Margaret Stojic Date: 12/16/13

I am definitely feeling better about myself and what I am putting in my body to fuel it. I am not feeling
guilty in the morning when I wake up, for what I have eaten the day before. Finally feel in control of what I
eat, rather than food controlling me. Program has also motivated me to start exercising more regularly.
Tips have helped me to drink more water and less coffee.
Ann Davenport Date 12/16/13
My overall outlook on the perspective of making sure I eat the right amount of calories, fat, and protein
alone with the right portion size and exercise has made a tremendous impact on my life. This is a change
in my life that I can and will manage throughout my life. I have already seen some changes in my weight
and in the next few months I am sure I will notice it in my health
Ann Davenport/ UPDATE Date 4/23/14
Maurice, I apologize for not attending our DPP Meeting today, I have to be in Clarksville.  I
wanted to let you know how I have been doing.  On April 11
 I had my routine doctor’s
appointment.  My doctor was very pleased because at my previous appointment I weighed 175
lbs, but on April 11
 I weighed 168 lb.  My A1c was 6.3 and previously it was 7.3 (my A1c was
off because she had changed my cholesterol medication to Astorvastin (Lipitor), which does
increase your blood sugar and causes severe leg cramps, but she changed it back at my
request); my cholesterol was below 166; my vitamin D level was back to normal; and my
Blood pressure was good,  120/70.
As a goal, I am contemplating riding my bike to the bus stop, which will be about a mile one-
way from my home, put my bike on the bus to ride into work, and ride my bike home from
the bus stop, which would give me an extra 2 miles of exercise at least three times a week,
during the nice weather, as soon as I can arrange to get a bike locker. 
As another goal, I am working on losing more weight by the time I go back to the doctor in 6
months.  This is all I can report at this time.  Thank you

Joan Cagle Date 12/16/13
I would say that my mood has definitely changed. I love the way that Maurice keeps us motivated each
week. I am more conscious of what I am eating because of keeping the food logs. I plan to continue
improving my food choices so that in the long run, I will have more energy and sleep better.

This document contains confidential and proprietary information, which may not be reproduced or
transmitted without the express written consent of Picture Wellness, LLC.

Joan Cagle/ UPDATE Date 4/28/14
On Saturday I completed the Country Music Marathon in Nashville.  As I mentioned to you in
class on Thursday, I hurt my back 3 weeks ago.  This back issue has limited my training;
however, I took your advice and used the stretching exercises you suggested.  When I started
the marathon, I felt great.  When I passed the 4 mile mark, my back began to hurt but not
much.  Once I got to the 9 mile mark, I was hurting more.  It was at this point, I thought
about you and how excited you were when I told you I would be doing this marathon.  In
addition, I was wearing my wristband from our class members brother that says, “I run for
Joe, 4-26-2014”.  These thoughts gave me the motivation I needed to keep going.   Because of
the pain, I had to slow my pace but I stayed determined to finish.
I have rested over the weekend and feel better today.  My personal goal for the marathon was
to finish at a pace of 15 minutes per mile.  I am proud to say that my finish time was 3:22
with a pace of 15.25!  So, even with the pain and having to slow down for the last 4 miles, I
still was very close. 
I am so thankful to be a part of your class.  You are a great motivator.  You may share results
if you want☺
Carol Sorbo Date 12/16/13
I feel more empowered with knowledge. I have been in several weight loss training programs and had a
good base of knowledge. But that has been built upon with additional information that helps to further
understand how the body works. I like the emphasis about health and not just weight loss. As we know
skinny doesn’t equal healthy.
Nancy Foster Date 12/16/13
My blood pressure has decreased from an average of 138/88 to 110/70. My pulse has decreased from
around 80 to 60. While I have not decreased my med, I have a routine physical in February and hope
then I will be off my blood pressure med. I now have enough energy to do things at home after work that I
could not do before.
Joyce Torrence Date 12/16/13
At my age, I have a fairly good grasp of what I need to do, still have a problem scheduling time for “me”
as opposed to the demands of family members, work and requests from friends for a piece of time.
Maurice has reinforced all the positives of taking time for our health. I am committed to living out the rest
of my life in as healthy a manner as possible. Thanks to our coach for giving us the motivation to think
before we put junk food in our mouth, and to get up and get moving1

This document contains confidential and proprietary information, which may not be reproduced or
transmitted without the express written consent of Picture Wellness, LLC.

