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Brace yourselves, Florida voters. The election
ballot youll see shortly is longer than ever!
Its so long that you will have to fill out multiple
sheets with races on both sides, then feed those
multiple pages through ballot scanners, one page
at a time.

Are you sure you want to vote at the polls?
Youre caught between a rock and a hard
place. You have to choose between unbearably
long lines at the polls or up to $1.50 postage to return
mail ballots. Which do you prefer?
Your Supervisor of Elections and the Florida
Democratic Party are urging you to vote by mail
early voting lines are predicted to be unbearably
long as well. We dont want you to take a look at
the voting queue and decide you dont want to
stand in the heat (and/or rain) and so you decide
to go home and not vote. Your vote is crucial in
this election! Vote by mail!
If you vote at home, you can vote in your
pajamas in air conditioned comfort! And . . .
within a few days, robo-calls will stop!
The Tampa Bay Times reports:
The ballot will be chock full of choices,
for president, U.S. Senate, Congress, the state
Legislature, county offices and merit retention
for judges, all the way down to city and county
Amendments But what may prompt you to rub
your eyes in disbelief is the Legislatures decision
to place 11 proposed amendment changes to the
Constitution on the ballot some of which appear
in their entirety. Four of the amendments run on
for hundreds of words, and are full of legalese.
They have really created a monster, said
Monroe County Supervisor of Elections Harry
Sawyer Jr. in Key West.
Voter Fatigue Due to the length of the ballot,
there is a tendency for you to overlook the city or
county ballot questions listed at the bottom of the
ballot. But dont let voter fatigue stop you from
making your wishes known on every question, no
matter how far down the ballot they are.
This is the longest ballot I
can remember, said Pinellas
County Supervisor of Elections
Deborah Clark. The voter who
sees this ballot the first time
may need smelling salts.
To get your
mail ballot:
By Phone: Right now,
before you forget, call your
Florida Supervisor of Elections
at 1-866-308-6739 and request
a mail ballot for all the elections
through 2014.
Your vote is important!
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Languages Another factor making the ballot
longer is a federal requirement that 13 counties
must print ballots in English and Spanish because
of their voting populations. The states two largest
counties, Miami-Dade and Broward, must print
ballots in English, Spanish and Creole.
Scan Machines Also, all the many ballot pages
means more work for those box-shaped optical
scan machines that read the results. That has
elections officials bracing for another problem.
The boxes below those scanners can only hold so
many pages, and they will have to be replaced a
lot more frequently than usual. That also will hold
up voting.
Sample Ballot In most counties, every
registered voter will receive a sample ballot. If
you want to vote on Election Day you should
completely fill out the sample ballot at home and
bring it with you when you vote.
Postage There are several ways to save postage
on mail ballots:
you may deliver them in person to a local
Supervisor of Elections office,
you may deliver them to a local Democratic
campaign office. They will bring your ballot to
the Supervisor of Elections office for you.
you may deliver them to your Democratic
Precinct Captain (or block worker). They will
bring your ballot to the Supervisor of Elections
office for youor you may call your local block
worker to pick up your ballot.
Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan
Bucher said the postage needed to return a mail
ballot there is $1.50. ##
Joan Ruaiz, Democrats For Progress
My Choice My choice come November 6, 2012
will not be a surprise, as I will vote to re-elect the
incumbent President, Barack Obama.
The reasons why I will work hard to re-elect the
President and try to give him an overwhelming
congressional majority in both the House and the
Senate are very clear to me; and self-serving as
they are, I believe my actions will also benefit a
majority of Americans; even those who dont quite
know it yet.
Think About It What Id like folks to
envision in the meantime is what would happen
if progressives woke up the morning of November
7th, and reality hit that the President-elect is not
Barack Obama?
I respectfully suggest that some of the questions
we should all ask ourselves, especially those who
havent already done so, are as follows:
How will you feel
when the new President nominates partisan
cabinet members like Phil Gramm for Treasury,
Jeb Bush for the Justice Department, John
Kasich for the Office of Management and Budget,
Scott Walker for Labor Secretary, Paul Ryan for
Health and Human Services, Rudy Giuliani as
Secretary of State, John McCain as Secretary of
Defense, and Newt Gingrich as UN Ambassador?
Sure, it may not be those particular ideologues in
those exact positions; in fact, it could be worse
still. Keep that in mind.
How will you feel
when the new President gets a chance to
replace Justice Kennedy, or worse yet, Justices
Breyer and Ginsberg? What about all of the
other judicial nominees that the new President
will get to choose?
How will you feel
when the new President gets to sign into law
the privatization of Social Security?
