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Sunday 6th July, 2014

Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A

Bridgeside Bulletin
The weekly bullen of the
Catholic Parish of Forster Tuncurry
Holy Name of Jesus Parish Church
33 Lake Street, Forster
St Mary, Star of the Sea Church
Cnr Kent & Peel Streets, Tuncurry
Proclaiming Christ to the communies of Forster, Tuncurry and the surrounding districts

Fr Andrew Doohan (Parish Priest)
Mr Greg Byrne (Pastoral Associate)
Mrs Sharon Fowle (Administraon Associate)
Sr Kathryn McCabe (Aboriginal Catholic Ministry)

The Parish Oce is at the rear of the Parish Hall and is
staed on Wednesday and Friday from 10am to 4pm.

Items for inclusion in Bridgeside Bullen should be
received by midday on Thursday.

33 Lake Street, Forster NSW 2428
PO Box 67, Forster NSW 2428

P: (02) 6554 6304
F: (02) 6554 6425

Fr Andrew can be emailed directly using the address:

Holy Name Parish School (K6)
Ms Brooke Schumann (Acng Principal)

41 Lake Street, Forster NSW 2428
PO Box 243, Forster NSW 2428

P: (02) 6554 6504
F: (02) 6554 8895

The Parish is also served by
St Clares High School, Taree (712)
Mr Peter Nicholls (Principal)

Davis Street, Taree NSW 2430

P: (02) 6552 3300
F: (02) 6552 3656
Celebrang the Sacraments
Reconciliaon is available on Saturday mornings at
Tuncurry from 8:30am unl the beginning of the 9am
Mass, on Saturday aernoons at Forster from 4:45pm
unl 5:15pm, or other mes by contacng Fr Andrew.

Bapsms are celebrated on Sundays, either during
any of our Sunday Masses or aer the 9am Mass. The
next Bapsmal Preparaon meeng will take place in
the Parish Halls meeng rooms on Monday 14th July
commencing at 7pm. Please contact the Parish Oce
for more details, or visit the Parish website.

Weddings are celebrated by arrangement and with at
least three (and preferably more) months noce.
Please contact Fr Andrew for more details, or visit the
Parish website.

A Sacramental Preparaon process runs each year in
the Parish for children wishing to complete the
celebraon of the Sacraments of Iniaon as part of
the Parish community. Please contact the Parish Oce
for more details, or visit the Parish website.

The Parish hosts the Rite of Chrisan Iniaon of
Adults process for those adults wishing to be
bapsed or be received into the communion of the
Catholic Church. Please contact the Parish Oce for
more details, or visit the Parish website.
The Parish can also be found online:

Search for us on Facebook as
Catholic Parish of Forster Tuncurry

Follow us on Twier: @catholic

Tur Pnnisu Dinnv(for the week ahead)
Fourteenth Week in Ordinary Time

A reminder that Fr Andrew is aending an intensive
course this week and is away.

Today6th July
5:30pm Evening Prayer & Benedicon @ Tuncurry

Monday7th July

Tuesday8th July
9am Chrisan Meditaon (Bob 6555 5914)
12pm Soup Luncheon @ Parish Hall
3:30pm Holy Hour @ Tuncurry
4:30pm Evening Prayer @ Tuncurry
5:30pm Chrisan Meditaon (Bob 6555 5914)

Wednesday9th July
9am Morning Prayer @ Forster
9:30am menALIVE morning group @ Forster
11:15am Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help @
5:30pm Parish Finance Commiee meeng @

Thursday10th July
9am Morning Prayer @ Forster

Friday11th July
Memorial of St Benedict
9:30am Morning Prayer @ Forster
6pm Mass @ Forster

Saturday12th July
8:30am Reconciliaon @ Tuncurry
9am Mass @ Tuncurry
4:45pm Reconciliaon @ Forster (unl 5:15pm)
6pm Mass @ Tuncurry

Sunday13th July
7am Mass @ Tuncurry
9am Mass @ Forster
Rrcutnn Ac1ivi1irs iN 1ur Pnnisu
Secular Franciscan Fraternity
The Secular Franciscans Fraternity will next meet on
Wednesday 6th August, coming together for Mass at
9am, followed by a cuppa at 9:30am and then the
meeng 10am to 12pm.

