Placement Catalogue 2008 - 2010
PGDM: Financial Markets
ITM Institute of Financial Markets
Institute for Technology and Management


Dear Friends, Greetings from the ITM Institute of Financial Markets. Financial Markets are rapidly changing the business world in ways that nobody anticipated a decade ago. There are new markets, products and services which have changed the economic landscape of the world as a whole and India in particular. To truly stand out in this time of extra ordinary developments in the market place, the impact of which is compounded by the leveling forces of globalisation, a professional who is working in Financial Markets must be ready to react, adapt, improvise and innovate at a faster pace than ever before.

As educators, the ITM Institute of Financial Markets (ITM-IFM) prepares our post graduate students for the future by providing them with critical skills for the 21st century that will allow them to meet the unknown head-on and excel. For this, students are made to understand more than business concepts.

In the process students are taught how to develop adaptable strategies, how to think creatively and how to apply those skills to any situation that may arise in the new business landscape as the interacting forces of technology and globalisation affect the work place, the market place, new products and new services.

ITM-IFM has equipped the students with thinking and processing tools that will allow them to adapt to the world when it turns out to be different than what everybody thought. As a result our students will be in the game, not left scratching their heads doing things the “old” way, rather they will be innovating and leading.

With the academic rigour, our students are prepared to adapt and innovate as business evolves and they are the choice for meeting the talent shortage in the Financial Markets. Prof. K. S. Murthy Dean ITM - Institute of Financial Markets

01|ITM-IFM Placement 2008-2010


Dr. P. V. Ramana Prof. K. S. Murthy

- Chairman - Director, ITM-IFM

Dr. A. Rama Mohan Rao - MD, UTI Securities, Mumbai Mr. B. Narashimhan Mrs. Dina Mehta Mr. Jayadev Mr. K. Ramesha Dr. A. Lahari Dr. M. G. Korgaonker Mr. M.R.Mayya Mr. MaheshThakkar Mr. Prakash Gaba Mr. S. T. Garela Mr. M. L. Sonaji Mr. T. R. Ramaswami Mr. V. H. Pandya - CEO, MCS Ltd., Mumbai - President, Investors Protection Forum, Mumbai. - Professor, Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow - Professor, NIBM, Pune - Dean, Centre for Corporate Training & Research, Navi Mumbai - Director General NICMAR, Pune and Chair Professor, Sailesh J. Metha School of Management, IIT, Mumbai Former Executive Director, Bombay Stock Exchange Executive Director, Association of Leasing & Financial Services, Director General, FIDC, Mumbai.

- Technical Analyst & Consultant, Mumbai. CEO, Satco Securities, Mumbai. Director, National Stock Exchange, Mumbai CEO, Association of Merchant Bankers of India Ltd., Mumbai Former Sr. ED, SEBI, Mumbai.

02|ITM-IFM Placement 2008-2010


Distinguished Visitors
Mr. M. S. Sahoo - Whole Time Director SEBI Emerging Trade in Financial Markets Mr. Sundararaman Vice President, NSE Development & Regulation, Challenges & Opportunities in Derivatives Market in India. Mr. S.T. Garella

Prof. Lata Chari Prof. Bharat Shah Mr. K. S. Iyer Mr. Freddy Pereira Mr. Ashish Gupta Dr. Ajay Mittal Mr. Anil Harolikar Mr. Srinivas Yanamandra Mr. Debashsis Roy Mr. Sachidanand Singh Mr. Ashok Thapar Mr. Sharad Kumar Jha Mr. Nandkishor Patil Mr. Chandra Shekar Mr. Manohar Lal Mr. Sabyasachi Mukherjee

CEO, Satco Securities Indian Capital Markets - Past - Present - Future Mr. V.R. Narsimhan Chief Compliance Officer Kotak Group Indian Depository System Dr. Bandi Ram Prasad President, FT Knowledge Management Company Ltd. Dr. Jinesh Panchali Head, FT Knowledge Management Company Ltd. Emerging Trends in Indian Capital Markets Mr. B. Narsimhan Whole Time Director, MCS Ltd. Depository System: Significant Issues Mr. C.V.R. Rajendran Managing Director, Corporation Bank Securities Ltd. Careers in Financial Sectors Mr. Prakash Gaba Technical Analyst

Mr. Mahesh Thakkar Financial Services circulations, code of conduct and significant Issues.

