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Master of Arts in Communication : Corporate Communication Studies

Course : Principle of Corporate Communications (1408PCC02)
Session Topic : The importance of
Corporate Communication
Course: Principles of Corporate
By Nico Wattimena Ph.D MCIPR
LSPR eLearning Program
Nico Wattimena Ph.D MCIPR
Senior Lecturer, Postgraduate Program
London School of Public Relations
Dr Wattimena has been a Public & Media Relations consultant, and major Indonesian and
international media correspondent, for 20+ years.
Education. Dr Wattimena obtained degrees in Mass Communication & Communications Studies,
earning his PhD in Issues & Crisis Management from the University of Kents Business School, United
Kingdom in 2008.
Events. He has been speakers in seminars, workshops and conferences such as: the Inter Faith
Dialogue (Doha, 2009); First Conference for Muslim Public Relations practitioners (Kuala Lumpur,
2011); & the First ASEAN Public Relations Network (Jakarta, 2014).
Specialities. His specialities cover: Public & Media Relations, Issues Management & Crisis
Experience. He has lectured at the LSPR Postgraduate Program in Jakarta for 10+ years in
Corporate Communications studies. Subjects taught include : Strategic Issues Management, Public
Relations Ethics, Media Handling, Public Relations Strategy & Principles of Corporate Communication.
Currently he is a Senior Corporate Communication Strategist for Genting Oil Kasuri Pte Limited.
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Hal 4
Corporate Communication,
The art of crafting and building brand identities and
corporate image.
Responsible for worldwide successes for some brands.
Helps companies to,
shape and mould corporate presence,
identity and reputation,
in the minds of customers, important stakeholders and othe
It is important for an organization to invest in Corporate
Communication initiatives to perpetuate in long-term
corporate image and brand identity.
What is the importance of Corporate Communication ?
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Hal 5
What is the importance of Corporate Communication ?
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Hal 6
Corporate Communication involves,
a series of well-coordinated and planned activities and
programs to higlight a companys product, services, annual
achievements, philanthropy and social development efforts.
communication with both internal employees and externally
with customers, business partners and other stakeholders.
The emphasis is on promoting a consistent and coherent
corporate identity and image.
Process (cont.)
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Hal 7
Corporate Communication,
often a key strategic enabler in todays highly competitive
and information-driven business
The larger PR and advertising campaign sustains
Corporate Communication effort.
Limiting the negative fallout of,
crisis scenarios,
corporate missteps,
public mistakes,
by key executives is possible with strategic and timely
Corporate Communication exercise.
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Hal 8
The Corporate Communication department,
Comprising a senior executive and managers
In charge of devising and crafting a workable and flexible
Corporate Communication plan.
The team,
drafts news releases,
arrange interviews and relevant programs,
on network and cable news channels.
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Hal 9
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Hal 10
The top management, key executives and PR manager play
a highly influential and important role in shaping the
Corporate Communication agenda of an organization.
Understand the value of communicating key organizational
objectives, environmental obligations, community outreach
programs to diverse stakeholders, both internal and
external audiences.
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Hal 11
Top executives often,
offer key inputs and suggestion to fine-tune annual
Corporate Communication plans,
allocate budget for advertising and promotional
are ready to take up speaking engagement and other
external assignments,
that could boost the organizations image.
Structure (cont.)
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Hal 12
A well-managed, sustainable and consistent Corporate
Communication agenda, will create positive perception about,
The long-term prospects and,
The Profitability,
of the company.
The long-term reputation and legacy of the company
generally remains intact despite minor or short-term
organizational mishaps.
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Course : Principle of Corporate Communications (1408PCC02)