Butterfly Fleet 20 races every Saturday year round. We have every experience level from national champions to new sailors. The more experienced sailors help coach the beginners. Lasers and Sunfish are also welcome to race with us. Our current fleet members belong to both White Rock Boat Club and Corinthian Sailing Club - the two active clubs on White Rock Lake. Most who race with us keep their boats on the lake at one of these two clubs, but some trailer their boats to the lake to race. The fleet has two loaner boats at the club that can be reserved at no cost if you want to come out and race with us. For more information about reserving a fleet boat, call Tom Charland at 214-368-5797 or email him at For more information about our fleet’s current events and activities, please visit our website at

Sailboat Racing!
EVERY SATURDAY YEAR ROUND ON WHITE ROCK LAKE White Rock Boat Club 340 East Lawther Dr. Dallas, TX 75218 Butterfly Fleet 20 Contact Tom Charland 214-368-5797


The Butterfly sailboat was designed to be a fun, lightweight, small lake version of the ILYA C-scow. It is one of the pioneers of one design sailing, meaning in a racing situation, all of the boats are identical, so the race is truly a measure of the sailor's ability. The Butterfly is a comfortable boat for the young, old, and everyone in between. The foot well is 15" deep - much deeper than most boats in its size and weight class, allowing room for adults well over 6' tall to sail comfortably. Scow design Length: 12' 2" Beam: 54" Hull Depth: 15" Hull Weight: 135 lbs Sail Area: 75 sq. ft. Mast Length: 18’ First Built: 1961 The Butterfly is large enough for two people, but is usually raced single-handed. It is fast enough for serious competition, light enough for launching by one person, and is virtually maintenance free. The Butterfly is a nationally established one-design class, governed by the National Butterfly Association. National Regattas are held annually, plus there are local and regional events, by dozens of fleets across the country.

Since the creation of the lake in 1911, it has been the home to numerous biking, running and boating competitions as well as other outdoor activities. Construction began on White Rock Lake in 1910 when White Rock Creek was dammed to provide water for Dallas following a severe drought. At that time, the lake was out in the country and a weekend retreat.

White Rock Boat Club was founded in 1960 by a group of avid racing enthusiasts and boat builders. The current membership of White Rock Boat Club includes experienced and inexperienced sailing and boating enthusiasts. Our members’ willingness to share their sailing experience and expertise remains the strength of our organization. White Rock Boat Club offers a wide range of sailing and boating opportunities from fleet racing by sailboat class along a predetermined course to the lone sailor enjoying a leisurely sail on our beautiful Lake.

White Rock Lake Park developed along with the sailing clubs in the 20s and 30s and two of the four sailing clubs that have been on the lake remain active. Many of the parks structures as we know them today were constructed by the CCC during the great depression. Silt from the creeks feeding into White Rock Lake forced the lake to be dredged four times in its almost 100-year existence. The last dredging took place from 1996-1998. White Rock Lake remains the perfect venue for all types of non-power boating activities. The size of the lake (2 x 3/4 miles) restricts boating activity primarily to use by sailboats, kayaks, canoes and crewing. Although White Rock Lake remains small by comparison to other lakes, this 1,015 acre urban lake can be a relatively demanding lake to sail. Even the most experienced sailor will be challenged by this lake. The two active sailing clubs on the lake are White Rock Boat Club and Corinthian Sailing Club. The sailboats at these clubs include the Butterfly, Snipe, Laser, Flying Scot, V-15, Corinthian, Lightning and Optimist Pram. These boats range in size from one-person designs to those that accommodate families for day sailing.

White Rock Boat Club 340 East Lawther Dr. Dallas, TX 75218 Butterfly Fleet 20 Contact Tom Charland 214-368-5797