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Teacher: Sabina Lucia Grapini
Level: prep school (beginners)
Available time: 35 + 15 minutes
Number of students: 20+
Time of Lesson: from 9:00 to 9:35
Title of the lesson: Greetings!
Aims: At the end of the lesson the pupils will be (able to):
- use greetings in English
Methods: listening and repeating
Materials: audio-video material
Anticipated problems: Since the pupils are beginners cannot understand the teachers oral
commands, they will be translated into Romanian.
Skills involved: listening and repeating

Activity 1 Warm-up
Timing: 5 minutes
- to create a friendly atmosphere
- to stir the childrens interest
The teacher greets the class in Romanian and then in English in order to stir their interest.
Then, she explains how this is such an interesting lesson in which they are to learn how to use

greetings in English, how wonderful it would be for the pupils to make their parents proud
and last but not least how much fun they are to have during the course.

Activity 2 Listen and repeat (The Greetings Song by Maple Leaf Learning)
Timing: 10 minutes
- to listen
- to repeat greetings
- to sing along
-to use movement
The teacher tells the pupils they are to see a very nice video with many nice characters in it,
all playing and saying hello to each other, all of them being good friends. Not only are they
able to see the characters, but hear them sing as well. The teacher plays the song twice in
order to help the children get the idea of it, and then she asks them to repeat after the song.

Activity 3 Play along/ Act
Timing: 10 minutes
- to play a role
- to repeat greetings
- to have fun while moving around

The teacher asks the pupils to pay attention to the way in which the characters in the
audio/video material move. The children are to imitate the characters and become them. After
they watch the moves twice or thrice, they should be able to imitate them.

Activity 4 Draw and have fun!
- to use the childrens imagination
- to help the class relax
After listening to the song and watching the video, now the children can choose from the
characters and draw their favourite/ favourites. Moreover, they are asked to try and express
the characters movements through a drawing.

Activity 5 Dance dance dance!
Timing: 12 minutes
- to let off steam
According to the childrens response to the lesson, the teacher chooses a new video/song,
preferably a dance the children can do for the rest of the course.

Activity 6 Saying goodbye
Timing: 3 minutes
The teacher congratulates the class for being such well-behaved and polite, not to mention
smart children, then says goodbye