03|ITM-IFM Placement 2008-2010


About the ITM Group of Institutions
Any serious effort in management education is characterized by a unique duality-constant, unrelenting change supported by unwavering fundamentals. At Institute for Technology and Management, this duality is evidenced on the one sideby the sheer pace of operational growth and infra-structural expansion, the constant re-invention of academic offerings, and on the other side- by the commitment, honor and endurance of that group of individuals who make up the ITM Family. In September 1991, ITM was founded by Dr. P. V. Ramana, with a singular objective- to prove the idea that a fully private, unaided Business School could survive and thrive in the exclusive world of Management Education in India. 18 years on, the ITM Group of Institutions enjoys the approval and patronage of the Indian Industry, Academicians and the thousands of students & alumni who carry the reputation of ITM on their shoulders. In the 18 years since its inception in 1991, the ITM Group of Institutes has earned the recognition of Academia and Industry. Recent national business school rankings have placed ITM among the Top 25 B-Schools in India. ITM Campuses in Banglore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Raipur & Warangal offer a range of master programs in diverse fields such as International Business Information Technology, Retail Management, Human Resources, Actuarial Science, Financial Markets, Pharmaceutical Mangement, etc. ITM Institute of Financial Markets started its first batch in 2004. The PGDM: Financial Markets program has taken years of development & collaboration in its creation. ITM IFM is proud to be among few schools the world over & the very first in India to have the technology & academics required to offer this program.

04|ITM-IFM Placement 2008-2010


ITM Institute of Financial Markets
Institute for Technology and management
As the global environment of financial markets becomes more complex, the knowledge demand placed on professional operators, brokers, traders, employees of the banking or insurance industries, including compliance professionals - makes it imperative that they know the products and markets and the mathematics that explain it. As new markets open up internationally, they must understand all of this from a complex global perspective. ITM Institute of Financial Markets (ITMIFM) was established with this very purpose in mind, to train the next generation of Indian and International capital markets professionals and to provide access to the latest knowledge and tools in use globally. The Institute offers a range of educational programs catering to the needs of fresh students as well as experienced professionals in the broad field of Finance, Capital Markets, Insurance and Risk Management ITM IFM programs are conducted in our spacious, well-appointed classrooms and conference suites, fully equipped for modern pedagogical methods in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai with extensive utilisation of our modern Business Simulation Lab & training facility at Vashi.

05|ITM-IFM Placement 2008-2010


Study at ITM-IFM
ITM IFM’s mandate to provide specialized and advanced Financial markets education is evident in the academic infrastructure of the Institute. Starting with a dedicated finance and business library, full-text online archives provided by EBSCO, CMIE Prowess and the Harvard Business Review, students have unprecedented access to research and publications to support their classroom learnings. Besides intensive classroom learning in specially designed classrooms with a full complement of A/V facilities, students are exposed to the real world culture and environment of financial markets operatons. The technology component of the programs at ITM-IFM is of special importance. A campus wide Wifi network offers seamless intranet and internet connectivity. ITM’s Student Laptop Program ensures that all students are provided with laptop computers. Dedicated Televisions and data displays stream current financial market news and analyses in our student lounges and laboratories. The most significant technological advantage however is the Business Simulation Lab, which provides real-world trading simulations. Read more on the Business Simulation Lab in the following pages.

06|ITM-IFM Placement 2008-2010


A Center of Excellence in Financial Markets research
What makes the Financial Markets program unique is the live Business Simulation Lab (Securities Dealing Room) that forms the center-piece of this program. This Business Simulation Lab gives our students the ability to hone their trading and analytical skills in a realistic market environment, using the very same software and tools that are in use at modern dealing rooms the world over. Business Simulation Lab is the first of its kind in India, and the 6th in the world, for training Program Participants in a real-time, live market environment simulation. The Lab provides hands-on, real-world training in Securities, Derivatives, Commodities and Foreign Exchange Trading. This setup features actual exchange software from NSE.iT, live data feeds from Reuters and the Industry-standard in analysis and charting tools from Spider Software.