The menALIVE Groups
Our Parish currently hosts two menALIVE groups. The
morning group will next meet on Wednesday 9th July
aer the 9am Mass, while the evening group will next
meet on Thursday 31st July at 7:30pm.

Maintenance & Gardening Group
The Parish is lucky to be served by a very dedicated
band of volunteers who tend to the upkeep of the
grounds and gardens of our two church sites. They do
a fabulous job, and are always ready to welcome new
members to the group. The next date is Thursday 17th
July starng at Tuncurry at 8am and then on to
Forster. Contact Howard 6557 6826 for more

Singing Pracce
The Singing Group are taking a well earned break and
will resume pracces on Tuesday 22nd July
at 5:30pm at Holy Name Church, Tuncurry. All

Collecon of Foodstus for Homebase
On the rst Sunday of each month we undertake a
collecon in order to support Homebase. The next
collecon will next take place on Sunday 6th July.

Holy Hour
The Parish community observes a Holy Hour each
Tuesday aernoon in the Tuncurry Church from
3:30pm unl the beginning of Mass at 4:30pm.

Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help
The Novena is prayed every Wednesday in the Forster
church commencing at 11:15am and is followed by a
cuppa in the Parish Hall. Contact Shioney (6554 9468)
for more informaon.

Evening Prayer & Benedicon
The Parish community celebrates on the rst Sunday
of each month at 5:30pm in the Tuncurry church. It
will next be celebrated on Sunday 6th July. All
Vocn1ioN Virw
We are to live a life in the Spirit, pung to death the
works of the esh. Ask God to help you always live as
a child of the Light (Romans 8:13). For more
informaon regarding Vocaons contact Fr Brian
Mascord on 4979 1112 or by email to
**Ptrnsr Pick Ur Youn **
PtnNNro GiviNc ENvrtorrs
Planned Giving envelopes are now available to be
picked up from the rear of the Church. Please take a
minute to locate yours this weekend.

FnoM 1ur Pns1ons Drsk
I dont know about you, but every now and again I
have what I like to describe as a Hmmmm moment.
Im sure you probably know what I mean: its that
moment when you see or hear something that makes
you stop in your tracks and go Hmmmm. They are,
quite simply, those moments in life that make you
stop and think.

I like to think of these moments as moments of
parcular grace, where God puts something before
you in order to deliberately make you think and

These moments can take many forms: a beauful
sunset, news of illness, the sound of wisdom from the
mouth of a child. But each of these moments is
denitely an opportunity to stop and wonder at the
presence of God in our world.

If we let them

In a world that seems to be increasingly lled with
more demands on our me and aenon, constantly
rushing from one place and one thing to another,
there is a risk that these Hmmmm moments can be
missed, or indeed lost, in the cut and thrust of the day
to day. And to miss these graced moments because
we are too caught up in the busyness of life would be
a tragedy indeed.

Im not saying that we can avoid the legimate
demands that various people and commitments place
on our me and aenonthat would be both wrong
and sillyyet even in the midst of busyness we can be
aware of Hmmmm moments, those precious
glimpses that God gives to us, and pay them the kind
of aenon that they so richly deserve. All it takes is
the preparedness to be aware and to respond

Catholic Mission Appeal
Thank you for your generous response to the Catholic
Mission Appeal last weekend, and for the welcome
extended to James Odoh during his visit.

If you took an envelope home last weekend and
havent yet returned it could I please encourage you
to do so by next weekend at the latest so that the
Parish appeal can be nalised.

Thank you again for your generosity.

Unl next week...
Fr Andrew
IN1rnNn1ioNnt LuNcu

Our Internaonal Lunch will be held on Saturday 2nd
August. Last years event was a great success and we
hope to see more of the same support this year. We
encourage all those interested in providing a culinary
delight to be involved. A poster is provided at the back
of the Church to indicate your interest and country of
choice. You may like to consider geng together in
groups to provide a range of tastes from the same
AnoniciNnt nNo Tonnrs S1nni1 IstnNorn
The rst Sunday in July each year is set aside by the
Australian Bishops as Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander Sunday. To mark this day, perhaps it is mely
to remember these words from Pope Benedict XVI
from World Youth Day 2008:

