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After collecting ad hoc quality

measurements in the eld, engineers

usually need systems to quickly
and accurately display and replay
collected data, to check collection
and deliver insights.
SwissQuals NQView is the key that
unlocks the puzzle. By allowing engineers
to display and explore collected data
directly in real-time, NQView delivers rapid
access to precision measurements.
Delivers rapid, synchronized access
to precision measurements
NQView can read data from both
Diversity and QualiPoc equipment
families, both during real-time data
collection and during post-processing
with replay from multiple
measurement les at the same time.
With full L3 and L1 presentation,
map plotting with MapX compatible
maps, and a multi-technology
BTS DB, NQView oers a rich,
multi-technology visualization
Visualization Synchronized
NQView provides sychronized
watchpoints that correlate data
from multiple sources on a single
mouse click, making it easy to
nd the right event data in
multiple windows.
Designed for maximum data
presentation exibility, NQView is
provided with pre-dened &
customizable monitor templates
as well as workspace
tab windows.
With customizable value monitors,
value groups and value shading
settings, NQView can be aligned
with any existing process to ensure
your KPI results bins match those
used today.
Live Mode
NQView can be congured to provide
a live viewing mode when connected
to Diversity and QualiPoc units,
allowing you to see events as they
happen, providing a useful feedback
loop to the operator.
Replete with GSM Serving and
Neighbor monitors, WCDMA
Active Set monitors and predened
device monitors, NQView is
ready to tackle playback of any
network technology.
NQView provides immediate
access to application level, IP, Layer
3 and RF layer analysis layers in a
single screen.
Did you know?
SwissQual was the rst
company to invent several of
the product categories used in
optimization and benchmarking
profession. When the company
was founded it created the rst
practical 3G benchmarking
product. In 2004 it revealed the
QualiPoc hand held optimization
toolset, the rst of its kind.
With a portfolio that spans 14
granted or pending patents,
SwissQual is an acknowledged
leader in the generation and
application of advanced research.
Can be used with Diversity and
QualiPoc families to access to
multiple measurement les
Live viewing allows direct
access to measurement results
as they are captured
Time synchronized and
correlated watchpoints across
numerous views
Its not often that a product
not only meets your
expectations, but goes on to
exceed them. SwissQual has
delivered everything we were
promised and then some.
NQView Specication
Extensive technology test support including:
HSxPA, iDEN, IS-136, PSTN, ISDN and IP.
Laptop or Tablet PC with Windows XP/Windows 7. Live
mode with real time display of values and information
from Diversity devices and QualiPoc phones connected
with LAN or WLAN. Replay of SwissQual measurement les.
Available in several packages.
Full logging and decoding of multiple protocol layers on
all technologies:
3GPP and 3GPP2 RF, L2, L3. TCP/IP including PPP, RTSP, WAP,
SIP and more.
Display mode for Benchmarking with Diversity and
QualiPoc systems supporting phones, data devices, PSTN/
ISDN channels, LAN adapters and RF Scanners. Powerful
overview status display of all devices including test results.
Seamless integration with NetQual TestManager for system
and test conguration tasks.
Diversity Optimizer mode with easy conguration of
standard voice and data testing tasks. Static and dynamic
real time forcing of technology, frequency band, channel,
cell barring and handover. Handover history and missing
neighbor events logging. Advanced test and conguration
management with single, parallel or Multi-RAB/DTM
Predened and customizable workspace pages and
monitors. More than 900 measurement values available for
customized presentation in maps, line charts, bar charts,
list boxes and tables. Predened and customizable events
with audio. Safe driver mode.
Workspaces are used to style and reuse the user interface
conguration. It holds the information about the monitors,
values and toolbar settings and layout. The workspace
consist of multiple pages easy selectable with short keys.
They can be saved and automatically opened and also
exported and imported.
Predened pages for devices and technologies facilitate
the construction of a new workspace in a few seconds. The
pages are available for dierent PC screen resolutions. The
device used as actual value source to feed the monitors on
the page can either be switched very easily with short key
or locked to a dedicated device.
More than 70 pre-dened monitors for application,
network, L3 signaling, device technology and RF scanning.
The device used as actual value source to feed the monitor
can either be switched very easily with short key or locked
to a dedicated device. Custom monitors can easily be put
together by the user with full freedom of choosing colors
and value range shading (value and background); also
combining dierent sub monitors to suit the preferences
and needs. The custom created monitors can easily be
distributed with the export/import function.
A special QualiPoc monitor design mode allow creation
of custom QualiPoc handheld list and line chart monitors
that are loaded to the phone.
Predened and customizable events with audio.
Events easily dened by the use of a wizard. Events triggers
based devices trace values, layer 3 parameters, call markers
and KPIs.
Safe driver mode conforming to US law which enables
locking of user interface input over a certain car speed
threshold highlighting the essential and important
measurement system information.
Units status and alarms presentation with dash board
monitor. Real time audio stream playback from Diversity
units during speech testing. Automatic reconnect
of devices.
Powerful post processing with multiple les replay.
Intelligent measurement le archive search based on lter
criteria like technology, operator, KPI thresholds and RF
channel numbers. Data export to CSV, Google Earth and
MapInfo. Quick measurement result summary reporting.
Replay mode supporting loading multiple les from
Diversity and QualiPoc. Play controls with play speed
setting, step forward or backward and slide bar control.
Find function with time, event, Layer3 message and KPI
search support.
MapX map plotting with serving and neighbor BTS sector
indications. Powerful saving and loading of drive test paths
in MapInfo format allow display of several weeks of driven
routes. Multiple map monitors and map layer osetting
makes the analysis of multiple networks and multiple
values easy. Easy in-building positioning using indoor oor
plan pictures.
In depth analysis of all mobile network services and
- Voice telephony: CS & VoIP Speech MOS (narrow and
wideband), noise suppression, Echo, RTT, DTMF
- Data: Ping, FTP, UDP, HTTP
- Browsing: WAP, HTTP IE
- Messaging: SMS, MMS, E-mail
- Video streaming and media layer analysis: MPEG4, H.263,
- Mobile TV: Video IP portals
- 3G Video telephony
More than 200 ETSI compliant Key Performance Indicators
available in real-time as well as in replay.
For more information call +41 32 686 65 65
or email
SwissQual AG, Allmendweg 8, CH-4528 Zuchwil, Solothurn, Switzerland
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