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CAUTION (pemberitahuan/peringatan)

Adalah tulisan atau tanda untuk memberi informasi, instruksi

atau peringatan kepada publik.
Pertanyaan yang sering muncul dalam notice adalah:
1. Where do you usually find the notice?
2. What does the notice mean?


Where do you usually find the notice above?
A. At a railway station C. In a library
B. At a bus station D. At a garage

Where can you find this text?
A. In ice cream C. In a bottle of water
B. In a recycle bin D. In a cup of tea

The sign means that.
A. We should get in the room
B. The room is only for the staff
C. We can meet a director in this room
D. The staff cannot get in

The notice means.
A. Throw your rubbish here
B. Do not throw rubbish here
C. Bring your own rubbish
D. Do not pick up the rubbish

What does the notice above mean?
A. We have step on the grass
B. We have to walk on the grass
C. We are not allowed to walk on the grass
D. We are not allowed to keep the grass

The notice is usually found in the fuel station.
What does it mean?
A. Do not switch the machine
B. Do not put out the machine
C. We are allowed to turn on the machine
D. Do not switch off the machine

What does the sign means?
A. A person leaves for checking
B. A person is asked to re-count then leave
C. After leaving a person check it
D. A person leaves then re-count

What does the notice mean?
A. The students are prohibited are prohibited to
bring food or drink in the lab
B. The students are allowed to bring food or drink
in the lab
C. There are many foods and drinks in the lab
D. The students may eat in the lab
Where can you find the notice?
A. In the post office C. At house
B. In the mosque D. At school

What does the notice mean?
A. The visitors must feed the animals
B. The animals must not feed the visitors
C. The animals in the zoo dont need food
D. The visitors must not give foods to the animals
Where can we possible find the notice?
A. At the zoo C. At the market
B. At the post office D. At the park

The notice means.
A. Students have to make noises
B. Students mustnt make noises
C. Students may go home
D. Students may speak

What does the text means?
A. We must speaking in the area
B. We must be an English
C. We must communicate with English in this area
D. We must say in the area

Where do you probably find the notice above?
A. At the hospital C. At the bank
Caution! Please do not disturb when in the room
Do not accept, if the seal was broken!

B. At the petrol station D. At school

We have to receive the pack incondition only.
A. Good C. Old
B. Bad D. Big

What is the meaning of the notice above?
A. You can eat here in the morning
B. Please come earlier eat
C. Have your lunch here
D. Its faster than usual schedule

This notice means that we must be to walk on the
floor because it is still wet.
A. In a hurry C. Careful
B. Run away D. Understood

We may not swim on the sea because it is
A. Enjoyable C. Dirty
B. Deep enough D. Dangerous

What does the notice mean?
A. We may enter the area
B. We are allowed to enter the area
C. We are prohibited to enter the area
D. We can enter the area

The notice means.
A. We are allowed to use drugs
B. We not allowed to use drugs
C. Drugs is not dangerous
D. We must use drugs everyday

We usually find the notice below at the
A. Air conditioned room C. Public places
B. Supermarket D. Harbor

What is the meaning of this notice?
A. You may drive today
B. You mustnt drive fast
C. You can drive here after next week
D. You cant drive now

What is the meaning of the notice?
A. You can drive here
B. Pedestrian should be careful
C. There are many children
D. You must drive fast

Where do usually find the sign above?
A. At a teachers office C. At a bank
B. At a library D. At a hospital

What does the notice above mean?
A. We should throw the rubbish into the dustbin
B. We are allowed to throw the rubbish into the
C. We are allowed to throw the rubbish
D. We are not permitted to throw the rubbish into
the dustbin

What does the notice mean?
A. Do not throw rubbish in the room
B. Do not destroy everything in the room
C. Do not sleep in the room
D. Do not speak in the room
Where do we usually find the notice?
A. In a railway station C. In a park
B. In a police station D. In the classroom

Such kind of caution can usually be found on
A. A door C. A certain product
B. A gate of a zoo D. Furniture

What does the word fragile in the text above
A. Easily broken
B. Carefully handled
C. Gradually changed
D. Completely used

What does this sign mean?
A. We may not enter this area
B. We must enter this area
C. It is the place for the security guard
D. The security must be out of this place

Where do usually find the sign above?
A. At a railway station C. At a station wagon
B. At a bus station D. At a petrol station

Where will you mostly find the text?
A. At an airport
B. At a bus station
C. At a railway station
D. At a gas station

You find the notice above of the gate of the housing
It means that onlywho own the house at the
complex can go there.
A. Security guard C. People
B. Participants D. Guest

What does the text mean? We the dog.
A. Have C. Need to be careful with
B. Are aware D. Like
Where do you usually see the text?
A. In the zoo C. At the gate
B. In the library D. In the pet shop

What does the sentence mean?
A. Turtle is one of the protected animal
B. We must save protected animals
C. Protected may be made into product
D. We can use protected animal

The notice above mean?
A. All security staffs must give report to the
receptionist before entering the office.
B. All guests must give a security report to the
receptionist before entering the office.
C. All security staffs must bring visitors to the
receptionist for a report.
D. All guests must meet the receptionist and leave
identity card before entering the office.

Where can you see the notice above?
A. In the supermarket C. In the airport
B. In the restaurant D. In the bank

The notice above mean
A. You must pay in cash here
B. Customers must buy not more than 12 items
C. Any buyer pays less than the normal price here
D. Children pays less than adults here

What does it mean?
A. Return your books before you leave the library
B. The librarian needs see the books before you go
C. Make sure you take all your books with you
D. The librarian will show you where you have to
put your books

Dont use
product made of
protected animal

Greeting card (kartu ucapan) adalah sepucuk kertas (biasanya
dihiasi dengan gambar) yang digunakan untuk memberi
ucapan selamat, mendoakan sesorang, dan lain-lain.
Ada berbagai bentuk greeting card, misalnya kartu ucapan
selamat, kartu ucapan dukacita/simpati, dan kartu ucapan
lekas sembuh.

1. What card it is?
A. Hanis card C. Birthday card
B. Smile card D. Love card
2. Whom is the card for?
A. Hani C. Hani and Smile
B. Smile D. Sari and Shifa

3. Who wrote the card?
A. You C. Sarah
B. Maya D. The writer

4. What is the greeting card for?
A. To inform about final examination
B. To pray for Malvas success
C. To congratulate Malva on her success
D. To show Malvas preparation in facing
5. Who sends the greeting card?
A. Malvas sisters C. Malvas friends
B. Malvas teachers D. Malvas parents

6. Who writes the card?
A. Najma C. The writers sister
B. Nisa and Rara D. Rara
7. Whom is the card for?
A. The writers sister C. Nisa
B. Rara D. Najma

8. The purpose of the text is.
A. To greet the new baby
B. To give compliment
C. To replay the letter
D. To respond the new baby
9. Who is the text written for?
A. The Yantis baby C. The Ridwans family
B. The new baby D. The Ridwans baby

10. When was Marsya born?
A. 1999 C. 2001
B. 2000 D. 2002
11. May I wish you health.
What does the word I refer to?
A. Marsya C. friend
B. Raras friends D. Marsyas friend

Dear Hani,
Its your birthday
This is your present.
Happy birthday!
All our love
Sari and Shifa

Congratulation on your wedding, Maya!
Dear Malva
Congratulation on you success in the final examination.
Were very proud of you.

