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Technical Data Sheet

Pattex Repair Extreme

High Performance Elastic Adhesive
Super Multi-Purpose

I. Product:

Nature of product:

Silane cross-linking polymer

Field of application:
Bonding of absorbent surfaces,
e.g. wood, leather (shoe repair),
concrete, mortar, stone, furniture,
Bonding of non adsorbent
surfaces e.g. metal, glass,
polystyrene foam, varnished
surfaces, PVC, glass, mirror,

Package size:
Tube of 20g.

Shipping unit:
PRX12 = 12 tubes per unit

Will bond two non-absorbent
surfaces together
Adhesion on many different
Good final strength
Gap filling
Safe and easy to use
Solvent-free, no shrinkage
1-component, moisture-curing
For interior and exterior application
Not suitable for polypropylene
polyethylene, Teflon

Final strength:
Appr. 3.0 N/mm

Gap filling tolerance:
Max. 5 mm

Approx. 1.0 g/cm (at +25C)


Application temperature:
From +5C to +40C

Open time:
Approx. 5 min.

Setting time:
2 mm per 24 hrs., depending on
temperature and humidity conditions

Extension at break:
Approx. 200%

Temperature resistance:
From -50C up to +120C

Bonding resistance:
Ageing-, weather- and moisture-

III. Directions for

Application surface:
Pattex Repair Exteme is suitable for
many absorbent and non-absorbent
surfaces, except polyethylene,
polystyrene, Teflon. All
combinations of the recommended
surfaces are possible.

Surface preparation:
To ensure good adhesion, some
moisture is needed (from one of the
surfaces or from the air do not apply
water to the substrate).
The surfaces must be sound and
Remove contaminants, e.g. dust,
grease, oil or rust with alcohol,
acetone and/or sand-paper.
Check bonding strength between
coverings and the substrate, remove
loose varnishes.


Three different ways of using

1. Transparent bonding.
Apply Pattex Repair Extrem in a thin
layer to get a transparent film. Keep
the items pressed for approx.1 hour.
2. Fill gaps.
Apply Pattex Repair Extrem in a
thick layer to fill gaps up to 5mm max.
Clamp the items together for 1 3
hours and do not touch or move them.
In 24 hours, 70% of the full adhesion
strength is achieved.
3. High initial grip.
Apply Pattex Repair Extreme on
both surfaces in thin and even layers.
Leave for 4 9 minutes. Use as a
contact adhesive. After Pattex
Repair Extreme become tacky, like
pressure sensitive tape, gain the
items together immediately and press
firmly. Fixation is not necessary in
many cases.

Further information:
After setting, Pattex Repair Extreme
can be painted.

Pattex Repair Extreme should not be
used for sealing of glass that is
exposed to both UV light and

The product cures very fast in high

Keep the nozzle and the cap of the
tube clean.
Put the cap back on immediately after
applying the glue. Twist the cap tight
to avoid curing in the nozzle.

IV. Important

Cleaning tools:
Clean tools with acetone or alcohol
immediately after use. Cured material
can only be removed mechanically.

Shelf life:
Up to 12 months in unopened

Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct

Removal of adhesive
Fresh Pattex Repair Extreme can be
easily removed with a dry cloth.
Uncured adhesive is removable with
acetone or alcohol.

Note: Pattex Repair Extreme can not
be removed from clothing.

The cured adhesive is not soluble in
any solvent and can only be removed
mechanically with a suitable tool.

Precautionary measures:
-Keep out of reach of children

-If skin contact occurs , remove
immediately and wash with soap and

The above instructions are based on thorough trials and on general experience gained in this field. As it is impossible to survey all
installation methods and in view of various different working conditions, we cannot, however, claim that the information given is
complete. We therefore recommend that tests should be carried out on your own to ensure the greatest possible success. We
guarantee a uniform quality standard for this product.
Henkel KGaA