Software Setup
• • • • • • XSTRADE: The Exchange administration Software platform of the National Stock Exchange (NSE), installed by NSE. iT, their technology subsidiary NEATixs: The trading workstation software platform used by NSE traders Live data feeds of Equities, Derivatives, Futures and Options create real-time market conditions from Reuters and Spider Software. Online Technical Analysis and Charting: World standard software Installed by Spider Software (Pvt.) Ltd. Real-time news and analysis data streams from Reuters, and CRISIL Market Wire Live market news and updates via CNBC, Bloomberg TV etc.

Technology Setup
Today’s financial market participants are faced with the challenge of dealing with large volumes of real-time information and data from market conditions, industry & company news, and analyst updates to constantly changing market data. The Institute has recreated this information-rich environment, using the latest in computing and network technology.
l High-end

dedicated data server, loaded with over 10 years of tick-by-tick market data, allowing for realistic simulations of historical markets l Instructor workstation, with ability to supervise the trading activity, set risk and exposure parameters etc. l High-speed dedicated Internet access through a wireless leased line, connected to all terminals through a closed LAN subnet. l Wide-screen plasma and LCD t.v. screens to display market news and updates.

07|ITM-IFM Placement 2008-2010


PGDM: Financial Markets
The full-time PGDM: Financial Markets has been designed and structured as per industry requirements. The program curriculum delivers knowledge on wide-ranging subjects and issues in the global financial markets as well as general management areas. What’s more, the program includes in the final term FINRA certificate module in “Capital Markets Regulation and Compliance” delivered by ICMA Center, University of Reading and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Training modules for CFP, SII & NCFM (NSE) qualifications are also included.

Course Structure
Term-I (July - Oct) • • • • • • • • Financial Accounting Management Accounting Quantitative Method I Technical Communication & Organisation Behavior Managerial Economics Financial Services Economic Environment and Policy Business Simulation Lab Session • • • • • • • Term-II (Oct - Jan) Quantitative Methods II Equity Markets Debt and Money Markets Forex Markets Corporate Finance I Financial Management Business Simulation Lab Session Term-III (Jan - April) • Fundamental Analysis • Technical Analysis • Financial Planning I (Investment Planning & Retirement Planning & Employee Benefit) • Investment Banking • Derivatives • Investment Management • Business Simulation Lab Session Term-IV (May - July) • Summer Project Term-V (Aug - Oct) • International Finance • Financial Planning II (Insurance, Tax and Estate Planning) • Management of Mutual Fund • Commodity Markets • Mergers and Acquisition • Securities Law • Risk Management • Business Simulation Lab Session • • • • • • Term-VI (Oct - Jan) Global Securities Market Financial Engineering and Innovation Portfolio Management (Capstone Project) Capital Market Derivatives Module NCFM Capital Markets Dealers Module Business Simulation Lab Session Term-VII (Jan - May) • Capstone Project

08|ITM-IFM Placement 2008-2010


PGDM: Financial Markets 2008 - 10

Student Profiles

09|ITM-IFM Placement 2008-2010


Student Profiles

Abhishek Gupta Date of Birth: 09/03/84 Qualification: B.Com

Abhishek Shriwastav Date of Birth: 31/08/85 Qualification: BE Summer Project: Fundamental Analysis of Indian economy and its implication in Forex & Bond markets, and Pricing Structured Derivatives Company: ING Financial Markets (Treasury ING Vysya Bank)

Abhishek Shrivastav Date of Birth: 09/10/83 Qualification: BMS Experience: 1 yr & 6 months Last Job: Delta Neutral(Derivative) Khandwala Securities Summer Project: Options Greeks Company: Delta Tradelink

Aditi Wazalwar Date of Birth: 25/09/86 Qualification: B.Com Summer Project: Foreign Exchange mechanisms Company: Centrum Capital Ltd.

Aditya Nahar Date of Birth: 05/03/83 Qualification: BE Experience: 2 yrs Last Job: Stock Desk Analyst for CNBC TV 18 Summer Project: Calculation and Analysis of WACC of Nifty companies in boom and recession period Company: CNBC TV 18

Ajay Tambhale Date of Birth: 27/03/86 Qualification: BBA Summer Project: Risk Management in the Banks: Credit Risk Company: Saraswat Co-operative Bank Ltd.

