlh Canon
prInlers compalIbIe wIlh lhese Iealures.
Fg. 014 Prnt wth shootng nIormaton
Fg. 015 20-up prnt wth shootng nIormaton Fg. 016 35-up contact prnt
GeneraI lnIormaton
t)Power source and shootng capacty
The camera can be powered by Ballery Iack BI-5TTA/5T4/5TT/5T?. The LOS 5D's
ballery grIp can accommodale lhese ballery packs as weII as sIze-AA ballerIes. WIlh a IuIIy-
charged BI-5TTA, lhe LOS 5D can lake approx. 800 shols al ?0 C/08 I or 400 shols al
S)Dmensons and weght
DImensIons. T5? (W) TT3 (H) 75 (D) mm
0.0 (W) 4.4 (H) 3.0 (D) In.
WeIghl. 8T0 g / ?8.0 oz.
2.2 New accessores
LOS 5D-dedIcaled, L-shaped ballery grIp wIlh
verlIcaI camera conlroIs (IIg. 0T7). The Ironl cover
and rear cover use lhe same magnesIum aIIoy
as lhe LOS 5D's exlerIor. ThIs makes Il soIId and
comIorlabIe lo hoId.
Il can accommodale lwo BI-5TTA/5T4/5TT/5T?
ballery packs or sIx sIze-AA ballerIes hlled In lhe
ballery magazIne. The ballerIes can be aIkaIIne,
IIlhIum, or OxyrIde.
lnterchangeabIe Iocusng screens
IrecIsIon Malle wIlh CrId Le-D Ior easIer aIIgnmenl oI horIzonlaI or verlIcaI IInes, and
Super IrecIsIon Malle Le-S Ior easIer manuaI IocusIng easIer are prepared.
Ee-D Ee-S
2.3 SoItware Ior EOS 5D
The same soIlware bundIed wIlh lhe LOS D RLBLL XT / 350 D wIII be provIded.
GeneraI lnIormaton
1-1 Type: DIgIlaI AI/AL sIngIe-Iens reex camera
1-2 CompatbIe Ienses: Canon LI Ienses (excepl LI-S Iens)
1-3 Lens mount: Canon LI mounl
1-4 Lens restrctons: None
1-5 Lens IocaI Iength: Same as lhe Iens IocaI Ienglh markIngs.
2.lmage Sensor
2-1 Type: HIgh-sensIlIvIly, hIgh-resoIulIon, sIngIe-pIale, CMOS sensor
2-2 lmage sze: 35.8 mm ?3.9 mm (AcluaI sIze)
2-3 Ehectve pxeIs: Approx. T?.80 megapIxeIs. 4384 (H) ?9T8 (V) pIxeIs
2-4 TotaI pxeIs: Approx. T3.30 megapIxeIs. 4480 (H) ?958 (V) pIxeIs
2-5 PxeI unt: 8.? m square
2-6 Aspect rato: ?.3 (VerlIcaI.HorIzonlaI)
2-7 CoIor hIter type: RCB prImary coIor hIlers
2-8 Low-pass hIter: IIxed posIlIon In Ironl oI lhe Image sensor
2- CIeanng mode: IrovIded
|WIlh menu's Sensor cIeanIng
|WIlh ballery pack or AC power.
| When lhe ballery pack's IeveI becomes exhausled, or lhe
sIze-AA ballerIes are used wIlh BATTLRY CRII BC-L4,
cIeanIng Is nol possIbIe.
H DurIng cIeanIng (mIrror Iockup), CLn bIInks on lhe LCD
| When lhe ballery IeveI becomes Iow, lhe IoIIowIng warnIngs
conlInue unlII lhe prohIbIl voIlage. T. LIeclronIc beeper
(Sounds even when dIsabIed), ?. Ballery IeveI Iow Icon bIInks
on LCD paneI.
3.Recordng System
3-1 Recordng meda: CI card
3-2 Meda Iormat: In accordance wIlh lhe CI card
|Iormalled wIlh lhe menu's Iormal
| CompalIbIe wIlh ? CB and hIgher CI cards. AulomalIc hIe
Iormal swIlchIng.
|The Iormalled CI card's voIume name wIII be LOS_DICITAL.
GeneraI lnIormaton
3-3 lmage type:
PxeIs lmage Type
Fne 4368 212
(Approx. 12.70 megapxeIs)
Fne 3168 2112
(Approx. 6.70 megapxeIs) NormaI
Fne 246 1664
(Approx. 4.20 megapxeIs) NormaI
4368 212
(Approx. 12.70 megapxeIs)
LossIess RAW
OrgnaI mage verhcaton data can be appended (C.Fn-20-1) n aII recordng
3-4 RAW+!PEG LnabIed In aII }ILC recordIng modes.
smuItaneous The RAW and }ILC Images are saved as separale hIes In lhe
recordng: CI card.
3-5 FIe sze and recordng capacty:
Recordng QuaIty
SngIe Shot Sze
Recordng Capacty
Fne 4.6 101
NormaI 2.3 16
Fne 2.7 168
NormaI 1.4 31
Fne 2.0 233
NormaI 1.0 446

NormaI 25
Fne 24
NormaI 26
Fne 25
NormaI 27
RAW 12. 2
The above spechcatons are based on lSO 100 and Canon's testng standards.
Fgures Ior the recordng capacty appIy to a 512 MB Compact FIash card.
The actuaI sngIe shot sze and recordng capacty depend on the subject,
shootng mode, lSO speed, and pcture styIe.
Snce monochrome shootng produces smaIIer hIe szes than wth coIor, the
number oI possbIe shots wII be hgher.
3-6 lnIormaton recorded: CompIIes lo DesIgn ruIe Ior Camera IIIe syslem.
The IoIIowIng Is recorded when lhe Image Is caplured. maIn,
secondary (LxII InIormalIon), manuIaclurer's, lhumbnaIIs
3-7 lmage recordng CompIIes wIlh DesIgn ruIe Ior Camera IIIe syslem ?.0 and
Iormat: LxII ?.?T
GeneraI lnIormaton
3-8 FoIder settng: IoIder crealIon/seIeclIon Iealures.
The IoIder name wIII be LOS5D and lhe IoIder No. slarls Irom
T00LOS5D. Il can go up lo 999LOS5D.
|AulomalIc crealIon oI IoIder
I I lhe CI card does nol have a DesIgn ruIe Ior Camera IIIe
syslem-compIIanl IoIder, one Is crealed aulomalIcaIIy.
Anolher IoIder Is crealed aulomalIcaIIy II lhe hIe No.
reaches 9999.
|ManuaI crealIon oI IoIder
WIlh lhe menu's [SeIecl IoIder| a [Creale IoIder|, you can
creale a new IoIder.
|ManuaI resel and IoIder crealIon
WIlh lhe menu's [IIIe No.| a [ManuaI resel|, lhe hIe No. Is
resel lo 000T and a new IoIder Is crealed.
HIoIder seIeclIon
WIlh lhe menu's [SeIecl IoIder|, you can seIecl lhe IoIder
where lhe Images are lo be saved.
DurIng Image pIayback, lhe Iasl caplured Image Is
dIspIayed Inslead oI lhe seIecled IoIder's Image.
3- lmage hIe name: }ILC. IMC_.}IC ( Is lhe hIe No.)
II Adobe RCB Is sel, lhe I In IMC wIII be underIIned.
The exlensIon Ior RAW Images wIII be CR? (Canon RAW ?nd LdIlIon).
3-10 FIe No.: The IoIIowIng lhree lypes oI hIe numbers can be sel.
| ConlInuous numberIng
The conlInuous numberIng oI caplured Images wIII conlInue
even aIler you repIace lhe camera's CI card.
| Aulo resel
When you repIace lhe camera's CI card, lhe numberIng wIII
be resel lo slarl Irom IMC-000T. II lhe new CI card aIready
conlaIns Images, lhe numberIng wIII conlInue Irom lhe Iasl
recorded Image In lhe CI card.
| ManuaI resel
Resels lhe hIe number lo 000T, and creales a new IoIder
3-11 Pcture styIe:
ltem Sharpness Contrast CoIor tone
PC Settng
QStandard 3 0 0 0
Portrat 2 0 0 0
Landscape 4 0 0 0
NeutraI 0 0 0 0
FathIuI 0 0 0 0
{Monochrome 3 0 None None
User Dehned 3 0 0 0 Yes
GeneraI lnIormaton
3-12 Pcture styIe settngs:
ltem Settngs
Base Pcture StyIe
Standard / Portrat / Landscape / NeutraI / FathIuI /
Monochrome / Pcture styIe hIe
Sharpness 0 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7
Contrast -4 / -3 / -2 / -1 / 0 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
CoIor tone -4 / -3 / -2 / -1 / 0 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
CoIor saturaton -4 / -3 / -2 / -1 / 0 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
FIter ehects N: None, Ye: YeIIow, Or: Orange, R: Red, G: Green
Tonng ehect N: None, S: Sepa, B: BIue, P: PurpIe, G: Green
A hIe Ior the coIor space wII aIso be created Ior monochrome shootng.
Durng monochrome shootng, "B/W" wII be dspIayed on the LCD paneI.
When C.Fn-01-2 (SET Iuncton when shootng: Change Pcture StyIe) s set, you
can press the SET button to dspIay the Pcture StyIe menu on the LCD paneI.
The settng wII revert to the deIauIt when the menu's |CIear aII camera
settngs] s executed.
3-13 CoIor space: SeIeclabIe belween sRCB and Adobe RCB.
SellabIe wIlh lhe menu's CoIor space.
4.Recordng Meda Drve
4-1 Type: Accepls CI card Types I and II
4-2 SIots: One CI card sIol, cover provIded
4-3 CF card access Access Iamp bIInkIng/IIl
4-4 Read error warnng: Lrror warnIng Is dIspIayed on lhe LCD paneI, vIewhnder, and
LCD monIlor. Shuller Iocks up.