How will you feel
when the new President gets to sign the age
increase for Medicare eligibility, and the
cutting of benefits for seniors?
[Polls, continued from page 1]
Electoral Prayer: Lord,
protect us from the
How will you feel
when the new President signs the bill
repealing the Affordable Care Act, and thereby
nullifies the ability for patients who have pre-
existing conditions to be covered by insurance
How will you feel
when the new President dismantles the new
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau?
How will you feel
when the new President pushes to reverse the
Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and
Disclosure (CARD) Act?
How will you feel
when the new President works to reverse
How will you feel
when the new President rescinds benefits to
same-sex partners of federal employees?
How will you feel
when the new President reduces or eliminates
the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
(aka Food Stamps)?
How will you feel
when the new President doesnt extend
unemployment insurance for the unemployed,
and wont compromise on the issue whatsoever?
How will you feel
when the new President reverses policy advances
made in our relations with Cuba?
How will you feel
when the new President re-establishes a
middleman for student loans?
How will you feel
when the new President refuses to hold any
discussion with labor, or to have anything to
do with them?
How will you feel
when the new President ignores the United
Nations, and becomes their nemesis?
How will you feel
when the new President decides that the
Afghanistan timetable for bringing our troops
home shouldnt be followed?
How will you feel
when the new President cuts federal education
spending, and pushes vouchers?
How will you feel
when the new President advocates to deny
national funding to NPR and Planned
Parenthood, and the National Endowment for
the Arts?
How will you feel
when the new President increases taxes on
the working poor, and decreases taxes on
corporations, capital gains and the estate tax?
How will you feel
when the new President pushes to abolish the
EPA, the Department of Education, and the
How will you feel
when the new President denies climate change?
How will you feel
when the new President decides to push for
a DOMA-style (Defense of Marriage Act)
Constitutional amendment?
How will you feel
when you have to look at this new President
on the television, a President who talks in
bumper sticker slogans, while being divisive,
ideologically driven, and grossly arrogant, and
who governs with regard to his own base and
not all Americans?
How will you feel
that you didnt do everything possible to assist
in the 2012 re-election campaign because you
rationalized that there was nothing good you
could say about President Barack Obama,
or you conveniently convinced yourself that
someone else would handle your share (or so
you assumed)? How will you justify protest
then, or even be angry knowing that you always
had a choice and yet you chose to do less than
you could do?
Will you be glad you stuck to your principles,
or appalled at the avalanche of radical changes
[Continued on page 4, How Will You Feel]
proposed by the new administration? And what
will you do about it at that time that couldnt have
been done before?
Yes, there is a very clear choice, even if you really
would rather not think about it right at the moment.
I, on the other hand, have been thinking about it
all along, and Im sure there are even worse things
that would come down the pike, unimaginable to
me at this time.
But you know what? Perhaps this is the kind
of reality-based exercise that we really need,
especially those who claim to care about our
future. Perhaps now is the time to start getting
FIRED UP AND READY TO GO, because waiting
until we are in an unthinkable position will be, for
sure, way too late. ##
In his acceptance speech to the Democratic
National Convention in 1936, President Franklin
Delano Roosevelt reminded us that necessitous
men are not free men.
A Decent Living Liberty requires
opportunity to make a living a living
decent according to the standard of the
time, a living which gives man not only
enough to live by, but something to live for.
We Are No Longer Free For too many
of us the political equality we once had won
was meaningless in the face of economic
inequality. A small group had concentrated
into their own hands an almost complete
control over other peoples property, other
peoples money, other peoples labor
other peoples lives. For too many of us life
was no longer free; liberty no longer real;
men could no longer follow the pursuit of
Economic Tyranny Against economic
tyranny such as this, the American citizen
could appeal only to the organized power
of government.
Unresponsive Since 2009, Americas jobless
have made those appeals time and time again, but
to no avail. Their government proved unresponsive
in their time of greatest need.
Fully cognizant of the link between economic
tyranny and the forces of reaction, Roosevelt
would have been appalled that so little was done.
In fact, his 1936 speech contained this paragraph:
We are poor indeed if this nation cannot
afford to lift from every recess of American
life the dread fear of the unemployed that
they are not needed in the world. We cannot
afford to accumulate a deficit in the books
of human fortitude.
And yet, we have. Politicians are focused on the
other deficits, the federal and state deficits, to
appease the economic tyrants of our day.
Americas jobless may have lost their freedom, lost
their liberty, and lost their opportunity to make
a living. But they still hold dear one, last vestige
of that political equality they won step by bloody
step since 1776: the right to vote.