For thousands of years before the arrival of Western
selers [in Australia], the sole inhabitants of the land
were indigenous peoples, the Aboriginal and Torres
Strait Islanders. Their ancient heritage forms an
essenal part of the cultural landscape of modern
Australia. Thanks to the Australian Governments
courageous decision to acknowledge the injusces
commied against the indigenous peoples in the past,
concrete steps are now being taken to achieve
reconciliaon based on mutual respect. Rightly, you
are seeking to close the gap between indigenous and
nonindigenous Australians regarding life expectancy,
educaonal achievement and economic opportunity!
This example of reconciliaon oers hope to peoples
all over the world who long to see their rights armed
and their contribuon to society acknowledged and

Have we lived up these words of the Holy Father in
the six years since?
FnirNosuir Gnour (SrNions)
Due to lack of numbers we had to cancel our bus trip
however we have decided to meet for breakfast at the
Dorsal from 8:30am on next Tuesday the 8
of July.
All welcome. A call to Lorraine on 6554 7056 would
be appreciated.
I thank you, Father, Lord
of heaven and earth

Pnnisu Socint FuNc1ioNs ron 2014
The dates for the remaining Parish Social Funcons for
2014 are:
this year on Sunday 5th October.
Please claim these dates in your diary now and watch
for further details as they are released closer to each
Sour LuNcuroNs nnr Bnck
The next Parish Soup lunch will be on Tuesday 8th July
at 12pm. Please add your name to the list at the back
of the church if you are aending. If you are minding
grandchildren during the school holidays then please
bring them along.

Anyone able to make soup for the next luncheon
please phone Angela Hope on 6555 5825.
Kios ConNrn

CoMMuNioN rnoM 1ur Cunticr wurN Sick
As we approach the colder months and occurrences of
colds and u, a reminder to everyone to consider the
wellbeing of your fellow parishioners.

If you are not feeling well, we would respecully ask
you to please refrain from receiving Communion from
the Chalice during Mass.
SrnsoNs ron Gnow1u
The Seasons for Growth educaonal program uses the
seasons as a metaphor for change, loss and grief in
our lives.

The three hour Understanding change, loss and grief
seminar for adults will provide you with the
opportunity to examine the meaning of grief, review
the range of changes and losses experienced in life
and reect on the relaonship between change, loss
and grief.

The seminar will take place on Thursday 7th August
from 10am to 1pm in the Forster Parish Hall. The cost
is $15 and will cover your workbook and morning tea
(concessions are available). Please RSVP by 31st July to
Zoe or Jenny by phone on 4979 1355 or by email to

If aer the Seminar you would like to explore further
The Seasons of Grief a further educaonal program
will be oered in the Parish on Thursdays 28th August,
4th, 11th, and 18th September. Each session will run
from 10am to 12:30pm. The cost for CSO and Parish
Parcipants is $30 and for general parcipants $50
(concessions available). Please RSVP by 21st August to
Zoe or Jenny by phone on 4979 1355 or by email to
S1 Mnnv MncKittors Frns1onv
As the Sisters of St Joseph expanded throughout
Australia and beyond, Marys endurance, coupled with
her compassion and leadership, touched many
peoples lives leaving a legacy that endures today

Share in celebrang St Mary MacKillops Feastday on 8th
August, 2014. We invite you to share your celebraon and/
or any other events on the St Joseph
website ( and the Facebook page
theSacredHeart) which reach thousands of people. Send
your email with details to
Pnnisu Gnirr Surron1 Gnour
An inial meeng of the Parish Grief Support Group
took place last Saturday (28th June) and was
facilitated by Deacon Marn Johnson, a Senior
Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Newcastle.
The next meeng is planned for 26th July, again
facilitated by Deacon Marn, to connue the journey
of establishing this group in the life of the Parish.

The Parish Grief Support Group will meet on a regular
basis to support members through prayer, sharing,
listening, understanding and being there for one
another. Sharing with other people can help reduce
the sense of isolaon and aloneness that comes with
grief and can be of great benet to anyone dealing
with their grief.

An invitaon to be part of the Parish Grief Support
Groups is extended to men and women of the Parish
who have lost a spouse through death, divorce or
demena (or any other situaon).