4-5 CF card ntaIzaton: LnabIed (wIlh menu's Iormal).
4-6 No CF card warnng: IrovIded
| When you lurn on lhe power swIlch, [No CI card| wIII be
dIspIayed on lhe LCD monIlor.
| WIlh lhe menu's Shool w/o card lhe shuller reIease can be
Iocked ([no CI| dIspIayed In lhe vIewhnder and LCD paneI).
5.Whte BaIance
5-1 Type: Aulo whIle baIance wIlh lhe Image sensor.
5-2 Modes: The LCD paneI dIspIays lhe seIecled whIle baIance mode.
WB Mode CoIor Temperature (KeIvn)
Auto QAuto (AWB) Approx. 3000-7000 K
DayIght Approx. 5200 K
Shade Approx. 7000 K
CIoudy, twIght, sunset Approx. 6000 K
Tungsaten Ight Approx. 3200 K
{Whte huorescent Ight Approx. 4000 K
FIash Approx. 6000 K
[Custom (MWB)
Approx. 2000-10000 K
CoIor Temperature
Approx. 2800-10000 K
1 Custom: Frst take a pcture oI a whte subject servng as the whte baIance
standard. Then set the "Custom WB" mode on the on-screen menu and to
specIy that mage.
2 CoIor temperature speched drectIy wth the "CoIor temp." menu.
GeneraI lnIormaton
5-3 Whte baIance The coIor lemperalure oI lhe WB modes (aII IIsled In 5-?) can
correcton be correcled as IoIIows.
BIue/amber bIas. 9 IeveIs
Magenla/green bIas. 9 IeveIs
| Sel wIlh lhe MuIlI-conlroIIer (IushabIe In aII dIreclIons)
| WhIle baIance correclIon cannol be appIIed oulsIde
?000K - T0000K. (AIlhough Il Is sellabIe, lhe eecl Is nol
5-4 Whte baIance Based on lhe coIor lemperalure oI lhe currenl WB mode
bracketng: (among lhose IIsled In 5-?), WB brackelIng Ior lhe SellIng/
bIue bIas/amber bIas or SellIng/magenla bIas/green bIas Is
execuled up lo 3 slops In whoIe-slop Incremenls wIlh a sIngIe
shuller reIease.
| The bIue/amber bIas and magenla/green bIas cannol be sel
| One IeveI oI lhe bIue/amber bIas Is equIvaIenl lo 5 MIreds oI
a coIor conversIon hIler.
| Ior lhe magenla/green bIas, lhere Is no equIvaIenl In MIreds.
H WhIle baIance correclIon cannol be appIIed oulsIde
?000K - T0000K. (AIlhough Il Is sellabIe, lhe eecl Is nol
| When sel logelher wIlh whIle baIance correclIon, WB
brackelIng cannol be sel lo more lhan 9 IeveIs.
WhIle baIance correclIon and ALB can aIso be sel In
combInalIon wIlh WB-BKT. (WIlh ALB, 9 Images wIII be
saved lo lhe CI card.)
| WB-BKT Is possIbIe In RAW mode.
| SInce lhree Images are recorded aulomalIcaIIy wIlh a sIngIe
shol, lhe wrIlIng lIme lo lhe CI card wIII lake Ionger.
| WIlh C.In-09 (BrackelIng sequence/Aulo canceI), lhe
brackelIng sequence can be changed and lhe brackelIng can
be canceIed aulomalIcaIIy or nol.
6-1 Type: Lye-IeveI SLR (wIlh hxed penlamIrror)
6-2 Focusng screen: InlerchangeabIe. Slandard IrecIsIon Malle Le-A provIded.
| InlerchangeabIe wIlh Le-D (IrecIsIon Malle wIlh CrId) and
Le-S (Super IrecIsIon Malle) IocusIng screens.
| Sel C.In-0 lo sel lhe respeclIve IocusIng screen's melerIng
correclIon vaIue.
|AII lhree IocusIng screens are lhe IrecIsIon Malle lype.
6-3 Doptrc adjustment: Ad|uslabIe Irom -3.0 dpl lo +T.0 dpl.
6-4 Eye pont: ?0 mm
6-5 Coverage: Approx. 90 verlIcaIIy and horIzonlaIIy (Coverage agaInsl
}ILC Large)
6-6 Magnhcaton: Approx. 0.7T (wIlh 50mm Iens al InhnIly, -T dpl)
GeneraI lnIormaton
6-7 Vewhnder T) On lhe screen
nIormaton: AI poInls (9)
Spol melerIng cIrcIe
?) BeIow lhe screen (Ma|or InIormalIon)
AL Iock, ALB In progress (bIInks)
IIash ready, InsucIenl ash warnIng durIng IL Iock
HIgh-speed sync (II ash)
IL Iock, ILB shoolIng (bIInks)
IIash exposure compensalIon
] Shuller speed (II camera shake wIII occur, Il bIInks), buIb,
IL Iock (ILL), IrocessIng dala (buSY)
Aperlure (II unsuIlabIe, Il bIInks)
| Lxposure IeveI dIspIay. Lxposure compensalIon, ManuaI
exposure IeveI, ALB IeveI, IIash exposure compensalIon,
Red-eye reduclIon Iamp on lIme dIspIay
)WhIle baIance correclIon
|Max. bursl
| AI Iocus conhrmalIon (bIInks when Iocus cannol be
achIeved), MI Iocus conhrmalIon
| CI card IuII warnIng (IuLL CI), CI card error warnIng (Lrr
CI), No CI card warnIng (no CI)
6-8 Mrror: QuIck-relurn haII mIrror (TransmIllance . reeclance ralIo oI
6- Vewhnder bIackout Approx. T45 ms al T/00 sec. or Iasler speeds.
6-10 Mrror Iockup: LnabIed wIlh C.In-T?-T.
| SW-? ON Ior mIrror up SW-T OII SW-? ON Ior shuller
| MIrror Iockup Is maxImum 30 sec. (aIler 30 sec., lhe mIrror
goes back down and exposure slops.)
6-11 Mrror cut-oh: No mIrror cul-o wIlh Ienses up lo LI 000mm I/4
6-12 Depth-oI-heId LnabIed wIlh deplh-oI-heId prevIew bullon
prevew: | DIsabIed In lhe IuII Aulo mode.
| WIlh SpeedIIle 580LX, 550LX, 430LX, 4?0LX, MR-T4LX, or
MT-?4LX, pressIng lhe deplh-oI-heId prevIew bullon hres a
modeIIng ash.
6-13 Eyepece shutter: None (LyepIece cover provIded on slrap)
6-14 Msc.: Lyecup Lb provIded
[ ) )) )
{ )
GeneraI lnIormaton
7-1 Type: TTL-CT-SIR AI-dedIcaled CMOS sensor
7-2 AF ponts: 9 AI poInls (pIus 0 InvIsIbIe AssIsl AI poInls)
| Cenler AI poInl Is verlIcaI IIne-sensIlIve lo I/?.8 and
sensIlIve lo verlIcaI and horIzonlaI IInes lo I/5.0 as a cross-
lype sensor.
| The AI poInls above and beIow lhe cenler AI poInl IncIude
sIx InvIsIbIe AI poInls (lwo oI lhem are verlIcaI IIne-sensIlIve
lo I/?.8). These InvIsIbIe AI poInls IunclIon onIy In lhe AI
SLRVO AI mode durIng aulomalIc AI poInl seIeclIon and In
lhe AI SLRVO AI mode wIlh C.In-T7-T (AI poInl aclIvalIon
area) and lhe cenler AI poInl seIecled. (Il does nol IunclIon
In lhe One-Shol AI mode.)
7-3 Focusng modes: T) AuloIocus
Olher lhan lhe IuII Aulo mode, lhe IoIIowIng lhree AI modes
are user seIeclabIe.
[One-Shol AI|
When Iocus Is achIeved, lhe AI operalIon slops and Iocks (AI
| AI-prIorIly (The shuller can be reIeased onIy when Iocus
Is achIeved.)
| DurIng evaIualIve melerIng, AL Iock Is sel when Iocus Is
| In melerIng modes olher lhan evaIualIve melerIng,
exposure melerIng conlInues In reaI-lIme unlII lhe shuller
Is reIeased.
H WIlh appIIcabIe USM Ienses, eIeclronIc rIng manuaI
IocusIng can be used aIler Iocus Is achIeved wIlh One-Shol
AI or II Iocus cannol be achIeved wIlh One-Shol AI.
[IredIclIve AI Servo AI|
Tracks sub|ecl movemenl and Iocuses conlInuousIy unlII lhe
slarl oI exposure.
| Tsl shol durIng SW-T ON. Shuller-reIease prIorIly (shuller
reIeases aIler lhe Iens drIve slops durIng IocusIng).
| ?nd shol onward durIng conlInuous shoolIng. Shuller
reIeases aIler lhe Iens drIve slops durIng sub|ecl lrackIng.
| No Iocus conhrmalIon IIghl and no beeper.
H II IocusIng Is ImpossIbIe, lhe Iocus conhrmalIon Icon
[AI Iocus AI (AulomalIc swIlchIng belween One-Shol/
IredIclIve AI Servo AI)|
When lhe AI poInl whIch achIeved Iocus In lhe One-Shol AI
mode delecls sub|ecl movemenl, lhe AI Servo AI mode lakes
| AulomalIcaIIy sel In IuII Aulo mode.
| In lhe AI SLRVO AI mode, lhe beeper sounds.
GeneraI lnIormaton
?) ManuaI Iocus (MI)
AIler lhe Iens Iocus mode Is swIlched lo MI (or M), manuaI
IocusIng Is enabIed wIlh lhe IocusIng rIng.
| Iocus aId. DurIng aulomalIc AI poInl seIeclIon, works
wIlh 9 AI poInls. Works wIlh lhe user-seIecled AI poInl.
