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Cool Kids 5, review
Unit 1. Introduce yourself.
1) Read and answer:
Hello. My name is Vanessa. I’m 11. I live in Brighton. I like swimming and sailing. I like
playing computer games too. I’ve got a computer. My brother is 8 years old. His name is
Rory. He doesn’t like sailing, but he likes cycling and running. He likes swimming too.
We love going to the beach.
a. What’s her name? _____________________________. b. How old is she? _______________________________.
c. Where does she live? __________________________. d. Does she like sailing? ___________________________.
e. Does she like running? _________________________. f. Has she got a computer? _________________________.
g. How old is her brother? ________________________. h. Is he 9 years old? ______________________________.
i. What is his name? _____________________________. j. Does he like sailing? ____________________________.
k. Does he like cycling? __________________________. l. Do they love going to the beach? ___________________.
2) What about you?
a. What’s your name? ______________________________. b. How old are you? ____________________________.
c. Where are you from? ___________________________. d. Have you got a sister? __________________________.
e. Have you got a brother? _________________________. f. How old is she? _______________________________.
g. Do you like football? ____________________________. h. Do you like sailing? ___________________________.
Unit 2. Describing animals.
1) Read and answer:
I like ostriches. They’re my favourite birds in the Savannah. They’re grey or black. They
have got very long necks and small heads. They haven’t got ears. They’ve got small tails.
They’ve got long legs and they can run very fast. They live on land. They’ve got wings
but they can’t fly.
a. What are his favourite birds? _________________________. b. Where do they live? ________________________.
c. Are they grey? ______________________________. d. Are they white? __________________________________.
e. Have they got long necks? ____________________. f. Have they got big heads? ___________________________.
g. Do they live on land? ________________________. h. Do they live in the water? __________________________.
i. Can they run? ______________________________. j. Can they fly? _____________________________________.
2) Describe these animals:
a. Lions: ________________________________________________________________________________________
b. Parrots: ______________________________________________________________________________________

Where is the bank? It is _______________________________ _____________________________________________________________. We have sandwiches. f. There’s so much to do! a. Do you like Language? ______________________. d. Where is the shoe store? ______________________________ _____________________________________________________________. What’s her favourite subject? _______________________. Is there a cathedral in the town centre? ______________. In the town centre. Where is the supermarket? _________________________ _____________________________________________________________. fruit and orange juice. Art is my favourite subject. Where is the hospital? ________________________________ _____________________________________________________________. Giving directions 1) Read and answer: I like my town. c. c. Do you have lunch at school? _________________. 2) Take a look at the map and answer the questions: a. g. e. Is there a high school? __________________. Does Susan like volleyball? _____________________. h. Where is the pool? ___________________________________ _____________________________________________________________.Unit 3. g. At school. b. Her favourite subject is English. Where do they have Art? ______________________. What do they eat? _____________________________. there’s a big cathedral and there are old ruins. What’s your best friend’s name? ______________________. Does he like English? ________________________. . j. Where do you have English? ________________________. Susan likes Sport. Are there lots of parks? _________________________. b. Where is the Toy store? _______________________________ ____________________________________________________________. h. We have English in classroom 3. Where is the police station? _____________________________. a. There’s also a small shopping centre and lots of banks. We have lunch at school. Do you like Sport? __________________________________.d. 2) What about you? Answer these questions: a. e. f. Does she like Sport? ______________________________. d. 1) Read and answer: I like school. Where do you have it? ______________________. What’s Susan’s favourite subject? _______________. Unit 4. b. e. c. She likes playing volleyball. g. My friend’s name is Susan. I like drawing and painting. Are there lots of banks? _________________________. What is your favourite subject? _______________________. d. i. There’s also a park and an old theatre next to the cathedral. We have Sport in the gym. Where do they have Sport? ________________________. Where is the train station? __________________________ ____________________________________________________________. f. There’s a police station next to the shopping centre and there’s a school. Where is the old cathedral? ____________________. c. e. but I don’t like Sport. b. Where do they have lunch? _______________________. Does she like painting? ______________________. We have Art in classroom 2. Turn left at the school and there are lots of houses. What’s her friend’s name? _________________________. f.

c. j. a. i. h. What does he do when it’s sunny? _________________________________________________________________. Do you make your sister’s bed? _________________. 1) Read and answer: This is Oscar. What do you do at the weekend? _________________________________________________________________. Vocabulary Review Unit 1 Nombre Vivir Hermano Hermana Gustar Tener Navegar Playa Correr Nadar Unit 2 Correr Tierra Aire Agua Patas Alas Cuello Orejas Cola Poder No poder Comer Tigre Elefante Águila Cocodrilo Rinoceronte Pinguino Volar Cabeza Centro Comercial Centro de Deportes Izquierda Derecha Girar Ir todo recto Unit 4 Colegio Asignatura Mates Inglés Clase Unit 5 Unit 3 Museo Entre Al lado de Detrás de Enfrente de A qué hora? Desayuno En punto Y media Hacer la cama Lavar los platos . What time do you have breakfast? _______________________________________________________________. b. does he make his mom’s bed? _________________. he likes playing tennis. he likes playing computer games. h. He washes the dishes and he makes his bed. What time do you get up at the weekend? __________________________________________________________. j. g. Do you make your bed? _______________________. When it’s sunny. k. e. He gets dressed at half past seven. What do you have for breakfast? _________________________________________________________________. Do you make your mom’s bed? ____________________.Unit 5. Daily routine. a. Do you wash the dishes? __________________________. What time does school finish? ____________________________________________________________________. i. b. Does he wash the dishes? _________________________. What time does school start? ____________________________________________________________________. e. Does he play computer games when it’s raining? _____________________________________________________. What time does he get dressed? _______________________________________________________________. What time do you get up? ______________________________________________________________________. What time does he get up? ___________________________________________________________________. k. l. What does he have for breakfast? ______________________________________________________________. d. f. When it’s raining. m. Do you play football when it’s raining? __________________. Does he start school at nine o’clock? ______________. d. g. He starts school at nine o’clock. 2) What about you? Answer these questions about your daily routine. He has cereal and milk for breakfast. What time does he get up at the weekend? _________________________________________________________. Does he like playing tennis when it’s sunny? ________________________________________________________. Does he star school at half past nine? _______________. He gets up at seven o’clock. At the weekend he gets up at eight o’clock. Do you play computer games? ______________. f. c.