Unexpectedly, my chirpy sister came in without warning and snatched the paper I was holding.

She broke my train of thought. From the corner of my eyes, I stared at her with an angry, yet apprehensive look. “You are such a loser in romance!” She screamed at the top of her lungs. “What about you and Tyler. Do you have the guts to call him now?” I spat out the words meanly. “Oh... So, you wanted to call her but you don’t have the guts.” She pointed out and poked my shoulders. “You are such an incredibly annoying sister to be around with.” I sighed deeply and lay on my bed, trying to ignore her. Subsequently, as I checked her presence again, I realised she was phoning to someone. My heart was throbbing as I heard her saying, “Hello, Elizabeth?” “Jeanie! It’s already midnight! What are you doing?” I tried to keep my voice down in a whisper, so Elizabeth couldn’t hear. Jeanie gazed at me with her innocent, bright eyes for a moment before pushing the phone into my hand while I refused. “Eddie! Come on, a call won’t hurt you.” I sighed with a grim smile and inhaled deeply, frequently thoughts would strike my mind. “What am I going to say, huh?” “Ask her out, anything!” She slightly punched my biceps and blinked her eyes. “Ahhemp. Hi, Elizabeth.” I rose to my feet and loitered around my room. Jeanie never left the room; she sat there quietly-for the first time-, snooping my phone conversation curiously. “Is that you, Eddie?” Her musical voice echoed into my ear, making my heart thumping faster. “Erm, I was thinking maybe I could take you out, tomorrow night?” I said as calmly as possible, hoping the sound of eagerness won’t be noticed.

“I don’t date...” She said hoarsely. How strange it was for a girl to reject me. I never had the feeling of being rejected. In fact, never once in my life until now. “Lucky for you, I don’t too. Just dinner with me, please.” I tried again, hoping she will agree this time. “But, I had to work...and study.” Isn’t study a bit too late now? I wondered why. “Oh, come on. Please?” I begged again unreasonably. Jeanie grinned evilly while throwing out her hand to ask for the phone. “Erm. Jeanie wants to talk to you.” I said and passed the phone to my sister. Women, they had great power in control too. I tried to eavesdrop but my chirpy sister didn’t allow me. After a few moments, Jeanie nodded at my direction. Wow. It was really unexpected and I couldn’t think straight. What will I do with her tomorrow? I knew this was so wrong, a bad option to get to know Elizabeth. What a bad young influence Jeanie could be. I sprawled on my bed while Jeanie sat on the bed’s edge. She looked at me pathetically and jumped onto me suddenly, pinching my nose bridge. “Ow! Ow! Ow!” I pretended to be in pain while I pulled her long blonde hair. “Aren’t you supposed to be thanking me now?” I knew that look. It meant that I had to give her what she demanded. “Thank what?” I tried to push her away, but she sat on my stomach with all of her force. It felt comfortable actually, as if she was massaging my muscles. “You know what!” She screamed. Then, my mum came in. “What’s all this noise?!” She grimaced dreamily. “Nothing.” Jeanie and I said in unison, with nonchalant looks. Then, Jeanie sold me away by telling what had happened for the last few minutes. I rubbed my temples hardly, groaning louder.

“It’s good to know that you are not either gay or single anymore.” My mum mused. Then, thankfully, she yanked Jeanie out of my room. “But-but...” I heard Jeanie stomped the floor outside. I felt hot-boiled blood was flowing in my veins, causing my heartbeat rising. Tedrump. Tedrump. My emotions were changing so suddenly and quickly. In my head, I could imagine the bad things happening already. What if I was not the right person? What if she didn’t like me? * Annoyed, I didn’t sleep much last night until dawn. Then, the alarm went off. Slowly, I unbuttoned my striped shirt and did some indoors workout. It was already 6 when I went to bath. As usual, I sent Jeanie to school. She frustrated me again with lots of comments about my lifestyle. “It’s my life after all.” I pointed out. “Fine!” She said angrily. “Fine!” I replied without much humour. Then, she restarted the whole thing again by trying to fix my life. “How many girls do you even date?” She asked doubtfully. “Zeroooo.” I rated. “How many girls do you even kiss?” She continued to ask without leaving any privacy to me. “Does it even matters?” The question brought me to an abrupt halt. “Oh, yes.” She continued. “I am not continuing this conversation!” I came to a halt in front the school. The students around stared at our direction in awe. Jeanie left without another word. Her crooked smile was pulled to a grim line along with a pale complexion. As she walked along the alley, I heard a commotion going on as a gang of boys were fooling around her, circling her.

