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LGMT001 Image processing based ball tracking robot D
LGMT002 Color Detection Robot, Selects defined color, Instructions can be given from keypad which color to choose D
LGMT003 Matlab based motion security/theft protection system, Saves Photos/Videos if detect any motion D
LGMT004 Matlab based Access control System, On unauthorized entry or breaking raises alarm, takes images for police purposes. D
LGMT005 Automatic Vehicle License-Plate Recognition System, automatically alerts on signal breaking & stores license number(with hardware) D
LGMT006 Object sorting on conveyor belt using Shape detection algorithm using Matlab D
LGMT007 Fire finding & extinguisher robot using Matlab D
LGMT008 Voice recognition based car door open/close system D
LGMT009 Matlab based voice controlled robot for remote free control D
LGMT010 Matlab Graphical User Interface controlled robot for PC controlled operation D
LGMT011 Matlab Graphical User Interface based device controlled system D
LGMT012 Face detection using Matlab(only software) D
LGMT013 Face recognition based door lock system D
LGMT014 Face recognition based security system (two level security password & face recognition) D
LGMT015 Face recognition based auto device control based on personal preferences D
LGMT016 Face recognition based advertising board (changes advertisement on recognizing particular face) D
LGMT017 AIGC - Automatic Intelligent Gate Control with two level Security D
LGMT018 Palm gesture based wireless robot control detects different palm gesture through camera to perform operation N
LGMT019 Palm gesture based wheel chair operation for handicaps can operate it by showing palm gestures in front of camera N
LGMT020 Sign language teaching for deaf display different character/word or task on LCD as per palm gestures N
LGMT021 Palm gesture based device control operate your device(TV/AC) by showing different palm gesture in camera front N
LGMT022 Matlab based motion detection & security system. On motion saves photos/videos, alarm closes hidden door N
LGMT023 Motion detection based animal detector for farms. Generates sounds if animal detected in the farm to keep them away(only software) N

LGMT024 Motion detection camera to detect type of motion (up, down, left, right) for smart fan tracking N
LGMT025 Room light intensity control by detecting the environmental light using camera automatically. N
LGMT026 Scan to text conversion converts a scanned or blurred image to text using OCR. Can be used to study old documents.(only software) N
LGMT027 Number plate recognition using OCR used at highways for Automatic Chalan System.(only software) N
LGMT028 Hand gesture based home office automation operate different devices performing different gesture on camera front N
LGMT029 Recognize specific hand gesture to display the output on LCD like Umpire Decisions for Out Wide etc. N
LGMT030 Gesture based patient monitoring display needs of patient through his gesture N
LGMT031 Crane guidance control through hand gesture N
LGMT032 Traffic control by monitoring the gesture of the traffic policeman for signaling N
LGMT033 Motion based border security system detect left/right motion and can operate the gun and fire N
LGMT034 MATLAB GUI Based DC motor control. Control direction and speed of DC motor by clicking on single button on MATLAB GUI in PC. N
MATLAB based Character to speech conversion. Recognizes character in an image change it to speech(coded for different numeric) ONLY
Number plate recognition using OCR used at highways for Automatic Chalan System. if recognized number is invalid sends attachment to
control(only SOFTWARE) N
LGMT037 MATLAB based audio announcement system will announce predefined command as selected by user(user has to select only on time) N
LGMT038 MATLAB based audio token announcement for banks N
LGMT039 MATLAB GUI Based digital clock shows time and date on GUI interface N
LGMT040 MATLAB GUI based audio announcement system converts given string to audio using SAPI N

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