If you would simply like more informaon, please
speak directly with Fr Andrew either in person or via
his mobile (0412 405 671).
PiN1s Wi1u A Punrosr
Pints with a Purpose is a popular iniave of the
Diocesan Council for Ministry with Young People that
sees guest speakers discuss issues around faith in an
informal seng at The Kent Hotel, Hamilton.

You can now listen to recordings of the last three
most recent talks by vising the Pints with a
Purpose page on the Diocesan website (please visit where you will also
nd other links and further informaon.
Pnnisu IN1rncrssonv Pnnvrn Gnour
The Forster Tuncurry Catholic Parish Intercessory
Prayer Group, together with any other interested
people, will be geng together for morning tea in the
Parish meeng room aer the 9:00am Mass on
Saturday 19 July. This will be a very informal
gathering. Anybody who is interested in this excellent
worthwhile group is welcome to nd out more. House
bound people are especially welcome to join us as
there are no meengs, we simply pray in our own
homes at our own mes. This is the only meeng of
this group for this year. If you require transport,
please contact Bob Cashman on 6555 5914.
S1 ViNcrN1 or Pnut WiN1rn Arrrnt
Next weekend the St Vincent
De Paul Society will be
conducng their Winter
Appeal. Please give
generously so that the local
Conference can assist the
poor in our towns over the
cold winter months.

Come to me, all who labour
and are burdened, and I will
refresh you, says the Lord.
O1urn Ecctrsint CunttrNcrsPnn1 1
Lay people are, put simply, the vast majority of the
people of God. The minority ordained ministers
are at their service. There has been a growing
awareness of the identy and mission of the laity in
the Church. We can count on many lay persons,
although sll not nearly enough, who have a deeply
rooted sense of community and great delity to the
tasks of charity, catechesis and the celebraon of the
faith. At the same me, a clear awareness of this
responsibility of the laity, grounded in their bapsm
and conrmaon, does not appear in the same way in
all places. In some cases, it is because lay persons
have not been given the formaon needed to take on
important responsibilies. In others, it is because in
their parcular Churches room has not been made for
them to speak and to act, due to an excessive
clericalism which keeps them away from decision
making. Even if many are now involved in the lay
ministries, this involvement is not reected in a
greater penetraon of Chrisan values in the social,
polical and economic sectors. It oen remains ed to
tasks within the Church, without a real commitment
to applying the Gospel to the transformaon of
society. The formaon of the laity and the
evangelizaon of professional and intellectual life
represent a signicant pastoral challenge.

The Church acknowledges the indispensable
contribuon which women make to society through
the sensivity, intuion and other disncve skill sets
which they, more than men, tend to possess. I think,
for example, of the special concern which women
show to others, which nds a parcular, even if not
exclusive, expression in motherhood. I readily
acknowledge that many women share pastoral
responsibilies with priests, helping to guide people,
families and groups and oering new contribuons to
theological reecon. But we need to create sll
broader opportunies for a more incisive female
presence in the Church. Because the feminine genius
is needed in all expressions in the life of society, the
presence of women must also be guaranteed in the
workplace and in the various other sengs where
important decisions are made, both in the Church and
in social structures.

Demands that the legimate rights of women be
respected, based on the rm convicon that men and
women are equal in dignity, present the Church with
profound and challenging quesons which cannot be
lightly evaded. The reservaon of the priesthood to
males, as a sign of Christ the Spouse who gives himself
in the Eucharist, is not a queson open to discussion,
but it can prove especially divisive if sacramental
power is too closely idened with power in general.
It must be remembered that when we speak of
sacramental power we are in the realm of funcon,
not that of dignity or holiness. The ministerial
priesthood is one means employed by Jesus for the
service of his people, yet our great dignity derives
from bapsm, which is accessible to all. The
conguraon of the priest to Christ the head
namely, as the principal source of grace does not
imply an exaltaon which would set him above others.
In the Church, funcons do not favour the superiority
of some visvis the others. Indeed, a woman, Mary,
is more important than the bishops. Even when the
funcon of ministerial priesthood is considered
hierarchical, it must be remembered that it is
totally ordered to the holiness of Christs
members. Its key and axis is not power understood as
dominaon, but the power to administer the
sacrament of the Eucharist; this is the origin of its
authority, which is always a service to Gods people.
This presents a great challenge for pastors and
theologians, who are in a posion to recognize more
fully what this entails with regard to the possible role
of women in decisionmaking in dierent areas of the
Churchs life.

