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Strategic Training and Development

Initiatives by:

Roll Number: 222006
What is the Vision and Mission of the organization?
Identify the strategic drivers of the business

Vision - Mission - Core Values

"To be the ideal EPC Company operating in multiple sectors in the
Engineering and Construction industry by providing our clients with
responsible value engineered solutions to meet their needs for
sustainable development."

"As a globally recognized company, we will serve selected industry
sectors across multiple geographic locations. Guided by our relentless
focus for success for our business, clients and stakeholders, we will
deliver excellence exceeding our commitments."


We operate in an intensely competitive environment; we compete fairly,
conducting our business in a professional manner that reflects favourably
on our company and on each of us. We hold ourselves to the KSS Code of
Conduct no matter where we operate.
Shared Ownership
We build value for our shareholders and we share the results of the
companys success with those who produce it.
Common Purpose
We operate from a common purpose and the broad view, doing what is
best for the company as a whole, working with mutual trust and
collaboration. The Company continues to expand the capacity of its
Global Development Centres worldwide.
We are sincere, fair and forthright, treating others with dignity and
respecting their individual differences, feelings and contributions.
We set high performance expectations and hold ourselves accountable
for the quality of our work and the results we achieve as individuals, as
team members and as a company.
We encourage non-traditional thinking and appropriate risk-taking, which
provide opportunities to learn and grow as individuals and as businesses.

What capabilities does the organization need as
result of the business strategy and business
environment challenges?

Attract exceptional talent
The organization leverages a strategic and aligned approach to attracting
the best talent at all levels in all the markets where it has employees.

Rigorous talent planning and development
The objective is to have the right talent at the right time in the right
place. It has a rigorous process for identifying, calibrating and developing
our talent. We have a comprehensive career and competence model that
allows the employees to build career paths, and clearly understand how
to keep developing capabilities for the continued success of the company.
The approach emphasizes best-in-class learning solutions through KSS
Academy and on-the-job development through stretch assignments and
internal mobility.

Strong leadership is a key factor in creating and maintaining a high
performance work environment with a highly engaged workforce. We
expect our leaders to maintain an environment that fosters creativity,
innovation and the constant flow of ideas. The employees should have
clear goals and receive continuous feedback and coaching. These are the
drivers of high performance and employee engagement.

The organization has a focused strategy aimed at ensuring that the
employee base and the leadership teams are as diverse as the world in
which it operates. It believes a diverse and inclusive workforce drives
innovation and leads to high performing teams and superior business

What types of training and development will best
attract, retain and develop the talent needed for

KSS achieves business goals by sharing knowledge and creating a team of
high performing individuals. This philosophy has helped employees learn
and enhance their skill for achieving business goals, as well as share its
benefits with the society.

Through training and development, KSS Electrical & Automation builds
competency. This contributes to the efforts on organisational capability
development, organisation renewal and change management.


The business has set up training centres symbolizing importance attached
to a mutually beneficial association with customers. It is a part of the
companys commitment to ensure that its switchgear provides maximum
benefit to customers.


KSS Switchgear Training Centres (STC) aim to upgrade and enhance the
standards of installations, maintenance and operation of low voltage
switchgear and control gear in the Indian industry.

These centres seek to promote good electrical practices among a wider
circle of users and personnel within the trade. The continuing efforts of
the STCs are certain to bring about an industry-wide improvement in


Enhancing customers level of knowledge and skills is KSSs obligation as
a responsible switchgear manufacturer.

Training has always been given high priority at KSS. The STCs symbolize
the importance attached to a mutually beneficial association with

If KSS can invest some percentage of Electrical & Automation Business'
turnover in developing a new product, it makes sense to invest one per
cent or so in ensuring that the product is properly used.


PODP is the plan for identifying developmental and training needs of the
business. It provides a format to capture these needs during feedback. To
ensure holistic development of competencies, PODP recommends
employing methods like on-the-job-practice, self-study, participation in
external/internal competitions, special projects, voluntary assignments,
external programmes / seminars, etc.


This programme seeks to develop and groom talent in the sphere of
general management and addresses higher-level responsibilities.

Orientation Programmes :
These programmes ensure a smooth transition to the corporate world. It
includes induction to KSS culture and values, information sharing about
the organisation, businesses and interaction with senior and top
management. These programmes are organised for MTs, GETs, PGTs,
PGETs, SSTs and DETs.

Theme Based Programmes :
These are programmes conducted on the basis of requirements of the
organization at that point of time. The programmes aid in spreading
awareness and knowledge about a particular system, model or process
which are important from the organization's viewpoint.

External Training Programmes :
These programmes aim at meeting the training needs at different levels
and are addressed through programmes offered by external training

Does the organization have a plan for making the link
between training and development and the business
strategy understood by executives, managers and
employees or customers?

The primary objectives of Learning and Development within KSS are to:
Enable the organization to build competence needed in order to
achieve our business strategies
Support employees skill development to enable effective
performance in their roles
Support the development of employees to enable their career

Our Learning Commitment explains what learning opportunities KSS
provides and what KSS expects from its employees in terms of
competence. The Individual Performance Management discussions with
the line manager gives a clear picture of what is expected from us and
what competence to improve in order to meet our targets and career
ambitions. As a KSS employee, we are responsible for continuous learning
and acquisition of competence in line with business demands, assessing
needs and keeping our-self updated. Managers are responsible for
setting the right expectations in terms of performance targets and
competence development activities. Managers are also responsible for
holding individuals accountable for performance improvements that are
required after agreed competence development activities. In essence,
managers must secure that individuals maximize their potential in order
to meet current and future business demands. In this way the
organization makes the link between training and development and
business strategy understood by the various stakeholders.