Karen Lowe Date 12/16/13
My husband says I’m a lot easier to live with. I feel better because I have more energy and I’m sleeping
better. I’m excited with my weight loss because I have had such a struggle just to maintain, let alone lose
weight. Now I’m finally losing weight and I’m loving it.

Patsy Crook Date 12/16/13
I am really enjoying the program, I have learned so much about how the body works. I also do more
research on my own. I am thankful for the journaling and weekly weight in being accountable to a coach
and a team makes a difference. I have more energy and have participated in three 5K since we started.
The first one was for a friend with cancer, the next two were for me and my new found energy. This is
also aided by the 30 minute combined breaks the State is allowing. Motivation is a key factor with our
group and Maurice is very motivating. I have had weight loss and continue to loss each week. I sleep so
much better and I am eating very healthy.
This is our success story for February from OIG.
Patsy Crook/ UPDATE Date 2/26/14

16 week has come and gone and the OIG staff in the Diabetic Prevention Program is sad to see
our weekly meetings end. Maurice has been a true champion to our group. We got lots of tips
today on how to stay on track and also some additional exercises to add to our strength
program.  We started with 13 people and ended with 10. Our group had 6 out of 10 that lost
over 5% of their body weight and 2 of the 6 have exceeded the 7% already. Total pounds
lost 111!!!

Patsy Crook/ UPDATE Date 4/30/14
The OIG department of F&A started the Resistant Band Exercise class on January 21,2014 with
six participates and three months later there are three employees that come on a regular and
two other employees that attend at the same time but do cardio activities. The class has
changes the exercise routine three times to keep our work-outs interesting and challenging
for the muscle groups being worked. All instructions on the exercises come from our Diabetic
Prevention Coach, Maurice Saliba.
We are thankful that we have a work-out room in our building and that we are allowed the 30
Minute Wellness Break. The group meets on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and the class is
open to anyone that is interested in the building.
Results:  With the diabetic program  we three had lost a total of 35 pounds  until the exercise
class began  in January.  Now with the band class added we have lost an additional 16 pounds
and 11.5 combined total inches from upper arms, waist, and thighs. We all do some form of
cardio on our Tuesday and Thursday Wellness Breaks. We are more energized and one member
of the class no longer has to takes blood pressure medication.  Working for a Healthier

This document contains confidential and proprietary information, which may not be reproduced or
transmitted without the express written consent of Picture Wellness, LLC.

Karen O’Roark Date 12/16/13
My quality of life has definitely improved as a result of my participation in Picture Wellness. I honestly
never thought I would feel this young and healthy at my age of 67 years old. I know it is because I am
exercising on a regular daily basis, both at work and at home. Also, the foods I am currently eating are so
much more healthy, such as grilled salmon, lots of vegetables – particularly broccoli; lots of homemade
vegetable soup with chopped up grilled chicken breast; more fruits than usual. I addition, I no longer
drink soft drinks – neither diet nor regular ones. I drink so much more water than I ever have in my life. I
try to maintain a total of 40-50 ounces per day. I go to bed at an early time such as 8 or 8:30 pm and get
up at 5 pm, which means I always get 8 hours or more of sleep. My energy level has improved
tremendously. I am very energetic in my home after getting there from work, and I am very energetic on
the weekends, i.e. working in my yard, bike riding, walking, and additional inside house activities. My
husband and my family have noticed a difference in my mood. I am much happier and less stressed
over insignificant matters. I really count this health participation as a true blessing!

Janice Tipton Date 12/16/13
I started this program to lose weight and learn how to make healthier food choices and to get more
motivated to exercise on a daily basis. I have currently lost 8 pounds. I feel better and have more energy
and less stress in my life. This program has also made me make healthier food choices both at the
grocery store and while eating out. I believe this will be a lifetime change to a better me. I have been
taught how to read food labels and how water in the body helps the body function better. I have more
self-control over what goes in my body. My quality of life has improved vastly.

Jerry Reihl Date 12/16/13
Thank you sir. I was blown away by the vitamin discussion today! Thanks so much for your ongoing
support and encouragement. This program (not diet) is what I've craved for years. Will share my story
with you at some point down the road. I'm motivated to be sub-250 by 1/26 when I have my annual
physical. Need to ramp up the band training and stay the course on food and activity. I'm really getting
comfortable with the food... Know my typical breakfast, snack, and lunch numbers. Dinner is a matter of
healthy choices and portion control when "not so much" on the choices. No soda since the start of the
program (used to be a Coke Zero guy). Little evening snacking. Feel good! Cannot wait to see my
numbers in January. Cannot remember when I've been more motivated to change my life for me and the
ones I love. You have been a part of that. I appreciate you my friend.

