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Purchase order is the PO issued by QSL to PK

1. The PO number on both MTR and QSL PO shall be the same.

2. Manufacturer name and logo on the valve shall be the same as actual manufacturer and logo.

3. Clients issue PO to QSL and then QSL issue its own PO to the manufacturer. In this case the
client name and the related project name and PO which have been indicated in MTR shall be the
same as the client PO.

4. The size of the valve on MTR shall be the same as QSL PO and the actual valve.

5. Valve description is being used to show all important information of the valve in a short
description; this information shall be matched to the QSL PO and the actual valve.

6. Manufacturer Tag number is the tag with a tracking number; this tag shall be same as the tag
mentions in the MTR.

7. Quantity of valves mentioned in the MTR is according to QSL PO.

8. Type of the valves mentioned in the MTR is according to QSL PO. Valves can be Gate, Globe, Ball,
Check or any other type as indicated in the QSL PO.

9. End connection in the QSL PO, actual valve and the related MTR shall be the same. Connections
depends on what clients asked for and are flanged, weld end or threaded. These end
connections are per ASME B 16.34.

10. Pressure class of the actual valve is per QSL PO as indicated in the related PO. Pressure classes
are per design standard.

11. Bonnet style is per QSL PO and is either Bolted Bonnet or Pressure seal type.

12,13,14,15,16. Body, bonnet, disc, Seating, stem and all surfacing are per QSL PO and any
deviation shall be reported immediately to share with the client.

17. Face to Face / End to End dimensions are per ASME B16.10. For each size, type and end
connection type there is a table to compare with the values in the MTR.

18. Inside diameter (Bore size) is per ASME B16.34 app A. Inside diameter shall be matched to the
values for each valve size per ASME B16.34.

19. Thickens of the pipe nozzle if mentioned in the MTR shall be checked against pipe chart.
20. Welding end preparation as per ASME B16.25. If the valve is not flanged or threaded then
welding end transition and dimensions shall be per ASME B16.34 figs 1 to 6 and table 1.

21. Chemical and mechanical properties are per related standard. For example if the material is
A216-WCB then this properties shall be per ASTM A216-WCB.

22. It should be considered that the AL wt. % for ASTM A 216 WCB material shall be less than 0.04%.

23. Heat numbers on the actual valve and what mentioned in the MTR shall be the same.

24. Visual inspection shall be done per MSS SP-55. A through comparison shall be done per
indicated photographs.

25. Pressure test shall be done as requested by QSL PO. Mostly the criteria is per ASME B16.34, API
598 or CSA Z245.15. In the MTR just the pressure of test will be indicated and more detail will be
per Hydro test procedure.

26. The MTR shall be signed by and authorized person in the manufacture.