*Blood Academy Version 2 Chapter 2

Naita and Alexander showed their friends to their guest quarters and headed for the living room. Natia dropped on the couch and Alexander just sat quietly. "Today's a long day. Driving 15 hours today and racing home is exhausting. Including the police after me for speeding. I'm going to get a earful when they catch me." Natia said, sighing. "Then you should not have sped if you knew to consequences of your actions." Alexander said. "Yeah, yeah."she replied. Just then, Frau, Caster, Labrador, Loki, Yamino, and Fenrir came in the room. "You should not show disrespect to your elder."Frau said walking to a couch sitting with the others doing the same thing. Natia stared at him with a look that is saying "Who are you and what have you done to the original". Frau just laughed. "Your right. I'm not a person who would be saying this," he said and continue to laugh. Caster looked at him and his fingers twiched slightly. A human-size doll with purple hair, wearing a nuns outfit appeared behind Frau and used the side of its hand to hit

Frau's head. Which cause him to bit his tongue. "OWW!!! What was that for, Castor?"he yelled him. "You should not set bad example to people who has so much to learn."Castor said. "Then why don't you hit her in the head. She started." Frau said, rubbing his head. "Yeah, and I'm ending it..." He said and looked at him suspiciously. "And...I hope you don't have anymore of those porn books anywhere in this house. I already threw away more than 300." Frau's mouth almost dropped down to the floor. "Th...th..three hundred!!! My precious books!" He was almost in tears. "I didn't know that Frau was a pervert. Shame on you. I should warn my friends to steer clear from you. You are nothing but trouble." Natia said, wagging my finger at him and laughing. He just sobbed. "Now, now. Let's us all get along."Labardor said while chuckling. "So anyway...what brings you guys down to the living room?" Natia asked. "Well, we just wanted to see if we are going to be a bother to

you while your friends are here." Loki said. "You are no bother to us. My brother and I knew you all since we were small. Besides, you were our parent's friends too and if we just kicked you out, our parent's would haunt us for the rest of our lives. Which is longer than most vampires." she said to them and Alexander nodded in agreement. The others laughed. "Well, while we are all here...what do you all want to eat?"Alexander asked. "Anything that you are making." they all said in unison. Natia and Alexander looked at each other and began to laugh. The others just stared at them like they missed the joke. "What's so funny?" Yamino asked. Alexander and Natia stopped laughing and smiled. "Unless you want to drink blood tonight,... we both have no objection to that." they both said in unison. Frau pretand to puke in disgust. And the rest of them disgusted face on. Even Fenrir, Loki's son/dog/giant wolf, had that face on. "Well, what do you expect? We both are vampires that thrive on blood and there is 7 other half-craze vampires who needs blood to survive. We are just going to be drinking donated blood in tiny blood capsule. Which we can only take one or we would want more until we drink everybody's blood

They just stared Natia and Alexander wide eyed. They both just shrugged. "Fine, we'll just make some steak." They both sighed. ~One Hour Later~ Frau, Castor, Labador, Loki, Fenrir, Yamino, Akatsuki, Juliet,

Kochi, Amaya, Takashi, Iro, Natia, Alexander, and Kessi was sitting down on the long, wooden, table. There was a golden silk tablecloth over it. And in front of Fenrir, Loki, Frau, Castor, Labrador, and Yamino had a medium steak, a bowl of chicken noodle soup, and a glass of citris wine. The others had a very rare steak, mushroom soup, and a blood capsule with a glass of water. Kochi picked the capsule up and looked at it."What is this and what are we suppose to do with it?" "Just put it in the water and don't complain, you idiot."Natia said with her eyes closed and eating the rare steak. Kochi just dropped the capsule in the glass of water and it dissolved. The whole cup turned into blood drink. Every vampire's eyes turned crimson red except Alexander and Natia who had their eyes close, eating their steak. The student's began to lick their lips and smelled the delicious aroma. The others began following Kochi's example