Your Mom and Dad
To: Najma

Happy birthday to you
My your wishes come

Your sisters

Nisa and Rara
Dear the Ridwans,
Id like to give congratulation on your first baby.
I hope it complete your bright and smile days.

Your faithfully,


Dear Marsya
May I wish you, health, happiness and success in your life.

December 9, 2011.

12. Who is the sender of the card?
A. Naqib C. Naqibs friend
B. Bilqis D. Naqib and Bilqis
13. Whom is the card for?
A. Bilqis C. Bilqis friend
B. Naqib D. Naqibs lover

14. Who sends the card?
A. Reihan C. Novals friend
B. Noval D. Noval and Sasya
15. Who receives the card?
A. Reihan C. Sasya
B. Reihans friend D. Noval and Sasya

16. Whom is the card for?
A. Fauzan C. Success
B. Final examination D. Fitri
17. Why does the writer send the card? Because.
A. She is very happy
B. She passes the final examination
C. She wants to congratulate her brother
D. She is success

18. Who wrote the card?
A. Jono C. Happy
B. You D. Ananda Nurhudaifa
19. How old is Jono?
A. 22 years old C. Many happy return
B. 17 years old D. More mature

20. To whom is the card addressed?
A. Mr. Irfan Bachdim
B. Happy New Year 2011
C. Happiness and success
D. Mr. Kim Kurniawan
21. Who sends the card?
A. Mr. Irfan Bachdim
B. Happy New Year 2011
C. Mr. Irfan Bachdims family
D. Mr. Kim Kurniawan

22. What kind of text above?
A. Announcement C. Greeting card
B. Invitation D. Identity card
C. Greeting card
D. Identity card
23. Who send the card?
A. Sarah C. Sarah and Amanda
B. Amanda D. Beauty
Dear Bilqis
Congratulation on your success in poetry reading

To: Reihan
Wish you all the best
on your Birthday Party
Noval and Sasya

Dear Fauzan,
Im really happy to hear that you pass your final examination.
Congratulation on your success
We are really proud of you.
Your sister
Kebumen, 25
February 2011
Dear Jono,
Many happy return to you
I wish you are more mature and have excellent
health in your sweet seventeen .
Your sincerely
Ananda Nurhudaifa

Dear Mr. Irfan Bachdim
Happy New Year 2011
May God give you and your family happiness and
success in your life.
Mr. Kim Kurniawan
Solo, 27
March 2011
Dear Sarah,
Congratulations on getting the runner-up in the
Batik Beauty Contest.
I am proud of you.
Your best friend

24. Who is the writer of the text?
A. Ratih C. The reader
B. Joshua D. Someone
25. The text above is
A. Announcement C. Letter
B. Greeting card D. Advertisement

26. Is the receiver of the card the winner of the story
telling contest?
A. Yes, he does. C. Yes, he is.
B. No, he doesnt. D. No, he isnt
27. What kind of text is it?
A. Greeting card C. Invitation
B. Advertisement D. Short message
28. Congratulation on your success.
The opposite of the underline word is
A. Fail C. Lucky
B. Well done D. The winner
29. Who the winner of the story telling contest?
A. Shinta C. The writer
B. Dedi D. The reader

30. Why did Ramadhan send greeting card to Maya?
A. She won the semi final story telling contest
B. She represents the students of SMP Global
C. She will keep practicing the story telling
D. She joined the story telling contest

31. When will the final of story telling contest be held?
A. Student Organization
B. Next week
C. In the SMP Global
D. Before semi final story telling contest
32. Who is Ramadhan?
A. The teacher of SMP Global
B. The contestant of story telling contest
C. The winner of story telling contest
D. Chairperson of Students Union
33. Keep on practicing, Maya!
The same meaning of the underline word is.
A. Never C. Always
B. Stop D. Come back

34. What is the main idea of the text above?
A. Deny congratulates Shinta
B. Shinta congratulates Deny
C. Deny invites Shinta
D. Shinta invites Deny
35. .as the best students in your class.
What is the antonym of the word best?
A. Clever C. Smart
B. Good D. Worst

36. From the text above we know the big family of MTsN
Tegal wants to.
A. Support Mrs. Artha Sartika to be the
headmistress of MTsN Tegal
B. Congratulate on Mrs. Artha Sartikas success in
being headmistress
C. Give good wishes to the celebration of Mrs.
Artha Sartikas birthday
We wish to express our deepest condolences on
The headmistress of MTsN Tegal
March 29
May God Almighty bless
And keep her always
The teachers and staff of MTsN Tegal

D. Express their sympathy for Mrs. Artha Sartikas
37. What does the word we refers to?
A. Headmistress
B. Mrs. Artha Sartikas family
C. The students of MtsN Tegal
D. The teachers and staff of MtsN Tegal
38. How does probably the family of Mrs. Artha Sartika
A. Anxious C. Excited
B. Sorrowful D. Hesitate
Short messages (pesan) adalah informasi pendek tertulis atau
lisan yang dikirim atau ditinggalkan seseorang saat tidak bias
bertemu langsung dengan orang yang dimaksud dalam pesan

1. What is the purpose of the text above?
A. To tell about her sick grandma.
B. To give information about the delay of an
C. To ask Mira to work on their project.
D. To persuade Mira to change the project.
2. From the message above we know that
A. Dinda and Mira have to work together on their
B. Dindas grandma involves in the project.
C. Dinda and her grandma will meet Mira at the
D. Dinda expect Mira to stay in the hospital with

3. What is the text about?
A. Dennisses invitation to go window shopping
B. Dennisses invitation to buy something in the
C. Rickys invitation to go window shopping
D. Rickys agreement to go window shopping
4. We could do window shopping. What does the
underline phrase mean?
A. Buying goods displayed in the shop window.
B. Looking for the goods displayed in the shop
C. Looking at the goods displayed in the shop
D. Selling the goods displayed in the shop

5. When will John and Freddy study together?
A. In the morning
B. In the afternoon
C. Midday
D. Midnight
6. at my house. The underlined word refers to.
A. The writer C. John
B. The reader D. Freddy

7. What is the purpose of the text above?
A. To give information to someone.
B. To remind someone to do something.
C. To ask someone to give information.
D. To promote some product.
8. What is the kind of the text above?
A. Announcement C. Message
B. Advertisement D. Notice

9. What must Fajars dad do?
A. He must meet and and pick up his uncle and
aunt at the train station
B. He must join Fajar to the train station
C. He must attend a meeting
D. He must meet Fajar at the train station
10. When does Fajar meet his uncle and aunt?
A. In the morning C. In the evening
B. In the afternoon D. Late at night

11. Who is the message for?
A. Samson C. See you
B. Mega D. You
12. What does the message mean?
A. Samson wants to meet Mega
B. Samson will be waiting Mega
C. Mega wants to meet Samson
D. Mega will not be at the library

John, dont forget to study together with me at my
house at 03.00 p.m.