Jerry Reihl / UPDATE Date 1/28/14
This document contains confidential and proprietary information, which may not be reproduced or
transmitted without the express written consent of Picture Wellness, LLC.

Thanks for the note. Got the results of my annual physical today, and am pretty pleased with my
progress. Dr. was very pleased as well. Moved the bar in several ways, and I had nothing in the
blood work that was outside of normal ranges:

Weight from 277 to 249

A1C from 6.0 to 5.6
Cholesterol Total from 153 to 136
Triglycerides from 209 to 150
HDL from 44 to 40
VLDL from 42 to 30
LDL from 67 to 75

Jerry Reihl / UPDATE Date 2/25/14

Reflecting on this journey, and want to say thanks to you. You have helped make real for me what
my doctor has been telling me for the last several years. You are indeed a great coach, motivator,
and support. I really value our relationship and friendship. I’m committed to continuing to move
the dials on my overall health, but also understand that I’ll have some “self inflicted set backs,”
and I’m OK with that. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, but you have helped me understand that! I’m
committed to getting into the resistance training in addition to the cardio and food plan (notice I
didn’t say DIET).  

James Stewart Date 2/19/14

The enclosed are some of my results from my last two doctor’s appointment. As you can see
the numbers are going in the right direction. Before starting your program, I was told “Blood
sugar is slowly rising recommended Actos 30 mg daily and follow-up in 3 months”. No meds
were changed but my numbers are better and this is due to your program.

10-24-13 02-14-14
A1c 6.5 6.2
This document contains confidential and proprietary information, which may not be reproduced or
transmitted without the express written consent of Picture Wellness, LLC.

Thank you for all your help,

Paulette Barton Date 3/2/14
If I need to put my testimonial on your official form with my signature, let me know and I will get that to you
as soon as possible this week. Otherwise, you have my permission to use my testimonial below or
portions of it and associate my name with it.

"I have never been in a health program that taught about wellness from a holistic approach until I
attended Maurice's course.

It was so refreshing to learn about physical, psychological, and emotional reasons and/or triggers that
cause us to struggle with weight issues and bad eating habits, instead of just being focused on counting
calories or the number of minutes exercised like so many health programs do.

I learned so many positive, life changing tools that are helping me to become a much healthier and
happier person overall."

Sarah Martin Date 3/4/14
I have been a Registered Nurse for 26 years and a natural born skeptic since birth. I
considered myself quite knowledgeable about exercise, eating right, and water consumption.
Before I attended Mr. Saliba’s informational meeting I was SKEPTICAL – what could he teach
me? -but I went anyway. He answered all my questions at that meeting. His enthusiasm and
positive words were an immediate draw for me. He seemed to “know his stuff.”  As I have
attended the classes these last 16 weeks, I have learned a lot about taking care of myself
thanks to my health coach. I lost the 5% weight goal, increased my water intake and have just
gotten started exercising with the resistance bands Mr. Saliba recommended.

I know so much more about nutrition as it applies to real life. I grocery shop differently now. I
have remembered how good my body feels when I exercise. I know the knowledge I gained
will influence my health for the rest of my life. As I continue to work toward my goal of 30
more pounds of weight loss, regular exercise, taking time for myself and maintaining my
water consumption I will continue to apply all the healthy life/healthy body principles I
learned from “my” health coach Maurice. I am soglad I attended that informational class 16
weeks ago; it truly has changed me for the better.

Augustine Johnson Date 3/4/14
First of all thanks for coaching this program for us I am learning so much in these classes. I
have not lost much weight but my numbers are going down my A1C went from 6.5 to 6.4.
losing a pound a week, eating less and paying attention to portion sizes clothes are getting
loose in the waistline can’t wait to see what my new number will be.

This document contains confidential and proprietary information, which may not be reproduced or
transmitted without the express written consent of Picture Wellness, LLC.