When Iocus Is achIeved, lhe Iocus conhrmalIon IIghl and
superImposed AI poInl dIspIay wIII IIghl.
| LIeclronIc manuaI IocusIng IunclIons durIng conlInuous
shoolIng and durIng lhe exposure.
7-4 Focusng pont T) ManuaIIy seIecled
seIecton: The AI poInl seIecled Irom lhe nIne AI poInls Is used lo
When lhe cenler AI poInl Is seIecled In lhe AI SLRVO AI
mode and C.In-T7-T (AI poInl aclIvalIon area) Is sel, lhe
sIx InvIsIbIe AI poInls above and beIow lhe cenler AI poInl
wIII IunclIon.
?) AulomalIc seIeclIon
| One-Shol AI
Based on lhe sub|ecl InIormalIon Irom lhe nIne AI
poInls, lhe oplImum sub|ecl Is seIecled aulomalIcaIIy Ior
CeneraIIy, lhe cIosesl sub|ecl wIII be seIecled Ior
II more lhan one AI poInl achIeve Iocus al lhe same
dIslance, lhey wIII aII IIghl In lhe vIewhnder.
The IocusIng slarls al lhe cenler. Then II lhe sub|ecl
moves lo an ad|acenl AI poInl, AI SLRVO AI conlInues
lo Iocus lrack lhe sub|ecl.
AII T5 AI poInls are used.
7-5 AF pont seIecton Iress lhe AI poInl seIeclor, lhen use lhe MuIlI-conlroIIer
operaton: (8 dIreclIons + cenler press) or lurn lhe MaIn DIaI or QuIck
ConlroI DIaI lo seIecl lhe AI poInl.
| II you press lhe AI poInl seIeclor and lhen press lhe cenler
oI lhe MuIlI-conlroIIer, lhe cenler AI poInl wIII be seIecled. II
you press lhe MuIlI-conlroIIer In one oI lhe 8 dIreclIons, lhe
respeclIve AI poInl (IeIl, upper IeIl, Iower IeIl, lop, bollom,
Iower rIghl, upper rIghl, rIghl) wIII be seIecled.
| In lhe manuaI AI poInl seIeclIon mode, II you push lhe
MuIlI-conlroIIer In lhe dIreclIon oI lhe currenl AI poInl, Il
wIII swIlch lo aulomalIc AI poInl seIeclIon.
| II you press lhe AI poInl seIeclor and lhen lurn lhe MaIn
DIaI/QuIck ConlroI DIaI cIockwIse, lhe AI poInl seIeclIon wIII
proceed In lhe IoIIowIng IoopIng sequence. lop, aulomalIc
seIeclIon, cenler, upper rIghl, rIghl, Iower rIghl, bollom,
Iower IeIl, IeIl, upper IeIl, lop, aulomalIc seIeclIon... (II you
lurn lhe dIaI counlercIockwIse, lhe seIeclIon sequence wIII
be In lhe reverse order.)
GeneraI lnIormaton
H WIlh C.In-T3-T, lhe MuIlI-conlroIIer can seIecl lhe AI poInl
dIreclIy. WIlh C.In-T3-?, lhe QuIck ConlroI DIaI can seIecl
lhe AI poInl dIreclIy (wIlhoul needIng lo press lhe AI poInl
7-6 AF pont dspIay: IndIcaled by superImposed dIspIay In lhe vIewhnder and on
lhe LCD paneI.
7-7 AF actvaton: AI Is aclIvaled by pressIng lhe shuller bullon haIIway (SW-T)
7-8 AF operaton speed: Same as lhe LOS ?0D.
7- Focus conhrmaton: IndIcaled by superImposed dIspIay In vIewhnder (can be
dIsabIed wIlh Cuslom IunclIon), Iocus conhrmalIon IIghl, and
beeper (can be dIsabIed wIlh lhe power swIlch).
| When lhe AI Iocus AI mode's AI SLRVO AI Is sel, lhe beeper
| In lhe AI SLRVO AI mode, lhe beeper does nol sound.
| No Iocus conhrmalIon IndIcalor In lhe AI SLRVO AI mode.
H The Iocus conhrmalIon beeper can be enabIed or dIsabIed
wIlh lhe menu's [Beep|.
| The superImposed dIspIay can be enabIed/dIsabIed wIlh
7-10 AF precson: Same as lhe LOS ?0D
7-11 AF workng range: LV -0.5 -T8 (al ?0C and ISO T00, under Canon's leslIng
7-12 AF-assst beam: When an LOS-dedIcaled SpeedIIle Is used (equIpped wIlh
AI-assIsl beam) and lurned on, a near-InIrared beam (peak
waveIenglh approx. 700 nm) Is emIlled aulomalIcaIIy.
8.Exposure ControI
8-1 Type: Max. aperlure TTL melerIng wIlh 35-zone SIC wIlh lhe
IoIIowIng seIeclabIe modes.
| LvaIualIve melerIng (IInked lo aII AI poInls)
| IarlIaI melerIng (approx. 8 oI vIewhnder)
| Spol melerIng (approx. 3.5 oI vIewhnder)
DurIng conlInuous shoolIng, spol melerIng Is repealed Ior
each shol.
H CenlerweIghled average melerIng
In lhe IuII Aulo mode, evaIualIve melerIng Is sel
AI poInl-IInked parlIaI melerIng and spol melerIng are nol
8-2 Exposure modes: T) Irogram AL (shIIlabIe)
?) Shuller-prIorIly AL
WIlh C.In-T0-T, saIely shIIl Is appIIed lo T) or ?).
3) Aperlure-prIorIly AL
4) IuII Aulo (non-shIIlabIe)
5) L-TTL II auloash program AL
C.In-T4-0. LvaIualIve melerIng, C.In-T4-T. Averaged
0) ManuaI exposure (IncIudIng buIb)
GeneraI lnIormaton
8-3 Meterng range: LV T-?0 (al ?0C wIlh 50mm I/T.4 Iens al ISO T00, under
Canon's leslIng slandards)
8-4 Exposure beyond Shuller speed and aperlure dIspIays bIInk on lhe LCD paneI
range warnng: and In lhe vIewhnder.
8-5 Exposure meterng: AclIvaled when shuller bullon Is pressed haIIway (SW-T ON).
MelerIng lIme. Approx. 4 sec. beIore exposure and approx. ?
sec. aIler exposure.
8-6 lSO Speed: T00-T000 sellabIe In T/3-slop Incremenls
WIlh C.In-8-T, ISO 50 and 3?00 can aIso be sel.
In lhe IuII Aulo mode wIlh lhe AL shuller speed sIower
lhan T/500 sec., ISO 400 Is sel. WIlh T/500 sec. and
Iasler speeds, ISO T00-400 Is sel (T/8-slop Incremenls)
aulomalIcaIIy. WIlh ash, ISO 400 Is sel. (DurIng conlInuous
shoolIng, lhe ISO speed does nol change aulomalIcaIIy).
8-7 Exposure T) ManuaI exposure compensalIon
Compensaton: | BrackelIng range. Up lo ? slops In T/?- or T/3-slop
| BrackelIng Iaclor. See lhe brackelIng Iaclor used Ior lhe
respeclIve shoolIng mode beIow.
Nol sellabIe In lhe IuII Aulo mode.
ManuaI exposure compensalIon cannol be sel Ior
manuaI exposures. Works wIlh ALB.
Shootng Mode Shutter Speed Aperture
Program AE Yes Yes
Shutter-prorty AE Yes
Aperture-prorty AE Yes
ManuaI Yes
ALB canceIIalIon. Sel lhe ALB amounl lo 0.
II T) and ?) are sel In combInalIon, lhe ALB amounl wIII
be shIIled by lhe exposure compensalIon amounl.
?) ALB (Aulo Lxposure BrackelIng)
| AclIvalIon. Sel wIlh lhe menu's [ALB|.
DurIng ALB. The ALB Icon and ALB IeveI on lhe LCD
paneI bIInks, and lhe AL Iock Icon and ALB IeveI bIInks
In lhe vIewhnder.
| BrackelIng range. Up lo ? slops In T/?- or T/3-slop
| BrackelIng sequence. Slandard exposure, decreased
exposure, and Increased exposure
Taken In accordance wIlh lhe drIve mode.
II lhe seII-lImer Is used, lhe lhree brackeled shols wIII
be exposed successIveIy aIler lhe seII-lImer deIay.
May be used In combInalIon wIlh WB-BKT. (In lhIs case,
nIne Images wIII be generaled.)
WIlh C.In-09 (BrackelIng sequence/Aulo canceI), lhe
brackelIng sequence can be changed.
H BrackelIng Iaclor. Same as Ior T).
GeneraI lnIormaton
| ALB canceIIalIon. Sel lhe ALB amounl lo 0.
WIlh C.In-09 (BrackelIng sequence/Aulo canceI), ALB
can be canceIed aIlerward aulomalIcaIIy or nol. (II
lhe ash Is ready or lhe ash bullon Is ON, ALB wIII
be canceIed aIlerward aulomalIcaIIy regardIess oI lhe
C.In-09 sellIng.)
8-8 AE Lock: T) Aulo AL Iock
In lhe One-Shol AI mode wIlh evaIualIve melerIng, AL
Iock lakes eecl when Iocus Is achIeved.
?) ManuaI AL Iock
| LnabIed wIlh AL Iock bullon. (IressIng lhe bullon agaIn
renews AL Iock.)
| No AL Iock In IuII aulo modes.
| DurIng evaIualIve melerIng, AL Iock Is appIIed lo lhe
exposure sellIng oblaIned by lhe seIecled AI poInl. DurIng
parlIaI, spol, or cenlerweIghled average melerIng, AL Iock
Is appIIed lo lhe exposure sellIng oblaIned by lhe cenler
AI poInl.