Without much patience, I pulled the car key out and went towards them. Automatically, they stood along arm in arm. “What’s the problem here?” I kept control of my temper and pulled Jeanie to my side. “Oh, is that your guard, Blondie? I am so scared.” A wiry boy spat out. “You better start choosing carefully for your next word, boy.” I glared at them in anguish. Then, Jeanie pulled my sleeves impatiently. “What?” I whispered to her. She shook her head frantically. “What’s your position to talk to me like this?” The wiry boy patted his chest, trying to show that he was strong and brave. “There will be no worries what my position is. You better leave Jeanie alone or the consequences will be crucial afterwards. I won’t be gentle.” “Ha-ha-ha-ha, I am the headmaster’s son and she will learn to respect me.” Respect him? What’s going on? “What did you do?” I turned to Jeanie and asked. “I told you not to disturb him! He thinks this school is his.” She gripped at my arm harder. “Doesn’t mean that you are the ruler of the place is it?” I rubbed my chin and sneered at the boy. “No. But, my father is the headmaster of this school!” “It wouldn’t be nice if I complain you to the headmaster, which is also your father, right.” I threatened him in a nice way. They stared at me wordlessly and left. “Thanks. But, no thanks!” Jeanie groaned and walked away. “You should be thankful about this!” I shouted at her back. * Throughout my fitted wardrobe, I couldn’t even find a suitable suit to attire. The shirts scattered on my bed. It was a difficult decision to

make. Luckily, I managed to discover something rather casual. At the end, I dressed myself in my favourite white shirt of excellent cotton and a pair of grey trousers. Lastly, I pulled my black tie up to my collar. My fingers ran playfully in my messy reddish-brown hair. In minutes, I was already in my car. My phone buzzed loudly. It was Elizabeth. “Hello.” I spoke nervously. “Erm, Eddie. I hate to make cancelation at last minute, but-” Under her shaking voice, I knew she was lying. “You can’t even think of an excuse. You are such a pathetic liar, Elizabeth.” I chuckled. It was strange that my anxious feelings just vanished like a puff of smoke when I talked to her every time. “But- But-” Her decent voice shook more. “No more excuses. I am coming to your place.” I heard her gasped in astonishment. It took me 30 minutes to reach her house. It was barely detectable as I didn’t remember the routes quite well. But with my unbreakable spirits, I found it at last. I screeched to a halt exactly where her house was. A dark figure came out. My nerves were frayed. I stepped out of my car, heading towards the figure. “You must be Eddie.” He said while scanning at me distinctly with his big, wide eyes. He was wearing a police uniform and introduced himself as Jasper Stone. “Good evening, Officer Stone.” I greeted Elizabeth’s father and sprang out my hand to shake his hand. “It’s Lieutenant. She is not coming with you.” He chuckled and stepped back to invite me into his house. The house was small but was neatly furnished. “I don’t know why she is not coming.” I smiled gracefully while he climbed the stairs. I waited patiently downstairs. A second later, I heard her rattling sound. After a few moments, Jasper came back down.

“She doesn’t want to see you.” Jasper noted and I laughed silently. “May I?” I asked his permission before climbing the stairs, to Elizabeth’s room. “If you don’t mind her being fussy. You know, she is quite busy studying lately.” Jasper nodded and pointed to her room. “No problem. Thank you, Lieutenant.” I saluted him playfully and he saluted me back friendly. It was easy to be affable around them. I knocked twice on the door. “Go away.” She shouted. I walked in the room and closed it behind me. For a split second, I was amazed by her beautiful brunette hair. “What are you doing here? I told you that I am not coming!” She turned to me and was shocked. Her gleaming warm eyes were about to pop out and her cheeks flushed. “What’s the big deal of going out for a dinner?” I crossed the room, walking to her side. In a fast speed, she flinched away from my close presence and settled down on the bed. I chuckled at her instinct reaction. “I don’t date.” She said her pathetic reason again. I scratched my neck and leaned closer to her. “What are you doing?” She pushed my chest away, and gulped. “Nothing.” I was amused to see how seriously her face looked. I perched on the arm of the chair and began to see what she was reading. It was a medical encyclopaedia. She coughed loudly to break the silence. “So, you are a medical student?” She bit her lips. “Yes.” Presumably, she answered me. “So, are you going to have dinner with me or not?” I asked irrevocably again. “No!” “No?” I lifted my eyebrows in question. “No!”

After a long moment, I cleared my throat and I lifted her from the bed. She struggled under my arms. Easily, I put her on my shoulder. As I came to the living room, Elizabeth’s father looked at us in horror. “I am sorry, sir. But, she made me to do it.” I held her tighter on my shoulder. “Bye, sweetie. Have fun.” Jasper waved at her. “DAD, HELP ME!” Elizabeth begged. As we came to my car, I placed her down onto feet. She gulped and looked at her house, figuring out how to run away. “I will only yank you back.” I threatened her, guessing her thoughts. “Why do you have to do this?” I didn’t have the answer, maybe it was my overwhelming, overpowered desire. I was undecided. “And what is your reason for not going out with me?” I asked her back. “Because I had to study.” She answered without many difficulties. “Please?” I pleaded her. She shook her head steadily and I dropped my head. She didn’t talk too. “I always can make you.” I smirked at her. “I don’t believe that.” Without cautioning her, I opened the door and pushed her in.

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