Amarjit Kumar Date of Birth: 15/02/86 Qualification: BA (Honours) Summer Project: Sector Analysis Company: Kotak Securities Ltd.

Amit Kumar Date of Birth: 06/11/86 Qualification: BBA Summer Project: Investment Strategies and Financial Model of Capital & Derivative Market Company: Edelweiss Capital Ltd.

10|ITM-IFM Placement 2008-2010


Student Profiles

Ankit Jain Date of Birth: 25/01/88 Qualification: B.Com Experience: 1 yr Last Job: Executive for CNT Arts Pvt. Ltd. Summer Project: Comparative study of Fundamental & Technical Analysis Company: Angel Broking

Ankit Kothari Date of Birth: 11/05/86 Qualification: B.Com Summer Project: Power sectorInitiating coverage Company: Khandwala Securities Ltd.

Ankit Srivastava Date of Birth: 05/06/87 Qualification: BBA

Ankur Dhirawat Date of Birth: 31/07/88 Qualification: BBM Summer Project: Interest Rate Swap market in India Company: IDBI Gilts Ltd.

Aparna Bane Date of Birth: 18/12/85 Qualification: B.Com Summer Project: Company Valuation Company: Centrum Capital Ltd.

Ashish Gupta Date of Birth: 21/05/84 Qualification: B.Tech Experience: 2 yrs Last Job: Technical Mkt. Engg for Engg.Axlon Systems

Avinash Tiwari Date of Birth: 01/03/86 Qualification: BE Summer Project: Role of fixed income in Treasury Company: Bank of Baroda

Gaurang Somaiya Date of Birth: 03/01/87 Qualification: BMS Summer Project: Research report on Gold and Crude Company: Ventura Securities

11|ITM-IFM Placement 2008-2010


Student Profiles

Gaurav Idnani Date of Birth: 25/04/84 Qualification: BMS Experience: 2yrs. & 11 months Last Job: Analyst for Bank of America Continuum Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Summer Project: Study on Wealth Management sector in India Company: ITM- IFM

Gananjay Borkar Date of Birth: 06/10/85 Qualification: B.Com Summer Project: Commodity Markets in India Company: ITM- IFM

Harshal Vairalkar Date of Birth: 19/07/85 Qualification: BMS Experience: 6 months Last Job: Business Developer Executive for India Bulls Securities Ltd. Summer Project: Mutual Funds in India Company: ITM- IFM

Harshit Shah Date of Birth: 06/05/87 Qualification: B.Com Summer Project: Equity ResearchAuto sector Company: Inventure Growth and Securities Ltd.

Harshvardhan Gupta Date of Birth: 08/04/86 Qualification: B.Com / PG Adv, Media & Events Experience: 7 months Last Job: Executive-Events for Showhouse Summer Project: Real Estate Investment Trust (REITS)

Himanshu Pandit Date of Birth: 10/09/85 Qualification: B.Com Summer Project: Sector AnalysisReal Estate Company: Sharekhan Ltd.

Hiren Raval Date of Birth: 17/01/85 Qualification: BBI Experience: 3 yrs & 5 months Last Job: Portfolio Manager for HDFC Securities Ltd. (18 months) Summer Project: Option Pricing & Trading Strategy: A study on Indian Stock Market Company: Sharekhan Ltd.

Jaykumar Karani Date of Birth: 15/12/85 Qualification: B.Com Experience: 1 yr & 9 months Last Job: Accountant for JSA India Technology Limited (14 months) Summer Project: Commodity Markets in the world Company: Nirmal Bang

12|ITM-IFM Placement 2008-2010


Student Profiles

Kundan Narkhede

Mangesh Patil Date of Birth: 02/04/86 Qualification: B.Sc Experience: 3 yrs Last Job: Macleads Pharma as PSO (1 yr)

Manpreet Walia Date of Birth: 29/11/87 Qualification: B.Sc Summer Project: Affect of Recession on Retail Banking and Investors’ potential Company: ING Vsya Bank Ltd.

Meenakshi Tawri Date of Birth: 11/06/86 Qualification: B.Com

Naresh Kumar Date of Birth: 27/02/82 Qualification: B.Com Experience: 2 yrs & 6 months Last Job: Sales Executive for 20 Microns Ltd Summer Project: Financial Research on Central Kitchen Company: Wadhawan Holdings Pvt. Ltd.