H WIlh an LX-serIes SpeedIIle, Il IunclIons as an IL Iock
8- MuItpIe exposures: Nol possIbIe
-1 Type: VerlIcaI-lraveI, mechanIcaI, IocaI-pIane shuller wIlh aII speeds
MechanIcaI shuller. Ironl and rear curlaIns each conlroIIed
by a dedIcaled rolary magnel (curlaIn speed 3.77 ms/
-2 Shutter speeds: T/8000 sec. lo 30 sec. X-sync al T/?00 sec.
| SellabIe In T/3-slop Incremenls In shuller speed-prIorIly AL
and manuaI modes.
| DurIng buIb exposures, lhe exposure lIme Is dIspIayed on
lhe LCD paneI.
-3 Shutter reIease: SoIl-louch eIeclromagnelIc reIease
-4 Shutter-reIease tme T) DurIng SW-T ON, lIme Iag belween SW-? ON and slarl oI
Iag: exposure. 75 ms
?) TIme Iag belween sImuIlaneous SW-T/SW-? ON and slarl oI
exposure. T30 ms
Nole. Irom lhe maxImum aperlure slopped down lo I/3.5. (WIlh LI 50mm
I/T.8 II. LxcIudIng AI lIme.)
-5 Nose reducton: Sel wIlh C.In-0? [NoIse reduclIon| sel lo [Aulo| or [On|
| [Aulo|. The noIse IeveI Is delecled aulomalIcaIIy and noIse
reduclIon Is perIormed.
| [On|. NoIse reduclIon Is perIormed II lhe exposure Is T sec.
or Ionger.
GeneraI lnIormaton
-6 SeII-tmer: T0-sec. deIay
| WIlh C.In-T?-T (mIrror Iockup), lhe seII-lImer deIay Is ?-sec.
| AIler slarlIng, lhe seII-lImer can be canceIed by pressIng lhe
DrIve bullon.
-7 SeII-tmer operaton T) SeII-lImer Iamp (BIInks al ?Hz Ior lhe hrsl 8 sec., lhen bIInks
ndcator: al 8Hz Ior lhe Iasl ? sec.)
?) LCD paneI (ISO speed IndIcalor counls down Irom T0 lo T In
T-sec. Incremenls)
3) Beeper (Beeps al ? Hz Ior lhe hrsl 8 sec., lhen al 8 Hz Ior
Iasl ? sec.)
-8 Camera shake In lhe IuII Aulo mode, II lhe shuller speed (Tv-aulo) Is 0 lo 0.5
warnng: slop sIower lhan lhe recIprocaI oI lhe Iens IocaI Ienglh, lhe
shuller speed dIspIay bIInks.
10.FIash Spechcatons
10-1 FIash sync contacts: T) Hol shoe. X-sync conlacls
LockIng pIn hoIe provIded lo prevenl SpeedIIle sIIppage.
?) Lower sIde lermInaI. IC lermInaI (no poIarIly)
| Threaded lermInaI.
| Bolh T) and ?) can be used Ior sImuIlaneous hrIng.
10-2 FIash auto: LnabIed wIlh lhe camera's Irogram AL mode
T) WIlh LX-serIes SpeedIIles
L-TTL II auloash, IL Iock
?) WIlh TTL and A-TTL exlernaI Canon SpeedIIles
ManuaI hrIng, slroboscopIc ash, and exlernaI ash melerIng
enabIed. When TTL or A-TTL Is sel, lhe ash Is hred al IuII
3) WIlh non-Canon ash unIls.
An exlernaI ash unIl connecled lo lhe hol shoe can
synchronIze al T/?00 sec. or sIower.
Large sludIo ash. Sync al T/T?5 sec. or sIower (Conhrm
10-3 FIash exposure T) ManuaI sellIng
compensaton: | Up lo +/- ? slops In T/3-slop Incremenls.
| II ash exposure compensalIon Is sel wIlh bolh lhe camera
and SpeedIIle, lhe SpeedIIle's sellIng wIII overrIde lhe
camera's sellIng and lake eecl.
?) ILB (IIash Lxposure BrackelIng)
| LnabIed and sel wIlh lhe 580LX, 550LX, MR-T4LX or MT-
| DurIng conlInuous shoolIng, Il slops aulomalIcaIIy aIler
lhree shols.
| When lhe ash Is unabIe lo hre anymore durIng ILB
conlInuous shoolIng, lhe shuller reIease Iocks.
H The shuller reIease unIocks when lhe shuller bullon Is Iel
go. WhIIe lhe ash Is nol ready, lhe AL mode lakes eecl
GeneraI lnIormaton
10-4 WreIess hash: LnabIed wIlh lhe 580LX, 550LX, 430LX, 4?0LX, ST-L?,
MR-T4LX, or MT-?4LX.
| Three sIave groups (A, B, C) can be conlroIIed, a ash ralIo (A.
B) can be sel, ILB can be sel accordIng lo lhe ash ralIo.
| A modeIIng ash can be hred.
| The 430LX and 4?0LX can be used as sIaves onIy, and lhe
MR-T4LX and MT-?4LX can be used as lhe masler unIl onIy.
11-1 Drve modes: SIngIe Approx. 3 Ips SeII-lImer
11-2 Contnuous shootng: ConlInuous shoolIng wIlh lhe InlernaI buer memory record
| When lhe buer memory becomes IuII, shoolIng wIII nol be
possIbIe unlII al Ieasl one Image In lhe InlernaI memory Is
recorded onlo lhe CI card.
| When lhe shoolIng slops (SW-T OII), lhe Image dala
conlInues lo be lransIerred Irom lhe InlernaI buer memory
lo lhe CI card lo Iree up lhe buer memory and enabIe more
11-3 Contnuous shootng Approx. 3 Ips (al T/?50 sec. or Iasler Ior aII recordIng quaIIly
speed: sellIngs)
11-4 Maxmum burst: WIlh a Canon 5T?MB CI card Ior hIgh-speed wrIlIng.
Recordng QuaIty Maxmum Burst
Fne 60
NormaI 150
Fne 120
NormaI 31
Fne 200
NormaI 446
RAW 17
The maxmum burst wth !PEG wII vary dependng on the shootng
condtons, processng condtons, and CF card type.
For MddIe/NormaI and SmaII/NormaI, contnuous shootng s possbIe untI
the CF card becomes IuII.
The maxmum burst s dspIayed on the vewhnder bottom ("" dspIayed I t
s shots or hgher or "8" to "0" s dspIayed when t s Iess than ). The max.
burst s dspIayed even when the drve mode s SngIe or SeII-tmer. AIso, note
that the max. burst wII be dspIayed even I there s no CF card nstaIIed.
ln the B/W mode, the max. burst wII be hgher than when you shoot n coIor.
When the buher memory becomes IuII, shootng wII not be possbIe untI at
Ieast one mage n the nternaI memory s recorded onto the CF card.
Menu operatons are possbIe durng mage processng.
GeneraI lnIormaton
11-5 Battery IIe: WIlh Ballery Iack BI-5TTA
Temperature Shots (Approx.)
At 20C 800
At 0C 400
The battery capacty Ior BP-511/512 s 1100mAh or -26% compared wth the
BP-511A (130mAh).
Shootng condtons: FuIIy charged battery pack, EF 50mm I/1.8 ll, mage
revew tme 2 sec., and Large/Fne mage quaIty.
CompIes to ClPA testng standards.
11-6 lmage revew: Image revIew lIme rIghl aIler Image caplure Is sellabIe wIlh
lhe menu's [RevIew lIme|.
| SellabIe lo ? sec., 4 sec., 8 sec., or HoId.
| II you press lhe InIo bullon durIng Image revIew, you can
swIlch lhe InIo dIspIay on or o.
| Lven II HoId Is sel and Aulo power o Is sel lo O, LCD
monIlor wIII lurn o aIler 30 mInules.
12.LCD Montor
12-1 Type: TIT coIor, IIquId-cryslaI monIlor
12-2 Screen sze: ?.5 In.
12-3 PxeIs: Approx. ?30,000 pIxeIs (DIspIayed pIxeIs)
12-4 Coverage: Approx. T00 (Ior }ILC Images)
12-5 Brghtness 5 IeveIs
adjustment: SellabIe wIlh menu's LCD brIghlness
12-6 AngIe adjustment: None
12-7 Protectve cover: None
13-1 lmage dspIay Iormat: T) SIngIe Image
| DurIng lhe Image dIspIay, press lhe INIO bullon lo swIlch
lo normaI (Image + basIc InIo), Image onIy (no InIo) or
Image InIo dIspIay (InIormalIon + reduced Image).
| Turn lhe QuIck ConlroI DIaI or MaIn DIaI lo vIew lhe
prevIous or nexl Image.
?) 9-Image Index
DurIng lhe Image dIspIay, press lhe INIO bullon lo swIlch
belween normaI (9 Images + basIc InIo) or 9 Images onIy
(no InIo)
3) MagnIhed zoom
DurIng lhe Image dIspIay, press lhe INIO bullon lo
swIlch belween normaI (magnIhed Image + basIc InIo) or
magnIhed Image onIy (no InIo)
4) Aulo pIay
5) Aulo pIay rIghl aIler shoolIng
Lxcepl when lhe menu's [RevIew lIme. O| Is sel, lhe Iasl
Image caplured Is dIspIayed.
GeneraI lnIormaton
13-2 DspIay condtons: Images saved In DesIgn ruIe Ior Camera IIIe syslem Iormal.
| II lhe Image Is nol In lhe DesIgn ruIe Ior Camera IIIe syslem
Iormal, [?| Is dIspIayed on lhe LCD monIlor.
| AIso appIIcabIe lo lhe Index's lhumbnaII Images.
13-3 lNFO dspIay: T) ShoolIng InIormalIon dIspIay (Camera InIormalIon)
Dale/lIme, WB correclIon amounl, WB-BKT sellIng, CoIor
space, IIclure slyIe, IIash exposure compensalIon amounl,
Aulo power-o, Aulo rolaled Image, CoIor lemperalure, CI
card space remaInIng, ISO speed, RegIsler camera sellIngs
(shoolIng mode onIy), IIIe No., IoIder No.