Vote Courageously Cast courageously, the
40 million votes from jobless households can
eliminate the economic tyranny that effectively
ended their pursuit of happiness. ##
[How Will You Feel, continued from page 3]
What about the argument, which I hear all the time,
that Mr. Obama should have fixed the economy
long ago? The claim goes like this: during his first
two years in office Mr. Obama had a majority in
Congress that would have let him do anything he
wanted, so hes had his chance.
The short answer is, youve got to be kidding.
As anyone who was paying attention knows, the
period during which Democrats controlled both
houses of Congress was marked by unprecedented
obstructionism in the Senate. The filibuster,
formerly a tactic reserved for rare occasions,
became standard operating procedure; in practice,
it became impossible to pass anything without
60 votes. And Democrats had those 60 votes for
only a few months. Should they have tried to push
through a major new economic program during
that narrow window? In retrospect, yes but
that doesnt change the reality that for most of
Mr. Obamas time in office U.S. fiscal policy has
been defined not by the presidents plans but by
Republican stonewalling. --Paul Krugman ##
Dan Isaacson
Less than half of todays
candidates respond to voters
questions. As one national party
leader typically said when asked
why, It is not our job to educate, it
is our job to win!
Volunteer Eight
years ago, I was a
volunteer for Project
Vote Smart at the
beautiful Great Di-
vide Ranch research
center, a high tech
wilderness paradise
in Montana away from the chaos in Washington, DC.
Non-partisan, Nonprofit
Project Vote Smart is a non-partisan, nonprof-
it educational organization funded exclusively
through individual contributions and philan-
thropic foundations. They request volunteers and
interns leave their politics at the door when they
Project VoteSmart does not accept financial
contributions from any organization or special
interest that lobbies, supports,, or opposes any
candidate or issue.
Board Members All Project VoteSmart Board
Members must join with a political opposite:
Jimmy Carter/Gerald Ford, George McGovern/
Barry Goldwater, and so on. This policy ensures
balance and a strict impartiality in PVS programs,
services, and materials.
My Job My job on the Great Divide Ranch was
to enter candidate information data:
Voting records
Issue positions
Biographical Backgrounds
Campaign Contributors
Evaluations by computing special interests
All public statements
This information is issue
searchable, for every Presidential,
Congressional, Gubernatorial, and
State Legislature contest now
readily available from their
website: or by phone:
You may also request a free Project VoteSmart U. S.
Government OWNERS MANUAL, exposing the facts
on over 40,000 candidates and elected officials
from local offices to the Presidency. (see sample en-
try below)##
Authorized and Paid for by The Palm Beach County Democratic Party
Elections 2012
Mark Your 2012 Calendar!
General Election
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General Election Day: Tuesday, November 6, 2012
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Absentee Ballot Requests
Made Before January 1, 2011
Have Now Expired
To get your absentee ballot:
By Phone: Right now, before you forget,call your
Florida Supervisor of Elections at 1-866-308-6739
and request an absentee ballot for all the elections
through 2014. Your vote is important!
Right now voters can see their congressional candi-
dates on VoteSmarts award-winning VoteEasy tool.
With VoteEasy, all you have to do is answer
questions about where YOU stand on issues, and
VoteEasy matches you with the candidates that
are most like you. It makes what would otherwise
be hours of research on every candidate a painless
exercise. You can even rate how much each issue
most matters to you to fine tune your results.
With all the different information you have to look
at, Voting Smart can be hard. VoteEasy can take
some of the pain out of political research.
Media reviews:
Project Vote Smart would make the founders
weep with joy. U.S. News and World Report.
Vote Smart is heaven for political junkies.
USA Today
For reliable meat and potatoes political information,
research experts nearly all recommend Project
VoteSmart. The New York Times
Project VoteSmart is one of the nations most
trusted voter research organizations and may
be the most useful voter information project in
the country. Indianapolis Star
Project VoteSmart is free to all Americans.
Try it. Youll like it. ##
Vice President
Barack Obama/Joe Biden
U.S. Senate
Bill Nelson
U.S. House of
18 Patrick Murphy
20 Alcee Hastings
21 Ted Deutch
22 Lois Frankel
State Attorney
15 Dave Aronberg
State Senator
25 Joseph Abruzzo
27 Jeff Clemens
34 Maria Sachs
Tax Collector
Anne M. Gannon
Florida House of
81 Kevin Rader
85 David Lutrin
86 Mark Pafford
89 Tom Gustafson
90 Lori Berman
Florida Supreme Court
R. Fred Lewis
Barbara J. Pariente
Peggy A. Quince
District Court of Appeals
4 Burton C. Conner
Carole Y. Taylor
Palm Beach County
1 David Levy
3 Shelley Vana
5 Mary Lou Berger
Palm Beach County
School Board
1 Christine Jax
Special Taxing Districts
Greater Boca Raton
Beach & Park District
Seat 5
Steven M. Engel
Palm Beach Soil &
Water Conservation
Group 2
Drew A. Martin
Northern Improvement
Seat 4
John P. Cohen
Port of Palm Beach
Group 1
Wayne Richards
Group 3
Jean L. Enright
Palm Beach County
Ballot Questions
Question 1. Slot Machines At
Licensed Pari-Mutuel Facilities
In Palm Beach County.
