Chart/ Diagram Reading Latihan 1 Memorandum To: Supervisors From: Haji Dahlan, Human Resource Manager Sub: Probation periods As of January 1st all new employees will be subject to a 3 month probabtionary period. Medical, holiday, and flextime benefits will not apply to new staff members until the full 3 months have expired. After the three months have been completed, please contact your employees and inform them that their probabtionary period has ended. The HR department will contact you by email 2 days in advance to remind you of the date. Thank you for your cooperation. 1. What is the main purpose of this memo? A) To inform all employees of a new expiration date. B) To put staff members on probation. C) To introduce the HR department. D) To inform supervisors of a change in policy 2. When does the change come into effect? A) Today. B) In 2 days C) In 3 months. Latihan 2 John Timbald Handy Warehouse 22 Mark Lane Rd. London, England EC3R 4BT January 3rd, 2005 Dear Mr. Timbald, Thank you for your letter concerning the poor quality of our rubber soled black workboots. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you and your crew. Along with five new pairs of workboots for your crew (we included one extra pair), we D) On January 1st.

have enclosed a free year's supply of sole protector spray. In our retail stores, this spray is always recommended to buyers who work on heated floors. This should have been brought to your attention at the time of your initial order (received by telephone on October 12, 2004). Please excuse our oversight. To date we have had no complaints about these workboots from customers who have used the protector spray. However, should you use the spray and find that you are still unsatisfied with the boots, please return the boots and spray for a full refund. Thank you for supporting The Shoe People. Have a Happy New Year. Sincerely, Stan Mason, President 1.Which company was unsatisfied? A) Stan Mason's company. C) Handy Warehouse. B) The Shoe People. D) The sole company

2.How many people are on John Timbald's crew? A) Four B) Five C) Six. D) Twelve. 3.What is the spray used for? A) To protect the boots from water B) To protect the floors from soles C) To protect the soles from heat. D) To protect the boots from rubber.

4.What should John Timbald do if he remains unsatisfied? A) Return just the spray C) Call the President. B) Mail another letter D) Request a refund. Latihan 3 NAME Badu Dedi Amir Udin HEIGHT 1.60 1.65 1.55 1.50 Which statement is right based on the table above (A) Udin is taller than Badu (B) Badu is shortes than Amir (C) Amir is taller than Udin (D) Dedi is shorter than Amir

(B) Plastic utensils Latihan 4 Countries Indonesia Thailand Malaysia Philippines Capital City Jakarta Bangkok Kuala lumpur Manila Population 164.347.000 50.548.000 15.330.000 54.486.000 Area (sq km) 1.919.443 542.373 329.747 300.000


Cook pan.

2. What do we need to dry the surface of the pan ? (A) A sponge. (C) Cooking oil. (B) Hot soapy water. (D) Cold water. 3. 4. What do we use to clean the pan ? (A) Hot water. (B) Abrasives (C) Cold water If cook in a pan, we must use plastic utensils. Why ? (A) To scratch the surface of the pan. (B) To avoid the scratching of the surface. (C) To check the handle periodically. (D) To prevent the pan hot fast. “Do not use abrasives on it.” (in paragraph 2) What does “it” refer to ? (A) Cold water (B) The pan (C) Hot water (D) Dishcloth.

1. Based on the table, what country has the most population? (A) Indonesia (B) Malaysia (C) Thailand

(D) Philippines

2. What is the smallest country according to the table above? (A) Indonesia (B) Malaysia (C) Philippines (D) Thailand Latihan 5 Use Wash the pan in hot soapy water with a sponge or dishcloth. After drying, condition the nonstick surface by wiping with cooking oil. Cleaning Cool the pan gradually. Do not pour cold water into a hot pan. Soak the pan in hot water before washing to remove burned or dried-on foods. Do not use abrasives on it. Care Interior Plastic or wooden utensils will prevent scratching the surface. A spotted white film (minerals from water starch from food) may form on the non-stick surface. A sponge dipped in lemon juice or vinegar will remove the film. Wash, rinse, dry, and recondition with oil. Deterioration of the handle can occur if the pan is immersed for too long time. Check the handle periodically and tighten when necessary. Exterior Hot, soapy water is suggested to clean the exterior finish. A sponge or plastic pad will avoid scratching. This cook-ware may be cleaned in an automatic dishwasher. 1. What is the object discussed in the text ? (A) Hot soapy water (C) Wooden utensils.