Nole. In lhe IuII Aulo mode, Ilems lhal cannol be sel wIII nol be dIspIayed (ISO
Aulo Is dIspIayed).
?) Image InIo dIspIay (IIayback INIO)
When an Image Is dIspIayed and you press lhe INIO
bullon, lhe IoIIowIng InIormalIon wIII be dIspIayed
logelher wIlh a reduced Image.
IoIder No., IIIe No., Reduced Image, HIslogram, CoIor
space, ShoolIng dale/lIme, AI poInl, ISO speed, MelerIng
mode, ShoolIng mode, Shuller speed, Aperlure, Lxposure
compensalIon amounl, IIash exposure compensalIon
amounl, WhIle baIance correclIon amounl, IIayback
number/TolaI Images recorded, Irolecl, RecordIng quaIIly,
OrIgInaI Image verIhcalIon dala appended, WhIle baIance,
CoIor lemperalure (dIspIayed onIy when WB sellIng Is K),
Monochrome, IIIe sIze (MB)
Nole T. The RAW+}ILC hIe sIze Is IndIcaled onIy Ior lhe }ILC Image.
Nole ?. II a }ILC Image nol In lhe DesIgn ruIe Ior Camera IIIe syslem Iormal
Is seIecled, [!| Is dIspIayed.
Nole 3. II an Image lhal cannol be dIspIayed Is seIecled, [?| Is dIspIayed.
Nole 4. The AI poInls used are IndIcaled.
13-4 HghIght aIert: In lhe sIngIe Image (INIO) dIspIay mode, lhe hIghIIghl porlIons
conlaInIng no Image InIormalIon wIII bIInk.
13-5 Hstogram dspIay: T) BrIghlness
?) RCB
SwIlchabIe wIlh menu's [HIslogram|.
DIspIayed wIlh SIngIe (INIO.).
13-6 MagnIy zoom dspIay: WIlh lhe MagnIIy bullon, lhe Image can be magnIhed Irom lhe
sIngIe Image dIspIay Irom approx. T.5 lo T0 In T5 sleps.
MagnIy MagnIy button
Reduce Reduce button
ScroII vertcaIIy MuIt-controIIer (DagonaI scroIIng aIso possbIe.
Center button does not Iuncton.) ScroII horzontaIIy
Vew next mage
Quck ControI DaI, Man DaI
(The prevous or next mage can be vewed whIe
the magnhed poston remans the same.)
The mage magnhcaton wII start at the center.
When C.Fn-18-1 s set, press the Drect Prnt button and MagnIy/Reduce
button smuItaneousIy to magnIy or reduce the mage durng the mage
revew rght aIter shootng.
GeneraI lnIormaton
13-7 lndex dspIay: SIngIe Image dIspIay or press lhe Reduce bullon Ior 9-Image
VIew lhe prevIous/nexl Image wIlh lhe QuIck ConlroI DIaI or
MaIn DIaI.
13-8 Rotated dspIay: T) ManuaI
| WIlh lhe menu's Rolale, lhe Image can be rolaled
cIockwIse In 90, ?70 and 0.
| II lhe Image has been appended wIlh dala Ior orIgInaI
Image verIhcalIon, Image rolalIon Is possIbIe whIIe
keepIng lhe orIgInaI Image recognIlIon Inlacl.
?) Aulo Image rolalIon
| SellabIe wIlh lhe menu's Aulo rolale.
| When a verlIcaI Image Is pIayed back In lhe horIzonlaI
orIenlalIon, lhe camera rolales lhe Image aulomalIcaIIy lo
lhe verlIcaI orIenlalIon.
| Image rolalIon Is appIIed durIng pIayback and vIdeo OUT
(nol durIng Image revIew aIler Image caplure).
13- !ump: WIlh lhe }ump bullon, browse lhrough Images durIng pIayback
or swIlch lhe menu calegory (ShoolIng, IIayback, Selup)
| }ump by T Image
AIler pressIng lhe }UMI bullon, press lhe SLT bullon and
lurn lhe QuIck ConlroI DIaI lo seIecl any oI lhe IoIIowIng
|ump modes. AIler seIeclIng lhe |ump mode, lurn lhe QuIck
ConlroI DIaI or MaIn DIaI lo |ump.
}ump by T0 Images. }ump Iorward or back by T0 Images
}ump by T00 Images. }ump Iorward or back by T00
}ump by shoolIng dale. }ump lo lhe prevIous or IoIIowIng
day. The day's Iasl shol wIII be dIspIayed hrsl.
}ump by IoIder. }ump lo lhe prevIous or nexl IoIder. The
IoIder's newesl shol wIII be dIspIayed hrsl.
Nole. Irocedure. Image pIayback Iress }UMI bullon Iress SLT bullon
Turn QuIck ConlroI DIaI lo seIecl }UMI mode Iress SLT bullon lo
sel Turn QuIck ConlroI DIaI or MaIn DIaI lo |ump.
| }ump wIlh 9-Image Index dIspIay
Turn lhe QuIck ConlroI DIaI or MaIn DIaI lo |ump lo lhe
prevIous or nexl screen oI 9 Index Images.
| }ump durIng magnIhed vIew
Turn lhe MaIn DIaI lo |ump by T0 Images.
H }ump durIng lhe menu dIspIay
Iress lhe }UMI bullon lo |ump lo lhe respeclIve menu's hrsl
13-10 Vdeo output: CompalIbIe wIlh NTSC/IAL vIdeo oulpul lermInaIs.
SeIecl lhe lype wIlh lhe menu's VIdeo syslem. Use VIdeo
CabIe VC-T00.
GeneraI lnIormaton
14.Protecton/DeIeton oI Recorded lmages
14-1 Protecton: A sIngIe Image can be prolecled or unprolecled.
WIlh lhe menu's [Irolecl|.
14-2 Erase: A sIngIe Image or aII Images slored In a Compacl IIash card
can be erased II lhey are unprolecled.
| DurIng pIayback, press lhe Lrase bullon ([Lrase| [AII| wIII be
| Images erase-prolecled wIlh lhe camera cannol be erased
(excepl durIng IormallIng).
15-1 Descrpton: ShoolIng IIayback Selup
Lach menu calegory Is coIor-coded on lhe LCD monIlor.
Red, BIue, YeIIow
15-2 LCD montor Any oI lhe IoIIowIng T5 Ianguages can be seIecled.
Ianguage: LngIIsh, Cerman, Irench, Dulch, DanIsh, IInnIsh, IlaIIan,
NorwegIan, SwedIsh, SpanIsh, RussIan, ChInese (sImpIIhed),
ChInese (lradIlIonaI), Korean and }apanese.
15-3 Frmware updatng: LnabIed by lhe user.
Nol possIbIe In IuII Aulo mode. (The menu Is nol dIspIayed.)
16.BubbIe !et Drect/CP Drect
Nole. HereInaIler BubbIe }el DIrecl abbrevIaled as B}D and CI DIrecl as CID.
16-1 Conhguraton: B}D/CID-compalIbIe prInler, InlerIace cabIe IIC-400ICU
16-2 Operaton method: By operalIng lhe camera, lhe Image Is prInled dIreclIy by lhe
B}D/CID-compalIbIe prInler.
16-3 CompatbIe prnters: CID-serIes
B}D-serIes prInlers
16-4 Paper szes: CID. Card, L, poslcard
The compalIbIe paper sIzes wIII dIer dependIng on lhe
B}D. A4, L, ?L, card, poslcard (when }apanese Is seIecled)
16-5 Transmsson Canon-deveIoped prolocoI.
16-6 Data transIer system: Dala lransIer Irom camera lo prInler.
WIlh CID, Image processIng Is execuled by lhe camera, and
wIlh B}D, Il Is execuled by lhe prInler.
16-7 PrntabIe mages: DesIgn ruIe Ior Camera IIIe syslem-compIIanl }ILC Images
}ILC Images In RAW+}ILC Images can be prInled, bul nol
RAW Images.
GeneraI lnIormaton
16-8 Prntng system: SIngIe Image prInlIng DIOI balch prInlIng
| Bolh CID/B}D compalIbIe wIlh and .
| IrInlIng canceIIalIon. LnabIed wIlh and . ResumabIe
aIler canceIIalIon. LnabIed wIlh .
| When CID Is connecled, Image prInlIng In progress cannol
be canceIed. The prInlIng oI aII lhe remaInIng Images wIII be
canceIed. When B}D Is connecled, lhe prInlIng Is canceIed
and lhe paper wIII be dIscharged.
H II an error occurs, [Slop| or [Resume| may appear or onIy
[Slop| may appear dependIng on lhe error lype.
16- StyIe settngs: T) CID. On-screen sellIngs (sIngIe or spIIl screen)
B}D. Iaper (L, ?L, poslcard, A4, card)
| The spIIl screen can be seIecled when lhe card-sIze paper
Is used.
| B}D. II }apanese Is nol seIecled as lhe Ianguage, lhe
choIces wIII be Card-T, Card-?, Card-3, LTR, and A4
?) Borders (Borders or borderIess)
3) Dale (ON/OII)
16-10 Trmmng: TrIm horIzonlaIIy up lo 8 sleps, verlIcaIIy up lo 5 sleps.
OperalIon Irocedure
Reduce outIne MagnIy button
EnIarge outIne Reduce button
Move outIne
MuIt-controIIer (DagonaI scroIIng aIso
possbIe. Center button does not Iuncton.)
Move outIne vertcaIIy
Rotate outIne lnIo button
| TrImmIng Is nol possIbIe wIlh DIOI-specIhed Images prInled
| The Image lo be lrImmed Is InIlIaIIy dIspIayed al lhe cenler.
| The lrImmIng aspecl ralIo wIII depend on lhe slyIe sellIng.
