THE APNEA and THE UNCONSCIOUSNESS One of the most treacherous pathologies between the habits of sleeping When

making use of the power of the unconsciousness, we programme ourselves to wake up at an hour determined in the mornings, this time it begins to be calculated and arranged by the brain, the heart and the lung. We can wake up without the need of a clock, only making use of the wonderful intelligence neuronal of our organic clock, or our chronometer neuronal. This one begins starting from the moment of the programming. To wake up at the time of the following day, this chronometer cannot be interrupted by another program. The best hour to programme him is at the moment when he prepares to sleep or to the moment to put the head on the pillow. The brain begins to process the formula neurotransmisora that enters game the palpitations of the corazòn and the rhythmic movement of the pulmòn. When the resultant ones have remained established in the autonomous system, it prints this one the hour on the brain to bring the person to a state of wake, wakes up or consciously. Transfieriendo the mind subconscious his waves Alpha of the visual crust at the programmed hour and to produce like that a “ psychic alarm ” in the shape of sound, a small bell similar to the alarm of an alarm clock, or producing an unconscious beetling and impressive thought that makes us wake up. Another mental wave so-called Mu, registered in the EEG., it represents the inamovilidad of the muscles during the state of rest with the waves alphas. These waves increase proportionally with the absence of oxygen to the brain. When a person relaxes to sleep, his respirations diminish consequently the oxygen in the blood also it diminishes. This function is normal because when our system is gone to bed he does not need the same quantity of oxygen to which when I activate this one. The level of oxygen is occupied largely in the restoration of the different neurons in the brain before the recovery of the fibers and cells of the physical body, leaving that the rest of the oxygen that is being obtained by the lungs in very slow form distributes between the whole organism. Giving as summary that: to minor oxygen in the deepest brain it is the sleep. Meanwhile deeper is the suenio wider the waves Mu. And the muscles become more immobile including the lungs muscles tht would couse the apnea. Apnea inconsciente.Apnea during sleeping would be a malfunction of the synchronism between the organs that correspond to the biological clock. Because one does not find yet a pathetic reason that could explain this night phenomenon, I can think that the lung might be suffering a light grade of accustomed Alzheimer, in which it does not receive the transmission neuronal from the brain in autonomous form due to a very deep sleep, owing the brain to enter action when the volume of oxygen on the blood becomes risky. The brain and the heart transmit consequently an order neuro motorboat to the lung so that this one reacts. The pulmòn obeys the order in form immediata and entering in acciòn manages to inhale deeply the air that he has to need, for suplementar become oxygenated to the brain. The Apnea seems to be rather the result of a bad habit of breathing caused by anxieties to which an organic malfunction. During the night, during some seconds it is stopped inhaling and begins another cycle of of absence of oxygen in the body. This is a cycle that lasts between 2 to 3 minutes. This is an involuntary interruption of becomes oxygenated the blood that harms the normal cycle of sleeping nocturne, putting in riezgo the cerebral

health. During this bad night habit nightmares or terrors of the night are suffered while he falls asleep. Also the day apnea can happen producing an unconscious estress. Leaving the unknown; that the apnea happens first of sleeping or the estress as a compulsive disorder. Be or not, a psychological situation, which affects this organic interaction, we still have in our hands an alternative. Based on special exercises of the respiratory device it is possible to re-constitute the modulation of these an organ in question, and the APNEA of sleeping would be overcome by a short time of practice. Process: The age of the person is still not yet considered To acquire new habits in the way of breathing and the muscles exalt them of the lung. Re to educate our unconsciousness and to improve the memory for the new habit of inhaling during sleeping, it might manage with a hypnotic natural alternative. A hypnotic alternative can be obtained by some hipnoterapeuta with experience. calling the affiliation of hipnotistas in The United States “ NGH “ National Guild of Hipnotists / Consult for help in Spanish. The importance of remembering the exercises and the instructions are essential in the re education of the habits inconscientespor that the hipnoterapia is recommended. Being a hypnosis the best natural alternative for the reforms of habits. To consult for meetings and free studies in Spanish to the phones: (847) 428-7852 or cell 224-232-9955. To ask in Spanish for Reny. Place of the clinic and schedules, to consult: 3020 N. Kimball Ave. Chicago, Il. 60618 in English: (312) 395-6100. Request to speak with the instructor in Spanish. The voluntary contributions are accepted and been grateful. By: Renyvaras Instructor NGH.