The Democratic Party has
no official position on Ques-
tion 2.
Palm Beach County Democratic Party
2012 Democrats on the Ballot
One Page Guide To Voting
NOTE: If your district is not listed, either the seat was decided in the Primary, or
there is no Democrat running for that seat in the General election.
The Palm Beach
County Democratic
Party recommends a
YES vote to retain all
The Palm Beach
County Democratic
Party recommends
a NO vote on ALL
State Constitutional
Amendments. Dont
leave them blank!
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9,
10, 11, 12
You may take this Slate Card/Voting Reminder into the
voting booth with you.
TUESDAY, OCTOBER 2: Absentee Ballots will
begin to be mailed by the Supervisor of Elections to
everyone who has requested to Vote By Mail. If you
have not yet applied to Vote By Mail, call the Supervisor
of Elections at 561-656-6200 and press #2. All you
will need is your name and birthdate.
If you have already applied for an absentee ballot and
do not receive your ballot within a week, contact the
Supervisor of Elections at the number above.
Be sure to vote the ENTIRE BALLOT,
including ALL down-the-ballot races.
Remember to Sign & Date the Back of Your Sealed
Return Envelope.
Return Your Vote by Mail Ballot As Soon As
Remember: VOTED Ballots Can Not Be Turned In
at the Polls.
TUESDAY, OCTOBER 9: Voter Registration
Deadline for 2012 Election. Last day to register to vote
for the November 6 election. For information, go to or call 561-656-6200.
There are 14 Palm Beach County Early Voting Locations:
Any registered PBC voter can vote at any location.
Be sure to take photo ID.
WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 31: Deadline to request
Mail Ballots. Ballots may still be obtained up through the
day of the Election, Tuesday, November 6, directly at all
Supervisor of Elections Offices. For office locations, go to or call 561-656-6200.
All polls will be open from 7:00AM-7:00PM. If
you do not know the location of your precinct, go
to and click on Where Do I
Vote or call the SOE at 561-656-6200.
Be sure to take photo ID. (If you vote by mail, you
dont need a photo ID.)
You may take a Slate Card or voting reminder into
the voting booth with you.
Be sure to vote the ENTIRE BALLOT, including
ALL down-ticket races.
(Directions to each location below are available on
the SOE website. If the links below do not work,
go to
Supervisor of Elections Office: 240 South
Military Trail, West Palm Beach, FL 33415
Belle Glade City Hall: 110 Dr. Martin Luther
King Jr. Blvd West, Belle Glade, FL 33430
Boca Raton City Hall: 201 West Palmetto
Park Road, Boca Raton, FL 33432
Riviera Beach City Hall: 600 West Blue
Heron Boulevard, Riviera Beach, FL 33404
Acreage Branch Library: 15801 Orange
Blvd, Loxahatchee, FL 33470
Delray Beach Public Library: 100 West
Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33444
Hagen Ranch Road Library: 14350 Hagen
Ranch Road, Delray Beach, FL 33446
Jupiter Branch Library: 705 Military Trail,
Jupiter, FL 33458
Lantana Branch Library: 4020 Lantana
Road, Lantana, FL 33462
Okeechobee Boulevard Branch Library:
5689 W. Okeechobee Blvd, WPB, FL 33417
Palm Beach Gardens Library: 11303
Campus Drive, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
Wellington Branch Library: 1951 Royal
Fern Drive, Wellington, FL 33414
West Boca Branch Library: 18685 State
Road 7 (441), Boca Raton, FL 33498
West Boynton Branch Library: 9451 Jog
Road, Boynton Beach, FL 33437
Voted absentee ballots must be returned by
5:00PM on Election Day to the satellite SOE offices
or by 7:00PM at the Main SOE Office. (Locations
Remember, VOTED absentee ballots cannot be
turned in at the polls.
VERY IMPORTANT: Be sure to vote the
ENTIRE BALLOT all the way to the very bottom!
Please Remember to Sign and Date the Back of
Your Sealed Return Envelope.