H II lhe lrImmIng has been sel and lhen lhe slyIe Is changed,
lhe Read|usl lrImmIng message wIII appear.
| II CI/B} Is connecled and lhe Image lo be lrImmed Iooks
rough due lo excessIve magnIhcalIon, lhe lrImmIng oulIIne
coIor (normaIIy green) wIII be red.
The guIdance Icon wIII appear on lhe InIlIaI lrImmIng screen
or when no operalIon Is done Ior 5 sec. DurIng an operalIon,
lhe guIdance Icon wIII dIsappear and onIy lhe lrImmIng
oulIIne Is dIspIayed.
| When operalIon Is done wIlh a TV sel vIa lhe vIdeo oulpul,
lhe lrImmIng oulIIne mIghl nol be dIspIayed properIy.
GeneraI lnIormaton
16-11 Drect Prnt: WIlh camera's DIrecl IrInl bullon
| When lhe camera Is ready Ior prInlIng and you pIayback an
Image, lhe DIrecl IrInl bullon's bIue Iamp IIghls. SeIecl an
Image and press lhe DIrecl IrInl bullon lo slarl lhe prInlIng.
| DurIng prInlIng, lhe bIue Iamp bIInks.
| On lhe Image pIayback screen, lhe prInl sellIngs (paper sIze,
border, dale, elc.) are aIso dIspIayed.
H To change lhe prInl sellIngs, press lhe SLT bullon beIore
prInlIng. (Same procedure as normaI dIrecl prInlIng.)
17-1 Conhguraton: Camera, IIclBrIdge-compalIbIe prInler, InlerIace cabIe IIC-
Lven whIIe lhe IIclBrIdge prInlIng screen Is dIspIayed, lhe
camera can InslanlIy
17-2 Operaton method: By operalIng lhe camera, lhe Image Is prInled dIreclIy by lhe
IIclBrIdge-compalIbIe prInler.
17-3 CompatbIe prnters: IIclBrIdge-compalIbIe prInlers
17-4 Paper szes: L
, ?L
, poslcard
, card (5.48.0 cm), T0T5 cm, 57
, A4
, TTT7
, A3
, A3 wIde
roII paper (9/T0/T3/?T cm), 8.9?5.4 cm
(panorama), WIde,
T0T? In.
, 8T0 In.
|SeIeclabIe paper sIzes may dIer dependIng on lhe prInler.
| Iapers IndIcaled wIlh a + sIgn enabIe lhe IrInl wIlh shoolIng
InIormalIon lo be prInled as weII. (AppIIcabIe onIy lo Canon
prInlers compalIbIe wIlh lhIs Iealure.)
17-5 Paper types: IIaIn, Iholo (Iholo Iaper IIus CIossy), Iasl Iholo (Iholo
Iaper Iro), DeIauIl (Iholo Iaper IIus CIossy)
|Canon paper names are In parenlheses above.
|SeIeclabIe paper lypes may dIer dependIng on lhe prInler.
17-6 Prntng ehects T) WIlh Canon prInlers.
(lmage optmzaton): ON (LxII prInl), OII (No prInlIng eecls), VIVID/NR (NoIse
reduclIon), VIVID+NR, NormaI (LxII prInl), Iace
?) WIlh non-Canon prInlers.
ON, OII, NormaI
| The sellIngs Ior ON/NormaI are sel by lhe prInler
| SeIeclabIe prInler eecls may dIer dependIng on lhe
17-7 Trmmng: TrIm horIzonlaIIy up lo 8 sleps, verlIcaIIy up lo 5 sleps.
The lrImmIng melhod wIII depend on lhe B}D/CID prInler.
GeneraI lnIormaton
17-8 Layout: Borders, borderIess, ?/4/8/9/T0/?0/35-Image Iayoul
(dupIIcale Images on one sheel), IrInl wIlh shoolIng
InIormalIon, ?0-up prInl wIlh shoolIng InIormalIon, 35-up
conlacl prInl, slandard sellIng (borderIess wIlh Canon prInlers)
|SeIeclabIe Iayouls may dIer dependIng on lhe prInler.
| ?0-up prInl wIlh shoolIng InIormalIon and 35-up conlacl
prInl (35mm conlacl sheel), Images specIhed wIlh DIOI
wIII be prInled. SeIeclabIe when A4 or 8.5TT (Leller) Is
sel (possIbIe onIy wIlh Canon prInlers compalIbIe wIlh lhIs
| IrInl wIlh shoolIng InIormalIon can be sel onIy when lhe
paper sIze Is 9T3 cm or Iarger (possIbIe onIy wIlh Canon
prInlers compalIbIe wIlh lhIs Iealure).
17- Date and hIe No. Dale, hIe No., Bolh, O, Slandard sellIng (sel lo O by Canon
mprntng: prInlers).
The prInler musl be compalIbIe wIlh prInlIng lhe dale or hIe
17-10 DPOF-compatbIe: DIOI prInl orderIng possIbIe
| When Index and slandard are bolh sel, Index prInlIng wIII be
IoIIowed by slandard prInlIng.
| Ior hIe No. ImprInlIng, lhe prInler musl be compalIbIe wIlh
prInlIng lhe hIe No.
17-11 Transmsson ITI
protocoI: Sel wIlh lhe menu's [CommunIcalIon|.
17-12 Data transIer system: }ILC
Image processIng Is execuled by lhe prInler.
17-13 PrntabIe mages: DesIgn ruIe Ior Camera IIIe syslem-compIIanl }ILC Images
}ILC Images In RAW+}ILC Images can be prInled, bul nol
RAW Images.
17-14 Drect Prnt: WIlh camera's DIrecl IrInl bullon
| When lhe camera Is ready Ior prInlIng and you pIayback an
Image, lhe DIrecl IrInl bullon's bIue Iamp IIghls. SeIecl an
Image and press lhe DIrecl IrInl bullon lo slarl lhe prInlIng.
| DurIng prInlIng, lhe bIue Iamp bIInks.
| On lhe Image pIayback screen, lhe prInl sellIngs (paper sIze,
border, dale, elc.) are aIso dIspIayed.
H To change lhe prInl sellIngs, press lhe SLT bullon beIore
prInlIng. (Same procedure as normaI dIrecl prInlIng.)
18.DPOF (Prnt orderng)
18-1 System: CompIIes lo DIOI VersIon T.T
18-2 Spechcaton wth T) IndIvIduaI Images
prnt screen: ?) AII Images In lhe IoIder
3) AII Images In lhe card
IrInl specIhcalIon Is nol possIbIe Ior RAW Images.
18-3 Prnt type: T) Slandard
?) Index
3) Bolh
GeneraI lnIormaton
18-4 Date/FIe No. prnt:
Prnt type
CPD B!D PctBrdge
Date FIe No. Date FIe No. Date FIe No.
Standard Yes Yes Yes No . .
lndex Yes Yes No No . .
Standard Yes Yes Yes No . .
lndex Yes Yes No No . .
For ndex prnts wth B!D, the date or hIe No. wII not be mprnted even I t s
set to |ON].
Whether usng PctBrdge s possbIe or not depends on the prnter.
18-5 Camera drect: WIlh a B}D/CID prInler or IIclBrIdge prInler connecled, balch
prInlIng oI specIhed Images Is possIbIe.
IrInled aIler lhe paper sIze and borders on/o are specIhed.
1-1 Camera settng The currenl camera sellIngs (shoolIng mode, elc.) can be saved
regstraton: In lhe Mode DIaI's C posIlIon.
| The camera sellIngs lhal can be saved are lhose dIspIayed
on lhe LCD paneI and lhe Ilems and sellIngs In lhe menus.
| The IoIIowIng cannol be saved. TIme InIormalIon, Ianguage,
communIcalIon sellIng, vIdeo oulpul, and olher sellIngs
whIch cannol be resel lo lhe deIauIl wIlh lhe camera resel
| LnabIed wIlh lhe menu's [RegIsler camera sellIngs|.
1-2 Custom Functons: ?T Cuslom IunclIons wIlh 57 sellIngs sellabIe wIlh lhe
20.ExternaI lnterIace
20-1 DgtaI termnaI: USB ?.0 HI-Speed, mInI B porl
20-2 Vdeo output termnaI: IrovIded (NTSC/IAL)
20-3 Remote controI N3-lype lermInaI
21.Power Source
21-1 Battery: Ballery Iack BI-5TTA/BI-5T4/BI-5TT/BI-5T? T
|WIlh lhe AC Adapler KIl ACK-L?, AC power Is possIbIe.
| WIlh BATTLRY CRII BC-L4, lwo ballery packs can be used.
Or sIx sIze-AA ballerIes can be used.
21-2 Man swtch: OII/ON/ON (QuIck ConlroI DIaI ON), 3 sellIngs
Iower lurns o II lhe CI card sIol cover or ballery chamber
cover Is opened.
21-3 Start-up tme: Approx. 0.? sec.
21-4 Battery check: AulomalIc ballery check when lhe maIn swIlch Is lurned on.
The ballery IeveI Is IndIcaled by one oI lhree IeveIs on lhe LCD
paneI (or Iour IeveIs II non-dIspIay Is counled).
GeneraI lnIormaton
21-5 Power-savng Ieature Iower lurns o aIler lhe sel lIme oI non-operalIon eIapses.
(Auto power oh): | SeIecl Irom lhe menu's [Aulo power o| lhe lIme. T, ?, 4, 8,
T5, or 30 mIn.
| The camera lurns back on when you press lhe shuller
bullon, menu bullon, or anolher bullon (excepl lhe eIghl-
dIreclIon key, Lrase bullon, and }UMI bullon).
| II Il Is [O| and lhe LCD monIlor Is dIspIayed conlInuousIy,
lhe monIlor wIII lurn o aIler 30 mIn. oI non-use.
21-6 Max. buIb exposure Approx. T.5 conlInuous hours
21-7 Date/tme back-up LIlhIum CR?0T0 bullon ballery T
battery: Ballery IIIe approx. 5 years
| No backup ballery warnIng.
| Dale/lIme Is resel when lhe ballery Is repIaced.