The most important thing I have learned is to drink more water. I was shocked the first day of
class to learn that a coke has 65mg of sugar OH MY GOODNESS. I won’t say no-more cokes for
me my favorite is coco cola and zero cokes but I have reduced them to one once or twice a
month instead of one or two a week.
This class has helped me to become aware of all the wrong things I was doing. Partners in
health has given us an excellent coach to guide us through this maze of learning to eat
the right foods, drink more water, exercise. I try to do most of what I have learned but I still
need to put me first.
Whenever the coach from Partners In Health call to talk about my health I have good things to
tell them about how I am doing and the onsite coaching I am getting from Maurice.

Augustine Johnson/ UPDATE Date 4/9/14

I have not had any type of coke product for a month eating sweets have dropped not saying I
am not eating them but not as much. I also started eating food on smaller plates I had
reduced the size of the plate I was using, these are paper plates I am not sure what the sizes
are but  from the regular size to a smaller one not the saucer size but anyway I am now not
able to eat all my food when I go out to eat. So I eat half and eat the other half for lunch the
next day.
I am asking anyone who joins this program to stick with it because under Maurice’s guidance
you will improve on your eating habits, you will lose weight, you will start feeling better and
become more alert. You will also start to really watch what you are eating, your cholesterol
will start to drop as well as your A1C. I am so glad I got into this program because it has
helped me to start to take better care of myself.
I appreciate my coach and team members because they encourage and give tips on what
foods they eat to help themselves. This program has been an eye-opener for me.
I go back to my doctor on the 8
 of May and hope to hear nothing but good news.

Ella Buntin Date 3/6/14
I had a kidney transplant in 1995 and over the years I have continuously activated my lose/
gain cycle. I remember after my transplant, my doctor foretold my future by telling me “you
will gain weight” and in the same breath saying don’t gain. I blossomed and gained up to a
100 pounds, at my heaviest. My medications that induce hunger pains and the ability to turn
excess calories into fat and the newly gained unrestricted foods I could eat did not help.
Someone should have told me that sugar free/fat free did not mean no weight gain.

I have tried several programs and none have stopped my lose/gain cycle until now. Before
signing up for this program, my weight lost/gain was a total of minus 1.6 pounds for the prior
6 months. I have not found anything that has kept me motivated to lose, show an interest in
exercise, or take charge of my health until this program. Being given the knowledge of what
food does to and for your body is inspiring and the motivation and belief strengthens you to
accomplish your goal.

This document contains confidential and proprietary information, which may not be reproduced or
transmitted without the express written consent of Picture Wellness, LLC.

I mentally committed to totally do the program for one week and that week lead to the next
and the next and so on. I now want and crave carrots, which is strange considering I never
liked carrots before. By the way, I have lost over 10% of my body weight and my energy level
has improved immensely. My new mantra “You got to want it.”

Ella Buntin / UPDATE Date 4/29/14

I just wanted to thank you, because without you and your program I would not have had
asked my doctor’s for an A1C test.  Since my blood glucose was always normal, this test was
never ordered.  After going to the doctor yesterday, my A1C result was 6.5%, which is
borderline diabetic. My blood glucose was tested two months ago and was, as usual, normal.
By continuing with your program, my doctor thinks that I can lower my A1C.
Thank you again, for giving me the tools to manage my weight lost (over 10% after the 16
week program) and the knowledge regarding nutrition and exercise.  If I had keep going down
my usually path, I probably would have become a diabetic within the near future.

Marvel Howard Date 3/7/14
I wish we were still meeting every week. 
Thank you for the information you shared with us.  But it was more than information that you
provided.  While it is true, I learned many new things, the biggest impact for me was the
motivation.  There were some things that I already knew but I wasn’t practicing.  The biggest
change for me has been not eating all thru the night.  I have had this habit for about 30 years.
But finally, I am feeling free.  I woke up last night and wanted to eat. I simply smiled to
myself and drank some water that I now keep close by my side.  There has also been an
improvement with the amount of water that I drink.  I also have a note on my refrigerator
that says, “you have a psychological problem”.  I use this in the event I make it to my
refrigerator during the night. 
I think part of the motivation came from feeling that you cared about us and also the passion
you have for what you do. Making the effort to improve my lifestyle is my way of not just
helping myself but saying thank you for caring.
I will stay in touch.  I have hope for your brother too.

Richard Cobb Date 3/7/14

This document contains confidential and proprietary information, which may not be reproduced or
transmitted without the express written consent of Picture Wellness, LLC.

