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Cakland, CA, !une 19, 2014 - 1he 3Lh Annual 8reakfasL MeeLlng Lurned 1
Annual Carden Solree of 1he
uownLown Cakland & 1he Lake MerrlLL/upLown ulsLrlcL AssoclaLlons, Lwo Cakland CommunlLy 8eneflL
ulsLrlcLs (C8us), was held on !une 12 and hlghllghLed many exemplary Cakland buslness owners, ClLy
employees and Lhe C8u Ambassadors.

WlLh over 273 people ln aLLendance, lncludlng Mayor !ean Cuan, ulsLrlcL 3 ClLy Councllmember LyneLLe
McLlhaney, ClLy AudlLor CourLney 8uby and Chlef of Þollce Sean WhenL, Lhe group celebraLed Lhe vlLal work of
Lhe dlsLrlcL-sponsored PosplLallLy and MalnLenance Ambassadors, dlsLrlcL managemenL sLaff, ClLy employees,
as well as Lhe communlLy members LhaL have worked Lo help make upLown and uownLown Cakland exclLlng
and prosperous.

ln hls remarks Lo Lhe audlence, SLeve Snlder, ulsLrlcL Manager for boLh C8us hlghllghLed Lhe asLoundlng
growLh of new, ground floor buslnesses saylng LhaL ºSlnce 2009, Lhe C8us have welcomed over 120 new
ground floor buslnesses, from resLauranLs and bars, Lo cafes and co-worklng spaces, from flLness sLudlos Lo
fabulous new lndependenL reLall sLores, arL gallerles and even a new performlng arLs LheaLer."

Pe also menLloned Lhe prlnLlng and dlsLrlbuLlon of over 30,000 upLown-uownLown 8eLall guldes promoLlng
Lhe dlsLrlcLs' many wonderful, lndependenL, Cakland Crown buslnesses.

Snlder Lhen gave an lnsplrlng anecdoLal sLory abouL a local communlLy member and acLlve reLlree, Lrlc PuberL,
who had shown hls supporL Lo Lhe C8us by declarlng LhaL Lhe ºCakland Ambassadors are whaL's rlghL wlLh

º1hese are Lhe key people who have worked hard Lhls pasL year Lo help make upLown and uownLown Cakland
powerful englnes of change Lo drlve Lhls clLy lnLo Lhe fuLure," sald Snlder.

1he program conLlnued wlLh C8u sLaff & board members announclng Lhe followlng award reclplenLs:

• !"#$%&$"$'& )*+",,"-./, .0 %1& 2&"/3 !amea !effrey & Parold Zunlga
• 4.,5#%"6#%7 )*+",,"-./, .0 %1& 2&"/3 Andy Pang & 8andy Lee
• @30/0& #A &;- "04&/05& 6$(/+B Cakland Crown & Lhe LasL 8ay Lxpress for Lhelr supporL of Þlald lrlday
1lm Callen or nancy Amaral
Cfflce (923) 930-9848
1lm[Callen.com or nancy[Callen.com

• 85#/#% .0 %1& 9#,%/#'% ):"/-3 Mlchael ChlelmeLLl of SlgnaLure uevelopmenL, lmpacL Pub Cakland &
numl 1ea for Lhelr supporL of 1he Plve
• ;"<6"$- =.6#'& 9&5"/%*&$% ;00#'&/, .0 %1& 2&"/3 CapLaln AnLhony 1orlblo & CapLaln urennon Llndsey
• >#%7 .0 ;"<6"$- ?*56.7&& .0 %1& 2&"/3 !oe uevrles, AsslsLanL Lo Lhe ClLy AdmlnlsLraLor
• @1& ?6#A"+&%1 >6"/< B.6C$%&&/ .0 %1& 2&"/3 Clenda 8arnharL of 8ay Area 8lkes
• Also honored were C8u Ambassadors wlLh 3 or more years of servlce.

ln addlLlon Lo Lhe award ceremony, Lhe 8oof Carden aL Lhe kalser CenLer was Lransformed lnLo a ºmlnl-
dlsLrlcL" wlLh lnformaLlonal and sampllng Lables, represenLlng varlous resLauranLs, bars, buslnesses and
organlzaLlons ln Lhe area. Some of Lhose key pro[ecLs and buslnesses lnclude: Czumo, Cafe van kleef, Woods
lounLaln 8rewery & 8ar (openlng soon aL 17
and 1elegraph), kapor CenLer for Soclal lmpacL, lleld uay and
lrlends, CommunlLy 8ank of Lhe 8ay, ArL Murmur, uCSl 8enloff Chlldren's PosplLal Cakland for Lhe 27.2
Mlracle MaraLhon, and many more.

(noLe Lo edlLor: A full 2013 Annual 8eporL ls avallable upon requesL.)


1he uownLown Cakland and Lake MerrlLL/upLown ulsLrlcL AssoclaLlons were formed ln lebruary 2009.
ÞroperLy owners ln boLh uownLown Cakland and Lhe Lake MerrlLL/upLown ulsLrlcLs voLed by a margln of
almosL 8 Lo 1 Lo supporL a volunLary properLy Lax Lo fund servlces LhaL would lmprove Lhe quallLy of llfe ln
Lhelr respecLlve communlLles. 1he assoclaLlons meeL and funcLlon [olnLly. Servlces funded by Lhese ulsLrlcLs
lnclude malnLalnlng cleanllness and order ln Lhe publlc rlghLs of way, lmprovlng dlsLrlcL ldenLlLy and advocaLlng
on behalf of Lhe area's properLy owners, buslness owners and resldenLs.

1he uownLown Cakland and Lake MerrlLL/upLown ulsLrlcL AssoclaLlons were recenLly named 'uownLown of
Lhe MonLh' by Lhe lnLernaLlonal uownLown AssoclaLlon (luA).