I wait for you to play volleyball at stadium at
02.00 p.m. Remember Bob.
Franky 085227513561

Dear Samson,
Please meet me at the library at 3.30 p.m. Ill be
waiting at the main entrance.

See you later

Ardi, I use your bike. Mine is broken.
Dont worry, everything will be all right.
To: Fajar
Please meet and pick up your uncle and aunt at the
train station before noon. I cant join as I must
attend an important meeting at the office


13. The purpose of the text is
A. To tell Ardi that Dani use his bike
B. To ask Dani to use Danis bike
C. To tell Dani that Ardi uses his bike
D. To ask for clarification about a bike
14. Dani uses Ardis bbicycle because
A. He has lost his bike
B. His leg is broken
C. His own bike is broken
D. He doesnt have a bike

15. Nisa, dont forget to learn.
The underlined phrase can be replaced with.
A. Pick me up C. Forgive me
B. Accompany me D. Remember
16. .at my house at 03.00 p.m.
The underlined word refers to.
A. Nisas house C. The receivers house
B. The writer house D. Nisas and
Aisyah house
17. The text above is called
A. Short message C. Notice
B. Warning D. Attention

18. Who is the writer of the message?
A. Love C. Nanda
B. Mom D. Dear
19. What does mother ask Nanda to do?
A. Turn the lamp C. Take care of the house
B. Sleep all the day D. Dont save the energy

20. What did Shinta ask the apology for?
A. She can come to the party
B. She is happy to come
C. She will not accompany her mother
D. She cant come to the party
21. Who write the message?
A. Claudia C. Shinta
B. Claudias mother D. Shintas mother

22. Who is the message for?
A. Mom C. Valian
B. Father D. Alika
23. Who is sick?
A. Alikas father C. Valians father
B. Alikas sister D. Valians sister
24. How does Valian go home from school?
A. By motorcycle C. By bus
B. By bike D. On foot

25. Who send the message?
A. Andi C. Andi and Putu
B. Putu D. The reader
26. Why did Putu send the message? Because..
A. He wants to visit Andi
B. He wants to go anywhere
C. He wants to borrow the magazine
D. He wants to return the magazine

27. Where will they do their English assignment?
A. At Amelias house
B. At Natashas house
C. At Tanias house
D. At Lukmans house
28. How many persons have an appointment that
Dear Nanda,
Sweep the floor and wash the dishes,
please. Dont leave the lamp on. Save
the energy.

Nisa dont forget to learn English together at
my house at 03.00 p.m. Be on time!
To : Andi
Ill come to your house at 04.00 p.m. to return the
magazine I borrowed last week. Please dont go
I have something to discuss with you.

To : Amelia 24 October 2009
From : Natasha

Amelia, dont forget to come to my house at 03.00
p.m. Remember that we have appointment to do our
English assignment. Remind Tania and Lukman. Im
afraid they forget it.


Dear Alika
Im sorry I cant pick you up at school because I
must take your sister to the doctor. You can go
home by bus with Valian. Father will pick you up
at the bus at the bus stop near Kartosuro

Dear Claudia,
Thank you for inviting me to your party.
Id like to come, but I have to accompany
my Mom to see the doctor. Im so sorry
to hear that. Have a nice party.
Best regard

A. Two persons C. Four persons
B. Three persons D. Five persons

29. Why did Endahs parents go to Semanggi?
A. To visit her grandfather
B. To visit her grandfathers friend
C. To be admitted to the hospital in Semanggi
D. To visit her grandfather who is in hospital

30. According to the short message, Shandy and Karla
are going to seeing movie on.
A. Sunday C. Wednesday
B. Tuesday D. Monday
31. What is the purpose of the text above?
A. To invite someone to seeing movie
B. To inform someone about changing of seeing
movie time
C. To ask someone to join a vacation
D. To tell the plan of having trip

32. What should Eliska have during the interview
A. Original documents needed
B. Interview guidelines
D. ALMOST study center documents
33. What is the purpose of the text?
A. To give time to Eliska to study for the interview
B. To let Eliska know that she is accepted to be the
employee of ALMOST study center
C. To invite Eliska to the interview session
D. To remind Eliska about the interview session

34. According to the short message, Terry and Azam are
going to have picnic on.
A. Sunday C. Thursday
B. Monday D. Friday
35. What is the purpose of the text above?
A. To invite someone to have a picnic
B. To ask someone to join in vacation
C. To tell the plan of having a trip
D. To inform someone about the changing of the
picnic time

36. What does Kuncoros sister want Kuncoro to do?
A. To go to the village
B. To buy some food for mothers breakfast
C. To go home tomorrow
D. To buy things at Mitra store

37. Why Jan writes the message?
A. To tell the meeting is over
B. Ask Tony to pick her up
C. She wants to go home at 5 p.m.
D. Tony doesnt need to pick Jane

38. Where will Sari and Tiara type Biology report?
A. In Saris house
B. In Tiaras house
C. At school
Dear Endah,
Father and I are on the way to Semanggi.
Grandfather is very ill. He has been admitted to
hospital. We will try to be back early tonight.
Sender: Shandy
Sunday, 13
June 2010 10.00 a.m.
Karla, our plan to watch the movie today
is postponed by Mr. Shandy because of
the heavy rain. He just informed me it
will be done tomorrow.
To : Eliska
From : Almost study center
Please come to the interview
session, tomorrow at 9 a.m. at the HRD
office of ALMOST study center. Please
bring all of your necessary original

Sender : Terry
Date : Sunday, 14
June 2010
Time : 9.45 a.m.
Azam, our plan to have a picnic today is
postponed by Mrs. Qonitah because of the
heavy rain.
She just informed me the picnic will be done
Dear Kuncoro,
I have to see uncle at village this morning.
Please buy these things to Mitra store for
uncle and aunt: a pack of cheese bread, a
bottle of honey, a kilogram of sugar, and
four packs gardue tea. I will go home
tomorrow night.
Your sister
From : Jane
The meeting will be over at 5 p. m.
Can you pick me up at 5.15 Tony?
Thank you
Sari, we cant type our Biology
report in my house, because my PC
is error. We will do it again after I
repair it. Im sorry.
D. At rental computer
39. What is the purpose of the text above?
A. To tell Sari that Tiaras computer is error
B. To tell Sari that Biology report typing will be
C. To tell Sari that Tiara will repair her computer
D. To tell Sari to type the Biology report

40. When does Ardis mother expect him to leave for
A. At four C. At six
B. At five D. At seven
41. What is the purpose of Ardis mother to write the
message to him?
A. To show the way how to get his school
B. To remind the way of life
C. To tell the nearest way to school
D. To remind him to be discipline