and drank their glass of blood. "That was delicious. Natia...can I have more?"Amaya asked, pouting. "Nope. One per meal. Now hurry up and eat your steak and soup before they get cold."Natia and Alexander said in unison. "Then, can I have yours?"she asked. "No, let me have it."Kochi said. "No, you pig. It's mine."she yelled at him. "Sheesh...you guys are like stray dogs fighting for a scrap of meat."Frau said, slurping the chicken soup. Castor hit Frau's hand with a spoon. "Table manner."he said. "Table manner my nothing. And stop hitting me Castor, it's really getting on my nerve."Frau said to him. "Then stop being rude."he replied. "Okkk. Now it's turning into a horror movie gone bad. Next thing that I'll know is one of us will be jumping at each other and kill one and another."Natia said standing up and opening her eyes. The rest of them stop fighting and looked at her eyes. Her eyes was red with black replacing the white. She noticed and quickly closed her

eyes. "Why is your eyes like that?"Amaya asked. Alexander and Natia sighed. "When it comes to blood, some pureblood...can become pretty nasty. When we sense blood, our 5 senses becomes more acute, so we can find what we are looking for. If we get rid of some of the main senses, like smell and sight, we can resist our instinct and stay under control longer. Like Natia for example, when she sees, hears, smells, feels, tastes blood, or not get any for a long period of time, she can be the most dangerous killer. Unlike other older vampires, she surpass everyone of them and if she loses control, she can massacre this highly populated town within a few hours. She can only have a limited amount of blood." Alexander said seriously. Almost everybody mouths almost dropped down to the floor. Natia just smiled sheepishly. "Um, Alexander?"Amaya and Kochi both said at the same time. "Yes?" "Remind me not to get Natia mad. She might kill us both."they both said in unison. Natia only pouted. "Great. You just blew the pureblood secret. You know that the society is going to punish us for this?" Natia said to her brother. He

nodded. "Yup. We are so dead when the vampire society catch a wind of this. But you know that you wanted to tell them as much as I wanted." Alexander said. "True." She sighed, shrugging. She place the tablet into the water and took a sip. The black part of her eyes retreated 1/3 of the way. "Please don't suck my blood vampire arisocrat. I'm innocent." Frau said, acting scared. One thing that she hates the most is when someone point out that she is a vampire even she knows she is one. Naita glared at him. "Now you are going way to far." she said, and the black part on the out iris covered her eyes again. Her fangs seem to be longer and sharper because a part of it was sticking out. She licked her fangs."You already know if I don't drink my daily amount of blood or if I sense blood, I'll become a murderous killer. And I can see everybody's blue vains, pumping red, warm, delicious blood. Why are so willing to pick a fight with me? You should know that my daily amount of blood does not even satisfy me at all." She had some of the tablecloth in her fist and her hands was trembling.

Alexander eyes turned crimson red. He bursted out. "Natia!" She automaticlly threw her hands up in the air, as if she was caught committing a crime. "Go down to the basement until you have calmed down." Her eyes widen in surprisment, but then she nodded and left. Wolves suddenly came out from under the table and followed her. They heard a door close and footsteps down a stairs. Then, there was a giant bang and it shook the whole mansion. There was a loud hiss that echoed from the basement that followed after the bang. Everbody, except Alex stood up at the noise. Alexander just sighed and got up. He headed for the door and down the basement stairs. There stood Natia with a giant hole in front of her. Her fist had blood dripping down and on the floor was a small puddle of blood. She licked the blood off her fist and turned to them. Her sharp fangs seem to be gleaming of the taste of blood. Alexander snapped his finger and hole disappear. Her eyes seemed brighter too, like the eyes of devil in your dreams at night. "Better brother?"she asked in a voice that was not even reconizable anymore. He nodded and she passed the group in one second and up the stairs the next. "Um...please tell me that was not the murderous murder?" Akatsuki asked.

"No... that was not. Her murderous side is much, much worse. One thing that she loves more then blood is the bloodshed that she causes after a battle is over." Alexander said and looked around. He looked around and notice something. Frau was not there. Then, there was a crash outside the house.

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