Navdeep Chawla Date of Birth: 21/08/87 Qualification: B.Com

Neha Thakur Date of Birth: 12/08/87 Qualification: B.Com Summer Project: Study of Derivatives and Interest Rate Swaps in India Company: Sharekhan Ltd.

Nitin Nachnani Date of Birth: 08/10/86 Qualification: B.Com Experience: 8 months Last Job: Associate for Iflex Solution Ltd. Summer Project: Technical Indicator and Trading System Company: MAIA Financial Services Ltd.

13|ITM-IFM Placement 2008-2010


Student Profiles

Nitish Kumar Date of Birth: 12/04/87 Qualification: B.Sc

Pankaj Jain Date of Birth: 01/10/87 Qualification: B.Com

Pankaj Assawa Date of Birth: 01/09/86 Qualification: B.Com Summer Project: Improvement, recommendations, strategies and ways for improving client acquisition in Private Banking Company: Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.

Pankaj Bohra Date of Birth: 26/01/87 Qualification: B.Com Summer Project: Equity research on banking sector Company: Mehta Equities

Pankaj Kabra Date of Birth: 13/01/85 Qualification: BE Summer Project: Investment Analysis Company: Indianivesh Private Ltd.

Pawan Kumar Date of Birth: 25/12/85 Qualification: B.Sc Summer Project: Currency Derivatives and Hedging Techniques to minimize the Exchange Rate Fluctuation Risk Company: Sharekhan Ltd.

Piyush Mulani Date of Birth: 14/07/86 Qualification: B.Com

Prajakta Surve Date of Birth: 28/03/86 Qualification: B.Com Experience: 8 months Last Job: Junior Executive for Standard Chartered Wealth Managers STCI Capital Markets Ltd. Summer Project: Trading techniques and their effectiveness Company: ITM- IFM

14|ITM-IFM Placement 2008-2010


Student Profiles

Prakash Bothra Date of Birth: 24/10/84 Qualification: B.Com Summer Project: Company Valuation Company: MAIA Financial Services Ltd.

Preeteeparna Mahapatra Date of Birth: 22/02/86 Qualification: B.Com Summer Project: Forex Market (Currency Future) Company: AXIS Bank

Priyesh Choudhary Date of Birth: 15/08/88 Qualification: B.Com Summer Project: The impact of exchange rate on business and trade in India Company: AXIS Bank

Purushottam Sharma Date of Birth: 09/09/84 Qualification: B.Sc Experience: 24 months Last Job: Executive In Operations for IBM Daksh

Rahul Agarwal Date of Birth: 05/05/85 Qualification: B.Com Experience: 1 yrs & 6 months Last Job: Assistant Sales Manager for Reliance Money. (6 months)

Rahul Bapana Date of Birth: 13/04/88 Qualification: B.Com Summer Project: Tracking Mutual Fund schemes performance in India Company: ITM- IFM

Rahul Date Date of Birth: 03/03/87 Qualification: BBA Summer Project: Impact of Organised Retail on FMCG sector Company: Reliance Capital Asset Management Ltd.

Rahul Rote Date of Birth: 22/09/84 Qualification: BMS Experience: 2 Years Last Job: Sales Manager for India Bulls Securities Ltd. and Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Ltd. Summer Project: Implication of Options Strategies in Stock Market Company: Brisk Investment

15|ITM-IFM Placement 2008-2010


Student Profiles

Rahul Singh Date of Birth: 04/05/87 Qualification: B.Sc Experience: 24 months Last Job: Assistant Mkt. Manager for Educare Edu. Services Summer Project: Implementing strategies of acquiring customers in corporates Company: Sriram Insight Broking Ltd.

Rajkumar Goyal Date of Birth: 18/04/82 Qualification: B.Pharm Summer Project: Raising finance in the form of Equity and Debt Company: Nirmal Lifestyle Ltd.