42. How is Lis mother feeling when she sends the
A. Impressed C. Relieved
B. Confused D. Sorry
43. The writer writes the text in order to
A. Apologize since she cannot fulfill the promise
B. Remind someone that she has a promise with
C. Tell her that she has to go to the meeting
D. Say that she cannot meet her in the Mall

44. What is the relationship between Djefry and Nisa?
A. Brother and sister C. Classmates
B. Teacher and students D. Neighbours
45. What is the purpose of the message above?
A. To announce the importance of studying
B. To remind the writers friend about studying
C. To ask other to forward the news to others
D. To invite other to join the group

46. Where did Ricky get an accident?
A. At Mitra Hospital
B. In the emergency room
C. At the T junction
D. At school
47. From the message above we know that.
A. Intan, Bayu and Ricky are not classmate
B. Bayu got medical treatment at Mitra Hospital
C. Rickys parents will meet the teacher soon
D. Ricky got serious injury

48. Based on the message above, we know that
A. The students can submit their assignment on
September 9

B. The message is for all students in the school
C. The message is directed for the students of 9A
D. There are 5 days left to complete the
49. The last date for the students to submit the
assignment is
A. September fifth C. September eighth
B. September seventh D. September nineth
The night before you go to school, pack your
school bag and prepare your school uniform.
and then leave for school at 5.00 am, or at
least an hour before the bell rings. It may
give you some extra time just in case there is
a traffic jam.
Your mother.
To: Liz
Sorry honey, I cant fulfill my promise to
go with you to the Mall tonight. I have to
meet Mrs. Cathy at 07.00 pm. Please,
dont be angry.
To: Djefry,
Dont forget our appointment to study
together. Please, forward to members of our
I am looking forward to meeting you all at my
house at 3pm. Please be punctual.
CU.. Nisa
Intan, I cant go to school today. I am at
the Mitra Hospital now. Ricky got accident
on the way to school. I met him at the T
junction near the school. It looks like his
left leg is broken. He is still in the
emergency room now. I have informed his
parents. Please tell the class, teacher and
other classmates
To: Antony (chair person 9A) 5/09/2011
Please forward to others. Due to the long
holiday, all students have to complete their
writing assignment.
Submit it before September 9
Mr. Steven
Announcement (pengumuman) adalah pemberitahuan resmi
tentang sesuatu supaya diketahui orang banyak.
Pengumuman bias ditulis, kemudian ditempelkan dipapan
yang mudah dilihat orang ataupun diumumkan secara lisan.

1. You heard the text above in the.
A. Airport C. An office
B. Waiting room D. Plane
2. The main idea of the text is explaining about usage
and forbidding to.
A. Seatbelt, smoke
B. Seatbelt, make a noise
C. Shoes, smoke
D. Shoes, make a noise
3. Someone who announces it is called.
A. An announcer C. An officer
B. A pilot D. A stewardess

4. What competition is announced?
A. English Speech Contest
B. English Telling Story Contest
C. English Debate Competition
D. English Club competition
5. How can the students join the competition?
A. By contacting Ida C. By inviting Ida
B. By leaving Ida D. By reminding

6. Why will the flight no SG 595 be delayed? Because
A. Sudden fire C. Bad weather
B. Broken machine D. Terrible flood
7. The purpose of the text above is.
A. To describe the flight condition
B. To entertain the reader
C. To tell the flight schedule
D. To inform the delay of the flight

8. The text is about
A. Programs to celebrate the National
Independence Day
B. Invitation for students to come to school on
C. Explanation on special programs on April
D. Information of some programs on April 19
9. How many kinds of competition will the school hold?
A. One B. Two C. Three D. Four
C. Th

10. Why the library will be closed?
A. All students of MTs Maarif Sempor
B. Due to the renovation of its building
C. Due to the holiday
D. Due to the librarian is sick
11. How long will the library closed?
A. Two days C. Four days
B. Three days D. Five days
12. Who wrote the announcement?
A. The students C. The librarian
B. The teacher D. The headmaster

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome abroad Nusantara
Airways Flight. Please fasten your seatbelts. Put your seat
in upright position and dont smoke. Read carefully the
card on the passengers safety. You will find this in the
pocket of the seat in front of you.
Tomorrow is the last day for you to join the English
Debate Competition. So, join it now!
Contact: Ida, class VIIIA
The flight no SG 595 to Samarinda will be delayed
due to the bad weather
To: all students of Islamic Junior High School Kebumen 1

To celebrate National Education Day, the Student
Association will hold some interesting programs. They are
English Speech Contest, English Story Telling Contest and
Wall Magazine Competition. The programs will be held on
April 19
, 2011 at 8 a. m- 1 p. m

All classes must take part in the programs and should
report their participation to their own teacher.

For detail information, please contact Mrs. Nasifah, the
coordinator of this program.
Attention Please
To: All students of Mts Maarif Sempor
Due to the renovation of our building, the library
will be closed in 5 days, from Monday 10 to Friday
14 July 2011.
The libarian

Scout Association of MTsN Kebumen
To : All Scout members.
We are going to go camping at Widoro Camping
Ground, from 20
June 2011. The contribution is Rp
100.000,-. Member who will join activity should register to
Mr. Muarif. Registration will be start on June 10
Nusi Saputro
The chief
13. Where will the camping be held?
A. At school C. At Widoro Camping Ground
B. In Kebumen D. At the school yard
14. Whom is the announcement addressed for?
A. Mr. Muarif C. Nusi Saputro
B. All scout members D. The teacher
15. Who wrote the announcement?
A. Nusi Saputro C. The scout members
B. The teacher D. Mr. Muarif
16. How long will the camping held?
A. One day C. Three days
B. Two days D. Four days
17. How long will the registration last?
A. Three days C. Five days
B. Four days D. Six days

18. Whom is the announcement for?
A. We C. Students of class VIIG
B. Mrs. Suparmi D. All students
19. What is Mrs. Suparmi?
A. A student C. A principal
B. An Arabic teacher D. a librarian
20. When should the students bring their dictionary?
A. Every Monday C. 16 January 2012
B. Every day D. Monday, 23 January

21. Whom is the announcement for?
A. The chief C. Dafa
B. All scout members D. Camping Committee
22. When will the camping activity start?
A. 20 February 2012 C. 22 February 2012
B. 21 February 2012 D. 23 February 2012

23. What is the purpose of the announcement?
A. To tell about holiday
B. To invite students to attend meeting
C. To inform about teachers meeting
D. Ta ask students to study hard
24. Who writes the announcement?
A. Teacher C. Headmaster
B. Student D. English teacher

25. The students have the English course a week.
A. Four times C. Twice
B. Three times D. Once
26. .please contact your English teacher.
What is the similar meaning of the underlined word?
A. Ask C. Tell
B. Call D. Meet