22.Body (Chasss) MateraI SlaInIess sleeI
23-1 Exteror materaI: Top, Ironl, and rear covers made oI magnesIum aIIoy
23-2 Exteror coIor: IInIsh. BIack, CrIp's anlI-sIIp rubber. BIack
23-3 Trpod socket: CU T/4
23-4 LCD paneI LCD paneI IIIumInalIon bullon provIded
IIumnaton: | Iress lhe bullon Ior 0-sec. IIIumInalIon. Iress agaIn lo lurn
Il o. Turns o aulomalIcaIIy ? sec. aIler Image caplure.
| IIIumInalIon Is proIonged II any shoolIng-reIaled bullon or
dIaI Is used.
24.Dmensons T5? (W) TT3 (H) 75(D) mm
0.0 (W) 4.4 (H) 3.0 (D) In.
25.Weght Approx. 8T0 g / ?8.0 oz. (Ballery Is 8? g / ?.9 oz.)
| LxcIudes ballery pack, body cap, eyecup, and CI card.
| IncIudes backup ballery.
26.Operatng Envronment
26-1 Operatng 0C lo 40C / 3? lo T04I
26-2 Operatng humdty: 85 or Iess
27-1 Battery Grp: BATTLRY CRII BC-L4
27-2 Focusng screen: Slandard IrecIsIon Malle Le-A
IrecIsIon Malle wIlh CrId Le-D
Super IrecIsIon Malle Le-S
27-3 Battery Pack: BI-5TTA
27-4 Battery Charger: CC-580
27-5 lnterIace CabIe: IIC-400ICU
27-6 Vdeo cabIe: VC-T00
GeneraI lnIormaton
27-7 Strap: WIde Slrap LW-T00DCR
27-8 EOS System See lhe Syslem Accessory CompalIbIIIly TabIe.
GeneraI lnIormaton
4.1 NomencIature
Fg. 018 NomencIature
Tripod socket
compartment cover
Battery compartment
cover release lever
Digital terminal
Video OUT terminal
Remote control
terminal (N3)
PC terminal
DC coupler cordhole
Quick Control Dial
Setting button
AE lock/FE lock button/
Index/Reduce button
AF point selector/Enlarge button
Viewfinder eyepiece
Dioptric adjustment knob
Power switch
Strap mount
Drive mode button/ISO speed button
Metering mode/
Flash exposure compensation button
AF mode/White balance button
Access lamp
CF card slot cover
MENU button
Erase button
Playback button
Jump button
INFO button/
orientation button
LCD monitor
Direct print button
LCD panel illumination button
LCD panel
Hot shoe
Main Dial
(Battery compartment)
X-sync contacts
Shutter button
Mode dial
Lens release button
Depth-of-field preview button
Self-timer lamp
Strap mount
Extension terminal cover
Date/time battery holder
Date/time battery
holder screw
GeneraI lnIormaton
4.2 Dmensons

Fg. 01 Sx Exteror Vews

GeneraI lnIormaton
5. Vl5UAL lNDlCAT0k5
5.1 Vewhnder lnIormaton
Fg. 020 Vewhnder lnIormaton
Maximum burst
AF points
(with superimposed display)
AE lock / AEB in-progress
Improper FE lock warning
High-speed sync
(FP flash)
FE lock
Exposure level
Exposure compensation amount
Flash exposure compensation amount
AEB level
Focus confirmation light
Spot metering circle Focusing screen
CF card full warning (Full CF)
CF card error warning (Err CF)
No CF card warning (no CF)
Shutter speed
FE lock (FEL)
Busy (buSY)
Grid-type matte screen
Flash exposure compensation
White balance correction
GeneraI lnIormaton
5.2 LCD PaneI lnIormaton and ModeI DaI
Fg. 021 LCD PaneI lnIormaton
Fg. 022 Mode DaI
AF point selection ( )
CF card full warning (Full CF)
CF card error warning (Err CF)
No CF card warning (no CF)
Error code (Err)
Cleaning image sensor (CLn)
Shutter speed
Busy (buSY)
ISO speed
ISO speed
Shots remaining
Shots remaining during WB-BKT
Self-timer countdown
Bulb exposure time
Custom Function
AF mode
* Manual focus when none is
Metering mode
Centerweighted average
Drive mode
Exposure compensation amount
AEB level
Flash exposure compensation amount
CF card writing status
Exposure level
Recording quality
Flash exposure
Battery check
White balance
Tungsten light
White fluorescent light
Color temperature
Monochrome shooting
WB Correction
Shutter-priority AE
Aperture-priority AE
Program AE
Full Auto
Camera user
Manual exposure
GeneraI lnIormaton
5.3 LCD Montor Menus
)Shootng Menu
Fg. 023 Menu Functons (Shootng)
Color Item
Custom WB
Color temp. 2800K - 10000K (5200K)
Adbe RGB
Filter effect
Toning effect
0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
-4, -3, -2, -1, 0, +1, +2, +3, +4
User Defined Select the base Picture Style, register it, and adjust its parameters.
Picture style (-> Picture style setting screen)
Shoot w/o card
0, 1/3, 2/3, 1, 1_1/3, 1_2/3, 2 (With C.Fn-06-0)
Color space
Color tone
0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
-4, -3, -2, -1, 0, +1, +2, +3, +4
-4, -3, -2, -1, 0, +1, +2, +3, +4
-4, -3, -2, -1, 0, +1, +2, +3, +4
(Recording quality setting
WB correction: B: 9-0-A: 9, M: 9-0-G: 9
WB-BKT setting: B/A or M/G bias. 0, 1,2, 3
(Image selection screen/SET button: Set)
(WB correction/BKT setting
0, 1/2, 1, 1_1/2, 2 (With C.Fn-06-1)
Full auto
GeneraI lnIormaton
)PIayback Menu
Fg. 024 Menu Functons (PIayback)
Color Item
Order (Image selection screen, quantity setting)
Print Type Standard/Index/Both
Date On/Off
File No. On/Off
Mark all
Clear all
Print Cancel/OK/Style/Resume
Auto Play
2 sec.
4 sec.
8 sec.
Not display
(Autoplay screen/SET button: Playback, Pause)
Review time
AF points
(Image selection screen/SET button: Protect, cancel)
(Image selection screen/SET button: 902700)
Print Order (Print specification screen)
Set up
GeneraI lnIormaton
G)Set-up Menu
Fg. 025 Menu Functons (Setup)
Items which are not displayed in Full Auto mode.
Color Item
1 min.
2 min.
4 min.
8 min.
15 min.
30 min.
LCD brightness
Date/Time (Date/time setting screen) yy/mm/dd, mm/dd/yy, dd/mm/yy
Auto reset
Manual reset
Select folder
English Svenska
Franais (Russian)
Nederlands (Simplified Chainese)
Dansk (Traditional Chinese)
Suomi (Korean)
Italiano (Japanese)
PC connect.
Custom Functions(C.Fn)
Clear all camera settings Cancel/OK
Clear all Custom Functions Cancel/OK
Clear registered Camera set. Cancel/OK
Reqister camera settings
Sensor cleaning
Image transfer (LAN) settings
Firmware Ver. *
(Camera setting registration screen)
Auto rotate
Auto power off
(CF card formatting screen/Cancel/OK)
(Language setting screen) Language
File numbering
(Select/Create folder screen)
(Reset screen)
Video system
(LAN setting screen)
(Brightness setting screen/5 levels with Quick Control Dial, image and gray chart also displayed)
(Sensor cleaning screen/Cancel/OK)
(To firmware update screen with SET button/Cancel/OK)
Clear settings
(Custom Function setting screen/C.Fn-00 to 20)
* Factory defaults:
For Japan: Japanese/NTSC/Year, month, day
For N. America: English/NTSC/Month, day, year
Other regions: English/PAL/Day, month, year
GeneraI lnIormaton
6.1 Custom Functon Lst
TabIe 006 Custom Functons (1/2)
C.Fn Custom Functon No. Settng
00 Focusng Screen
0 Ee-A
1 Ee-D
2 Ee-S
01 SET Iuncton when shootng
0 DeIauIt (no Iuncton)
1 Change quaIty
2 Change Pcture StyIe
3 Menu dspIay
4 lmage repIay
02 Long exposure nose reducton
0 Oh
1 Auto
2 On
03 FIash sync. speed n Av mode
0 Auto
1 1/200 sec. (Fxed)
04 Shutter/AE Iock button
0 AF/AE Iock
1 AE Iock/AF
2 AF/AF Iock, no AE Iock
3 AE/AF, no AE Iock
05 AF-assst beam
0 Emts
1 Does not emt
06 Exposure IeveI ncrements
0 1/3-stop
1 1/2-stop
07 FIash hrng
0 Fres
1 Does not hre
08 lSO expanson
0 Oh
1 On
0 Bracket sequence/Auto canceI
0 0,-,+/EnabIe
1 0,-,+/DsabIe
2 -,0,+/EnabIe
3 -,0,+/DsabIe
10 Supermposed dspIay
0 On
1 Oh
11 Menu button dspIay poston
0 Prevous (top I power oh)
1 Prevous
2 Top
12 Mrror Iockup
0 DsabIe
1 EnabIe
13 AF pont seIecton method
0 NormaI
1 MuIt-controIIer drect
2 Quck ControI DaI drect
GeneraI lnIormaton
TabIe 006 Custom Functons (2/2)
C.Fn Custom Functon No. Settng
0 EvaIuatve
1 Average
15 Shutter curtan sync.
0 1st-curtan sync.
1 2nd-curtan sync.
