... through Bertha Dudde
Human manifestation ....
My dear chid .... !he Father"s great goodness #ants to re$ea a
%ig secret to you .... the secret of His human manifestation.
Without the &ord"s o$e you humans #oud ne$er ha$e %een a%e
to reease yourse$es from the guit of sin and #oud ha$e faen
increasingy dee'er had the Father not ta(en mercy u'on
humanity and) in greater than great o$e) sent His hoiest chid to
earth in order to %ring sa$ation to 'eo'e from utmost ad$ersity.
*o greater e$idence of His di$ine o$e coud the &ord e$er ha$e
gi$en to 'eo'e than the fact that He sacrificed Himsef .... that
He too( e$eryone"s guit u'on Himsef and) through suffering and
crucifi+ion) ac,uired the grace for 'eo'e to enter the (ingdom of
God again ....
Far #orse than the suffering on the cross #as the guit of sin
#hich %urdened His 'ure) di$ine head) and in uns'ea(a%e 'ain
for the earthy chidren He offered the hea$eny Father the
greatest sacrifice .... He ga$e Himsef for the suffering of
earth ....
!he Father had sent His son to earth .... the hoiest) highest)
'urest %eing Which #as as one #ith the hea$eny Father)
accom'ished this act out of most heartfet o$e for humanity ....
-$erything in the uni$erse must remain motioness in reaisation
of this most sacrosanct sacrifice e$er made for the human race.
!he magnitude of His o$e must et e$erything fa sient in utter
re$erence ....
.nd a those ha$ing %een redeemed from dee'est sin %y the
&ord must eternay sing His 'raises ....
!o descend into the $aey of earth from the cose 'resence of the
di$ine Father"s a/encom'assing radiance .... from the s'endour
and magnificence of eterna ife .... into the midst of sorro# and
de'th of sin .... !he 0a$iour"s o$e for the earthy chidren and
the horrendous sacrifice of i$ing in His 'urity in the midst of sin
and $ice is %eyond #ords .... !he 0on of God fufied the act of
0a$ation on earth in hoiest com'assion ....
*o %eing %efore or after#ards e$er endured such suffering as the
0on of God .... On earth the 0a$iour 'artici'ated in a
suffering .... in %oundess o$e His di$inity re$eaed itsef and
thus) for the sa$ation of humanity) He made an offering of
Become i(e itte chidren) then you #i %e a%e to em'athise
#ith the &ord"s agony ....
His s'irit .... great and gorious and radiant .... d#eed in eterna
ight .... in order to no# i$e em%odied on earth) %urdened %y
humanity"s guit of sin .... #ith a cro#n of thorns u'on His head
He e+'erienced the most %itter humiiation #ith a 'ure heart ....
He too( a suffering on earth u'on Himsef in order to essen the
earthy chidren"s 'ain and) in order to 're'are the Father"s
(ingdom for them) He ao#ed Himsef to %e naied to the
cross ....
God"s o$e #as so infinite that He ga$e His 0on) yet the o$e of
1esus 2hrist returned to the Father #hat #oud ha$e %een fore$er
ost #ithout the 0a$iour"s o$e.
Without this o$e no %eing #oud %e a%e to %ehod the face of
God .... for the sa(e of the human race the &ord offered Himsef
as a sacrifice and thus redeemed the #ord from eterna death.
Bessed is he #ho) in 'arta(ing of this sacrifice) i$es in the o$e
of the &ord so that he) too) #i %e redeemed through 1esus
2hrist) our &ord3
4u%ished %y friends of ne# re$eations of God 5 6nformation)
do#noad of a transated re$eations) theme/%oo(ets at7

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