Rekha Maan Date of Birth: 19/04/83 Qualification: BCA / PGDCA Experience: 24 months Last Job: Back Office for Indkus Drugs & Pharma Summer Project: Effect on Government Securities due to overnight changes in Interest Rates Company: Oriental Bank of Commerce

Renuka Yadav Date of Birth: 23/03/86 Qualification: B.Com Experience: 1 yrs. & 4 months Last Job: HR Executive for M/s P.S.Bedi Ltd. Summer Project: Business BankingSME Credit Policy in Risk Management & Liabilities. Company: Yes Bank Ltd.

Rinkesh Kothari Date of Birth: 21/11/87 Qualification: BBM Summer Project: Derivative & Option trading strategies Company: SNS Investments

Rishikesh Kumar Date of Birth: 25/10/82 Qualification: B.Sc Experience: 2 yrs Last Job: Sales Executive for Britania

Rohit Dahiya Date of Birth: 02/11/87 Qualification: B.Tech

Rohit Kesherwani Date of Birth: 07/08/86 Qualification: B.Com Summer Project: Market Analysis on distributors in Life Insurance industry Company: Birla Sunlife Insurance

16|ITM-IFM Placement 2008-2010


Student Profiles

Rohit NIgam Date of Birth: 18/12/85 Qualification: B.Com Experience: 1yr & 5 months Last Job: Phone Banking Officer for ADFC Pvt. Ltd. (HDFC Bank) Summer Project: Competitive Analysis in Forex and Trade Finance Company: HDFC Bank Ltd.

Roopam Sinha Date of Birth: 05/06/82 Qualification: BE Experience: 6 months Last Job: Technical Support Officer for Electronic Data System Summer Project: Evaluation of various Asset Allocation models Company: Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.

Sandeep Singhvi Date of Birth: 01/04/88 Qualification: B.Sc Summer Project: Analysis of the RBI balance sheet Company: Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.

Sandeep Varma Date of Birth: 25/01/86 Qualification: B.Com Summer Project: Analysis and Valuation of Banks Company: Sharekhan Ltd.

Sanjay Yadav Date of Birth: 27/03/86 Qualification: B.Sc Summer Project: Company Analysis and Client acquisition Company: India Infoline Ltd.

Saumya Bansal Date of Birth: 06/11/86 Qualification: B.Com (Honours) Summer Project: International Banking and International Finance Company: ITM- IFM

Shashank Srivastava Date of Birth: 16/10/84 Qualification: B.Com Summer Project: Cost Benefit Analysis of Infrastructure Project Company: MSEDCL

Shrestha Parita Date of Birth: 11/01/84 Qualification: B.Com Summer Project: Investment Management Company: HINDALCO

17|ITM-IFM Placement 2008-2010


Student Profiles

Stuti Pandey Date of Birth: 16/08/86 Qualification: B.Com Summer Project: Strategic Asset allocation Company: ITM- IFM

Sushil Kumar Date of Birth: 01/03/83 Qualification: BA (Honours) Experience: 33 months Last Job: Marketing Manager for Azure Infotech

Swapnil Shetty Date of Birth: 01/01/86 Qualification: B.Sc Experience: 3 yrs & 2 months Last Job: Agency Manager for Bharti Axa Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

Tanay Sinha Date of Birth: 19/03/87 Qualification: B.Com

Ujjawal Jain Date of Birth: 05/07/86 Qualification: B.Sc

Vicky Jaisinghani Date of Birth: 03/02/85 Qualification: B.Com Summer Project: Basel- II accord and Indian Banks Company: ITM- IFM

Vinay Gajara Date of Birth: 26/08/86 Qualification: B.Com Summer Project: Porfolio hedging and Delta hedging Company: Standard Chartered Capital Markets

Vishal Amarnani Date of Birth: 09/12/84 Qualification: BMS Experience: 2 yrs & 7 months Last Job: Sr. Research Specialist for Integreon Managed Soutions (Lehman Bros) Summer Project: Study on Capital Structure for Private and Public Sector Banks Company: Trust Investment Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

18|ITM-IFM Placement 2008-2010


Student Profiles

Vishal Shah Date of Birth: 25/01/83 Qualification: B.Sc Experience: 26 months Last Job: Customer Relationship for Zenta Pvt. Ltd. Summer Project: Way Ahead for the Indian Economy Company: Focus Equity

Yashika Sharma Date of Birth: 22/02/87 Qualification: B.Com (Honours) Experience: 7 months Last Job: Accounts Executive for PNP Polytex Ltd. Summer Project: Growth of Forex Market and Dealing room operations Company: Bank of Baroda

Abhijeet Lal Date of Birth: 24/04/87 Qualification: BBA

Ajay Yadav Date of Birth: 21/05/87 Qualification: BA

Anand Shankar Date of Birth: 25/08/86 Qualification: BBA

Azhar Khan Date of Birth: 27/08/86 Qualification: B.Sc Summer Project: Investment Decision Company: Kotak Securities Ltd.

