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Toxic Substances and Hazardous and Nuclear Wastes Control Act of 1990
(Republic Act No. 6969, October 26, 199)
RA 6969 is commonly known as the o!ic "ubstances, #a$ar%ous an% Nuclear
&astes 'ontrol Act o( 199). *t is bein+ implemente% by ,-NR throu+h A%ministrati.e
Or%er No 29 (,AO 29) series o( 1992. he sai% ,AO pro.i%es speci(ic +ui%elines (or
the implementation o( itle ** o!ic 'hemical "ubstances an% itle ***/ #a$ar%ous an%
Nuclear &astes.
Purpose of the La
he purpose o( the law is state% in its ,eclaration o( 0olicy. *t pro.i%es, 1*t is the
policy o( the "tate to re+ulate, restrict or prohibit the importation, manu(acture,
processin+, sale, %istribution, use an% %isposal o( chemical substances an% mi!tures that
present unreasonable risk an%2or in3ury to health or the en.ironment4 to prohibit the entry,
e.en in transit, o( ha$ar%ous an% nuclear wastes an% their %isposal into the 0hilippine
territorial limits (or purpose4 an% to pro.i%e a%.ancement an% (acilitate research
an% stu%ies on to!ic chemicals5 (Section 2 of the Toxic Substances and Hazardous and
Nuclear Wastes Control Act of 1990, R!"#$%C ACT N&' (9(9 )1990*).
Prohibited Acts
6n%er "ection 17, the (ollowin+ are the prohibite% acts8
a) 9nowin+ly use a chemical substance or mi!ture which is importe%, manu(acture%,
processe% or %istribute% in .iolation o( this Act or implementin+ rules an%
re+ulations or or%ers4
b) :ailure or re(usal to submit reports, notices or other in(ormation, access to recor%s as
re;uire% by this Act, or permit inspection o( establishment where chemicals are
manu(acture%, processe%, store% or otherwise hel%4
c) :ailure or re(usal to comply with the pre/manu(acture an% pre/importation
re;uirements4 an%
%) 'ause, ai% or (acilitate, %irectly or in%irectly, in the stora+e, importation, or brin+in+
into 0hilippine territory, inclu%in+ its maritime economic $ones, e.en in transit,
either by means o( lan%, air or sea transportation or otherwise keepin+ in stora+e any
amount o( ha$ar%ous an% nuclear wastes in any part o( the 0hilippines.
Philippine Clear Air Act of 1999
(Republic Act <=>9, ?une 27, 1999)
Purpose of the La
6n%er "ection 2, the ,eclaration o( 0rinciples, the purpose is pro.i%e%, to wit8
1. he "tate shall protect an% a%.ance the ri+ht o( the people to a balance% an%
health(ul ecolo+y in accor% with the rhythm an% harmony o( nature.
2. he "tate shall promote an% protect the +lobal en.ironment to attain sustainable
%e.elopment while reco+ni$in+ the primary responsibility o( local +o.ernment units
to %eal with en.ironmental problems.
7. he "tate reco+ni$es that the responsibility o( cleanin+ the habitat an% en.ironment
is primarily area/base%.
>. he "tate also reco+ni$es the principle that @polluters must pay@.
A. :inally, the "tate reco+ni$es that a clean an% healthy en.ironment is (or the +oo% o(
all an% shoul% there(ore be the concern o( all.
!eco"nition of !i"hts
he Baw reco+ni$es the ri+hts o( the people, to wit8
"-'*ON >. Reco+nition o( Ri+hts. C 0ursuant to the abo.e/%eclare% principles, the
(ollowin+ ri+hts or citi$ens are hereby sou+ht to be reco+ni$e% an% the "tate shall seek to
+uarantee their en3oyment8
a) he ri+ht to breathe clean air4
b) he ri+ht to utili$e an% en3oy all natural resources accor%in+ to the principle o(
sustainable %e.elopment4
c) he ri+ht to participate in the (ormulation, plannin+, implementation an% monitorin+
o( en.ironmental policies an% pro+rams an% in the %ecision/makin+ process4
%) he ri+ht to participate in the %ecision/makin+ process concernin+ %e.elopment
policies, plans an% pro+rams pro3ects or acti.ities that may ha.e a%.erse impact on
the en.ironment an% public health4
e) he ri+ht to be in(orme% o( the nature an% e!tent o( the potential ha$ar% o( any
acti.ity, un%ertakin+ or pro3ect an% to be ser.e% timely notice o( any si+ni(icant rise
in the le.el o( pollution an% the acci%ental or %eliberate release into the atmosphere
o( harm(ul or ha$ar%ous substances4
() he ri+ht o( access to public recor%s which a citi$en may nee% to e!ercise his or her
ri+hts e((ecti.ely un%er this Act4
+) he ri+ht to brin+ action in court or ;uasi/3u%icial bo%ies to en3oin all acti.ities in
.iolation o( en.ironmental laws an% re+ulations, to compel the rehabilitation an%
cleanup o( a((ecte% area, an% to seek the imposition o( penal sanctions a+ainst
.iolators o( en.ironmental laws4 an%
h) he ri+ht to brin+ action in court (or compensation o( personal %ama+es resultin+
(rom the a%.erse en.ironmental an% public health impact o( a pro3ect or acti.ity.