(D) Dried on foods.

Latihan 6 The Sheraton Media Hotel & Towers, Jakarta features a special event entitled Hollywood Night with Shakila. X pin Band and One Vision Band will play with Shakila. Not only the two bands but also Dive Models International that will present entertainment. The dive will present Carend Delano’s Coleections in style of celebrities. The event will be held on Friday, May the tenth, 2000 from 9.30 p.m. The ticket is Rp. 60.000,- each person. It includes a glass of soft drink. The guests can get the ticket at Sheraton Media. The guests should dress up as their Hollywood favorite stars. One will get the grand prize if she or he wins. The guests can also meet someone resembling Charlie Chaplin, Chouw Yun Fat, Marilyn Monroe, Bill Cosby, Antonio Bandero, Mr. Bean, and others.

Further information, please contact (021) 626-3001 ext. 4413 or fax (021) 626-3011 Jl. Gunung Sahari Raya no. 3 Jakarta.

1. What is the purpose of the event in the hotel? (A) To entertainment the guests (C) To recognize the bands (B) To get more employees (D) To celebrate the anniversary 2. Paragraph three tells us that …. (A) no people are allowed to attend without paying (B) every guest can get prize for coming (C) the guests seem to be rich people (D) they will meet the ghost of Charlie Chaplin Who is Shakila? (A) A mannequin (B) A singer (C) A band player (D) A guest Who is Carend Delano? (A) The hotel owner (B) The clothes collection owner (C) The band leader (D) The famous mannequin

Weight Height Father’s name Mother’s name

: : : :

45 kg 150 cm Hamarullah Halimah


When was Amirullah born ? (A) On Friday (C) At SLTP 1 Medan. (B) On June 12, 1984 (D) On Jalan Timor, Medan. Hamarullah and Halimah are Amirullah’s …. (A) Parents (C) uncle and aunt (B) brother and sister (D) grandpa and grandma The form is Amirullah’s …. (A) Education (B) religion (C) identity (D) address


3. 4.


Latihan 8 Senang Stores Now in your city. New opening discount up to 20% for these items: Sweater, dress, scarf, vest, coat, tie. 10% disc. for: Jeans, trousers, T-shirt, underwear. Come before May 25


It will present collections in style of celebrities. The underlined word has the same meaning as …. (A) Unknown persons (C) People come to parties (B) Busy people (D) Famous persons

Latihan 7
Full name Date of Placeof Birth : : Amirullah Day : Friday Date: 12 Month: June Year : 1993 3 Jalan Timor, Medan Type : wavy, curly, straight*) Colour : black, grey, red*) black, brown, green*) Boy/girl Religion School Class : Boy : Islam : SLTP 1 Medan : VIII

Address Hair Eye

: : :


What is the advertisement about? (A) Food (B) Appliances (C) Clothes

(D) Cooking

The following is a summary of the pages and items taken from Marina English Magazine. Latihan 9 COUGH SYRUP Especially for infants and children Indication: sore throat, cough, abnormal secretion of sputa. Dosage: # Infants under 6 months 1 teaspoonful 2 x daily # infants over 6 months 1 teaspoonful 3 x daily # Adults: 1-2 teaspoonfuls 3 x daily No: 333 Edition: November 1996
5 9 14 18 23 28 30 35 Short Story Sport People Michael Jackson Religion Delicious Food Pen-Friend Who Want To Be Healthy

Roni is a subscriber to Marina English Magazine. He likes music very much. Which page would he open first when he receives the Magazine? (A) 14 (B) 30 (C) 18 (D) 35

Latihan 11
Calling all children !! Come join the in conjunction with the Jakarta Green Week ( Sept 9 – 15)   Theme : My environment and ! What do you think of all the waste and population in the word to day ? What about the animals and plants – would you like it if they disappeared?