27. What does the website provide?
A. Achievement C. Money
B. The history D. Game
28. The school has launched a website.
The underlined word means to.something
A. Begin C. Create
B. Finish D. Terminate
29. What is the purpose of writing the above
A. To ask parents to make achievement
B. To inform the students about their achievement
C. To ask the students to visit the schools website
D. To let the students know about the new website

To : Students of class VIIG
From : Mrs. Suparmi
Please bring your Arabic dictionary on Monday, 23 January
2012. We will use it for our lesson.
Thank you

To : All Scout members
Join our camping activity at Widoro Payung
from 20-23 February 2012.
Dont miss it and have fun!
The chief
To : All students
There will be a meeting at 10.00 a.m.
You may go home earlier. Remember keep study
at home.
To : 8
grade students
The English course will begin on
August, every Monday, Wednesday, and
Friday afternoon at 4 p.m. in our lab. For
more information, please contact your
English teacher.
Mrs. Yuli
To : All students
The school has launched a website and the
address is
The website provides you with much
information about our school (the history,
the recent activities, the plan) and of course
your achievement.
Please check out the site and dont forget to
inform about it to your parents because the
site also has the parents page.
Henry Kristianto

30. Why will the road be closed?
A. Because there is a road renovation
B. Because the disaster of Merapi
C. Because the road is inconvenient
D. Because its time to be closed

31. What is the principals purpose to write the text?
A. Telling his agenda to all teachers
B. Thanking someone
C. Inviting people to a party
D. Giving instruction to teachers and staff

32. What will be discussed in the meeting?
A. The customers order
B. The customers needed
C. The customers documents
D. The customers complain
33. Who will attend the meeting?
A. Customers
B. All managers
C. Secretary and all managers
D. Director, secretary, and all managers
34. the meeting to discuss the customers complain.
The underlined word mean.
A. To talk about C. To say
B. To speak D. To tell

35. The text tells us about.
A. Explanation of History teacher
B. Description of the museum
C. Announcement of a tour to the museum
D. Advertisement of the museum

36. Where this announcement would be put up?
A. In all school
B. At shopping complex
C. At the Glory Supermarket
D. In all parks
37. No age limit
What does it mean?
A. Those who are under age are forbidden
B. Age will not be considered
C. Aged man is not allowed
D. Only those who are over sixteen
38. The announcement is about.
A. Entering a contest
B. Residents of Geriya Gentan
C. Family members
D. A talent show
Because of Merapi disaster, the road
around here will be closed for a week. Were
sorry for inconvenience.
We will have a ceremony for
commemorating the Independence Day
on 17 August 2010. To all teachers and
administration staffs are to wear KORPRI
uniform on that occasion.
To : All Department Managers
The meeting will be held to discuss the
customers complains. It will be held this
afternoon January 4
2010 at 1 p.m. in
the meeting room. Please bring the
documents needed.
Thank you
Secretary Director
Announcement of the tour
Attention please
To visit to the museum will take place on
Wednesday, 26
of May. The bus leaves school at
09.00, and those who want to join must be on
time. The visit will last the whole day so dont
forget to bring your own lunch. We expect to get
back at about 05.00 in the evening.
At the museum there will be a brief explanation by
History teacher. This will take about a half an hour,
and then the teacher will take you around the
museum. For those who wants to go please
contact to Arimbi class VII A
Do it with 2, 3 or 4 others (Relatives can join)
No age limit.
1. Pick up a form this Glory Supermarket counter
2. Complete the form
3. Drop the completed form in the box labeled
TALLENT SEARCH at Glory Supermarket
4. Box will be removed at fort night after the
date given below.

39. Why are there new instructions about parking at the
A. The road is under reparation
B. The new parking lot is available
C. There was an accident on the runway
D. There is a construction in progress at the
40. Where can travelers park their cars over night or
A. At the entrance of the airport
B. At the south of the terminal
C. In the new satellite lot
D. In a new parking lot

41. What will the students hold on Wednesday,
November 10
A. OSIS uniform
B. An Independent Day ceremony
C. A National Hero Day ceremony
D. An announcement of the ceremony
42. What time will the ceremony begin?
A. At quarter to seven
B. Six-fifteen
C. A quarter past seven
D. Fifteen past six
43. What must the students wear?
A. OSIS uniform C. Traditional costume
B. Scout uniform D. A hero costume

44. Why does the writer write such kind of text?
A. To inform about the remedial class
B. To cancel the remedial class
C. To reschedule the remedial class
D. To delay the remedial class
45. Who is the announcement directed to?
A. All of the students at school
B. All the students in class IX G
C. The chairman of class IX G only
D. Those in IX G who got bad Math
46. It will start at 1.30.
The underlined word has the same meaning
A. Finish C. End
B. Begin D. Last

47. Where can you probably find the text above?
A. At a petrol station C. At a supermarket
B. At a school D. At an office
48. We will use them to make a handy craft.
What does the underlined word refers to?
A. The students C. The scissors
B. The things D. The handy craft
49. We will use them to make a handy craft.
What is the synonym of the underlined word?
A. Buy C. Take
B. Give D. Create
50. How many things should the students bring on
A. One B.Two C. Three D. Four
Passenger planning to drive and park at the
airport should be aware of several changes due
to contraction at the terminal. Sort term
parking is available in the new parking lot at the
south end of the terminal.
A lot of provides hurly parking for those who
are meeting or dropping passengers. Travelers
who plan to park overnight or longer can park
at the new satellite lot and board a shuttle bus
to the terminal. New signs in the entrance of
the airport will direct travelers to appropriate
parking area.

Pay attention
Remedial class for mathematics will be held
after school on Wednesday, January 6, 2010. It
will start at 1.30

IX G Chairman
To: All students of class VII A
Please bring the following things to our
class next Monday:
A pair of scissors
A piece of colorful paper
A ruler
We will use them to make a handy
Thank you
Miss Azizah (art teacher)
To : All students
To commemorate the National Hero Day, MTsN 2 and
the nearby schools will hold a flag ceremony at
Pejagoan field on Wednesday, November 10
2010 at
06.45 a.m. students must wear complete OSIS uniform.
Dont forget to put your hat on. Please be on time.

Vice Principal

Invitation adalah undangan yang diberikan oleh sesorang
kepada orang lain untuk menghadiri sebuah acara penting.
Misalnya perayaan ulang tahun, kelahiran anak, kelulusan
sekolah, perpisahan, hari jadi perusahaan/instansi, dll.

1. How long will the party last?
A. Four hours C. Six hours
B. Five hours D. Seven hours
2. What does fruit cocktails mean?
A. Drinks made from fermented milk
B. Drinks made from fermented grapes
C. Drinks made from fermented apples
D. Drinks made from a mixture of small peaces of

3. Who wrote the invitation?
A. The Wellington Leadership Tim
B. Night under the stars
C. Starlight Marriot
D. The guest
4. How many people is the invitation intended to?
A. Two C. Four
B. Three D. Five
5. Why did the writer write the text above?
A. To invite the reader to come to the Night under
the stars
B. To inform the reader that there will be Night
under the star.
C. To make the reader understand that there will
be a special event.
D. To tell the reader about Night Under Star
E. To invite the reader to come to Starlight Marriot
for a wedding party.

