Call (310) 285 6830 or visit www.

bev- for more information.
Beverly Vista to host movie
Beverly Vista is hosting a free outdoor
movie night on September 6, showcasing
OZ the Great and Powerful at the Beverly
Vista field at 7:30 p.m.
Gates will open at 6:30 pm. Attendees
can purchase pizza, popcorn, goodies and
drinks and enjoy their foods on a blanket
in front of the movie. Parent supervision
is required.
Looking Beyond Next
Generation to host event
Sept. 18
Looking Beyond Next Generation will
hold its inaugural event on September 18
at Unici Casa in Culver City.
Looking Beyond Next Generation is
a branch of Looking Beyond, which is
a non-profit organization that started 15
years ago dedicated to raising money
for special needs children. A group of
women decided that though they could
always personally donate money, they
could have a bigger affect by raising
a larger amount of money to give to
various Southern Californian organiza-
tions, according to Looking Beyond Next
Generation President Yasmin Mossanen.
This year, a group of young profession-
als wanted to start a branch of the orga-
nization that was geared more towards
young professionals instead of the older
'It`s really important for people to real-
ize that children are children,¨ Mossanen
said. 'People with special needs [aren`t]
any less of a person, they`re just different.
But [they have] the same amount of heart,
the same amount of human being, [and
we] shouldn`t look at them with pity, but
with compassion.¨
The inaugural event will honor Nick
Ekbatani, a former UCLA football ath-
lete who lost his left leg in 2012 due to
a speeding taxi-van that collided with his
'He`s such an amazing man with such a
great spirit,¨ Mossanen said.
Though Ekbatani has undergone 12
surgeries since the accident, he has con-
tinued to become an MBA candidate at
The Marshall School of Business at USC
on a 'Swim with Mike¨ Scholarship,
which is one of the organizations that
Looking Beyond Next Generation will
donate money to from the event.
'Swim with Mike` is an organization
that gives money to people with special
needs who want to go to school but can`t
afford to go to school,¨ Mossanen said.
The inaugural event will feature a din-
ner, open bar, and two DJs. A raffle will
include two VIP tickets to the SweetLife
Musical Festival in Washington D.C. with
a two night stay at the W Hotel, a $500
gift card to MeUndies, and a stay in SLS
Vegas` deluxe rooms with bottle service
for up to four people at any SLS clubs and
dinner for two at any restaurant at SLS.
Visit www.lookingbeyondnextgen. to purchase tickets.
Memorial ceremony to be
held September 11
The City of Beverly Hills will hold two,
memorial ceremonies that will be open
to the public on September 11 at the Fire
Department headquarters near the 9/11
Memorial Garden.
The first ceremony will be held at
approximately 6:55 a.m. to coincide with
the timing of the 9/11 attacks and last
about five minutes. There will be a ring-
ing of the bell and a moment of silence.
'It will recognize the people, the fire
fighters, the police officers and all the
civilians that passed away on September
11, 2001,¨ Fire Chief Ralph Mundell said.
The evening ceremony will begin at
5:00 p.m. and last approximately 20 to
30 minutes. BHPD Chief David Snowden
and Mundell will each speak and City
Clerk Byron Pope will sing.
'We decided that every five years
we`ll have a bigger ceremony that would
include more of a celebration of the lives
of those people that were lost,¨ Mundell
said. 'In the intervening years, we`ll have
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(Back row, left to right) Ben Maddahi, Nathan Javidzad, Steven Daneshgar, Roxy
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(Front row, left to right) Jen Saeedian, Roxana Maddahi, Kelli Tennant, Nick Ekbatani,
Debbie Soroudi, Sabrina Merage, Sasha Shokrian, and Sandra Ravan