Hi Maurice,
Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to let you know that the first 16 weeks were awesome.
I did not really know what to expect when I signed up for the class but knew that I wanted to
know more about diabetes and how it was affecting my body. Being on meds for the last few
years for diabetes and with A1C levels running extremely high for a while now I thought that I
should find out exactly what is going on. My doctor had told me that I should be on insulin but
like a lot of men I was in very dangerous denial that the disease had gotten that serious.
Through the information gained by attending your classes I finally realized that diabetes is a
very serious condition and you did not by any means try to sugar coat (pun intended) that
seriousness. I am now on insulin and have found it not to be all that bad. The needles are
extremely thin and short and most of the time I don’t even feel the stick. In addition to the
meds, I’m trying to control my blood sugar levels by exercise and being more aware of the
harmful foods that seem to be all around.
Proper food intake is the biggest challenge I’ve faced. For instance last night after a small
meal at a popular fast food seafood restaurant, with a salad, slaw, one piece of fish and some
breaded shrimp I thought my blood sugar level would be within range. Boy was I surprised,
two hours after eating I got a reading of 234, oh I forgot to include the one hushpuppy.
Anyway my average blood glucose readings are now much better than in the past, not yet
where I want them to be but I’m getting there. I want to thank you for making this class
available and honestly had it not been for the information presented in the class I most likely
would not have taken the big step and started the insulin therapy. Thank you and please keep
up the good work.

Laurie Beamon Date 4/23/14

Hello Maurice:
I am looking forward to seeing everyone again tomorrow at the Tennessee Tower building. ( I
am the girl that walks in with Mark(my boss) and have not missed a meeting).
This document contains confidential and proprietary information, which may not be reproduced or
transmitted without the express written consent of Picture Wellness, LLC.

Before we meet, I wanted to give you some good news and feel free to use it however you
need too. 
In July, 2013, I had my first physical (new employee) in over 5 years.  My blood work was as
Lipid Panel
                Cholesterol, Total            378         OUT of Range 125-200
                HDL Cholesterol                54           IN the Range > or =46
                Triglycerides                       255         OUT of Range <150
                LDL-Cholesterol                273         OUT of Range <130
Chol/HDLC Ratio               7.0          OUT of Range < or =5.0
NON HDL Cholesterol     324         OUT of Range =Target is 30 > LDL cholesterol target
I was overweight, as well as starting “the change” and overall just miserable.  I have
never needed to diet in my entire life and I had been somewhat active, when I felt good. With
occasional bouts of depression, of which I do take anti-depressants, I was not that keen on
taking medication.  But my doctor decided to put me on Lipitor for obvious reasons.  I was
very hesitant about taking drugs, but I knew that I could not get any results by myself.  After
starting your program in August, 2013, I became aware of proper ways to shop, eat, and
exercise for better health. 
Two Weeks ago I went back to the doctor and my blood work was as follows:
Lipid Panel
                Cholesterol, Total            216         OUT of Range 125-200
                HDL Cholesterol                60           IN the Range > or =46
                Triglycerides                       194         OUT of Range <150
                LDL-Cholesterol                117         IN the Range <130
Chol/HDLC Ratio               3.6          IN the Range < or =5.0
NON HDL Cholesterol     156         IN the Range =Target is 30 > LDL cholesterol target
I was shocked at the reduction of the numbers!  I do continue to take the Lipitor, but I
have also put into practice a lot of the techniques that I have learned from your classes.
I still struggle with the numbers on the scale, but as you stated before, not to worry
too much. 
Thanks, for all that you do, Maurice and it is greatly appreciated!  As they say,
“Numbers don’t lie”.

Brenda Sue Date 5/15/14

"I can't believe the difference Maurice and his Program of Wellness has made in my life. I have
tried many ways before to lose weight but would get back into the same bad habits again. I
learned so much more than just about losing the weight and what to eat. I have learned about
This document contains confidential and proprietary information, which may not be reproduced or
transmitted without the express written consent of Picture Wellness, LLC.

what the body does with what you eat, how it effects your body and what your body really
needs to be healthy inside and out. The great information and motivation from Maurice make
everything easier and so much Fun. I hear his voice in my head when I start to stray away from
my healthy habits. I have lost over 20 pounds and feel so much better. I still give myself a little
treat every so often, but I realize so quickly how it makes me feel. I can always connect now
what I ear to how it makes me feel. Healthier eating and getting more exercise does make such
a difference in the way you feel. Thanks for making it "Fun" to do something for myself to
improve my Health....Brenda Sue Collins"