6. When does Anwar expect Rudy to come to his
A. In the evening C. In the afternoon
B. In the morning D. At night
7. From the invitation card above, we know that Rudy
is Anwars.
A. Father C. Teacher
B. Close friend D. Grandfather

8. Tsabita was born on
A. December 16, 1996 C. December 16, 1998
B. December 16, 1997 D. December 16, 1999
9. The party will be held.
A. At noon C. In the afternoon
B. In the morning D. In the evening

Please join for a Gallery Open House
Thursday, December 15

6:00 p.m. 11:00 p.m.
The Sekar Gallery
568 Red Road
Phoenix, AZ 85698

Fruit cocktails and Hors doeuvres
Will be served

The Wellington Leadership Team
Cordially invites you and a quest to a

Night under the stars

On Saturday, the sixth of December
Two thousand and eight
At seven oclock in the evening
Starlight Marriott

Dear Rudy,
I want you to come to my house for lunch on
Sunday, at 11 a.m.
You are invited to a birthday party
Tsabita Fiki Amalia

Shell be 14
Please join us
Sunday, December 16, 2011
At 11 a.m.

The Syihabuddins residence
Jln. Ki Hajar Dewantara no 23 Solo

See you there
Palembang 50 Sudirman Street Phone (0711)

To: Annisa 8A
We invite you to attend the meeting
It will be held
On Monday, August 29, 2011
At 10 am
In the school hall
Agenda: Final preparation for English Speech Contest

Please come on time
See you there!

Latifah Hamid

Secretary Chairperson

10. When will the meeting be held?
A. In the morning C. In the afternoon
B. In the evening D. At night
11. The text above is.
A. Advertisement C. Invitation
B. Announcement D. Warning
12. The statement is NOT TRUE based on the text
A. The students have never held meeting before
B. The students will have meeting on Monday
C. The students will have English Speech Contest
D. The students had have some meeting before

13. Which statement is true based on the text?
A. The party will be held on June 17
B. Everyone can come to the party
C. The party ends at 7 p.m.
D. The party starts at 7 a.m.
14. When will the party be held?
A. In the morning C. In the evening
B. In the afternoon D. At night

15. How old will Inta be in 2020?
A. Twenty two C. Twenty five
B. Twenty four D. Twenty six
16. What is the purpose of the text?
A. Inviting someone C. Telling past event
B. Giving compliment D. Entertaining reader

17. Della hopes that Anita
A. Brings a present
B. Wears a new dress
C. Attends the party
D. Sings and dances
18. What is the purpose of the text above?
A. To invite Anita to Dellas birthday party
B. To describe Dellas birthday party
C. To tell how Dellas birthday party
D. To announce Dellas birthday party

19. Who is celebrating the birthday?
A. Arum C. Massachussets
B. Randolph D Ella
20. When will the birthday party started?
A. 07.30p.m. C. 06.30p.m.
B. 07.30a.m. D. 06.30a.m
21. Kindly respond RSVP here. What does RSVP mean?
A. We should not be late
B. We may come with a friend
C. We have to confirm our arrival
D. We must bring a birthday present

22. In English RSVP means.
A. Join C. Participate
B. Respond D. Take part
23. What is the purpose of the text above?
A. To announce the students to join a bowling
B. To invite all of the students to join in annually
sport competition
C. To invite students, teachers, and staff to join in
schools anniversary
D. To announce students, teachers, and staff to
join in schools anniversary

You are invited to:
A Graduation Party
Saturday the seventeenth of June
Two thousand and ten
At 7 p.m.
Jalan Pulau Sebaru L 41
Come and Help Us Celebrate.

Dear Sonya,
Hi, friend, here I invite you to my 14
birthday party.
Date : Sunday, may 15, 2009
Time : 4 p.m.
Place : My house
Jln. Kuningan no. 32 Jakarta
Please come!
Dear Anita,
Hi friend, here I invite you to my 15
birthday party.
Date : Monday, April 15, 2009
Time : 04.00 p.m.
Place : My house
Jln. Adalas no 32 Makasar
Please come! Without you the party will be different.
Please join us for party dinner to celebrate
Saturday evening, April 18, at seven thirty
Randolph, Massachussets
Kindly respond RSVP here

Its pleasure time!
For all schools members
Come and join a bowling party of annually
sport competition for our schools
anniversary! It will be held in January 10,
2010. At 02.00-08.00p.m.
For more information and RSVP, contact
Henry (9A) and Iska (9B).
Lets rock the place!

24. The party was held to mark the school . In the
A. Victory C. Events
B. Farewell D. Loyality
25. How long did the celebration last?
A. 5 hours C. 3 hours
B. 4 hours D. 2 hours

26. What party will be held by Darmawans family?
A. Aqiqah party C. Baby shower party
B. Birthday party D. Thanksgiving party
27. Which one is correct based on the text?
A. The Darmawan is an old couple
B. The party is dedicated for the son
C. Mr. Darmawan is a moslem
D. The celebration will take a long time

28. What program can the students do individually?
A. Story telling contest
B. Choir contest
C. Basket ball match
D. Wall magazine competition
29. The competition will last fordays.
A. Two C. four
B. Three D. Five
30. The underlined word in They are Choir contest.
Means a group of persons trained to together.
A. Sing C. Play
B. Dance D. Act

31. From the text above, we can conclude that.
A. The reception and the marriage vow take place
at brides house
B. The marriage reception ends in the evening
C. The marriage reception last for two hours
D. The bride name is Teddy Harliansyah
32. What does the inviter prefer as the souvenir?
A. An envelope C. A present
B. An envelope gift D. A gift
33. What is the purpose of sending such kind of text?
A. To ask someone to attend a marriage reception
B. To invite someone to watch a marriage vow
C. To give information about someones marriage
D. To inform someone about a marriage party

We hopefully invite all our beloved teachers to
come to the party to celebrate our success to be
the champion of choir festival DKI province
On September 4
At Mulia Hotel Ball room
07.00 10.00 pm
Wardrobe: Batik
Confirmation to Lia: 021-7991643

Cordially we invite you to the AQIQAH party
of our first daughter.
Day/date: Sunday, 7 August 2011
Place : Pesona IX No. 298
Time : 07.30pm
Mr. and Mrs. Darmawan
All students of Bintang Kejora are invited to
attend the Youth Pledge Day ceremony.
After the ceremony is over, the Students
Union will hold some interesting programs.
They are, Choir contest, Story Telling
contest, Basketball match, and Wall
Magazine competition. So, please come and
join us. The competition will be held on
October 25-27 in the school hall started
from 1 pm to 5 pm.
Chair person