Or as prescribed by the physician (1 tsp = 5ml) Available: in bottles of 60ml/90ml. STORE IN WARM PLACE

1. We should keep the cough mixture in a … place. (A) Hot (B) cool (C) warm (D) cold 2. 3. How long will it take an infant under 6 months to finish a bottle of 60 ml? (A) 2 days (B) 6 days (C) 4 days (D)8 days The medicine is …. (A) for external use (B) for the relief of stomach pains (C) a cure for cough (D) available on medical prescription only

We want to know ! So you have a month to put on your creative caps and bring your completed entries to our collection point at :  Joy & joy Shopping Centre  Bulan Shopping Centre  Wisma Indonesia

. . .

All entries must be done in watercolour, crayon or colour pencil. All entries to be in by 1st Sept. Enclose: Name, age, address, phone number and school name. Great prizes wait ! Winning entries will be displayed at our exhibition in Bulan Shopping Centre during Green Week
Categories : A – Under 7 years old B – 7 – 10 years old C – 10 – 12 years old

Latihan 10

1. 2.

What is the meaning of “theme”? (A) Topic (B) Question (C) Story

Latihan 15 (D) Drawing Princess Rice Cooker 1. Measure out required quantity of rice using measuring cup provided, wash rice in pan, then put rice in the cooking pot and add water up to the level as recommended by the marking. However, the quantity of the water used will depend on the age and strain of the rice, as well as personal taste. * Do not exceed maximum water level mark. 2. Set the cooking pot inside the rice cooker, making certain that the base is dry. Ensure that the cooking pot is in direct contact with the heating element by rotating it slightly until it seats properly. The rice cooker malfunctions if the cooking pot is incorrectly positioned. * Always keep the exterior bottom of the cooking pot and heating plate clean and dry. 3. When ready to cook, plug the power supply cord into an AC wall outlet. Press cook. Once rice is cooked, a built-in heat sensor will automatically switch the cook mode to warm mode. Allow rice to rest for about 15 minutes before serving. 1. Press Cook Button … a. To cook the rice c. To warm the cooked rice b. To make the built-in sensor work d. To switch the cook mode to the warm mode 2. Describe briefly how to cook rice using the princess rice cooker. a. Plug the power cord into the rice cooker socket, then push the cooking switch b. Plug the power cord, press cook and switch the cook mode for about 15 minutes c. Measure the quantity of rice and set the cooking pot inside the rice cooker d. Wash rice, put in the cooking pot with some water, plug the power cord and press cook. 3. How long should we allow the rice to rest before serving?

You want to send in an entry. Your drawing must be about.... (A) Yourself (C) your country (B) your family (D) your environment How do you hand in your entry ? (Α ) You post it. (Β ) You take it to exhibition. (Χ ) You take it to the collection points. (∆ ) You take it to any shopping centre.


4.What is the closing date for the competition ? (A) 1st September (B) 9th September (B) 15th September (D) Any time from 9th to 15th September 5. Which detail is not needed when you submit your entry? (A) Your age (C) Your school (B) Your class (D) Your phone number Latihan 14 Look at the table! KINDS OF VEHICLE Motorcycle Train Aeroplane SPEED (KM/HOURS) 100 120 300 (A) Motorcycle runs faster than train (B) Aeroplane runs the fastest of all (C) Train runs the slowest of all (D) Aeroplane runs slower than motorcycle

a. 10 minutes

b. 15 minutes

c. 20 minutes d. 30 minutes

4. The rice cooker malfunctions…, the cooking post is incorrectly positioned.
The underlined words mean … a. It fails to work properly b. It can’t warm the cooked rice c. It automatically switches off the cook mode d. It needs more than 15 minutes to rest before serving Latihan 16 Dance Balet Lenong Srimpi Jaipong Latihan 17 4, Blight street PO.BOX 555 Sydney 2000 June 5, 1996 Ticket Price Rp. 2.500 Rp. 1.000 Rp. 1.250 Rp. 2.500 Time 19.00 19.30 17.00 20.00 I want to buy the Jaipong ticket although.... (A) it is the most expensive (B) its show time is the earliest (C) its performance is the latest (D) it is cheaper than others