Carol Thompson Date 5/28/14
I had lab work done last week and just got the results. My A1C is down from 6.2 to 6.0. It
has not been this low since November 2011. Thanks for helping me get it
down without medication. Still working on my cholesterol but it is also coming down. Went
from 246 to 169 (with medication). Hope someday to be off medication for this too.
My cholesterol ratio went from 4.17 to 2.49
Carol Thompson/ UPDATE Date 7/23/14
Maurice is such an inspiration. I have been attending his classes at my work and I have finally
found a program that works. He is "in my head" and helps me to make healthier decisions on
my food choices. Since taking this class, I have dropped 3 dress sizes, can now walk farther,
can do stairs without my knees killing me and also my A1C is lower than it has been in 3 years
(and without medication!). Kudos to Maurice for being so dedicated to helping so many people
to get healthy and stay that way. I know my life has been extended for it. Thanks Maurice for
caring about people and spreading your enthusiasm for good eating and exercising.
Carol Farragher Date 6/13/14
Feel free to share the following with other participants if you feel it is appropriate. It was a
strange day at my health screening. I wound up counseling my counselor.
My path is a little different than other Diabetes Prevention Program participants in that I have
recently been diagnosed with a serious illness including a brain tumor. The doctors said a
healthy heart likely saved my life during a neurological event which seized the left side of my
face, upper body, and heart.
This continues to have a great impact on my body’s neurological functions, sometimes making
my brain misread cues for other biological processes. It also affects my participation in
physical activities. But my own behavior has just as much of an impact on my health, now
more than ever. My weight gain began in the Fall of 2013. Over a 6 month period I gained 30
pounds due to the tremendous decrease in my activity level. Although I was still active, I was
no longer able to participate in extreme sports or go for hours every night after working a full
shift every day.
I was diagnosed as a pre-diabetic in early 2014 and have been attending one of the Diabetes
Prevention Program workgroups with our health coach Maurice Saliba. Chartable results are
sometimes slower for me because of medications and activity levels that are less than what I
was used to doing. Still, the simple lifestyle changes the program recommends contribute to
This document contains confidential and proprietary information, which may not be reproduced or
transmitted without the express written consent of Picture Wellness, LLC.

my daily wellness. Today (June 2014) I went for my Biometric Health Screening. The results
were even BETTER, and STRANGER than anticipated.
I went through the same standing, weighing, sticking, and pressure as everyone else. At the
end I was startled when the health coach asked about the “paradox” in my screening results.
You see my waist circumference of normal range for a woman my age and  my triglyceride
level of below 45 which was well below normal range belied my body mass index which oddly
landed in the obese range! She asked how I had such an ideal blood pressure and triglyceride
level but also happened to land in the pre-diabetic category. We talked about family history
and recent changes to health, activities that had to be cut back due to illness, and the
Diabetes Prevention Program. We exchanged phone numbers so I could give her more
information on where to find some unique activities for an adventurous soul that will keep the
heart and mind young.
                Body Mass Index (BMI):               31           30.0 to 39.9: Obese
                Waist Circumference:                    35           35 inches or less: Normal
                Blood Pressure                                 105/63  Less than 120/80: Ideal
                Total Cholesterol                              115         Less than 200mg/dl: Normal
                Triglyceride (fasting)                       <45         Less than 150mg/dl: Normal
                HDL Cholesterol                                48           41-49 mg/dl: Low
                LDL Cholesterol                                 N/A        Less than 100 mg/dl: Ideal
                Glucose (fasting)                              103         100-125 mg/dl: Pre-diabetes
Moral of the story… look at the positive results! Congratulate yourself! Then, keep working
away a little at a time on the other things you need to improve. Don’t ever give up! You never
know when “what you do now might save your life during an unexpected event later”.