There is no long distance about love, it
always finds a way to bring hearts together
no matter how many miles there are
between them.
Mr. and Mrs. Abdul Rozak and
Mr. and Mrs. Hermansyah Taher
Request the honor of your presence
At the marriage reception of their children
Teddy Harliansyah
Rosalina Taher
On Saturday, the 11
of April 2012
At 11.00 am to 01.00 pm.
At Flowery Tower Hall
Marriage Vow
At 09.00
At Jasmine room
Your presence is a present in itself, however
you feel the need to provide a souvenir, an
envelope gift is appreciated.
To: All of my classmates, class 9c
Please come to a party
To celebrate the fourteenth birthday
Of our friend,
Anisah R. Ayusti
Daughter of Mr. Armien Latief
Sunday, October 17

West Landing Avenue Apt 25
452 Cuponke Lane
RSVP to Kintan or Jody
Class Chairman
Sandra Novita
34. When will the party be held?
A. In the morning C. In the evening
B. In the afternoon D. At night
35. Who writes the invitation?
A. Sandra novita C. Armien Latief
B. Anisah R Ayusti D. Kintan
36. The text is written.
A. To inform someones birthday party
B. To ask someone to come to class party
C. To ask someone to celebrate the party
D. To invite someone to celebrate the party
37. Ijmbbncff
Advertisement (iklan) adalah pemberitahuan yang bertujuan
untuk mendorong, membujuk khalayak ramai untuk membeli
atau menggunakan barang atau jasa yang ditawarkan. Iklan
biasanya dipasang di media massa seperti cetak/elektronik,
(Koran, majalah, tabloid) atau tempat umum, seperti baliho,
billboard, dan pamphlet.
Ada berbagai bentuk iklan, yaitu iklan produk, baik barang
maupun jasa, serta iklan lowongan pekerjaan.

1. What kind of text is it?
A. Announcement C. Advertisement
B. Notice D. Short message
2. From the text above we can conclude that.
A. The restaurant is opened everyday
B. It is opened 4 hours a day
C. The restaurant is situated in Jimbaran Bali
D. The restaurant is located in Jakarta

3. What is the purpose of the text?
A. To inform about something
B. To tell a procedure of doing something
C. To get the readers attention
D. To entertain the reader
4. The text is about.
A. A baby soap C. A baby lotion
B. A baby powder D. A baby shampoo
5. The product is especially made for these people,
A. Baby C. Kid
B. Infant D. Adult
6. The underlined word in the text (beneficial) has the
opposite meaning with.
A. Useful C. Advantageous
B. Valuable D. Worthless

7. How long is the bazaar held?
A. 3 days C. 5 days
B. 4 days D. 6 days
8. What can we find in the bazaar?
A. Televisions C. Foods and drinks
B. Clothes D. Furniture

9. What items are sold with a 20% discount?
A. Household appliances C. Fashions
B. Stationeries D. All items
10. The following items are available in the store,
A. T-shirts C. Newspapers
B. Markers D. Refrigerator

11. How many must we pay if we rent for a year?
A. 621.000 C. 261.000
B. 612.000 D. 216.000


Enjoy a selection of Jimbaran
Style fresh seafood
Barbeque plus a traditional
Balinese dance performance

Every Friday and Saturday evening
From 07.00 p.m- 11.00 p.m
At our poolside
You wont believe that youre not
in Bali

75 Kramat Raya Street Jakarta
Ph. 058227567

Jogja Expo Center
7 10 January 2012
09.00 a.m 09.00 p.m
National and International brands
Sale prices on all electronic goods
15% - 50% discount
Credit payment negotiable
Only four days, stocks limited
With Pro Vitamin B5
Gentle care
Cares and Protect
It is beneficial for healthy skin, leaving
skin soft, smooth and comfortable
Ingredient: Talk, Perfume, Panthenol
30% of all items 30% of all items
Blenders Pens
Juicers Pencils
Refrigerators Pencil cases
Fans Markers

20% of all items
Jeans 1 May 11 June 11
T shirts 20%-50%

Bungalow House in a Private Compound for
A furnished property for rent, 120sq. m. with sale
and dining sets, refrigerator, stove, beds located
in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood and is
about 5-10 minutes to schools, malls, and
hospitals. P 18.000/month.
12. From the text we know that the location of the
bungalow is.
A. Far from public places
B. Distant from public places
C. Isolated from public places
D. Close to public places
13. What is the purpose of the text?
A. To describe about the bungalow
B. To make people rent the bungalow
C. To make people buy the bungalow
D. To make people sell the bungalow

14. What does the company export?
A. Indoor furniture C. A Qualified manager
B. Outdoor furniture D. A production manager
15. Which of the following does NOT belong to the
qualifications of the candidates?
A. Experienced
B. Able to drive
C. Able to speak English
D. Able to operate the computer

16. What does the text tell us about?
A. Acnes treatment series
B. Killing bacteria and treating acne
C. Enriched with vitamin E and B6
D. Composition of Mentholatum
17. Enriched with vitamin E and B6.
The underlined word similar to
A. Containing C. Contras
B. Make up D. Fill in
18. How many materials are there in the product?
A. 5 B. 6 C. 7 D. 8

19. Whats the medicine for?
A. Relief eye strain C. External use only
B. Skin burn D. b and c are right
20. Whats the similar meaning of reduce?
A. Decrease C. Affect
B. Increase D. Relieve
21. What does daily mean?
A. It is used every day
B. It is used mid day
C. It is used at night
D. It is used on Sunday

22. What is the purpose of the text above?
A. To entertain the audience or the readers
B. To describe about Grand Bonanza Sale
C. To persuade the readers about big sale
D. To give information to the reader about the big
23. What kind of text is it?
A. Invitation C. Advertisement
B. Announcement D. Notice
24. Which statement is true about the Grand Bonanza

PMA indoor furniture company with high
quality export standard is looking for a
qualified candidate for the position below:
1. Male/Female
2. Having at least experience
3. Computer literate
4. Good command in English

Please send application, CV, recent
photograph, and expected salary to:
Code: UM114MD

To reduce itching, skin rash,
food allergy, and skin burns.

Apply in a thin layer, 3-4 times
daily on the affected areas.
Bargains You Wont Want To Miss

July 31
August 2011
Larges Antique Furniture Supplier
For every Rp 3.000.000,- spent you will receive a
hand phone
For purchase above Rp 5.000.000 you will
receive a 17 TV

Bussines hour:
Mon Sat: 10.00am 09.00 pm
Sun: 11.00am 06.00 pm
Discount up to
Plus free gifts
Mentholatum Acnes
Acnes Treatment Series
Kills bacteria and treats acne
Enriched with vitamin E and B6
Clear gel format, oil free and keep skin soft

Resorcin 0,4%, Sulfur 2,5 %
Stearly glycyrrhetinate 0,1%
Vitamin E, Vitamin B6
Fragrance, water
A. Its from the first of July until the middle of
B. The customers will receive a TV set, free of
charge for purchase above Rp 5.000.000
C. It is not the biggest Antique Furniture Supplier
D. Business hours are from 11.00 am to 06.00 pm
25. What will the customers receive if they buy furniture
every Rp 3.000.000?
A. Gifts C. Hand phone
B. Furniture D. Television
26. How long does the Grand Bonanza Sale open on
A. 6 hours C. 8 hours
B. 7 hours D. 9 hours