16 SaIety shIt n Av or Tv
0 DsabIe
1 EnabIe
17 AF pont actvaton area
0 Standard
1 Expanded
18 LCD dspI Return to shoot.
0 Wth Shutter Button onIy
1 AIso wth etc.
1 Lens AF stop button Iuncton
0 AF stop
1 AF start
2 AE Iock whIe meterng
3 AF pont:MAuto/Autoctr.
5 lS start
20 Add orgnaI decson data
0 Oh
1 On
GeneraI lnIormaton
7. Pk06kAM DlA6kAM5
7.1 Program Dagrams
7.2 E-TTL Program Dagrams
Fg. 027 E-TTL II autohash program Ine
4 5 21 22 EV -2 -1 2 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 0 1 3 6 7 8 9
With lens' minimum aperture
High-speed sync (FP flash) (dotted line)
With lens' maximum aperture (max. f/2.0)
Shutter speed
Fg. 026 Program AE Lnes (EF50mm I/1.4 USM)
GeneraI lnIormaton
8. 55TEM ACCE550klE5 C0MPATllLlT TALE5
8.1 System Accessores
Fg. 028 System map
GeneraI lnIormaton
8.2 System Accessory CompatbIty
Nole lhal lhe IoIIowIng syslem accessorIes have some reslrIclIons when used wIlh lhe LOS
TabIe 007 Accessores wth Restrctons
lnterchangeabIe Lenses
Lens Mount Converter FD-EOS AIthough t can be used wth manuaI exposure, exposure
error occurs. ThereIore, these tems wII be omcaIIy Isted as
Macro Lens Mount Converter FD-EOS
CompatbIe wth externaI hash meterng and manuaI hash
(FuII output wth TTL autohash)
CompatbIe wth manuaI hash
(FuII output wth TTL autohash)
FuII output onIy 300EZ
Wred muIt-SpeedIte accessores The above restrctons Ior the SpeedItes appIy.
Remote ControI
Remote Swtch 60T3 CompatbIe when used wth RA-N3.
WreIess Remote ControIIer LC-3
CompatbIe when used wth RA-N3.
The 1SR cannot canceI the auto power oh mode. AIso, shutter
reIease s not possbIe whIe the meterng s not actve.
When t s ON, shutter reIease may not work when the shutter
button s pressed compIeteIy n one stroke.
WreIess Remote ControIIer LC-4
The 1SR cannot canceI the auto power oh mode. AIso, shutter
reIease s not possbIe whIe the meterng s not actve.
When t s ON, shutter reIease may not work when the shutter
button s pressed compIeteIy n one stroke.
Syslem accessorIes nol IIsled above are compIeleIy compalIbIe wIlh LOS 5D.
GeneraI lnIormaton
9. 0PEkATl0N CAUTl0N5
CaulIons Remarks
|lmagng sensor]
T. When cIeanIng lhe CMOS sensor, use onIy a
hand bIower lo bIow o dusl, elc. Never louch
lhe CMOS surIace wIlh any brush, cIolh, or
cIeanIng agenl. AIso do nol use pressurIzed
(canned) aIr or gas lo cIean lhe CMOS sensor.
ThIs Is lo prevenl damage lo lhe sensor
?. II lhere Is a slrong IIghl source wIlhIn
lhe Image area, ghoslIng mIghl occur al a
symmelrIcaI posIlIon or near lhe IIghl source.
As per lhe desIgn oI Iow-pass hIler.
|lmage Recordng and PIayback]
3. WhIIe lhe access Iamp Is bIInkIng, do nol
shake or sub|ecl lhe camera lo any physIcaI
shock and do nol open lhe Compacl IIash
card sIol cover or remove lhe ballery.
DoIng so may damage lhe slored Images,
Compacl IIash card, or even lhe camera IlseII.
4. Do nol Ieave or use lhe camera near a slrong
magnelIc heId such as a leIevIsIon, audIo
speaker, or magnel.
A magnelIc or eIeclromagnelIc heId can
adverseIy aecl lhe Image on lhe LCD monIlor.
Il may aIso prevenl proper shoolIng and Image
recordIng and damage Images In lhe Compacl
IIash card.
5. Do nol Ieave or use lhe camera near an
eIeclronIc lransmIssIon lower, elc., whIch
emIls a slrong magnelIc heId.
The eIeclrIc wave can adverseIy aecl lhe Image
on lhe LCD monIlor. Il may aIso prevenl proper
shoolIng and Image recordIng and damage
Images In lhe Compacl IIash card.
0. II a hIgh ISO speed Is sel, Iewer Images can be
As per lhe desIgn.
(The LCD paneI wIII show lhe remaInIng shols
whIch varIes dependIng on lhe ISO speed.)
7. When an Image caplured wIlh Adobe RCB
Is dIspIayed on lhe LCD monIlor or TV sel,
dIspIayed In an sRCB envIronmenl, or prInled
by an sRCB prInler, lhe Image wIII have Iow
coIor saluralIon.
ThIs occurs because lhe coIor space Is nol
(Compared lo sRCB, Adobe RCB's coIor
reproduclIon range Is wIder. II lhe Image Is
dIspIayed vIa sRCB wIlhoul prohIe conversIon,
lhe coIor reproduclIon range becomes narrow.)
(To oblaIn accurale reproduclIon oI Adobe RCB
In an sRCB envIronmenl, use Image-edIlIng
soIlware IIke Adobe Iholoshop lo converl lhe
prohIe lo sRCB.)
There Is no probIem prInlIng wIlh a CI prInler.
GeneraI lnIormaton
CaulIons Remarks
|Whte baIance]
8. When WB-BKT Is sel, lhe shols remaInIng wIII
decrease lo aboul one-lhIrd oI lhe normaI
WIlh WB-BKT, each shol yIeIds lhree Images.
The number oI shoolIng lImes remaInIng Is
dIspIayed when WB-BKT Is sel.
9. When usIng lhe specIhed coIor lemperalure
In ambIenl IIghl havIng an adverse coIor casl,
sel lhe whIle baIance correclIon by ad|uslIng
lhe green or amber bIas.
SInce lhe coIor lemperalure Is based on a
bIackbody Iocus, II lhe bad ambIenl IIghl does
nol conIorm lo lhe bIackbody Iocus, lhe correcl
whIle baIance wIII nol be oblaIned.
T0. II you enler In lhe camera lhe coIor
lemperalure readIng (lo specIIy lhe
coIor lemperalure) laken wIlh a
commercIaIIyavaIIabIe coIor lemperalure
meler, you mIghl nol oblaIn lhe correcl
whIle baIance.
The coIor lemperalure slandard may dIer
belween lhe camera and coIor lemperalure
meler. The coIor lemperalure meler's readIng
mIghl aIso IncIude a margIn oI error.
TT. WIlh lhe LI 70-?00mm I/?.8L USM allached
wIlh an Lxlender, use lhe cenler AI poInl lo
IocusIng Is possIbIe wIlh aII lhe AI poInls.
However, lhe IocusIng precIsIon cannol be
guaranleed wIlh lhe AI poInls olher lhan lhe
cenler AI poInl.
T?. DurIng conlInuous shoolIng wIlh aulomalIc
AI poInl seIeclIon and AI SLRVO AI, when
lhe sub|ecl moves lo anolher AI poInl, lhe
conlInuous shoolIng speed may become
DurIng IocusIng when lhe sub|ecl moves
lo anolher AI poInl, IocusIng Is dIsabIed
momenlarIIy. Il lhen lakes lIme lo reIocus agaIn,
causIng lhe IrreguIar shoolIng speed. (The same
lhIng occurs wIlh lhe LOS-TV.)
T3. RegardIess oI lhe C.In-09 sellIng, lhe ILB
sequence wIII IoIIow lhe SpeedIIle's sellIng.
The C.In-09 sellIng appIIes onIy lo ALB and
T4. WIlh LOS-dedIcaled SpeedIIles olher lhan
lhe LX-serIes, auloash Is nol possIbIe.
ThIs Is because Il does nol have a ash exposure
sensor Ior A-TTL/TTL. In lhe A-TTL/TTL mode,
lhe ash hres al IuII oulpul.
T5. Do nol connecl a ?50V or hIgher hIgh-
voIlage ash unIl lo lhe IC lermInaI.
A voIlage oI ?50V or hIgher wIII damage lhe IC
lermInaI's InlernaI cIrcuIlry.
T0. Do nol connecl a hIgh-voIlage ash unIl lo
lhe hol shoe.
Il may nol hre.
T7. Do nol excessIveIy bend or dIsassembIe lhe
MaIIunclIon may resuIl due lo cabIe
dIsconneclIon or shorl-cIrcuIlIng.
T8. BeIore dIspIayIng caplured Images on a TV
monIlor, check whelher Il uses lhe NTSC or
IAL syslem.
II lhe TV monIlor uses a dIerenl syslem, lhe
Images wIII nol be dIspIayed properIy. (The
deIauIl sellIng Is NTSC Ior lhe }apan and N.
AmerIca, and IAL Ior olher counlrIes.)
GeneraI lnIormaton
CaulIons Remarks
|LCD Montor]
T9. When lhe LCD monIlor Is on, lhere mIghl
be bIack, red, or green dols lhal are aIways
These are dead pIxeIs whIch number 0.0?
or Iess oI lhe LCD monIlor's lolaI number oI
eeclIve pIxeIs. The recorded Images are nol
|Custom/PersonaI Functons]
?0. C.In-00 musl be sel lo malch lhe respeclIve
IocusIng screen.
The camera has lhree lypes oI correclIon dala
Ior lhe lhree IocusIng screens. II lhe wrong
correclIon dala Is used Ior lhe InslaIIed IocusIng
screen, lhe exposure wIII be lhrown o.
?T. WIlh C.In-T?-T (mIrror Iockup) sel, do nol
poInl lhe camera loward lhe sun or any
brIghl IIghl source.
DoIng so can damage lhe shuller curlaIns, cause
slray IIghl lo enler, or damage lhe ImagIng
|Camera & Msc.]
??. There Is a smaII noIse when lhe camera Is
ThIs Is lhe sound oI lhe baII In lhe camera
orIenlalIon deleclIon unIl.