Jay Jackson Date 6/15/14

Lipid Panel before and after I started the program:
Total Cholesterol 243 121
Triglyceride 225 113
LDL Cholesterol 159 69
Glucose 225 131

Robert Powell Date 6/18/14
Hello TDEC Wellness Program,
I am writing to express my gratitude to  TDEC for allowing the Diabetes Prevention Program to
take place and allowing us to participate.  The other participants and I are into our 11
of the program and I must say that the Coach Maurice Saliba is such an inspiration and
encourager in this life transforming experience.  I entered the program marginally qualified as
my blood sugar level was barely such that I was allow to enter the program, however they
allowed me to participate anyway.  I was somewhat over weight, but not excessively so, but
had some eating habits that for some time I had been desiring to change, but just wasn’t sure
how to make lasting changes.  That is when I entered the program.  I am most happy to report
This document contains confidential and proprietary information, which may not be reproduced or
transmitted without the express written consent of Picture Wellness, LLC.

that I have lost over 26 pounds and Maurice gave us some guidelines for success that are
sustainable.  This is a common sense program that embodies the 4 “pillars” of successful
healthy living.  The four components are adequate sleep, water, food intake and exercise.  To
be more specific the break down goes like this:
Sleep = at least 6 hours a day
Water = at least 64 ounces a day
Exercise = at least 10,000 steps per day or approximately 4.45 miles for me and my stride
distance.  (However, now into the program I do much more)
Caloric intake = No more than 2000 calories per day (for men) and ~ 1400 for women;  I
usually do less than this.
There are other break downs that make this a very doable program and with regular water
intake and snacks at the right intervals I am never hungry.  I feel great and am able to get
around much better and enjoy all the physical activity I am involved with  such as gardening,
working out with weights, building, swimming, walking/hiking and others, etc.  I really
believe that I am in a very beneficial life-style change that is easy to maintain and my recent
wellness assessment results bear this out with blood pressure numbers somewhat 30 points
less than have ever been.     Of course there are other components of a healthy life such as
the mental, and spiritual, but for the physical part this has been great.   This is one big thank
you I will throw to TDEC and encourage everyone wanting to make a positive change in their
bodies to consider.

Sam Temple 6/20/14
I when to my Dr. a week go.

             Chol       Trigs      HDL      LDL      Weight      Glucose
Dec.      122         139        31         63          223            115
June       97           59        36         49          205             104

This is because of Maurice 4 pillars

Lovel VanArsdale 6/30/14
Hi Maurice!

Per our meeting last week (TennCare 11:00 am class; I sit right outside the door :) I am sending my labs
as a testimony on your behalf. I have not loss much weight, however, I must be doing something good!

Cholesterol in January was 294.... May was down to 194
Triglyceride in January was 173.... May was down to 155 HLD in January was 73.... May was up to 81 HDL in January was3.41.... May was down to 2.40
This document contains confidential and proprietary information, which may not be reproduced or
transmitted without the express written consent of Picture Wellness, LLC. VLDL in Januray was 35.... May was down to 31
Cholesterol.non HDL in January was 176.... May was down to 113

I have enjoyed your class so much!! I was borderline diabetic and now with the everyday lifestyle changes
I have made, that worry is gone! Your class is unlike any other weight management class I have ever
attended. Unlike others, you taught me how my body is made up and what it needs to function properly
and stay healthy.

I never drank water, however, once you had me commit to just one week of 64 ounces a day, my body
now craves water and I drink more now than I ever have!!

Your teachings of portion sizes, calorie intake, and simple activities I can do to loose weight were very

Thanks for allowing me to participate in this class and I am very appreciative for you dedication and
friendship. You are making a difference and I would recommend others to take advantage of your
knowledge and enthusiasm!!

Regina Nelson 7/16/14
Thanks Maurice. The way I look at it right now, under the circumstances, is that I don't gain an inordinate
amount of weight as I traverse this very sad time in my 50s. I remained single from 1989 when my
daughter was an infant after I divorced an abusive husband, until Dec 2007. I'll be 54 yrs old this month
on the 28th. Scary. I had my annual physical with my PCP last week. You don't know this, but I have
actually lost 21 pounds in the last year. I had gotten pretty hefty, to say the least. But at least my doc was
thrilled LOL!

When I saw your program, I thought this could be my denouement. If I wanted to see my only child
(Sarah, 25, in LA) successful, marry and have grandchildren, I had to change my life. Your lectures are
helping me realize that hope. I am not perfect and I often fail, but without you and your guidance, your
protestations of hope, along with spiritual guidance from my womb mate (twin sister in Knoxville), I'd be

Thank you for all you do and God bless you. The fact you thought of me on the eve of your vacation
speaks volumes to me of your dedication and caring.