27. People can find in the pet shop. Except
A. Animal food C. some pets
B. Fish food D. Veterinarian
28. When does the pet shop open?
A. On Monday to Sunday
B. On Saturday to Sunday
C. Every Sunday
D. Every day

29. From the advertisement above, we know that the
shop sells.
A. Aquarium and bird food
B. Cattle and its cage
C. Fish and its food
D. Fish and goat
30. How long does the shop open daily?
A. Ten hours C. Twelve hours
B. Eleven hours D. Thirteen hours
31. ..with reasonable prices.
The synonym of the underlined words is.
A. Understandable C. Very expensive
B. Fair, not to high D. Very cheap
32. Hgdfsdwbenw
Boogey Pet Shop
Jl. HM. Sarbini, Kebumen
Get your pet number one food here. We also
Cat food
Bird food
Fish food
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Descriptive text adalah text yang bertujuan untuk
mendeskripsikan suatu benda, tempat, atau orang tertentu.
Struktur teks descriptive:
1. Identification (identifikasi) : pendahuluan tentang
apa dan siapa yang akan dideskrpsikan.
2. Description (deskripsi) : berisi cirri-ciri khusus yang
dimiliki benda, tempat atau orang yang
Soal yang mungkin ditanyakan dalam text deskriptif:
1. Gambaran umum
Ciri khas pertanyaan:
a. What is the text about?
b. What is the text mostly tell you about?
c. The text above tells you about
2. Pokok utama
Ciri khas pertanyaan:
a. What is paragraph 1 tell you about?
b. What does paragraph 3 tell you about?
c. What is the main idea of paragraph 4?
d. What does the main idea of the last paragraph?
e. Paragraph fourth tells you about..
3. Tujuan komunikatif text
Ciri khas pertanyaan:
a. What is the purpose of the text above?
b. The purpose of the text is.
c. What is the purpose of writing the text?
4. Informasi tersurat
Yaitu pertanyaan yang jawabannya tertulis di dalam
5. Informasi tersirat
Untuk menjawab pertanyaan jenis ini, kita harus
menetapkan kata kunci terlebih dahulu. Kata
kuncinya terdapat dalam pertanyaan itu sendiri.
6. Makna kata atau frasa
Ciri khas pertanyaan:
a. What does the underlined word mean?
b. What does the bold type word mean?
c. What does the italic word mean?
d. What is the synonym of.?
e. What is the similar meaning of?
f. What is the opposite of..?
g. What is the antonym of.?
7. Rujukan kata
Di dalam suatu text kita sering menjumpai kata- kata
seperti berikut:
o I, me, mine, my
o We, us, our, ours
o You, you, your, yours
o They, them, their, theirs
o He, him, his
o She, her, hers
o It, its
o Here, there, in the building,..
o One, ones
Kata-kata diatas (kata ganti) merujuk pada kata-kata
tertentu dalam teks. Ciri khas pertanyaan:
a. What does the word she refer to?
b. The word here in the text refers to.
c. What does the word ones refer to?
Cara menjawab pertanyaan, kita harus membaca
dan memahami kalimat sebelumnya atau kalimat
yang dimaksud jika kalimat itu berupa kalimat
majemuk. Insya Alloh ketemu jawabannya.



1. The text above is telling us about.
A. A palace
B. Rinis house
C. Interior and gardens
D. Architecture and carving
2. What is equipped with the latest audio visual
A. Recreational facilities
B. Swimming pool
C. Magnificent hall
D. Sport facilities
3. How many rooms does Rinis house have?
A. Seven C. Nine
B. Eight D. Ten
4. They are a living room, a library room, a dining
room, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a
The underlined word in the sentence refers toof
the house.
A. Rooms C. Gardens
B. Facilities D. Carvings
5. What is the purpose of the text above?
A. To entertain the readers
B. To present information about Rinis house
C. To describe Rinis house
D. To promote Rinis house

Rinis house is on Jl. Cimalaya no. 33.
Her house has many rooms. They are a living
room, a library room, a dining room, three
bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a kitchen.
The house is often described as a
palace because of its architecture and carvings
and painting which adorn its interior and
gardens. It is a unique showplace of the
Balinese and Javanese arts and crafts
Besides, it has a private swimming
pool, sport and recreational facilities and a
magnificent hall, for up to 300 persons,
equipped with the latest audio visual

6. The writers friend has just bought.from blowfish
shoes product.
A. A new match shoes
B. A new stylist foot leg
C. A trendy and attractive shoes
D. A brand and bright color shoes
7. Why does the writer admire her friend?
A. She likes wearing an international trade mark
B. She always wants to be a trendy and attractive
C. She has the most suitable shoes on her physical
D. She really has perfect appearance with her
wonderful shoes
8. The writer writes the text in order to.
A. Explain an international trademark shoes
B. Share her experience with her friend
C. Describe her friends new shoes
D. Tell blowfish shoes product
9. She really has perfect appearance.
The word she in the sentence refers to.
A. The writer
B. A close friend
C. The writers friend
D. A blowfishs women shoes

10. What does the text tell you about?
A. A ballet dancer
B. My cat Gregory
C. A Persian cat
D. A growing cat
11. The second paragraph tells you about.
A. How Gregory be have when visitors come
B. Why Gregory is jealous of the writer friends
C. What Gregory like top do to visitors
D. Why Gregory like your favorite trousers
12. What does the cat Gregory mostly

I have close friend. She is
beautiful, attractive, and trendy. She
always wants to be a trend setter of the
day. She always pays much attention on
her appearance. Recently, she bought a
new stylist foot legs from blowfish shoes
products. These shoes really match on
Her new blowfish womens
shoes are wonderful. When she is walking
on those shoes, all her friends, including
me watch and admire that she has the
most suitable shoes on her physical
appearance. The style, bright color, and
brand represents her as a smart woman
of the day. She really has perfect
She is really mad on those shoes.
She said that the products covered all
genders. The blowfish mens shoes are as
elegant as she has. The products provide
varieties of choice. Ballet, casual, boot
athletic shoes, are designed in attractive
way. The products are international trade
mark and become the hottest trend.
Gregory is my beautiful gray Persian cat.
He walks with pride and grace, performing a dance
of disdain as he slowly lifts and lowers each paw
with the delicacy of a ballet dancer. His pride,
however, does not extend to his appearance, for he
spends most of his time indoors watching television
and growing fat. He enjoys TV commercials,
especially those for Meow Mix and 9 Lives. His
familiarity with cat food commercials has led him to
reject generic brands of cat food in favor of only the
most expensive brands.
Gregory is as finicky about visitors as he is
about what he eats, befriending some and repelling
others. He may snuggle up against your ankle,
begging to, be petted, or he may imitate a skunk
and stain your favorite trousers. Gregory does not
do this to establish his territory, as many cat experts
think, but to humiliate me because he is jealous of
my friends.

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