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Marine Internet

Information Sources

Roger J. Jones
Roger J. Jones Consulting
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I update the presentation from time to time.
 The information is presented as a public service with no
explicit or implied warrantees.
 There are thousands of pages of useful information that link
from the starting pages I have provided, we could not cover
them all in a full day seminar – go explore and enjoy!
 There are eight gagillion additional pages of maritime
information on the Internet that don’t link from the pages I
have provided, I can only whet your appetite to start your
own search.
 All links were valid at the time of the presentation.
Who am I?
 Owner of Roger J. Jones Consulting, a business
consulting firm with emphasis on strategic Information
Technology consulting for middle market companies.
 Assistant Store Manager of the Greenfield,
(Milwaukee) Wisconsin West Marine store.
 Captain/Owner of Reboot, a Catalina 42 MK II WK
 Vice Commodore of MAST (a Milwaukee sailboat
racing club)
 Retired US Navy Captain (O-6)
 Safety
 Weather (US and Canada)
 Charts
 Publications
 Radio
 Communities
 Useful and/or Fun Stuff
 More links than you could ever follow
(Recreational Boating Safety)
(Recreational Boating Safety)

 Safety
 Product Recalls
 Search and Rescue Information
 Publications
 Accident Reporting
 Regulations
 Forms
 Federal Regulations
 State Boating Laws
 Navigation Rules
Sample Product Recall Notice (US
Coast Guard Search and Rescue) (US
Coast Guard Search and Rescue)

 How to contact the US Coast Guard

 Manuals and Documents
 Amver (the way that the Coast Guard
finds commercial vessels near you to
come to your assistance)
 On Scene (the journal of US Coast
Guard Search and Rescue)
(Print and put on your boat!)
Canada Search and Rescue Information

NGA Maritime Safety

Who the heck is NGA?

 National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

 Broadcast Warnings
 Notice to Mariners (Global)
 Many useful publications (we will revisit this site
later in the presentation)
 ONI “Worldwide Threats to Shipping Reports”
NAVAREA Coverage
What is a broadcast warning?
Sample ONI Report (excerpt)

2. GULF OF ADEN: Yemen handed over ten pirates, 12 Mar 09.

The coastguard in the Gulf of Aden received 10 pirates the
international forces conducting anti-pirate patrols in the
Arabian Sea had seized earlier off the Yemeni island of
Socotra. Head of the Coastguard Ali Rasi said a Russian
warship affiliated to the international forces captured the
pirates three days ago on two boats while they were trying
to take over a merchant vessel in the Gulf of Aden.
Weapons were seized with the pirates that included
machine guns and RPG launchers. The pirates along with
weapons were handed over to Yemen within cooperation
between the country and the world countries which have
sent warships to the region to fight piracy and organized
crime. Authorities are investigating the pirates as a prelude
to refer them to prosecution (LM: Yemen Post).
(national weather service marine home page)
(internet links page)
Sample Internet Links (page 1)

 Marine Text Forecasts

 Radiofax Charts
 Weather Charts
 US Weather Maps
 Gridded and Vector Data
 Buoy Observations
 Mid-lake
 Shoreline – e.g. Milwaukee
Sample Internet Links (page 2)

 Dissemination Information
 Internet
 Voice Broadcast
 Amateur “Ham” Radio “Nets”
 And so on and so on and so on!!!
International Buoy Data
Lake Michigan Mid-Lake Buoy (South) Great Lakes Great Lakes

Canada Marine Weather S GRIB (G
 All US Charts are copyright free
 US Charts come from:
 The Office of Coast Survey
 The Army Corps of Engineers
 Almost all other Nations’ charts are copyrighted
 There are multiple formats
 Paper
 Proprietary
 ENC (S-57) SOLAS Electronic
The United States Office of Coast Survey (Charts)
Office of Coast Survey
Information Available
 Paper Charts
 Print-on-Demand Charts
 Raster Navigation Charts – BSB (Free)
 Electronic Navigational Charts - ENC (Free)
 PocketCharts
 BookletChart
 Chart Updates (LNM and NM Corrections)
 Publications (we will discuss later)
BSB Chart Sample
Detailed Nobeltec Chart vs.
Nobeltec Chart vs. ENC Inland (River
DNC vs. ENC Charts
 DNC Charts are produced for Military
and USCG use.
 They are only “free” in the same
areas as ENC Charts (e.g. the US)
 Most navigation software can not
render them.
 Local Notice to Mariners
 Background Information on:
 Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS)
 Digital Selective Calling
 Link to Canadian Notice to Mariners (Notmar)
 Radio Information (more on that later)
9th Coast Guard District Edition
What is in a LNM?
 Special Notices
 Discrepancies
 Temporary Changes and Temporary Changes
 Chart Corrections
 Proposed Changes
 General Information
 Light List Corrections
 Publications Corrections
 Enclosures
Coast Pilot 6 for Milwaukee

NGA Nautical Publications

NGA Nautical Publications (Free)(p
 American Practical Navigator – Bowditch
 Atlas of Pilot Charts (prevailing winds and
 Chart 1 (index of nautical chart symbols,
abbreviations and terms
 Distances between ports
 International Code of Signals
 Light Lists (USCG US lists)
 NGA List of Lights (oceans, not USCG list)
 Radar Navigation and Maneuvering Board Manual
American Practical Navigator
Pub 9
Pilot Charts
Sample, North Atlantic Ocean, April
Chart 1
Index of Symbols
International Code of
Great Lakes Light List
Great Lakes Light List
NGA Nautical Publications (Free)(p
(page 2)
 Radio Navigation Aids (Pub 117)
 Sailing Directions Enroute (coast and port
 Sailing Directions Planning Guides (information
about countries adjacent to a particular ocean
 Sight reduction tables for Air Navigation
 Sight reduction tables for Marine Navigation
 USCG Light List (one source, there are others)
 World Port Index
Radio Navigation Aids (Pub 117)
Sailing Directions (Enroute)
Sailing Directions (Enroute)
Bay of Fundy
Sailing Directions (Planning
World Port Index (Pub 150)
CIA World Fact Book

Ship Captain’s Medical Guide
Noonsite (Country Data for Cruising

(Overview site, Mayday Procedures, etc.) Marine Oth


 HF (High Frequency) and MF (Medium Frequency
(SSB or “Sideband”)
 GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress & Safety System
 NAVTEX (Marine Coast Safety Broadcasts)
 Digital Selective Calling
 AIS (Automatic Identification System)

EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon)

Marine HF and MF Radio
Global Maritime Distress & Safety System
Sample NAVTEX Broadcast

Digital Selective Calling

Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) Autom Real time AIS traffic on Ve
Free Global E-mail
What if you just want to chat?
Ham Radio Maritime Support Nets
Most maritime Ham nets have
links to other maritime ham
 Great Lakes Cruising Club
 Seven Seas Cruising Association
 Cruiser Log
 World Cruising and Sailing Wiki
 Sailing Blogs
 Sailing Anarchy (without "Friday") Great Lakes Cruis
GLCC Port Pilot and Log

Seven Seas Cruising Association
Cruiser Log

World Cruising and Sailing WIKI


Sailing Anarchy
Useful and/or Fun Stuff

 Celestial Navigation
 Conversions
 Log and Trig
 Sailings
 Time Zones
 Weather Data Sailing Cal United States N Google E
West Marine on Google

Free Nautical Book Downloads

More Links than you could
ever follow!
“The Mother of All Maritime Links”
The “Mother of all Maritime