Terry Walker Date 8/3/14
I knew I was overweight and at risk and had just come off single by-pass heart surgery.
I knew that I had to make changes but had no idea where or how to begin. Then I was
given an opportunity to join a course that would lower my risk for developing diabetes.
Maurice in the first class laid down a road map of where to go and how to get
there. That first week I saw no change but to be fair I did not “jump in with both feet” but
did make the change to drink more water. From the second week on there was no
stopping me, Maurice’s motivation and “Can-do” attitude infected me and I made the
program goal within the first eight weeks of the program.
This document contains confidential and proprietary information, which may not be reproduced or
transmitted without the express written consent of Picture Wellness, LLC.

By this time I had set my own goal and as of this writing the program is 33%
complete and I have made 40% of my goal losing almost 40 lbs. I began by walking for
about 15 to 20 minutes and before long was at the goal that Maurice set of 30 minutes.
Now I walk daily anywhere from 3.5 to 4 miles. Maurice continues to be a huge
inspiration and his guidance has left little doubt in mind and heart that I will reach my
goal and will be a much healthier and happier person for it. All thanks to Maurice’s
Elizabeth Cates Date 8/4/13
This wellness program works because of two factors:  The first is the positive and
supportive attitude of Maurice.  The second factor is the simple yet sensible information
from various sources that Maurice provides.  Hard and fast rules are made to be broken. 
Maurice’s approach is to introduce flexibility into sound dietary principles and physical
exercise activities without any guilt trip when you backslide.  He lives what he teaches. 
  I truly believe that Maurice’s low-pressure, common-sense, caring, and upbeat delivery
is the one factor that will remain even when the program is over and will encourage me
to maintain a healthier lifestyle.  Here’s to you, Maurice.  You have moved the mountain!

David Stocket Date 8/14/2014
Meant to tell you when we talked, I saw my doctor last week and just got the test
results. All the numbers are trending good. HDL and LDL are within normal ranges, but
Total Cholesterol is on the low side (100 [125-200]). First time HDL & LDL have been
'normal' in a long time. My A1c is 5.8 (target is <5.7), which is lower than my last reading
3 months ago. And this is with cutting my Metformin doseage in half to reduce one of
the side effects of that drug! My PCP didn't order any changes. He is, however, sending
me to a different pulmonary doctor to work on my sleep apnea and narcolepsy. 
I have tried different diets, been through Weight Watchers and LA Fitness, but working
with you has made the biggest difference in my life and health.
This document contains confidential and proprietary information, which may not be reproduced or
transmitted without the express written consent of Picture Wellness, LLC.


Renee Minnis Date 8/6/2014
Good Morning Coach! I want to take this time to thank you again for saving my life. If you
hadn`t   discussed with us how important it is to keep our numbers down; I would not be
here today. I wasn’t feeling well that day. I saw spots and had the worse headache in
class. After I left I kept those 4 words stayed in my head GO TO THE DOCTOR!  The next
morning, I went the doctor my blood pressure was 151/104. I was at stroke level. If it
wasn`t for Coach Saliba and his teaching about the importance of the silent killer (BP) I
really believe he saved my life. I knew I had high blood pressure but, my medicine had to
be changed. If this class was offered again; I would sign up quickly as possible. Again, I
want to say thanks.

Picture Wellness is honored to have the opportunity to service the Diabetes Prevention
Program for the State of Tennessee. The experience has been amazing, and I believe that
there is a real opportunity to continue this type of service for the state employees in
Nashville, TN.
As of August 6
, 2014, group 1 will have two sessions before the end of their 22
with the last class scheduled for September 25
On August 6
, 2014, group 2 will be finalizing their 16
This document contains confidential and proprietary information, which may not be reproduced or
transmitted without the express written consent of Picture Wellness, LLC.

HC21 will be providing a final report with accurate data of the total weight lost,
attendance etc…
Total estimated weight loss as of August, 2014.
UTK Group 1 325 pounds
TN. Tower Group 1 348 pounds
TN. Care Group 1 423 pounds
OIG Group 1 138 pounds
TN. Tower Group 2 217 pounds
Davey Crockett Group 2 76 pounds
Andrew Jackson Group 2 235 pounds

Total Weight Loss: 1,726 pounds

This document contains confidential and proprietary information, which may not be reproduced or
transmitted without the express written consent of Picture Wellness, LLC.

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