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3 Megapixel Ultra-low-lux Network HD Module

High IPC-specifc modules, to facilitate a variety of housing
mounting, integrated dual Filter switches, sensors, encoders,
transmission. Provided free of charge ! unifed client, video "
preview " play#ac$, provide high sta#ility %e&uirements of
customers em#edded '(% and PC architecture )I'*+ ,ystem !-IP-.
'(%. For %01' " unifed management system provides the
management platform.
0odel !-IP-/ !-IP-.
!m#edded %1, design, dual-core 3/-#it 4,P 5I 4a (inci 403-67, pure hard
compression, watchdog, 3/0 F)2,H, ./80 44%/
Image ,ensor ..3 megapi9el ."3 :C01, sensor; support switching flters, day and night, a sense
infrared photoresistor signal lin$age, C, mount lens 5optional 0./"0.<7; Color
=..)u9 >2> F../, #lac$ and white =.=. )u9 ?F../
%esolution 0ain ,tream@ ./8=AB-=,.=/<AC-8 ./8=AC/=
,u#-stream@ B-=A6<=,-<=A3-=,<8=A/C=,
Frame %ate ..3 megapi9el 2nd #elow are /6 Frames 5real-time image7
H./-< (ideo encoding, support dual-stream 2(I format, code stream 6==Dp#s E
80p#s; frame rate to /6 frames " sec adFusta#le
GC.. Codec standards, support two-way voice intercom
functions, audio and video synchroniHation
'etwor$ . %I<6 .=".==0 adaptive !thernet interface
'etwor$ %,P " FP " PPP1! " 4HCP " 44', " 'P " *PnP " 1'(IF etc networ$ protocol
2udio Interface . input, level /(p-p, impedance .Dohm support pic$ups
input, . output, impedance .-ohm 3=mJ output
power, support connecting headphones or amplifer
*,K Interface 2 *,K interface, support ma9imum -<G * dis$ connection, support front-end
F Interface 2 F " ,4 storage e9pansion interface, interface
allocate e&uipped with an ,4 memory card soc$et
2uto Iris . auto iris interface, support 4C drive auto iris lens '1
. photoresistor interface, support photoresistor input signal and image, I%-C*,
infrared lamps lin$age
)!4 Control Port . infrared lamp control interface, support for algorithms to control infrared lights
PL Interface . %,<//"%,<86 interface, support P!)C1 5P7 2nd other
PL control protocol 5PL7
2larm Interface .-way switch input, support alarm input videos and
#ac$stage lin$age, .-way switch output, support for
2nalog 1utput 2n analog video output, support C(K, standard, P2) "
',C optional

Functions 0otion detection alarm " lin$age of storage, the 1,4, unifed client remote
monitoring software 5!7 phone client application functions, P1! power and
1thers 4C ./( power input interface, 3J power consumption, siHe 38 M 38 M 33mm, a#out
=./Dg, without housing, !-IP-. is 38 two #oard structure, !-IP-/ is 38 three
%emar$ 6 0egapi9el N /6B/M.B/=, 3 0egapi9el N /=<8M.63-, / 0egapi9el N .B/=M.=8=
or .-==M./==