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Small Business Argument 1

Running head: Using Ideas From Others

Loretta Lewis8

ENG105-0901A-04, Unit 2

Using Ideas from Others

February 22, 2009

Small Business Argument 2


Small businesses whether in a community environment or online can be very complicated

to start if it is your first time and you do not have the know-how.

How To Start an Online E-commerce Business

I. Starting a small business enterprise takes a lot of research on the part of the person who is going to

be the main operator of the business. (Sullivan, 2009)

A. This person is going to have to take into account all of the things that will allow them to run a

business collaboratively offline.

B. Expanding into e-commerce will take just as much time, if not more, than the establishment of

the original business and will entail some of the same functions.

II. An online e-commerce business may not be the best move your small business at this time.

(Komando, 2009)

A. If you have done your research, results may show that this type of business will incur

more cost than you have anticipated.

B. Small businesses inherently experience a great deal of problem solving in the


1. Some of the problems the business might experience will be funding, the capital to

get started.

2. Another problem the business might experience will be product cost and


III. Your small business will be successful if you have a plan from the start.

A. The plan will be all of the things that you incorporate into your business plan.

B. The successes will come from following and not deterring from the plan.

Importance of Topic and Viewpoint

Small Business Argument 3

The information about starting a small business is important to me because creating a

small business, even with all of the problems that go along with it, have to be your first and

foremost concern. You cannot have a lot of other parts of your lifestyle interfere with what you

need to learn about creating a small business because if you do there will be something that you

forget, and that forgotten piece will inherently be the most importance piece. (Comaford-Lynch,

2007) If you put 80-100 percent of yourself into your business, you will be a success and it will

be the successful enterprise that you meant to create.

The viewpoints of others will help you with the decisions you will have to make during

the startup process and while the business is moving forward. Although you may not use the

advice that is given to you for your business, that advice is important to you when you are

brainstorming for your business. It is important during the life of the business for you to think

outside of the box so that the business becomes a highly respected and professional enterprise.
Small Business Argument 4


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