Youth ministry, as tradionally organized, has also
suered the impact of social changes. Young people
oen fail to nd responses to their concerns, needs,
problems and hurts in the usual structures. As adults,
we nd it hard to listen paently to them, to
appreciate their concerns and demands, and to speak
to them in a language they can understand. For the
same reason, our eorts in the eld of educaon do
not produce the results expected. The rise and growth
of associaons and movements mostly made up of
young people can be seen as the work of the Holy
Spirit, who blazes new trails to meet their
expectaons and their search for a deep spirituality
and a more real sense of belonging. There remains a
need, however, to ensure that these associaons
acvely parcipate in the Churchs overall pastoral

Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium, 102105.

If you would like to read more of Evangelii Gaudium, copies are
available for purchase ($10) or borrowing from the Parish Oce.
The Exhortaon is also available for downloading from the
Vacan website.

Orron1uNi1irs Ou1sior Tur Pnnisu

Blessing of Newcastle Port
The Port of Newcastle Blessing and Sea Sunday Service
will be held on Sunday 13th July at 6pm at Christ
Church Cathedral, Church St, Newcastle. The service is
supported by the Mission to Seafarers and
Apostolatus Maris. Please RSVP by email to chaplain@ by 6th July

TWEC Chrisan Formaon Course
The Tenison Woods Educaon Centre will oer their
Chrisan Formaon Course beginning on Thursday
17th July beginning at 6:30pm at St Laurence OToole
Centre, Broadmeadow Road, Broadmeadow. The
program runs for tenweek terms, one night a week
from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. For more informaon please
contact the Secretary by phone on 4930 9601 or by
email to

2014 Morpeth Lecture: TwoFace, Two Ways
The 2014 Morpeth Lecture will be held on Wednesday
23rd July beginning at 5:45pm at Christ Church
Cathedral, Newcommen Street, Newcastle. In the
Lecture, Bishop Greg Thompson will reect on his
experiences in the Northern Territory as he explores
the concepts of closing the gap and reconciliaon for
First Australians. For more informaon about the
Morpeth Lecture phone 4921 7454 or email

17th Annual Special Needs Mass
The 17th Annual Special Needs Mass will be
celebrated on Tuesday 29th July at St Patricks Church,
Lochinvar beginning at 7pm. All are welcome to come
along and help celebrate this wonderful, moving

Bonhoeer Conference 2014
The 2014 Bonhoeer ConferenceUsed and Abused:
Bonhoeer for All Causeswill be held on Thursday
31st July at St Josephs Spirituality Centre,
Kincumber. For more informaon contact Wendy
Grant on 4921 5880 or Bonhoeerconference@

TWEC Exploring The Joy of the Gospel
The Tenison Woods Educaon Centre is holding a day
on exploring The Joy of the Gospel Pope Francis
Apostolic Leer on Saturday 2nd August at Lochinvar.
Join Virginia Bourke rsj and a panel of local speakers as
they invite your response to Pope Francis leer. RSVP
to TWEC by July 29, 2014.

Proclaim Conference 2014
The 2014 Proclaim Conference on the New
Evangelisaon will be held from Thursday 21st August
at The Concourse, Chatswood. The theme of the
Cn1uotic Nrwsrnrrns Avnitnntr
Both The Catholic Leader (Brisbane) and The Catholic
Weekly (Sydney) newspapers are available at a cost of
$2 each from our churches.
Conference is Living the Joy of the Gospel in
Parishes drawing on Pope Francis Apostolic
Exhortaon Evangelii Gaudium. For more informaon,
please visit

Broken Bay Bible Conference 2014
The 2014 Broken Bay Bible Conference will be held on
Friday 12th September at Caroline Chisholm Centre,
423 Pennant Hills Road, Pennant Hills. Join us for a
remarkable two days of uncovering fresh insights into
Johns Gospel with prominent Australian Johannine
scholars Fr Frank Moloney sdb and Dr Mary Coloe
ibvm, with the parcipaon of Bishop David Walker.
For further enquiries, please call 9847 0448 or email

