Monroe Community College exemplifies the academic success that all 2-year schools should aim to accomplish as an institution

. As one of the premier colleges in the country, our school has placed at the top of many national rankings. It is President Flynn’s dedication to doing what was always in the best interest of the students, the faculty, the administration, as well as the community as a whole. This is the type of leadership that is necessary for MCC to maintain our prestigious ranking and to continue making forward progress as an institution. The last thing we need is a new president who is only concerned with doing what is in the best interest of their respective political party. As a student of MCC and a taxpayer of Monroe County, I would be offended and outraged if the chosen president was not one that had any higher education administration experience, which is outlined as a sought quality for any prospective president in §3 of the SUNY Guidelines for Presidential Searches for Community Colleges. I demand that the prospective president show a commitment to the mission of higher education as well as the specific mission to this college. MCC is the acme of Public Education and should not be compromised by political agendas, the control of over $100 million of Monroe County taxpayer’s money or dissolved into silos by a businessman taking the reins. Both SCAA (Special Committee on Administrative Affairs) and PSAC (Presidential Search Advisory Committee) were allowed by the board of trustees to thoroughly interview, review and narrow down the pool of potential candidates based on the criteria set in place by the board itself. The two candidates that the board amended to add to the list of finalists (Bill Smith and Dennis Kessler) had already gone through the search process and both committees did not see either as fit to be a potential finalist candidate. Why would the board of trustees allocate school funds to this intensive search process if the six political puppets on the board were simply going to ignore the committee’s recommendations? Twenty eight speakers and over three hundred other spectators expressed a unanimous agreement that Bill Smith and Dennis Kessler should not be added to the list of finalists. However, the majority of the board (Richard Guon, Kenneth Goode, Ilene Flaum, Richard Mackey, John Parrinello, and Wayne Zyra) do not believe in democracy, for our pleas to uphold a fair selection process were completely disregarded. The former chair Lori Van Dusen said that by adding the two names to the finalist pool would be a “breach in my fiduciary responsibility and responsibility to the college.” Locality and political affiliation exceeds higher education administration experience as demonstrated by the six who voted for the amendment. Red flags were also raised in February when the board went into Executive Session and former chair Van Dusen stepped down to be immediately replaced by Guon. During this particular board meeting, two county lawyers were present who had never attended previous board meetings and have not since, making it quite apparent that local politics are after the control of MCC’s budget. The new chair Guon is treasurer of the Monroe County Water Authority, which conveniently happens to be where County Executive Maggie Brook’s husband, Rob Wiesner, is the director of security. Maggie your blatant nepotism and ruthless appetite for complete control of the County Budget is compromising one of the premier institutions that Monroe County has to offer.

MCC needs more leaders like David Ladwig, Michael Nuccitelli, Lori Van Dusen and Richard Warshof to maintain the integrity of our superior institution. For more information on how to speak out against this injustice please visit Concerned student, Devin Lynch