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Trial is set for August 16 in Purvis.

Michael is getting visitation this weekend, extended, with his mom supervising at his residence in
Columbia. Either Friday from 3 to Sunday to 3, or Friday from 6 to Sunday to 6, or Saturday from 6 to
Monday at 6, you choose.

Please let me know so I can advise the Court what to put in the order.

Then the next weekend as well, and the first weekend of August.

The reason for this is twofold: first, Hal Kittrell told the GAL that the case should never have been brought
before the grand jury, and he implied that Elizabeth did that as a favor to your mother. Second, the
appeal in Louisiana.

The GAL has reported to the Court that there is no credible evidence in his opinion that Michael abused
the girls, and that he will not interview the girls because after reviewing the files and existing interviews he
feels that their recollections are tainted/manipulated. He is also not pleased that you are having
check in via cellphone or text every time they go somewhere during the visitation with Michael.

The judge threatened to throw me in jail for contempt because I pitched a fit in chambers. Hopefully, I
have not damaged my credibility with her, because I have other clients that need my services.

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