2014 Naonal Pilgrimage
In the Footsteps of Saint Mary pilgrimage commences
in Melbourne on 22nd October and ends in Sydney.
The cost per person, twin share is $2,740 (ex Sydney).
Contact Therese Leydon rsj by phone to 8912 4818, or
by email to

Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend
Marriage Encounter Weekend is a Marriage
Enrichment experience for married couples set in
peaceful, picturesque surroundings, away from the
distracons of everyday life. During the weekend,
couples have a unique opportunity to reconnect,
rekindle and refresh their relaonship. Take me out
of your busy schedule, to invest in your most precious
asset, your Marriage! Weekend dates: 12 14
September & 7 9 November at Mt Carmel Retreat
Centre, Varroville, NSW. Bookings can be made to
Ardell & Bill Sharpe on 02 4283 3435 or email
CouNcit ron Aus1nntinN Cn1uotic
WoMrN Sunvrv
The Council for Australian Catholic Women provides
advise to the Bishops Commission for Church Ministry
about women and their parcipaon in the Catholic
Church in Australia. In preparaon for a meeng of
the Naonal Body a quesonnaire is being circulated
concerning the parcipaon of women in decision
making, leadership and ministry in the Diocese of
Maitland Newcastle and the Church more broadly.

Anyone interested in compleng a quesonnaire can
obtain a copy from the Parish Oce.

Ministers this Weekend... ...of the Word ...of Communion
6pm Tuncurry A: Monica Hunt
B: Lou Hope
Burness Goodlet, Frank Hayman, Jeanee Goodacre,
Lou Hope, Pat Hooker.
7am Tuncurry A: Cecile Malone
B: Mary Greig
Alex Matuszny, Edna Tucker, Graham Griths, Mark
Mowbray, Norm Chapman.
9am Forster A: Trevor Turner
B: Lauranne Byrne
Barbara Dolahenty, Elle CairnsCowan, Josi Beech,
Sharon Fowle, Shioney Neal
Ministers next Weekend... ...of the Word ...of Communion
6pm Tuncurry A: Valarie Ross
B: Monica Hunt
Kathryn McCabe, Maureen Pye, Michael Amato, Neil
Pye, Ruth Pearson.
7am Tuncurry A: Patricia Cornish
B: Lorraine Clark
Cecile Malone, Kay Griths, Maria Armitage, Norm
Chapman, Tony Knight.
9am Forster A: Judith Shand
B: Kris Koch
Barbara Kermode, Genevieve Williamson, Robert
Moran, Robyn Ryan, Trevor Turner.
Please note: The above informaon reects the rosters as originally published,
and doesnt take account of any swaps that may have been organised between individuals.

Scnir1unr RrnoiNcs Tuis Wrrk

Today Zechariah 9:910
Romans 8:9, 1113
Mahew 11:2530
Monday Hosea 2:1618, 2122
Mahew 9:1826
Tuesday Hosea 8:47, 1113
Mahew 9:3238
Wednesday Hosea 10:13, 78, 12
Mahew 10:17
Thursday Hosea 11:14, 89
Mahew 10:715
Friday Hosea 14:210
Mahew 10:1623
Saturday Isaiah 6:18
Mahew 10:2433
Sunday Isaiah 55:1011
Romans 8:1823
Mahew 13:123
Toonvs Li1uncv or 1ur Wono

Responsorial Psalm
Response: I will praise your name for ever,
my king and my God..

Gospel Acclamaon
Alleluia, alleluia!
Blessed are you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth,
you have revealed to lile ones the mysteries of the
IN voun cunni1v, rtrnsr rnnv ron:

Those recently deceased.
Craig Huth.

Those whose anniversaries occur about now.
Greg Payne, Florence Abberton, Fr. Tony Stace, Patrick
Hardiman, Marie Kennedy, Patric Piccione.

All those in our community who are sick.
Text: Excerpts from the English Translaon of the Roman Missal 2010, Internaonal Commission on English in the Liturgy (ICEL); Music: From the
Mass of St Francis 2010, Paul Taylor. All rights reserved. Used with permission. Australian AgentWord of Life Internaonal Licence no 195E.