1.Most farmers in Australia use ... to plow land. (A) Tractors (B) airplanes (C) combines (D) seeds drills 2.The following are what farmers use a seed drill for except..... (A) making holes (C) plowing land (B) dropping fertilizer (D) dropping seeds to plant 3.“.... then it drops seed into them”. (paragraph 2) What does the underlined word refer to ?.... (A) tractors (B) farms (C) machines Latihan 18 ‘NIMAT RESTAURANT’ Food starter Dessert 1. Orange juice 1. Pie 2. Tomato juice 2. Pudding 3. Crab Main Course 1. Rice 2. Gado-gado 3. fish 4. Fried Chicken 5. Roast Chicken 6. Mushroom 7. Tail Soup 8. Chips Drink 1. Mineral water 2. Bottled tea 3. Coffee 4. Milk 5. Fanta 6. Milk and soda 7. Kopyor with ice

(D) holes

Dear Wirtomo,

Thank you for your second letter. It is interesting to read about the farming tools used by farmers in your village. Unlike the farmers in your village, most farmers in my country use machines to help them work. The machines are very useful since most farms are very big. They use tractors to plow the land. Another machine is a seed drill; it makes holes in the ground, then it drops seeds into them. It may even drop a small amount of fertilizer with each seed. Farmers with very large farms sometimes use planes to plant seed. They also use planes to spray chemical onto the rice fields. When harvest time comes they also use a machine called a ‘combine’ to cut the rice. It also separates the rice kernels from the stalks. You know that a ‘combine’ can harvest more grain than 200 people working by hand. Well, that’s all for this time. I am looking forward to receiving another letter from you. Yours sincerely, Jim Tognolini

Latihan 19 A New Freedom with Air France Rinto Waiter : May I see the menu, please? : Here you are. May I be excused, please? I’ll get an order sheet. Rinto : Thank you. (A few minutes later) Atin : Can I order now? Waiter : Yes, certainly. Atin : I’d like some crab soup to start. Rinto : And can I have tail soup, please? Waiter : Yes, you can. Rinto : Then I’d like to have gado-gado, with fried chicken, chips and prawn. Atin : Roast chicken for me, please, with mushroom. And can I have chips, please? Waiter : Yes, that’s fine. What would you like to drink? Atin : Can we have two bottled tea, please? 1. Which food is not served in the restaurant? (A) Chicken curry. (B) Fried chicken (C) Tail soup 2. (A) (B) (C) (D) 3. (A) (B) (C) (D) What did Atin have for the main course? Gado-gado, fried chicken, chips and prawn. Crab, soup, tail soup and gado-gado. Roast chicken, mushroom and chips Mushroom, gado-gado and crab soup. The dialogue tells us about….. the waiter’s service the food served in a restaurant the local and foreign food the ordering of food in a restaurant (D) Mushroom. When it comes to flying to Paris from Jakarta, we realise you don’t want to be restricted by schedules. So as well as our flights on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, Air France now takes off for Europe on Wednesday. At 18.20 hrs, every Wednesday, to be precise. Timely now, we think you’ll agree. Even better, once you arrive at our Paris-Charles de Gaulle Terminal 2 hub, we’ll have you getting off to one of 53 destinations in Europe and 170 throughout the world almost as soon as you’ve landed. So when you need to fly to Paris and beyond, remember, we’ve adjusted our schedule so you can make the most yours. YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE A REASON TO FLY AIR FRANCE AIR FRANCE
Jakarta reservation : (021) 520-2262 ext. 1 (ticketing) ext. 2 (sales & management). : jakarta (021) 520-2263, Denpasar (0361) 288-511 ext. 1105, Balikpapan (0542) 533-288, Medan (061) 545-600.

1.This advertisement tells us about….. (A) the accommodation facilities (B) the European countries (C) the flight service (D) the tourist sports 2. There are…..flights available from Jakarta to Paris a week. (A) 5 (B) 7 (C) 6 (D) 8 3. What is the main idea of this article? (A) To let you go to France freely. (B) To announce the interesting places. (C) To promote the countries is Europe. (D) To introduce the new service of the company

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