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New Miniature Air Flow Transmitter for HVAC

E+E Elektronik GmbH introduces its world class miniature air flow transmitter for HVAC Applications
( The new transmitter EE671 measures air velocity up to 2 m!s. Than"s to its compact desi#n
it is ideal $or mass applications in %&'(. The $low sensin# element sets new standards in terms o$ accuracy and
resistance to pollutants.
The )uilt*in &T+ $low sensin# element )a sed on thin*$ilm technolo#y wor"s on the hot*$ilm anemometer
principle. Than"s to its innovative desi#n * made possi)le )y the use o$ the latest trans$er moldin# technolo#y *
the sensor is particularly resistant to contamination. ' hi#h reproduci)ility o$ the sensor characteristics, $ast
response time, low an#le dependence and e-cellent lon#*term sta)ility are $urther advanta#es o$ the hi#h*.uality
sensin# element.
The EE671 is availa)le with ca)le or plu# connection. 'n ali#nment strip on the pro)e and matchin# mountin#
$lan#e simpli$ies installation and ensures proper ali#nment o$ the sensor. The $lan#e ena)les the immersion depth
to )e in$inetly varia)le.
The measured air velocity is availa)le as linear volta#e output (optional *1&, */& or *1&). The di#ital
inter$ace in com)ination with a con$i#uration "it allows the customer to set the measurement ran#e, to con$i#ure
the output si#nal and to ad0ust the transmitter.
The EE671 is suita)le $or use in heatin# and ventilation systems, $or $low monitorin# and control or $or inlet air
monitorin# in ovens.
')out E1E Ele"troni"2
E1E Ele"troni" 3m)%, with head.uaters in En#erwit4dor$!'ustria, )elon#s to the 5r. 6ohannes %eidenhain
3m)% #roup. 7ith around 2/ employees, E1E develops and manu$actures sensors and transmitters $or relative
humidity, (82, air velocity and $low as well as humidity cali)ration systems. The main E1E mar"ets are %&'(,
process control and automotive. 7ith an e-port share o$ around 97 : E1E has )ranch o$$ices in (hina,
3ermany, ;rance, Italy, <orea and the =>' as well as an international dealer networ". 'side $rom operatin# its
own accredited cali)ration la)oratories, E1E Ele"troni" has )een appointed )y the 'ustrian ;ederal 8$$ice $or
(ali)ration and ?easurement (@undesamt $Ar Eich* und &ermessun#swesenB @E&) as a desi#nated la)oratory to
supply the national standards $or humidity and air velocity.
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