Gauarv Jain Date of Birth: 26/04/87 Qualification: B.Com Summer Project: Working Capital Management Company: DCM Shriram Consolidated Ltd.

Hrishabh Tiwari Date of Birth: 11/10/87 Qualification: B.Com

19|ITM-IFM Placement 2008-2010


Student Profiles

Jiten Sarangi Date of Birth: 15/07/87 Qualification: B.Tech Last Job: Summer Project: Capital Budgeting Company: NALCO

Pradeep Khajanchi Date of Birth: 03/04/88 Qualification: B.Com

Rajan Chouhan Date of Birth: 24/07/85 Qualification: B.Sc

Rohan Sharma Date of Birth: 24/07/80 Qualification: B.Tech Experience: 3 yrs. & 5 months Last Job: Process Manager for Reliance Industry Ltd.

Sriram Subramanian Date of Birth: 16/05/86 Qualification: B.Com Experience: 9 months Last Job: Team Member for JP Morgan Chase Summer Project: Research on the Indian Corporate Bond Market Company: Reserve Bank of India

20|ITM-IFM Placement 2008-2010


Placement Team
ITM Institute of Financial Markets strives to provide an efficient, professional and productive environment for both visiting companies and ITM students in their efforts to find the perfect Person-Position Fit. The Placement Cell offers a broad range of expertise, services, programs and resources to assist students with their career development and job searches. Concurrently, we enjoy the dynamic relationships with our recruiting “partners” - the hundreds of organizations across the country that work with us. The Placement Team is fully equipped to handle presentations, Pre-placement talks, Group Discussions and all types of Interview sessions. Our facilities include well equipped, air-conditioned seminar halls and conference rooms wired for audio, video and internet, in addition to dedicated interview cabins. Laptop computers, LCD projectors and Over Head Projectors are also available on demand. In addition, our dedicated Placements staff will handle the entire process and all paperwork related to your recruitment activity at ITM Institute of Financial Markets. Adventity Affiliates Management Angel Broking ARM Research Pvt. Ltd. Bank of Punjab Caliber Point Citifinancial CNBC Awaaz CRISIL Ltd.

Placement Guidelines
Placement Guidelines 1) All the companies participating in our Placement Process are requested to make their Presentation at our campus from 22nd to 30th September 2009 2) In case the participating companies are unable to come to campus, they are requested to mail the Presentation before the 30th September 2009 3) Final Placements will begin on 1st October 2009 at 9 am 4) Students can join the companies in which they are placed from 1st January 2010

The Placement Team: Prof. Freddy Pereira Head - Placements & Corporate Interface Tel: 022-2781 1278 Cell: 98204 03025 Email: /

Student Co-ordinators: Yashika Sharma 93229 98526 Aditi Wazalwar 99871 85911 Shashank Srivastava 97693 91176 M F Global MAIA Financial Services Motilal Oswal Motwani Group Northbridge Capital Reliance Life Insurance Reliance Money SBI Caps Share Khan Standard Charted Bank Total Securities Transparent Value Unicorn

Recent Recruiters

DE Shaw Edelweiss Capital Ltd. Epitome Evalueserve First Global HDFC Bank Ltd. ICICI Bank Ltd. ICICI Pru Asset Mgmt. IDBI Bank Ltd.

India Infoline IndiaBulls Securities Ltd. Indistock Securities ING Vysya Bank Limited Jain Investments JM Morgan Khandwala Securities Ltd. Kotak Insurance Kotak Securities

21|ITM-IFM Placement 2008-2010


ITM Institute of Financial Markets
Institute for Technology and management
25 & 26, Institutional Area, Sector-4, kharghar (E), Navi mumbai - 410 210. Tel: 022-2781 1278 cell: 98204 03025 Fax: 2781 4772 Web:
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